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Perpetual Existentialism

Book Three

...a process of governing worlds, so that when you die you can hold on to your sanity...

Dedicated to my readers. Thank you!


It has been said in times long ago forgotten that if it were not for the coming of the Great Destruction that visits the Earth from time to time we would all be slaves.

There is a tribe of pale skinned natives hidden deep in the forests of the Amazon jungle who hide an ancient record of the time before time before time before this time in which the whole land of Antarctica was covered in a megalithic metropolis whose ruling class intended to take over the galaxy, dethrone the Lord of Heaven, and place man there instead.

The wrath of heaven was poured out on the whole globe with such catastrophic perfection that only a few choice souls were saved in each of the seven sacred lands; once again resetting the clocks, freeing the debts of all men, and returning the Earth to the meek of heart.

For a time there is peace, yet the cycle continues and man, it seems, is destined to continually remain upon the Earth. Let it be known that when the societies of men have the ability to leave this world, the end comes, as if the whole universe conspires against them, and maybe, in the last analysis, this is so. What odds, then, are against man?

Until the Earth is taken into the bosom of her creator, the Sun, then man will always have the chance to rise above the power of ownership and gravity to once again inhabit the stars, but until the root of the problem is cut out of man they will always be taken back down to the stone age...just as they are about to reach out and touch another world.

. . .

There is most likely a place to go when you lay down this mortal shell and die.

Unfortunately, for some, it is only the cold, godless sleep of the grave.

For those whose mortal shell is cremated, be it known your body has returned to the dust

Sooner...rather than


Unlike the formaldehyde, plastic corpses trapped in decay.

Inside the shell of a mummy lies a spirit that refuses to leave.

You see, it thinks it's still alive.

One of the greatest tests you can ever pass is the one where you embrace your death.

Accept the unacceptable.

To be content with the mystery...that unknowable thing.

. . .

It is much harder to describe the way he used the pipe, taking in small puffs until his lungs were completely full, than it would be to describe that night we all gathered in the Garden outside his parents house overlooking the Temple, the great wall, and the shinning light that rose over the Temple's courtyards. We had all partaken of a holy sacrament prepared out of his hands, like the Mana that must have fell from heaven in the time of our Fathers.

Miracles will never cease these eyes.

“To you I speak clearly, but when it is written down let it suffice that my Father has many mansions prepared for you when you leave this world. But verily I say unto you that as we sit here this night we are all of us moving on a massive orb, a child's ball, this land and sky and all that in them are to the ocean and everything that is below. Our home, this land we all live in is one big ball. But look past the sky to the Moon, the Sun, and every tiny Star that fills the night sky and you look upon a whole different world far far away, so far away that we see them in the night sky as tiny orbs of light.”

I looked up into the night sky. There is no moon tonight, it is the Sabbath. The usual hustle and bustle of the city below was gone, all was quiet except for the crickets chirping their monotonous, lulling song. I captured the stars in my mind, looking into the heart of the great river of stars that crossed the sky at a 60 degree angle and listened to what Joshua had to say.

“Look upon the Sun and you will see one of these tiny lights, a star, closest to you. These above us are exactly like our Sun, but these are legions of leagues away from us. And like our Sun they have their own orbs of land circling around them through the ether of empty space. And, also, as here upon this world that we all live and breath on, love, bear children, and die on...so too these unimaginable number of other worlds do so as well. Say unto them that will listen, 'As above so below', and those with ears to hear shall understand.”

I had just turned 15. I was very young, but my soul longed to know things. I was not concerned about the clothes, the exceptional wealth of ownership, class, structure, nor religious bearings. Religion and Politics was a rotting corpse of control and manipulation of substances, material gains, and murderous greed. It was just as Joshua had said that last summer when he had first come back from lands far, far to the East. “They are unclean vessels who stain their outsides white to gleam and blind those who look upon them deceiving them to their purity yet inside they are rotten, decaying corpses of unburied heathens.”

Give me freedom!

Joshua took a pause then to partake in another smoking of the pipe. His beard had gotten very long and it touched the black and white braided hem lock beneath his robes. He said he found the root of our humanity. He said he saw the way the Earth could be if we all united and formed a one world government with no borders or territorial control. He said the Earth could hold as many human beings as there were stars in the sky if we stopped killing each other over gold and land, gods, and unforgivable trespasses. He said he saw what the Earth would look like if all the peoples of the world worked together for a common vision...

And what is that vision, Joshua?” Asked Luke.

The vision that should unite us is the clear fact that our highest goal in humanity is to see the human family reunited with it's neighbors above. I tell you this now that we are quarantined. That our whole globe is kept behind a veil, no one is allowed to interfere, no one is coming down to do this for us. They will see us destroy ourselves to the last man before taking any effort to save us from ourselves. Know this, we must do this in this life, for that is the only task at hand! We, all of us, will be born again and again until our children's children stop having children and we fall into non existence, or our children's children take the knowledge of god, work together, and travel to the stars in ships that can sail the emptiness of space thousands of times faster than eagles do in flight.”

What was happening to me? Just two years ago I lived deep inside the sickening confines of strict sharia law. I did nothing but what my parents told me to do, and they did nothing but what the rabbi said, and then, one day, Joshua came back from the East with John, Mary's cousin, and started preaching repentance. They baptized me in the river Jordan that next Sabbath, to the absolute fury of both our ignorant, impotent class powers of holy rule. What mockery you fail to hardly understand so blind and full of errors they are.

Fool!” They would say, “Who baptizes on the Sabbath? Know you not that this is considered work in the eyes of Jehovah?”

For all the respect in the world how could another one be so upset that I would do my Fathers good work on this Sabbath day?” Answered Joshua.

