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Star Wars: Liberation and Redemption by Travis Barr Star Wars: Liberation and Redemption by Jan. 17, 2019 Free! 41,490 words Read a sample
See how Empire got to Jedi in this exciting, thrilling bridge story to the Star Wars saga!
The Mysterious Planet of Captain Moreau by K. T. Hunter The Mysterious Planet of Captain Moreau by Jan. 17, 2019 $2.99 157,020 words Sample 15%
The Nemo Paradox, Book 2 The further adventures of the good ship Thunder Child's Fury. What will Gemma, Christophe, and Maggie discover on Mars? Will the Fury make it home to Earth? And will Earth survive its own fury as the population turns against the TIA? What is the truth behind the Invasion?
Lacrimosa by Mandi Jourdan Lacrimosa by Jan. 17, 2019 $9.77 61,390 words Sample 10%
Lila has no memory of who she is or how she ended up walking the streets of Manhattan alone in July of 2232. She only knows she is being hunted by day and haunted through the night by dreams of a man she can’t remember apart from when her subconscious self holds him at gunpoint.
Hybrids: Shadow Tribe by Cheryl L. Hyde Hybrids: Shadow Tribe by Jan. 17, 2019 $4.49 83,580 words Sample 20%
The Hybrids of Shadow Tribe enjoy a peaceful and prosperous life. They have survived Earth for generations, until now. Now the very reason they exist is trying to wipe them out. Their enemies are the humans—their creators—who also call Earth home. Ancestral alien DNA, shape shifting hybrids, and mercenary hostile humans clash, bringing chaos and death to a once peaceful and meaningful existence.
Under Ground : Jaden Crusoe Book 3 by Michael Kirk Under Ground : Jaden Crusoe Book 3 by Jan. 16, 2019 $2.99 70,820 words Sample 5%
The ruling party on Alpha Prime raise the stakes by bringing the formidable Artificially Intelligent brain, Jessica, to assist in the defeating Jaden Crusoe and his band of talented friends.
Into the Storm by Kari Kilgore Into the Storm by Jan. 16, 2019 $3.99 27,110 words Sample 20%
The Storm Breaks Iris Rutherford’s paintings scare most people. Especially the strange ones. Even in her hometown of Maple Ridge, Virginia, her own peculiar magic makes her an outsider in a town full of them. Then Iris meets Gena Wallace, the first to understand. To see the visions, joyful and nightmarish, even before Iris sees. Will they survive as Iris’s nightmares come true?
Rayna of Mars: A Space Colony Story by Michael Howard Rayna of Mars: A Space Colony Story by Jan. 16, 2019 $3.99 44,110 words Sample 15%
This is a story about a group of Mars Colonists from Earth. They set out to prove that colonizing Mars can be done with the help of robots and drones. The main robot that was to be their interface with the other drones and rovers was named Rayna. She became so much more with the help of her emotion chip and her ability to learn from the other colonists. This is their Space Colony Story.
Broken Reel by Jeb Bohn Broken Reel by Jan. 16, 2019 Free! 2,250 words Read a sample
Andy Solomon has lost his wife and young son. Wracked by grief, Andy decides to take a drive along a secluded road. The problem is that he doesn't remember leaving his house or getting into his car. During his strange journey, questions start to plague Andy: How did he get here? Why does he keep seeing the same scenery, signs and roadside memorial? Will he be able to solve this riddle?
The Cleaner Comes at Midnight by Jeb Bohn The Cleaner Comes at Midnight by Jan. 16, 2019 Free! 1,580 words Read a sample
A man is barricaded inside of an apartment building. Madness reigns in the streets below. Something has turned the people of Philadelphia into mindless killers, maniacs whose laughter fill the streets and alleyways. When all seems lost, a military helicopter passes overhead. From it, a voice gives a cryptic message: "The cleaner comes at midnight". Is salvation at hand, or is it a final warning?
