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Synne City Super Heroines in Peril


JK Waylon


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Cover by Amazon Arrow

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This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, and locations within either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, or locales is entirely coincidental.

All characters in this work are 18 years old or older.

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Ms Amazing: Lair of the Lycans

Synne City Super Heroines in Peril

A full moon bathed the resting city in silvery light. It was well past midnight, and even the main thoroughfares had very light traffic on that starry night. A solitary shape streaked across the sky on patrol, looking for evildoers lurking in the nightshadows.

Ms Amazing's baby blues narrowed when she turned them towards the Tenderloin. The city's huge and thriving red light district lit up the eastern side of downtown. She banked left to head that way.

Maybe I can catch a couple skanky pimps tonight, if nothing else, she thought.

As she closed on that most hated district, flashes of light and movement beyond caught her eye. She stopped to hover a good five hundred feet up, studying the odd flashes. It only took a few seconds to realize they were numerous headlights going in all directions, as if they were weaving around each other.

Motorcycles? Oh no, she thought. Not again.

The raven-maned super heroine glanced down into the depraved depths of the Tenderloin, seeing the neon-lighted streets teeming with hookers, pimps, pushers, and their eager customers. She always wanted to do something to clean that district up, but the more the Synne City Super Heroine Corps fought down there, the more the red light district grew and thrived.

"Don't go anywhere," she muttered. "I'll be back."

Ms Amazing leaned forward, and willed herself to move through the air. The ability to fly was by far her favorite power. It was nothing less than thrilling, and worth all of the hell she was put through as a super heroine.

She could streak through the air at remarkable speed if necessary, but the gathering of motorcycle gangs was not that far away. She probably didn't go more than 50 MPH, tops. Still, flying was usually so fast that she could never have a nice hair style.

The blue and red clad heroine found two motorcycle gangs shouting and throwing things at each other, separated by an ever decreasing space in the parking lot of an abandoned manufacturing plant. They'd already parked their big motorcycles and were on foot, slowly converging on each other. Within minutes they would began another fight to the death for supremacy of that territory.

"Why am I not surprised?" she muttered as she came to a stop three hundred feet above the street. "War Dogs and Thunder, of course."

The War Dogs Motorcycle Club was one of the oldest outlaw biker gangs in Synne City and had a storied past with the city's super heroine corps. Originally, they were a pack of werewolves who moved to the city from the country, and began riding Harley Davidsons. It didn't take long before they were fully invested in the outlaw biker lifestyle. Soon after that they got involved in drugs and prostitution. As far as Ms Amazing knew, there hadn't been an actual werewolf in their club in twenty years.

Thunder was a relatively new motorcycle gang. Officially, they were the Thunder Street Racing Club. Their membership was mixed race, consisted of both male and female members, and they rode extremely fast racing bikes through the streets of the city. They recently began competing with the War Dogs, trying to take over their drug and prostitution operations.

It was easy to tell them apart. Of course the War Dogs rode Harley-Davidsons. The Thunder preferred hopped-up street machines. But the War Dogs looked like classic outlaw bikers. They were mostly tall and muscular, wearing long hair and dirty denim. Most of them at the moment were shirtless, and quite a few were wearing hockey masks as if they were some serial killer out of the movies.

The members of Thunder looked like upscale motorcycle riders in expensive leather outfits and helmets with dark or mirrored faceshields. They weren't as large physically, but there were twice as many, and they all studied martial arts. Not all of them were good at it, but they tried.

They were the two largest, most dangerous motorcycle gangs in Synne City, and controlled almost all of the drugs and prostitution in the East Town section of the city. East Town used to be a thriving middle class area, until the country had moved most of its manufacturing overseas and ripped the guts out of the local economy.

Ms Amazing descended quickly. She had to stop the fight before it started, or they would shoot up and burn down many honest small businesses. The last big street fight between the two gangs resulted in ten dead gang members, thirty-five in the hospital, and another twenty innocent bystanders injured.

Halfway down, Ms Amazing checked her smartphone app. She was the only heroine on duty at the moment, so there wouldn't be any backup. So she slowed and surveyed the scene again. East Town wasn't so far gone that a super heroine showing up couldn't defuse the situation. Most often gangbangers turned and ran when a heroine arrived.

"Halt!" Ms Amazing shouted from about twenty feet up. "I command you to disperse this instant!"

