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Tin Universe Monthly #24

By Brian C. Williams

Copyright 2017 Brian C. Williams

Smashwords Edition

The Tin Universe

The sale of this book without its cover….well, is, sort of, impossible since it really doesn’t have a cover but let us go through the legal spray out anyways. If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that it was reported to the publisher as “unsold and destroyed.” Hands up to you who have books like this in your collection? Now that I put my hand down we can continue with the credits and copyright and legal and stuff that people just don’t ever pay attention to unless it is pumping their own horn.

An Original Publication of System* Publishing, a Tin Universe book published by System*Publishing, a division of System*Productions, Melbourne, Florida. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead or living dead, is entirely and very much so in the coincidental.

Smashwords Edition Copyright © 2017, Brian C. WilliamsSystem*Productions. Tin Universe Monthly #24, and all related titles, characters, and elements are trademarks of System*Productions. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. While unauthorized reproduction is sometimes needed, please remember us writers types are for the most part a poor lot just in search of a ways to tell our stories and enough money to add to our Pro-Wrestling figure collection….well, at least that fits me. First Smashwords edition September 2017, for more information on Tin Universe Monthly #24, the artists who contributed to this book, and Tin Universe contact System*Productions at hangofwednesday@gmail.com

Written by Brian C. Williams

Edited by The Insane Apple’s

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Cover Background Photo by Brian C. Williams

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Author Photo by Nancy Collins


A Little Bit Of Tin Random

There is something you do if you have lived in Florida long enough. Something that shows you know the ends and outs of park visits.

A lot of privilege up in that sentence but we’ll continue.

One of the things you can learn is that park food has two drawbacks. One, park food is for the most part bad, and two, park food is cash high expensive. Friends having a meal before heading for a day of parks and all around fun in Orlando is a way of handling both those thing.

Now normally for Karen, Jeff, and Fox going to The Beyond Human World Of Pulpy includes a meal at The Cape Flys Pub And Grill, but on this day not one of these yearly passholders has enough cash for that.

Plus, to be secret factering here Jeff and Fox are in no mood for one of Karen’s Pulpy rants. Part of their fun is mocking the place but mocking during a meal of too many Beyond Shots can get them kicked out.

They’ve proven that a fact before.

Don’t think they’ll have that problem this time before parking. Mainly because Karen’s parents own the place they chose to eat before parking.

That is parking as in parking, not parking as in parking. Are those spelled different? Maybe, but this is monthly and already past deadline.

But this little bit of character dipping isn’t really about parks or parking or good writing or even eating so let us jump in the middle of these friends and their normal sort of discussions.

Jeff, ‘If more people had had diabetes it would have destroyed the slave trade.’

Karen, ‘That’s a big bag of random stupid.’

Fox, ‘Explain yourself Jeff.’

Karen, ‘Oh, God no.’

Jeff, ‘If more people had had diabetes they wouldn’t have needed the slaves to cut the cane. No need for mass amounts of sugar and no need for mass amounts of slave labor.’

Karen, ‘What? But?’

Jeff, ‘Someone just needs to travel back in time, invent diabetes, and give it to everyone.’


Their table was filled with silence.

For more of The Triumvirate download Tin Universe Monthly #6 for free by following the link on tinuniverse.blogspot.com

Though that story takes place before this one.

And was written years ago and the writer has learned a little since.

No, no, a writer must have faith in his writing. Go read it. Hey, it’s free after all.

And don’t forget the great Tin Universe audio you listen to on Tin Pod, part of Tin Pod Radio: hangofwednesday.podbean.com

Ok, now for something as equally abstract and odd.































and what came from it?


What I learned while writing this: This is a weird place to say it but Tin Universe Daily is cancelled. I love doing micro fiction and may return to it one day but these monthly chapters in Tin Universe Monthly will fill that itch for now. Tin Universe Monthly will contain micro fiction and flash fiction stories or even longer if needed. I may be a bit nuts for trying to restart this while also working on adding more shows to Tin Pod Radio but Hell the worlds fucked up and needs more of my Wal-Mart cereal grade storytelling.

And don’t forget I’m also bringing back Generation Of A God as part of Tin Universe as a daily mixed media webcomic.

Since it’s been a while from the last issue of Tin Universe Monthly I’ll try to fill in on some releases of late non epublishing related starting with Tin Pod Radio.

Tin Pod Radio is the official podcast channel of the Tin Universe. We have a number of good shows going with more to follow:

TIN POD, the monthly flagship show adapting every Tin Universe story into audio one chapter at a time every month. Also special interview episodes with talented people. Once the whole story is finished we will collect it into one audio book and that will be available for download for charity. We’re adapting in monthly chapters every Tin Universe story from the beginning but the first release was an audio adaption of Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #1 which takes place at the same time as Tin Universe Monthly #1, and TUM #1 started getting the audio adaption treatment in Sept. By the time this comes out it should be on our Tin Universe podbean feed for download or streaming. Check out the links group after this for a link to Tin Pod Radio.

Other shows on the channel:

TALKING WITH MAR, monthly we talk to our in apartment librarian about pop culture and all things libraries. Contains no whispering, bad words, a lot of Deadpool talk, and facts that fact fact.

S.N.M.N., every month three friends spend a good couple hours together eating, drinking, letting off steam. TV and film commentaries, food challenges, and just talk shit. A lot of shit talk.

SHORTLISTED, is about randomly found internet lists. There are a few of those online. Shortlisted puts the test in front of us to finish a list within 1 hour but most of the time they fail. In this case failure can be a lot of fun.

And that’s just the main shows. We also have shows that just appear from time to time like the political writer’s brain dumpster dump that is Under The Training Book.

All this plus new merch (check out the link from the main Tin Universe site) Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #5 will be coming out in Dec., and so much more including our first short film will begin filming with the new year.

Oh, and also because I have so much extra time on my hands I started a hobby, I do an action figure photo Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/w.c.w.a.wrestling/

Thanks for reading,

Brian C. Williams



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