Did he just really say that? I was so shocked. Had he really just referred to God as his Father? Who does that?

But that was long ago, and I have heard and seen things now that convinces me that man is the child of God. Yes, his body is the child of the Earth and that is why we are reborn here, and when man finally reaches out to the stars and resides amongst the higher beings of this universe then will man be reborn on that sphere, and then the sphere after that until, as Joshua says, “The fullness of our Father's house is complete.”

There was anger in his voice now, anger and...what? Something dreadful, something horrible...something quite inevitable.

Look upon the endless creations of your Father and weep, friends. It is to the great sorrow of all heaven that we should fail. I tell you this, that mans days upon this Earth are numbered if he continues to enslave his brother. Know they not that we are all children of the Great God of All things? How can another man take what his neighbor has, and how can that neighbor not give to him who is in need? Who's children are we then? I tell you, know that this night will be our last night before the end comes, but you must not sorrow, you must not be moved. Stand with me and I will promise you a place by my side when we come unto the house of God, for I must go back there if I am to plead with him, to beg of him to spare us more time, to lighten the hearts of the heartless, and lay his spirit of forgiveness out upon the whole Earth.”

What are you saying?” Said Mark, as he passed the pipe to Timothy and exhaled the dark purple smoke from his lungs, which reflected eerily the orange light of the fire.

“I'm done, Mark.” Said Joshua.

“Done?” Said Peter, “We just got started!” Peter's voice was too loud in the Garden, his girth of lungs stopping the crickets cold. Every one was dead silent. We all looked at Peter with wide eyes. His was the collective voice we would all fail to speak. Peter, unwittingly, had just answered his own question though. The change would come. The ride was over. Soon, these good days would come to an end and the Gates of Hell would be opened.

“Tis the End of the World, Peter.” Said Joshua. “Our very flesh crawls with the blood of our neighbor.” Joshua looked down into his empty hands, the fire playing shadows with his fingers onto the palms of his hands. “I tell you this, Peter. You will be the first to join me in the house of our Father.”

What? What were we talking about? Death? Were we all going to die? Well, yes, of course we were all going to die, but now? So soon? Why? Why, after all I had seen and heard could not Joshua rise up and proclaim himself King of the Jews? He had the birthright! He had the family and class, the money...”

“Mathias?” Joshua saying my name was like having cold water splashed on my face in the middle of dreaming.

“Joshua?” It was the only thing I could say so lost was I in thought

“I can feel you thinking from over here, kid. Relax, and know that death is not what it appears to be. Tonight I will show you, but not here, come...follow me.”

We traveled that night until the wicked half moon rose above the mountains by the Great Salt Lake. He took us to the top of Mount Aaron overlooking the still, dark waters and we sat on the cliff face watching that wicked moon rise once more.

“Here, eat. This is our final communion. Tonight I will show you what awaits you in death.”

Joshua placed a small gray button into my open palm as he said, “Eat in remembrance of me.”

The button felt like a piece of rolled up, compressed bread. It had the smell of baked dough, and I placed it in my mouth with all the reverence and gratitude I could muster in this dark, fearful soul I held in a tight little ball somewhere close to my heart.

Once Joshua had handed each of us the same bit of bread he took one of his own, and when he did I was struck with a sudden warmness inside that place I keep my soul. The warmth increased and soon there was a fire and I started to burn inside. The pain began to be quite unbearable and suddenly, being very scared, I cried out,

“Joshua! What is happening?” Joshua did not answer, but threw his head back and laughed up into those ominous night skies.

“Death is not the end!” He cried at the top of his lungs. “Death is not the end!” And then he laughed hysterically, and I became petrified with fear as the fire increased and my brain registered the great possibility that Joshua had just poisoned us all, and that is what he meant by our 'Last Communion'.

Then the pain was gone, lightening arched out of the sky and all of sudden I was inside a world lit with the ever brightness of a noon day sun. I was no longer in Jerusalem. In fact, I was somewhere so strange and unreal as to take away all shapes and sizes until it completely swam together into swirls and circles, replicating and dancing all around.

“Behold!” Cried a voice, and I looked up to see a figure dressed in the sun, and in fact the light of the day came from him. “Behold and know that what you see is what is to come.” The figure pointed and I looked upon the world and I could see that it was one great city spanning land and sea, a city of silver and gold, with movement everywhere, so much movement, in fact, that I could not keep a look on any one thing.

“Where am I?” I asked, and my voice was my voice. I did not look up for the figure was as bright as the sun, and hurt to look upon. All I could see was the world, and behind it suddenly rose the moon, gibbous, pregnant, and bright as ever, but as the moon neared us high above the world I could see other cities just as large and expansive coursing swirling patterns of light along it's surface. No one spoke, and suddenly I was aware that I was not alone up here watching the world. All around me were hundreds and thousands, upon thousands. Legions! The very Hosts of Heaven surrounded us and I wondered,

What are we all looking at?

Behold!” Cried the voice of the Sun. “I grow weary of Life.”

Darkness obliterated all things and for a brief moment darkness reigned as supreme master.


Utter, absolute, and unreasonable fear.

And then the stars jumped out of the darkness brighter and more fantastic than ever I had seen them before. A flowing river of suns, and then they moved...and then, just as quickly, they were gone, for the sun above me suddenly burned blindingly white, hot light. The sun consumed us, and the Earth was moved just as a boat on the monster waves of the sea. The Earth and the moon were thrust from out of there place and all of us rode on that wave of light faster and faster until the very lights of the stars around us shed past us in long thin streaks of rainbow light.

