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Aliens from the Sky

Book 3 – Inside the Alien Prison

A Post-Apocalyptic Novella

Written By

C.O. Amal

Copyright © 2018 C.O. Amal

Published by C.O. Amal on January 2018

All rights reserved.

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Chapter 1

Then, more bulgy headed aliens got inside the room. Tony worriedly stared at the approaching aliens. The aliens grabbed each person’s arms and they hauled them outside. People reluctantly followed the aliens. One of the alien grabbed Tony’s and the alien man’s arms and it hauled them outside. They entered inside the corridor, and the aliens led them through the corridor, in the left direction.

Before long, a glass wall came in front of them. Quickly, one alien pressed its arm on the nearby wall and all of a sudden, the glass wall slide up, forming a doorway. The aliens led them outside the corridor and they entered inside a wide, spacious room. Suddenly, a rumbling came from above. Tony looked up and saw the roof disappearing. Then he saw the blue sky. A moment later, two flying saucers came from the distant sky.

The bulgy headed aliens pushed them towards two red circles on the floor. The flying saucers were now hovering over the red circles. Then, a blue colored light stream came from under the flying saucer, lighting up the red circles. As the light met Tony and everyone inside the red circles, they began to fly up into the flying saucers. A few women screamed out loud as they flew up, but, most of the people remained silent. They all were really tired and they don’t even have energy to cry. As soon as they all entered inside, the bottom doorway of the flying saucers closed and Tony and others dropped to the floor.

Tony slowly stood up and he looked around the room.

* * *

The flying saucers suddenly flew up. Then they flew out of the alien building.

* * *

Tony had no idea how to survive the alien horde which roams outside. All his weapons were gone, and he was left to fight with his hands. But how far could he go, just by fighting with bare hands?

Tony looked at the alien man, who was silent whole this time. “You didn’t tell me your name.” Tony said.

“I am Hade.”

“You can call me Tony.” Tony looked at others in the room. They all were sitting on the cold metal floor with a hand on their lower jaw. “Where are they taking us to?”

Hade took a deep breath. “Most probably, to planet Tobo.”

“Your home?”


“But there are many alien lizards on planet Earth. Don’t they want to feed them too?”

“By this time, those reptiles on Earth might have transformed to those bulgy headed aliens.”

“Who are they exactly?” Tony asked.

“All I know is that, they are very advanced. And they have a queen in their home world. This queen is highly intelligent than you could ever imagine. And she is the one who is producing the eggs. She is a hermaphrodite. If we kill her, then everything will be over.”

“They have only one queen?”

“Yeah. According to my people’s records, this queen produces a queen egg once in a while. It hasn’t been too long since the queen before the current queen died. So, this queen is young and it will not produce queen egg any time soon.”

“Then, how do we kill the queen?”

“That is beyond my knowledge. And no one will be going to kill her any time soon. We all will die soon, either by radiation exposure or by the attack by the alien lizards.”

Tony again felt his world spinning around him. They all would die soon. It was certain. And it was a universal truth. All they could do was, survive one or two days. Then, they would die. Survival would be difficult because, they had no place to hide from the alien lizards. They could hide inside a building in the city, but if they do that, they would be exposed to radiation. And the remaining places were either jungle or wasteland. Then, a jungle might be the only place for them to survive, provided there was jungle now. But where would be this jungle?

Suddenly, the bottom floor of the flying saucer disappeared. But Tony and others didn’t drop; they became levitated in the air. Then, the blue colored light stream came from above them, and they slowly began to descend through the light column.

Tony worriedly looked at the land before him. It was a wasteland. And he saw several trees with green leaves scattered through the land. But, a thick layer of dust was everywhere. A moment later, they touched their foot on the ground, and the light stream diminished. Then, the flying saucer flew away. The second flying saucer was nowhere to be seen.

The sun was a little hot. Then Tony saw it. There were two suns in the sky. This planet was not earth. This might be planet Tobo, like Hade had said.

Suddenly, a sharp screech came from their left. Tony turned towards the sound. Then he saw it. Three alien lizards were coming towards them at full speed.

“Run,” Hade shouted.

* * * * *

Chapter 2

One month had passed. This sewer was definitely a haven to Raj and Chris. They have food, water and everything else to live a normal life. And their supply would last another two more years. By that time, those things might leave the place for good.

It was last day that Don and Raj went outside, to scavenge things from the crumbled alien base. At the time they arrived there, they saw no dead bodies. There weren’t even skeletons too. It was like the people walked away with that serious injury. But, that was impossible. No one would survive that kind of injury. Those alien lizards might have dragged the bodies away.

They got hundreds of cans of food from the alien base. And they got several weapons too.

Now, Don and Raj were sitting on chairs just outside their room, looking at the sunlight which was seeping in through the holes on the manhole’s lid. Raj still carries his assault rifle with him. They couldn’t tell when those things would come. Don also had guns. But all his guns were hand guns. He got a good supply of ammunition for them, too.

But, so far they were safe. They might never have to use the weapons. Don and Raj would often wander through the sewer looking for any weak spots. They could never be too careful. A small weak spot was all those things need to storm in.

A moment later, they heard high pitch screeches. Those things are out there, looking for food. Suddenly it happened. A sliver of blue light came through the manhole.

“Is that a flying saucer?” Don asked.

