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Strange and Charmed

Even when he was alive Gary Plunk always had too much energy. He floated down the stairs, counting, one, two, and three...all the way to twelve. He ran back up and then ghosted down again, and at the bottom he made the floor boards squeak.

The overly plump and rosy cheeked Mrs. Wentworth stuck her head out from behind the swinging kitchen doors. "Gary, stop that nonsense!" she yelled.

The door swung shut as she disappeared into the hot kitchen.

Gary knew he’d irritated her beyond her endurance but he was upset because she’d sold the boarding house and he didn’t like that.

He floated up through the wooden floors into the converted attic, where he used to work when he was alive. On the floor of the attic office sat the few remaining boxes of his things. Mrs. Wentworth had dragged them up there from the basement.

On the desk, sat the calendar that Mrs. Wentworth hadn't changed since the day she brought it home from the bank, ten years earlier. He knocked the calendar over spilling the white pages across the grey, paisley patterned carpet.

Through the round attic window, he heard the car of Mrs. Wentworth's new owner pull into the driveway. The old housekeeper’s loud British accent was very discernible as she yelled at the owner like he was one of the boarders, "These are the keys to the doors, front and back; the attic is your room, and this one is for the basement. I'm here every day. I’ll make most meals but every second day you're responsible for your own supper. Use the kitchen when you need to. There's a list of restaurants and fast food places in the area, of course there's the university cafeteria," she said with much disdain in her voice.

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