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the Calm before the Storm

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Chapitre Trois : « Word » of disgrace !?

Chapitre Quatre : The Lord of Armies and the SHIELD

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« Somewhere in a world other than ours (we, humans), live some beings endowed with far advanced intellectual aptitudes. Harmony and piece reigned in that world until its inhabitants decided to launch a quiet ambitious project. This project will induce some disagreements among its designers, which disagreements will gradually amplify till to generate totally unexpected consequences, thus changing the face of this world that was once peaceful…»

"Existence" is a feuilleton that chronicles a fictional story. The story is composed of several volumes. The current document only consists in the first volume, which volume is entitled "the Calm before the Storm".

One should keep in mind that the story is first of all a work of speculative science-fiction. It will therefore be expected that most of the scientific concepts and technologies that are mentioned in it diverge quite sharply from what is currently considered as reality and truth, or even from the reality and the truth in short.

This version of the story is available online since December 17th 2017. It results from another slight revision, in addition to the one pertaining to the version of August 10th 2017. The only difference between these two versions relates to the character named « Skordhe », and who was initially called « Skorvhe ». The latter will henceforth be called « Steurghe ».

I sincerely apologize for all the fuss that all these changes might induce, and I also apologize in advance for my English language writing skills that might appear every so often somewhat weak for many readers.

Happy reading!

The author


« At the beginning… »

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It was the long-awaited moment, and woe betide he who would dare to miss the event. They all more or less contributed to the project that would perhaps take shape before their eyes soon. Many were those who were not hitherto optimistic enough about it, and who were not still believing in its achievement, but who were waiting to see if it can be implemented in all its fullness. There were moments of doubts, of disagreements, periods of neglect, stormy but fraternal discussions, confidence regains and moments of strong hopes, to finally arrive at this crucial stage of the project.

A brand new room containing different types of materials, which had all one thing in common, this shimmering appearance, and radiant beauty that would make languish our (we humans) best gemstone researchers. In that room, was the gamma-gen particle generator (GPG), or gamma-generator, or just gamma-G. This particle generator contained a small object that had a crystal ball look. The whole consisting of the ball and the generator seemed to be one of the most important elements of a technological device. The ball (gamma-gen particles receptor or GPR), the diameter of which was about 2 inches long, contained different types of particles immersed in an energy substance. Under pressure of this substance, the particles were kept taped to the wall of the ball. The set constituted by the energy substance and the particles was known by the name of gamma-gen plasma particles, or G2P. However, a human eye would be unable to perceive such particles, and would only see a crystalline spherical form with a greenish color. The gamma-gen particles receiver seemed to float in the gamma-generator, at the level of the center of gravity of this generator.

The main function of the receiver was to hold temporarily the G2P system generated by the gamma generator in a sufficiently reduced-dimension space. The G2P was supposed to grow thereafter, as a result of energy pressure. The operation of the entire set was supposed to be controlled by a microprocessor and a computer program. This one had to handle anything that might consists in interaction between particles, as well as in all sorts of intrasystemic energy pulses on the one hand, and energy pulses between the system (G2P) and the external environment on the other hand. The room also featured a giant screen. That screen had the size of a cinema screen (Cosmic Viewer Monitor or CVM), with a blackish color, and a glass tinted appearance. As regards the G2P, it had a cylindrical shape with a completely transparent glass appearance in the central part, and greyish metallic materials ends. It was about one yard high, and its base had a diameter measuring one foot. It was set at the bottom and at the vertical centerline of the CVM.

One of the finest components of all this technology consisted in a speech (or thought) recognition device. The device was composed of two modules: a module for operating the various commands of the program by speech (or thought), and another module for converting a speech (or a thought), giving it an identity other than that of its source. To safeguard the consistency of the system, only the voice (or thought) of the Monarch was able to operate it. All that device existed due to the creative genius of the intellectual elite of the Elohim community, and at the request of the King.

The adventure began when, during their various explorations of the worlds of the megavers, some Elohim, following an interdimensional shifting, discovered a huge area mainly characterized by an absolute vacuum, and a total darkness. This strange phenomenon, which first generated all kinds of possible speculation from the scientific community, was finally explained within the framework of a comprehensive theory. That theory was supposed to describe the running and the structure of all possible worlds (General Theory of the Worlds or GTW for short). It was developed by one of the leading Princes of the Kingdom. The King decided then to turn this "wild" world into a "livable" one, as this seemed possible after the GTW.

One had then to find the most efficient method in terms of cost and time. Among several proposals that were made for this purpose, one that proved to be the most innovative was selected. This one emanated from Ben Gouryhon, one of the great Princes, and was based on a theory he developed, which was called Particle Self-generation Theory (PST). According to this theory, it was not necessary to spend a lot of time directly creating huge amounts of energy and matter to structure the "blank area"; a small initial quantity of energy and particles with specific properties was sufficient for this purpose. It was then possible to impart a cybernetic dynamism to this microsystem, by providing necessary additional small amounts of energy, through an automatic message (information) processor. Once all this device got designed, it then became possible to impart to the microsystem different shapes and structures, as one wished, by issuing a special message. Afterwards, Ben Harnaph, Ben Ramcess and Ben Rousso, three of the great Princes of the Kingdom, made their entrance in the process.