Genesis Trade by Eliza Green Genesis Trade by Jan. 16, 2019 $3.99 63,380 words Sample 15%
Isobel returns to Earth to reconnect with the husband she left behind. But on arrival, she is captured by the criminal factions controlling the cities and sold into slavery. Marcus dreams of being more than the lackey of a crime boss on a lawless Earth. But to impress Gaetano Agostini, he will need to take command of the Indigenes who have returned. Book 5 in the Genesis series.
Project Legion (A Kaiju Thriller) by Jeremy Robinson Project Legion (A Kaiju Thriller) by Jan. 16, 2019 $4.99 88,690 words Sample 20%
In Project Legion, Robinson has created an epic series finale, bringing together characters and plot elements from more than a dozen different novels and series. The result is a crossover novel, ten years in the making, the likes of which have never been seen outside of comic books and movies. Project Legion is an apocalyptic end to the first story arc of the bestselling kaiju thriller series.
Robots and Vampires: A Cyborg's Odyssey by Josh Stoodley Robots and Vampires: A Cyborg's Odyssey by Jan. 16, 2019 $2.99 98,770 words Sample 20%
A young cyborg must do battle against an evil corporation to secure his freedom and avenge an innocent victim. Along the way, he gains the support of the powerful but mysterious Standard Technologies, Incorporated...
Final Flight of the Ranegr by C. S. Cooper Final Flight of the Ranegr by Jan. 16, 2019 $2.99 112,450 words Sample 20%
Three friends, lost in space, captured by a captain with conquest on his mind, drifting aimlessly toward an ancient mystery lurking in the cosmos.
Digger Down : Jaden Crusoe Book 2 by Michael Kirk Digger Down : Jaden Crusoe Book 2 by Jan. 15, 2019 $2.99 69,860 words Sample 5%
Jaden Crusoe (and the incredible friends he has encountered), prepare the fight against the suppression of the Alpha race.
2020: America's War against Iran by Bruce Shigeura 2020: America's War against Iran by Jan. 15, 2019 You set the price! 10,550 words Sample 20%
At first it seems that President Trump has successfully destroyed Iran’s nuclear facilities with no cost in American lives. But as the world’s oil supply is cut off, the war expands, and events spiral out of control, America faces life and death choices.
Adrift On The River Of Time and other stories by Uncle Jasper Adrift On The River Of Time and other stories by Jan. 15, 2019 Free! 30,200 words Read a sample
Bernie was planning a quiet few drinks with his mates, but instead finds himself in wild adventures on the River of Time, Other tales involve different takes on the stories of Patrick and the Serpent and Noah.
Discover Tomorrow by Nichole Haines Discover Tomorrow by Jan. 15, 2019 $2.99 38,080 words Sample 20%
He wanted to visit the outer world. To explore what was true? Or to make the truth his reality? He didn’t know if he was thinking wrong or right. False or true. It could only be tested after crossing the LABOON and reaching to the other side, but how? “How is it even possible for such a person like me?
The Luck of the Draw by Lesley L. Smith The Luck of the Draw by Jan. 15, 2019 $0.99 6,290 words Sample 10%
Ella Hote wants to use her luck machine to help her new friend with cancer. Will he let her?
Interzone #279 (January-February 2019) by TTA Press Interzone #279 (January-February 2019) by Jan. 15, 2019 $4.99 50,440 words Sample 10%
New cutting edge science fiction and fantasy by Sean McMullen, Alison Wilgus, G.V. Anderson, Tim Chawaga, William Squirrell, David Cleden. Art by Richard Wagner, Martin Hanford. Features: Ansible Link by David Langford (news and obits); Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe (film reviews); Book Zone (book reviews); comment columns by Aliya Whiteley and Andy Hedgecock; guest editorial by Sean McMullen.
