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The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger

Book Six

Smashwords Edition

Script by Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2016

Please be aware that this is part five of an ongoing script; to get the full story please read books one to five first.

Please be aware that this script has adult content.

Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but the beginning.

Scene one: WPO Base

The car turns into the gates at the WPO (World Protection Organization) base and is parked in a small courtyard.

Ryon: Please follow me into the complex.

Mal/Loll gets out and closes the door when the car suddenly disappears!

Mal: Where did the car go?

Ryon: Nowhere, it is still here, feel it.

Mal feels the car with amazement.

Ryon: It is a little trick of ours; it is a cloaking device which sometimes comes in very handy.

Mal: I can see I will be in for some very amazing things.

Ryon: You will, but please treat them with cool head, some of the people we recruited in the beginning were so shocked by them that we had to let them go; they were reinstalled into society and are unaware that they were once WPO staff.

Loll: Mal is a cool headed person; in fact, she is the coolest headed person who ever lived.

Ryon: That will be ascertained in a short time, please follow me. I know you are tired, Mal, but there is one thing that I want you to do first.

They arrive at an elevator door. The door opens suddenly and a large heavily muscled man with a karate suit on jumps out and grabs Mal by the throat with his right hand and her right wrist with his left hand. The man is smirking and begins to squeeze. Mal looks at Ryon who looks back impassively. Mal then reacts, she kicks the man in the crotch so hard that he is lifted off his feet and crumples to the floor. He starts to twitch like an android.

Ryon: That is enough! I can see Mal is no pushover. We will go to level seven, please follow me into the elevator.

Mal: I know that the karate man is an android.

Ryon: Yes, you can tell by the way he twitches when hurt, this is a thing which the MIB are trying to sort out; we managed to acquire some of their stock to assess.

Loll: Mal is about beat, I can tell.

Ryon; Yes, please forgive my thoughtlessness; you can rest now in peace, your room is no 1204 along the corridor, just wave your hand across the number plate and I will contact you later.

Mal: Well, here we are in another room but this time it is clean and tidy.

Loll: Mal, we don’t need to talk to each other anymore, we can simply use thought power! Can you understand?

Mal: Yes, we are finally able to communicate with each other without being looked on as freaks.

Loll: And it will stop any listening devices from knowing what we are thinking.

Mal: I suppose the WPO will still be able to tune in though?

Loll: I don’t know, but I suppose so. Let me think, I am now operating somewhere on the inner planes, yes?

Mal: I suppose so.

Loll: I don’t need to be in the physical body anymore, but I will still be here, Mal.

Mal: Yes, but I will miss your grumpy ways and your untidy dress.

Loll: We will be even more together, remember when you used to go off on your own sometimes when we had an argument?

Mal: Yes, I always landed up in trouble and I used to worry that you wouldn’t be able to help me.

Loll: Well, now I will.

Mal: I have a new poem, loll, it is called...

We are one.

I am me and you are you

But we are connected through and through

You can think and I can act

We can win and that’s a fact

Nothing can beat our solid team

No matter how evil big or mean

We are together for life

Through trouble and strife

The girl is a complete tart

The man is simple old fart

Together we are unbeatable

Don’t call me a whore or you will be floored

Don’t call me bad or I will get mad

Treat me kind and you will find

A girl who will love you forever

Loll: It is wonderful, Mal. I wonder if they know what a treasure they are getting.

Mal: Let’s sleep, Loll, I am dead beat.

Mal wakes up after ten hours sleep; she has a shower and freshens up. The breakfast is laid out on the table with all the things that Mal likes plus one thing that Mal didn’t expect. A robot is standing by the table ready to serve.

Mal: (Looking at the robot, who is a good looking male, up and down) my, you are a nice looking little thing!

Robot: Please call me Kevin.

Mal: OK Kevin, what can you do physically speaking?

Kevin: I am fully functional in every way.

Mal: Does that include sex?

Kevin: Yes, but I have been ordered to decline your wishes in that respect.

Loll: (sending a thought to Mal) they must have heard of your notoriety.

Mal: It wouldn’t be right anyway, although he is very good looking. OK let’s have breakfast.

