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Tales From the Starflare Universe and Beyond by Simon Goodson Tales From the Starflare Universe and Beyond by Aug. 24, 2016 $2.99 81463 words Sample 20%
STARSHIPS. GHOSTS. DANGER. An abandoned starship populated by phantoms. The Panther's captain doesn’t believe in ghosts... but that doesn’t stop them coming aboard! Can the captain overcome his disbelief in time to save his ship? (Starflare Universe – Ghosts) If you love fast paced science fiction and exciting fantasy then you need to read Tales From the Starflare Universe & Beyond today!
Kick Your Teeth In by J. Cortez Kick Your Teeth In by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 45298 words
A young girl finds herself thrust into a world full of horrific torture and gruesome sexual acts. She is trained to be a tool of entertainment and pleasure for men. Trust is hard to find, but she must accept help from anyone she can if she wants to escape this nightmare. Can she find the strength to do more? Will she let a tragic history hold her back?
Rocket Man - Space, Love & Loss! by The Abbotts Rocket Man - Space, Love & Loss! by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.99 24606 words Sample 24%
This is the remarkable story of a young, blind man, Sam who on the brink of a new exciting life has a tragic accident that has him questioning, if he should end his own life! Then he is offered an amazing opportunity to become the master of a space ship that will travel to a distant planet. Follow Sam's exciting adventures & share his loves & loss in this new sci-fi novel. A Beacon of Light Book.
Shadow Warrior Retribution by W M Clarke Shadow Warrior Retribution by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.99 102977 words Sample 20%
Retribution follows on from where Shadow Warrior left off. It’s a love story set in the violence and turmoil of an Extraterrestrial invasion, Corrupt government officials and violent gangs, all of them wanting their share of the spoils. They set out to rid Ginny’s Green Mountain of the Invaders,.and find out what the invaders and others want. Other eyes are watching and wanting as well.
The Demon Conspiracy by R. L. Gemmill The Demon Conspiracy by Aug. 23, 2016 Free! 116182 words Read a sample
Orphaned siblings witness a conspiracy between big business and the demon nation that promises to rid the earth of humans. When they try to expose the plan to a disbelieving world, they becomes targets of a demon death squad. READ WITH CAUTION!
The Historian: A Smolder novel by Kathryn Judson The Historian: A Smolder novel by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.99 56805 words Sample 20%
When war breaks out, Tomas finds himself caught between the totalitarian government he's loyally served his entire life, and some fascinating rebels he never dreamed existed. Meanwhile, he's surrounded by too many available women, but in the Subterran world, the rule is 'hands off the women' except for a man with his wife. But it's proving harder than he could have imagined to find a wife.
When Man played God by Bo Widerberg When Man played God by Aug. 23, 2016 $0.99 6062 words Sample 20%
When professor Ephraim Cloud decided to join his plants, both here on Earth, and even on the Moon, and on Mars. It started a new situation that the ordinary people on Earth had to live with.
Альтернатива by Nickolay Popov Альтернатива by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 28883 words Sample 20%
Читателю предлагается несколько рассказов фантастического содержания. Кроме того, в этот сборник включены сюжеты и на бытовые темы. Книгу объединяет название самого первого повествования: "Альтернатива". Герой рассказа во время Второй Мировой войны попадает в мир, где военные действия развиваются по другому сценарию. Читайте также в этом сборнике зарисовки о любви.
Max the Sensitive Robot by SA Hauntdin Max the Sensitive Robot by Aug. 23, 2016 Free! 3328 words Read a sample
Max is different from the other robots; he can feel the pain of others. The other robots say Max is not robotic enough to be one of them and the only human who understands Max is his creator, Dr. Remington. Max struggles to find a place for himself in the world while continuing to help others.
Supermen of Pajma by kgkodakkad govindan Supermen of Pajma by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.00 51130 words Sample 15%
SUPERMEN OF PAJMA The pajma is far away, beyond 12 galaxies from Earth. It is a synonym for Heaven. It is inhabited by supermen, the tribe of God. Their space ship can travel more than crores of kilometers in a single second. Two among them, Soorya and Sona happen to land on Earth, during their search for a new planet with living beings on it.