Some of the men did start to move away, but the vast majority just glared up at her. It was a little unnerving having so many men staring up at her with such hatred. Still, they'd stopped their aggressive advances. Ms Amazing landed halfway between the lead elements of the two gangs.

"Don't push me," Ms Amazing said. "I'm spoiling for a fight, and I might put a few of you in the hospital. There's no glory in getting your butt kicked by a super heroine."

The War Dogs' leader, who still called himself the Alpha, Jake Connors, and the gang's War Chief, Victor Thomas, stepped forward with a few War Dogs backing them up. Ms Amazing frowned at them.

"That's close enough," she shouted.

Jake was a huge man in faded jeans and no shirt. Even in the dim light she could see the scars crisscrossing his massive, muscular chest. Only his lieutenant, Victor, rivaled the outlaw biker in fighting skill and fury.

"Get lost, Ms A-hole," Jake shouted. "This is none of your business."

"I'm making it my business."

"Yeah?" Victor shouted. "Maybe we'll make your ass our business. Oughta make us a bundle on the streets."

She stiffened. Magic prevented them from remembering, but the War Dogs had captured her two years back, unmasked her, and forced her into doing their unholy bidding on the streets. They'd only held her under their thumb two nights, but it was two nights too many. Ms Amazing had wanted to finish them off every since.

"In your dreams," she snarled, baby blues narrowing.

"In my wet dreams," he replied, lifting a fist with brass knuckles. "One good punch and your sweet round ass is mine."

Visions of the times she'd been with him flashed through her mind. She wasn't sure which was more humiliating, being forced to submit to his lusts or actually enjoying her time with him. But, it was imperative she didn't let him see her rattled.

"Aww, you're such a romantic," Ms Amazing said.

In a flash she was streaking straight at Victor. In less than a heartbeat she was on him, bringing her right knee up to smash into his still leering face. The biker was knocked off his feet, slamming straight back into others, and was unconscious before he hit the ground. Ms Amazing looped up and around, and then almost knocked out Jake with the same maneuver.

He ducked as she passed. Ms Amazing glanced back, so she didn't see the other War Dog leap up and throw a vicious right cross. He connected with her jaw as she was flying by, and the blow sent her veering away to crash headfirst into the side of the building.

"Ugh," she groaned. Ms Amazing shook her head, trying to get the cobwebs out, as the sound of running feet approached. "My bad."

She'd forgotten how high some of those guys could jump, especially if another gave them an assist. Even before her head cleared, the shapely heroine in red and blue leapt high and flew up. She missed being captured by about five seconds, and one of the charging men managed to punch her in the left thigh.

The punch was hard enough to alter the direction of her flight, and she dipped down into the gang for a second. Many of them tried to grab her, but she was moving too fast for them to get a firm hold. A second later she flew up and over them, just in time to see the other gang slam into the War Dogs. Thunder gang members swung chains, steel pipes, and bats. They were met by the same when the War Dogs turned back on them.

"Well, I failed miserably," Ms Amazing said as she came to a hovering stop above the street fight. She located Jake in the crowd below. He was trading punches with the leader of Thunder, Drea Saxon. "Failure is not an option."

Ms Amazing watched Drea fighting Jake for a moment. The leader, or President, of the Thunder was a tall, gorgeous woman with long blonde hair and Kelly green eyes. She was a black belt, which helped her fend off Jake's vicious attack. Ms Amazing wondered if she was of Amazon descent like herself. That would explain her extraordinary drive, passion, and physical strength.

If she'd been identified early enough, she might've been a great super heroine instead of a criminal, she thought with a woeful shake of her head.

Ms Amazing activated another app on her phone. She reported the gang fight to the police, and then stuffed that phone back into her right thigh boot. There was a special pocket sewn in to hold it. Then she tugged up on her blue thigh boots, before doing the same on her blue bustier top.

"I warned them," she muttered.

Ms Amazing flew up and around, before coming back down in a vicious attack run. She zeroed in on Drea and Jake, intent on taking out both gang leaders. Cut off their heads and kill the beasts. Or end the fight. If nothing else, those two would spend the next month in county lockup.

Striking feet first, she smashed into Drea's back and slammed her into Jake. Both of them went down, but jumped back up immediately. Ms Amazing landed between them. She kicked Jake in the head, sending him flying back into the crowd. Then she turned just in time to thwart an attack from Drea.