Look!” And I looked, realizing only then that I had shut my eyes in shock at the utter beauty I was beholden to. There, sitting in the cloudy nest of a thousand suns the Earth and Moon moved in perfect unison around a massive Orb that appeared to be covered in a canopy of trees. They moved ever so slightly, or was it the thick bands of purple and white clouds that weaved their way through the branches like a slowly moving river?

Behold, the Glory of God, for he loves his children, and gives unto them the great desires of their hearts be it unto life or unto death.”


Thank you for taking the time to read and respond back to my email, Kerry. It is good to be out of prison isn't it? But unlike you I was only inside for a fraction of the time you did.

In 2003 I was convicted of conspiracy to steal and sell lunar samples from Johnson Space Center. Inside the massive machine of the Federal Bureau of Prisons I found out where all the Native Americans were hiding. My initial stay in Florence, Colorado I met with entire families. Uncles, Fathers, Cousins, Sons...this really shook me up. I sweated with them, and communed with the ancestors and they are mad as hell, which will be no surprise to you, Kerry.

I spent the majority of my time at Ft. Worth FCI where I was once again taken in hand by my native brothers though I am as white as the Scottish blood that runs through my veins. My whole experience in prison rallied around the best men I have ever known. Men who were free from the outside world of programmed responsibilities to spend that time seeking truth and revelation. Powerful shamans from around the Wasatch Mountains and beyond held me captive with their stories. I was released on October 31st, 2007 to return to Salt Lake City.

Now, almost 4 years later, I have a great partner, a 14 month old son, another little one on the way in 2012 and a good job working as a contractor for the Forest Service supporting their computer users from the comforts of my own home. I work the graveyard shift and take very little calls during the duration of my shift, so I have plenty of time to study. In that time I have written two of my best stories which deal with the immutability of death and the future possibilities of the human species conquering death. These are fictional tales wrapped up with gems of truth I have learned from those I have met along the way on this great journey. They have not been found yet, but I realize my books may not be of use until after I'm dead.

I traveled with Raven Wolf from New Mexico to Utah back in 2000 when the loss of my religion and family took me down into the greatest depths of sorrow I have ever known. He taught me many things, but above all he taught me that the spirits of this land are reborn in the bodies of those who are now here. He said, "We are all Natives." From then on I knew who I was. I studied all the books of Carlos Castaneda and consider him one of the greatest shamans of our time. It was in response to his first book, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge that sent me to Goblin Valley in September of 2001. I spent three days and three nights there cleansing the blood of my native brothers from off my white hands. At the very end I was offered amnesty. The root and seed of the Sacred Dentura left my body and I was led to a fountain of the coldest and most pure water I have ever known. I was then rescued an hour or so later by an S&R helicopter who had been looking for me for the last 48 hours. They told me I should have died. They were very curious how I survived. "Did you drink the water from the Muddy River?" They asked me. I told them yes, for it was the river that came to me when I most needed it. They told me the Muddy River was so full of alkaline salts and metals that it should have dehydrated me further making death certain.

I met Osama Bin Laden out there among other notable tribal leaders. He told me the same thing as the others. That the white man had take from them the lands of water and had given them nothing but dirt, but that they had learned the way of the land and water had been given to them until the time that the desert should blossom like a rose and those lands of water the white man had taken from them would turn to dust. The Book of Mormon talks of a day when the men of this land forget their God and in response their God empowers those whose land this originally was to be as lions in the midst of lambs such will be their slaughter. I can hardly imagine the horrors that this warning could raise into reality if such a day did come, but I have hope there will be an intervention...

My next great teacher was Graham Hancock who wrote Fingerprints of the Gods, but it was his book Supernatural that opened up the doors to the truth of the human purpose. How many times have we come to this point in human history when we are all together a world wide community only to be thrust back to the stone age because of our greed and persistent ignorance?

Kerry, this is the last thing that I want to happen and I am willing to sacrifice whatever for it. I want to see the human stock succeed, overcome their greed, and be reinstated and reunited with our galactic neighborhood. To be sure, we have been quarantined since the fall of man, and it has ever been the goal of sages and shamans alike to bring again the harmony amongst all Earths children so we could be found worthy. What will it take for this to happen? 2012 is at our doorstep and it may be that the human race needs to be taken back to the stone age...but say there was a way.

Say there was a way to save man from this fate. A story powerful and real. Say that a sacrifice was made inside the holy halls of Carre Shin Ob. The sacrifice of a human man who is determined to entreat the courts on high to intervene. He would ask the Holy Ones to take the veil from off the face of our galaxy, those thick impenetrable nebulae of hydrogen that obscures the Most Holy of Holy, the center of our galaxy, from our view. He would do this so that every human would witness the unfolding of a heavens that would shine brighter than the noon day sun, indeed there would be no more need of the suns light so bright would the center of the galaxy shine on them.

Can you imagine the effect this would have on the whole of our world? Every knee would bow. Every tongue would confess. Every soul would burn with fire at the sheer, unadulterated beauty of the skies above them. In essence the human heart would change in a twinkling of an eye, and all those imagined, programmed responsibilities of life would become rearranged, re-prioritized to fit a higher purpose...the continuation of the human family into space to make their eventual way to the Center of All Things. In the flesh they will see this. From their beginnings on that lowly foot stool called Mother Earth they will reach their Father Heaven in the flesh.

Kerry, would you be willing to take my life if I could persuade those above us to do such a thing?

Or, should we just write a book about it and let what ever comes come?

. . .

A long time ago in the magical land you know of today as China, the Great Emperor and Empress of the Rising Sun gave birth to twins.

The boy was born with black, raven hair and matching eyes, and the girl was born with golden hair and sparkling blue eyes. The people were shocked at such a strange birth and whispered the twins were as different from each other as night and day. The Empress heard these whisperings by the people and agreed with them. So, she named the boy, Nyte, and the girl, Dae.