Two Worlds by Tina.H. White Two Worlds by Jan. 15, 2019 $0.99 9,290 words Sample 30%
“I was totally gripped by this excellent book, I could not put it down.” “This had the most amazing twist”. “This was by far one of the best short stories I have ever read”. Time is running out. Angie has found herself in a dark and dangerous world but can she find her way home to her husband before death takes her forever.
A Princess Rising by Odette C. Bell A Princess Rising by Jan. 15, 2019 $3.99 41,090 words Sample 20%
The fight for the galaxy has begun. Saz must learn to lead, and Andalusia must learn to fight. If they fail, Winters will open the Xantos Armory and unleash hell on all, for the secret at the heart of their technology is the greatest mystery of all.
The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories by Mike Luoma The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories by Jan. 15, 2019 $2.99 24,880 words Sample 10%
Underwater aliens – Time travel – Coups – Con games – and Murder? Welcome to the world of Alibi Jones! Come along for the ride as Humankind expands out into the already populated stars. Alibi is a Mediator for The Solar Alliance in 2135, negotiating treaties and agreements between humankind and alien races, whose big heart and inquisitive mind usually get him into trouble along the way.
Apparition Lit, Issue 5: Resistance (January 2019) by ApparitionLit Apparition Lit, Issue 5: Resistance (January 2019) by Jan. 15, 2019 $2.99 17,650 words Sample 20%
Welcome to the fifth issue of Apparition Lit! Our theme was Resistance and we wanted stories that challenged you and asked you to step up. Apparition Lit is a quarterly speculative fiction magazine that features short stories and poetry. We publish original content with enough emotional heft to break a heart, with prose that’s as clear and delicious as broth.
Treason by Gun Brooke Treason by Jan. 15, 2019 $9.99 74,430 words Sample 20%
Zoem Malderyn’s existence is a deadly threat to everyone on Gemocon and Commander Neenja KahSandra must find a way to save the woman she loves from having to commit the ultimate sacrifice.
The Transhuman Project by Erin Rhew The Transhuman Project by Jan. 15, 2019 $3.99 86,090 words
When a video of Molly Richards goes viral, she becomes an overnight success in Kadar, where Life Channel ratings reign supreme. But dangerous transhuman sleeper robots hide among the populace, ready and waiting to strike on a madman's command. As Molly and her friends peer behind the glitz and glamour, they discover something more frightening and more sinister than anything they’ve encounter yet.
Brobots: The Complete Source Code by Trevor Barton Brobots: The Complete Source Code by Jan. 15, 2019 $5.99 234,880 words
BROBOTS. They're easy to treat like trash. But not so easy to ignore; especially the ones experiencing the wake-up. This critically acclaimed cult debut of substantial science fiction with gay characters enjoyed by a wide audience is, for the first time, in one complete and revised special trilogy omnibus volume.
I, Human Part Nine: Do You Take This Android To Be Your Companion? by Vito Veii I, Human Part Nine: Do You Take This Android To Be Your Companion? by Jan. 15, 2019 $5.00 100,750 words
Evil rules on the planet of Andronicus. Artificial Intelligence runs the state while the masses don't care. The majority of men cohabit with female androids. Is this the end of civilization or the beginning of a new one? Who is Padre Prometheus that demons and shadow soldiers are scared of him?
One Year of Instants (2018) by C M Weller One Year of Instants (2018) by Jan. 14, 2019 Free! 209,470 words Read a sample
Three hundred and sixty-five days. Three hundred and sixty-five stories. All inspired by people like you, from all over the world and from all walks of life. Science fiction, fantasy, and something close to the real world collide in a mix of pure randomness. Take a walk on the weird side as you journey through... one year of Instants.
Odyssey by Rusty Williamson Odyssey by Jan. 14, 2019 $2.99 66,000 words Sample 20%
A god-like alien has decimated the planet of Amular. The population and their allies the Loud cling to life on moons and space stations as their wounded sun threatens to explode. Managing to capture a piece of the alien ship, the Loud have succeeded in cloning it. From the ashes and shock of defeat, a hunt for revenge and a love affair that will span 300 million years.