Til Death by Kitty Cecilia Delaney Til Death by Aug. 23, 2016 $4.99 59768 words Sample 20%
"Til death do us part." It's a phrase as old as time, but for Kyle McLaughlin and Dylan King, it's about to take on a new meaning. Best friends since childhood, Kyle and Dylan's final years of college find them in a series of unexpected marriages, bringing their relationship into new territory. But when Kyle vanishes, Dylan is left to deal with the fallout - an intergalactic conspiracy...
Avalon, Season Three by M G Kizzia Avalon, Season Three by Aug. 22, 2016 $1.99 86929 words Sample 20%
Traveling before 2500 BCE, in the days of myth and legend, in order to get home to the twenty-first century, the travelers from Avalon move through the time zones, from one time gate to the next, jumping 50-60 years at a time, and hopefully not being followed. They try not to disturb history while moving through time, but that is not so easy when they have to fight for their lives.
Listen, You! by Sean Monaghan Listen, You! by Aug. 22, 2016 $7.99 104406 words Sample 10%
When Gerry takes a job to bring Laurie in, Bulljerk tells him to think it over. After all, ex-girlfriends make for tricky bounty runs. In a world overloaded with stimulation sometimes a guy just has to go after the girl. Listen, You! is one of fifteen quirky sci-fi stories from Aurealis Award finalist Sean Monaghan. Cover illustration by Grandfailure.
The Ghost in the Doll by Niall Teasdale The Ghost in the Doll by Aug. 22, 2016 $2.99 70127 words Sample 20%
Fox Meridian’s life has changed a lot recently and she is not sure how to deal with it. When it seems that someone may have stolen corporate secrets from MarTech, Fox starts digging into the case with Yuriko Fukui. Soon they embroiled in something far more horrific than corporate espionage when the uncover the truth behind the Doll Factory.
The Longest Walk by Ron Foster The Longest Walk by Aug. 22, 2016 $6.00 133791 words Sample 20%
A reedited and reformatted beloved classic story about one prepper’s apocalyptic journey and the continuing adventure of going home after a disaster. A solar storm has just unexpectedly hit Earth’s magnetosphere causing an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) event. An emergency manager visiting Atlanta, Georgia on a job interview must find his way back home after this Carrington Event.
Spirit of War by James Sorensen Spirit of War by Aug. 22, 2016 $6.00 78742 words Sample 15%
"Spirit of War," set in the fictional omniverse of Karashem, is the first installment of "The Realmwalkers" tale. It centers around three main point-of-view characters -- Marcia Cassius; Valthyor Ragnar; and Ameirian Eiranii.
Kohiti's Anomaly by shounak Kohiti's Anomaly by Aug. 22, 2016 $0.99 10078 words Sample 15%
A wrong turn on an epic journey of hope and despair in the forbidden island of Waikanga - the cursed island. What you will find here will blow your mind.
Kevin by K.D. Reed Kevin by Aug. 22, 2016 $0.99 13201 words Sample 10%
Kevin Brown is Earth's newest inmate. Shamelessly guilty of murder, he's stuck here for the next fifty years. It smells, the sun is too bright, and he has to socialize with others. Nothing about his new life is fair. But, it's not long until a violent gang of other offenders find out about Kevin. And they want him. Instead of complaining about his miserable life, he now has to fight for it.
This is not a Hoax by Stephen Sparrow This is not a Hoax by Aug. 22, 2016 $1.99 16781 words Sample 30%
A small number of scientists in different parts of the world receive a strange message on their computer screens.
Die Außerirdischen (PARANORMAL 4) by Jens F. Simon Die Außerirdischen (PARANORMAL 4) by Aug. 22, 2016 $1.66 9948 words Sample 10%
Einer von Sigurd Westalls Mitarbeiter spielt falsch und zwei Freunde werden schwer verletzt.