Kevin: You are requested to attend the meeting in the small conference room at on level nine, Mal.

Mal: OK, I will see what is available in my wardrobe.

In the bedroom, Loll tells Mal by thought that there are a number of spy gadgets planted around her rooms; one of them is in the shape of a fly, which is on the ceiling above them. Mal sees it but ignores it and walks out after dressing in a fawn colored trouser suit. Mal makes her way to the conference room, she waves her hand across the name plate and the door opens. There are six men and two women in the room plus three robots. Loll tells Mal by thought which ones are the robots.

Mal: Good morning everybody.

Ryon: Good morning, Mal, please sit down here in front.

Mal sits down and casually looks everybody up and down.

Loll: (By thought) Mal, just relax, they are assessing you.

Mal: am I to be tested in some way? I have to tell you that I am not very good at math and science, but I am good at physical stuff, that’s not to say I’m a dummy, I can read a person’s character very well, for instance, I can see that the lady here is totally against me joining your little band. The other woman is a robot plus the two men at the end.

Ryon: How did you know about the robots? Can you see their auras?

Mal: No, Loll told me.

Ryon: But we didn’t send any messages to Loll! We deliberately kept him in the dark.

Mal: Nevertheless he knows; Loll is a very special person.

Ryon: The messages that we send to our operatives are a very special sort; they go through to the astral plane and are then transferred back to the agent; if we want to block any agent we can.

Mal: I also know that the agent sitting to your right is a spy.

The agent looked on with a passive face; Ryon looks at him.

Ryon: Agent Giles, what have you got to say to this accusation?

Giles: She is crazy! We all know that. Didn’t we say before you brought her that it was a stupid idea to recruit a schizophrenic person! She could break at any time.

Mal: I could break you!

Ryon: Where is the evidence against agent Giles?

Loll tells Mal through thought.

Mal: Agent Giles regularly accesses the new High Ideal Super Computer to upload files by way of his own brain which has been condensed and enlarged. He is a Dark Agent.

Ryon: There must be some mistake! We would have known.

Mal: Check out the ‘Spy Fly’ in my room, you will find it leads to agent Giles. Mal slowly puts her hand on her gun while being relaxed.

Giles makes a move to the door while bringing a laser gun up to shoot Mal; Mal shoots him in the arm. Giles folds up and two robots hold him fast.

Ryon: I am totally at a loss with this, we will adjourn.

Mal moves back to her room.

Loll: Well, we certainly made an impression there.

Mal: Giles will rue the day he met me.

Loll: Mal, I know that I have bypassed the operatives on the astral plane! I can go higher, that is why they can’t stop me! We will be the top agents here in a short time.

Mal: I want them to sort out this cancer of mine; I am starting with the back pain again.

Loll: Don’t worry, Mal they will cure it. Maybe Kevin could massage you?

Mal: Kevin, please massage my back.

Kevin massages Mal’s back and then starts to undress and stands in front of Mal with an erection.

Mal: What is this?

Loll: I thought it would please you; I can’t do it anymore and John is gone, Kevin is a robot, so I’m not jealous.

Mal: Thanks, Loll, I appreciate this, OK Kevin, do your best.

Mal and Kevin are having sex for a few minutes when Kevin suddenly blurts out...

Mal, this is Ryon, would you please report to the conference room again at 10.30.

Mal: Damn it! Keep going, Kevin, we still have thirty five minutes and I want my pleasure.

Kevin: I have to do the washing up yet.

Mal: To hell with it, concentrate on this job!

Kevin, I am concentrating, but I can’t see how this could be pleasurable.

Mal: Well it is! You are not human, so you can’t understand.

Kevin: I am trying to understand; I suppose you need love, which is something else I can’t understand.

Mal: Love is something that I can’t really understand myself, but with Loll I can.

Kevin: Why don’t you do it with Loll then?

Mal: Loll is not here at the moment.

Kevin: Where is he?

Mal: He is away, just give me a few more minutes, and keep quiet!

Kevin: Mal, I love you.

Mal: It’s nice of you to say that, Kevin, but you don’t really mean it.

