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Farseek Mercenary Series Extra

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Publisher’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination. Locales and public names are sometimes used for atmospheric purposes. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or to businesses, companies, events, institutions, or locales is completely coincidental.

Faigon’s mate/Clarissa Lake -- 1st ed.


Julconi Prison World

Tyema (Ty em a) Reznar – Narovian

Faigon(Fay Gone) Nesgatu – Farseek Warrior

Chapter One


My name is Tyema Reznar of Narova.

The last two years have been an utter nightmare. Now I am probably going to die.

The shuttle just touched down on the Sargus Correctional Colony of Julconi, commonly known as Julconi Prison Planet. There are no guards and no cells and no rules. The prison is run by mob rule and survival of the fittest. There were no separate areas for males and females.

The Sargan Enforcers shuttle you down to one of five continents and shove you out the door with a backpack of supplies and a single knife to defend yourself.

I am a feline humanoid female, and the only thing I did to end up here is escape slavery---four times. Just what did they expect?

I was an Alliance Law Enforcement agent stationed on Earth to fight human trafficking by alien slavers. I was off duty dining with a friend at a local restaurant in West Virginia. When I went to get into my vehicle to return to the secret Alliance base in the mountains, I got hit by a stun beam and kidnapped by the very alien slavers I was there to stop.

I caused them enough trouble that they decided I was untrainable and they sent me here where males outnumber females two to one. In most humanoid species I knew the males were generally larger and stronger. There were horror stories of women being gang-raped and killed the day they arrived. Armed with the long knife they issued, I could take a few out before they overpowered me but more than three, I’d probably lose.

There was a crowd of disheveled men and some women at the landing pad when I came to the exit ramp of the shuttle. They started hooting and whistling as soon as they saw I was female. The loose-fitting tunic and pants didn’t entirely hide my feminine curves, so the short regrowth of my hair from when they shaved my head wasn’t enough to make me appear asexual.

A dozen others arrived with me, four other women and seven men. The men were just as scared as we were because there was nowhere to go. A thick crowd surrounded the landing pad behind the fence. They even blocked the only exit. The Sargans were just going to leave us there, trapped by the crowd, and take off.

We walked toward the entrance to get far enough away before the shuttle launched, which it did almost immediately. None of my extensive training had prepared me for anything like this. We weren’t going anywhere unless these people let us.

I turned in a slow circle, looking at the sea of faces surrounding us, hoping to find an ally. As I took a long breath, I scented one about one-hundred-ten degrees to my right among the pungent smell of unwashed bodies.

Meomee!” I cried. “Meomee!” My soulmate!

I scented him in that crowd mingled with all the other smells, but there was no way to tell which of them was mine. I had to find him quickly, or I could be in a bad way within a planet rotation. He could be one of a half a dozen humanoid races that were compatible with feline humanoids. Not all of them were capable of recognizing me by scent. So, I might have to find him first.

Then I saw this tall man with lavender colored skin and bright orange hair cropped even closer than mine. As he moved along the fence toward the exit, he kept looking at me. Then our eyes met in recognition. Something about him made me think he was out of place here. He was a bit cleaner than most of the other men in the crowd.

An alarm sounded, and the gate slid open as soon as the shuttle was out of sight. People started pouring in through the opening, and we newbies moved off to the side, remembering that the shuttle had also left a dozen modules of supplies, mostly food. That saved us from being accosted immediately. Standing off to the side, I couldn’t help trembling in relief as I watched people breaking open the modules and grabbing as much of the packaged food as they could carry.

It was the same as the rations in the backpacks we were given. I certainly wasn’t going to risk my life to get more of them. I just wanted to get out of there.

Then someone touched my arm, and I reached for the knife in my belt, looking to see who had encroached in my personal space. I scented him at the same time as I saw the orange hair that capped his head in short tiny curls.

Solmatu,” he said in a deep voice as sensual as an intimate caress. He was speaking the Sargan language of which I had a rudimentary knowledge. “Come with me, I’ll get you out of here,” he added and offered his hand.

I took it immediately and nodded to him. In my whole life, no better ally would ever come along. As the landing site filled with people, the man with orange hair held my hand tightly and plowed through the crowd drawing me with him through the openings he created. Finally, we broke through, and we were running through the hard-packed dirt street and out of the village into the hills beyond. We didn’t slow down until we had gone over the first hill so the crowd at the landing would not see where we went.

By then, I was getting out of breath. We were moving into a forested stretch where the foliage thickened underneath tall trees that carried most of their dark green leaves near the tops of tall, bare trunks. Most were around 100 feet tall. The underbrush was ten to twelve feet and under.

We zigzagged through that underbrush. I just hung on and ran as fast as I could, hoping he knew where he was going. We must have run for ten minutes before he finally slowed and stopped in front a thick wall of bushes. He gave a command in another language, and a doorway appeared behind a tree. It wouldn’t have been obvious, but there was light shining through the bush in front of it.

The man let my hand go and moved the bush from the doorway and gestured for me to enter in front of him.

“I’ll be right behind you solmatu,” he said. “I’m just going to cover the entrance.”

Were he anyone else, I would have insisted he take the lead, but he was meomee, and I knew I could trust him with my life. I went inside, shrugged off the backpack, and set is on a bench.

No one else was inside. I’m guessing that’s why as soon as the door closed behind him he turned and swept me into his arms for a long passionate kiss.

