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Galactic Cage Fighter Series

Volume 4

(Books 10-12)


KD Jones

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Book 10 Galactic Cage Fighter Series

KD Jones

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Chapter 1

Thirty years earlier

Nigel shivered as he watched the scientists take his mother away for more experiments. Gillie was human and she had been used repeatedly in an alien and human crossbreeding program. She’d had Nigel at a previous facility right before they were moved to this one. Since she was successful at getting pregnant with Nigel, the scientists immediately tried to get her pregnant again. She had several miscarriages and several emotional breakdowns before the scientists agreed to allow her body time to recover. She was also allowed to keep Nigel with her because they wanted to ensure his longevity.

He knew all this because his mother told him everything. She’d been doing so for as long as he could remember. She had a soft pretty voice and long dark brown hair. He asked a lot of questions too and his mother told him honest and true things.

She talked about how she was a young orphan living on the streets. She couldn’t remember her parents at all. She lived in dark corners and ate from trash cans. One day, the scientists captured her when she was only fifteen. Once, Nigel had asked her why they’d taken her, and she told him that they were crossbreeding humans with different alien species trying to create the perfect soldiers or—in worst cases—the perfect slaves. Nigel never forgot that was his reason for being.

“Mama, am I a slave or a soldier?”

“Neither. Baby, you can be anything you want to be. When you are finally free of this place, I want you to never let anyone hold you back.”

“Am I human like you?”

“You are part human like me and part Sorian like your father.”

“What’s a Sorian?”

“It’s another species. They are strong and can run really fast.”

“I wish I could run, the room here is so small.”

“I know baby, but you won’t be in this room forever. One day, you will be free of this place and can go anywhere you want.”

“Will you be with me?”

“I hope so my Nigel.”

“Where’s my father? Is he here?”

“They moved us from the facility he was being kept in. I don’t know where he is but I hope that he is okay. He was kind to me when I was a scared girl. We’re all we have so we take care of each other right?”

He nodded his head and smiled. “Right.”

He knew he was lucky to get to be with his mom as long as he had since a lot of the other children they bred from other females were taken away much earlier. He had fond memories of his mother, and of their time in the windowless room. The games she made up for them to play, the songs she would sing to him to help him sleep, and the smiles she gave him even when he didn’t want to smile. He would always remember the day the smiles stopped.

Nigel was six when they took his mother away to do something with her eggs. He didn’t understand it all, only that he tried to stop them when they came.

“Leave her alone!”

“Nigel, don’t. They’ll hurt you.” His mother was crying, but she still took the time to try to calm him down.

“Mama!” Nigel bit one of the guards, who responded by smacking him across the face.

“Please don’t hurt him, he’s just a child!” His mother pleaded.

The guard turned on her, “You’re willing to make a deal?”

His mother lowered her head. “Yes.”

Nigel was left in their small room for what seemed like days. They forgot to feed him several times but he didn’t care about that. He just wanted his mother. Then the lights went out. What was happening? Where was mama?

The door opened and lights came on. Strangers were standing in his room and he didn’t like it. “Go away, bring back mama!”

“We’re here to free you. You’ll be safe now.”

“I want mama!”

The strangers didn’t listen to him. He fought them so hard they had to drag him out of the room. He was tossed in the big shuttle with some of the others, but his mama wasn’t there. So, he scooted out before the door was shut and rushed back into the building. He could scent his mother’s blood and followed the trail to one of the white rooms.

“Someone stop him!” One of the new people was chasing him but he was too fast for them to catch.

He shoved his way into the room and froze. His mama was lying on the table covered in blood. She wasn’t moving. No one was helping her. “No!” He ran to her but slipped on the blood dripping on the floor. It was his mama’s blood. He cried. “Mama!”

Someone grabbed him from behind and carried him out. He tried to fight them but he wasn’t strong enough. He hated being weak. He didn’t know who this stranger was.

“Shh—I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Take me back, mama is hurt.”

The stranger put him down and turned so that he was facing each other. There was a sad expression on his face. “I’m sorry, we didn’t get here in time. She’s gone.”

“She’s not gone she’s in that room!” He pushed and shoved at the stranger but he was just a child, no match for this adult male. One day, he would be big and strong and he wouldn’t be afraid of no one.

The man holding him yelled for a sedative. He felt a needle in his arm then his body grew heavy. Who would take care of mama now?


Present Day

Nigel woke up in a cold sweat. He dreamed of his time at the facility with his mother again. He could still scent her and remember hearing her voice. Nigel could see her lying there bloody and motionless. That image would remain with him for the rest of his life. He kicked the sheets off of his naked body and walked to the balcony doors throwing them open. He stared at the two moons shining above giving him the light that he longed for.

He wasn’t sure what had brought the nightmares back. Maybe it was the darkness, he hated sitting in a room without any kind of lighting. It was possible he’d seen someone who bore a resemblance to his mother, but really, any little thing could trigger the flashbacks. He’d learned early on the more in control he kept his emotions, the more control he had over his subconscious in sleep. Over the years, he’d become starkly unemotional.

He rubbed the place over his heart. Ever since his night with Amelia, his emotions had been close to the surface. That probably brought on more of his nightmares. He prided himself in keeping everything tight and controlled, but one night making love to his curvy assistant and he felt things he hadn’t expected to feel, nor did he want to. It was unacceptable.

