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The Swampwood Phenomenon by Colin Reed The Swampwood Phenomenon by May 30, 2016 $1.99 46171 words Sample 20%
A ferocious alien, with a thirst for blood, a growing body count and two sinister NSA agents turn arrive with their own agenda. For Sheriff Morgan and Swampwood life will never be quite the same again
Pray for Rain Part 2 by Dangerous Walker Pray for Rain Part 2 by May 30, 2016 Free! 41162 words Read a sample
Ben Grant and his motley crew continue on their quest to take down the Desard Crime Family. Now they are gunning for the criminal Gothra for a way in. To do so they find themselves on Earth, in the city of Bangkok in an attempt to kidnap a lieutenant deserting from her organisation. With the information they can get they plan on a full frontal assault on Gothra's skyscraper.
The Peace Operatives: Within Resistance by Lloydd Marshall The Peace Operatives: Within Resistance by May 30, 2016 $2.99 70605 words Sample 20%
With an unknown enemy trying to tear down all that Harper holds dear, everything is at stake, but the twists and turns that Harper and her team must face shows just how strong she really is. Harper is a fighter, and she won’t back down even when the world is burning around her…or when someone deadly has her in their sights.
The Blood Calls You Back (Part 2) by Mike White The Blood Calls You Back (Part 2) by May 29, 2016 $1.99 16932 words Sample 20%
Joe’s ancestor from the Ice Age, a chieftain named Bear, calls to him for help when a neighboring village attacks her mountaintop settlement. What technology can Joe teach Bear and her people who live in Mammoth bone tents? What will he do when the tech that calls his consciousness to the Ice Age shows up elsewhere in the present?
A Boy and His Dragonfly by Tyree Campbell A Boy and His Dragonfly by May 29, 2016 $0.99 3547 words Sample 10%
Colin had to leave his dog behind when his family left Earth. Now they’re on Verte. He’s new, and has no friends. His older sister gets her choice of everything. He gets the smallest bedroom . . . but he gets first choice of companions!
The Light Floats Slowly by Brian S. Wheeler The Light Floats Slowly by May 29, 2016 $2.99 77478 words Sample 20%
Hugh Simms looks to find hope amid the stars when he fails to find any on Earth. Heartbroken by the loss of his only love, Hugh loads his great spaceship with ash and glass before launching his Starchaser into the cosmos. Miraculously, that spaceship finds an alien civilization in the vast dark, and Hugh might deliver that civilization the salvation he failed to deliver to the Earth.
Dione's War Part 1: End of Order by J.J. Mainor Dione's War Part 1: End of Order by May 29, 2016 Free! 28300 words Read a sample
End of Order documents the final hours of the EDF battle carrier Legacy and her crew as a force of disenfranchised Earth expatriates calling themselves the Vandals wage a final assault to implement their Final Solution on the planet it has sworn to protect.
Dragoons' Journey by Rhobin Courtright Dragoons' Journey by May 29, 2016 $2.99 75794 words Sample 10%
Their owners kept Dragoons in cryogenic containers for hundreds of years, their nanite enhancements making the soldiers too dangerous to live and too valuable to kill. Escaped Dragoons hide, but want freedom…and a home. The planet Aginfeld is their best-worst chance.
Unoworld Stories Book 1 by Don Kross Unoworld Stories Book 1 by May 28, 2016 $0.99 53722 words Sample 20%
Unoworld Stories - Book 1 is five different stories about people’s lives during the Unoworld Dynasty. There are stories about an African from the Ruling Class, about a Legionnaire, about a Zeous Tribal Chief, about two Middle Class Dissidents on Zeous and an American settler family on Zeous.
The Utopia Plan by Mario V. Farina The Utopia Plan by May 28, 2016 Free! 985 words Read a sample
The President announced that a program call the Utopia Plan was going to take over the financial decisions made by Big Brain and other other supercomputers in Washington, D.C. The Utopia Plan proved to be a wonderful program designed by the famous economist Dr. Edgar E. Bonesteel. What happened next will astonish and surprise you. Learn why it was decided to "Pull the Plug."