---And I didn’t even know his name yet!! As soon as I scented him, my hormones started sending my body into a mating frenzy and putting out pheromones to insight him to mate with me. I’d heard that it could be like this with a humanoid that could sense the connection. Most ordinary homo sapiens were affected by the mating pheromones, but they can’t scent their true mates the way felines can. Sometimes they need a little convincing that the desire they feel in caused by soulmate recognition.

But this magnificent man seemed to know as soon as I did. He was so sexy and big. My toes were all that touched the floor as he held me and I wound my arms around his neck. I really wanted to know his name but I couldn’t make myself break away from our first kiss to ask.

His kiss was sending messages of desire surging through my body, and I could feel the evidence of his desire pressing against my belly. The pressure of his firm, muscular chest against my hardened nipples was delightful. I knew that sex would happen sooner than later.

I couldn’t even say how long the kiss lasted, but we were both panting and out of breath when he finally lifted his lips from mine and smiled down at me.

“Hello, beautiful,” he said, “my name is Faigon Nesgatu, Lieutenant Commander Nesgatu of the Farseek Mercenaries.”

“Tyema Reznar United Alliance of Planets Law Enforcement Agent. Kidnapped by slavers from Earth two years ago, been trying to escape ever since.”

“That’s how you ended up here?”

I nodded.

“Yeah, they decided I was incorrigible, so they sent me here for life, and I didn’t think that was going to be very long,” I told him. “This place is utterly barbaric.””

“Slavery is barbaric. But don’t worry, solmatu, I will get you out of here,” he assured me with a gentle caress of his fingers across my cheek. “I was hoping my solmatu might be here, but I have to say I was not expecting you. I’ve heard of your kind. We rescued one on Breskaa.”

“I am feline, but human compatible,” I told him.

“Of course, you are, or we would not be solmatu.”

“We call it meomee.”

“But you don’t really want to talk right now, do you?”

I shook my head staring up into his teal green eyes and inadvertently rubbed my hypersensitive nipples back and forth across his chest. “I want you.”

Chapter Two


“Can we clarify that?” I asked her. “Are you wanting to share sex or claim me as your mate?”

“We don’t make that distinction,” she said. “We are meomee. Now that we have touched, we must mate, you must claim me.”

I couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful face and those pale blue feline eyes that were almost the same color as her blue hair. She, Tyema, was my soulmate!

The rest of my team was out for the duration, and I had a private berth so we would be alone. A good thing because I literally ached to put my cock inside her. Her pheromones must be even more potent than mine.

I was torn between needing to mate her and wanting to know everything about her. But then I guess it really didn’t matter because we were mating for life. “Let’s go to my berth,” I said and walked her down the short hall to my sleep cell. It was hardly more than a clothing module with just enough room for us to stand beside the bed.

We took our clothes off in silence, driven by the bonding hormones, and dropped them on the floor. Tyema was even more beautiful naked. Her breasts were full and round with tight peaked nipples, nicely wide hips, and curved buttocks. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out to flick the rosy brown tips of her breasts with my thumbs.

Tyema grabbed my hand and tugged it gently as she moved to climb into my bed. Fortunately, it was wide enough for both of us. As I got in beside her, she took my hand and pressed it between her thighs against her mons. I slid a finger between her folds and confirmed that she was wet and ready.

“Faigon, please fuck me now. The pheromones are so strong, I ache for you to fill me with your cock,” she murmured.

I moved between her parted thighs and did just that. I fucked her quick and hard as we looked straight into each other’s eyes until we both came and I spilled my seed inside her. But we weren’t finished because I was still hard inside her, and she apparently wanted me to stay there until we could go again.

“I’ve waited all my life to find you---dreamed of courting you and falling in love with you---this is not at all how I thought it would be,” I said, memorizing the curve of her face with my fingers. “But I know you are mine---and I am yours,” I said and kissed her lips with all the tenderness I felt. “I am yours as long as I draw breath.”

Tyema gently caressed my cheek, “I am yours, and you are mine, as long as I draw breath.”

“Damned if this didn’t happen at the worst time for mating,” I said, softening my words with a kiss. “This is an important assignment. My people’s lives depend on this. I cannot declare solmatu in the middle of this.”

“Believe me, Faigon, I understand,” she smiled at me. “We will have to make it work, but we need to mate every chance we get because the pheromones will keep us almost constantly aroused.”

“I know, I am still hard inside you, and we both just came.” I could not stop looking at her face and into her eyes. She looked at me like she already loved me, but how could she?”

Meomee, I dreamed of this joining many times, but I never saw your face,” she said with an almost shy smile. “This is not the time or place I would have picked either, but I never needed you more than I need you now.”

“I will protect you with my life,” I assured her.

“And I would do the same,” she said. “Normally, I would say that I can take care of myself, but this place terrifies me!”

“Rightly so. That’s why we are determined to get our people out. But we will also take anyone who wishes to seek asylum on Farseek.” I explained. “My team is in the middle of finding those who wish to be evacuated, and I am mating with my beautiful soulmate.”

She laughed softly. “I can’t tell you I’m sorry with any conviction---except for the timing. You know as well as I do, we don’t get the choice with a random recognition.”

“True,” I said, “But no more talking, I need to mate you some more.”

“Yes,” she murmured, just before I kissed and kept her tongue busy with mine.

Before I mated Tyema, I hadn’t shared sex with many females. I did it, I think more to know what to do when I found my solmatu than for the pleasure of it. I found pleasure in it and gave pleasure in return, but those joinings were nothing compared to what I felt in Tyema. The second time was even better than the first. I took her slowly and deeply, drawing out our pleasure as long as possible.