That’s why he took a week off to come to a resort and get his head on straight again. It was a spur of the moment decision, but he knew he needed space and time before facing her again. Amelia. He ran a hand through his damp hair. Just the thought of her had his body trembling.

He’d wanted her since the moment she walked through his door for the interview. She wasn’t his usual type. He preferred quiet, tall, thin, shapely models. Females who knew that he was married to his job and that any time spent with him would be temporary and restrained to the bedroom activities.

Amelia was short, curvy, a reserved and quiet type with wire rimmed glasses. She even wore her hair up in a horrible tight bun. Why he was attracted to her was beyond him. Maybe it was her incredible scent. Or the way she got flustered easily around him, which made her cheeks turn a lovely shade of pink. Her hair, although at first seemed a bland brown, had blond and red strands throughout. Her big blue eyes were her best feature and instead of being hidden by her ugly round glasses, seemed to be showcased. Nothing compared to the way she looked underneath him naked and moaning in pleasure.

He grew hard at the image of her naked flesh on his bed, her long hair spread out on his pillow and her pussy dripping with need. She was so responsive to his every touch and he made sure to taste every inch of her before the sun rose.

“Fuck!” He squeezed the railing in frustration. These feelings were unacceptable and he couldn’t allow them to continue. It wasn’t just that she worked with him, but that she wasn’t the type that understood he wouldn’t be settling down. He would only hurt her.

There was a knock at his door. He wondered who it could be? He grabbed a robe on the nearby chair and wrapped himself up as he opened the door.

“Hi, I thought we could toast your last night here.” The resort manager Priscilla stood there in a black barely-there dress holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses. The woman was exactly his type, tall and gorgeous. She had been flirting with him since his arrival a week ago, and he’d refused her offers until now, but maybe this was just the thing he needed to help him forget Amelia.

He moved to the side opening the door wide. “That sounds like a plan.”


Amelia was pissed. She had to come in the middle of the night to Nigel’s office to get some of the contracts for the new fighters ready to send to the GCFA, Galactic Cage Fighter Association, board first thing in the morning. It should have been handled a week ago but Nigel decided to take a mini vacation.

He worked hard and deserved a vacation, but it was the timing. A week ago they finally gave into their building attraction for each other and had the most amazing sexual experience of her entire life. The next morning she woke up alone in his bed and he had texted her that he was taking some time off. TEXTED HER! Not a phone call or even an email but a text. What an asshole!

While he was off relaxing in the sun and probably fucking the supermodels he was used to dating, she had been working her ass off to keep up with all the demands that the GCFA made. It was like the moment Nigel left all hell broke loose. She had been so busy dealing with Nigel’s business that she hadn’t had much time to work on her feelings about what happened.

She wiped away a frustrated tear. She promised herself that as soon as Nigel returned, she would take time off and let herself cry for days until she had no more tears to shed for the son of a bitch.

“Damn it Nigel! Where the hell did you put the other contract?” She opened all his drawers but found nothing. That was it, she didn’t care that it was four in the morning, she had to make the call.

She dialed the galactic resort front desk and asked to be connected to his hotel room. It rang and rang. Finally she heard a click from the phone being answered.

“Hello, Nigel’s room.” A woman’s voice answered.

She felt like she had been punched in the gut. He really was off fucking other women. Was she really that bad in bed? She might have been a bit rusty at it but fuck. She fought to keep it together.

“Is Nigel there?”

“He’s in the shower. We’ve had a long night honey, could you call back in a few hours.”

Who the hell was this bitch? “This is work related.”

“Well, tell me your name and I’ll let him know. He’ll call you back when we’re done.”

“Forget it.” She hung up. It felt as though her whole world was turned upside down. She picked up a glass vase and threw it across the room.

He wasn’t the man she hoped he would be. She left the office slamming the door behind her. She got into the elevator and froze not knowing where to go. Her small one bedroom suite was lonely. She could use a drink, but all the bars were closed now. The elevator moved going to a lower floor. When it stopped one of the new fighters got on.

“Miss Jones, it’s really early for you.” His deep voice asked.

She tried to smile but it was hard. “Phoenix, I had to get something from Nigel’s office.”

The door opened again on her floor but she couldn’t get herself to walk out. The doors closed again.

“Is something wrong?” Phoenix asked.

“No—yes.” Amelia felt herself trembling.

Phoenix stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her. “It’s okay, let it out.” The floodgates opened and she broke down into sobs.

He held her and when the doors opened on his floor, he lifted her in his arms and carried her out. She vaguely remembered any of it. She was consumed in her own storm of emotions. Hours later the storm calmed and she lifted her head to find that she was on a bed.

“There’s a glass of water on the table next to you.”

She sat up and looked over in the corner of the room where Phoenix sat in a chair partially hidden by the shadows. “I’m so sorry for falling apart like that.”

Phoenix shrugged his thick shoulders. He was a handsome man, with a hint of Native American in him. His hair was long and black which he usually kept in a long braid down his back. His eyes were pure black and intense, like he could see right through her.

“I take it that this has to do with a man.”

She looked away and reached for the glass of water. “Unfortunately yes. I’m not ready to talk about it.”

“You don’t have to, he hurt you and that is all I need to know to want to beat the shit out of him.”

