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Oncoming Storm by Roger Ruffles Oncoming Storm by July 24, 2016 $2.99 112017 words Sample 3%
The Causeway; what it is, no-one outside of the Third Empire knows for sure. Even the majority of the Shadows who operate within the Third Empire know little of what is intended to do. All that is certain, is that it was born from the fevered insanity of the Third, Shadow Emperor, and in his damaged, splintering mind it will change the course of the Age of Secession once again.
Katy: Book 2 of the ROE Chronicles by Sean Campbell Katy: Book 2 of the ROE Chronicles by July 24, 2016 $9.95 124521 words Sample 20%
Katy, the oldest natural daughter of Robert and Sasha Wraith, has come of age. She is excited about learning the duties of a Station Master from her mother. Can she also learn how to be a hero from her mother? From the beginning, things seem to conspire against her. People either fear her, or idolize her. Her future is uncertain because they never found the one who was to save her.
Two Moons of Sera by P.K. Tyler Two Moons of Sera by July 24, 2016 $0.99 99441 words Sample 15%
Serafay is anomaly, an unwanted outcast from both worlds. Fearing the people who tortured and experimented on her mother's waterborne race, Sera remains hidden and isolated, feeling like she doesn't belong. When she meets a stranger, Tor, another misfit like herself, Sera realizes that she's not alone, finally discovering a sense of home. [Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romantic]
Instinto: la muerte no es el final by Isaac Barrao Instinto: la muerte no es el final by July 24, 2016 $0.99 20099 words Sample 10%
Sin censura, sin tapujos, visceral, sangrienta y crítica. Un relato sobrecogedor que te lleva al horror extremo, a conocer de primera mano el género SPLATTERPUNK en su esencia. Sí eres amante de la verdad y te gusta que las cosas se digan por su nombre, esta es tu obra.
Roughing It by Rene David Rivero Roughing It by July 23, 2016 You set the price! 15705 words Sample 20%
Dylan escapes Wyoming after his lover doesn't return. He struggles through an apocalyptic West in search of jobs. It's dangerous to travel alone. Along the way, he meets a drifter, Coyote, and they embark on a mission to reach the Pacific Coast. Dylan reflects, haunted by what happened to his lover, as he forges a bond with Coyote. But who - or what - is Coyote? Is everything what it seems to be?
Emergence by Niall Teasdale Emergence by July 23, 2016 $2.99 89576 words Sample 20%
Emergence: noun. 1. The process of becoming visible after being concealed. 2. The process of coming into existence or prominence. 3. In philosophy, art, and systems theory, a process where complex systems can exhibit properties none of its constituent parts possess. Sometimes, when something emerges, you’re better off not knowing.
Samantha by Afton L Jordan Samantha by July 23, 2016 Free! 1671 words Sample 5%
Peter tries to move on and get his life together but soon ends up right back where he first lost his wife... or is it where he finds her and loses himself?
The Days of Mister Thomas by James Rhodes The Days of Mister Thomas by July 23, 2016 You set the price! 52096 words Sample 20%
The Days of Mr Thomas is a speculative fiction set in a not too distant dystopia, tracking the interwoven lives of six people who will ultimately change the country. Originally serialised in Schlock Webzine in 2012-2013 and met with riotous cheering, it is now available in full for the first time.
Einstein Religion by MPoetB Einstein Religion by July 23, 2016 Free! 74 words Read a sample
Science vs religion
One Wish Is All You Need by Robert Dotchin One Wish Is All You Need by July 23, 2016 $5.99 113441 words Sample 25%
This is a story of a talented young man and his band called Jackplug. In spite of his family, he rises to world domination in just a few years. He meets a troublesome girl who also has wishes. This book is about mass murder, kidnapping, extortion, kinky sex and a transgender named Julie. It’s an exciting and humorous, fun-filled ride. It’s raunchy in places, but a great escape from reality.
Earthrad: La Elección by M.H. Eggeling Earthrad: La Elección by July 23, 2016 $3.99 108356 words Sample 10%
En Earthrad la ciencia y la tecnología están prohibidas, toda máquina que piense, vuele o se mueva por sí misma, es blasfemia y debe ser destruida. En este mundo rige la alta magia: los guerreros manejan poderosos conjuros de tipo ofensivo, propios de cada casa real, y los magos la manejan en su estado puro.
Children of the Wastes by J.C. Staudt Children of the Wastes by July 23, 2016 $3.99 228619 words Sample 10%
The Aionach is in the grip of bitter turmoil. Lokes and Weaver, deadeye and sand-sorceress, have discovered an ancient key that will lead them on a search for truth, while the order of cultists protecting that truth sees their long-preserved code unraveling. Elsewhere, the shadows of war are gathering, while a great evil lies poised to rise again. For fans of Fallout, Mad Max, and the Dark Tower.
