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TimeArc, A Climatic Tale of Glacial Warming, A Cautionary Tale of Disruptive Technology by David Doucette TimeArc, A Climatic Tale of Glacial Warming, A Cautionary Tale of Disruptive Technology by Dec. 02, 2016 $9.95 78532 words Sample 20%
The story centers on a college student who bends the laws of his university, community, and physics to become the subject of his experiments. Jake Peregrin has it all: Intelligence, drive, youth, wealthy parents, and a lovely girlfriend. But it isn't going as expected. His simulations of advanced physics theory are returning unexpected results. Then, one experiment changes life has he knows it.
2017 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide by Maggie Allen, Marilag Angway, Mike Barretta, Salena Casha, Eric Choi, Brandon Crilly, Joey DiZoglio, Bruce Golden, R.W.W. Greene, J.D. Harpley, Valerie Hunter, Nancy Kress, Deb Logan, Rati Mehrotra, Wendy Nikel, Sherry D. Ramsey, Dianna Sanchez, Zach Shephard, Doug Souza, Scott Toonder, Dawn Vogel, Deborah Walker, Leandra Wallace, & Jeannie Warner 2017 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide by ,
& Dec. 02, 2016
$4.99 121160 words Sample 20%
Offering just the right amount of imagination, humor, and contemporary nuances to engage young readers, this is a must-have in science-fiction collections serving middle graders and teens. ~ Kirkus Reviews Girls, Boys, Robots. Everyone is welcome here. What’s it like to be a space station detective? To be homesick for Mars? What do you say when your robot gets you in trouble? Come find out!
Alien Backlash by Maxine Millar Alien Backlash by Dec. 02, 2016 $1.99 133514 words Sample 20%
This sequel to Alien Alliance opens with the aftermath of war and ensuing problems; deaths, injuries, exhaustion, outnumbered by prisoners, an unfamiliar planet, six Races with six agendas, and another potential attack looming after they discover the weaponized virus escaped the planet and they assume the reported Battle Fleet heading their way will be demanding answers. And that's a problem.
The Garden of Eden by Scot McAtee The Garden of Eden by Dec. 02, 2016 Free! 5462 words Read a sample
Finally able to reach the stars, humanity has entrusted its survival in Oscar Bradfield, an 87 year cynic who wants nothing more than to spend the thousand year journey by himself. What could possibly go wrong?
Star Crusader: Siege of Kalar by Michael G. Thomas Star Crusader: Siege of Kalar by Dec. 02, 2016 $4.99 77286 words Sample 20%
Nate and his friends in Ironclad Squadron are returning to the fleet when they detect a mysterious signal. Sensing a trap, Colonel Gun sends Nate out alone in his captured fighter to scout the source. The signal is emitting from inside the heart of the abandoned Kalar Anchorage. This massive facility was once the Byotai Empire’s greatest shipyard, but now it lies cold and lifeless. Or does it?
Statesman by Francis W. Porretto Statesman by Dec. 02, 2016 $2.99 99511 words Sample 34%
At his employer’s request, corporate lawyer Stephen Sumner reluctantly entered politics to become lieutenant governor of New York. That won’t be his last public office. Sumner will discover how slight is the relevance of politics to justice, his lifelong passion. The discovery will propel him to a height he never imagined...and from which he will fall just as precipitously.
Layered Layers by Nikolas Mouvia Layered Layers by Dec. 02, 2016 Free! 12091 words Read a sample
Desperately lost in a maze, communicating through fragments. A story about someone writing a book about someone making a game about someone writing a book about someone making a game, and all being caught in a neverending loop.
Dia Linn - VIII - Le Livre de Cyan (Sinn Féin) by Marie-Pierre Bardou Dia Linn - VIII - Le Livre de Cyan (Sinn Féin) by Dec. 02, 2016 $6.49 105250 words Sample 20%
Année 3050. Cyan et Connor sont les derniers descendants des O’Callaghan, la famille fondatrice d’Eochair, une organisation mondiale qui dirige dorénavant la destinée des peuples, depuis 2020. Cyan choisira-t-elle la voie du devoir et suivra-t-elle le chemin qu’on a tracé pour elle ? Quels que soient leurs choix, les derniers descendants d’Eileen devront faire des sacrifices…
Iy Correction by Jonathan D. Lindley Iy Correction by Dec. 02, 2016 $2.99 179625 words Sample 20%
Earth's history has veered alarmingly off track. The anomaly is correctable - matters have been arranged to ensure this. But the project is threatened, the critical stage placed in jeopardy, by an unforeseen challenge. As two intellects battle for supremacy, the Sphere of Transference, the universal controller of Time, plays out its own unfathomable game.