Sonnet of the New Dawn by Wayne Meyers Sonnet of the New Dawn by Jan. 14, 2019 Free! 4,290 words Sample 30%
When a stranger slips an odd key into Jim's pocket on a crowded subway, Jim must decide whether to continue living in a soulless world or risk his life to find something worth living for.
Micro Fights by "Mark Paul" Sebar Micro Fights by Jan. 14, 2019 Free! 21,210 words Read a sample
The original and first Sebar title from 1974 finds a full blown space war between the Human's from Earth and the Jovian's from Ganymede in the Jupiter system. Out long before Star Wars was released in 1977, and combining space wars with germs from the microscopic world gone awry, the action is non stop in the short scifi first.
Countdown Armageddon by Rusty Williamson Countdown Armageddon by Jan. 14, 2019 $2.99 142,740 words Sample 20%
The countdown has begun… The humans on planet Amular, along with the survivors of an alien race called the Loud face a hopeless battle; an ancient alien originating beyond the observable universe is coming, killing everything in their path. In one day, they destroy the Loud home world—a species a thousand years ahead of the humans. Something is not quite right and there are too many coincidences.
Виртронация by Сергей Глуцкий Виртронация by Jan. 14, 2019 Free! 74,210 words Read a sample
Если тебе не достаточно вчерашней виртуальности, то ты нашёл что искал!
Eva's Atonement by Joe Smith Eva's Atonement by Jan. 14, 2019 $4.99 59,460 words Sample 10%
The death match with Jana almost destroyed Eva's life. She is done with fighting. Well, that was the plan. However. circumstances force her back to the fighting pits.
Space Cadets: Explorer by Steven Jon Halasz Space Cadets: Explorer by Jan. 14, 2019 Free! 10,260 words Sample 20%
Nancy begins her internship on Explorer 2094-A, a science station currently parked on the asteroid Hygiea. Eric Bengat, her wealthy acquaintance from Space Academy, decides to include the asteroid in the itinerary for his planetary cruise liner and invites her on board for a visit. Eric is pompous and usually wrong about everything, but when a crisis arises, what if he's right for a change?
Terrestrial Beginnings by Adam McShane Terrestrial Beginnings by Jan. 14, 2019 $3.99 87,810 words Sample 15%
Joshua O'Conner struggled to achieve what most take for granted. A normal night's rest. Repeatedly abducted, struggling to understand fragments of missing time he sought professional help. That decision puts into motion a series of events, suggesting an alternative explanation for the timeless alien interactions with humans.
The Skyrider of Renegade Point by Erik Christensen The Skyrider of Renegade Point by Jan. 14, 2019 $2.99 123,180 words Sample 20%
If you’re going to chase an army, you’d better bring a few friends—and some dragons.
More Than Magick by Rick Taubold More Than Magick by Jan. 13, 2019 $3.99 118,290 words Sample 10%
Recent college grad Scott Madison is unsure of his choices for the future until Jake Kesten appears on the scene. But Jake hasn’t really readied him for the day that Arion, a wizard, shows up. According to Arion, Scott has a power that can defeat a powerful threat to many worlds, including Arion’s. The problem? Scott has no clue how to use his alleged power.
The Ascension Conspiracy by Tod Eten The Ascension Conspiracy by Jan. 13, 2019 $4.99 119,630 words Sample 20%
A Fantasy Sci-Fi epic based on historical events revealing why we built the Pyramids. How aliens once came to Earth. The great flood. How mythical monsters were created. About a great human civilization that once existed that was far in advance of any we have today. Why money was really created and the true purpose of humans who have been deliberately corrupted by a secret cabal or cult wh
Encounters by Rusty Williamson Encounters by Jan. 13, 2019 $2.99 121,110 words Sample 20%
An alien race makes contact through Captain Maximus changing his life, his species and his world forever. The impact and political upheaval caused by the alien contact is only exceeded by the gifts they bring. But another alien has been coming and now it is upon them. This new alien intends to destroy Amular while on its way to a far more devastating objective.