The Change: Life by J.C. Nichols The Change: Life by May 28, 2016 $3.99 25228 words Sample 20%
13 Years have passed since Ivy was born, and during that time the world has become a much darker, dangerous place. Not only have the Changed become more aggressive, numerous, and insane, but they are now joined by a mysterious and powerful being that has come from seemingly nowhere with the sole purpose of hunting Ivy down – and it is not alone...
Small Steps by Mark H. Jamieson Small Steps by May 28, 2016 $0.99 80828 words Sample 20%
Small Steps is a science fiction novel set in the near future. The story is told from the point of view of multiple people that are unknowingly at a critical stage in the exploration and settlement of the solar system. One company controls the ability to travel at the speed of light while many others wanted that technology, including one of the established governments on Earth.
Ashes to Empire by Raymond Jennings Ashes to Empire by May 27, 2016 $3.99 95605 words Sample 15%
A science fiction, military adventure novel set in the near future.
Voyage To Mars by Mario V. Farina Voyage To Mars by May 27, 2016 Free! 951 words Read a sample
Rex and Lucille Snyder were on their way to Mars. The ship, Mars One, was large and luxurious. The trip would be controlled by computer with no landing planned. The ship would orbit, then return. The trip had been NASA planned and everything was going fine. Alas, there were no honors when the Snyders completed the trip and returned to Earth. The reasons will surprise you.
Trucksong by Andrew Macrae Trucksong by May 27, 2016 $6.99 52515 words Sample 20%
In a post-apocalyptic Australian landscape dominated by free-wheeling cyborgs, a young man goes in search of his lost lover who has been kidnapped by a rogue AI truck – the Brumby King. Along the way, he teams with Sinnerman, an independent truck with its own reasons for hating the Brumby King.
Reality Alternatives by Lesley L. Smith Reality Alternatives by May 27, 2016 $5.99 93973 words Sample 10%
When lonely physicist Chloe Carsen discovers a parallel world she becomes addicted to her life there with a perfect family and a perfect career. Chloe is torn away from them as her real-world brother finds her on the verge of death and destroys her equipment. Heartbroken and torn between two worlds, Chloe pushes her scientific expertise to the limit to find a way to reconcile her two lives.
Gracious by AmyBeth Inverness Gracious by May 27, 2016 Free! 2200 words Read a sample
Retirement on Luna seems so far from Mexico City, but for Juaquin the move will be well worth it if it means his wife Gracie won't have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.
Dreamer's Dozen by Richard A. Lupoff Dreamer's Dozen by May 27, 2016 $4.99 99029 words Sample 20%
The author of "The Comic Book Killer" offers up twelve tales of mystery, science fantasy and horror. "Uncle Elmer," a story of two sisters remembering their war veteran father, evokes memories of the Saturday Evening Post, while some stories are affectionate homages to Edgar Rice Burroughs, H.P. Lovecraft and Rex Stout.
The Furor by Tyree Campbell The Furor by May 27, 2016 $0.99 8964 words Sample 10%
“The Furor” is a science fiction story in which a technological development leads to depravity and even beyond. Alecto Graves is a rock goddess who is capable of any act, no matter how depraved. Kevin is her Personal Assistant whose conscience succumbs to the wishes of the wayward Alecto until he is in danger of degenerating even below her level. Perhaps more frightening is the craving of the gove
Cobalt by CG Blade Cobalt by May 27, 2016 $3.33 69931 words Sample 15%
A mind-blowing mystery deepens around the first Trinity Series novel Cobalt as a former wounded patriot is thrust into a world surrounded by greed, corruption, and tyranny. This is an action-packed twisting story of regeneration, retribution, and renewal. Fans of historical science fiction and lovers of satire will find this first novel in the series to be a huge page-turner!
Dimensions by Cy Bishop Dimensions by May 27, 2016 $2.99 61284 words Sample 20%
From another dimension, straight to... high school? Nicole's ability to travel between dimensions makes her a prime target, both for those from her own dimension and those on her new hiding place in ours. And if they catch her, both dimensions could be destroyed forever.