While the King was meditating on the possible effects of the project on the future of the Kingdom he was in charge of the destiny, Ben Harnaph worked out, in a record time, and in the smallest details, the design plan of all the technological device. He then designed a program meant to give to the initial microsystem a particular motion. This motion was capable of allowing it to grow and of giving it adequate structures at specific times, which structures and periods were predetermined in the source code of the program. He even made a major innovation: the theory of thought conversion (TTC). This theory stated that it was possible to convert a thought from a given Eloha, giving it the identity of another Eloha. This was one of the greatest discoveries in the Kingdom of the Elohim.

Performing then this plan could not be done without the support of Ramcess. The latter drew up industrial processes to produce materials, particles and types of energy substances required to operate the device. He also had a special talent in the work of designing.

One also had to recruit workers, technicians, engineers and scientists, and organize the entire process of carrying out the work, now no one excelled in this type of activity more than Rousso. More than any other Eloha, Rousso had the ability to detect the talents needed to accomplish any type of task, to organize a team, and to enforce both discipline and love within it. Moreover, for many, this mix of order, discipline and freedom that characterized the Kingdom of the Elohim was due to the genius of Rousso, who undertook several actions, and who developed several theories, in the field of social and political organization.

The countdown was about to begin, and everyone could attend the scene regardless of the place where he was, by activating a small portable object, which, among many other features, allow to make TV viewing. A space was still housed in the room containing the technological device, so that few selected favored personalities might attend directly to the scene. One could notice at the forefront His Majesty, Ben Gouryhon [1] (which means "Admirable Advisor"), Ben Harnaph (which means "Light"), Ben Rousso (which means "Supreme Being"), Ben Whezan (which means "Word" or "Great Orator" ), Ben Lynkhon (which means "Faithful Advocate"), Ben Khantt [2] (which means "Faithful Friend"), Ben Zehdong (which means "Eternal Father") and Ben Haraphat (which means "Prince of Peace"). All these personalities were somehow the principal dignitaries of the Kingdom of the Elohim. From the hall, one could observe in three dimensions the "blank area". Spectators in the room were therefore supposed to have the feeling of being inside a shuttle, with the ability to move in all directions of the cosmos. This is essentially the privilege they had on those who were outside the room. The latters had only the ability to perceive the scene by TV viewing on a flat surface, using the commands of the technological device inside the room. However, given that the "blank area" was for the moment characterized by a complete darkness, and the absence of any form of energy and matter, the Elohim in the room currently felt no impression of movement and perceived only the darkness around them, every time the view and movement in three dimensions commands were activated.

Everything was then ready. Nevertheless, a few inaugural speeches were to be delivered before the start of the countdown. Three speeches were expected. First, that of Ben Rousso, who was called to inaugurate the series of speeches, and was to speak for all workers, technicians, engineers, researchers, in short, all those who worked on the project. Then Ben Khantt was to speak on behalf of all the citizens of the Kingdom. The third speech, the one that was most expected, was to be delivered, not by the King, who was nevertheless the supreme sovereign, but rather by Ben Harnaph. And that will be understood in the following lines. Ben Harnaph was to speak on behalf of the ruling class, and thus end the series of speeches.

After some artistic performances, the master of ceremonies invited successively Rousso then Khantt to speak. Then came the turn of Ben Harnaph. At that moment, time seemed to freeze. Surprisingly, this moment appeared to have much more importance than the event itself, more importance than the time when the people expected to be officially confirmed the discovery of the "virgin area", more importance than the moment when the results of the general theory of the worlds (GTW) was to be provided by its author, more importance than the moment when Gouryhon expounded his works on the theory of self-generation of particles, more importance than the moment when Ben Harnaph himself was about to present the computer program meant to control the arrangement of the "wilderness", and finally, more importance than the moment when the whole Elohim community expected to be confirmed the end of the design of all the technological device necessary for the implementation of the self-generation particle theory. Why? We’ll once again know that in the following lines.

As varied as the impressions emanating from faces appeared at that moment, a constancy appeared to be emerging all the same. All, spectators as well as television viewers, seemed well to show an impatience and an extreme attention. All were certainly looking forward to see Ben Harnaph speak, and all were surely careful to not miss any detail of this event in the event. Even some faces such as the one of the King did not escape from this constancy. Nevertheless, some relative impassiveness could be read on the face of His Majesty, despite the impatience and the concentration that gave off lightly there. In his moving from its seat to the lectern, every step of Ben Harnaph seemed to take forever and a day. To say that every Eloha vowed an unwavering admiration to Ben Harnaph would in no way be an exaggeration, and the King seemed to have contributed to this situation. The reasons for this admiration were as diverse as the people inhabiting the Kingdom, and anyway, many Elohim seemed not to expect much thing from the speech itself of Ben Harnaph. In fact, for many Elohim, the very person of Ben Harnaph was a fully sufficient reason to be interested in each of his appearances. For them, there was always going to be something new, much more dazzling, much more fascinating, and much more majestic to discover in its traits, each time there was an opportunity to observe him.

Then came the time to speak, and Ben Harnaph began to utter his first words:

«His Majesty, the Almighty Father and supreme sovereign of the Elohim, the ultimate source of existence of all Eloha, and therefore of all present as well as future creations,

Princes and Sons of the Kingdom,

Citizens from all backgrounds,

Please accept my greetings, and through my voice, that of the entire ruling class of the Kingdom!