Ethereal by Russell Perry Ethereal by July 22, 2016 $1.99 22333 words Sample 15%
What if we discovered that, instead of taking thousands of years, interstellar space travel could take us only seconds. Join the adventure, where AVATAR meets GHOST.
Descent by Michael J. Scott Descent by July 22, 2016 $2.99 75760 words Sample 20%
Christopher James--a disgraced and scandalized reporter--would like nothing more than to get away from everything. But his latest assignment becomes far more than he bargained for when his informant is murdered, and all signs point to an otherworldly culprit. Can he learn the truth before it's too late, or will the entities obstructing him fatally end his interference?
Meet The Unimaginables by Paul Slutsky Meet The Unimaginables by July 22, 2016 $2.99 63303 words Sample 25%
Against popular opinion, a scientist seeks contact with aliens and eventually finds himself promoted to one of the most powerful positions in the Intergalactic Union. In his new role, this mere human is set to change the entire universe.
Consensus by Jason Tesar Consensus by July 22, 2016 $9.99 154245 words Sample 5%
In a society where morals are determined by a public opinion system, and social rating is the currency, truth can be a dangerous notion.
Schrodinger's Cookies by AmyBeth Inverness Schrodinger's Cookies by July 22, 2016 Free! 2760 words Read a sample
Pico is not happy about the changes in her life. First, a new baby brother appears out of nowhere, then her grandmother from Earth comes to live with them. At least Gramma-dinger comes with cookies. Unless that’s not what’s in the blue tin…
Cold Stone and Ivy by H. Leighton Dickson Cold Stone and Ivy by July 22, 2016 $3.99 145779 words Sample 20%
Jack the Ripper gave her his heart. Now he wants it back.
Nanotroopers Episode 10: The Big Bang by Philip Bosshardt Nanotroopers Episode 10: The Big Bang by July 22, 2016 Free! 18095 words Read a sample
Episode 10, Nanotroopers.1st Nano rescues Doc Frost and finds Red Hammer in contact with an alien race. The cartel is one step ahead of Quantum Corps. When the nanotroopers try to block this contact, they find themselves transported back in time where an even stranger menace from beyond Earth is re-writing the history of Life itself. Follow Winger and ANAD as they try to stop this latest threat.
The Gantry by Christian Exenberger The Gantry by July 22, 2016 $5.99 105750 words Sample 30%
Ian joins the crew of The Gantry, freighting cargo to the stars. A world of solitude, where space and religious extremism try to kill him at every turn. Where human contact is scarce, and intimate advantage must be taken, at each opportunity. Where decades go by in hibernation and time is meaningless. Where medical advances strip the years from Ian, giving him a glimpse of immortality. 18+ SNVLP
To Love a Warrior: An Alien Rogue Romance (Starflight Academy Book 5) by Immortal Angel To Love a Warrior: An Alien Rogue Romance (Starflight Academy Book 5) by July 22, 2016 $0.99 12609 words Sample 20%
Hannah Stowe probably should have accepted she was in over her head when she found an injector sticking out of her neck. Or maybe when she was dragged through Starflight Academy gardens like a sack of potatoes. But no, she couldn’t just lay there and be abducted like a good little girl, she had to flight back.
Mel's Shorts by EC Holm Mel's Shorts by July 21, 2016 Free! 16490 words Read a sample
Mel's Shorts is a collection of short stories centered around a pair of time travelers causing mayhem in the universe.
Dream Journal by Nichole Haines Dream Journal by July 21, 2016 Free! 753 words Sample 20%
A Journal of my disturbing dreams. This book will be updated every time I have a strange dream.
To Kill Again: Episode Six by Darren Howell To Kill Again: Episode Six by July 21, 2016 Free! 12587 words Read a sample
EPISODE SIX - ‘SECRETS & LIES’ A rookie cop’s first day on the job becomes an unforgettable nightmare as he stalks the Ripper… while someone stalks him. Raymond makes some startling discoveries as Dyson and an arrested Frankie Khan relive a terrible event from both of their pasts.
Depths of Blue: On Deception's Edge Book One by Lise MacTague Depths of Blue: On Deception's Edge Book One by July 21, 2016 $9.99 107339 words Sample 20%
A moment’s hesitation. A flicker of doubt. Two women on a collision course set off a chain reaction of intergalactic intrigue—and awaken a dangerous passion that could cost them their lives.
The Transcendent Artifact Collection by V Bertolaccini The Transcendent Artifact Collection by July 21, 2016 $9.95 260998 words Sample 10%
An epic mind-boggling SF masterpiece with five high quality action-packed thriller books of explorers encountering deadly objects of alien origins and mind-bending universes, and travel beyond space and time, and scientists and explorers discover colossal and mind-blowing artifacts of transcendent origins on islands, the moon, Mars, and in deep space, and enter mind-bending alternative realities!
