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Ghost Signal of Colorado Springs

Story By TWScott © All Rights Reserved 2018

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When a celestial event of cataclysmic proportions sends an Alien race scouting for planets that might sustain their people, and they are followed, the Earth could be in peril. Another race entrusted with universal jurisdiction follows them, when they themselves have issues. That is when this tale takes on new meaning as it becomes a race for time before the Earth is in the crosshairs. Now in need of assistance from those they came to protect, Humans that are Alien hybrids surface to find out who they really are, in this story of courage, fantasy, and love.

Are we real or are we a simulation that the Gods made in their image?

This story has plenty of science, fiction, courage and yes romance. This is my 26th Novel, and I pleased to present it to you!


What is Reality?

As a science fiction writer, I ask questions that are uncomfortable at times. While I may write to entertain you, I do have the mind of a scientist.

  • Assume nothing!

  • Follow the facts!

  • Whatever you find as the truth, you must accept it.

Often people find the truth or reality unpleasant, so they keep looking. You know the type. It is like admitting you took a wrong turn on the interstate. Some would drive tens of miles out of their way rather than admit that they were wrong. Reality can sometimes be uncomfortable.

In the following pages, you will find an entertaining novel delving into “possible” alternate truths.

It is my hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Much Love -TW


To my friends who listen to me drone on about one idea after another and still encourage me, Thank You!

Many of them are true friends who sincerely want the best for me and, for me to be successful. So much so that they are willing to go the extra mile, listen to my ideas, brainstorm with me and of course read what I have written offering feedback.

With that in mind, my friends, I dedicate this novel to you! You know who you are.


Large shards of glass tumbled from the few structures still standing after the initial quake. Once again people panicked running through the courtyards. Clouds of ash covered the streets and buildings from the nearby volcano that had come to life. The rulers of the city tried to calm the inhabitants. The time was growing short and dealing with the locals was not going well.

Subsidence from the cavernous underground collapsing caused more instability in the city. The underground was the home of the rulers who different than the indigenous lifeforms. The vast library was still standing even after a large rock from the volcano crashed through the main door.

The loss of the citizens of the city would be a travesty. The loss of the library would be immoral even by their standards. As the people fled the city, some of their people intermixed with the locals escaping with them. Many of the citizens got on boats and left the town for parts unknown. The King and his family stayed behind vowing to remain in order not to displease the gods. The rulers finally enacted some of their magic to create a significant barrier between the city and the ash clouds.

While the ground still shook no more were permitted to leave the city, even the birds were trapped.

The King could only stand there and watch as his great city slid beneath the waves. A protective grid was put in place by the rulers to keep the city safe from the outside world and from sea life that was large enough to cause them harm.


More flashes of light arced across the skies of Colorado but, there were no storms in the area. Much attention had been called to the area making their avant-garde appearance on this planet, in this state very suspicious.

Having chased a race of beings across the void of space to be marooned on a pre-space travel planet was devastating. Trying not to interfere with the Human’s natural order of evolution they nudged those with higher intellect, to assist them without them knowing what they were truly doing.

What they were unaware of however is those with higher than average intellect were not wholly human.

Seeding the individuals with ideas, the Xylars looked for one or possibly a few with the inherent brain power to assist them. Finding one, they gave him ideas that he thought were his. To herald their efforts, they continued planting plans in the head of one human at a time to see which would bear fruit. One man of exceptional brilliance moved from his native country to the USA so they could get him near other brilliant men of his era.

Pushing the two men giving them nudges of inspiration the Xylars did not count on their ego to foil their efforts. Picking one of the two, they focused their efforts on one man who was more brilliant than the rest. He was also close to mentally unstable.

The Xylars invested many years in grooming them while waiting to see if their work would bear fruit. The human was needed to assist them in their efforts to get back home. Once they failed to locate the rogue race of Bindain, their mission was clear. Get back home and alert their superiors. If they merely just disappeared their superiors might get the wrong idea about the earthlings thinking them a hostile race.

The Xylars appearance was such that they could not fit into the human’s world without being noticed. Giving the human one idea after another in the debt of night, was their way of helping him to help them.

Their reserve power cells failed when they attempted to time travel. Having investigated the new emission from this planet, they found the inhabitants to be primitive and of no real value to the collective. If the Bindane were here, they were very covert about their presence. All they could do now was to use their telepathic abilities to attempt to get the power transference device that they needed to be built for them, completed.