"Not today, loser," Ms Amazing cried, blocking Drea’s right cross.

The raven-haired heroine kicked straight up, connecting with her opponent’s jaw. Drea fell back, while two more Thunders came at her from different sides. She sent a roundhouse into the helmeted head of one, and then dropped to one knee to pound a fist into the balls of the other. The first gang member hit the ground unconscious, but the ball-busted man fell to his knees and puked his guts up inside his helmet.

"Ooo, so nasty," Ms Amazing muttered, face screwed up.

She moved past him to take the fight to the combatants. Ms Amazing expertly blocked every punch with her forearms and knees, while kicking, punching, and throwing wicked elbows. Men fell away to her left and right. She was just getting into her fighting rhythm.

"Jake Connors! Where are you?" Ms Amazing shouted. "Stop hiding from me, you coward!"

"I don't hide from no one!" he growled behind her.

Ms Amazing spun around to find the huge biker glaring murderously down at her. He stood head and shoulders above her, but she had the strength of ten men.

"About time," she said, leaping in the air to land a knee to his jaw. Jake moved faster than she expected, sending a thrust kick into her belly before she was even two feet off the ground. "Ugh. Bastard!"

She flew backwards into the press of battle. Someone landed a powerful punch to the left side of her head. And then another kicked up between her legs. Pain rippled through her shapely body, taking her breath away for a second.

Ms Amazing knew she was in trouble, so she tried to fly up and away. Someone grabbed her waist-length black hair, yanking her head back. Another gangbanger rabbit punched her. She gagged, clutching her brutalized throat. And then Victor appeared next to her.

"Gotcha," he said, and ripped her all-important power belt off.

She jumped back, but big bikers quickly surrounded her. All Ms Amazing could do was stare incredulously at the shiny golden belt in Victor's hand. She was depowered. Helpless.

Chapter 2

Angry shouts, followed by the sounds of fighting, echoed down the dark alley. A lone, dark figure paused, looking around warily. After a moment, she moved forward, passing into a stray beam of silvery moonlight to reveal a beautiful, black-haired woman with lots of feminine curves.

Pulling an arrow out of the quiver strapped across her back, Amazon Arrow checked the arrowhead. It was a taser head and strong enough to put down a Lycan. She bit a glossy red lip, heart racing. Her long search could be over in a few minutes.

It'll be good to have my Light Rings back, Chryseis thought.

The famous Amazon super heroine had arrived in Synne City three days earlier. She came in stealthily. The only way she stood a chance of capturing Pyrrah was to take her by surprise. No one knew she was in town, and indeed it was the first time that she'd gone out in her Amazon Arrow uniform: silver tiara with red star, strappy red and black halter top and thong bottoms with a five point star over her crotch. Matching red and black opera gloves and thigh boots sheathed her limbs, with lots of straps and buckles to keep them snug and in place.

Amazon Arrow continued up the alley, moving as quietly as a cat. According to her very expensive informant, the outlaw biker gang War Dogs had turned this abandoned plant into their headquarters. Her source swore the War Dogs were originally a Lycan pack, but slowly changed over the years to being all human. Of course, like everyone in Synne City, he called them "werewolves," but Chryseis knew better. They were Lycanthropes, or just Lycans nowadays, to the ages old Greek beauty.

Supposedly, Pyrrah was trying to recruit them. Word was she had promised to turn them into real Lycans if they joined her cause. Chryseis thought that sounded suspicious, since Pyrrah had never turned anyone that Chryseis knew of, but her only other clue to Pyrrah's whereabouts put her in France, and that information was three months old. It shouldn't be hard to determine if her former-lover-turned-foe had visited Synne City before Chryseis went through the trouble of booking a flight to Europe.

The sounds of battle grew louder. That was not a good circumstance. Still, if Pyrrah was involved, she might get a chance to take her quarry down while the powerful Lycan was distracted.

Reaching the end of the alley, the Amazon heroine stayed in the night shadows and dropped to one knee as she surveyed the situation. Two street gangs were battling with bats, steel pipes, and chains, among other blunt force weapons. She was sure that most also had firearms hidden in their clothes. Her research allowed her to quickly identify the two sides: War Dogs and Thunder.

"Oh no!" she cried.