Outlandish: A Human Guide to Outlanders - Part 1 by Kelvia-Lee Johnson Outlandish: A Human Guide to Outlanders - Part 1 by July 21, 2016 $0.99 4371 words
Traditionally, Nefaliem and the creatures of the Nefaliem Universe are self-explanatory. However, there are times when several rare humans don’t understand what it is that the Nefaliem Universe is about. Here’s what this book is designed to do and ensure that any of you Nefaliemites are understanding the world and its pages.
Ability by Eva Caye Ability by July 21, 2016 $2.99 112671 words Sample 15%
While on liberty, Lieutenant Princess Brielle Sinclair must rescue Zak, her former high school lab partner, from a disastrous undercover assignment. Then the Emperor assigns her and Zak to investigate the mysterious planetary influence that has subsequently overcome her ship and crew! What will it take for Brielle to deal with the stelluric problem they've nicknamed the 'hellbeast'?
AMAZONS, Council of the Nine (BOOK 2) by T Lindsey-Billingsley AMAZONS, Council of the Nine (BOOK 2) by July 20, 2016 You set the price! 16253 words Sample 15%
This time traveling, space opera, has controversial religious overtones, and powerful feministic viewpoints. Some may find certain aspects upsetting. The adult content involves mild language, and violent themes.
Chronicles Of The Shadow Prince by Robert Osborn Chronicles Of The Shadow Prince by July 20, 2016 $2.99 74005 words Sample 20%
Mathew.  A young man forced into adulthood due to circumstances beyond his control. His first assignment to convince the humans on earth they were destroying their planet as his people did theirs.  As situations changed, so to did his. Leaving others to finish what he started, he found himself traveling across space and time to stand beside a princess who's reign and world were threatened. 
Cambiamento di Stato Prima Fase by Lavirrealista Cambiamento di Stato Prima Fase by July 20, 2016 $0.99 61053 words Sample 20%
Ambientato in un futuro di mondi virtuali e robotici questa prima parte di due racconta la storia di un gruppo di scienziati che per caso fanno un'incredibile scoperta riguardo l'origine della vita sulla terra. Ma devono fuggire dal potere di controllo mentale dei Sauriani i quali stanno segretamente preparando una raccapricciante distopia per gli abitanti del pianeta.
The Fleet: The Return of Fear by John M. Davis The Fleet: The Return of Fear by July 20, 2016 You set the price! 41174 words Sample 5%
Alicia is not your average solider. Even when an ancient race returns to declare war on the Skyla System, Alicia finds herself falling in love. With a steady pistol in each hand, this hero will need the help of a very handsome stranger. The last pulp author returns, bringing yet another story to this bestselling series!
Legend of Axiatés Episode 2 by J.B. Kleynhans Legend of Axiatés Episode 2 by July 20, 2016 Free! 4384 words Read a sample
A tale of high fantasy, with guns, swords, magic, and anything that makes the heart beat faster. Follow the lives of individuals that live and breathe the romances of the past and excitements of the future, all of who live in the shadow of the Goddess, Axiatés, destined to create a second sun for the earth.
Didi and the Gunslinger Ride Again by Patti Larsen Didi and the Gunslinger Ride Again by July 20, 2016 $2.99 52722 words Sample 10%
Didi’s never felt so helpless as she does right now. Betrayal has led her to slavery and the loss of her gunslinger, but betrayal also offers her a new chance at freedom. When she finds herself once again on the trail of her father and mother, she encounters truths she never imagined, family with secrets of their own and a future that holds as much uncertainty as it does promise...
Wrath and Ruin: A Chilling Anthology by C.W. Briar Wrath and Ruin: A Chilling Anthology by July 20, 2016 $3.99 72594 words Sample 7%
Wrath and Ruin is an anthology of fantasy and sci-stories threaded with quiet, traditional horror. C.W. Briar's debut book echoes diverse influences such as Lovecraft, C.S. Lewis, The Twilight Zone, Michael Crichton, and Sherlock Holmes.
Game On: Alien Space Adventure (The Adventures of Jayden Banks and the Jameson Twins Book 1) by R.E. Rowe Game On: Alien Space Adventure (The Adventures of Jayden Banks and the Jameson Twins Book 1) by July 20, 2016 Free! 77898 words Read a sample
Online gamers Jayden Banks and his best friend Parker Jameson had the perfect life in the San Francisco Bay Area until a malfunctioning tablet computer and a traced computer hack catapult them into an epic outer-space adventure.
Wilde Storm by S.E. Babin Wilde Storm by July 20, 2016 $2.99 72040 words Sample 15%
Penelope would much rather crack open a novel and take a bubble bath, but when you’re the immortal and time-traveling daughter of Sherlock Holmes, luxury is not something easy to come by.