Utilizing their time travel technology and what power they could muster, they ensconced their ship under the ground in the middle of a vacant field in the hills of Colorado. Their next task was to convince the young human inventor that he needed to move here to perfect his power transference device.

Working days on end they pumped information into the earthling’s head while watching him try in vain to make work that which he did not understand. They also witnessed the destruction of the man’s mind. Once a brilliant man by Human standards, they observed him slowly lose his mental faculties.

Tinkering with what could be a powerful weapon, the human watched as bolts of lightning danced within the confines of his laboratory. Meanwhile, the town of Colorado Springs, miles away witnessed their lights dim and fluctuate in intensity, knowing full well that the madman on the hill was back at it.

Sitting around his invention as large arcs of electricity darted around him, the Xylars knew that what they hoped to have the humans create, would now have to occur at a later date. With no real understanding of the device that the Xylar’s were trying to get him to build, the danger was now imminent as his machine was currently well past critical. The human toyed with the beginnings of a tool that could well destroy the planet.

A fire erupted in the wooden structure which should have been constructed of metal. The fire caused the Xylar’s to retreat in their underground sanctuary. The somewhat senile inventor escaped the building to watch the tower light the night sky, as flames burned the area like a towering beacon. The ball at the top of the enormous tower came crashing down as fire danced on the structure sending plumes of smoke into the dark sky.

By the time the fire brigade arrived, there was little to do but mind that the embers did not set fire to the surrounding woods.

The Xylar’s camouflaged the entrance to their ship, and then, abandoned it. Blending in with the human’s as best they could, they left a beacon on the craft, which would take light years to get to their homeworld. A religious sect that covered themselves in brown cloth accepted them not asking questions. Since the Xylars used telepathy to speak, it was no matter. Living their days with them, the community of the sect became enriched in ways that they could not even fathom.

The locals were happy to see the structure gone, and the strange man that liked pigeons leave their home as he took a train back to New York. They were unaware that under the hills of the densely mineral laden mountains was a ship of immense power that was actively calling home. Coupling the ship's antenna with the actual minerals in the mountainside; the entire mountain turned into a giant antenna perfectly hidden and suited for transmitting their version of an SOS.

As early radio signals were emanating from DC, it was only a matter of time before a young man discovered a signal that was overwhelming. His crystal set did not pick up the earliest radio signals from DC as some local interference was wiping it out.

The local government had discovered the signal but could not locate its source. Determined to kill the RF emission as it must be from some nefarious government plant, the technology to triangulate such emissions did not exist. They thought that it did but, when the pointer told them it came from under their feet, they knew that it was not working.

Since they could not stop the signal, they built a transmitter that would transmit a much more powerful signal on that same frequency. Playing radio shows at first they continued their search for the elusive transmitter.

Years went by without locating the transmitter. They narrowed it down to the state of Colorado. After much frustration, they placed their radio station in the same state as the source of the signal. Much stronger than the original emission, there was no chance that the initial weaker radiation would be heard by anyone unless the station that is transmitting time and tone signature, with occasional bulletins, was terminated at the source.

Years went by as the signal slowly faded and was soon forgotten by most everyone that cared. Whatever its source was, the signal had all but died. The government wrote it off as some unscrupulous actor.

Genius 2.0

“Harold, tell me again why you moved us from San Francisco to Colorado Springs?” Sue asked now seeming somewhat exasperated.

“Sue, my job is here. Yes, I could have taken a different job but this one pays, and it paid to move us.”

“Ok, I get that but why did we buy this old house instead of building a new one?”

“This house is supposed to be haunted; I thought maybe that might inspire your writing.”

“The Ghost of Colorado Springs” A book by Sue I am married to a crazy person, Thompson.” She said while smiling at him.”

“Say what you want but, after we get this house fixed up, I think you will be happy here. If you talk to some of the locals, they tell some strange stories about the place.”

“Harold, I am just messing with you. I may change my mind when the first snowfall gets here.”

“Are you really going to try skiing?”

“We are going to try skiing so we can do something together and be outside instead of hibernating in front of the fireplace as you imagined that we might.”

“Why do you think my office has its own fireplace?” Harold asked.

“Harold, please tell me that you are not going to abandon me for your hobbies.”

“No more than I usually do, besides, I think we have lots to see and do here.”

“There are not that many months of warm weather here Harold.”

Looking back at Sue in her sundress; he thought back on how she looked when they first met. There on the wharf in San Francisco and then again at Ghirardelli Square. They were both students, but they had never spoken until Harold ordered wine. The guy behind the bar chided him when he asked for white zinfandel. The snobby bartender scowled at him, telling him that was not wine.

