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Chapter 49 If Only

A male with brunette hair is feeling rather impulsive today. This boy is 19 years-old with a a tendency to be deathly quiet. Even though, he prefers to use his small voice for important things it is still known that he physically acts out of this portion.

Any day like this wouldn’t be well understood to an untrained eye, however, a skilled professional could tell you what exactly is this person’s intentions. The young man has such a large quantity of thoughts in his head. So much so, that it may collapse his brain one day.

The brunette sits on a wooden chair, barely stable. While doing algebra on a scuffed paper, he holds his breath as someone slides by. Another man with the most appealing shade of black hair and blue eyes is oblivious to his surroundings.

Nothing in his life has made him feel in such a foreign way. The 19 year-old feels insanely guilty for these intense emotions that he holds for a stranger. It is only necessary to ignore such thoughts and feelings.

There are so
many possibilities as to what can happen in his brain. The young man can almost fulfill all of his staggering emotions, though, they could never possibly happen in real life. This is why he must use such an impressive power!

All that he has ever wanted to do, was experience something friendly. Someone whom is kind, to tell him he is wanted. Perhaps that person is exactly in his presence.

The kid knows all too well that he was cursed with bad luck at a young age. No one would be willing to care about him. If only, he could be in control of how things go in life. If only.

Chapter 50 Starry Night

He always goes unnoticed, though somehow, today is different. What has changed such misfortune so quickly? Did he even deserve it? Perhaps, it is due to the stars.

The 19 year-old watches the older male’s clothes wrinkle as he sits beside him. The twinkle in his eye warns him that he should make no moves until it’s time. The man with charcoal hair parts his plump lips to speak.

The brunette’s spine impulsively tingles accordingly to the deep pitch of the other man’s echoing voice. “Hey, I’ve seen you in here quite a bit and realized we haven’t formerly met. My name’s Carver.”

The younger boy bends his brows as he swiftly shakes the outgoing hands of his peer. His heart patters lightly with a twitch in his tongue. It was difficult to speak, yet it was well worth it, because this moment is precious.

“H-H-Hey, Car...ver? I’m T-Trevor. N-Nice...to m-meet...you.”

Carver snickers softly at the small and shy tone of the other. He calmly pats on the teen’s right shoulder. “So, did you drop out, Trevor?” The brunette forcefully bit his lip as he shriveled up words to say.

“U-Uh...m Yeah, I-I...Yes. Did you?” The 21-year old quickly shook his head to respond. “No, I’m actually a tutor here.”

It was true that Trevor was desperately searching for phrases to say. Even though he has made up a million scenarios in his head of what could happen and what should be said over the years, he had forgotten at the most prominent time of his life. “Oh.”

The 19 year-old had grind his teeth together for saying only one meaningless word. It was soon accepted that the bad luck curse had caught it’s prey. “Well, you seem cool. Do you like pizza?”

What an odd thing to ask. “No. I mean- I never ...I n-never had it. W-W-Why?” Trevor anxiously cursed his annoying fluency disorder. It made him out to look like a pure idiot.

“Oh man, that’s unheard of! You’d probably like it. Would you want to come with me on Friday to that pizza place on Main St? We can get to know each other.”

How did that happen so easily? There is a god out there that is helping him out. Why would anybody want to spend time with him?

Trevor had to constantly remind himself that it would not be a date. That is completely absurd. That fantasy would only apply to the world he has created in his head over the years called Mozek.

Chapter 51 Mozek Vs. Earth

As Trevor lain in his tattered bed at the foster home, he stares off into space. Within space, anything could happen. If only it was like that on Earth.

He envies the people whom would never wish for a better life than this. The 19 year-old is sick of pretending. He wishes everyday that he soon can join Mozek. Though, it doesn’t even exist but in his head.

The life he favors is torn in half by the angst of reality. All of his friends in Mozek would surely agree that he is welcomed there. Trevor is kept under surveillance due to 72 suicide attempts in the past.

To be unchained from the laws of gravity is all he ever wanted. To not feel such immense pain, to feel wanted, to be cared about is such a far-fetched dream. Carver was just that, a dream.

An angel that he did not deserve would be here for him shortly. But for now, his deep sleep filled with short-lived dreams called him towards. He had no intention to sleep, but it came so easily right now.

The time is 6:32 P.M. A knock on the teenager’s door alerted him out his dream cycle. His hair thrown upon his face soaked up his hot sweats. The brunette’s eyelids struggled to lift.

“Yes?” On the other side of the door stood Sarah, his caretaker. The girl had a surreal kindness that tickled the male’s cheeks. “Someone is here for you. Were you expecting-”

Trevor’s eyelids jumped open. How could he forget his date! No, it’s not a date! “Yes! U-Uh...Sorry! I-I-’m going to...T-Thanks.”

The 19 year-old leaped into the driveway to find a 5’7’’ man. His hair was heavily groomed and his skin bronze. Carver smiled warmly upon the disheveled man.

“Did you forget,
Trevor?” The sound of the younger male’s name sent chills up the brunette’s spine. His face was painted with a crystal clear shade of crimson.

“Y-Yes.. I..mean..I-I..mean..U-uh...” The height difference was soon noticed when the male with charcoal shuffled the greasy hair of the younger male. “It’s fine. You ready?” Trevor have never felt less ready in his life.

When they arrived at the restaurant, it was abruptly recognized that Trevor had no money to pay. He had forgotten everything recently! His face grew hot with extreme embarrassment. How would he tell him?

Both stayed seated at the table. Across from one another, Carver was the first to speak. “So, you never ate pizza, huh?” The younger one violently shook his head.

“Well, let’s change that. Are you vegan or vegetarian?” Trevor was panicking at this moment. Everything was just so dreamlike and blatantly intense. Could he be dreaming?”

“I...uh...N-No. I don’t...I d-don’t eat...m-m-meat. Sorry.” The brunette wished he could automatically stop stuttering, though it seems to get worse when he’s scared or nervous. That time would be now.

“Oh, no worries. What about cheese? You like that?” The 19 year-old nodded with blushed cheeks.

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