In the Name of the Sun by Alex Drinkwater, Jr. In the Name of the Sun by Aug. 22, 2016 $3.99 92734 words Sample 20%
In the latter half of the 21st Century, a mysterious cult based on the ancient Egyptian sun-god Ra is trying to sabotage the American space program, and the mission to stop them rests on the soldiers of a few dedicated men of the Special Operations Section of the United States Space Force - and one beautiful woman who used to be part of the cult!l
Goon Squad #12 by Jonathan L. Howard Goon Squad #12 by Aug. 22, 2016 $0.99 9338 words Sample 20%
Nadiya Kysla aka PUPPET GIRL approaches the end of her first year with the GOON SQUAD. In that time she has fought organised crime, nearly died at the hands of an angel, faced off against an ancient serial killer, and found real friends, even if one’s a corpse, one’s a werewolf, and one’s a robot.
Alien Princess Vol 1 The Emissary by Samuel Kirchner Alien Princess Vol 1 The Emissary by Aug. 22, 2016 $1.06 11659 words Sample 10%
Marlon was born on Mars. He is at the age of early 20 and studied against the wishes of his parents parapsychology.
Legend of Axiatés Episode 4 by J.B. Kleynhans Legend of Axiatés Episode 4 by Aug. 22, 2016 Free! 8793 words Read a sample
A tale of high fantasy, with guns, swords, magic, and anything that makes the heart beat faster. Follow the lives of individuals that live and breathe the romances of the past and excitements of the future, all of who live in the shadow of the Goddess, Axiatés, destined to create a second sun for the earth.
Shadow Warrior by W M Clarke Shadow Warrior by Aug. 21, 2016 $3.99 98332 words Sample 20%
Wade Ferris had given up his life of fighting for others, or so he thought. This night was going to different, It was going to be the first night in a series of events that would drag himself as well as his close friend Dan Carline into a fight for survival against a force of extraterrestrial invaders that had plans to colonize his world
Agartha. El Reino Subterráneo: Los Archivos de Melville 3 by Jonas Cobos Agartha. El Reino Subterráneo: Los Archivos de Melville 3 by Aug. 21, 2016 $2.99 34934 words Sample 10%
AGARTHA. EL REINO SUBTERRÁNEO. (Los Archivos de Melville 3) San Crispín. 1871. John Melville se ve embarcado en una nueva aventura al otro lado del Océano Atlántico que le conducirá hasta las profundidades y los misterios de Agartha, el reino subterráneo.
Pierside by Emily Spahn Pierside by Aug. 21, 2016 $6.00 65018 words Sample 20%
A vigilante able to expose the darkest secrets of his victims is stalking the streets of Pierside. Immortal and unstable, he is a spectre risen from the past: an Elevatus—one of the powerful immortals who can only be slain by their own kind.
Marta Martinez Saves The World by Victorya Chase Marta Martinez Saves The World by Aug. 21, 2016 $2.99 17398 words Sample 20%
Marta Martinez has a problem. She’s an engineering student gunning to win the campus robot wars and has a raging crush on the star quarterback. When major kitchen appliances suddenly grow to gargantuan size and start attacking the city, Marta sets out with her cat, into the skyways of St. Paul to save her best friend who is trapped at a Lowertown poetry reading.
Sky Hair by Linda Maye Adams Sky Hair by Aug. 21, 2016 $1.99 1864 words Sample 20%
Following the death of her wife, Pitarra is hoping time at an artist’s colony on another world will help restore her creativity so she can start painting again. But it’s harder than she expects. The other artists are jealous of her, and her only friend is one of the resident scientists. As she struggles to regain her creativity, she discovers she is being watched.
The Star Plume by Kae Bell The Star Plume by Aug. 21, 2016 Free! 16670 words Read a sample
After being exiled for eons, an evil being threatens the Universe. Only one man can save it, with the help of the fabled Night Prism.
Revolver by Michael Patrick Hicks Revolver by Aug. 21, 2016 $0.99 16693 words Sample 20%
Cara Stone is a broken woman: penniless, homeless, and hopeless. When given the chance to appear on television, she jumps at the opportunity to win a minimum of $5,000 for her family. The state-run, crowdfunded series, Revolver, has been established by the nation’s moneyed elite to combat the increasing plight of class warfare. There’s never been a Revolver contestant quite like Cara before.