At this, Sue got up from her friends and stood beside Harold while taking the waiter to task. Harold had never had anyone come to his aid for anything. When she did, Harold was humbled.

As she chided the snob, Harold was stunned by her beauty. Her dark hair cascaded down around her shoulders and framed in her breasts in a very complimentary way. The bright colors of the fabric of her sundress made him wonder if she was a leftover want to be hippie. No matter, she was cute, and she had a pleasant demeanor.

Joining her back at her table with her friends, also from the same school, the two were there in body only. Harold and Sue bonded in some non-verbal way. He was a catch by any standard. He was somewhere between athletic and an intellectual. Sue was not interested in brawn and no brains.

Smiling at her and the memory of her, Harold laughed and went about packing boxes down to the basement taking care to put the things that were going to stay in the basement toward the back of the room.

“We will do more things together Sue. I have an idea for a hobby that we both might be interested in.” He said over his shoulder as his words echoed off the walls of the basement and up the stairwell.

Sue wondered what he had in mind but was glad that he was at least thinking of her and just not his hobbies and work.

The sizeable three-story house did have a history. There was a rumor that one of its owners in the early 1900’s went missing one winter night and was never found. The story was that he heard voices in his head after moving there. Others had reportedly witnessed the strange unexplainable noises and concluded that they were a ghost.

Harold went about moving things from their California home going through his old collections of stamps and coins that he had from his childhood. Finishing with his list of things to complete from his wife, he set about putting his office together. A smaller bedroom converted to be an office; he set about getting things installed including his shortwave radio set.

Sue could not understand his fascination with listening to static, but Harold always enjoyed listening to the radio when he was not actively engaged in something else. Tinkering with his electronics or radio hobby was a great time to listen to the shortwave broadcast, or even talk on the radio with some of his friends from around the country or even other countries that he had met over the years. The large antennas were an eyesore to Sue, but she married him knowing that Harold was the cerebral type, so she was happy not to be a football widow as well abandoned for one to his “hobbies.”

The weeks seemed to fly by as they re-did one bathroom and then the kitchen. Buying a haunted house that needed work had its advantages as they got it for much less than a comparable home would have cost them. Changing the floors out, reworking the older heat and cooling systems kept the two busy with contractors.

One old contractor that had been in the area since he was a child was not thrilled to be going back to this house. The house sat on several acres in the hills. Harold was interested in it for those reasons. Bill was aware of the legends, and he had often felt as if there might be something to them. His parents were from Scotland and Bill never wholly lost the accent.

Stories from his childhood told by his parents of the Pixies and magic and witches from Scotland played in his mind as he would hear a strange noise or get a feeling as if he were being watched while pulling wire for the new system through some dark crawlspace. Mouse residue eased his mind when he spotted it, happy to find a logical reason for the noises and feelings that he was being watched.

“Lassie, you will be wanting to call an exterminator out here you got some rodents keeping you company in your walls,” Bill said.

“We have heard them from time to time, I have some traps out, but I think I am going to get a cat.”

“Aye, they are good for keeping your lap warm during the winter months and keeping the creatures at bay.”

“I still have to convince my husband.”

“Does your man not like cats?”

“We have never spoken of pets.”

“The misses cat just had we little ones, come on over in a few weeks and take your pick.”

Thanks, Bill, write your address on your card for me. I will do that.”

Bill was happy to have found a home for at least one of them. Hopefully, he could convince Sue to take two as she had enough mice to feed more than on cat.

The first snow fell mid-October. Sue had been working on her book as Harold was still putting the finishing touches on his radio set up between writing software for a man in California.

Someplace in shipping, something must have damaged the radio as part of the band around five megahertz sounded off. Even with the antenna disconnected, there was a pretty intense signal, and it was not the government installed transmitter for atomic time.

This process had slowed Harold down regarding getting on the air. Harold decided to take the radio down to the basement as the cement from the walls keeping the dirt out would shield the receiver from external signals.

Much to his chagrin, the signal was still there. That meant that something internal to the radio was generating the “birdie,” or a filter was out.

It was now either fix his faithful old Collins radio or use this as an excuse to retire it and purchase something much newer. Harold, like most radio enthusiast, decided to opt for something more modern.

Weeks later the delivery truck finally came. Harold was shocked to find that after the new radio was installed that there was still a signal on Five Megahertz that was very strong and blanking out a good part of the band.