She half snort half cried. “I wish it were that simple, but I knew the deal with him. I knew his history with women and I still couldn’t help myself.”

“He seduced you.”

“No—yes. I’m not sure who seduced who.”

“He hurt you.”

She nodded her head. She couldn’t defend him on that but he wasn’t the only one to blame. “I was stupid and made a mistake.”

“That happens sometimes.”

“Yep, I learned my lesson. No more men or romance.”

Phoenix raised an eyebrow. “That’s pretty extreme. I was hoping to take you out once you were over this asshole.”

She blinked not sure if he was serious. It was so unexpected. “You want to date me?”

Pheonix smiled and the effect was devastating. He went from dark and brooding to sexy and hot. “Too soon?”

“I’m—not sure.”

“Tell you what, we’ll just start with dinner tonight.”

She was shocked and a little flattered. She should say no. That was the smart thing to do. She didn’t want to replace one man with another. Amelia meant to say no but what came out was, “Okay.”

Chapter 2

The next day

Nigel walked into his office passing through the waiting area without looking around. He knew she was there, but her scent hit him hard. Damn it! He hated that his body was already reacting to being close to her. He didn’t glance at her desk but yelled out as he entered his own office.

“Amelia I need an update!” There was no answer at first. It wasn’t like her to not come shuffling through the doors when he called for her. What the hell was going on around here? He needed to get back to business as usual.

He had an awkward goodbye the morning after with the woman from the resort. He knew it was a mistake being with her the moment he touched her, and should have sent her away. The fact that he couldn’t complete the deed to give himself a release didn’t make things better. It was all he could do to quickly wash her scent off of his body. She was a clinger, wanting to exchange contact information. When he finally had to tell her he had no interest in seeing her again, she’d slapped his face and stormed out. That wasn’t the end of his bad luck.

His flight got delayed and he had to wait another day before coming back. He got messages from the GCFA board that they wanted to meet with him and he had to get up to speed before they arrived. He just boarded the GCFA ship fifteen minutes ago but didn’t spare time to go to his suite and just threw his suitcase down next to his desk.

He dropped into his leather chair and reached for his computer keyboard. The sound of high heels clicking against the floor approaching his desk had him looking up. His heart started to beat double time. Amelia was in her usual pristine attire with her hair up in a tight bun and her little wire rim glasses showcasing her pretty eyes. She was so beautiful. He inhaled her scent and memories of them being together flashed through his mind.

“Amelia.” Nigel tried to read her expression to gage how upset she was with him, but she didn’t even look at him.

She laid several files on his desk. “These are the signed contracts that have come in so far, I’ve added new appointments to your calendar and accommodations have been arranged for the GCFA board members when they arrive.” She turned without waiting for him to respond and left his office shutting the door behind her.

Every instinct in him demanded that he go after her, make amends and beg her forgiveness. He was about to give in to those instincts and stand up when his phone rang. “Nigel.” He spent the next few hours catching up with emails and messages.

Before long it was the middle of the day. He got up and went out to see if he could talk Amelia into going to lunch with him. They could clear the air about things and maybe find a way to get back to a good working relationship. He could handle that though all day his mind wandered to his night with Amelia. Her moans of pleasure haunted him.

“Amelia let’s take a lunch…” He stopped halfway through the door when he caught sight of one of his new fighters leaning on Amelia’s desk close to her making her laugh at something he whispered to her. He didn’t like it, another male so close to her.

“Is there something you need from me Phoenix?”

“Nope, I’m here to take Lia to lunch.”

“Lia? Who’s Lia?”

“I’m Lia, at least to my friends and family.” Amelia answered not looking his way at all. She walked around her desk and grabbed her purse. She had let her hair down and the long wavy strands cascaded down her shoulders. She looked sexy as hell.

He almost snarled when he caught Phoenix’s eyes on her ass when she bent over. “I had some files I need you to find for me. This might not be the best time to take a break.” She was already out of the door. Phoenix turned and gave him a smirk.

Damn male! How did they even know each other? Well, she had to get Phoenix to sign the contracts but usually she was in and out and didn’t really socialize. At least, that’s what he thought she did. He never went with her when she had a gather to sign, so maybe she did more socializing than he thought. The familiar way that Phoenix looked at Amelia pissed him off.

“Fuck!” He went back to his own quiet office and sat down. He stared at the papers in front of him but didn’t see anything. Images of Phoenix touching Amelia had him wading up the paper and throwing it across the room. He was being an idiot, they were just having lunch. He had no right to get jealous or mad. They didn’t make any promises to each other and he had fooled around with that woman from the resort. Guilt about that filled him despite the fact that he didn’t complete the deed. What he had done was bad enough. He felt like a bastard.

Nigel knew he never should have touched that female at the resort. He could think of a number of pitiful excuses; his head wasn’t on straight, he was tired, desperate to prove he didn’t have feelings for Amelia. Honestly, there wasn’t a good enough excuse to justify his behavior. He screwed up, badly.

The flight back to the GCFA ship had him thinking a lot about his night with Amelia. He practically ran from her and his feelings. Feelings he hadn’t expected to feel. He let himself think about the night that changed everything for him. The night he made love to Amelia


Amelia’s incredible scent filled the elevator and it was intoxicating. He didn’t know how much longer he could ignore it or her. He tried, he really did. Unfortunately, every time they were in a room together the female would physically respond to him, becoming aroused.