Sister and brother grew up quickly in those peaceful days getting into all sorts of mischief and making life very interesting for their teacher and tutor, that old wizard, Moon, whose patience with the twins was everlasting. There seemed to be no end to the twins’ curiosity, and more often than not, Moon would be required to rescue one or both of them from an adventure gone bad. Moon loved them as much as the Emperor and Empress did.

By the time of the twins’ 19th birthday those two had explored every peak and valley in the Magic Kingdom of the Rising Sun, every village, every town, every sea port city and capitol. They had both become expert travelers; strong, smart, and ever so ready to take the poor mans cause, helping the low stranger in need.

Moon knew it was only a matter of time before the twins would want to leave the Magic Kingdom to explore the lands beyond the sea, and he had talked many nights with the Emperor and Empress about this very thing. They all three decided to create for the twins birthday gift the greatest sea going vessel ever to set sail.

Moon took full charge of this project, and using the ancient powers of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water he built a ship in the likeness of the greatest of all creatures, the Dragon, and then sealed it from Bow to Stern with Spirit binding the wood into a single piece. He then blessed the ship with luck, and hid it away from the twins until the evening of their birthday celebration.

What a magical evening that was! It seems like only yesterday, a’las…it was ever so long ago. Dae was the most enduring sight dressed in the silver silk robes of Royal Birth, her long golden hair braided tight down to her waist, her blue eyes reflecting the thousands of light globes strung on every city street as she stood next to her brother in perfect stature. Nyte was as dark as he always seemed to be, dressed all in black, that brooding, ever thoughtful mood at first glance unfriendly, but inside Nyte was the warmest of hearts, and if you ever got to see him smile all the black in the world could not dim the beams of light radiating off his face like a full moon.

Then…the ship was unveiled just as the real full moon broke the eastern horizon and the sun set in the west, twins together at this moment sharing the same sky just as Dae and Nyte shared theirs. The look on both their faces as the ship was presented to them was worth all the gold in the world. The whole city lit up with “Oooos” and “Ahhhs”…the twins immediately boarded the ship demanding they set sail immediately!

“Patience, you two,” Said Moon, “There is a plan, and a great armada to join you. Journeys away from home can sometimes be much longer than expected.”

The twins were pacified for the time being, but did not sit still the entire turning of the moon, but helped their teacher gather the great armada that would accompany them on their voyage. By the rising of the next full moon the whole Kingdom came to see the incredible Dragon Ship, and her armada, depart into the silver waters of the open sea.

“Bring back to us the wonders of the other worlds.” Said their father.

“And make sure to remember your prayers.” Said their mother.

“And don’t forget to be careful!” Said Moon.

A thousand and one ships set sail that night, and it seemed the stars were mirrored in both heaven and earth. Dae and Nyte were beside themselves with excitement! They led the way in the massive Dragon Ship, and talked well into the early morning of rumored lands beyond the sea, and what could happen along the way. So enthralled were they with imagining the possibilities that they never even noticed the sun peeking behind them in the east as morning awoke with a clear and beautiful day on those Emerald Green Seas set to a cozy 72 degrees.

Suddenly, the great Armada was stopped in the middle of the sea by a huge and mighty serpent bursting forth from the waters directly in front of the Dragon Ship.

“Who dares disturb my sleep!” Roared the mighty serpent, his golden, purple coils boiling the emerald green seas all around him. He thrashed and spun his massive body about in such great agitation that every single person aboard the armadas thousand ships froze in paralyzed terror…everyone, except that is, Dae and Nyte.

“Oh, Great Worm!” Cried Nyte. “Do us no harm! We were unaware of your rest and are just curious travelers in search of adventure and the Earth’s great mysteries like unto your Majestic Self, Great Worm.”

“Curious Travelers, you say?” Asked the Serpent, “Then you should be no stranger to the riddle game.”

“We are, Oh Great Worm.” Said Dae.

“Well, forget all you think you know about it!” Roared the Serpent, “For instead of me telling the riddle and you figuring it out I will have you tell me a riddle I cannot figure upon before I will let you go.”

“Excuse me, Great Worm.” Questioned Nyte, “Do you really mean for us to come up with a riddle that would stump the wisdom of such an ancient soul as thyself?”

“Uh…” Said the Serpent, hesitating for a moment to consider if he really did want them to stump him. “Yes! And you better be quick, I would like to go back to bed without having to first sink your whole armada!”

“Oh, Great Worm!” Cried Dae, “Can we have just a moment to discuss our riddle between us?” We want very much to go on from here as many as we arrived, and would not risk such a chance on a riddle you would know.” The Great Serpent seemed to consider this, and then with a shake of it’s golden, purple mane scattering emerald sea water down like rain on Nyte and Dae, the Great Serpent agreed.

“Very well then, you will be given a moment to talk between yourselves.”

“Got any riddles, Dae?” Asked Nyte

“Not one he wouldn’t know.” Said Dae.

“We have got to come up with something quick, Dae!”

“I know, I know…I’m thinking!” And just when the Great Serpent looked about ready to drown them all in the Emerald Sea, Dae had a brilliant stroke of genius!

“Well!” Roared the Great Serpent, “Do you have a riddle?”

“Yes!” Cried Dae, “Great Worm of the Emerald Sea;What can fly, but has no wings? Swims, but has no fins? Floats, but is neither a ship nor a boat, and is addressed by Night and Day?” The mighty Serpent reared its massive head in great laughter and said,

“How clever! Indeed! How clever! Let’s see now, What can fly, but has no wings? Swims, but has no fins? Floats, but is neither a ship nor a boat, and is addressed by Night and Day? Oh, very clever, you two.” And then the Great Serpent coiled itself down very close to Nyte and Dae to stare intently into their eyes searching for the tiniest bit of fear and found...none. “Too easy,” Whispered the Great Serpent smiling wickedly, “Tis be a Dragon you speak of!” And he laughed knowing he had won.