Kevin: No, Mal it’s me, Loll! I took over Kevin for a while.

Mal: How did you do that!

Loll: I don’t really know, I asked the source, and here I am!

Mal: This is fantastic! I feel rejuvenated. OK Loll let’s see what you can do.

Mal and Loll are in sex heaven for half an hour.

Loll: OK, we had better get dressed and report to the conference room.

Mal: Will you be able to move into the robot at will, Loll?

Loll: I think so, but I will always be with you.

Mal / Loll move to the conference room on time where six people are sat and two robots are standing near the door.

Ryon: The events of the last few hours will change the way our organization functions. Mal has proven that we can’t trust anyone one hundred per cent. The Spy Fly was assessed and found to be linked into Giles and his coworkers; who are now being rounded up. The Super Computer has been compromised and will take weeks or maybe months to repair, so we are vulnerable at the moment.

I can see you want to break in here, Mal, what is it?

Mal: First of all, you can round up that robot. (Mal was now pointing at the robot that is standing to the right of the door). He has been compromised; he doesn’t know it yet, but he has been programmed to transfer files from the High Ideal computer. Check his hardware and change his main board.

Ryon: He has been checked! He is my personal robot!

Mal: He was checked by android 362; he is another who is compromised. Loll is trying to assess the damage to the High Ideal computer; it seems that it may be beyond repair.

Ryon: What? Do you know how much money it cost? This is too much!

Mal: Loll says he will compile a list of the probable spy’s, and if he is allowed, future ones.

Ryon: We will adjourn. Mal, please report to the surgery for the assessment of your illness.

Mal makes her way to the surgery, she always has her gun ready and Loll informs her that an android will make an attempt on her life in the next two minutes. Mal arrives at the elevator to go to the next level; the door opens and an android is waiting inside; Mal shoots the android in the kneecap; he falls to the floor. Mal can see a small needle with a tube attached fall out of his hand, she kicks it away. The android looks at Mal in awe and then she hears a small click as the android self-suicides, he slumps down and is dead in a few seconds. Loll informs Ryon what has taken place. A team of robots arrive to take the android away, and Mal arrives at the surgery where Ryon is waiting.

Ryon: I am in awe of you, Mal!

Mal: It is Loll who is the hero, not me.

Ryon: You are a team; I can see we will soon be counting on your expertise. The android in the elevator was beyond our radar, he was a top android; one who was earmarked to be a leader in high office!

Mal: Loll will give you a list of the probable spy’s, as he said before; he has managed to bypass part of the astral plane, so he can work in more secrecy, he will still be able to give you information when the time is right. You have to realize that there are dark agents even on the inner planes; they can give you faulty info, Loll can help to weed them out.

Ryon: This is fantastic! Do you mean we have been tricked by spiritual agents?

Mal: Yes, why not? This is how Voodoo works.

Ryon: But, it was supposed to be foolproof! Our spiritual team was beyond the best!

Mal: Everyone has a price, Lucifer was a high angel but he still fell from grace.

Ryon: I feel I am getting too old for this job; I should have known! I let the dark agents in with my complacency.

Mal: You couldn’t possibly know, only Loll can know these things.

Ryon: Then, Loll is a candidate for my job.

Mal: No! He is attached to me and I can’t stand being in a job such as yours.

Ryon: You could be altered! An android body is without illness; you would be able to control your urges.

Mal: I don’t want to ‘control’ them; I like them, just get rid of this cancer and I will be good. I also want Kevin the robot to be my partner; Loll can enter his brain and control him; he will be invaluable to the team, I know.

Ryon: Do you mean Loll can control the robot?

Mal: Yes.

Ryon: I’m being told that you can now go into surgery, don’t worry, I’m sure Loll has checked them out.

Mal: Yes, he has.

Mal comes out of surgery after two hours. Her cancer is cured and she has been given a special injection which strengthens the bones and muscles.

Mal wakes up in her room with Ryon standing at the foot of the bed.

Ryon: I have been told that you now have the strongest female body in the world!

Mal: How is that possible?

Ryon: We don’t know, maybe Loll had something to do with it?

Mal: Loll, did you interfere with the procedure?