Noah's Brick by Piers Anthony Noah's Brick by May 27, 2016 $3.99 32825 words Sample 20%
Noah, age 11, finds a brick with three holes on one side and four holes on the other, all passing straight through. How's that again? The mystery leads him to an alien space station hidden in a tree. That is Noah's Ark, and he and his new friends with similar artifacts will use it to try to save the natural world.
Beasts Ascendant by Randall Allen Farmer Beasts Ascendant by May 27, 2016 $2.99 159257 words Sample 20%
Six tales from the Transforms universe during the era of the Cause. One follows Enkidu during the Clearing of Chicago episode, two follow Henry Zielinski (pre and post transformation), one details the quest for the Eskimo Spear, another follows the quest to find the legendary first Chimera known of as Beast, and the last follows Focus Gail Rickenbach's rise to power.
The Galactic Outlaws Book Two: The Outlaw's Rebel Lady by Susan Kelley The Galactic Outlaws Book Two: The Outlaw's Rebel Lady by May 27, 2016 $5.99 72125 words Sample 20%
There’s so much friction between them it can only lead to war or the hottest hook-up either of them have ever had.
Cadwal Chronicles (in Russian) books 2-3 — Хроники Кадуола (книги 2-3) by Jack Vance (Джек Вэнс) & Alexander Feht (Александр Фет) Cadwal Chronicles (in Russian) books 2-3 — Хроники Кадуола (книги 2-3) by
& (translator) May 27, 2016
$2.99 204784 words Sample 20%
Книги 2 и 3 из серии «Хроники Кадуола»: «Эксе и Древняя Земля», «Трой» Books 2 and 3 from Cadwal Chronicles series: "Ecce and Old Earth", "Throy"
Working Class Villain by Pierce Nahigyan Working Class Villain by May 27, 2016 $3.99 82759 words Sample 12%
Freddy Funke is a henchman for hire. He's not very strong, he's not very scary, but he will beat people up for money. It's a lousy job and he knows it, but he's finally run out of options. In this dark but hilarious satire, crime is the last thriving industry in a dystopian Los Angeles, and Freddy is going to fail his way upward until he becomes the biggest super villain in town.
Working Class Villain 2 (Freddy Runs the Voodoo Down) by Pierce Nahigyan Working Class Villain 2 (Freddy Runs the Voodoo Down) by May 27, 2016 $3.99 80539 words Sample 12%
Being a freelance villain is a boom and bust business, and Freddy has seen a lot of banks go boom since he survived Red Rhino's driveby. Now known as "Mr. Big Stuff," Freddy is finally making a name for himself. But all is not well in Old Polly's underworld. If Freddy wants to survive, he's going to have to make nice with the bloodthirsty bosozoku and outsmart a monster that can read his mind.
Artifact by Rik Hunik Artifact by May 26, 2016 Free! 2676 words Read a sample
2200 words Darby had made a fortune from mining artifacts to exploit their long-lost technology, but he had spent a lot of it trying to find the hiding place of a legendary ultimate weapon. He was sure she would find it at the bottom of this hole. Soon it would be in his grasp.
Conspirators by Cora Buhlert Conspirators by May 26, 2016 $2.99 26300 words Sample 20%
Lord Jonathan Summerton, an aristocrat disillusioned with the Empire he's served all his life. Arthur Madden, miner's son turned Rebel leader. Alanna Greyskull, disgraced former officer of the Imperial Navy bent on revenge for what was done to her. When these three meet in a nameless restaurant on the planet Wei Xiu II, lives are changed and history is made…
Pathfinder 12 by Dionne Glynn Pathfinder 12 by May 26, 2016 $1.50 15190 words Sample 10%
Sexual situations and language. (No actual sex in this one) May not be suitable for more sensitive readers. David and Ajanta Castle have a new life. A life of adventure in the great outdoors exploring a new world and cataloging wildlife, all for the small fee of 6 years of their lives and a suicide mission on a planet more hostile than even their benefactor knew.
