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Skin Shifters by T. J. MacGregor Skin Shifters by Oct. 23, 2018 $4.99 121,790 words
The shocking discovery of an amphibious alien body on the island of Tango Key, Florida, ultimately reveals that a planetary alien invasion is underway. Luke Pierce, who works for Omega, a privately funded UFO research organization, is determined this body won’t be whisked away by government authorities who then will deny its existence.
REDD: Down the Rabbit Hole by John M. Davis REDD: Down the Rabbit Hole by Oct. 23, 2018 You set the price! 91,630 words
Alice Little is a super soldier from the future, she just doesn't know it yet. The GRIMM Corporation has sent its top assassin (Snow) to deal with the last R.E.D.D. agent. After a mishap lands them in the year 1997, Snow formulates a plan to end GRIMM's biggest threat, once and for all.
Rommel’s Game: Victory at El Alamein & Towards the Caucasus: An Alternate History Novel from the Eyes of a German War Correspondent by Claude Stahl Rommel’s Game: Victory at El Alamein & Towards the Caucasus: An Alternate History Novel from the Eyes of a German War Correspondent by Oct. 22, 2018 $2.99 23,400 words Sample 14%
The setting is ten years after Germanys partial 1943 victory and its subsequent reconciliation with its former enemies when Joseph the German war correspondent meets with Cliff his American counterpart and old friend to describe his own, first-hand account of how the road to Germanys victory began with Rommel and his success in North Africa.
Time Chronicles by Brian K. Larson Time Chronicles by Oct. 22, 2018 $2.99 129,220 words Sample 20%
Fly with the Aevus as the crew from Earth discover their own ship at Gliese 667.
Robot / ember by Arte Tenebrarum Publishing Robot / ember by Oct. 22, 2018 $7.10 91,730 words
2074-ben kifejlesztenek egy mikrochipet, amely kizárólag szerves anyagot tartalmaz. Ezáltal kompatibilisebb az emberi szervezettel, mint bármilyen szintetikus implantátum. Ezzel a technológiával három évvel később már komplett emberi szerveket képesek létrehozni. Nem kell többé donorra várni a transzplantációnál. A szerveket egyszerűen legyártják, akár a gépalkatrészeket. 2100-ban megalkotják...
The Constant Tourist | Part 3 by John Dodsworth The Constant Tourist | Part 3 by Oct. 22, 2018 Free! 1,840 words Read a sample
Welcome to another reality, where skyscrapers ascend the clouds and humanoid hybrids walk the streets with everyday people. In this mind bending exploration of time, identity and self-worth, we will attempt to decipher what lies at the core of our humanity, all the while being lead along by a mysterious man in a black suit and red tie...
Spare Parts by T.J. Land Spare Parts by Oct. 22, 2018 $6.99 91,620 words Sample 20%
Don’t take them to your leader; they will probably kill him.
Kill Switch by William Hertling Kill Switch by Oct. 21, 2018 $4.99 132,950 words Sample 20%
Igloo and Angie are the founders of Tapestry, a new social network. Tapestry’s privacy and security is so effective it impedes the government’s ability to monitor communications. Fearing Tapestry's effect on America’s surveillance abilities, the government will stop Angie and Igloo by any means possible. Igloo and Angie must risk everything in the ultimate battle for control of the Internet.
The Colonies of Earth Box Set by Ali Noel Vyain The Colonies of Earth Box Set by Oct. 21, 2018 $35.00 351,340 words Sample 20%
Contains all 14 of the Colonies of Earth Series books.
Scum of the Universe by Grant Everett Scum of the Universe by Oct. 21, 2018 $4.99 147,690 words Sample 10%
Growing up Bob Tuesday had few expectations of life. Thrust alone into the vast galactic empire known as the Unison, Bob must learn quickly how to navigate worlds of wonder, danger and a host of other catastrophes, as he attempts to answer the biggest question of all: “Where’s my lighter?” Scum of the Universe is a riotous romp across the science fiction genre.