Those other times were just practice for what was to come. In Tyema’s arms, I was transported to a place out of time where everything else could cease to exist outside of us, and we wouldn’t know. I felt so much more than my cock inside her and my tongue tasting the inside of her mouth. I felt like she was reaching into my heart and soul, caressing my spirit from the inside out.

I lost all track of time making love to my soul mate, exploring every inch of her delectable body. It took that long to get control of my almost constant need to mate with her.

By the next morning, I was able to debrief the members of my team on the progress of locating our Uatu people and those of other species and races who wished to be evacuated from what for many was unjust imprisonment. It was also my duty to report solmatu and alert my second in command to assume my duties, because I knew my concentration was impaired.

Even as I spoke the words, I realized that I was having difficulty in concentrating on my instructions to him. Tyema came out of my sleep cell only long enough to be introduced and get some meal bars. She was even more fidgety than I was, perhaps because it was her body that was producing the pheromones that affected both of us. She returned to our sleep cell rather quickly.

It made me feel torn between my elation of finally discovering my soul mate, the female who would share my life and bear my children and my duty to my team and my people.

“Sir, don’t worry about the mission,” Lieutenant Adontu said. “We have it all under control. We’ve scouted the landing sites and enlisted trusted Uatu to pass the word on when and where to report for evacuation.”

“Excellent,” I said. “Not many people get to pick when and where they find solmatu. This the last thing I expected.”

“That’s exactly why you should appreciate this time of discovery. Under other circumstances, we could have you evacuated while you do what you need to do and we finish up down here.”

“And I would ask for it, so I don’t to jeopardize the mission. But Dread Four is out of range keeping surveillance on the Sargan battlecruiser.” I told him. “I let them know my situation.”

“We’ll get this done, sir. Solmatu is sacred, and you have been blessed with a beautiful mate. Congratulations, sir.” Adontu smiled and inclined his head in salute.

“Thank you, as of now, you are in charge Lieutenant.” I returned his salute and then hurried back to my sleep cell to mate with Tyema some more. I knew Adontu was fully capable of taking over the mission. I was glad of it because I could barely concentrate on anything but my desire for Tyema for more than a few minutes.

A Narovian feline, I could not have imagined a more exotic soul mate.

Chapter Three


I took the meal bars back to Faigon’s sleep cell which we now shared while he debriefed his reconnaissance team, whom I met briefly. But I didn’t linger. As soon as I saw Faigon, the pheromones surged again, and I felt such overwhelming desire for him that I could hardly breathe.

We had slept little the night before yet I felt energized. I only got the meal bars to keep my body nourished for the next round of mating. It was less than thirty minutes before Faigon returned to our bed, but I was aching for him by then. I did not try to pleasure myself for relief because I knew it would not quell my desire for him.

Faigon must have a strong will to have stayed away from me so long. While I was waiting for him, I took off my clothing again so that I would be ready to receive him. When he came into the tiny cubicle, I had to restrain myself from leaping into his arms and wrapping my self around him. As soon as he stepped inside and the door closed behind him, he pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants.

His long, thick cock was fully erect and looked like it needed serious attention. Then I looked up into his beautiful face which I had memorized with my eyes and my touch. His dark teal eyes burned with passion.

We smiled, just looking at each other. I don’t know which one of us moved first, but I was in his arms within seconds, kissing his throat between his collarbones. Rubbing his sides and back, I planted kisses all over his broad, muscular chest and paused to nibble and suck on his male nipples. Everything about his taut, muscular body attracted me, and I wanted to taste him everywhere.

He sighed and growled as I worked my way down his body to his impressive phallus, kneeling on the floor front of him. I wanted to pleasure him with my mouth, but his size limited what I could do. I used the tip of my tongue to swipe a drop of pre-cum from the tip then laved the head while he caressed my hair. I delighted in the soft, silky feel of it on top of the hardness when I had kissed and tasted every inch of it, I went back to suck the head while stroking its length with my hand and massaging his testes.

Very soon he stopped me, gripped my upper arms and lifted me up like I weighed almost nothing. The feral look in his eyes told me I was going to be fucked and fucked hard. My pussy contracted virtually dripping with anticipation.

Faigon pressed me against the wall and leaned hard against me, so I didn’t slide down. I put my legs on his hips, holding his gaze and giving him a slight nod that I was ready for him. His cock filled me with one slick move, and he just pinned me there while he took my hands and held them against the door with his fingers laced with mine.

He flexed his hips so that the flesh over his cock rubbed against my sensitive bud. The look he gave me was so alpha male and exciting that I started to breathe a little faster in anticipation. His mouth fastened to mine and his tongue slid inside to dominate and conquer. He punctuated the onslaught with hard thrusts of his cock. My senses were all attuned to every point of pressure applied by his body from which waves of pleasure emanated through me.

Each thrust felt so exquisite I could only moan and sigh my approval of his sexual prowess. Mine! Mine! Mine! It was both a word and a feeling that echoed in my mind each time Faigon slammed his cock into me. Then I came hard, and I think my mind went blank as he slowed his thrusts just a little. He took me through multiple orgasms before he came and I shared yet another climax with him. We both cried out in ecstasy when that happened, and I hoped the cell was soundproofed.

Of course, the whole team knew we were in there mating in our sexual bonding frenzy.

