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Shadow People

By H.Jason Schulz

Copyright © 2013 H. Jason Schulz

Smashwords Edition

The following was received by an associate and given to me. My associate is missing; has been for over a week. He left instructions for me to publish this if I did not hear from him. The media is unwilling and no publisher will handle such a short tale. This is why I have chosen to publish this here. If you are reading this, believe it!

I have copied the information exactly as I received it:

“(string of jumbled characters) I will send this communication in a native language as well so that you will be aware of the speech when you arrive.

Night has always been a time of fear for all creatures of this world. Why? It seems that virtually all forms of life here prepare a safe place during the night? So why is a time of rest and rejuvenation thought of as frightening? Explanations might be that Earth beings feel vulnerable at night as they sleep, or that they have a fear of the unknown. That may be true... but I suggest a more real reason. The nights are dark and long – especially during the winter when we in our shadow form (something unreadable) seek to feed.

Allow me to suggest that this is where the fear of darkness began, the fear of the long dark winter nights.

We are known by many here names. In Rome we were called “Populus Umbra”. The Greeks labeled us “άνθρωποι Σκιά”. We have been called ghosts and vampires and so many other things. Little do they know our true nature! (more unintelligible words)

This is the story of our arrival so many periods ago. I am Cartarius and am the main of this expedition. I will keep this record for my posterity.

We arrived on this planet when this species of human was in it's infancy. My home world is very distant and in order to travel between solar systems We must shed our bodies and then suspend them while we journey through open space. You may be wondering what species we are that we are able to climb in and out of our bodies. We are human, but we have all but conquered death. I am from Glaferris? close to the home world. Our life span is in the billions of years. The fact that all life evolves into human beings is a well established fact. All humans adapt to different conditions depending on circumstances. We have developed in such a way as to allow us to leave our bodies behind and move about using our life force alone. To the naked eye we are invisible except that we cast a weak shadow in direct sunlight. This form is necessary when traveling at speeds faster than the speed of light.

Our home planet had become so populated billions of years ago that we simply had to look for a place to expand to. We found a suitable planet close to our own and set out for it. Unfortunately, the people couldn't handle long distance space travel and that first expedition failed. We developed the procedure whereby we shed our bodies and that is when long distance space travel was successfully achieved. Shortly after we had a new world to populate.

Was the planet that we moved to already populated you may ask? Indeed it was. By a form of humans it's true, but like I said human life is hardly remarkable. We arrived as shadows and set about surveying the population. In our shadow form we need energy only once every hundred years as we wait for our bodies to arrive. You were given the task of bringing our bodies but as you know, bodies must be sent slowly. If they traveled faster than light, they would be destroyed – after the eons I've grown quite accustomed to mine. You will be here soon and soon we will have a new world to populate...” (more strange characters) You should remember the protocol and the next world will be yours to scout. In the mean time be content with your life. You are young and will have time to (unintelligible)

Energy from these humans (unknown) I can send you this in bars because of your proximity. Looking forward to your arrival.

Well. There it is. I have no other way to get the word out. Energy humans or humans in the form of energy from another planet here to prepare for invasion from the home world! I have seen them in a video from my associate. They are real. They must have gotten to him. Beware the Shadows. You have been warned.

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