“Not so!” Cried Dae, “A Dragon is close, but the answer is a certain Dragon. Let me introduce you to my brother who is called Nyte, and I am called Dae. It is YOU who be addressed by Nyte and Dae, Oh Great Worm of the Emerald Sea!”

Totally shocked that he could have been so out witted by such tiny creatures the Great Dragon of the Emerald Sea coughed and sputtered and then bowed his great head.

“So, it is! Clever Twins of the Rising Sun, so it is! Let me honor your travels then by joining your Great Armada. My name is Luck, and I bring great fortunes upon those I travel with.”

“It be well, then!” Shouted Nyte, “Join us, Great Worm of the Emerald Sea!” Great cheers of joy and amazement erupted from a thousand and one crewed ships and rang across the waters of the Emerald Sea. It was an incredible beginning to an incredible journey.

. . .

The passing of the moon from full to full completed as the Great Armada traveled from one great sea port to the next steadily moving them all further and farther away from home. Luck was very good company, and it seemed the Great Dragon took a certain obligation in teaching Nyte and Dae all about the new lands and people they encountered, their histories, cultures, and achievements.

One day Luck began his morning ritual of riddles and facts with a story of the land they were about to port in…

“This is an ancient land.” Said Luck, “Tis this land that saw the very beginnings of your kind, Master Dae and Nyte.”

“Our kind?” Asked Dae

“Humans.” Answered Luck, “They were the last to, uh…arrive.”

“What do you mean ‘arrive’?” Asked Nyte.

“When I was a younger worm…” Began Luck, who then told them of a magnificent silver and gold ship that came right out of the sky and landed on these very shores. Luck had been there to see the whole thing, and his eyes grew distant as he told of his first sighting of humans coming out of that gold and silver ship.

“But they were very tall.” Said Luck, “Much taller than you are today, and extremely thin and delicate, but amazingly strong and intelligent. I watched them for many moons as they built a great, walled city of white and purple stone, and then marveled as they began to bring in certain animals and creatures into the city. I first thought they were very hungry, but then I watched these very same creatures come out of that city walking upright on two legs, changed all together in mind and form, intelligent, self aware…and beautiful.”

Nyte and Dae listened in complete rapture as Luck told them of these changed creatures learning languages and speech and all kinds of knowledge like making clothes, pots, and buildings of all kinds for all purposes like schools and temples of worship. It was a very exciting time until one day Luck himself was taken and brought within the city walls.

“What happened then?” Asked Dae.

“Yes! What happened?” Said Nyte, but Luck got very quiet as he looked upon the shores of this land in memory of a long ago day. Finally, Luck spoke,

“They changed me.” Said Luck. “They brought me into a shinning white room with sunlight all around me and then they told me about a Great Father and Mother who lived in the center of all things that had sent them to this world to give all creatures of the Earth a new body and a new beginning…and then, they let me go.”

“Wow…” Whispered Dae.

“How long ago was that, Luck?” Asked Nyte.

“Oh, let see now…some 300 thousand turnings of the moon I’d say, give or take a day.” Said Luck, laughing a little at the twins expressions of disbelief.

“And that Great City of Purple and White Stone…where is it now? Asked Dae.

“Funny you should mention it, Dae.” Said Luck sadly, “We are passing over it as we speak.” Dae and Nyte peered over the edge of the ship and into the sapphire blue waters of a strange sea looking deep and trying very hard to see what could not be seen.

“What happened?” Asked Dae.

“What always happens, I guess.” Said Luck, peering into those deep sapphire waters, “Time. That’s what happened. Lots and lots of time.”

. . .

The people of that land were overjoyed with the visit of Nyte and Dae and their Great Armada. They were treated as the Royalty they were, entertained at giant palaces, and fed the most delicious foods. The Great Armada was then stocked to the full and readied for departure with many fond farewells and good-byes. They traveled three more moons until they reached a land of never ending sand and desert for as far as the eye could see.

“We must put into shore here, Master Nyte.” Said Luck. “There is something I need to show you and Master Dae.” The Great Armada rested then like a thousand and one feathers on blue black waters as Nyte and Dae climbed aboard Lucks’ Gold and Purple back and flew fast over the red burnt lands of desert dunes.

“Does nothing grow here?” Asked Dae.

“Oh, there is life here in the Great Desert.” Said Luck, “You will see this day one of the ancients among my kind, and she is very much alive, Master Dae.”

The sun dropped into the western sky turning reds into violets and bruised shadows as golden clouds high above turned the sands below them into glowing copper and brass. When night finally fell, Luck dropped them down to a patch of total blackness and the twins soon found it to be an obsidian lake so still and perfectly smooth it could have been made of glass and mirrors. The stars above them were matched in the lake below, and only the wind had a voice here.

“Where are we?” Asked Nyte.

“This place is called, Gnolam.” Said Luck, and then he started to sing. A whispering whistle that harmonized perfectly with the wind, a soothing high pitched vibration that tickled the backs of the twins necks and shoulders. Suddenly, a soft blue glowing appeared around the edges of their skin, which turned quickly to white, and then back to blue again as Luck stopped singing.

“She comes…” Whispered Luck reverently, and then the still obsidian lake rippled with a deep thump that shook the earth. A second ripple, followed by a third, and then the lake took on shape moving upwards into the heavens until the silhouette of a Great Serpent could be seen dressed in the stars of the night sky. A voice then came, a voice like tiny, tinkling silver bells, and spoke inside the twins’ minds.