The crowded combatants parted and she could see the leaders of the War Dogs, Jake Connors and Victor Thomas. And a second later Victor ripped off the golden power belt of a local super heroine. The unfortunate heroine was none other than Synne City's Ms Amazing. And then Jake rushed up and slammed a fist into Ms Amazing's belly, doubling the heroine up.

"They caught her!" Chryseis cried.

Heads turned in her direction. She froze, pale blue eyes wide. She had two dozen arrows, which wouldn't put much of a dent in their numbers. Still, the best defense is an attack, so Chryseis looked up into the sky and shouted a command at imaginary reinforcements in an effort to create a distraction.

"Get them, ladies!"

Some of the gang members looked up and around for more super heroines. Amazon Arrow didn't hesitate. She pulled back on her bow, stunner arrow ready, took aim at Jake, and loosed her arrow. The bright silver arrow streaked between the gang fighters, and struck the Alpha of the War Dogs square in the chest. He cried out and collapsed.

"One down!" the Greek beauty cried, and started loosing arrows as fast as she could.

Amazon Arrow advanced out of the dark alley, making them back up warily. She had to make them break and run quickly, before they realized she was alone. Before they realized she was going to run out of arrows.

"It's just one mask!" a woman in all black racing bike leathers shouted. "Take her down!"

The bigger gang, the Thunder, turned on Amazon Arrow as one. They came at her fast and furiously. A second later the War Dogs came at her as well.

"This isn't working out quite as planned."

Chryseis charged forward, heading toward the captured heroine. Amazon Arrow never left a fellow heroine behind. It was against her code of honor. They were all in the good fight together. Her bold move once again made the two gangs hesitate.

"Get her!" the woman shouted.

Amazon Arrow turned toward that woman, and sent a stunner arrow straight into her belly. The woman doubled up, body twitching as electrical pulses messed her up, and she finally collapsed bonelessly. Her followers froze, probably torn between helping their leader and attacking Amazon Arrow.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Victor pulling Ms Amazing's arms back to bind. Big, overgrown bikers were holding the struggling super heroine's arms. When a fourth biker came up before her, fist pulled back to punch out her lights, Ms Amazing lifted her feet and kicked him in the stomach first. As he stumbled back, the two bikers holding her slammed fists into her sides. The heroine doubled up, and Victor was finally able to get her wrists crossed behind her back.

"No!" Amazon Arrow cried, and sent an arrow into the side of Victor's head.

The big blonde biker twitched and jerked, and finally dropped to his knees. Chryseis' eyes widened. That stunner was strong enough to drop a Lycan. Of course, some men were more immune to the stunner than others.

Suddenly, both War Dogs and Thunders were upon her. Amazon Arrow swung her bow at their heads, forcing them to jump back. She spun and drove a sharp stiletto heel into the ribs of a War Dog, before turning to kick straight up between the legs of a Thunder.

"Ugh," Chryseis grunted when a female Thunder managed to plant a roundhouse to the side of her head. Amazon Arrow was spun around, but she still had the presence of mind to pull an arrow and send it into that woman's chest. "This is your last chance! Run!"

A War Dog pressed up behind her, slamming a fist into her back over her kidney. The pain was exquisite. She lost all of her breath. And then he lifted her up over his head, and threw her into the advancing Thunder fighters.

The oncoming gang cushioned her impact, but Amazon Arrow was left stunned for a second. Men were advancing on her with hate-filled eyes. Hands began grabbing at her hair, breasts, arms. One boob was exposed, which distracted the men more than her.

"Let go, you pervs!" she shouted, and leapt to her feet.

Chryseis advanced quickly, shooting one, two, three more bikers. Amazon Arrow was halfway to Ms Amazing when she saw the other heroine kick the knee of one of her captors. He fell away, but the other biker twisted the depowered heroine's arm up behind her back. She was forced to bend over in agony.

Victor struggled to his feet, picked up her dropped power belt, and slapped it angrily across her face repeatedly. Amazon Arrow shot another arrow at him, but he spun and batted it aside. The arrow slammed into a brick wall harmlessly.

"Beat her down!" Victor cried.

Amazon Arrow put her next arrow into the man holding Ms Amazing. Since she was bent over in pain, he was exposed. He was using both hands to twist her arm back, which left him helpless to defend himself.

"Aaagh," he cried, and fell straight back as his body jerked uncontrollable.

"Run, Ms Amazing!" she shouted.