It wasn’t like he wasn’t used to having females respond to him that way. Some were overt and approached him directly for sex. If he found them attractive, why not take what was being offered freely? No one’s feelings were involved. Amelia was different in every sense of the word.

She didn’t want to be attracted to him. He could tell she struggled with her urges. It was funny and at the same time insulting. Why shouldn’t she want him? It pissed him off that she would deny the sensual tension between them.

Of course, he would have to refuse her. They worked together and he couldn’t share sex with his assistant even once. Although, he suspected once with Amelia it would never be enough. It was that thought that had kept him from seducing her thus far. That didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy making her uncomfortable. He teased and tempted her at every chance.

There were times that he pressed the boundaries testing them both on purpose. He would walk too close to her, pressing his body against hers. He leaned in too close at times and inhaled her scent knowing she inhaled his too. She didn’t have his senses but her quiet groans told him she liked his scent. The best and worst response was when she licked her lips. She had full luscious lips and he had on many restless nights imagined them around his cock sucking him off. Fuck!

They arrived on the floor of his office. He let her enter his office suite first and watched as she dropped a file and bent down to pick it up. She wore a short skirt that rose up when she leaned over. It was very close to revealing her shapely ass. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Amelia, in my office right now.” He barked out the order and stormed into his office without glancing at her.

She jerked up to a standing position throwing the files on her desk. “Yes sir.” He stood in front of his desk, and when she was close enough that he could feel her heat, he leaned over sweeping everything off its surface. He could hear her make a surprised gasp.


He turned to her and pulled her to him. “I have tried to fight these feelings because we work together, really I have. I know this is going to complicate things, but I give up, I give in. I don’t want to deny myself any longer.”

Deny what?” she whispered.

I’m going to fuck you Amelia. If you don’t want this you need to say something now.”

She blinked up at him and her eyes clouded over with desire. “It’s about damn time.”

He leaned down and took her lips with his. Her surprised response had left her mouth open and he took full advantage plunging deep inside her mouth claiming her just as he would her body. He felt her arms raise up and wrap around his neck and she moaned in response. He lifted her up and turned to place her on the desk. How many times had he imagined doing this? Too many times to think of, and now that it was happening all thoughts except one left him. Must have her.

Something in him unleashed, knowing she wanted the same thing that he did. He reached for the buttons on her white silky blouse and unbuttoned it slowly. His heart beat increased with each bit of flesh that he revealed. He opened her blouse and licked his lips at the sight of her large breasts in a white satin bra.

He reached for the front clasp and undid the hook. The cups pulled apart easily and her lovely pale skin was too tempting for him. He leaned forward and cupped her. She tried to hide her curves behind her power suits, but he could see through her little subterfuge. She wasn’t hiding now.

Nigel leaned down and nuzzled her breasts. “I’ve fantasized about you, touching you.” He licked her nipple. “Tasting you.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. He was so hard for her he knew that he would not last long. He reached down between their bodies and dragged her skirt up her legs. Then he trailed his fingers back down to finger the edge of her panties. He closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. “I need you too much right now to do all the things I have in mind.”

What do you have in mind?”

He gave her a devilish smile, one he knew made females hot for him. He pulled back from her a little and pulled his tie off followed by his shirt. He chuckled when she decided to help him with his pants.

Are you in a hurry?”

She raised herself up and nibbled his chin. “Yes, I want to feel you inside me right now.”

Fuck! Did she know what that did to him to hear her say that to him? He kissed her lips again. He reached down and ripped her panties off. He tested her entrance and found her soaking wet, ready for him. “Wrap your legs around my waist.”

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around him as he lowered himself to her opening. He entered her slowly at first. She was curvy but still much smaller than him and he didn’t want to risk hurting her. She didn’t agree with him taking it easy.

Amelia squeezed her knees and ran her nails down his back. “Don’t hold back Nigel.”

He growled with his desire for her. Nigel moved in and out deeper and deeper. She met his every thrust. Never had he met a female so responsive to his every touch. He felt her inner walls squeezing him like a tight glove.


He knew she was close. He moved at a different angle giving her just what she needed. Nothing felt as good as Amelia. He had to fight to control himself so that he could make sure that she reached her climax first.

I’m—coming.” She started making this adorable keening sound, he didn’t know humans could sound like that. It was adorable and a real turn on.

He pumped faster and harder. “Want you so much.”

Take me! Nigel please!”

He bit her neck where it met her shoulder. She screamed her release just before he moaned when he felt his seed coat her inner walls.

Amelia!” His whole body shook as he came hard. He held her close to him loving the feel of their bodies still connected. He stroked her body soothing her and also checking to make sure she was real, it wasn’t just another one of his fantasies. He didn’t want to leave her, ever.

Reluctantly, he moved slowly as he pulled out of her reaching for his clothes.

What are you doing?” She looked up at him with those sexy eyes of hers.

I think we need to take this to my suite.”

Yes please.”

She smiled at him and he felt his stomach flip-flop. Being with Amelia was—life altering.


The thought of that night had Nigel getting hard in his pants. They had gone to his suite and made love all night. He woke up and for the first time, he didn’t want to leave the bed or her—ever. He wanted to keep her there with him and that scared him. He had forced himself to take a walk but the distance wasn’t enough. He quietly went back to his suite and packed a bag while she slept peacefully. He almost stayed when he looked at her beautiful face lying on his pillow. He made the worst decision in his life when he left for the resort.