Faigon released my hands and framed my face in his, kissing me tenderly first my lips and then my face and neck. He moved back from the door, supporting my back with his hands and dragged his lips across my chest to my right nipple and took it into his mouth sucking it enthusiastically. I arched my back to accommodate him as he set off another orgasm that made my inner walls contract rhythmically around his still hard cock causing it to tickle my g-spot.

Oh, Faigon! Faigon!” I cried, convulsing in ecstasy, gripping his upper arms while he moved to suck on my other nipple. At that point, it seemed like one long orgasm until all I could do is moan softly, wholly surrendered to his pleasuring me.

I was vaguely aware that he moved us to the bed maneuvering, so he was on top of me, still hard inside me. As the vortex of passion receded, it yielded to gentle kisses and caresses. Those moments were so poignantly tender that it almost brought tears to my eyes.

I’m sure that my emotions were magnified by the mating hormones and pheromones. But I wasn’t thinking in those terms. I was looking into the eyes of my mate who had just given me more pleasure than I have ever known, still in the grips of the euphoria of soul mating.

“Faigon,” I whispered his name and smiled up at him. He smiled back and kissed me, caressing my face and running his fingers through my short hair. “Meomee.”

Solmatu,” he whispered back. Both words meant the same thing in our respective languages. Those words encompassed even more than love and a commitment deeper than marriage.

If I didn’t love him, then I would love him in the coming days and for the rest of my life, which I hoped fervently would not end on this gods-forsaken planet.

After a breather, we continued our copulation at a comfortable pace until we were both satisfied so that we could sleep.

Meanwhile, Faigon’s team went out into the inmate population every day seeking their people to advise them that their warrior brigade had come to rescue them and to pass the word to those they felt worthy of asylum to be ready at the designated rendezvous points for pick up.

I learned that Faigon and I would transport up to Dread Four on the mission shuttle they were using as their base of operations. On the Dreadnaught, each crew cabin had private shower and toilet amenities, but the mission shuttle had only individual sleep cells and a single toilet and shower to be shared among six to eight people. This mission had six people, and I made number seven.

Most of the time Faigon and I had the place to ourselves because his team was searching the continent for their people. As I was bounced around from place to place, I had heard about the Farseek invasion. While the planet’s defenders were off fighting the war with the Sargus Empire for the Transtellar Consortium, the Sargans destroyed their planet and took all the survivors and sold them into slavery.

I, on the other hand, was stolen from Earth by the Pican’s while I was off base disguised as a human. I took the assignment on Earth, hoping to find my soulmate on my own after both branches of the Narovian Matchmaking Service failed. The irony was that my job on Earth was to prevent human trafficking by Alien Slavers, and I ended up a slave. I made numerous attempts to escape and caused some injuries the last attempt. So, they sent me to prison.

In the time that I had been a slave, I had picked up enough languages so that I understood much of Faigon’s language. After the mission, he would see that I got a proper language chip. The one, the Picans, inserted had to be removed because I had an adverse reaction to it.

I thought I would have to fuck some gang lord to stay alive, which made me wonder if it were worth staying alive. Sex is an empty endeavor without the meomee connection for most felines, especially females. I tried sex with a human a couple times, and it was very unpleasant even though the male was caring and considerate. I liked him very much, but he was not meomee.

It took five days for us to get past the raging hormone/pheromone blasts the drove us to mate for hours. Then we were getting by with mating a few times a day so Faigon could perform some of his duties. I certainly understand his sense of responsibility, I was as dedicated to my job with the Alliance.

Faigon told me of another feline who joined a team on Dreadnaught One, Sahvin Kazza. I knew of him but was not personally acquainted because he disappeared from Earth before I arrived there. I was glad to learn he faired well. The point he was making was that I had sufficient training to join his Farseek Mercenaries if I wished.

Then he broke the news to me that they had no information to pinpoint the location of Narova or Earth.

“I don’t see that as a problem, Fai,” I told him. “I look forward to making our home on Farseek when your missions are finished. Meantime, I will help you any way I can.” We were at the food processor alcove getting a quick meal.

“We will look into possibilities after we get back to our Dreadnaught,” he said, resting his hand on my shoulder. “If that’s what you wish. I will help you with whatever you think you wish to pursue as long as we are together, solmatu.

Then, he got that look in his eyes, that told me he wanted to mate again. Even though my body responded receptively, I said, “I need sustenance first, then I am all yours. Mating takes a lot of energy.”

Especially when we did it for hours at a time.

“Of course, sweetheart,” he grinned at me and kissed my forehead. That made it worse because the grin on that sexy mouth of his was making me forget how hungry for food I was.

But at least he stayed on track and handed me a warm protein cake, and he took one too. We ate them a little too fast, and Faigon carried me back to his sleep cell, and we mated until his team returned for debriefing.

Chapter Four


With only three days left before evacuation, the recon team arranged for one hundred people to fill our cargo hold before we lifted off from Julconi. We had so many people recruited for evacuation that we were not wasting one trip off world. It would be crowded and a bit uncomfortable because we had no seating in the hold and they would have to sit on the deck for the thirty or so minutes it would take to deliver them to the Kurellis.

Farseek Mercenaries stole the colonial transport ship from Tegliar Station where it was custom built to transport colonists to a planet newly opened for settlement. We were using it to collect our stolen people along with numerous refugees from slavery in the Sargus Empire.