The Amazon beauty was within twenty feet of the other heroine. Unfortunately, the two gangs had completely surrounded her. Her escape route was cut off. Without her belt, Ms Amazing couldn't fly. So neither one of them could get away.

"Damn, I screw this one up," Chryseis muttered, before turning her attention to opening a path to freedom.

Amazon Arrow shot two more gang members who were too close for comfort. The area behind Ms Amazing looked like their best bet to open up an escape route. She fired two more arrows, taking down two War Dogs.

"Uh oh," she whispered, stomach clenching.

Her quiver was empty. She looked back, and saw that half of her arrows had spilled out when she had been picked up and thrown.

"Ha!" the female Thunder leader said. The woman looked shaken, but she was back on her feet. "Not so tough without your arrows, are you?"

Chapter 3

"I want both heroines!" Drea commanded. "Take them!"

The War Dogs moved to keep their prisoner, with few realizing Ms Amazing was not being held any longer. Jake and Victor knew. They were moving toward her with death in their eyes. Victor still held onto her power belt, but was still twitchy from being stunned. Jake looked fully recovered and more angry than before.

Ms Amazing looked past the War Dog leaders to see the other heroine fighting for her life. She was fast and agile, and her fists and feet were remarkably fast. The Thunders were having trouble getting their hands on her, but once they did it would all be over. A single woman could only do so much. Unless she had a power belt.

The raven-haired, blue-eyed heroine bit her lip, steeling herself for a fight and a half. Two big bikers, plus any others who decided to help their leaders. She absolutely had to get at least one hand around that belt to restore her super powers, so she fought the urge to look at it.

Don't telegraph your intentions, Barbara, she thought.

Jake and Victor advanced on her, both low in fighting stances. They were just a few feet in front of her. Looking between them, she saw the other heroine take a blow to the jaw, which snapped her head back. She staggered as men surged in around her.

Now or never.

A War Dog rushed Ms Amazing from the rear. She caught his wrist, twisted, and threw her hip toward him. He was easily thrown over and rolled through the legs of Jake. Victor paused to glance at his fallen friend.

Ms Amazing rushed the big blonde biker, sending a roundhouse to his head, followed by a rabbit punch to the throat, and then a swift kick between his legs. A dozen War Dogs turned and rushed her. She just had enough time to snatch her all-important power belt from Victor's weakened grasp.

Super power surged through her shapely body. Ms Amazing only paused for a fraction of a second to enjoy the heady feel of power again. And then she flew straight up and escaped. She looped up and around, coming up behind the other now captured heroine and the gang members that surrounded her.

"Not tonight, miscreants!" she cried, driving into their backs. She aimed her sharp stilettos at that spot between their shoulder blades. One foot in each back. Two men screamed in agony and released the black-haired heroine in red and black. "We'll deal with you morons later!"

Ms Amazing dropped down behind the other heroine, wrapped both arms around her, and started to fly upwards. Someone grabbed Ms Amazing’s waist-length hair, causing her to unexpectedly flip over and smash into the ground. She landed atop the other heroine.

"Ugh," they both grunted.

"Sorry," Ms Amazing said, just before she was yanked off and pummeled by at least three sets of fists. "Ugh! Ugh! Aaaggh."

The besieged heroine went all elbows and assholes on them. She kneed, kicked, punched, and threw vicious elbows in every direction. Within seconds Ms Amazing cleared a space around her, with foes writhing on the ground all around her. The other heroine was up and fighting, too. Within seconds they were back-to-back against the angry horde.

"Thanks for the save," Ms Amazing said. "Wish I could've done a better job of returning the favor."

"I'm good," the other heroine gasped out. "Just a little worse for wear, that's all. By the way, I'm the Amazon Arrow."

"Ms Amazing," she replied. "Pleased to meet you."

The bikers pressed the fight. The heroines kicked and punched, barely keeping the bad guys at bay. Despite her power belt, Ms Amazing was starting to grow weary. The belt used her life energy for fuel and gave her increased stamina. But it could only do so much. Amazon Arrow was starting to slow, as well.

"Are you ready?" Ms Amazing asked.

"For what?"

"My great Ta-da moment."

Before the other heroine could question her, Ms Amazing spun around. She wrapped her arms around Amazon Arrow's waist, and flew straight up.

"Whoa!" the Greek beauty cried.

Amazon Arrow spun around within Ms Amazing’s arms, clutching at her desperately. She hugged Ms Amazing tightly, nails digging in and soft cheeks pressed together. Oddly enough, it felt kinda good. Okay, it felt very good.