It was a dick move abandoning her like that, but he didn’t know how to handle all the emotions he was feeling. Distance didn’t do anything but make him long for her even more. Having partial sex with the woman from the resort was a colossal mistake. Her touch and scent were all wrong, it felt wrong. He couldn’t wash her from him fast enough and he couldn’t shake the feeling that he betrayed Amelia.

Nigel leaned down and sniffed at his desk frowning. Her scent was gone, all he could pick up was cleaning solution. He wanted her scent back. He’d made mistakes, a lot of them when concerning Amelia but he was good at making deals, and getting people to see reason. He would find a way to repair the damage he’d caused. Sitting there, seeing the whole situation and knowing that he could lose her to another male put things in perspective. He wanted Amelia. Nothing would keep him from what he wanted, nothing.

Chapter 3

“Are you sure you want to go back to the office?” Phoenix waited for her to exit the elevator first.

She smiled at him. For someone so big, he had really good manners. He wouldn’t even let her pay for her own lunch.

“I’m a professional and I’ve always loved my job. I’ll be fine.”

“If he gives you a hard time—I want to know. I’ll handle him.”

They stopped right outside of the door to the office. She hugged him. “Thanks for being there for me, you’re such a good friend.” He held her a little longer than she had intended.

“I want to be a lot more than friends, but I know you’re not ready for that yet. I’m patient and will give you time to work through things. For now, I’ll settle for being friends. How about dinner tonight—with a friend.”

She bit her lip. Should she? There was no way she was ready to start something up with Phoenix, not with her heart broken in pieces. Really, she had no one but herself to blame for that. She knew Nigel’s reputation with women, he rarely had long term relationships. He preferred it that way. Amelia was a big girl and would deal with her feelings, push them to the side and stay professional. At least she would try.

“Dinner tonight sounds great, thanks.” She hugged him again.

“Tonight beautiful.” Phoenix called out as he turned to leave.

Amelia moved quickly to her seat and cringed when she heard something loud hit the wall inside of Nigel’s office. No way was she going in there to investigate. Nope, if Nigel wanted to destroy his whole damn office she wasn’t going to—

“Amelia, get in here!”

Fuck! She stood up taking her notepad and pen and walked over to the door to his office. She opened it up and entered. “Yes sir?”

“Don’t give me that sir, shit. I want to know what’s going on between you and Phoenix and how long has it been going on?” He sat at his desk with his arms crossed over his chest looking so superior. Amelia had enough of it. Her own emotions were bubbling to the surface.

She opened her notepad and pulled out the paper she had printed out days ago. She wasn’t sure if it was a mistake to type it out so impulsively, but now she knew what the right thing to do was.

“It’s none of your business, but just so you know, I’m friends with Phoenix. I don’t want your attitude to affect him, he’s been a good friend. Here.” She placed the paper down in front of him.

“What’s this?” Nigel picked up the paper. “You want to transfer to corporate?”

“Yes, Dom has been after me to work for him quite a while now. I gave him a call and he offered me the position. I accepted it.”

“When did you do that?” He almost sounded hurt. She steeled herself, no way would she let him walk all over her and make her feel like she was at fault.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “The day you skipped town over a week ago.”

“I won’t sign this, I need you here.”

She snorted. “You don’t need anyone, Nigel. That letter of transfer request is just a formality. I don’t need your permission to leave.”

He stood up and approached her but she took a few steps back. She couldn’t let him touch her, she needed to stay strong. If he touched her, she might cave. She had to steel herself.

“Amelia, you can’t be serious. What about your work? I thought you liked your job. If it’s money, I can give you a raise.”

“Dom has offered me quite a bit to be his personal assistant, but it’s not about the money.”

He slammed his fist against the desk making her jump in surprise. Nigel rarely showed this kind of emotion in front of others, he was always calm and collected. A businessman ready for wheeling and dealing. The man before her now was not the man she had grown accustomed to seeing.

“What about loyalty, Amelia? You would just up and leave me, leave your job without ensuring coverage?”

“Loyalty? I have been nothing but loyal to you and the GCFA. Everything you asked me for I have given all.”

“Is it about—what happened between us? I know it was a mistake, but we can forget about it, get past it.”

She felt like he punched her in the gut. She knew he probably felt that way but to hear him say it was devastating. She turned her back on him to prevent him from seeing the tears forming in her eyes. “I gave a two week notice to help tie up loose ends and to help you find a suitable replacement. Then I’m gone.” She walked away.


Nigel gripped his desk to help hold him up. She was leaving, Amelia was leaving and it was his fault. He reached for his phone and dialed the GCFA assistant director Dom Reese.

“Nigel, are you back from vacation already?”

“Asshole! You’re trying to steal my Amelia, I mean my assistant Amelia.”

Dom chuckled. “I’ve been trying to steal Lia for a while now. It shouldn’t be any surprise to you.”

Lia, he calls her Lia. Only family and friends call her that. “How close are you to her?”

There was a pause then a sigh before Dom spoke again. “How close have you gotten Nigel? What happened to your policy of not mixing business and pleasure?”

“I—just can’t lose her right now.”