“If it was the flying saucer, the lid would have flown away.” Raj said.

Raj quickly climbed the ladder and he peeked outside through the holes, but he saw nothing. Actually he couldn’t see anything through those small holes. Of course, he saw blue sky which was devoid of anything noticeable.

Raj climbed down the ladder rungs in defeat.

“Did you see anything?” Don asked.


“We can check outside after those things are gone.” Don said.

Raj nodded. That was the only thing they could do.

They waited about an hour. And when all outside sounds diminished, they slowly climbed outside. Don removed the lid, slowly, and he first looked around him. He saw nothing amiss. Then he and Raj climbed outside. Then they saw it. A few dozens of alien lizards were lying on the ground, most probably dead.

Raj tightened his grip on his assault rifle. Don drew out his hand gun. Then they walked towards the first body. Then they saw it. It was certainly dead, and there was a long cut on its back, transversally. Raj looked closer. Then he saw it clearly. The body was hollow. It looks like something came through the body.

Raj looked at other dead bodies. All were similar. Something definitely came through these dead bodies.

Suddenly, a screech came from nearby. Raj and Don without thinking further, climbed down the manhole, and Don closed the lid.

“What were those dead bodies?” Don asked.

“My best guess is that, they became mature aliens.” Raj said.

Don nodded. That was the only thing which makes sense. Those alien lizards might have transformed into something. It was certain that, they have to be careful. Suddenly, they heard a scratching sound from the manhole’s lid.

“Shit,” Don muttered. They might have seen them getting inside. Then the lid slowly began to slide away, and sunlight seeped in.

“Let’s kill it, before it gets inside.” Don said.

Raj quickly climbed the ladder. And once he reached the top, he trained his assault rifle at the entrance. Then, an iguana like face appeared. Raj then pulled the trigger, ending its life. The dead alien fell inside the sewer. Raj quickly closed the lid and he climbed down. Those things nearby might have heard the sound of gunfire, but Raj was certain that, they hadn’t seen him, yet.

Then Raj and Don saw it. The dead alien which fell on the waste water was quickly decomposing. Its skin began to melt. And smoke rose from the body.

Raj and Don curiously looked at the dead alien. A moment later, the kids came outside. They might have heard the gunfire. Then they too saw the melting alien.

Then Raj remembered his encounter with the aliens. Those things hated water.

“I think I get it.” Raj said. “I have seen them not approaching water.”

“So, water could kill them.” Don said.


“I have a water gun.” Jeep said.

Raj smiled. Now, they knew how to kill them effectively.

* * * * *

Chapter 3

Ram and Lilly stayed inside an abandoned house, in the middle of nowhere, for the past one month. There were several houses nearby, all of which were empty. Even though bulgy headed aliens evolved from alien lizards, there were still many alien lizards out there. And all the evolved aliens were transported to an unknown place by means of flying saucers.

Those horrible lizards usually come to this place during the noon. And at most of the time, Ram could see those creatures lurking in the nearby wasteland. Ram and Lilly often go to the nearby city, to loot food. On the way, they saw a huge building full of survivors. But there were two gun men outside, all the time alerted. Those gunmen looked like the men who tried to exile Ram and Lilly during their first day in that city. So, Ram and Lilly didn’t try to approach the survivors. The gunmen did saw them. But they also didn’t try to talk with them.

The world was now different. Those who were fraud enough to steal goods from those who have were the only persons who could survive this post-apocalyptic, dystopian world. No need to feel sympathy, anymore. The world works that way. And those who cope with this could continue their lives here. Yeah, aliens destroyed all hope humanity had. But, humans would always strive to victory. It was the nature of human beings.

Ram slowly ate his canned food, while sitting on a chair, near the window. He saw today’s fifth flying saucer a little while ago. All of those flying saucers might be on the run, supplying food for those lizards. Nowadays, Ram often wonders how the newly evolved aliens were attaining knowledge. They might be like young babies. Those who have knowledge might be transporting the newly evolved aliens to a facility where they could be trained to perfection, for the next mayhem.

Ram wonders who would be the mother of these alien bitches. Were they like the chickens? But chickens have only two stages of life in their life cycle. They were more like amphibians who have three stages of life in their life cycle. But, these things were not amphibians. Amphibians neither had scales nor had hard, shelled eggs. These things were the weirdest creatures Ram had ever encountered. Their metamorphism was similar to that found in insects. Only time could tell the truth.

Ram finally finished his can. He dropped the can on the floor and he stood up, peering outside, for any movement. Lilly was still on the bathroom, taking a good shower. She needs it more than Ram. She was running like hell for the past few days, for food. Ram was sick, a cold fever and cough. It was still astounding that, the creatures out there failed to hear his cough. Actually, he had covered his entire head using a blanket, whenever he had to cough. Now, the cough was gone, along with the cold. But a little fever was still inside him. He ate Paracetamol for the fever, but the fever was a little strong. But, now, he feels more active. It was yesterday he went outside, for the first time after a week of home arrest.

A few moments later, Ram heard no sound of shower. She might have finished her bath. A few more minutes later, Lilly got outside the bathroom, with a new pair of blue jeans and a matching blue shirt. Her skin was actually radiant, now that all the dust and oil were washed off. She actually looks like a princess, like in the stories.

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