"I know. I love flying," Ms Amazing said after loosening the lump in her throat. Their eyes met, and it was intense. Took the heroine's breath away. "But I'm going to need a little recovery time."

Ms Amazing quickly reminded herself that she was seeing a man. Other women weren't her thing, but she'd experimented a few times. The other heroine seemed just as taken with her, but also reluctant. For a second it felt like Amazon Arrow might have humped her leg. Both of the other woman's legs were tightly wrapped around Ms Amazing's right leg.

Flying a good two miles away to put some distance between them and the battling gangs, Ms Amazing finally landed atop a ten-story office building. It was a bank at the edge of East Town's business district.

She reluctantly released Amazon Arrow.

"Are you all right? I saw you take a few hard punches," Ms Amazing said.

She quickly ran her red-gloved hands over Amazon Arrow's arms, and then her ribs. The other heroine cocked her head and gave her a quizzical look.

"Oops. Sorry. I'll keep my hands to myself," Ms Amazing said, feeling her face heat up. She stepped back and looked Amazon Arrow over more closely. And then she remembered. "Oh! You're Amazon Arrow! Chryseis of the Amazons!"

"At your service," she said, grinning as she shook her head. "Though no one's ever called me Chryseis of the Amazons. I like it."

"Oh, ha-ha," she said. "Sorry, it just occurred to me who you are."

Ms Amazing's alter ego was a famous billionaire businesswoman and philanthropist, so she wasn't easy impressed. At the moment, though, she felt like a fangirl, totally star-struck.

"I've never met a full-blooded Amazon before," Ms Amazing said with an apologetic smile. "I mean, you've been a heroine for thousands of years, while I haven't been at it even one decade."

Amazon Arrow opened her mouth, as if to protest or correct her, but stopped and shook her head. Chryseis caught herself staring at Ms Amazing, looking her up and down. Ms Amazing was certain that she sensed interest, but also reluctance. Just as well, Alexander might be interested if she brought a beautiful Amazon into their bed, but she doubted that he would appreciate his girlfriend going mano-a-mano with her.

I can't believe I'm even thinking like this, Ms Amazing thought. Again, her face heated up. She must think I'm an idiot.

"Please, don't be so impressed with me," Amazon Arrow said. "I'm just a woman. I don't even have super powers. The things you can do are amazing!"

"But you're the Amazon Arrow, the Archery Champion of the Amazons."

Chryseis shrugged, looking embarrassed. "My Light Rings were stolen from me. Recovering them is one of the reasons I'm in your city."

"Well, when a real Amazon comes to town, the local super heroines take note," Ms Amazing said. "Welcome to Synne City. How may I help you?"

Police sirens filled the air. Ms Amazing hurried over to the edge and looked down as five squad cars sped by, heading towards the gang fight. She remembered that Amazon Arrow had been shooting men down with arrows and felt a moment of panic.

"We have to go," she said, rushing up and wrapping Amazon Arrow in her arms. She rose into the air, carrying the beautiful Amazon with her. "You have to stay with me. It'll be safer."

"What are you talking about?"

"You killed all of those men with your bow and arrows," she said. "We'll have to iron that out with the police and DA."

"They're not dead. Just stunned," she said. "As an Amazon Champion, it is forbidden for me to kill."

"Oh, well, still," she said, and picked up the speed. "You'll stay with me. It'll be better that way."

Chapter 4

They remained in that tight embrace as Ms Amazing flew northward and out of the city. Amazon Arrow found herself facing backward during the trip, arms and legs wrapped tightly around the other heroine's firm, shapely body. Their breasts were squashed together, and her bare belly rubbed against Ms Amazing's corseted body. Even their hips were pressed together. It was quite intimate, especially for a woman who hadn't enjoyed an intimate moment for months. Chryseis turned her face to look down. Her lips brushed across Ms Amazing's, making the other heroine suck in a sharp breath.

"Sorry," she whispered.

"No problem," Ms Amazing said rather breathlessly.

I didn't come here to be seduced, Chryseis thought.

Amazon Arrow struggled to concentrate on her mission. Finding and capturing Pyrrah had to be her first and primary objective. Anything that took her off that path had to be avoided, but Ms Amazing felt so good within her arms. Her lips, so close, were red and glossy and so kissable.

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