“I have offered Lia a job every time I’ve visited the GCFA ship, and she has always turned me down. You must have done something to make her want to leave. What did you do?”

He ran a hand through his hair. “I screwed it all up.”

Dom sighed over the line. “Then fix it damn it! That girl is the best thing that ever happened to you. Get it fixed before I arrive with the other GCFA board members or so help me I will kick your ass before taking Lia with me.”

Nigel hung up feeling so many different emotions and didn’t like any of them. He had to find a way to convince Amelia not to leave and he only had two weeks to do it.


Four hours later

Nigel remained in his office most of the day trying to calm down and think of the right strategy to convince her to stay. When he had to ask Amelia for something she kept her responses to him short and emotionless. Now as he finally came out of his office he found the quiet was too much. Amelia wasn’t there, she must have left already without letting him know she was going.

He touched her desk, the keyboard she typed on, the pen she used to write with. He lifted the pen to his nose and inhaled her scent. He had missed it, so much. He spent one amazing night with Amelia and now was obsessed over her. He never obsessed over females. This was crazy, she made him crazy.

Half his day was spent thinking up plans on what he was going to do to fix things with Amelia, ways to convince her to stay. He also couldn’t stop thinking of ways to get her in his bed. He was good at seduction and he knew Amelia was susceptible to him.

He turned the lights out and left his office suite. Nigel was determined to fix things. He just needed to figure out the right approach. He told himself to go back to his personal suite, shower and get some rest.

That’s not where he ended up going. He got on the elevator and went down to the second floor restaurant. That’s where he suspected Phoenix was taking Amelia for dinner. He entered and the hostess immediately jumped to attention.

“Good evening Mr. Nigel. Your usual table is available.”

“Thank you, I appreciate it.” He followed her to his table in the corner that he preferred. It gave him privacy but still allowed for him to view the restaurant. The waitress came over and took his order. He watched and waited until he caught a glimpse of a woman in red. He looked over at the entrance and there she was, Amelia.

She had her hair down, her glasses off, and she was wearing a tight red dress. Her curves were showcased and it made his body respond to her immediately. Then fury filled him when Phoenix wrapped an arm around her shoulders. His hands fisted tight. He would have to do something about Phoenix. No way was he letting anyone take Amelia from him.

He watched them eat their meal and waited for them to leave first. Nigel fought his instincts to follow her back to her suite to make sure that Phoenix didn’t stay the night. However, he did use his power to ask security to notify him when Phoenix left her. Rachel was going to have a ton of questions for him about it tomorrow, but he’ll deal with that.

Chapter 4

The next morning

Amelia didn’t sleep well. She hadn’t since the night she shared with Nigel and woke to find him gone. She went through a wide range of emotions. At first she was shocked that he would leave without saying goodbye. Then she was confused, not sure if it was a joke even though Nigel was not someone who did practical jokes. Then she was hurt that their amazing night together sent him running for the hills. What she was feeling now was anger, for how he handled things with her and sadness that they could have had something really special but he chose to throw it away.

She had known from the beginning that if she gave in to her feelings for Nigel that it could ruin their working relationship. That’s why she fought it as long as she had. Maybe it was impulsive to leave to go work for Dom, she worked so hard to make it as far as she had with the GCFA. Working with Nigel as his assistant had become her whole world. She loved it even during the hard times or when they argued with each other, especially when they argued. That was when their chemistry went off the charts hot. It had been like that from the beginning. She remembered the first time she met Nigel.


Amelia sat in the waiting area with her resume in her hand. She was squished in between two long legged beautiful skinny women who looked like they should be there for modeling jobs, not applying to be a personal assistant to one of GCFA’s assistant directors.

The Galactic Cage Fighter Association was one of the top sports promoters in all the quadrants in the galaxy. They started out with MMA for humans. Then they had opened up the MMA world to allow other species to join and fight. The halfsies were the last to be included in the GCFA circuits.

Halfsies were alien species mixed with human DNA. Some were born of a natural union; many halfsies were created and bred in illegal factory labs. The GCFA gave halfsies a chance to live a full and equal life and a lot of that had to do with the man she was interviewing to work for.

Nigel, no last name, was a halfsie Sorian. He worked his way up and became a high-ranking representative for the GCFA. He fought hard to get the same pay for halfsies that the full alien species fighters received. She had admired everything he had done and wanted to be a part of it.

She looked up when the door to the office opened and a gorgeous blond walked out next to the most amazing looking man she had ever seen. He had dark hair and blue eyes. His laughter did funny things to her stomach.

The two women she was sitting between immediately stood up and Amelia almost fell sideways. She got to her feet and frowned as the tall women blocked her. She tried to jump up to see past the women but it was no use, she was just too short.

Why was she bothering with this? She could have remained home and worked for her uncle but she really wanted to find her own way in life and not depend on anyone especially her family. Looking at her competition, she felt depressed. There was no way she could compete with these women.

She gathered her things and began walking to the door to leave. A male voice called out.

Miss Jones, I believe you were next. Are you ready?”

She straightened her shoulders and turned to face the handsome man. “Yes, I’m ready.”


More than once she thought that maybe she should have kept walking out the door. Except that, she had learned a lot from Nigel about making business deals and she discovered that she was good, really good at her job.