EMMA by John M. Davis EMMA by Aug. 21, 2016 You set the price! 13812 words Sample 25%
A girl, her journal and the zombie apocalypse. Emma is a brand new take on the end of the world as we know it. When a teenage girl receives a journal for her birthday, she's anything but excited. However, Emma will soon understand the significance of her place in history as the living slowly become extinct.
Ports of Call ~ Lurulu (in Russian)  —  Зов странствий ~ Лурулу by Jack Vance (Джек Вэнс) & Alexander Feht (Александр Фет) Ports of Call ~ Lurulu (in Russian) — Зов странствий ~ Лурулу by
& (translator) Aug. 21, 2016
$2.99 153652 words Sample 20%
Джек Вэнс, общепризнанный мастер космического детектива,рассказывает колоритную историю, полную зловещих и счастливых встреч, юмора, прозорливых наблюдений и страстного желания увидеть невиданное — зова странствий, делающего нас молодыми до конца наших дней. Jack Vance shapes a picaresque tale of adventure, romance, humor and youth’s eternal yearning to see the wonders that lie beyond the horizon
Atomic Powered Voyage To Mars by Mario V. Farina Atomic Powered Voyage To Mars by Aug. 20, 2016 Free! 1608 words Read a sample
NASA had been convinced to launch an atomic powered voyage to Mars. An atomic bomb was to be the source of the necessary power. A huge building was constructed in which to safely explode the bomb. Detonation Day (D-Day) arrived and the GO Button was pushed. You won't believe, not only what happened, but also what could have happened.
Sky Walkers by Dave Powell Sky Walkers by Aug. 20, 2016 $1.99 96897 words Sample 10%
Identical twins Joe Hunter - a paraplegic - and police officer Frank Hunter discover they have unique psychic abilities. They are enlisted in a covert government project - Operation Starlight - with others of similar talents. Their mission is to defend a secret, off-world operation mining Thuranium, an indestructible element.
Insurrection by Richard Turner Insurrection by Aug. 20, 2016 $4.49 61387 words Sample 10%
With the war dragging on, Sheridan is growing disillusioned and seeks to find a way to end helping Komada ferment his civil war. When an unexpected visitor arrives on Kandara-Minor everything is suddenly changed. With an old nemesis still on the run, Sheridan and Cole are drawn into a battle which could decide the outcome of the war.
Les Décharnés : Une lueur au crépuscule by Paul Clément Les Décharnés : Une lueur au crépuscule by Aug. 20, 2016 $4.49 90880 words Sample 15%
« Une journée de juin en Provence. Patrick, un agriculteur asocial et vieillissant, ne souhaite qu'une chose : se remettre au plus vite pour retrouver la monotonie de sa vie, rythmée par un travail acharné. Mais le monde bascule dans l'horreur lorsque les automobilistes, coincés dans un embouteillage non loin de chez lui, se transforment soudain en fous assoiffés de sang... de sang humain. »
Wielkie kłamstwo by Krzysztof Adamski Wielkie kłamstwo by Aug. 20, 2016 $1.99 87232 words Sample 10%
Minęło dziesięć lat od pokonania Armady Ner’setrra w Kartaginie. Podczas gdy Rubież powoli podnosi się z wojennych zgliszczy, w Rdzeniu wciąż trwa bezpardonowa walka o władzę. Triada zaciska pętlę oblężenia wokół ostatnich kilku bastionów oporu Federacji Planet Wyzwolonych. Jednak nawet one wkrótce upadną, wraz ze sprowadzeniem do sektora broni ostatecznej Pana Chang. Mimo dzielącego je czasu i pr
Szczurołap by Krzysztof Adamski Szczurołap by Aug. 20, 2016 $1.99 71801 words Sample 10%
Życie na Jerychu zdecydowanie nie jest ani łatwe, ani specjalnie przyjemne. Bywa ono szczególnie trudne dla tych, którzy próbując uciec przed przeszłością, z własnej woli zdecydowali się na karierę szczurołapa. Mimo trudów codziennego życia, korporacyjna ochrona oferuje szczurołapom to, na czym najbardziej im zależy – zapomnienie.
