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By Brian Young

Published by Brian Young at Smashwords

Copyright 2018 Brian Young

Jack pushes his glasses up on his nose. The blue glow of the monitor reflects off them. He takes a sip of his coffee and wipes his lips and leans in close to the monitor. There's a mob of people through the grey static on the screen. They are all pushing and shoving. Their screams have become one droning sound. Their breath like a cloud of smoke in the cold night. Raging over the SDL social media blackout. Above the heads are cheap signs reading things such as INTERNET LIVES MATTER and SDL OPPRESSORS. Jack presses a key and a new window opens in the corner of the screen. A blurry camera in the back of a van. There are four men in riot gear crouched down in the back, looking out the windows. Jack picks up a radio off his desk.

"You ready?"


"Do it."

The van stops and the men jump out towards the crowd. A can of tear gas is thrown into the middle of the people and they begin screaming and scattering. Some of them charge the men. They are taken down to the ground and beaten with batons. Jack switches to the mens body cameras. He gets a close up look of a young man being hit in the ribs with a baton and falling to the ground. He lies there crying and coughing up blood.

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