Breaking The Minder by Viola Grace Breaking The Minder by Dec. 02, 2016 $3.99 16742 words Sample 5%
Being single-minded has never been a talent... until now. Zeeat has spent her life in contemplation, education and empathy.
In Search of Hidden Gods by Juliet Boyd In Search of Hidden Gods by Dec. 02, 2016 $3.99 68193 words Sample 10%
Endless discussions about which gods they might be are getting Kyr down. Siri is equally frustrated, but not for the same reason. Her belief system is being stretched to the limit. Going on a quest to search for others of their kind probably isn’t the best solution for either of them, but that’s where they find themselves. It seems the monsters of myth are all coming out of hiding at once.
'Bot War by Ian J Miller 'Bot War by Dec. 02, 2016 $2.99 113641 words Sample 15%
Terrorists with robotic war machines will make James Grey very rich, but can he control them? John Maxwell and a small group are all that stand between order and its complete collapse as governments go bankrupt through too much debt. A story where technology gets out of control, but the real danger lies in the governments that have abandoned their duty, and the masses who do not care.
Artificial Flowers: The Screenside Trilogy, Book One by J. A. Hailey Artificial Flowers: The Screenside Trilogy, Book One by Dec. 02, 2016 $4.99 93008 words Sample 15%
NOT A REHASH of concepts long gone stale NOT in a galaxy far, away NOT Artificial Intelligence NOT robots or androids NOT a war of the worlds NOT travels in time NOT about a superior intelligence capable of inter-galactic travel, but in need of our water NOT in a post-apocalyptic world, infested with vampires and zombies NOT VIOLENT It’s on Earth… And it’s NOW! The world at your fingertips.
Into the Rift by C R Simper Into the Rift by Dec. 02, 2016 $5.99 87390 words Sample 20%
Onnie's heroism earned her celebrity status with many Galladirans, but not all. When her brother is taken, Onnie must defy her dad, ally with a troubled Galladiran teen, and forgive Darragh's failings, to join a rescue mission into The Rift.
The Sometimes Spurious Travels Through Time and Space of James Ovit by Garry Kilworth The Sometimes Spurious Travels Through Time and Space of James Ovit by Dec. 01, 2016 $3.99 97158 words Sample 20%
In which unstoppable time meets immoveable space... A headlong romp through time and space from an author whose "...enthralling writing transforms myths into reality" (SFX).
The Best Short Stories of Garry Kilworth by Garry Kilworth The Best Short Stories of Garry Kilworth by Dec. 01, 2016 $3.99 130419 words Sample 20%
Stories from the back of the brain. A vast array of brilliant and sometimes puzzling pieces of prose from "Arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre" (New Scientist).
Hungry by Raven Oak Hungry by Dec. 01, 2016 Free! 7615 words Read a sample
Your cat pukes, then cries. Is it just a hairball or is something really wrong? A mad dash to the vet leads to a cat who meows when touched, but how is a veterinarian to know what’s wrong? Is it a blockage or just a terrified kitty? Even with training, sometimes even the experts don’t know. Or do they?
Los Viajeros de la Constelación del Dragón by Andrés Gerardo Rodriguez De Alba Los Viajeros de la Constelación del Dragón by Dec. 01, 2016 $0.99 61124 words Sample 20%
Una Tierra devastada por la sobrepoblación, hambre, sequía, pandemias y agitaciones politicas, es el escenario de la partida de la misión "Hermes" hacia el Planeta Draco 1 ubicado en la Constelación del Dragón. Su misión: asentar una colonia Terrestre en un exoplaneta y con ello evitar la extinción de la humanidad. Sin embargo, su destino les depara peligros y misterios insondables.
