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The Exploration of Planet#17824540930

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Report#1783965825 - Exploration of Planet#17824540930

Author: B143-Unit#29588885959

Date: #8493003947

Main conclusions:

  • Economic Impact Estimate: low: <0.1 eie

  • Risk Impact Estimate: low: <0.1 rie

  • Recommended Action: Isolate Planet

  • Standard#1846637 precautions against discovery obeyed

  • B143-Unit#29588885959 remained undetected

B143-Unit#29588885959 inspected Planet#17824540930 (part of Starsystem#17824540930) taking Standard#1846637 precautions. Main goal of mission was investigation of adjacent gas planets and asteroid belt for colonization suitability - see separate, more extensive Report#1783965826, including feasibility study with positive assessment). As Planet#17824540930 is not suited for long-term survival (75% of surface covered by liquid water with trace chemicals) B143-Unit#29588885959 was only able to explore Planet#17824540930 superficially.

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