Maski by Krzysztof Adamski Maski by Aug. 20, 2016 $1.99 78851 words Sample 10%
Zwycięstwo pod Bastionem okazało się zaledwie preludium prawdziwej inwazji, która wkrótce miała rozpocząć się w Rubieży. W rozdartym wojną sektorze, bohaterowie „Rubieży” powracają, by przy pomocy obcej technologii i nowych, niezwykłych sojuszników spróbować stawić czoła Armadzie Ner’setrra i ostatecznie położyć kres jej krwawym podbojom.
2 Minutes to Midnight by Steve Lang 2 Minutes to Midnight by Aug. 20, 2016 Free! 81982 words Read a sample
The first of an exciting 2 book anthology of short science fiction tales, designed to fascinate the readers mind, taking them on a journey into the cosmos and beyond.
Supremacy: Reformation - Episode 6 by Jason Craft Supremacy: Reformation - Episode 6 by Aug. 20, 2016 $0.99 10654 words Sample 20%
In this episode, Tharin chases Anthros to the mining world of Morina, hoping he can capture him before the servant of Dagas extracts him. Time is against all of them and even Anthros knows everyone is coming for him.
Keystone Chronicles by Third Flatiron Publishing Keystone Chronicles by Aug. 20, 2016 $3.99 45324 words Sample 15%
Are beauty, love, honor, and laughter things in life that invoke your personal sense of wonder? Then treat yourself to "Keystone Chronicles" from Third Flatiron Anthologies, a new collection of short speculative fiction stories that give the lowdown on life, obscure bits of the universe, and quite a number of other things not bargained for.
Deja viewing by Ben James Deja viewing by Aug. 19, 2016 $1.99 53827 words Sample 15%
A time travel adventure.
Rubież by Krzysztof Adamski Rubież by Aug. 19, 2016 $1.99 81093 words Sample 10%
Witajcie w Rubieży, w świecie pełnym skrajności i niebezpieczeństw. W świecie, w którym sześć milionów ludzi każdego dnia stawia czoła siłom natury w jej najczystszej postaci. Tutaj człowiek nie jest już panem świata. Tutaj jego być albo nie być zależy od umiejętności przystosowania się do skrajnych warunków...
Rhun by Ryan Wellman Rhun by Aug. 19, 2016 $1.99 39088 words Sample 20%
Rhun, the last to be born in the dimension of Lys. Everything dies in his presence, ever since his birth on the distant planet of Old Relstin, on the edge of the universe. He cannot control who lives or dies, unless it's on a subconscious level. He tries to make friends as he journeys through space, and to the dimension of Syl. His purpose and his origin is unknown to him.
Ynk by Ryan Wellman Ynk by Aug. 19, 2016 $1.99 63637 words Sample 20%
YNK, an acronym for You Never Know, but also a codename given to the first sign of life discovered when scientist successfully manufacture a dimension. The dimension is named Lys, and it's darker twin brother is named Syl. Within, Ynk awakes and creates his cosmos. He creates lifeforms, planets, stars, and then he is knocked unconscious, forced to live through his dreams avatar, Ink.
Farewell Old Mate Part Two by Penelope Kanga Farewell Old Mate Part Two by Aug. 19, 2016 Free! 508 words Read a sample
"Your world as you currently know it, is history. A new order and restoration is currently being born and no one who stands against me will survive very long. I am Hati and I'm here to tell you, this end... is only the start of a brand new beginning."
Hunger by Ulf Wolf Hunger by Aug. 19, 2016 Free! 3142 words Read a sample
The man is freshly arrived and freshly awake. He’s not even hungry yet—not even aware of hunger yet. He surveys his new prison. But he has questions. He meets Cheetah, who would answer them, were he not hungry.
In Heaven and Earth by Amy Rae Durreson In Heaven and Earth by Aug. 19, 2016 Free! 44678 words Sample 20%
Can a doctor and a cyborg with a damaged memory stop a disaster which could destroy the last remnants of humanity?