Wilde Omens by S.E. Babin Wilde Omens by July 20, 2016 $2.99 79795 words Sample 15%
A normal girl. An intentional meeting. Immortal, time-traveling shenanigans with Sherlock and John Watson. What's a girl to do?
The Alien Artifact 9 by V Bertolaccini The Alien Artifact 9 by July 20, 2016 $4.95 54058 words Sample 20%
An action-packed SF horror adventure classic of a detective agency searching for an ancient lost alien artifact! Something of unknown origins rests deep below the ground in a secret chamber, dormant and waiting for centuries to carry out a deadly mission! From somewhere beyond comprehension! Where something else exists instead of reality! Will mankind survive if it is revived?
Light of the Sovereign by Nelson Sack Light of the Sovereign by July 20, 2016 $2.99 300775 words Sample 10%
It is 3 million years in the future.It is a wondrous time of wealth, freedom and peace. One day on a far off world the unthinkable happens and an act of terror sets in motion events unraveling the fabric of civilization. Civil war on a galactic scale breaks out. One 19 year old woman, Sonata Pleaides will rise to greatness and lead her people back to the world they once knew.
The Invention Of Pleasures-On-Call by Mario V. Farina The Invention Of Pleasures-On-Call by July 19, 2016 Free! 1101 words Read a sample
The main character in this story was a retired electronic engineer. One day space junk fell into his back yard. Among the scrap he found a computer card. In an effort to discover what it did, he found that it had most unusual properties. This story tells what they were and what the engineer did with the information. This story is a combination of science fiction and fantasy.
"Visitors' Arrival: Book 3 of the Lunar series" by July 19, 2016 $2.00 24578 words Sample 20%
Set in 2217; when the solar system-wide government, the Sol Governance, is confronted with the arrival of aliens that came by Light! Admiral Reshma Shan is the lead Governance officer.
To See Behind Walls by J. M. Erickson To See Behind Walls by July 19, 2016 $0.99 8169 words Sample 5%
The 2016 version of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty short story: This short story is about Benjamin Wood. He is a suburban father of two, loving husband and dog owner in Middle America who has a lot of things to do around the house on a cold, winter Saturday morning. You may not know anyone like him but at the very least he will be familiar to you.
Portals: Volume Five by Felicity Kates, Eva Caye, Tracy Cooper-Posey, KyndraHatch, S. A. Hoag, Corrina Lawson, Tess Rider, Veronica Scott, Seven Steps, & Carol Van Natta Portals: Volume Five by ,
& July 19, 2016
Free! 49889 words Read a sample
Volume Five. Your gateway to the worlds of science fiction romance.
I, Manikin by Stephen Leary I, Manikin by July 19, 2016 $0.99 6192 words Sample 25%
In the near future, rebel cell members confront the reality that they have been infiltrated by a government manikin sent to spy on them. But who is it? The manikins are indistinguishable from humans. A member of their insurgent group has recently died from a supposed accident that they believe was orchestrated by the government. They must identify and destroy the manikin before it is too late.
Truth Rebel by Monica Poole Truth Rebel by July 19, 2016 $2.99 85988 words Sample 20%
In Fourth Son, Jahnes came of age and accepted his role as the Builder. Now, in Truth Rebel, Xanthia, the Heir to the Trimar Throne must accept her place. Will Xanthia remain under the indomitable influence of the church, or will her desire for the truth give her the courage to resist?
Thomas Quantum in the Multiverse by David Arthur Wisner Thomas Quantum in the Multiverse by July 19, 2016 $2.99 167134 words Sample 20%
Thomas Quantum in the Multiverse takes the reader on an epic adventure into the multiverse, a universe of universes, to find a captive on a planet called Ilarnia. The story is about a middle aged boy searching for himself as he searches for his father. He wrestles with family, relationships, self worth, love, and hate as he journeys across this unique world and becomes entangled in their struggle.
Reborn Hope by Severine Wolfe Reborn Hope by July 19, 2016 $0.99 51053 words Sample 20%
Life is changed forever for two people from different worlds. They both think that hope is lost to them. They learn to deal with their new reality and learn that hope is within their grasp.
The After Effect by Rose Shababy The After Effect by July 19, 2016 $0.99 73655 words Sample 20%
Kasey and his friends have kickass abilities, but their last battle left him almost dead. Now his powers are running wild. Worse, he'll soon come face to face with the nightmares of his past: a new villain with frightening abilities. Will the heroes find the strength to defeat their newest threat, and face the consequences of their mistakes? Or will Kasey be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice?
Assuming Room Temperature by SP Durnin Assuming Room Temperature by July 19, 2016 $5.99 97070 words Sample 20%
Kat doesn’t know whether she and the crew can survive the apocalypse—or be doomed to stagger woodenly about, slowly assuming room temperature. Life in the zombie apocalypse blows.