Loll: No! It seems you have a very strong natural body which agreed with the procedure.

Ryon: Whatever it is; it will be a bonus for us. You will be a super-agent! How do you feel?

Mal: I don’t know?

Ryon: I will leave you to recuperate; Mal, Kevin is here if you want anything.

Mal: Thank you.

Loll: (Thought process to Mal) well, that went well, eh?

Mal: I feel weird, as though I’m about to get angry.

Loll: That will be the after effects, I was told that you will have to control your anger, you are something like the Hulk in the comics; your strength will increase dramatically when you are angered.

Mal: Why should it increase? Are you telling me the truth, Loll, did you have anything to do with it?

Loll: Only a little, I asked if they could give you a boost to give you a little extra strength.

Mal: If I feel bad, I will blame you, Loll.

Loll: You won’t feel bad, Mal, trust me. You won’t just have the strongest female body on earth but the strongest body of anyone on earth. I thought it right not to let them know everything, Mal, you have to be cautious that you will be too strong for your body, so be careful.

Mal: You mean I could break my bones if I use too much strength?

Loll: Yes, but when you get used to it you will be delighted.

Mal: At the moment I feel like you used to feel like, Mr. Grumpy.

Loll: Rest, Mal, you will feel better in a short time.

Mal rests and dreams, she is taken to a room which is similar the ones at the WPO center. She is assessed and asked to do certain things which will help her in her new job as a Super-Agent. Mal wakes up and feels good, but light headed and surprisingly unsexy. Kevin is waiting in her room.

Mal: Loll, is that you or Kevin?

Loll: It is me at the moment; I’m trying to figure out how to get the feeling right in my fingers.

Mal: Did you have anything to do with me losing my sex drive?

Loll: No, but they said it is one little thing that happens sometimes.

Mal: Well, to me it isn’t a little thing! I need it!

Loll: You have got to think of the bigger picture.

Mal: I’m going to smash everything in a minute!

Loll: Calm down, Mal. I want you to try something. See if you can bend this solid steel knife with your thumb.

Mal Walks over to the knife and holds it; then she pushes with her thumb; the knife breaks and Mal cuts her thumb.

Mal: You knew I would cut myself didn’t you?

Loll: Yes, but wait, see the cut is healing itself! They were right; they said you would be able to heal yourself in a few seconds!

Mal: I don’t believe it! What happened?

Loll: You are a scientific phenomenon!

Mal: Do you mean I can’t be hurt?

Loll: Not just that, you can’t be killed!

Mal: I must be dreaming! They did this sort of stuff in my dream a short time ago.

Loll: I know, I was there; you have been given something that every person in the world would want.

Mal: All I want is my sex drive back!

Loll: Please relax. I will ask them to help you; sex is not important on the inner planes.

Mal: Well, here it is!

Loll: Mal, don’t you realize what this means? You are invulnerable!

Mal: Loll, I am a simple type of person! You are the deep thinking one. Why should I be given this power?

Loll: Because it is for the two of us! I am part of you and you are part of me. I will be in the robot most of the time.

Mal: I wish they could give you your simple old fart of a face back.

Loll: They can! They can also change your face!

Mal: What?

Loll: All I have to do is ask them to change it and you can have any face you desire.

Mal: This is too much. Do you mean I could actually be like Marilyn Monroe!

Loll: Yes. It is part of the body you now have; it can repair itself and change its appearance.

Mal: The messages that we are now sending to one another can’t be read by the WPO staff?

Loll: No, not if I so wish, they know you are strong, but have no idea about your other powers.

Mal: Are the powers-that-be on the astral plane in agreement about this?

Loll: Yes, we are about to become agents for a higher source than the WPO, Mal. The MIB and other agencies will be looking for us; but they won’t find us unless we want to be found. We will be officially members of the WPO, but not in reality.

Mal: I have a feeling that we will be targeted in a short time.

Loll: I know we will, the woman agent and her robot will make a play for the leadership of the WPO, she is about to instigate a scheme which will bring about the downfall of Ryon.

Mal: Why don’t we tell him?