Giant flashes of light danced around the room as Harold waited for the crash of thunder. A popping sound instead of the roar of thunder was all that he heard as the arcs terminated with another taking its place.

Harold recognized the apparatus causing the commotion. A device from the late 1800’s was now playing out in his head. Harold could see the face of a man who was absorbed in what he was doing. Another face he saw he thought he recognized. The face he had seen before somewhere.

“Mark Twain?” He thought. The bushy eyebrows, unkempt hair and extensive mustache were unmistakable. What was he doing here, and why was he thinking about him? The dream seemed to play out forever much like a movie with a boring plot; there was no end.

If this is Mark Twain and this other guy is showing him things light up within a perimeter of this device, that would have to be Nicola Tesla, Harold reasoned.

The device he now recognized as Tesla’s invention. This machine was to produce electricity and transmit it wirelessly. How did this thing work? Harold asked himself in his dream-like state.

“Harold, wake up, you are having a nightmare!”

Waking up looking at his wife smiling down at him.

“I was?”

Yes, and it must have been a doozy.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well let me ask you this, who is Nikola?”

Harold thought for a moment. “Tesla,” he exclaimed as if he had a revelation or epiphany.

“The car maker?”

“No, they just usurped his name. Kind of like a band did named Tesla. He was an immigrant back in the days of Edison who came here and pioneered AC electricity. He actually had a laboratory not far from here, back in the late 1800’s.”

“OK that leads me to the next question why are you dreaming about someone from the 1800’s?”

“I drove by a historical marker, and it must have stuck in my mind. Anyway, it was the early 1900’s. Sorry for waking you.”

“It could have been worse; you could have screamed out my sister's name.”

Harold did not even acknowledge her comment. The sister she was talking about was oversexed and felt like all men should bow to her. Harold noticed her and about never got a second date with Sue. There were still feelings of animus between Sue and Rebecca.

Sleep returned allowing him to slumber unabated until the alarm woke them both signaling the beginning of another week.

The scheduled conference call with a company in California was about to take place. Many were involved in a project to create software for drones. Encryption was a crucial element in that they did not want an enemy force to be able to take control of their drones. Developing a fallback plan if jamming was sensed was another part of the project.

The constant murmur of the group on the conference call from people spanning the globe had Harold wishing that he was anywhere but on that phone. The part of the project they were discussing did not affect his part of the coding. Doodling on his legal tablet while they talked, Harold’s mind was blank as his pencil sketched a device. Only partially to the conversation, his pen seemed to have a mind of its own as an instrument took shape on his tablet.

Focusing on what was now happening in front of his eyes, he did not even hear the call end, as his pencil continued to draw. It was his hand controlling it, but clearly, the information was not coming from his head.

A click and buzzing sound broke his concentration from his hand as he looked over at the phone pushing the disconnect button.

Looking back at his legal tablet Harold was amazed at the detail of the drawing. There in the lower part of the page was writing. “HAROLD, BUILD THIS!”

A cold shudder went through him as he read what he most certainly wrote. “What the hell?” He thought.

Not wanting to alarm his wife Harold put the tablet in his drawer. Trying to remember if there was anything he had to do from the call, he decided to call his friend in California and re-cap the call admitting that he was distracted.

Focusing on his job, the drawing on the tablet soon became forgotten under the other papers in that same drawer.

Sue came into his office with a box from something he had ordered. Getting his attention, she set the long rectangular box in the corner of his room.

“What is this?” She asked.

“That will one day be a metal detector. I thought that you and I could go explore some of our lands, maybe find gold?” He quipped.

“More like pop tops or old beer can, did you say that it will someday be a metal detector?”

Harold laughed. “Yes, right now it is a box of parts, I bought a kit. You know how I enjoy building things. You are probably right in that we will find pop tops but building the kit will give me some satisfaction.”

“Honey, if you get satisfaction out of building things I could show you how to build a casserole or to create a cake from scratch!”

“Sue, I love you, now leave. I have work to do.”

Sue flashed her tongue at him and turned to leave. Sue made sure he watched her exit as she walked away with exaggerating hip movements she flipped the back of her dress up exposing some rather skimpy panties from Victoria Secret. They had never had course words with one another. Harold was confident that she was the one responsible for that. Her kind demeanor and flirtatious behavior were a constant in their lives.

The image of her shapely bottom along with the scents from the kitchen filled the house catching his attention. The words played through his head that she had mentioned. Saving his work the computer screen went dark as he left his office. Finding his bride in the kitchen, she was surprised to see him.