Outside by Adriano Silva Outside by May 26, 2016 You set the price! 9132 words Sample 20%
What to do when there's something happening out there, in the world, with mysterious apparitions and a new disease that threatens the entire city? There's something outside, over the street corner, inside the hospital... And it is using people, devouring them, invading society like a parasite...
Lá fora by Adriano Silva Lá fora by May 26, 2016 You set the price! 8927 words Sample 20%
O que fazer quando há algo acontecendo lá fora, no mundo, com aparições misteriosas e uma nova doença que ameaça a vida da cidade inteira? Há algo macabro lá fora, na esquina, no hospital e está usando as pessoas, as devorando, querendo invadir a sociedade como um parasita...
LAS COLONIAS DEL SISTEMA SOLAR. THEIA by Luis Ángel Fernández de Betoño LAS COLONIAS DEL SISTEMA SOLAR. THEIA by May 26, 2016 $3.40 79424 words Sample 20%
Año 2.373, la humanidad ha superado una nueva frontera y se expande por el Sistema Solar. Marte, el Cinturón de Asteroides y las lunas de Saturno y Júpiter, han sido colonizados. Estas últimas, agrupadas bajo la bandera de La Federación, son la élite, el primer mundo, en las cuales, la población, disfruta de un nivel de vida inimaginable hasta ahora. En las colonias federales, existe un grupo den
Gamma Accidents #2: Creatures from the Deep by Erin Sheena Byrne Gamma Accidents #2: Creatures from the Deep by May 26, 2016 Free! 40802 words Read a sample
Sequel to Gamma Accidents #1: Journey. Something strange is happening in Crashton. Sea creatures flying around in the skies above this holiday hotspot. Jack, Bella, Ethan, Ty and Caleb take it upon themselves to solve this bizarre mystery. Of course, what's the fun in embarking on a new adventure without dragging along some superpowered friends to enjoy the ride?
Cryo by Lon Varnadore Cryo by May 26, 2016 $3.99 33838 words Sample 25%
Mars, the red rock people come to burn away their lives by slow degrees. Or those who want to find something that they can't on Terra. Not since the Inward Turn took control; made it sterile and safe. Mars is the ideal place for dreams and drugs. And nightmares.
Alder's World Part III:  Technoprey by Katie Papilio Alder's World Part III: Technoprey by May 26, 2016 $0.99 23033 words Sample 20%
The end of the Alder's World series. The attacks from the Technoprey have become more deadly, the human's position more desperate. Alder and an inexperienced crew must set out on a perilous journey with one goal; destroy the Technoprey once and for all.
Planet Poo by R.O.C Ket Planet Poo by May 25, 2016 $1.99 1267 words Sample 10%
Lockie, Tobes the dog and Jou must deploy on an urgent space mission. During the voyage they land on a rather smelly planet and meet a very special creature who helps them and sends them on their way happily. R.O.C. Ket is the fictional Ghost author. Grandchildren adore this story, originally a bedtime story, now with 39 original graphics and in rhyme for easy reading. Environmental theme.
When the World Ended and We Were Invaded: The Complete First Season by Rebecca A. Rogers When the World Ended and We Were Invaded: The Complete First Season by May 25, 2016 $4.99 56913 words Sample 5%
All eight episodes in one omnibus! Follow Ella, Shay, Matt, Amara, Lin, and Sarge as they fight zombies, adjust to their new, chaotic world, and realize there’s a much bigger threat out there than they ever could’ve imagined.
Soul Full of Guns by John Birmingham Soul Full of Guns by May 25, 2016 $2.99 32064 words Sample 20%
The sword-slashing, butt-kickin' origin story of Colonel Karin Varatchevksy. The real hero of the 'Dave vs the Monsters' series... according to Colonel Karin Varatchevksy.
A Protocol for Monsters by John Birmingham A Protocol for Monsters by May 25, 2016 $2.99 28938 words Sample 20%
When an oil rig drills too deep and breaks the capstone between the Realms, unleashing monsters and magic into our world, only one man can save us. Dave Hooper, aka Super Dave. But this isn't his story. He's a jerk. This is the story of everyone who had to put up with him.