I am lucky to have a team that works so well independently because once a was exposed to Tyema’s pheromones, I fell into a complete mating frenzy. I could no longer function in the capacity as team leader, but First Lieutenant Adontu has assumed my duties with the utmost professionalism. I could not ask for a better team.

Because of them, I was able to bond with my soulmate according to her customs and physiological needs. I am still on an endorphin high due to the mating pheromones and the intense pleasure of our mating.

The attack on Farseek took my family from the face of our homeworld. I have yet to learn whether they were killed or stolen. For that reason, I am glad that I didn’t find Tyema until after the ruin of Farseek.

Like most of my brethren in the Farseek Brigade, I feel the chances of finding them are small. The rage and despair I felt when I saw holograms of what the Sargans did to our world overwhelmed me for some days. We were all stunned that the Consortium let this happen while we were fighting to protect them!

Finding solmatu in Tyema was a balm to my soul. It has reduced the profound loss I felt to a bearable level, and I feel hopeful about the future again.

When we found our world in ruin, we had two choices of what action to take in response. We could have sought revenge against the Consortium and the Sargans, or we could seek to rescue the people who were taken alive. We decided that the best use of our resources would be to rescue all we could from the bondage of slavery whether they were from our world or not.

In light of finding Tyema and all the others who were solmatu to my brothers and sisters in arms, this was the right course of action. One day when we have rescued all we can, we will go back to Farseek and rebuild our population as our infrastructure has been rebuilt.

When the Farseek Mercenaries have expended our resources in this rescue mission, we will return to Farseek as well and become the defense force for our world. Tyema and I can then finally start a family of our own.

But I am getting ahead of the story. Before that can happen, we must finish the mission and escape Julconi. I wish we could leave this place now as I am concerned for Tyema’s safety. Logically, I know she is a trained field operative who has served in her world’s military, but my judgment is clouded by my growing love for her.

Tyema wanted to help, but I couldn’t let her leave the mission transport without an armored combat suit. We had rumors of inmates in possession of projectile weapons that they had manufactured themselves. That wouldn’t be a problem for our combat armor, but projectile weapons were lethal to unprotected humanoids.

“But, Faigon,” Tyema protested, “your team is going outside every day without it. I’m not a rookie.”

“I know, this but the most dangerous time will be when the refugees are arriving to board the transport,” I explained. “We could have a rush of inmates trying to force their way onto the transport.”

“And they have guns,” she countered, “I am fully trained in martial arts, and weapons use. I am not helpless.”

“Tye, I know. But with no armor, those guns as you called them could easily kill you. You will be armed, and you can secure the boarding ramp,” I told her and cupped my hand against her cheek. “Even that could be dangerous, but that’s the extent of the risk I am willing to take.”

She sighed, “You’re probably right. Even if you had extra armor, I haven’t been trained on the equipment.” She covered my hand with hers and turned her face and kissed my palm. “You have enough worry. I don’t want you worrying about me while you’re out there risking your life.”

We were alone, so I felt free to take her into my arms. “I am well trained, too. Our lives have changed so fast. I have come to care for you so much in a short time, the thought of losing you is terrifying.”

“It is for me, too, Fai,” she murmured and kissed my throat. That was enough to get her pheromones flowing, and she knew immediately what she had done.

Tyema looked up at me and smiled seductively, but I couldn’t blame it all on her. I was the one who pulled her into my arms.

“We have twenty minutes,” I told her.

“Then we better go to your sleep cell now,” she said.

We hurried back to my berth and slipped inside peeling off our clothes. Tyema climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees with her lovely buttocks facing me. She was just at the right height for me to take her from behind. Her legs were spread, and the beautiful flower of her sex was almost dripping.

“I’m ready my love,” she said and wiggled her gorgeous derriere invitingly.

I slid into her easily, and she cooed her approval as I filled her. I started pumping into her at a relaxed pace and steadily picked up the pace, taking her faster and harder. I held her hips so I wouldn’t cause her to face plant on the bed. We came spontaneously together, but it failed to alleviate my erection because her pheromones were so potent.

“More,” she said. “You need more.”

The second round did it, and we were cleaned up and dressed waiting for the team in the common room when they arrived. I would take more time with her later before our sleep period. She is so generous sexually and every other way. It made me want to please her as much as she pleased me.

I was becoming impatient to complete this mission so that I could court Tyema properly and get to know her outside of sexual bonding. Were we on Farseek, I would have taken her to see some of the beautiful places in the wilderness. Before the destruction of Farseek, I shared a recreation cottage on a lake in the mountain wilderness. Since it was so far from the cities and town, I dared to hope it might still be intact.

When we get back to Farseek, I want to take Tyema there and find out. If not, I hope we can rebuild it. It’s a beautiful place for solitude or to be alone with a lover and soulmate. We were still months to a year away from that, but it was something to look forward to.

In the few days until launch, we got twenty-six more people in addition to those already were recruited for evacuation. They were all friends and acquaintances of the those we had recruited. The team determined they met the criteria for evacuation, and Command told us that we could take them to the Kurellis if their combined mass were within the maximum load specifications for the transport. Scans verified that we could safely take them all.

It was our policy to attempt to take everyone who asked to be transported. Those who would use violence to force us to evacuate them were the reason combat specialist teams were stationed at every transfer point. We were, after all, breaking people out of prison. It stands to reason that at least some of the inmates actually belong there.

On the other hand, Tyema was thrown into this prison for trying to escape slavery after being abducted illegally and sold into slavery. So, with that circumstance in mind, we gave most people the benefit of the doubt as long as they didn’t do their talking with weapons fire. Those were answered with force.