She wanted to say that Nigel threw that all away when he left the way he did, but the truth is she threw it all away when she gave in to her feelings and slept with him. She wasn’t letting him off the hook, oh no he was a complete asshole about the whole thing. Amelia wasn’t angry that he didn’t share her feelings, hurt yes but not angry. People can’t help who they have feelings for. She was furious over how he handled the situation.

It shouldn’t have surprised her that he ran like he did. She knew Nigel and how he was with women. He never let any of the women he dated close to him and the moment any of them showed signs of attachment, he would drop them in a flash. The only exception to that had been Sophia Laguard. As far as Amelia knew, Sophia got to Nigel on a personal level and what was interesting was that she was the only female that walked away from Nigel. Gossip spread that she had broken Nigel’s heart. After how he treated Amelia, she wasn’t sure Nigel had a heart.

She went to her bathroom and turned the shower on. Tears started falling. She hadn’t been able to stop from crying, which she hated feeling so vulnerable and hurt. She took her nightgown off and stepped inside letting the warm spray wash away her salty droplets on her cheeks.

She closed her eyes running soapy hands on her body. Her body felt more sensitive. Images of Nigel’s large hands on her body filled her mind. He would squeeze her breasts, he seemed to really enjoy their size. She remembered how he tweaked her nipples. He pinched them then soothed them with his hot mouth and tongue.

One hand teased her breasts imaging that it was Nigel. Her other hand slowly traveled down to the apex between her legs. She had shaved herself completely down there right before she was with Nigel and she knew he loved the soft smooth feel of her.

Her fingers played with her clit teasing and pulling. Then she inserted a finger just like Nigel had done, except he had much larger fingers. She had to insert another one to get the same response from her body. She leaned against the wall of the shower pumping in and out trying to duplicate the rhythm that Nigel had set when he was fucking her.

Minutes later she was screaming his name with her release. Her knees gave way she slid down the shower wall to the floor. Tears poured out of her because no matter how many times she tried to pleasure herself, it would never be like it was with Nigel. He ruined her for anyone else. She had to pull herself together before she went into work. No way would she let him know how much he hurt her.


Nigel sat on the edge of her desk waiting for Amelia. She walked in and stumbled when she caught sight of him.

“Good morning, Amelia, you’re a little late.”

“I—had a rough night.” He watched as she tried to ignore him walking around her desk and putting her things away. “Is there something that you needed, Nigel?”

“Yes, I am going to a conference for sports entertainment this evening and need you to set up transportation.”

She frowned. “I thought you said you didn’t like going to those things. You always have me decline your invitations.”

“Well, I’ve changed my mind. I’ll be attending this one.”

“Fine, I’ll book transport for you. What time is the conference?”

“A keynote speaker is scheduled at three and then there will be a meet and greet until five.”

“I’ll have a transport car pick you up at two.”

“Thank you.” He stood and walked over to his door to his office then paused. “I’ll need you to accompany me as well.”

She froze and looked up at him. “Why?”

“To assist me. You are still my assistant—at least for another two weeks.” He shut the door behind him, smiling when he heard her call him a few unsavory words. He was going to use every chance he had to fix things with Amelia. Even if he to be a sneaky son of a bitch.


“Asshole!” Amelia was furious. She should have known he would make her last two weeks hell.

She pulled up the transportation rental company and hired a shuttle. She would have to change her clothes, most of these conferences were just one big photo shoot for the sports directors to hobnob and show off their eye candy. Whenever Nigel had to attend these things in the past, he would always take whatever supermodel he was dating at the time with him. Now, he was taking his plus-size, soon-to-be-ex-assistant with him. He’d be decked out in a suit and tie and she’d stick out like a sore thumb. This was total bullshit. Well, if he was going to put her in an awkward position, she would prove to him she could take anything he threw at her.

To get her mind off of her issues with Nigel, she worked on the itinerary for the GCFA board members who would be arriving in the next few days. She still didn’t understand why they were coming. They were showing up one month earlier than their scheduled quarterly meeting. Also, the board members didn’t often come on the GCFA ship in the middle of a circuit. Something didn’t feel right about this and she knew Nigel was worried, even if he didn’t say it. That was why she was putting up with his crap.

They both cared about the fighters. Both of them had fought hard to protect the GCFA fighters to get them better benefits and pay. Neither of them wanted someone else to come in and mess it all up. She worked for a few hours then around noon she decided to take a lunch break.

She went to his door and knocked.

“Come in.”

“Nigel, I’m going to take a couple of hours for lunch, I’ll meet you in the lobby around two.”

“You’re taking two hours for lunch?” Nigel raised an eyebrow at her.

She smirked, “Yep, what are you going to do bossman—fire me?” She laughed at his frustrated expression. At least she could still get under his skin, even if it was with annoyance. Good to know he wasn’t completely cold and unfeeling. Not that it changed anything, he was still an asshole and she was still leaving after her two weeks was up. “See you in a few hours.”


Several hours later

Nigel couldn’t help but pace back and forth in the lobby. He was wearing his tuxedo with the white dress shirt and red tie. He felt the eyes of every female in the lobby on him. Normally that didn’t bother him, he ignored it for the most part.

“Nigel, I wanted to speak with you before you left.”

He fought to keep from growling as he turned and faced Phoenix. As much as he wanted to punch the male in the face, he couldn’t do that. “I’m busy, what do you want?”