“Journeys come. Journeys go. The journey inside you is the greatest of all. How will tomorrow remember today if the past is forgotten and lost in mystery and legends?”

“Is it a riddle?” Asked Dae, peering up into Lucks golden eyes.

“Yes, child” Answered Luck.

“What is the answer?” Asked Dae.

“Shhh! I’m thinking!” Hushed Luck

“Luck! She’s waiting!” Said Dae.

“I know!” Said Luck.

“Luck!.” Said Dae.

“Okay! I give up.” Huffed Luck, “Do you know the answer?”

“I think so.” Said Dae.

“Well by all means! Please, answer the Great Lady.” Said Luck shaking his massive head from side to side. Dae cleared her throat and with a big voice said,

“Great Lady of the Night! ‘How will tomorrow remember today if the past is lost and forgotten in mystery and legends?’ You asked this after first speaking of journeys. Words we speak journey with us, and legends hold the truth inside for those who seek them. Tomorrow will remember us because everyone loves a good story. Is this not so?”

Ripples of starlight coursed through the Great Ladies midnight skin, and tinkling, silver bells could be heard laughing all around them.

“Very well then, child.” Spoke the Great Lady, “I will accept your answer and leave it to hope that you are right. Now, to prove your words I send you on a quest! Take this box, it contains the most precious substance in all the universe! Take it across the Great Western Sea to the lands of Milk and Honey, and there give it to my sister, the Dragon, Unchekula. Tell her the past is not forgotten; only hidden in legend and mystery.”

“Yes! Great Lady! We accept your quest!” Shouted Nyte taking the box and handing it carefully over to Dae.

“It will be our honor to do so.” Said Luck, bowing deep before the midnight stars of the Great Lady.

“Very good.” Said the Great Lady, “But let this be a warning to you all. If the contents of this box are lost…no legend, great or small, will ever bring it back into remembrance.”

“Yes, Great Lady.” Said Dae, and she reverently embraced the box noticing as she did so the inlaid engravings of golden and silver creatures, animals of every kind and form peacefully co-existing together as if that was how it was suppose to be, and then there! A human! A female with a baby boy standing out in the middle of one side in beautiful, intricate details. Dae folded the box up into her arms and climbed carefully aboard Lucks’ back never once taking her eyes off it until suddenly they were back on the ship and the Great Armada twinkled like a thousand fire flies on a dark and comfy summer night.

They departed as the sun rose in the East, and by mid afternoon of the third day they came upon the great port cities of the Dark Skinned Peoples. They were greeted warmly, restocked with the exchange of precious gold and materials from their homeland, and left three emissary ships there to further communicate with this new culture so the quest could continue on as quickly as possible.

Half a moon later the Great Armada entered the Great Western Sea….

“From here there is no more land until you reach the other side of the Western Sea!” Said Luck against the strong winds pushing them North.

“How long will it take us to cross?” Yelled Nyte.

“Nine Moons!” Said Luck.

“That’s a long time…” Said Dae.

“Do we have enough supplies?” Asked Nyte

“No, Master Nyte!” Said Luck, “Not for the whole Armada to cross! I would advise sending all but a dozen back to port to await our return!”

“You are coming with us, aren’t you, Luck?” Asked Dae.

“Of course!” Laughed Luck, “Wouldn’t miss this one for all the tea in China!”

“China?” Said the twins simultaneously.

“Never mind.” Said Luck.

The twins sent word to the whole Armada and twelve ships were chosen to accompany them on their quest across the Western Sea. Those first couple of days were uneventful but for the steadiness of the wind, which was constantly moving them North. On the third day, though, a storm the likes of which no one had ever seen came out of the South creating great waves the size of mountains.

“It is the Great Whirlpool Storm!” Warned Luck. “Very Dangerous! If we are too survive this we must immediately turn West and away from the storm!”

They did what Luck advised them, but still were overcome by the giant waves and heavy rains, which lasted for hours until night turned into day and the storm suddenly disappeared.

“All of us still here?” Asked the Captain of the lead Armada looking around and counting ships. As luck would have it all ships were accounted for, and the quest continued Westward deeper into a desert made of turbulent water.

“You saved all our lives.” Said Dae to Luck.

“Not really…just making sure the adventure doesn’t get boring, dear.” Said Luck, and they laughed the dangers away.

It was a new and particularly beautiful day. The Western Sea was very calm now, but no one knew exactly where they were, or how far the storm had thrown them.

“If the skies are clear tonight,” Said the Captain, “We can adjust our heading then.” But that night the Captain could not make heads nor tales of the stars clustered in the heavens. It was a strange and brand new sky no one had seen before.

“What now, Luck?” Asked Nyte.

“Hmmm…” Thought Luck, “It appears we may have been found out.”

“Found out?” Asked Dae.

“Yes..” Continued Luck, “I do believe we are being side tracked from our Quest.”

“By what, Luck?” Asked Nyte. “You make it sound as if we have an enemy, something or someone who doesn’t want us to complete our quest for the Great Lady.”

“Indeed, Master Nyte.” Said Luck, “That’s exactly what I am saying.”

“What do we do?” Asked Dae.

“It is best in situations such as these to just ‘go with the flow’.” Answered Luck.

“You mean, just ride it out then and see what happens?” Asked Nyte.

“Precisely, Master Nyte!”

“Very well, then…” Said Dae. “Stay the course, Captain.”

“As you command, my Lady.” Said the Captain.

They traveled in what could only be a Westerly direction, but that is all they were sure of. The Western Seas gave away their Sapphire Blues and turned into a dark, almost black sea, and a strange feeling came over every one that they were being watched...even hunted. On the third day a thick mist crawled low on the sea, and the sun was filtered to the dim light of a candle barely making it visible enough to see the ship in front of you.