This moment we are about to experience is probably one of the most memorable that we will be given to keep in our annals. But how many turnabouts, vicissitudes, paths and doubts had we to face to finally reach this so expected moment. Talking about doubt I’m precisely going to share you a confidence. A confidence, but also a little advice to some of you. The secret is that there was a moment when I did not believe at all in the workability of the project. Yes, really not. Yet, at no time, almost no one could certainly know that. But at the very moment when doubts began to settle in me, Ben Mendeleyve, one of the official advisers of the King, advised me to meet the latter without giving any reason to that, which I did immediately. While I was expecting significant discussions regarding the project, while I even expected that my forebodings, that is to say the doubts I felt vis-à-vis the workability of the project, were going to be confirmed, my conversation with His Majesty pertained to banalities I thought to have no connection with the project. But strangely, after that meeting, a strong sense of optimism began to take hold of me. Suddenly, I began to see many opportunities that could be drawn from the particle self-generation theory (PST) of Ben Gouryhon, which theory I was preparing to attack strongly, and against which I believed to have ineradicable arguments. It is a few days after that meeting that I began to work at some applications of this theory to the project, which led some decades later to the theory of thought conversion (TTC), the computer program, and the detailed plan of the project. I shared this strange transformation to the King, and from the discussions we had, it appeared that there was at least an indirect relationship between the conversation and the changes that induced in me. In this regard I’ll digress a bit: when I look back on all these things, I have a sneaking suspicion of having participated in an experimental process without realizing it; is it really the case, Mel-Schedek [3]? (Laughter in the audience). End of parenthesis. The conversation therefore probably inclined me, one way or another, to better exploit some potentials that were already in me. And that’s where I come to the advice. Contacts with the King must very probably be an invaluable source of inspiration. I invite those of my fellow citizens who can easily have direct conversations with His Majesty to do this as frequent as possible. For everyone else, I ask them to frequently establish with the King unidirectional telepathic communication (UTC). Many of us first try to activate the telepathic portal of the King, expect to receive a positive response from him, before establishing any communication with him. I would like to point out here that even in case of no response, a one-way telepathic communication reveals itself effective and this is demonstrated by the GTW, all the more so that His Majesty never emits negative responses... About GTW, I would like to make a clarification. The author of this theory has stated in several interviews that my discoveries relating to the TTC totally surprised him, and that made many people believe that this theory is a parallel theory to GTW. I would then point out that although it did not seem to be so, the TTP stems entirely from the GTW, like the PST, and all current and future theories, in any discipline…

All these discoveries have thus resulted today in the design of the gamma-generator, which will certainly bring in the time to come the greatest upsets in our megavers. Changes related to the structure of matter, this is undeniable, but also changes related to thought patterns and cultural values of the Kingdom. This most likely will result in changes to the organizational structure of the Kingdom. Therefore, we must all prepare to welcome these changes. They will be irreversible, and the best thing one can do is to take steps to draw the maximum advantage from it.

As regards the "blank area", the Royal Executive Council (REC) asked me to take this opportunity to announce to all citizens that on the proposal of the academy of sciences, culture and language, it has been decided that its official name after development will be "third universe", or "third heaven", or "Tertius". This decision will be published in the coming days in all official publications required for this purpose. However, that designation requires some explanations. We all know that Prokcyss is the first world outside of ours to have been discovered by explorers. Prokcyss can therefore be considered as the second world, if ours (Centaurus) is assumed to be the first one. Then, after the general theory of the worlds, the only interdimensional gate through which one can reach the "blank area" is located within Prokcyss. And again, Prokcyss happens to be a kind of corridor from which one can only have access to two worlds: ours and the "blank area"; hence the name of "third universe" assigned to the latter…

A word now about the very ceremony. I want to inform the entire Elohim community that this ceremony is supposed to take place in two steps. Indeed, the development of the "blank area" is an ongoing process that is supposed to never end. However, at a certain stage of this process, the "third universe" will be of a structure that is similar to that of the universes that we know at present. Since the time that must elapse before reaching this stage is fairly long, we’ll only attend here the initiation phase of the process. Another ceremony will take place in the coming trillenia [4], and during the latter, we’ll have the opportunity to inaugurate the future "third universe". Some of our experts had found elsewhere inappropriate to hold a ceremony in order to only witness the triggering of the process. Fortunately, they have reversed their opinion, because we all realized that even if some of us, as experts, are convinced that nothing can stop the process once triggered, this is not the case of the majority of the citizens. It turns out that those ones are a bit dubious, for reasons we all know, vis-à-vis the success of the initiation phase of the process, even if they are convinced that once this stage succeeds, the project will surely lead to its completion. The present ceremony is therefore of vital importance as we all realized.

There are thus beautiful prospects opening up before us, citizens of the Kingdom. But to get there, it was necessary that some people have a taste for adventure. It was also necessary that other have a yearning to unravel the mysteries of the nature, and to find them a scientific explanation. Some of our fellow citizens also had to have a taste for creativity and work. It finally appeared advantageous that all these types of people I’ve just mentioned be animated by a strong ambition, and were supported and encouraged by many of our fellow citizens. This is an opportunity to give on behalf of His Majesty, on behalf of the REC, and on my own behalf, solemn thanks to all those who contributed directly or indirectly to the achievement of the technological device. Explorers, researchers, engineers, technicians, workers, artists and designers, please receive all the deepest thanks of the entire ruling class of the Kingdom. These thanks are also directed to the ordinary citizen, who, although not involved in the work, has contributed to it by adhering fully to the project, and by giving off a certain optimism that it has transmitted to the project participants in one way or another.