Sperm Donor for a Cosmic Paradox by Aaron Frale Sperm Donor for a Cosmic Paradox by Dec. 01, 2016 Free! 6428 words Read a sample
Jed finds out some disturbing news after a DNA test. He is his own great great grandfather. However, Jed’s daily struggles involve video games and crippling self doubt. He’s not the time traveling pioneer type. He might as well try to get to the bottom of the mystery. It’s at least a reason to get off his couch.
Stellar Dreams by Geoffrey Quick Stellar Dreams by Dec. 01, 2016 $2.99 117727 words Sample 15%
Pirate Captain N’Tanya Tsarchon has always prided herself on looking out for her crew first. An unexpected find in a cargo ship she is hired to hijack forces her back into a world of galactic intrigue and to confront her family, her race and a past she never wanted in her life again.
Zombie Hollow by Cassey Day Zombie Hollow by Dec. 01, 2016 $1.29 11575 words Sample 20%
Brice Bender is infected with the zombie virus during an attack that killed his son. Seeking revenge, Chris uses his zombie skills to find and kill the zombie that started the apocalypse.
The God Mars Book Seven: Earthside by Michael Rizzo The God Mars Book Seven: Earthside by Dec. 01, 2016 $2.99 113225 words Sample 20%
Colonel Ram has been translocated to Earth against his will to stop the technological demon Asmodeus, who has made his own way there, intending to wreak havoc on that completely vulnerable planet. But both find an Earth that’s been changed by tragedy and social upheaval beyond anything they’d imagined. And that utopia will do anything to protect itself.
TWISTED DESTINATION - TRIMVIRATE by J. J. Nota TWISTED DESTINATION - TRIMVIRATE by Dec. 01, 2016 Free! 57719 words Read a sample
When in his death bed, a Catholic Cardinal gives away his key to the "Holy Grail" of underground secrets capable of changing the very essence of "Common Sense", a Triumvirate comprised by a boy prodigy, a financial God and a nun finds itself in the midst of a dangerous war of secret societies that run the world from the shadows. Their actions could save the world, or bring permanent chaos.
Keepers of the Blue Planet by CR Delport Keepers of the Blue Planet by Dec. 01, 2016 $2.99 76227 words Sample 10%
After three months of peace and serenity, the people of White River are yanked back to reality when one of their scout parties report a strange alien-like structure that landed near their town. More structures are sighted in other parts of the country. Are these aliens there to destroy them or to help them? Once again they turn to Sam to lead them through this difficult time.
Mind Your Meter! by Andrew Hughes Mind Your Meter! by Dec. 01, 2016 $3.99 117481 words Sample 20%
Are you happy? If not, blame Daphne Wainwright. It's her job to ensure the collective happiness of mankind. She's never failed a case--except her own. She lives in a future where every person on the planet has a meter embedded in their wrist that tells the exactly how happy they are at any given moment on a scale from 0 to 1000, and when a meter falls, Daphne and the other investigators fix it.
Unconstant Love by Timothy J. Meyer Unconstant Love by Dec. 01, 2016 Free! 184219 words Read a sample
Book III of the Bad Space Trilogy, Unconstant Love finds the crew planning and attempting the single greatest heist of both their careers and galactic history.
Stargate SG1-30 Insurrection Book III of the Apocalypse Series by Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper Stargate SG1-30 Insurrection Book III of the Apocalypse Series by
& Dec. 01, 2016
$4.99 87639 words Sample 20%
Between a rock and a hard place… SG-1 faces a terrible choice. With the lines between friends and enemies blurring, the team must choose where their loyalties lie—and how much they’re willing to risk to save their world. In this thrilling conclusion to the STARGATE SG-1 Apocalypse trilogy, SG-1 must decide how far they’ll go in the battle for Earth’s future.
Conquest: Kai's Story by Kaden Shay Conquest: Kai's Story by Dec. 01, 2016 $7.99 84363 words Sample 20%
Follow four Regen Resistance Generals in their quest to be named as equals to the Purists. Each General, giving a nickname by the Purist leaders, represents one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Meet Kai, known by her enemies as Conquest, in this first installment of a set of four novels.
Professor Magneto by Arkbound Professor Magneto by Dec. 01, 2016 $2.99 56268 words Sample 20%
A collection of short stories by the author of Hayden's Realm, this is science fiction at its greatest. Professionally proofread and edited from the work of a master writer, this volume is a 'must buy' for any lover of sci-fi. It features stories of intrepid galactic adventure and intriguing tales that will most definitely make you think again.