Right before sunset the cry, “Land!” came out of the lead ship, and it soon became visible between the breaks in the fog as mountains covered in misty tree tops broke through the clouds.

“Every one be on guard.” Said Luck. “Let me go scout around and see what this place is. Whatever happens, just stay here until I return.” Luck leaped from the sea twisting his gold-purple body into the sky, flying through those misty mountain tops, and faded away.

“I have an awful feeling about this, Nyte.” Said Dae.

“Go with the flow, Dae.” Said Nyte, “Like Luck said…go with the flow.”

Night swallowed the ships, and the moon finally rose, just a crescent now in the early morning hours, but still Luck had not returned. When morning broke and Luck was still not back, Dae and Nyte knew he was in trouble.

“He said to stay here no matter what, Dae.” Said Nyte

“Yes, but things are different now, Nyte. He should have been back by now.” Said Dae, worried sick and knowing Luck was in trouble. “Something terrible happened to him, Nyte! We cannot just stay here. I am taking us ashore.”

“Dae…” Said Nyte.

“No! I have made up my mind. Captain!” Yelled Dae.

“Yes, my Lady?” Said the Captain.

“Take us to shore.” Said Dae.

“As you command, my Lady.”

“Okay.” Said Nyte, “Lets go find our lost Dragon.”

Before the sun was directly over their heads, Dae and Nyte, along with half their men, were deep and well inside those misty mountains.

“Listen!” Said Dae, noticing for the first time the absence of animal noises.

“Yes, I know.” Said Nyte. “No birds or anything moving. This forest is nothing but ghosts.”

“What if we never find Luck?” Asked Dae clearly upset.

“I’m guessing he can take care of himself, Dae.” Said Nyte. “He’s a pretty big Dragon. Nothing I can really think of would be stupid enough to harm him.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

“C’mon, Dae.” Said Nyte smiling. “We’ll find him.”

They traveled all that day and ever deeper into those spooky, silent woods. It was evening when the forest finally broke out into a huge grassland valley surrounded by rocky peaks on all sides, and then they saw him.

“LUCK!” Cried Dae, and she ran down to the middle of the valley where Luck was somehow chained up to a huge metal pole.

“NO!” Cried Luck, “It’s a TRAP!”

Too late. Before Dae and Nyte realized what was happening they were surrounded by an army of little people with huge gray eyes and tiny sticks of metal pointed right at them in a threatening manner.

“Give us the Delphi NOW!” Screamed the leader of the little gray men.

“Delphi?” Said Nyte, “We don’t have…”

“Shut up!” Screamed another one, “The egg! We want the egg! You have it! Give it to us NOW!”

“Egg?” Said Dae, “Please, we do not want any trouble. We have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Kill them!” Screamed a third, but the first turned on the third and smacked him on the head with his metal stick.

“Stupid! Then we never find the Delphi!” Said the first gray little man, and then he turned to Dae and bowed politely. “Excuse my comrade. He is not the brightest one here.”

“No excuses necessary.” Said Dae.

“Good.” Said the first little gray man, “My name is, Nero, and I believe you have something that belongs to us. A black cube covered in gold and silver pictures.”

“Yes, I have it.” Said Dae, “But it was given to me by the Great Lady, and I do not think it is yours to have.”

“Let me make myself perfectly clear then,” Said Nero, “This is not up for discussion. Give us the Delphi and we let your pet Dragon live…otherwise he dies.”

“But…” Said Dae.

“No buts!” Screamed Nero waving his metal stick around in the air. “You give us the Delphi now or he dies!” In the distance Luck thrashed on his chains cursing the little gray men, and pleading with Dae not to give up the box.

“Give it to them.” Said Nyte.

“What?” Said Dae. “It’s ours! The quest will be ruined!”

“Just do it, Dae!” Said Nyte, “The Great Lady might have said it contained the most important substance in the universe, but not more important than Lucks’ life!”

Dae bowed her head, and pulled out of her bag the box, “Release Luck and it is yours.” She said reluctantly.

“NO, Dae!” Screamed Luck “Don’t give it to them! Please!”

“That would not be wise, Dae.” Said Nero. “Give me the Delphi and I will release your snake.”

“Release him first!” Said Dae.

“Uh…no.” Said Nero, and with a quick as lightning grab Nero took the box from Dae’s hand and with a shout of glee the little gray men began cheering and dancing about them in a circle singing some kind of victory song.

“You have it! Now release him!” Screamed Dae at the little gray men, but suddenly there was a bight light and the zim-zam sound of metal and the little gray men were gone.

“What just happened?” Asked the Captain, but Dae and Nyte saw Luck suddenly fall to the ground dead and they ran to him crying out his name. Luck was not dead, but once the twins had woken him Luck was so angry those little gray men took the box that he pulled the great metal pole and his chains with it up and out of the ground, and then broke the chains in half with his teeth. Luck was not a happy Dragon.

“I am so sorry, Luck.” Said Dae.

“Not your fault, Master Dae.” Said Luck, “It is all mine to blame. I should have known it was them, but I was too late in figuring it out.”

“Can we get it back?” Asked Nyte, and then Luck started to cry. Luck sat right down in the middle of that great valley and cried.

“I think that’s a, ‘no’.” Said Dae.

“Yeah.” Said Nyte.

“It’s all my fault!” Cried Luck. “I assured her you two were the ones! I promised her I would make sure we were successful!”

“Luck, please…” Cried Dae. “Don’t cry. Certainly we can get it back.”

“No!” Cried Luck. “They have taken it to a place we cannot go!”