Let the grace and the blessing of the King then accompany us in this new adventure which promises to be exciting. To him be honor and glory for time indefinite.

Thank you. »

The series of inaugural speeches thus ended with the speech of Ben Harnaph. After some rounds of applause, the emcee spoke immediately again, and announced the start of the countdown. All the kingdom held his breath, and the voice of an operator was heard.

Voice of the operator: « transfer of the gamma-gen particles plasma in the attraction field of centaurus001 gate in 30 seconds ».

Computer voice: « "G2P - centaurus001" transfer process engaged. 30-29 - 28 - ... ».

While the computer was counting down, the GPR seemed to drain off its greenish substance (G2P). A white vertical line appeared on the right part of the CVM screen, dividing it into two parts: a small right part with a rectangular shape, and a large left part. Something like a circular ring, the diameter of which measured around three yards, appeared in the center of the left part of the CVM. This part, which had the appearance of a blank blackish screen, suddenly presented an aspect designed in the form of a grid, showing in the background images similar to star clusters and galaxies. At the top left of the CVM, one could read the following information:

Display IG: centaurus001

Source universe: Centaurus

Target universe: Prokcyss

Target area: undetermined

The right part of the CVM, which had a graduated appearance from bottom to top, showed in its middle a thin vertical strip bounded by two white lines, and having a similar background color to that of the whole compartment, that is to say blackish. The vertical band gradually took a green color as background color bottom upwards, while the computer went on counting down. When the whole band turned green, the countdown ended, and something similar to a gamma-gen particles receptor (GPR) containing a gamma-gen particles plasma (G2P) appeared in the center of the ring located in the CVM left compartment.

Computer voice: «"G2P - centaurus001" transfer process completed ».

The voice of the operator was heard again: « transfer of the gamma-gen particles plasma in the attraction field of prokcyss002 gate in 30 seconds ».

And it was once again followed by the computer voice: « "G2P - Prokcyss002" transfer engaged. 30-29 - ... ».

The CVM screen, while keeping its grid and the circular ring in his left part, no longer displayed any images in the background, but always kept its blackish color background. What looked like a GPR containing a G2P, and that was at the center of the ring, disappeared. One could read this time, in the upper left corner, the following information:

Display IG: prokcyss002

Source universe: Prokcyss

Target universe: Tertius

Target area: undetermined

The thin vertical strip in the middle of the right part of the CVM, after regaining its original background color (black), gradually took again a green background color from below. Once again, the end of the countdown coincided with the end of the coloration process of the vertical band, and an object similar to a GPR containing a G2P appeared anew at the center of the circular ring.

Computer voice: «"G2P - prokcyss002" transfer completed ».

Operator voice: « "transfer of gamma-gen particles plasma in the "virgin area" in 30 seconds ».

Computer voice: « "G2P - Tertius" transfer process engaged. 30-29 - 28 - ... ».

The circular ring disappeared this time from the screen. The latter always kept its grid and its black background color, but still with no images in the background. The scriptures in the upper left corner of the CVM were changed again and it could be read this:

ISEG [5]: prokcyss002

ISWO [6]: tertius001

Source universe: Prokcyss

Current universe: Tertius

Current area: unknown

Again, the refill process of the thin vertical strip in the middle of the right part of the CVM resumed. The end of the countdown coincided again with that of the thin strip refill process, and an object similar to a GPR, filled with gamma-gen particles plasma, reappeared in the center of the left part of the CVM screen.

Computer voice: « "G2P - Tertius" transfer process completed ».

Voice of the operator: « contraction of the gamma-gen plasma particles. End of the process in 100 seconds ».

Computer voice: « G2P contraction process engaged. 100-99 - 98 - ... ».

The greenish ball in the center of the CVM right part began to shrink, until it became absolutely invisible to human eye at the end of the countdown.

Computer voice: « "G2P contraction" process completed ».

Operator voice: « triggering of the Tertius generation phase in 60 seconds ».

Computer voice: « "Tertius generation preparation" process engaged. 60-59 - 58 ... ».

At that moment, a complete silence that went beyond anything a human mind could imagine was made, not only in the room, but also throughout the whole Kingdom. Surprisingly, even the face of the most eminent specialists who participated to the project, which face yet seemed to show an unfailing optimism, suddenly seemed furrowed by a slight tension. The computer went on counting down, and it gnawed away at the seconds endlessly, as if the decreasing curve representing the remaining time in function of the elapsed time had allowed a horizontal asymptote to infinity. But this well had to stop, and the "zero" finally delivered by the system strangely plunged most residents of the Kingdom in complex feelings. Have you ever longed for something, while experiencing an extreme tension when you were just about to get it? If that’s the case, then you can easily imagine the feelings that seized the majority of the Elohim, at the very moment when the countdown stopped.

Ten seconds after the end of the countdown, a luminous and spherical object, the diameter of which measured about 4 inches, appeared in the center of the left part of the screen, and began to grow immediately.

There are no words to describe the atmosphere that immediately invaded the different cities and regions of the Kingdom! Yes, no word of human language can be used to describe this atmosphere! It was simply beautiful! Beautiful but indescribable! It was fabulous!! Both fabulous and indescribable!! Imagine the clamor, cries of joy, light strings, musical instrument sounds, fusing everywhere simultaneously, and caused by almost all the individuals inhabiting a planet housing about 800 million of beings, taking into account the fact that in terms of intensity and beauty, this set of lights, music, clamor and sounds, are certainly not reproducible by any human intelligence or ability. After a long session of applause and sustained cries, the room got calm, and the master of ceremonies spoke again to end the rally, without forgetting to give appointment to the spectators and TV viewers for the inauguration ceremony of Tertius, which was supposed to occur in the coming trillenia.