“It won’t be ready for at least an hour Harold.” She said.

“I was certain that I had an invite from you to show me how to build something.” As he wrapped his arms around her waist nuzzling her neck with his lips.

She smiled at him while embracing him. “The last time I turned you lose in the kitchen the smoke detector got a workout. I think you had best stick to building your kinds of things and leave me deal with food. I do like your company, however.”

“I was beginning to think you changed your mind about me in the kitchen.”

“If you could grasp that the smoke detector is not the oven timer, I think we might make progress. No, you stick to the microwave and heating things and leave the culinary talents in this family to yours truly.”

“You don’t mind the stereotype?”

“Harold, women, and men are different, and some of us enjoy cooking. When I am creating things in the kitchen, I know what it is going to taste like as I grab this spice or ingredient. That takes time to develop that talent.”

“Time or Thyme?”

Sue laughed at him. “Why don’t you take your box of parts to your cave and make sure that they are all there. I will holler when it is about done. Besides, I am looking forward to finding pop tops with you now.”

Harold gave her a kiss while patting her bottom. She now knew he had noticed her new clothing. He then left to get his box and take it to his shop. Colorado was famous for gold, and even still today somebody will find a gold nugget from years gone by. That was not the reason for the purchase, but hunting for metal trinkets with his bride close by, was in the back of his mind.

The kit was not complicated. Before he retired for the evening, the detector was ready for an initial test. With luck, the weather would hold, and tomorrow they could go for some fresh air.

What Lurks Below

Even after some midnight exercise, Harold had another wrestles night and was ready for some fresh air. Armed with a small shovel and hiking boots the two set off to explore their backyard. Their yard happened to be 149 acres of which some of it was part of a mountain, but it was theirs. Moving from California, they had an excess of funds from their house in California which had to be re-invested, or they would have to pay capital gains taxes on it. Buying land with the mineral rights seemed like a good plan.

After they had watched some program on the cable channels some months back about buried treasure, they were both keen on getting into what they were doing. Since they only had the one metal detector, they had arranged to switch off once someone discovered something the other person took a turn. It was great fun as they dug up small meteorites, beer cans from an old campfire site, and nails from one time or another. Finding square nails, they knew that whatever they were used on was during the 1800’s or early 1900’s.

Sue was already thinking about something crafty to make with them.

Harold was delighted that she was having such a good time. Swinging the detector back and forth like some colossal pendulum Sue was thinking it must be broken.

“Harold is the battery already dead,” She asked?

“Shouldn’t be, why?”

“The reading is the same no matter where I go with it, look?”

The high-frequency oscillation created by the device only changed slightly at the apex of the arc on either side of her swing. Lifting the detector straight up caused the sound to vary in pitch too. Backtracking their steps the sounds went back to normal.

“This is strange; I bet that there is some lead deposit under these rocks and that is what we are detecting.”

“We are not that far from Leadville; it makes sense.” She said.

Harold went back to the point from when the noise started. Turning on the x-axis, he began to make his way east when he found a distinct boundary between the source of the detectors noise and nothing. Pulling small sticks from his pack, he started marking the perimeter of the source. By now Sue was engrossed in the process of watching her husband’s mind work. He loved to solve puzzles, and this one was a doozy.

After the better part of an hour, they had marked a perimeter that started to resemble an arc on the ground. In the center of the arc was a large hill with boulders and brush. Sue was not talking to him as he puzzled this out. Heading toward the middle of the arc the detector was off the scale. Handing the metal detector to Sue, Harold began pulling at the brush around the boulders being careful not to dislodge them. Something else was guiding him now.

Harold pulled out his shovel making quick work of the job at hand. The metallic sound of the shovel hitting something that was not rock caught Sue’s attention as Harold stopped short. Moving the earth away from the object under his shovel, he soon found what appeared to be a control panel. Harold slid his shovel on top of the metal structure to move the earth away. His action soon exposed what seemed to be a doorway or entry point.

Harold, what in the hell is this?”

“I don’t know Sue but it is on our property, and we have mineral rights, not that this is a mineral.”

“Metal is a mineral isn’t it?” Sue asked.

“I guess your right!”

Brushing the dirt away from the surface it was clear that it was an underground bunker, possibly a bomb shelter made during the cold war.

“I think that this is probably a bomb shelter that people just forgot about,” Harold suggested

“I wonder if there is anything inside it?”