“Luck!” Said Nyte sternly. “Stop it. Stop crying this instant! Tell us what happens now?” Luck sniffed back the tears, and then told them this story:

“It was a prophecy,” Began Luck, “Long, long ago when I was a young dragon I was told to wait on the shores of Tripoli for a great Dragon Ship, the gold and silver one that came out of the sky. I was told to watch and not get caught and then report what I saw, but I was captured! Like I told you, I was changed inside that city. They changed me somehow so I wouldn’t age like other serpents, and I could see things now, lots of things that I could not have seen before. I learned I could fly, and when the others found out they said I could not live with them anymore, that I was cursed, and they kicked me out to wander the Earth alone. Many, many moons went by before I happened upon Unchekula, and Razel, the Great Lady you met in the desert. We were the only ones left of our kind, for they had been captured too and changed like I was. They too would not grow old or die.

“We decided to find out what had happened to us back in the city at Tripoli, but the city was deserted. Something bad had happened, and all that was left was the box Razel gave to you.”

“Luck,” Said Nyte, “What does all this have to do with us?”

“I’m getting to that, Okay?” Said Luck, “Recently, I was with Razel, when we discovered how to open the box!”

“You opened it?” Asked Dae.

“Yes!” Said Luck excitedly, “And what was inside changed our lives forever!”

“What is inside the box, Luck?” Asked Nyte.

“Tis the original seed of all life!” Said Luck, “The entwined serpent!”

“The what?” Said Nyte.

“Tis the egg of all living things!” Said Luck, “The very beginnings of life itself! You, me, plants, trees, lions, tiger, bears…”

“Oh my…” Said Dae finally getting it.

“What?” Asked Nyte. “I don’t get it.”

“You plant it, right Luck?” Said Dae. “You plant it just like a seed and it will grow into all things.”

“Yes! Master Dae!” Said Luck, “Precisely!”

“Wow!” Said Nyte, but then his face scrunched up and he said, “That still doesn’t explain what we’re doing with it.”

“Yes!” Said Dae, “What are we doing with it, or were, before those creepy little men took it?” But Luck did not answer right away.

“Luck?” Said Nyte. “What were we really going to do with this thing?”

“I’ve got it!” Said Luck, “I know where they took the box! Come on! There is no time to loose!”

“Luck!” Cried Dae, “Wait, you didn’t tell us what we are doing with it!”

“No time!” Roared Luck twisting into the air “We must get it back! I promise to tell you every thing. Please, you just have to trust me!”

“Where are we going?” Asked Nyte.

“Back to Tripoli!” Cried Luck, “That is where we found it! They must have taken it back to the city!”

“But isn’t the city beneath the sea?” Asked Dae, “How are we suppose to go there?”

“Not to worry, Master Dae.” Said Luck, “I have a few tricks up my sleeve yet!” They all climbed aboard Lucks’ back and flew the short distance back to the waiting Armada, but when they got to there ships a very strange thing had happened.

“Look!” Cried out the Captain, “Our ships! They are…are…”

“Old.” Said Nyte.

“Luck!” Cried Dae, “What has happened?”

“What always happens, I guess, Master Dae.” Said Luck. “Time happened.”

“But we were gone not even a day!” Yelled the Captain.

“Not to them.” Said Luck. “What may have been only a day to us was to them hundreds of moons.”

“Hundreds?” Said the Captain.

“Or more.” Said Luck, “It's hard to tell when you are that close to the little grays and their magik.”

“You mean they caused this?” Asked Nyte.

“I believe so.” Said Luck, “I have seen it happen before. We must get to Tripoli. There is too much time now missing to sit and question how or why. We must be going now!”

“But the ships?” Said the Captain, “Our men? What of them?”

“I’m sorry, Captain.” Said Luck. “There is nothing to be done here. We must go.”

“Luck.” Said Dae quietly. “What of our home…have we been gone this long from our home now too?”

“I don’t know, dear little one.” Said Luck. “I cannot be certain. Come, we must fly!” Luck piled everyone onto what remained of the Great Dragon Ship that had been built for the twins not 13 moons ago, but looked now as if it was an ancient and lost artifact, the wood bleached with sun and salt, and the sails only dust when you touched them. It would no more sail like a ship, but Luck had a trick for that too. He wrapped his huge purple and gold coils around the ship and began singing like he did in the desert.

Nothing happened at first, but then slowly the whole ship and everyone in it began to rise out of those black water seas and into the cool evening air. They flew into the night and on until morning until the sun broke through the Eastern Clouds to reveal nothing but sapphire blue seas beneath them.

“Look!” Cried one of the sailors, “There in the distance! Is that land?” Sure enough land appeared far, far away until they could begin to see the shape of it, orange and dusty reds, a familiar coast where not days before they had left the bulk of the Great Armada to await their return.

“They’re gone…” Said Dae. “Where did they go?”

“No..” Said Nyte, “They’ve been gone a long time. Look!” And there on the shores was the crumpling remains of a mud brick city and deserted plots of land that looked like they had not been used in a thousand moons.

“They waited for us a long time, Master Dae.” Said Luck.

“But where did they go?” Said Dae.

“Questions for later, my dear.” Said Luck. “Come. We must go.” On they flew the rest of that day, into the night, and on the eve of the following night the moon was new, and the stars lit up the heavens from one horizon to the next with familiar stars the Captain named out and traced for them on paper showing how close they were to Tripoli. A sparkling, milky path of stars lit their way as they flew on till morning where the shores of Tripoli opened beneath them once again, but no one cheered. Every one could feel Luck was worried, and no matter how they tried to not think about it, every one knew home was thousands of moons away, and no Dragon Ship would ever be able to make it back in time.

Luck landed the Dragon Ship on the coast, where the city they had been so welcomed at just a few moons before was now ruins, deserted, and abandoned to the jungle all around it.

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