But why such a joy for a scientific prowess (feat) that is supposed to have little impact on the necessities of life, and which could have not caused such a great effect, if it had occurred in a world like ours, where only political events, and some artistic and sportive spectacles, are able to cause the greatest outbursts of collective joy? This can be understood perhaps by having a bit more advanced knowledge of the Kingdom of the Elohim, and of its inhabitants.

Centaurus is a universe comprising structures that are almost similar to those existing in the universe in which we live. Galaxies, stars, planets, these are some of the structures composing Centaurus, and that can be found in our universe. However, from our universe, one can reach Centaurus only by using technologies that allow to pass through certain structures that cannot be detected, even by the most powerful microscopes or telescopes that would be given to a human to create. These structures themselves, as macroscopic as they are, remain imperceptible to humans, unless one has at his disposal an appropriate technology. For it is not a problem of size. The problem is much more fundamental than that.

These structures are made of elementary particles which are of a completely different nature than the ones composing the observable matter of our universe, and which cannot be easily detected, given the technology we have now at our disposal. At most, one could detect those particles only by the effects they are likely to exert on the matter populating our universe. If one does not have the right technology, one can only go in through these structures without feeling their presence and, in most cases, without this having any effect on the body passing through them. These structures, called interdimensional gates, are available in a very limited quantity in a given universe. However, some technologies can use them regardless of where one is located. In addition, it is theoretically impossible for some types of particles to carry out certain types of inter-dimensional shifting.

As Centaurus and our universe, there are thus many other universes separated by interdimensional gates, forming what might be called megavers. However, the concept of parallel universes that is implied here is different from the one developed by some of our quantum theories. The different worlds of the megavers are not multiple versions of a same reality, which versions would only deviate more or less slightly from each other. The megavers is rather a set of parallel universes representing realities that simply overlap, but that are usually completely different and almost independent of each other. There is no kind of correspondence between entities belonging to different universes of the megavers, making entities related by a same correspondence multiple versions of one entity, as stipulated by the superposition of states in quantum mechanics.

The megavers is a kind of enclosure jar in which there are bodies of different natures. These bodies are categorized according to the nature of elementary particles from which they are made. The interactions between elementary particles that are sufficiently divergent from each other by their natures, are essentially characterized by their very low intensity. These interactions are virtually nonexistent. Speaking of interaction, one also alludes to wave propagation in the megavers. That is to say that any type of wave is generally unable to pass naturally between two elementary particles strongly divergent by their natures. All these properties ultimately result to the fact that two bodies of different natures cannot naturally "see" nor "touch" one another. A universe is therefore considered as the set of all bodies composed of elementary particles sufficiently similar to a specific elementary particle that happens to be the elementary particle characteristic of this universe. Two bodies of highly different natures (belonging to different universes) can then occupy the same space, each body « realizing » not the presence of the other. What actually happens when two bodies of different kinds occupy the same space, is that these two bodies fit together perfectly in each other, through the empty spaces between the elementary particles that compose them. This nesting is done without fundamentally disrupting the structures and states of these two bodies, and this for the simple reason that the interactions between the elementary particles that make up respectively those bodies are precisely negligible.

But it is only two macroscopic bodies which can thus occupy the same space, overlapping one inside the other. This is not possible in the case of two elementary particles of different natures. When an elementary particle that’s moving encounters on its path another elementary particle strongly divergent from it by its nature, it usually adopts two types of behavior. Either it teleports so as to position itself just after the particle met, to possibly continue thereafter its motion, or the particle met is simply bypassed. The waves that propagate between two elementary particles that are almost alike by their natures also adopt the same type of behavior, when they encounter an elementary particle the nature of which is highly different from the one of their source.

However, there are scientific methods which make possible some interactions between elementary particles highly divergent by their natures as intense as those between particles which are almost alike regarding their natures. Interdimensional travels consist simply in the application of these methods. But due to a principle called PHS, and that will be discussed below, the ease with which these trips can be made depends on the proximity between the nature of the elementary particle composing the traveler’s body, and that of the elementary particles which compose the matter of the target universe, such that some interdimensional travels remain impossible. To carry out the travels which are possible, the traveler must sufficiently protects his body, like a cosmonaut who protects for a space travel. Otherwise, the traveler’s body will undergo a complete breakdown, and the elementary particles that make up this body will turn into particles that are strongly similar by their natures to those that make up the host universe.

Interdimensional travels are made possible thank to some parts of the megavers, parts that are of very small size. These regions are generally as large as a spherical shape of about 60 miles in diameter. The peculiarity of these regions is that each of them contains elementary particles of a certain kind that exist only within its limits. These regions are somehow micro-universes, and it is they who bear the name of interdimensional gates. Interdimensional gates have two main properties. The first is that elementary particles they contain can interact with any other type of elementary particle only for a brief moment, which is of the order of a billionth of a second. The second is that the interaction between elementary particles of an interdimensional gate and a body made of other types of elementary particles only results in enabling that body to interact much more durably with the matter composing a third world. It is these two properties that give to the interdimensional gates their nature of paths, or corridors linking different worlds.