“Possibly, we have to figure out how to open it first.”

“Why do you think it is round, assuming that our marks are its perimeter.”

“They probably bought some huge tank and buried it. Those things are used for storage of salt to oil to anything. This could be one of those that they buried and hid.”

“It might be full of water or something.”

“Maybe it is an entrance to a gold mine,” Harold suggested with a wry smile playing with her.

Sue laughed at him as they worked to finish clearing the doorway. Looking back at the control panel there was some lettering on it but nothing that he recognized. Pushing a button a red light illumined. Clicking from inside the doorway was heard, and then nothing happened. Pushing another button a blue light brightened and this time the noise from inside was different.

Motors growled to life sucking in and then sliding the massive hatch inside the walls of the structure. Harold and Sue backed away as the door slowly opened.

“Holy Cow!” Harold said.

Azure lighting from the base of the hallway in front of them came to life. It was clear that this thing was huge.

“Harold, what do you think, should we go in?”

Harold sniffed the air from inside the structure, “I think it is ok, there are lights, why not?”

Sue followed him inside as they slowly walked through the doorway. A few feet inside the hallway were stairs leading downward. Looking over the rail, they could see down to an area that was rife with equipment and screens of some sort that resembled their flat panel TV. Traversing the stairs, lights came on showing that they were in a massive area of different types of equipment. It looked like a laboratory. A dim blinking red light caught his attention. A button on what appeared to be a console that might be for a radio of sorts was actively doing something.

Harold looked at it and pushed the button. The red blinking light turned off.

“What was that?” Sue asked.

“Whatever it was it was dying. The power that supplies this area is weak at best. I would guess that this area lighting should be much brighter than what it is.”

Harold, what is all this stuff?”

“I don’t know what it is, but it is ours. For a geek like me, this is like hitting the lottery!”

“You already live in your basement and office, should I move with you into this thing while you figure it out?”

“It is a fair bet that I will be spending time here, look there are more stairs and look how far this hallway goes. That hallway looks like it goes clean back to our house.”

“Who put this here?” Sue asked.

“I don’t know, let’s see if we can find some information,” Harold said.

Walking down another flight of stairs, they saw hallways going in all directions. Each corridor was at least a football field in length. “Harold this thing is huge!” Sue said.

“Yea, you never know what you are going to find with a metal detector.”

“Your detector did not detect this thing as this big!”

“It probably slopes downward, and the detector can only work a few inches under the soil.”

One room after another was a complete mystery. There was no writing that they could find that either of them recognized. Finding equipment in one part of the building and then another, Harold would walk up to it and flip a switch or turn a knob as if he knew what he was doing. Sue watched him and did not understand.

As Harold went from room to room and touched specific controls some of the dim indicators shut down, and other displays became brighter.

Touching another mechanism fresh air started to circulate throughout the building.

“Harold what did you do?”

“I think I turned on the air handling unit, the air in here us rather stale.”

“How do you know what you are doing?”

“It is the geek in me; it just appears that it should be for what it is and it is. I don’t think you have anything to worry about Sue.”


The transmitter went off. One of the Xylars heard in their head.

“I know, I had Harold turn it off, they have found the ship and are inside of it now.”

“Are we going to teach them how to operate it?”

“Yes, I have already started the process. If our home world does not get word of what happened, they are liable to come here and wage war.”

“With the beacon off, that is a sure bet. Harold and Sue are this planet’s last chance; I hope they succeed.”

“Do you have the energy left to assist the humans?”

“Had our friends cremated us when we hibernated, this world would be doomed.”

“Where are we now?”

“We are in something they call a mausoleum.”

“Do you think we can get Harold to rescue our bodies?”

“I am more worried about getting our knowledge into their heads; You work on Sue, I will work on Harold, time is of the essence.”

Sue and Harold were looking around at the different equipment as they seem to go into a different reality. The two no longer acknowledging each other as Sue went one direction and Harold went into yet another. Years of maintenance had not been done on the ship. The Xylars were now imparting information to them while they laid in a crypt reserved for those of faith which, they were part of during their last years on earth.

After several hours of using their mental powers of telepathy, everyone concerned was past tired. They had managed to set the ship up into a state of auto recovery and regeneration. Power cells were being regenerated using transient voltages and currents from overhead high power lines. The power that leaked from the lines above was now being funneled into the ship through trans conductance.