Chapter Five


I didn’t like staying behind on the ship while Faigon and the others secured the path for the refugees to board. But I’m a professional, and my mate is the superior officer. He was also right. It was best for me to secure the entrance to the ship where I had cover if I needed it.

Faigon gave me a quick course in the use of their version of a pulse blast pistol and stun beam wand. We didn’t want to kill anyone if we could avoid it.

We were loading under cover of darkness with the only light coming from the cargo entrance and the combat team guiding them down the path to the ship.

When we had the hold nearly full, another eighteen people arrived asking for asylum. Most of them were females of a few different humanoid species, so Faigon approved their passage. As the last were straggling in, a male humanoid grabbed one of the last young females and held a pistol to her head demanding passage for himself and a small group of males and females.

About the same time, Faigon’s team came under attack, by inmates with projectile weapons. I commed Faigon to advise him of my situation, and he said that there was a growing mob moving in behind the hostiles. The team was holding them back while retreating toward the ship while I was left to negotiate with the armed and desperate male holding the hostage.

I hesitated to fire on him with either weapon because he might pull the trigger before he went down. But I held the wand pointed, at him, so he knew I was armed as well.

The people with him seemed terribly young to be sent to a hardcore prison planet like Julconi. They were scared and forlorn, like people we were taking. The man holding the female hostage seemed to struggle with his tough act.

“If I let your people board, will you release the female?” I demanded.

“I will!” he agreed, “but I come too.”

“All right, but you will have to surrender your weapon and let the female go.”

“After I am aboard,” he said.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to get that from him once he was aboard. I chose to stall him.

“Your people can board. Approach the ramp one at a time to be scanned for weapons. If you have weapons leave them on the ground by the ramp and hold your hands up where I can see them as you come up to the entrance.”

The weapons they left at the bottom of the ramp were crude rock slingers, crossbows, and the long knives issued to prisoners when they are dropped on Julconi. The tiny com in my ear tweeted, and Faigon told me they were on their way back to the ship. They were moving in stealth mode with lights off. While the last two people were approaching the ramp, one of the team came behind the hostage taker and plucked the weapon out of his hand then forced him to release her.

It was Faigon, and he determined the weapon was a fake projectile pistol with no projectiles. The man started weeping after he was disarmed. His “hostage” was his lover, and he swore he would never hurt anyone. They weren’t Uatu, but a closely related human subspecies.

“We will take you and your mate,” Faigon told him, “but if you cause any trouble, we will space you both. Am I clear?”

“Yes, sir, thank you, sir,” the man said.

The rest of the team was right behind Faigon, and the armed mob not far behind that. They were laying down fire into the dark as they retreated into the ship. Faigon kept me behind him as projectiles bounced off the hull and the armored team members.

As soon as the last one was aboard, the ship AI closed the hatchway as the pilot lifted the mission transport off the ground. We were among the first carriers to land on the Kurellis with refugees from the Sargus Empire. I asked to speak to the women from Earth who were checking in the refugees.

The first one I met was Harper Avery, solmatu to Commander General Maktu of Dreadnaught One. She introduced herself as I came up to her station at the long table set up outside the landing bay. She was about my height, with blue eyes and long blond-streaked hair, a popular look back on Earth. I liked her almost immediately as she offered a friendly smile as I stepped up to her table.

“I was kidnapped from Earth and sold into slavery two years ago,” I explained to her. “I tried to escape so many times, they finally sent me to Julconi for life.”

“You’re Narovian, like Nora’s mate Sahvin,” Harper stated. “How long were you on Julconi?”

“Just about ten days. Meomee Lieutenant Commander Faigon Nesgatu and I found each other right after I was dropped off.” I told her. “I regret our recognition came right in the middle of Faigon’s mission. But it’s not something we can always control and was totally unexpected.”

“Since you are speaking English, I’m guessing you must have had a problem with the Pican translator implant,” Harper said.

“Yes, I thought I would go out of my mind before they removed it,” I said. “Did they remove his with no pain blocker? They did mine.”

“They did. He was mistreated. We think they were angry because he was not human as they thought when they kidnapped him.”

“I believe so. I was punished more times than I care to recall because I didn’t understand the language,” I said. “Some of the masters seemed to think I would understand better with a slap or a punch. I struggled to learn their complicated language.”

“Well, you are in luck. We have a language chip synthesizer that will make you an implant tailored to your DNA,” Harper said brightly. “Your mate may not even know about it yet.”

“Or he didn’t think about it because of dealing with a mating frenzy right in the middle of his mission,” I told her.

“Hang on, and I will call one of our ship guides to take you to sickbay to get one. Sahvin has had no trouble at all since he was implanted a few weeks ago.”

“That would be wonderful. Can I just go find Faigon to let him know where I am going?” I said. “I don’t know how long we will be here and if we are going back down to the planet to round up some more refugees.”

“Sure. Come on back when you’re ready.” She smiled. “I’m here for the duration.”

I found my mate in the landing bay, still in his combat armor, deep in conversation with another warrior that I didn’t recognize from his team. Not wanting to interrupt him, I approached quietly and stood waiting for him to finish speaking. I didn’t understand half of what he was saying because I had learned the primary Sargan language which is what we spoke to each other.

Momentarily he noticed my presence.

Solmatu,” he greeted me with an affectionate smile. That beautiful mouth of his had me thinking carnal thoughts. His smile turned into a sexy smirk as though he read my mind.