Before the discovery of the "blank area", experiments seemed to show that one could not leave a world without landing almost instantly in another. In other words, interactions between a body and elementary particles of a certain nature could not be removed, without creating automatically and almost instantly other interactions between this body and elementary particles of another nature. These experiments and some properties of elementary particles pushed then Elohim to conclude that there were no "empty places" in the megavers. This means among other things that it was impossible to create new types of elementary particles, and therefore new universes. It was indeed possible to create an elementary particle with a new nature, a nature that is different from the ones of all existing elementary particles. But for an elementary particle thus created keeps its nature, it needed not to interact with any other particle, during the very first moments following its creation. It is this property of elementary particles that led Elohim to conclude that it was impossible to create new universes. But during an interdimensional travel, some Elohim found themselves in a situation where it was possible for them not to interact with any of the existing matter in the megavers. This is what the discovery of the "blank area" consisted in. A new scientific theory, in the case in point the GTW, was then developed to explain this strangeness. The discovery of the "blank area" and the GTW finally showed that it was possible to create new universes.

This shows that this concept of parallel universes is not based on the fact that some of the dimensions of a universe are compressed compared to the ones of the megavers, as stipulated in some current physical theories such as the string theory. It is not here necessarily a matter of a megavers having more than 3 dimensions, which megavers would contain 3 dimensions universes, something that would result from the compression of all the other dimensions of those universes. The megavers postulated in this story has the same number of dimensions than most of the real world (and not theoretical or fictional) that it contains, no dimension of those universes being compressed in relation to any of the dimensions of the megavers. A universe in this story is simply the whole megavers only deprived of some of the particles of matter it contains.

Furthermore, all the definitions and properties specified above, in the context of this concept of parallel universes, do not depend on the number of dimensions of the megavers. These definitions and properties remain unchanged, regardless of whether the megavers has 1, 2, 3 or n dimensions.

Some of the results, physical parameters and magnitudes related to string theory could anyway be reinterpreted in the context of this concept of parallel universes. In this case, a string itself could consist of a multitude of extremely small size particles. These particles then would be some of the elementary particles constituting the matter of the megavers, and would therefore all be very similar to each other in nature for a given string. The interaction that binds elementary particles, allowing them to form a string, would be a kind of "super-strong interaction". The elementary particles, observed on the scale of a string dimension, will practically be reduced to points, but they could have a different structure if they were viewed more closely. While the coordinates of a point of a string, according to the n-dimensional space proposed by string theory, express only the spatial location of that point in the megavers, within the framework of the present concept of parallel universes, these coordinates provide much more information on this point than its mere location in space. In the case of a 3 dimensions megavers, the current concept of parallel universes considers that only the first three coordinates of a point of the string indicates its spatial location, all other possible coordinates envisaged by string theorists expressing the state or nature of this point, which point being one of the elementary particles constituting the string. The displacement of a point of the string along a dimension other than the three known dimensions of space, will then have to be reinterpreted as a change of the state or nature of this point.

During the vibration of a string in fact, the elementary particles that make up that string don’t only move in space. Some of them also change of state or nature. These changes of state or nature, however, retain generally the proximity that exists between the elementary particles of a same string in terms of their natures. And it is these changes of state that are interpreted by the string theorists as vibrations of the string in dimensions other than the three known dimensions of space. The nature of an elementary particle is represented by a p-tuple of quantitative parameters or magnitudes. In the case where the megavers has for example three dimensions, and that string theorists would rather consider n dimensions, then the category of an elementary particle will be represented by a (n-3) tuple of parameters.

The differences between the categories of particles thus become a quantifiable magnitude. What string theorists would perceive as a simple spatial distance between two points of the n-dimensional megavers they plan, becomes something quite different in the present concept of parallel universes. In this context, this distance is actually a combination of the spatial distance between the two points in the classic 3-dimensional space, and the gap between the different possible types of matter represented by these two points.

Except the hypothesis of a string composed of much more smaller particles, this reinterpretation is not expected to have any significant impact on the structure of the mathematical equations of the string theory and the parameters and magnitudes contained in these equations. It is just sufficient for this purpose to redefine and possibly rename some parameters or magnitudes, and establish a number of equivalencies and correspondences. The angular momentum (spin) and the linear momentum (electric charge) of a string could adopt respectively the terms "angular transmorphic momentum or angular transmorphicity" and "linear transmorphic momentum or linear transmorphicity". The transformation of a string will therefore be supposed to consist in a change in nature of at least one of the points which make up that string, as well as in a mere movement of those points in the three-dimensional space. An equivalence will then for instance exist between the effect that the movement of one point of the string in any spatial dimension other than the three known dimensions would have induced on the energy (mass), the spin, and the linear momentum (electric charge) of the string, as stipulated by the string theory, and the effect induced on the energy (mass), the angular transmorphicity (spin) and the linear transmorphicity (electric charge), by a change in state or nature of the item in question as might suggest this concept of parallel universes. A correspondence should for example also exist between the number of extra dimensions of space planned by string theories and the set of the states (or natures) it is possible to impart to an elementary particle. This set then becomes an infinite and uncountable set.