Loll: No, we will let her take it through to the end to net the secret agents that have been protected by being androids; there are several that are very hard to locate, even for the astral plane agents. The High Ideal computer has been designed by astral plane specialist technicians, but it is flawed because dark agents got access to it.

Mal: What is the plan to capture them?

Loll: Just relax for now and be prepared to die.

Mal: What?

Loll: I want you to pretend to die when an agent shoots you with a poison needle gun.

Mal: Poison! Will that not harm me?

Loll: No, you are protected as I said before.

Mal: But Poison! You know I never liked snakes and stuff.

Loll: Relax, when it happens, just lie on the floor and pretend not to breathe; it is a particularly fast acting poison and you should be dead in fifteen seconds, just be aware that you might feel a little hot and nauseous. The robots will carry you to the surgery.

Mal: What happens then?

Loll: The woman agent known as Freda will persuade Ryon to relinquish his role; Ryon will actually

believe that you are dead.

Mal: Are you sure that Ryon will go for this? It seems a bit unbelievable!

Loll: His contacts on the astral plane will inform him that you are dead, but we know better. He has been under a lot of pressure lately and will willingly take retirement, although he has also been given a new drug which has sapped his confidence.

Mal: When does it happen?

Loll: In seventeen hours and twelve minutes.

Mal: I have a new poem; write it down, it’s called...

Eternal Friend:

Am I woman, or am I man, or am I soul?

I know I am eternal,

I can see it in my dreams,

I can fly and I can live in eternal happiness.

When I am awake I am lonely.

But I have an eternal friend who loves and cares for me

He is here right now, all I need do is realize.

He guides me to safety, and he loves me

What more do I need.

Loll moves into the robot and hugs Mal.

Mal: I must be getting old, I feel like I need a hug more than sex! It’s strange how the body works; I just don’t want to end up like a robot or android.

Loll: You can stop anytime, Mal, all you need to do is inform me or one of our coworkers and you will be released.

Mal: And then what?

Loll: You will be able to die or you can go back to the old Mal and die naturally; but my guess is you will love your new life.

Mal: What about you, Loll?

Loll: I am tied to you so whatever you decide I will accept.

Mal: I will do my best and treat it as an opportunity to do good for mankind.

Loll: That’s the spirit, Mal, we will teach these power seeking thugs. I am getting a message from my source, they say Freda is about to visit us, she will invite us to dinner lunch tomorrow, that is when the attempt will be made on your life; she will arrive in four minutes.

Kevin announces the arrival of Freda.

Freda walks in with a smile on her face; she is wearing a tight trouser suit which is a perfect accompaniment for her stunning figure, she also has a hair style and face to die for.

Freda: I’m just here to invite you to lunch tomorrow, and I just want to say sorry for the bad feelings, I can see now that you will be an asset for us. I am putting myself forward for the role of Deputy High Coordinator; so, if you have any problems I hope you will come to me, Ryon is very good, but he has been under a lot of pressure lately and is contemplating retirement. I know you have recently had your illness taken care of, and your system has been updated, but you really want to consider a new face; the one you have is OK, but if you don’t mind me saying so, it is rather manlike and large; you could have one similar to mine but not the same, and your shoulders could be reduced, you would be more feminine and I know you want that, Mal, I mean, you have been stuck with a man’s body so long it must have been hell for you, yes?

Mal: Thank you, Freda, for the advice, but I am satisfied with my body and face, but I will accept your invitation to lunch. I suppose it will be nice for you to eat with ordinary humans instead of androids and robots.

Freda forces a smile and exits.

Mal: Don’t tell me, Loll, she hates me, yes?

Loll: She not only hates you, but she will try to kill you. Come, let’s cuddle up and sleep, I want to see how a robot rests.

Mal: Well, I suppose if my sex drive is gone I won’t be able to say I have a headache to you with this body, eh?

Loll: Ha, good one, Mal.

Mal/Loll Rests and sleeps, but they don’t really need it. (Communication is still being done in thought mode.)