The Warbirds of Absaroka by Debbie Mumford The Warbirds of Absaroka by Oct. 21, 2018 $1.49 7,570 words Sample 20%
Brenna Standing Bear has been given an impossible task by her dying grandfather: convince Absaroka’s Planetary Council to build a fleet to defend against the Bug-Eyes. The problem? The council believes the Bug-Eyes were defeated sixty-eight years ago. Why should they expend precious resources to defend against a non-existent threat?
C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas, Issue 5 by C. C. Blake C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas, Issue 5 by Oct. 21, 2018 $2.99 10,450 words Sample 20%
Two more stories set in lived in space opera worlds. Series character Rick Cave gets a revolutionary brain surgery procedure, but old enemies return to prevent recovery. Also, a resuscitated detective is the only chance to catch a robber on Matrix, the ultimate casino space station.
The Rovan Binary by Michael McCloskey The Rovan Binary by Oct. 20, 2018 $3.99 53,910 words Sample 15%
The Rovan Binary is the 12th book in the PIT series. The PIT team continues to pull at the thread of the Rovan mystery by visiting another suspected colony. Though they find more clues, the next choice they must make threatens to tear the team apart...
Реакция нейтрализации by Il'ya Milyukov Реакция нейтрализации by Oct. 20, 2018 Free! 2,000 words Read a sample
Иногда незнакомцы, упомянутые в знаменитой песне, могут быть опасными. А иногда...
Streetlethal by Steven Barnes Streetlethal by Oct. 20, 2018 $3.99 115,190 words
Los Angeles is a teeming metropolis with a rotten core: Deep Maze, where the Thai-VI ghouls—the disease-spreading Spiders—roam. Here the all-powerful Ortegas rule over their empire of drugs, prostitution and black-market human organs “donated” by their helpless victims. All Aubry Knight, the former weightless boxing champion, wants is to be left alone.
La fin du rêve by Saïd La fin du rêve by Oct. 20, 2018 Free! 3,290 words
Après dix-sept années passées à faire des rêves sponsorisés toutes les nuits, Nathan et Nina tentent de retrouver leurs souvenirs perdus.
The Flickering Flame by Alyce Caswell The Flickering Flame by Oct. 20, 2018 $0.99 17,260 words
Grace Pendergast is a disgraced reporter with blood on her hands. She thinks the galaxy would be better off without her. But before she can take drastic measures, she meets Finara, the goddess of fire, who offers Grace the scoop of a lifetime. As sparks ignite between them, Grace finds herself struggling to choose between carrying out her original plans — or accepting an eternity at Finara’s side.
When She Gained Her Soul by Felicia Fredlund When She Gained Her Soul by Oct. 20, 2018 $2.99 3,530 words Sample 20%
Who’d imagine caring for pets is dangerous? Sierra lives on the planet Raun where she takes care of a family’s pets. As an Earth human on Raun, she wears googles every day to protect her eyes from the local sun. Much is different on Raun, some a lot more dangerous than on Earth. Her charges, the Raun version of cats (similar but also not), can make a lot of trouble for her.
Collision by Gary Naiman Collision by Oct. 19, 2018 $2.99 28,810 words Sample 15%
New from the best-selling author of The Response and RoboSapiens . . . The richest man on Earth is about to change the world he despises. Harold Tensley will journey back in time to reshape history in his own image. There is only one problem, Tensley will soon encounter a second time traveler with an opposing vision and both men's struggle for survival will begin.
Celebrate End of the World, Almost by Ken Ramsey Celebrate End of the World, Almost by Oct. 19, 2018 $0.99 17,940 words Sample 10%
There are those that rule, not by power, but by deceit. These are the ones to fear most, because subjects oblivious to rulers are slaves, Unknowing subjects cannot be loyalists, therefore, arise, throw off the yoke of contrived ignorance and celebrate the end of the world, almost.
Napoleon: A Horror Novel by Wayne Kyle Spitzer Napoleon: A Horror Novel by Oct. 19, 2018 $2.99 20,370 words Sample 20%
A tale of prehistoric terror from the best-selling author of the Flashback Saga and the Ferryman Pentalogy.