Ultimately, in the context of this concept of parallel universes, during the vibration of a string, all the points that compose it are confined to the classic 3-dimensional space. None of these points escapes this space to evolve along any dimension of the megavers that would be different from the three known dimensions. It is nevertheless possible that all points of a given string strongly change their nature. Since in this case that string no longer interacts with a sufficient intensity with the bodies composed of particles the natures of which happen to be very similar to the former natures of the particles composing the string in question, and therefore it is no longer « seen » by them (that is to say the bodies), for those bodies, things finally happen as if that string left the 3-dimensional space in which they are to move along other imperceptible dimensions.

It should finally be noticed that the shape and certain properties of elementary particles may also depend on a certain harmony which will once again have to exist among all the properties which have been specified, the physical laws governing macroscopic bodies, those explaining phenomena manifesting at the level of a string dimension, and those guiding the behavior of elementary particles composing a string, in the context of the current concept of parallel universes.

The megavers considered in this narrative therefore has the same number of dimensions than Centaurus and all the other real universes it contains. All these universes are 3-dimensional spaces.

Among the many planets that abound in the universe Centaurus, one has a certain peculiarity. This one is called Elohis, and is sometimes called the Kingdom of Elohim. Elohis seems to be the only one planet inhabited by living beings throughout Centaurus. Making three times the size of Jupiter, Elohis has elements and phenomena similar to those that fill the Earth (atmosphere, wind, vegetation, fauna, rivers, seas, topography, stones, rocks, soils, rainfall, etc.), but the elementary particle (alpha-gen) from which the matter of Centaurus is made up, and the nature of the combinations that gave rise to the chemical components of Elohis, give to the latter a very special aspect. Everything seems to flicker and to give off a natural glow of beauty that goes beyond any imagination. Some types of solid elements of Elohis (plant constituents, sands, constituents of living organisms, etc.) are unique in that they are not naturally adhesive to each other. In other words, certain objects and living beings existing on Elohis cannot easily be soiled with some existing elements in their living environment on this planet.

Besides, the decomposition process, as it is known on Earth, does not exist on Elohis. Living organisms, with the exception of plants, just did not die. There was no technological solution that could help deconstruct them (cut into pieces, burn, disintegrate, damage the normal functioning of the biosystem, etc.) or end their existence. As for plants, provided they are rooted, they regenerate without going through the conventional decomposition process commonly observed on Earth. Any portion of a plant cut from its root vanishes under certain conditions after a certain time, without going through the conventional decomposition process consisting in a change in appearance, infestation by micro-organisms such as worms and bacteria, emission of unpleasant odors, etc. Everything exudes a naturally pleasant fragrance, and living beings belonging to the most advanced type (Eloha) have technologies allowing them to adapt the scent of their environment to their liking. These ones also have technologies allowing them to adapt several other environmental parameters (temperature, brightness, etc.) to their preferences. Two thirds of the surface of Elohis are covered with water, and the remainder is covered with vegetation similar to those characterizing the different terrestrial climates: tropical climates, mediterranean climates, temperate climates, etc.

Unlike the Earth, which is illuminated by a star such as the sun, the light illuminating Elohis rather comes from its atmosphere, which is composed of gases with rather special light properties. Centaurus is unique in that it includes planets lit by a light not coming from a nearby star, but from their atmospheres. It then does not exist on Elohis a "sun" rising in a place to lie down in another place. The day rises simultaneously on all points of Elohis, and it is the same for the dark, due to these luminous properties of the atmosphere. However, and this has been said before, each Eloha may use technologies to create a sensation of day or night around him while being alone in feeling this sensation.

Elohis is part of a planetary system of which it is the center. Just like for example the solar system, with planets revolving around the sun, Elohis is part of a system of planets revolving around it and that was baptized elohistic system.

Another feature of Centaurus is that it contains macrostructures on which time has basically no effect. The universe in which we live is for example continually expanding. For example, stars arise, grow and die. One consequence of this situation is that it is not unlikely that some of the planets in our universe have their structures fundamentally modified or come to disappear in the future. However, some planets of Centaurus, like Elohis, cannot theoretically be deconstructed or destroyed. So these planets exist eternally, while keeping their structures and compositions roughly unchanged.

Let us now take an interest in the people of Elohis, and in some aspects of their civilization. An inhabitant of Elohis is called Eloha; the plural of the word is Elohim. There were about 800 million of Elohim on Elohis at the launch of the generation process of the universe Tertius. All these Elohim were ruled by a single monarch, who reigned over the planet, and who was commonly called under the name of "His Majesty", especially in rather formal contexts, but also often called "Mel-Schedek" or "Adonaye", in user-friendly and less formal contexts. The Monarch of Elohis was regarded by his subjects as a being with a power far surpassing that of any other Eloha. He, however, seemed to rarely exercise this power directly.

The history of Elohis reveals that it was a time when the only inhabitant of this planet was that Monarch. Wishing to increase his welfare by sharing the joy of existence with other beings made in his likeness, Mel-Schedek then created the first living being, who was more or less made in his image. But the latter seemed to be the only Eloha that Mel-Schedek directly created with his own hands. This first-born of Mel-Schedek perpetuated later this creative work, by creating other beings made in his image and that of the King, using the components of his own body. Most of the Elohim who were thus created had in turn the ability to carry on this work of procreation. Like the human society, procreation therefore exists in the elohian society. But unlike the humans, the elohian procreation process is entirely in vitro. With the exception of the King, the fact that an Eloha is procreated by another one does not necessarily make the procreated one less powerful than the procreator. To understand this, one must simply consider the example of a human offspring showing few years later smarter or better in some ways than the humans who begot him. With the exception of Mel-Schedek therefore, all Elohim, including the first-born creature of the King, have almost the same potentials. Nevertheless, some Elohim come to develop some of their potentials more than other Elohim during their existence.