As Sue pushed the last button, she was released from the mental link. Standing at a control panel with meters wiggling and lights flickering she stood there amazed and confused. Harold too was working on recrystallizing some power conduits. When he finished his task, he just stood there as the link was terminated.

“Sue, where are you?” He screamed.

Sue heard him and came running.

“What the hell just happened,” She asked?

“This is not a bomb shelter, or old fallout shelter!”

“Harold, I have been doing things that I don’t know what I have been doing…does that make sense?”

“You and me both, yes it makes sense. Someone has been using us to do repair work on this ship.”

“It is a ship isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is an intergalactic ship from somewhere not on earth.”

“I got the idea that the earth is in trouble if we don’t succeed.”

“I got that idea too, from where is another story.”

Walking back up the stairs to the central control room Harold noticed that all the lights were now at full brilliance. The screens were currently active, and ships systems were coming online. A programmatic re-boot of the system was necessary to fix a lot of errors from age and neglect. As one system after another refreshed itself the language that it was in, changed to English.

“Harold, look it is in English.”

The outside door closed as both Harold and Sue looked up to hear it and see it.

“Are we trapped?” Sue asked.

“Calm yourselves” They both heard.

Finding a chair, the two sat as instructed by Cid.

“I am Cid. We come from many lightyears away from your earth. There is another race of beings on your planet that we have followed. We came here in response to an electronic signal that we thought may have been them. We had a malfunction and were forced to bury our ship while we waited for someone like yourselves who could assist us. Just think you do not need to talk, I can hear you, and I have made it so you can hear each other in the same way.”

“What do you need from us,” Sue thought? Harold heard her and was amazed.

“You both are sitting beneath a neural transducer. We have made a few slight modifications to your brains so you can speak with us and us, you. Years ago we were to report back to our world what we found. Since the beacon was turned off, they do not know that your world had no fault in our being stranded. It is imperative that they know before they send out others who would take issue with your world.”

“Why would they take issue with us, we didn’t do anything,” Harold asked?

“They have no knowledge of that, and when they get here, they will find nations warring with one another. That to them would symbolize a hostile race. We stop hostile races from becoming threats to other worlds.”

“How have you managed to use us to get this ship going to this point,” Sue asked.

“Without the neural transducer, it was difficult. The ship did not have the power to do anything. Soon it will.”

“What do you need us to do,” Harold asked?

“I need to fill your brains with knowledge about this ship, our people and what the real dangers are. This will change your lives forever in that there is no going backward. I can make sure that you don’t go “crazy” however; as I have modified your brains to handle more capacity. Can we proceed?”

“How will it change our lives?” Sue asked.

“Our lives have already changed Sue,” Harold said.

“Harold is correct; your world is at stake but, you will think faster and more clearly. Your knowledge that you have now will be quadrupled. You might notice that you can hear others thoughts besides those of each other. Your interests will change to be more interested in things of space and technology.”

“So I will be more of a nerd like my husband,” Sue asked?

The colloquialism was not lost on Cid. “You two will be more compatible. You will also have much more responsibility as this ship must not fall into the hands of any warring government.”

Sue looked at Harold and smiled. “I had no idea that metal detector was going change our lives,” Sue said.

“They did, Cid probably had me order it?”

“Your husband is correct. Once we realized that there were high voltage lines over our ship we did not need him to build that device from your early inventor Tesla, we just needed things configured to absorb the electricity that was already around.” Cid said.

“Ok, I think we are both in agreement educate us.”

Sue and Harold held hands as their faces lost all expression. The total knowledge of Cid and his partner were imparted in Harold and Sue. The voices of Cid and his partner were now silent as their souls became part of Sue and Harold. The hibernating aliens were now genuinely deceased in body but alive in Harold and Sue.


Harold and Sue looked over at the other before speaking. “Harold, what have we done?” He heard without her lips moving.

“Not that we ever were, but we are not in Kansas anymore.”

Sue heard him and chuckled a nervous laugh. Now using her mouth, “I am afraid Harold.”

“Do you remember when your brother joined the military knowing full well he was going to be deployed to the Middle East?”

“I am still upset about that, why are you bringing that up?”

“Sue, Tim did it because it was the right thing to do. Cid has been trying to get someone to help them for many years. It appears that Tesla was one of his earlier attempts. He found us.”

“What about our quiet little lives in Colorado?”

“What about them? If we do nothing, it appears that Cid’s kind will be here and find that we are not exactly a superior race of folks and take corrective action.”

“Ben was his partner Harold; I almost have a sense of him. This ship is mighty and is well weaponized.”