Meomee,” I said softly. “Commander Maktu’s mate told me I can get a language implant here at sickbay tailored to my DNA. The Narovian male got one that gave him no adverse effects. Someone is going to take me to sickbay to get one. Do I have time to do this now?”

“Of course, Tyema. We will wait. I am glad she thought to offer it. I had forgotten we had acquired that technology for the Kurellis,” he apologized.

“Things have been a bit chaotic since I came into your route---crossed your path,” I laughed at my misspeak of the English idiom which didn’t quite translate into Sargan. “I will return as soon as it is finished.”

Faigon looked like he didn’t really want me to enter the interior of the ship without him, but he was busy exchanging intel with another officer.

“I will be fine, meomee. Harper has sent for a guide to take me to sickbay,” I said to reassure him. As I looked over at Harper, a female of an unfamiliar species arrived and spoke to her. Harper pointed in my direction, so I went back to meet her.

“Tyema, this is Pilonni. She is a Sargan defector, she will take you to sickbay and wait while you get the implant to bring you back,” Harper assured me. “You speak Sargan, don’t you?”

“Yes, but not Uatu,” I told her. That is the Farseek language. Uatu is their original planet of origin beyond the borders of the Consortium.

“Then they will fix you right up,” Harper said.

Pilonni smiled and inclined her head as a sign of respect. I followed her to sickbay and was attended by an AI Medic that spoke the Sargan language. It took a cheek swab to map my DNA and isolate one of my own cells to download the language program into it. It was then injected into my neck. The medic did a post-injection scan and deemed the implant successful and medically released me to return to my mate.

Faigon looked relieved to see me as I returned, and I was glad to be back at his side. From the look in his eyes, he wanted me in his arms as much as I longed to be wrapped in them.

“Soon,” he said. “We are returning to Dreadnaught Four. Sargan Battlecruisers have been discovered on long-range scans. I will be off duty for the next few days.”

Then he gave me one of his sexy smirks and my core throbbed in anticipation. I smiled at him, and we walked back to the mission transport together.

Chapter Six


The trip back to my home ship seemed endless because I set off Tyema’s pheromones with just a look. It couldn’t have been anything else because we barely touched in hours. Public demonstrations of affection and sexual attraction are not our way. A chaste kiss on the lips or hand or the clasp of a hand is the extent of the demonstration of our affection in public especially warriors on duty.

Although the Uatu are very sensual people, our sexuality is expressed in private. I was glad my combat armor was keeping my cock restrained as I didn’t want to display my desire for Tyema so everyone could see. Needless to say, it was an uncomfortable ride back to Dreadnaught Four even though she remained in our sleep chamber.

Fortunately, separated from her, my arousal waned by the time we arrived at the landing bay on Dread Four. Still wearing my battle armor, I needed to stop at the ship’s armory to return my suit to storage and change back into my casual uniform. Since Tyema wasn’t familiar with the ship, I had her wait for me in the corridor while my all-male team changed. All we wore under the combat suits were thin form-fitting shorts that were next to nothing.

Still, in the waning days of our mating frenzy, it would be difficult for me to control myself with her seeing other nearly naked men. Uatu men knew not to admire another man’s solmatu in the early stages of mating. It was far more intense being mated to a Narovian feline because her pheromones were so potent.

I finished as quickly as possible because Tyema was alone in an unfamiliar ship. I regretted that she had been relegated to standing in the corridor, but had I gone out of control against my own men, it would have been more embarrassing for her than standing in the corridor alone.

I did not meet her gaze when I emerged from the armory. I didn’t want to become aroused again before we were alone in my quarters. A glance at her revealed a disconcerted look in her eyes. We walked together down the corridor to the lift and took it to the fourth level and three doors down to the left and into my quarters which would now be ours.

“Here we are,” I said, and the door opened automatically. “Our home,” I told her, putting my arm around her shoulders and drawing her inside with me. I took her backpack from her and set it on a chair.

“Fai, this is really nice,” she turned and smiled up at me. I had to admit that officer’s quarters exceptional for a battleship. I had one large compartment with a small sitting area and a table and bench eating area, a bedroom and a bathroom.

“Tyema, I didn’t mean to ignore you back in the landing bay. It’s just that your pheromones were nearly making me lose control,” I told her, taking her into my arms. “I wanted to fuck you so bad, I would have started raging if anyone turned and admiring gaze in your direction.”

“I don’t understand, Fai. You must know that meomee is sacred among my kind as solmatu is to you. Even if they looked I would only be looking back out of curiosity,” she said. “I am yours, only yours and you are mine.”

“In my head, I know this,” I told her, “but your pheromones make me feel out of control when I want you and can’t have you. I’ve never heard of this intense a reaction to solmatu before. Even as I felt it, I knew it was wrong. Not one of my men would even think of coming between another man and his solmatu.

“Apparently our mating pheromones augment each other’s,” she said, pressing her body against mine. She turned her face up, parting her soft lips inviting my kiss.

I pressed my lips to hers and taunted her tongue with mine. Tyema put her arms around my neck and shoulders, arching her back to deliberately press her breasts against my chest. While I was exploring her mouth, I slid my hands up her sides and rubbed her erect nipples with my thumbs. She moaned into my mouth and melted into me. Then I gripped her buttocks and pressed my hard cock against her center, and she moaned again. Pulling her legs up around my hips, still kissing her, I carried her into the bedroom.

