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Somewhere Behind Black Eyes

Somewhere behind black eyes

The teenage form watched as juveniles came in droves to the party which was taking place inside the geographical, Target’s residing place. He was not prepared to dialogue this scene. He was only practiced and instructed to interact with the Prime Target. But the Target had left.

He hadn’t been there for hours. Days. All he could do is watch and be helpless in his training as in antiquate as it presently was. He had to approach each social hurdle with methodical calculations. He stabled himself as the booming bass from the stereo within shook him to his core. His hunger was hitting him, it made him feel even more of the emptiness which hunger brought. He leaned again against a tree to stable him from the waves and waves of bass emanating from the targets home.

Unblinkingly, he noted the way their individual frequencies, once singular, gathered together and intermingled and entwined to become one collective frequency. Young as he was he still was very infant to this plane and didn’t know how to do what they did every night and day.

He did know they were inexperienced in the art of dimension jumping. This was close to no feat for him whatsoever. He had so much to learn and he is starving and frustrated in his hunger of their frequencies. Not too much, but not too little was what he was told; if he had to draw from the non-prime targets.

Yet, when he was able to draw from them he had noticed when he felt the transfer, his empowerment was their demise. Last time this happened he was met by looks of disappointment and head shaking from his creator. A dim part of him was relieved he was not skilled yet to read, facial expression, body language and vocal cues. He couldn’t do anything about this, especially since empathy was not constructed into the fibers of his DNA. Even if he had the inclination to do so he only could do as his nature instructed.

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