“I did not know what I was doing when Cid was using me to do things, but now I have a good idea that we must do something with what we have discovered.”

“I think if we can get this ship in orbit away from the planet and turn the beacon back on that might send the message,” Sue said.

“Sue, if we indeed get this ship into orbit is that all you want to do is warn off the Xylars?”

“I am not an astronaut Harold; I like to sleep in and make Banana bread on the weekends, what do you want to do?”

“Cid and Ben came from another arm of the Milky Way or maybe even further away than that. That means that this ship is capable of so much more than orbit. We cannot let it fall into the hands of any government.”

“I was made aware that there are weapons on here that make our atomic bomb look like a firecracker.”

“Cid made me aware of that as well. Susan, we need to do this.”

“What do we do, just go pack for the week, month or the rest of our lives?”

“Let’s think about this. Once we get into orbit, we turn on the beacon. We can set a course toward their homeworld, and when we talk with them, we take it from there.”

“If any of this technology falls into any government hands, they will sterilize this world, Harold.”

“I got that from Cid also. I think we are now like your brother only we are saving an entire globe.”

“Can we sleep on this, it is going to be dark soon, and I am hungry.”

“I don’t see why not, let’s go back to the house and think about this,” Harold said.

The process of regenerating the lattice network was almost complete. Power was restored to nearly 100% as Harold and Sue headed for the main hatch. Pushing the button to open the hatch they heard a buzzing sound, but the hatch remained sealed. Pushing the button again, once more it just buzzed with an angry sounding beep.

“If there is a security threat the door will not open.” Sue thought.

Harold already knew this, hearing her think that, he headed back to a security console. There were several trucks in the area with people walking the range. The ship had been an enormous power drain causing an investigation to ensue. The markers left from their research were now of interests to not only the power company, people but others as well.

The power used to repair the ship had also caused a brown out to most of Colorado Springs. Pulling up RF reception devices they now heard not only communications with local officials but some encrypted conversations between their military.

“It appears we will not be going back to the house,” Sue said.

“I believe that there are things on board that can make us clothing and food. I think that we should try and get this thing out of here before the military gets here with a tank or something.” Harold said.

“I am going to cloak us and then turn on the Time-Space Modulator. Once we are out of their time, the ship should just glide off the planet or through it until we are in space.”

“Let’s do it!”

Cid and Ben were now talking through their host while Sue and Harold really did not understand what was going on they just thought it was them. The exposed hatch that was drawing so much attention now appeared to be part of a vast cavern. Shaking from the area had the people scatter as they just knew that it was an earthquake.

The massive ship passed through miles of solid rock before hitting the red-hot layer of magma. Since it was out of the space-time of the earth, they only saw it but suffered no ill effects from it. Soon it was more layers of dark rock and then water. From what must have been the Pacific ocean. Shortly after the ship left the water, now in the air off the west coast.

The cerulean sky quickly turned a dark azure before violet and then black. The yellow sun was in stark contrast to the blackness of space.

“That seems to have worked!” Harold said.

“Do you know how to fly this thing?”

“Yes, I am going to plot a course toward our moon. I think that there is an old base on the dark side of the moon.” Harold said.

“How do you know this?” Sue asked.

“I can only guess that Cid has something to do with it.”

Using only the sub-light engines to move them, the craft lumbered away from the Earth, now traveling in regular space-time. Radar images popped up showing them all sorts of things that were in orbit. Harold was worried about not hitting anything when Sue turned on a device that would deflect anything away from them should they run into anything.

Flipping a few more switches, he put the ship into automatic.

“I have it on good authority that this ship will go much faster than what we are doing,” Sue said.

“Sue, I have no idea where we are going or what we are doing. Right now you and I are out in space, Just look at those stars!”

“I think Ben is used to this which is not allowing me to truly enjoy it.”

The lights dimmed as the entire top of the ship became transparent. Without warning the floor and areas around them became semitransparent.

Now Sue and Harold were blown away by what they were looking at. Still close to them was the blue planet in all of its glory. The sun was bright, and they could just about feel its warmth.

“Sue, the computer is part of us, and it reacted to what you said,” Harold said.

“Whatever it did, I don’t care, look at this!”

There were billions of stars all vying for their attention. “If this is what the astronauts see they were lucky people!”

“Computer, can you talk?”

“I can speak to you via the neural link or vocally, which do you prefer?”

“Verbal communication if you please.”

“Very well, how can I help?”

“Are you aware of our predicament?”

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