Coffee Please by F. B. Hayduk Coffee Please by May 25, 2016 $4.99 15917 words Sample 20%
Karin had finally gotten a day off and all she wanted was to spend a relaxing day with a hot cup of coffee. After finding the coffee maker broken, her day spirals into a series of events that leads her on a journey to find that elusive cup of hot coffee.
We Have Visitors (When the World Ended and We Were Invaded: Season 1, Episode #8) by Rebecca A. Rogers We Have Visitors (When the World Ended and We Were Invaded: Season 1, Episode #8) by May 25, 2016 $0.99 8598 words Sample 5%
In the final episode of Season 1, Ella, Shay, Matt, Amara, Lin, and Sarge realize they’re up against a much bigger problem than fighting zombies when unearthly visitors take over the skies above.
Portals: Volume Two by Alison Aimes, Melisse Aires, Cara Bristol, Diane Burton, Cathryn Cade, Wendy Lynn Clark, Susan Grant, KC Klein, Sabine Priestley, & Jody Wallace Portals: Volume Two by ,
& May 25, 2016
Free! 48931 words Read a sample
Volume Two, your gateway to the world of Science Fiction Romance.
Idyll (The Idyll Trilogy Book 1) by James Derry Idyll (The Idyll Trilogy Book 1) by May 25, 2016 $2.99 88788 words Sample 20%
Hold on tight for a New-Adult Sci-Fi Adventure that's a cross between 'Firefly' and Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road!' After a 'plague' of contagious sleep ravages their planet, two bickering brothers join up with a pair of strong-willed sisters on a quest for answers. But will any of them survive the revelation of who--or what--unleashed the epidemic on their home world?
Noir Control by Dustin van der Poll Noir Control by May 25, 2016 Free! 14427 words Read a sample
The President has been murdered in a high-tech military coup. The TV news say it was a lone gunman, a story believed by the masses. One teenaged girl is being hunted because she knows the truth. She needs to hide. But he only people who can help, may be more dangerous than the killers chasing her.
War, Three against One by Stephen Brandon War, Three against One by May 25, 2016 $0.99 7733 words Sample 20%
Retired and sitting in a restaurant in San Francisco, there's an earthquake. They say your life flashes in front of your eyes when death threatens. When Bill is rescued, his descendants try to kill him. Discoveries by an astronomer seldom turn the world upside down. Is greed the only reason? He sends them a message stating that he only wants to enjoy his retirement.
My Girlfriend, the Giantess  *an Erotica Growth & Giantess Fantasy* by Tina Tirrell My Girlfriend, the Giantess *an Erotica Growth & Giantess Fantasy* by May 25, 2016 $2.99 6252 words Sample 20%
~ His Biggest Fantasy Grows into a HUGE Problem—the Hottest Situation He's Never before Dared Dream of—and She's His Girlfriend ~ Chris adores his girlfriend Gina just the way she is: short in stature and perfectly petite. She's the sassy, sexy, dimpled beauty any man would dream of, but Gina has a different idea of the ideal female body. Gina wants to be tall, REALLY tall.
Dangerous Worlds by Brian Herbert Dangerous Worlds by May 25, 2016 $5.99 63339 words Sample 15%
This is the first collection of Brian Herbert’s short fiction, a volume that is packed with highly imaginative, intriguing stories and ideas. In the previously unpublished “Death of the Internet,: Under Burning Skies,” the internet is wiped out—forever!—leaving hundreds of millions of people unable to function without a technology that they have become addicted to, and totally dependent upon.
Reborn In A Fire: The Nyxe Legacy by Jedaiah Ramnarine Reborn In A Fire: The Nyxe Legacy by May 25, 2016 $0.99 5826 words Sample 20%
By 2020, the world bows to the dawn of a virtual reality that threatens to transform its users into savage harbingers of a world war. Only one young woman can stop them. Her name is Nyxe.
Star Wars: The Void Crusade, Episode I by Matthew Snee Star Wars: The Void Crusade, Episode I by May 25, 2016 Free! 11105 words Read a sample
Star Wars: 2,000 years into the future, where a bounty hunter chases the last Skywalker...