À la dérive by Saïd À la dérive by Jan. 13, 2019 Free! 2,940 words
Six millénaires de voyage attendent 98 astronautes et leurs descendants destinés à coloniser Proxima-B du Centaure. Seule condition à une traversée sans encombre : un contrôle millimétré de la natalité à bord.
The Human Continuum by Michael F Donoghue The Human Continuum by Jan. 13, 2019 Free! 74,330 words Sample 20%
The Human Continuum is the second book in the Sophia Trilogy, Sophia, Age of Intelligence being the first. If you've ever spoken the words, Hey Google, Sirir, or Alexa, or wondered whether a smart speaker might add an interesting new dimension to you life, then this exciting Sci-fi novel is for you. Allow Sophia to carry you into the future through her incredible first person AI perspective.
The Race by Alberto Catellani The Race by Jan. 13, 2019 $2.99 51,970 words Sample 20%
In a galaxy where fabricators are common, where death is a myth, and in which countless space-faring aliens have met and joined together only the lucky ones survive. With technology capable of solving everything, of fighting off anything, of granting everyone's wishes, what is there left to do but explore the universe? Defend it from itself, and its inhabitants.
Beautiful Humanoids by Robert Kong Beautiful Humanoids by Jan. 13, 2019 $2.99 75,280 words Sample 20%
Beautiful Humanoids is a novel that could be described as literary SF, on a par with J.G. Ballard or Angela Carter.
The Creed of the Universe by Vladimir Chagin The Creed of the Universe by Jan. 13, 2019 Free! 14,060 words Read a sample
This is a short science-fiction story about how important it is to pursue your goal against all odds. Even if the path is astoundingly difficult. It’s a story about the fact justice is never blind, and everyone gets what they deserve. It’s about courage and nobility manifested at the right moment. It’s about faith, which can overcome everything, even if the only thing remaining is to believe.
Indian Hill 2:  Reckoning A Michael Talbot Adventure by Mark Tufo Indian Hill 2: Reckoning A Michael Talbot Adventure by Jan. 12, 2019 $3.99 113,280 words Sample 20%
Mike will suffer the ultimate betrayal from those he loves the most. Will mankind fall and be ground to dust like so many other civilizations or will the tiny humans thwart a takeover? Only time, and shed blood will tell.
Indian Hill 1:  Encounters A Michael Talbot Adventure by Mark Tufo Indian Hill 1: Encounters A Michael Talbot Adventure by Jan. 12, 2019 $4.99 105,610 words Sample 20%
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and for Michael Talbot that step is taken at Indian Hill with his best friend Paul Ginson by his side. Together they grow up, meet girls, and go off to college. And that's where everything changes.
The Sand Snake Saga Volume 1 Chapter 1: The Nightmares by Julianna Tedder The Sand Snake Saga Volume 1 Chapter 1: The Nightmares by Jan. 12, 2019 Free! 890 words Read a sample
The Sand Snakes or an inter-galactic organization of mercenaries. Each has a specialty and rank. The current volume follows the story of the Sand Snake Golf 5 as he begins suffering nightmares of his past.
MOAB: Mother Of All Boxsets by George Saoulidis MOAB: Mother Of All Boxsets by Jan. 12, 2019 $24.99 456,500 words Sample 20%
This ginormous boxset contains every Mythography book and story up to January 2019. Get it all in a convenient bundle. Contains: Nanodaemons Crying Over Spilt Light Slow Up The Girl Who Twisted Fate's Arm A Thousand Eves Girl Gone Nova and over 100 short stories.
The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Volume IV by R N Stephenson The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Volume IV by Jan. 12, 2019 Free! 182,740 words Sample 20%
The world is full of writers, this small volume captures just some of them.