Tumble: The Golden Capricorn by Bob Triggs Tumble: The Golden Capricorn by Dec. 01, 2016 $3.99 100265 words Sample 15%
Book two of the Tumble series. Dr. Bailey has predicted an ecological catastrophe will eradicate the human race within two months. It forces President Sinclair to cross the boundary between ethics and immorality as the bizarre behavior by marine and avian wildlife, rapid climate deterioration, and a progressive collapse of technology sends him into a tailspin. Will Mankind survive the tumble?
The Sands of Borrowed Time - Book One - Hazy Sun Days by Jeffry Winters The Sands of Borrowed Time - Book One - Hazy Sun Days by Dec. 01, 2016 $4.99 123704 words Sample 15%
Those who survived the supernova blast, fight for survival, the Earth devastated, its ozone layer destroyed. Friendships are difficult and just under the burning Sun, freedom uncertain as enemies lurk on the unforgiving highways. Are these the struggles of a post-apocalyptic world or is something more sinister at work under the cover of misery and destruction? Is reality the only truth...
Erosion by Spider Moon Erosion by Nov. 30, 2016 Free! 52990 words Read a sample
Diesel Mukai is a disenfranchised young man who leads a simple and lonely life. Then along comes the intensely charismatic Sheila . There is something mysterious about Sheila that defies words...
11,4 Sueños Luz by Nicholas Avedon 11,4 Sueños Luz by Nov. 30, 2016 $0.99 89469 words Sample 25%
“11,4 sueños luz” es un thriller distópico, ambientado doscientos años en el futuro, con mundos virtuales, inteligencias artificiales, metacorporaciones todopoderosas, mentiras, sexo, drogas y un París oscuro y decadente. De fondo, la mayor empresa humana jamás llevada a cabo: la colonización de un nuevo mundo en otro sistema solar a 11,4 años luz.
Keep Those Things Away From Me. by Stephen Walker Keep Those Things Away From Me. by Nov. 30, 2016 $4.49 92527 words Sample 20%
The writer of 'Danny Yates Must Die' and 'Mr Landen Has No Brain' delivers his comic masterpiece as Teena Rama gets married, Danny Yates gets a purpose in life, a mirror gets stroppy and minds immeasurably superior to our own hatch a plan fiendish beyond comprehension.
Wild Space: Heist by Jason M. Brooks Wild Space: Heist by Nov. 30, 2016 $0.99 29593 words Sample 20%
Earth isn't coming for them. The Empire wants them dead. The crew of the Independence has reached a crossroads. For the crew of the Independence, life is about to change...
Scattered Ashes: Freedom's Stand by Chris Traister & Tanar Dial Scattered Ashes: Freedom's Stand by
& Nov. 30, 2016
$5.99 95047 words Sample 20%
Freedom! Nate has narrowly escaped Yuri and is making his way across the ocean. With diary in hand, he learns of a machine that could stop the false Archan commander once and for all. The course is set as Nate and his group of allies travel across the ravaged, unfamiliar America to save the family and home they hold dear.
Wild Space: Ghosts by Jason M. Brooks Wild Space: Ghosts by Nov. 30, 2016 $0.99 26787 words Sample 20%
The crew of the Independence has been hunted down. They take refuge in an asteroid belt that provides a temporary safe hiding place. It is here that they discover the secret that Captain Logov has been hiding. A small band of rebel freedom fighters have an underground base in the belt. Finally, the crew has found allies in their struggles.
Wild Space: Sedition by Jason M. Brooks Wild Space: Sedition by Nov. 30, 2016 $0.99 25199 words Sample 20%
Among the rank and file of the Independence, betrayal is brewing. In a sudden turn of events, Captain Avery is locked away in the brig. His ship is taken from him by members of his own crew. And the mutineers have set their sights on the Capital Planet of the Core Worlds. They have a single purpose… to detonate a weapon so powerful, it will leave nothing but stardust behind.
Fatal Proximity by Ryan Viergutz Fatal Proximity by Nov. 30, 2016 $4.99 65698 words Sample 25%
A rogue surgeon must stop a disease spread through cyborgs, and created by a godlike AI.