Insufficient by David Adams Insufficient by Oct. 19, 2018 $4.99 52,070 words Sample 20%
US Air Force Airman Amanda Turner is trapped underground. Locked in a massive underground vault. The world outside is toxic, the ground below them solid rock. There is no way out. No escape. There are three thousand, nine hundred, and ninety one men. And nine women. Nine. A novel in three acts, set in Hugh Howey's world of Wool.
Jovian Veil - Sentient by Kurtis Rinas Jovian Veil - Sentient by Oct. 18, 2018 Free! 41,060 words Read a sample
Llaus finds himself buried within his subconscious, but he can’t ascertain whether he’s dead or caught in some type of meaningless purgatory. Driven by his will to live, he is fatefully used as a pawn in a sinister plan devised by the Lt. Commander. But chance does not define predestination, as he encounters something dreadful that shifts his perception and alters the course of their fate.
The Distant Kingdoms Volume Ten: The Sounds of a Distant Upheaval by David A Petersen The Distant Kingdoms Volume Ten: The Sounds of a Distant Upheaval by Oct. 18, 2018 $3.99 131,390 words Sample 20%
In Valderhien, Her Royal Majesty Sinar Thellon, waits with ever-waning patience for news about Colin Bourke’s invasion of the Azzil Territories in an effort to retrieve King Entell Thellon and his sons from imprisonment in Terrimorter. During these tense days, the Queen decides to forge ahead with life in the city and decides it is time for her daughter, Paura, to be betrothed.
Earthware by Amr Nasser Earthware by Oct. 18, 2018 $9.99 26,160 words Sample 20%
Eons had passed, an inordinate stretch of the ever-inexorable force of time, before the nervous tissue evolved consciousness. The lights had turned on, and suddenly it could look back upon itself perched in the place it looked from at the world. 20 short stories poke at different aspects of the human condition, including love, nihilism, and our future with technology.
The Constant Tourist | Part 2 by John Dodsworth The Constant Tourist | Part 2 by Oct. 18, 2018 Free! 2,660 words Read a sample
Welcome to another reality, where skyscrapers ascend the clouds and humanoid hybrids walk the streets with everyday people. In this mind bending exploration of time, identity and self-worth, we will attempt to decipher what lies at the core of our humanity, all the while being lead along by a mysterious man in a black suit and red tie...
The Time Traveller by ET the Alien The Time Traveller by Oct. 18, 2018 $2.99 12,770 words Sample 20%
Imagine... you walk past a market stall where the seller is selling Time Travel for $50. Would you want to know more? Would you be curious? Would you fall for it? Jenny did and you will never believe the journey she began on that fateful Saturday morning. A time travel classic that will have you thinking - a lot.
Wail of the Tempest by A. E. Branson Wail of the Tempest by Oct. 18, 2018 $1.99 120,310 words Sample 20%
While the crippling effects of a solar storm continue to be felt, Alexia Gautreaux hides with her friend Reuben because of her ability to produce bursts of potent energy. But for the first time in her life she must face adversity alone when the wrong people do find her. Her spirit is tested, but worse, she makes the discovery more than her freedom is at stake.
The Rewind Files - The First Seven Chapters by Claire Willett The Rewind Files - The First Seven Chapters by Oct. 17, 2018 Free! 28,560 words Read a sample
When a smart-mouthed researcher at the Time Travel Bureau discovers historical events altered without authorization, she reluctantly takes on her first field mission: Operate undercover in the Mid-20th Century to find the source of the Chronomaly. When she discovers a high level conspiracy, she must go on the run through the 1970's and stop the conspirators before she is silenced for good.
the Cult of the Black Lotus by Norman X. Scozzafova the Cult of the Black Lotus by Oct. 17, 2018 $4.99 66,650 words Sample 15%
The gods often make use of heroes. More often, though, they make use of those less than heroic. Revenge, whether served hot or cold, is a thing to be avoided at all costs. Even with that understanding, a young knight embarks on a personal vendetta against the men who killed her parents. This all-consuming goal has been the only purpose for which she was thought to have survived. Is it enough?