The following day at lunch time Mal arrives at the Community Social Hall in a custom made blue Italian style trouser suit of the newest kind, with a hair style that suits Mal’s face which has been adjusted ever so slightly; and her figure has been enhanced accordingly. Mal feels good as her sex drive has returned to her for the time being. She doesn’t need her gun, but she has brought it out of habit. Mal walks in. Eight people are sitting at a long dining table with three androids, and four robots standing around the room.

Freda: Mal, come in and sit here please.

Mal walks in while observing everyone. He instinct has increased and so have her eyesight and every other sense. Mal sits next to Freda.

Freda: I want to introduce you to our team.

Freda introduces each person in the room including the androids who she thinks Mal doesn’t know about as they have been newly formed; she then starts to tease Mal with a big man who is sat on Mal’s right.

Freda: Mal: I know you think you are strong, but I think you will have to admit that Mark here is stronger; he was selected for a special program of new training ideas, he passed every test with flying colors! Perhaps you would like to pit your strength against him in a little test?

Mal: I haven’t had a chance to test myself as yet.

Freda: Maybe you think you aren’t ready yet? I can understand if you don’t think you’re new ‘powers’ are up to it. (Freda is smirking).

Mal: What is the test?

Freda: A simple arm wrestling contest to begin with.

Mal: OK, I think I can manage that.

Loll: (In thought mode) Mal: Let him wins; but break his fingers.

Mal: Where do we do it?

Freda: The robot will bring in the equipment.

The robots bring the arm wrestling table and an assortment of weights and other gym equipment.

Mal and Mark link hands and get ready to compete. Freda looks at Mark as if to say break her wrist. Mal can read the unsaid thoughts quite easily with Loll’s help.

Freda: I’ll say start in a few seconds, Mal, are you sure you can handle this? I don’t want you to be downhearted with only just joining us, but I think you’ll find that Mark is a hell of a strong man and you could get hurt; of course, you will be put back together quite easily, but are you still willing to endure this?

Mal: I feel a little apprehensive, but I’ll risk it.

Mal knows that Freda has informed Mark to injure Mal.

Freda: OK, start!

Mal takes the slack as Mark slowly increases the pressure; he smiles and looks at Freda. Mal knows that Mark is sleeping with Freda and he wants to impress her. Ten minutes into the contest and Mark is getting agitated and tired; he starts to sweat. Mal is told by Loll to let him win in a convincing way. Mal puts her head down and groans; she then let’s her arm fall back slowly while looking Mark in the eyes. Mal collapses on the table.

Freda: My word that was a good contest, well done Mark, commiserations Mal, you did well. The reading on the table was the most pressure that it has ever registered!

Mal: Well done, Mark. Mal reaches out her hand to shake hands with Mark; Mark looks Mal in the eyes and then looks at Freda. Mal can see that Freda wants him to squeeze the life out of it. Mal puts on the pressure; Mark returns the pressure and smiles more; his smile is short lived as Mal squeezes harder. Mark shrieks.

Mark: Fucking hell, you broke my fingers!

Mal: I’m sorry, but I thought you were testing me?

Freda: (Looking at Mal in anger) how could you do that? He is the WPO champion!

Mal: I guess it was a freak thing! Has his bones been strengthened?

Freda: We will cancel the rest of the test; Mark will need to go to surgery.

Mark: No! I’m OK, I’ll tape my fingers up; I want to carry on.

Freda: Are you sure? How can you lift any weight with your hand?

Mark: I’ll lift if she can.

Loll: Mal, get ready to die in the next few minutes, the robot will try to help you as you struggle with the weights; he will then shoot a needle gun into your chest.

Freda: Does everyone want to see the rest of this contest?

Everyone raises their hands. Alright, but someone might get hurt. Freda looks at Mal.

Mark stands in front of the weights and prepares to deadlift. There is 1,500 pounds on the bar.

Mark blows out and looks at Freda again and she nods her head ever so slightly. Mark straightens his back and lifts, the bar rises easily to his knees and he stands upright in triumph; he drops the bar and smiles. Mal moves to the bar, she looks at everyone and notices the robot move over to her front.

Freda: The robot will help you if you get into difficulties, Mal. Are you sure you can handle this?

Mal: We will soon see whether I can, won’t we?

To be continued in The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book seven.

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