Elohim have a morphology and an appearance similar to those of humans. There are Elohim with a male body as well as Elohim with a female body. There is however no gender differentiation, weddings, or sex between Elohim as it is as regards humans. Elohim are asexual. An Eloha with a female morphology is called Elohae [7] (pronounce « Elo her »), and an Eloha with male anatomy is called Elohee.

But as we’ve already seen, although sexuality does not exist among Elohim as it is in humans, as for the procreation phenomenon, this one exists nonetheless. A newborn Eloha has almost exactly the same appearance and the same dimensions as a human newborn. Therefore, just like humans, Elohim grow physically. But the physical growth of an Eloha is very slow. It takes about 40 million of years to a young child Eloha to undergo the equivalent of the growth experienced by a human offspring in the space of one year. This period of 40 million of years, called cycle, is generally used to express the age of an Eloha. The physical growth and the aging of Elohim usually stop at the age of 25 to 30 cycles. The growth rate of the elohian population is also very low. It is about 0.05 percent per cycle, which roughly corresponds to a birth every 100 years since the launch of TERTIUS project.

This low growth rate is due to biological constraints, and not to willful births limitation decisions. It was even much lower for long periods. Elohim noticed later that procreation could be greatly facilitated by the combination of organic components from an Elohee and an Elohae. This had a very significant impact on the growth of the population.

To understand a bit what exactly the physique of the Elohim resembles, on just have to imagine beauties surpassing away what could be most beautiful in every human race (Asian, African, Indo-European, Native American, etc.), and falling in the age group of 25 to 30 years. All races indeed seem to have their correspondence in the population of Elohis. One must also consider the fact that everything sparkles, and the physical appearance of Elohim is not spared by this property, even if it is at a much lesser degree. Aside from these facts, Elohim almost exactly resemble humans. The size of an Eloha generally varies between 71 and 75 inches for Elohim with male anatomy, and between 67 and 71 inches for those with a female body. The shape of an Eloha is usually pretty slim, nor too puny, not too corpulent.

What about the administrative system of the Kingdom? In this regard, let us notice that the whole Kingdom was divided into 12 districts, each district being divided in turn into 12 provinces, which made a total of 144 provinces. Each province was divided into a number of counties turning around 50. At the head of each district, each province, and each county, was a representative of the Monarch bearing the title of Ben. These representatives were directly appointed by the Monarch. The King (Monarch) was assisted in his decisions by a board called the Royal Executive Council, or REC in some elohian languages, and which was composed of Elohim appointed by him, and also selected from Elohim holding the title of Ben. The members of the REC were 24 in number, and each held a special department dealing with some Kingdom affairs. These departments could correspond to ministries or departments in the current governments governing human nations. In each province, 1,000 people were designated to carry the opinion of the people to the REC and the King. This made a total of 144 000 people playing this role, and these ones also bore the title of Ben, and were called Voice of the People. This role matched that of representative, or congressman, in some of our current nations.

The activities in which Elohim are engaged and their habits are similar to those prevailing in our world. By pure vocation, most of Elohim, though with a very advanced culture, and a certain level of knowledge in most disciplines, prefer to specialize in particular areas which have their correspondents in our areas of knowledge and current businesses (scientific research, social and political organization, engineering, economics, IT, tourism and exploratory trips, arts, etc.). Elohim also possess a level of theoretical knowledge and technology so advanced that we will never reach some of their knowledge and technology, because of the nature of our brain and mental structure.

Laborious work did not exist in the Kingdom of Elohim. Each Eloha used to provide, either freely, or by obedience to the King, but in any case with pleasure and joy, expertise and knowledge to serve the community. Then the problems of scarcity of livelihood (decent housing, health, food, etc.) don’t arise on Elohis. All services and goods were provided free of charge. Each Eloha supplied free of charge services to community members, and received in return gratis services from other community members. This was due in part to the fact Elohim had managed to overcome two problems which human beings face: selfishness and the desire to use one’s possessions or abilities to show off. The only factors that underpinned the vocation pushing an Eloha to acquire knowledge, and to learn a trade, were the pure satisfaction that the fact to understand his world, to exercise the profession in question, and to acquire the means of satisfying his own needs, and those of his fellow citizens, procured to him. Those needs were essentially entertainment needs, and excluded any desire to show off, or to dominate one’s fellow citizens.

The acts of each Eloha were evaluated in real time by a powerful computer. This one was created by a group of researchers, and at the request of His Majesty and the REC. Elohim were thus assessed in real time regarding the acts they posed, their feelings, their intellectual and moral capacities, the contribution of their works to the happiness of the community, etc., by this computer. Elohim whose rating were above a certain threshold were awarded titles of nobility that are "Son" and "Prince". All Sons and Princes have their names usually preceded by the word "Ben." The title of Prince is the noblest, and the best of the Princes were appointed members of the REC, Voice of the People in the Royal Parliament, or King's Advisers. Other Princes occupied the King's representative functions in the districts, provinces and counties (these representatives functions are cited from the noblest to the least noble). If the number of Princes was insufficient to fulfil all these functions, the rest of them was carried out by the Sons. Some Sons were therefore appointed to no official or royal function. An Eloha appointed to an official or royal function generally continued to exercise his usual vocation.

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