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Bruce Savage was born in Lewiston, Maine in 1967, the youngest son of 16 brother’s and sister’s to Winfield Strout and Blanche Strout. He published his first successful work when he was 10 years old in Boy’s Life magazine. The publication paid him $1 for a joke he wrote. So excited about his accomplishment and seeing his name published he pursued the art of writing for the next 40 years. In 1984 he enlisted in the United States Army and served his country in Germany. In 1999 he graduated from Columbia Southern University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Information Systems. He held several positions with several fortune 500 companies until 2002 when he dove head first and full time into the world of writing and publishing. Since then he has produced 11 novels and counting. Casualties of War was his first novel followed by Psycho.

He is currently working on many other novels that will be available soon as well as the screenplay for Russian Games. He currently lives in Florida and the Philippines with his wife Julie and his daughter. He frequently enjoys making donations and contributions to ending poverty and supporting those less fortunate and he is an avid animal rights supporter.

Bruce Savage - God’s Assassin (A Jack Carson Thriller, Book #1)

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Bruce Savage – God’s ASSASSIN

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We are made of stardust; our whole body consists of material that has been here before the beginning of time.”

- Giorgio A. Tsoukalos


The country road wound through miles and miles of the Chinese wilderness as a white sedan navigates its way through the darkness of the night. The only light was from the brilliant display of stars in the night sky above and the dimly lit headlights of the aged Russian built car. A man was at the wheel of the car steering it on its way through the wilderness on its way to a destination only he and his wife who sat quietly beside him knew. They were on route for a rendezvous. A rendezvous with beings not of this world. Being more ancient than Earth itself. In the back seat of the sedan slept a little boy. Their son Jack who lay quietly on the backseat dreaming the dreams of a little boy of only five years old. His mother turned around and looked at him sleeping peacefully and then turned to her husband.

“He's so young. Are you sure he will be alright?” She asked.

“He will be fine. I promise. Arrangements have already been made. It's safer this way. He'll be safe with the monks.” The man said assuring his wife.

“Are you sure they won't find him?” She asked.

“I'm sure. This is the only way we can assure his safety. His destiny is set. He is the last hope for humans. The monks will teach him what he needs to know as it was taught to their ancestors long ago. And when he is old enough and it is time he will lead humanity to its future and place in the galaxy.” He said.

“What about the Krehlians? They will never stop looking for him.”

“Sooner or later the Krehlians will be defeated. They won't find him until it’s too late and he is full grown and able to protect himself. He will be ready then and know the truth and he will take his place and do what he needs to do to save humanity. His DNA is part human and part Arushian. He will be the bridge between our two people and lead humans on to their destiny and place in the Universe when it is time. He will bring about the end of the Krehlians once and for all.” He said to his wife placing his hand gently on hers. The car sped along the country road occasionally hitting a pothole and bouncing the car about but the little boy in the back seat did not stir. Above them in the night sky stars twinkled brilliantly unmoved except for one. This star seemed to be moving and getting larger and on a course that coincided with the sedan. Larger and larger the light in the sky grew as it moved closer and closer to the sedan. Suddenly the car started to sputter as it lost power and the headlights started to flicker on and off. The man and woman looked at each other knowing what was going on and what was about to happen.

“It's time my love.” The man said to the woman and pressed his foot on the brakes and brought the car to a stop on the side of the road. He got out of the car and his wife did the same and went to stand next to him in the road as the light approached them. He took her hand and looked at her and gently touched her face.

“Don't worry my dear. You'll see...everything will be fine. The monk will raise him and the society will watch over him.” He said as a large glowing orb hovered above them.

“The monk isn't here yet.” The woman said worriedly.

“He will be. Relax dear. Everything will be fine. Everything is as it should be.”

“I want to say goodbye.” The woman said to her husband and turned to the car and opened up the back door to see that her son was still sound asleep. She leaned in and kissed him on his head and spoke to him.

“I will see you again Jack. I love you.” The woman said as she looked at him sleeping peacefully for a moment and then closed the car door and took her husband’s hand and walked towards the glowing orb. A light beamed down on them and in the blink of an eye they were gone. The orb lifted upward towards the sky higher and higher until it disappeared into the night sky. It was hours later that the boy awoke alone in the backseat of the sedan and began searching for his parents to no avail. They were gone and he was alone. He began to panic and opened up the car door and stepped out of the car and looked around. It was dark still and he had no idea of where he was or what had happened to his parents. He started to walk and called out to his parents hoping that they would appear.

Mom! Dad!” The boy hollered into the night but there was no response. He left the road and started walking through the wilderness stumbling from time to time on rocks and roots. He continued to call to his parents but there was no reply. Where had they gone? Why did they leave him? Where could they be? He wondered through the dark woods not knowing where he was and tripped on a rock and tumbled down a hill into a ravine and hit his head on a rock knocking him unconscious. When he woke up he found himself in a strange place and an Asian man standing over him. The man spoke Chinese and Jack didn't understand what he was saying to him.

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