Step Change Principle by Matthew David Carroll Step Change Principle by Oct. 17, 2018 Free! 2,600 words Read a sample
…Think you’ve had hard interviews? Try time traveler in this multi-dimensional tale…
"Freedom" Crystal Journals 4 by Oct. 17, 2018 $3.99 65,520 words
"Freedom" Book 4 Crystal Journals If you live in a free society you don't spend much time thinking about freedom – you take it for granted. And that is what Susan has done until her crystal thrusts her into a society where everything is changed and did we mention she is FAR INTO THE FUTURE!
The Rendezvous by Lee W Brainard The Rendezvous by Oct. 17, 2018 $2.99 100,750 words Sample 20%
"Men's hearts shall fail from fear…for the planets of the heavens shall be shaken" (Luke 21:26). The Rendezvous, volume two of the Planets Shaken series, continues the saga of the Rogue, a planet-sized comet which threatens the solar system. This apocalyptic tale weaves biblical prophecy, ancient history, scientific theory, and conspiracy into a thought-provoking thriller.
Rogue Derelict by Joseph R. Lallo Rogue Derelict by Oct. 17, 2018 $2.99 66,680 words Sample 20%
After the fall of the empire, all Benita Castor wants is a quiet life as an accountant. Somehow, she finds herself auditing an old Kirian space station for a crime boss instead. When an ancient ship arrives and its crew assumes Benita was their commander, the echoes of the past could have grave consequences for her future. Rogue Derelict is set in Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire Series.
Bobby Sterling vs Truth: A young adult science fiction thriller - Book 1 by Alex Mueller Bobby Sterling vs Truth: A young adult science fiction thriller - Book 1 by Oct. 16, 2018 $2.99 79,810 words Sample 15%
Bobby Sterling was an ordinary teenager who was whisked away into adventure at an space academy he never knew existed. Bobby will have to overcome his fears, push himself like never before and cope with his emotions as he gains new abilities and explores new worlds.But something happened there that no one will talk about. Can Bobby uncover the truth? Or will the truth discover him first...
The Man Who Killed Ned Taylor by Joseph Bergstrom The Man Who Killed Ned Taylor by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 1,420 words Read a sample
A man doesn’t leave much behind when he’s breathed his last. Just a name, some memories in folks’ minds, and, hopefully, something that truly matters. The man who killed Ned Taylor didn’t leave his name, or something that truly mattered, behind. Just some memories...
Real-Time Programmer by R. Richard Real-Time Programmer by Oct. 16, 2018 $3.50 31,980 words Sample 30%
The job of a computer programmer sounds dull. A programmer its in a computer lab and deals with machines. Well, from time to time, he has to deal with company politics, hackers, spies, computer manuals that are mostly fiction and maybe even advanced civilization aliens.. All of the work is without overtime pay.
The Impossible by Alexandria Clarke The Impossible by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 34,970 words Read a sample
Ophelia Holmes is content to pillage and plunder with the crew of The Impossible, a notorious pirate spaceship known for its ruthless captain, but when the captain raids Ophelia’s home planet and captures a hostage for intel, Ophelia finds herself in deep space trouble. The hostage is a girl she knew from school, and Ophelia must choose between her loyalty to the captain and her childhood friendsh
Tinman by Emil Crise Tinman by Oct. 16, 2018 $1.35 63,040 words Sample 10%
The future is here. Artificial Intelligence maybe the next step in evolution for mankind. Would you board an aircraft without a real Pilot? Meet Captain Russell Adam Calhoun the last of a dying breed of aviators coping with the arrival of the Tinman. He might not be able to save his job, but he just might be able to save the world.
The Great Villain Part-2 by Sadik Tahasildar The Great Villain Part-2 by Oct. 16, 2018 $4.99 2,480 words Sample 10%
INFICORP finally got a chance to face the Great Villain but could they really stop him. We could see the continuation here.