Urging her to put her feet on the floor, I started stripping off her clothes then my own. I paused to look at her perfect body for a moment before I cupped her breasts. Tyema closed her eyes and pressed them into my hands for me to rub those sensitive tips, then I put her on the bed which was recessed into an alcove. Commanding the lights down to a soft blue, I climbed in with her on my hands and knees, kneeling between her legs and placed my hands on each side of her head.

My cock was so hard that part of me wanted to just slide it into her and pound into her until I came. I could scent her arousal, and I wanted to tease her into a frenzy before I fucked her. A kiss on her forehead started my journey down her body. I lingered at her mouth, and thoroughly caressed the inside with my tongue until we were both breathing fast. Then I moved down to her neck, nibbling, tasting and kissing, but withholding the pressure of my body against hers. She arched her back beneath me, trying to rub against me until I moved to suck her nipples each in turn while I pinched the other making her moan and squirm.

I dragged my mouth down the center of her teasing and tasting until I reached her mound. Parting her nether lips, I exposed her clit to caress it with my tongue as she cried out and wriggled against me. The tensing of her muscles and her panting breaths told me she was getting close to release. She started to quiver as I sucked gently, alternating with tonguing her until her hips began bucking. She screamed, and her pussy clenched rhythmically.

I continued my tender torment until she pulled away. So, I kissed and nibbled my way back up her body and paused to pleasure her breasts again until she was thrashing in orgasm again.

“Faigon, please fuck me now! I need you inside me,” she murmured fervently.

I couldn’t deny her any longer because I needed to be inside her just as much. She spread her legs wide for me, drawing her knees up with her feet flat on the bed, and I lowered myself until my cock sunk deep into her. She raised her hips to meet mine as I lowered myself against her and she hugged me tightly. I kissed her tenderly, caressing her face.

“Solmatu, my beautiful solmatu,” I whispered, and stared into her eyes. I had wanted to torment her the way she could torment me with a look and those potent pheromones that she couldn’t control. It wasn’t her fault precisely that I couldn’t stop my arousal at inappropriate times. It was her physiology, and I was highly susceptible to her.

Even after my taunting her, she still looked at me like I was the best thing that ever happened to her. “I love you, solmatu,” she whispered. “Now fuck me long and hard…”

“I love you, too, meomee.” Then I fucked her long and hard. It was so good.

Chapter Seven


Faigon’s base ship called a Dreadnaught was comparable to the Alliance’s Raptor series though not as big. Our Raptors were designed to carry crews of about three hundred fifty. The Dreads were designed for about one hundred fifty, although I didn’t see much of it for several days. Faigon had completed his mission and was due time off for us to continue bond.

The Uatu people of Farseek were unknown to me before I met Faigon on what started to be the worst day of my life. That was partly because I believed it would be the last day of my life. Then Faigon touched my arm.

From that moment on my libido went from nil to max immediately, and so did his. It was very stressful for Fai because he was in the middle of a dangerous mission. Although we thought our mating frenzy was over, I think our stress levels were suppressing pheromones until we were out of danger. Once we were alone in Faigon’s cabin, I felt like we were starting the cycle all over again.

We were back to making love for hours because we could hardly stand to be separated. Even when we did separate, we stayed naked. We learned each other’s bodies from head to toes. While we mated in many different positions and places throughout our quarters, it pleased me that he liked to make love face to face. We both relished the tender aftermath as we lay still joined kissing, caressing and talking.

Our communication improved immensely as the Uatu language implant became integrated into my brain. We told each other everything about ourselves and the worlds where we were born and raised.

Farseek was a backwater colony on the fringe of Consortium sectors settled by the Uatu as their world ecology and resources became strained by overpopulation. Farseek was a relatively young colony, less than a thousand years old. It was a wilderness planet teaming with sub-sentient life forms and fertile soil for growing things. A beautiful world with four small gleaming cities and millions of acres of farming complexes until the Sargans came and destroyed everything they build in five hundred years.

They either stole or killed almost all the people while the Farseek Brigade warriors were off fighting the Sargus Empire on another front. The only way they could have reached Farseek to attack was a direct course through Consortium sectors. That meant treachery in the Consortium, but they didn’t know who or why. Rather than using their resources to find out, they chose to go after their people who were stolen and sold into slavery.

They terminated their contract to provided defense for the Consortium and made a formal request to withdraw. They considered themselves withdrawn, but Consortium had never been accepted their request. Instead, the Consortium financed their rebuilding Farseek and launched an investigation to find who had facilitated the attack.

Dreadnaught One had received a message from Evzen Guryon during the prison break on Julconi. Faigon received notification while we were busy mating and stayed in queue on his tablet until he checked the messages days later.

Apparently, the Consortium Council tabled the decision whether to accept Farseek’s withdrawal until they determined who was responsible for the destruction there.

I, on the other hand, was born and raised on Narova with four brothers and three sisters. We didn’t know we were wealthy because we lived simply and learned to earn the things we wanted and needed. I had always looked for my future among the stars. I went to the Alliance Law Enforcement Academy when if finished my education and put my energies into building my career.

After ten years, I decided it was time to get serious about finding a mate. I submitted my DNA to the matching services for a meomee. When that failed, I took a covert assignment on Earth hoping to find a mate my chance or by a genealogical search for anyone who might be a match. I never finished that search because I was taken from Earth and sold into slavery.

“Then you came for me, just when I thought my life was over,” I said looking up into his eyes.

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