“I asked Lia to go for lunch and she told me she was going with you to some conference.”

“Yes that’s correct.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough to her?” Phoenix stepped forward getting in his face.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do.”

“I do when I see someone kind and sweet like Lia being treated like shit. I care about her.”

“You think I don’t?”

“You have a funny way of showing it by skipping town after fucking her.”

Nigel couldn’t believe that Amelia had told Phoenix about them being together. It bothered him but what made him furious was how Phoenix acted like it was his business.

“That is between me and Amelia.”

“I won’t let you use her and toss her aside like she doesn’t matter. That’s a dick move.”

“I’m not using her or tossing her aside.”

“Then you plan to have a relationship with her?”

“I—” His words broke off when he caught sight of something behind Phoenix. Phoenix turned around and there she was; Amelia. She wore her hair down and had applied makeup emphasizing those beautiful eyes and her full lips. She didn’t need makeup but she did just enough to make her look sexier.

“Phoenix, Nigel.”

“You look amazing Lia.” Phoenix bent down to kiss her on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

“You’re late. We need to leave now.” Nigel had to walk away or he was going to tear Phoenix limb by limb for daring to touch and kiss Amelia. He could hear them.


“You don’t have to go. You’re transferring out of here, let him do this crap by himself.”

“Stop, Phoenix, this is my decision and my job.”

“I don’t like how he treated you.”

“You’re my friend and I appreciate that you care. Let me deal with the situation, with Nigel.”

Phoenix sighed. “If you need me I’ll be there for you. I won’t skip out on you.”

“Thank you.” She hugged him before turning and leaving. She had to fight hard to hold her emotions in check. Nigel was waiting outside for her by the shuttle. He opened the door and she got inside. He slid in next to her without saying anything at first. When he did speak, it wasn’t what she thought he would say.

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you. You look beautiful too. I mean—handsome. Well, you always look handsome.” Damn it, she was jabbering ridiculously.

“Thank you for coming with me today.”

She turned in the seat to stare at him. “Why did you insist I come?”

“I wanted a chance to apologize to you and I figured taking you to this conference would ensure that I got a chance to do that and that you would be unable to leave.”

She snorted. “Tricky Nigel. You’re nothing if not tricky.”

He winked at her. “I do my best.”

Chapter 5

Later that evening

Amelia had had enough of the wheeling and dealing. What should been about three hours had been dragging on for almost five hours. She’d had to make pleasant talk with others in the sports franchise, and dance with Nigel several times while trying to keep it impersonal. Her body responded to him despite her attempts not to. She breathed a sigh of relief when Nigel finally told her it was time to leave. She took his arm and walked to the shuttle waiting for them.

Nigel slid in next to her and yanked on his tie loosening it. “Damn, glad that’s over with.”

“You didn’t have to go to this, there were no contracts in play here. Why come, and why bring me?”

“I told you before, I wanted to have time alone with you to apologize.”

“Funny, you’ve barely said two words to me in the last five hours. Go ahead and apologize and be done with it.”

“When we get there.”

She blinked at him. “Get where?”

“To the hotel. I wasn’t sure how late it would be when we were done so I rented a suite for us for the night. We’ll go back to the GCFA ship tomorrow.”

“No.” She shook her head. This was not happening.

The shuttle stopped and the driver got out to open the door for them. She should refuse right here right now, tell him to forget his stinking apology and demand the driver take her to the GCFA ship. She didn’t do any of what she should have done.

“I’m not sleeping with you again, just so you know.”

He held up his hands in a sign of peace. “Sleeping with you is not what I had planned.”

His words were supposed to be reassuring, but the tone of his voice, the gleam in his eyes, was not reassuring at all. She also felt disappointed that he might mean it and really not interested in being with her again.

She followed him into the hotel and waited while he checked in. They scanned his thumb and activated it as the key to the room. She followed him to the elevator.

“What floor are we on?” She looked at the buttons but there were no numbers, just levels.

“The Sky Level, it has the best view.”

“Have you been here before?”

“Yes.” His answer was short which led her to suspect he hadn’t been alone when he was here before.

“I bet she was the best view in town.” Her tone was brittle and harsh. She hated being jealous.

Before he could respond the elevator door opened and she walked out first. She stopped to wait for him to open the door to the suite. He pressed his thumb over the scanner keylock and it popped open.

She knew it would be a beautiful suite. Nigel had expensive tastes when it came to the clothes he wore, the restaurants he ate in, the hotels he stayed at and even the females he preferred.

She looked around the place and nodded. Yep, perfect and expensive. “Nice suite.”

“Come look at the city from the balcony.” He walked over and opened the French doors motioning for her to follow him. His excitement was hard to ignore.

She moved forward and followed him to the balcony. She stepped out and took in the fresh air. She could see lights in the distance of buildings and moving shuttles. Just beyond the city lights she could see the mountains. “It’s beautiful.”

“Would you like something to drink? Champagne or wine?”

“No, I’m tired. Which bedroom should I sleep in?”

He cleared his throat. “I wanted talk to you.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Talk.”

“I’m sorry, Amelia. My behavior toward you has been atrocious.”

“What part?”

He cocked his head. “What do you mean?”

“What part are you sorry for?” When he didn’t seem to understand what she was saying she continued.

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