Tempest (Prologue) by John M. Davis Tempest (Prologue) by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 7,680 words Read a sample
After his B-17 Flying Fortress crashes during a World War 2 battle, Lincoln quickly discovers that he is no longer on Earth. Instead, he awakens to find himself on Tempest, with super soldiers (Huygen) closing in for the kill.
A Shrouded World 4:  Valhalla by Mark Tufo & John O'Brien A Shrouded World 4: Valhalla by
& Oct. 16, 2018
$4.99 85,630 words Sample 20%
New enemies are exposed along with new found friends, will it be enough to stop the tides of time? Follow along, as our heroes embark on their most dangerous quest yet.
At Galactic Central by Kate MacLeod At Galactic Central by Oct. 16, 2018 $3.99 63,660 words Sample 20%
Galactic Central, a collection of floating cities in a vast, manmade, planetless cloud. Scout longed to see it since she first heard of it. This place long represented her shining future. "At Galactic Central" the sixth and final book in "The Travels of Scout Shannon" series, a young adult science fiction novel for fans of plucky heroines, girl assassins, political intrigue, and loyal dogs.
Monster of Monsters: First Delivery Of The First Day- Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Flash Fiction #3 by Kristie Lynn Higgins Monster of Monsters: First Delivery Of The First Day- Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Flash Fiction #3 by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 620 words Read a sample
Word count 370 words. This short-short story visits a Brown Delivery person as they start a new and very unusual job. New to Flash Fiction? Flash Fiction are very very short books to tickle your fancy. They are a great way to see a writer's style and be introduced to the worlds they create and envision. My novels, novellas, short stories, and flash fiction range from science fiction, fantasy
The Singularity Witness by Dan Grant The Singularity Witness by Oct. 16, 2018 $4.99 107,580 words
THE SINGULARITY WITNESS explores science and medical research and what happens when a radical technology ushers in an ominous future. A neurologist and FBI agent unlock secrets that start with murder, abduction, and inhumane research. Governments and corporations will kill to control it. So murder and abduction are just the beginning. "A carefully crafted, slick thriller." Hollywood Book Reviews
Monarque des glaces by Michele Laframboise Monarque des glaces by Oct. 16, 2018 $2.99 5,540 words Sample 20%
Un papillon-cyborg survole une Terre ravagée par les perturbations du climat. Dominique filme les luttes féroces entre survivants pour le plaisir des Seigneurs du Pôle, dont les palais roulent sur la glace synthétique de l'Arctique. Le papillon est indestructible, tant qu'il demeure en altitude... "...le plus beau texte, crépusculaire, triste, et tragique."
Tulpas by Rob MacGregor Tulpas by Oct. 16, 2018 $4.99 91,100 words
Inception meets Westworld in an original SF novel about a parallel universe only a dream away. Tulpas take over the sub-conscious world in a parallel universe—where they quickly become invincible. As the states of reality and dreams converge in an inevitable clash that may destroy all consciousness in both universes, a group of four must band together to save what is left of reality.
The Monster Of Selkirk Book 3:  The Machines of Theda by C.E. Clayton The Monster Of Selkirk Book 3: The Machines of Theda by Oct. 16, 2018 $3.99 135,200 words Sample 20%
Trying to put the events in Selkirk behind them, Tallis and Tomas find themselves in a land where people and machines have created a newfound relationship. Tallis wishes to hide and heal in this strange land while giving the people of Selkirk time to forget and perhaps forgive her.
Creature Hunt on Planet Toaria by Mandy Eve-Barnett Creature Hunt on Planet Toaria by Oct. 15, 2018 $1.99 30,190 words Sample 5%
A robotic protector, an invading creature, and four friends on an adventure... Join Lenni, Troon, Braze, and Nevis on their terrifying mission to seek out and destroy a creature intent on invading their planet.
Elizabeth Skousen Supplemental 1: Imperial Cities by Cai Olan Elizabeth Skousen Supplemental 1: Imperial Cities by Oct. 15, 2018 Free! 1,020 words Read a sample
A brief glimpse into how Imperial cities in Elizabeth Skousen work, what their roles are, and how they interact with the planets they manage.