Children of Fire (final cut) by SilentDan Children of Fire (final cut) by Nov. 30, 2016 You set the price! 47427 words Sample 55%
Dystopian superhero action-thriller set in the ruins of Brisbane, Australia. With monsters. And magic.
The Snow Maiden by J.J. Beer The Snow Maiden by Nov. 30, 2016 $3.99 103883 words Sample 10%
Corporal Matt Sloane and his elite Special Forces unit must babysit a team of scientists sent to investigate the loss of communications with the research/mining facility on the frozen dwarf planet known as Snegurochka — The Snow Maiden. Among the scientists is Dr. Kate Fairchild, Matt's ex-girlfriend. Shortly after arrival they're confronted by an enemy unlike any they've encountered before.
The Gravity Well by Majid Salim The Gravity Well by Nov. 30, 2016 $4.99 31262 words Sample 20%
A UFO has crashed on Earth. The United States Special Forces have been tasked with keeping this under wraps and deciding how to tackle it. Is there anyone on board the UFO and if so, what do they want from the people of Earth?
Phule’s Company by RobertAsprin Phule’s Company by Nov. 30, 2016 $5.99 77926 words Sample 15%
After being court-martialed by the Space Legion for ordering the strafing of a treaty-signing ceremony, multimillionaire Willard Phule receives his punishment: He must command the misfit Omega Company on Haskin’s Planet, a mining settlement on the edge of settled space.
The Fifth Di... December 2016 by J Alan Erwine The Fifth Di... December 2016 by Nov. 30, 2016 $1.99 14297 words Sample 10%
In this issue, you’ll find a doctor who manages to improve humanity by changing it, but is change always a good thing? A man whose sole purpose in life is to help people understand that they’re being replaced by robots. A killing machine that’s determined to spread destruction thoughout the galaxy. And a man who finds he might actually get a second chance…
Ophir. Codice vivente by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli Ophir. Codice vivente by Nov. 30, 2016 $3.16 137449 words Sample 10%
A pochi anni dalla ripresa dei rapporti tra Marte e la Terra, durante i quali Ophir è diventata una piccola città, Melissa intraprende, insieme a Nicholas, un lungo viaggio attraverso lo sconfinato deserto rosso marziano, che la spinge a sperimentare da vicino la propria umanità. Ma la giovane leader potrebbe non essere l’unica entità senziente sul pianeta impegnata a esplorare la propria natura.
Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood by S. A. Hoag Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood by Nov. 29, 2016 $3.99 66018 words Sample 10%
Uncontrollable. Unpredictable. Dangerous. The Wildblood. Now, Team Three know what they are. ~~~~~ Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood takes up with Team Three not at all convinced the search for the truth about themselves is over.
Backlash: Prequel to The Wildblood by S. A. Hoag Backlash: Prequel to The Wildblood by Nov. 29, 2016 $0.99 21633 words Sample 10%
Backlash, prequel to The Wildblood series. Before Team Three, there was the Blackout. Set on a near-future Earth mostly devoid of humans, this reveals some of the harsh realities facing people of The Vista, and how Team Three began.
The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildbood by S. A. Hoag The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildbood by Nov. 29, 2016 $3.99 104088 words Sample 10%
2047. Tiny pockets of humanity remain, scattered, and struggling. Civilization has fallen. The Vista has remained isolated since World War Last, a generation earlier, its survivors content with what they have. Their children yearn for the knowledge of the outside world. That knowledge could make their lives less perilous, or it could destroy them.
Jellyfish Meltdown by Elancharan Gunasekaran Jellyfish Meltdown by Nov. 29, 2016 Free! 1348 words Read a sample
O, just the random poetic ramblings of a mad man... Jellyfish on the wall, jellyfish in my closet, the world's gone bonkers! Humans in space abort their Earthly landings. Love is a transition, a door, a passage between life and death. Hearts hunger, souls linger and alternate worlds are shattered. The change is human life, the minds of our fragile existence. The only threat is- immortal jellyfish.
Profit and Peril by Charissa Dufour Profit and Peril by Nov. 29, 2016 $3.99 70439 words Sample 20%
After the delivery from hell, the crew of the Lenore is ready for a well-deserved rest. But just as they reach their ship, they receive an offer they can’t refuse. Desperately needing money to repair the limping Lenore, Jack Macleef takes the job, even though it toes the line of legality.