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Tales From The


Of Civilization

By Delilah Putain ©2018

Smashwords Edition

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

All characters are over the age of 18.

The Offering

Breeding Day

The Pastor’s Wife

The Turning

The Offering

All of the village elders came to the center of town when I was brought out for my offering. My uncle told all of the elders the week before when I would be offered, he hoped to cull favor with them for his businesses. He figured right, by the time I was presented he was already getting work from the village government and the wealthier citizens. They all wanted to see me when I was presented. I washed at he farm and my uncle dressed me in a pair of tight fitting jean shorts, old and cut to reveal half my ass. He instructed my cousins to shave me completely. They did, with considerable glee and lust. I was washed and given am enema and then taken down to the village square, where I stood, wearing a half shirt, jean shorts and a pair of red heels.

The men weren’t used to a black woman. I was the only one in town, in the district for all I knew. As I stood in the hot sun in the center of the village I considered my options. I had none.

The practice of the offering began two years after the Fall. Once the governments fell to the masses and the Constitution burned in the streets, all laws became null and void. Murder, rape, robbery, it didn’t matter what the crime, they all went unpunished. The police officers, lawyers, judges everybody from the judicial system were either dead or went underground. They hid among us, denying they were ever in law enforcement or once held government positions. If they did, they could be executed by anybody. The military, those who weren’t overseas, also collapsed. They also hid, or stayed on their old bases. Those overseas were slaughtered by the occupants of the countries they were in. Cut off from supplies and food, they didn’t last long and were overrun. The young were taken as prisoners and the old, viewed as unproductive, killed. Eight years was all it took for the world to end, everything went down like dominoes. Once one institution fell it dragged another with it, and that one took another, and so on.

I was young when it began but I was old enough to realize that the pretty suburban life I hoped to grow up in, as my father and mother did, wouldn’t ever happen. But I never could have guessed the terror, the subjugation, and the treachery I would suffer. I learned I couldn’t trust anybody, even my own family.

When mom became sick my father was forced to trade my sisters first, the original deal was just for Lisa to be given to the district army, in exchange for medicine. But once they saw Robin, they wanted her too. In order to save my mom, my dad had to make the deal, despite her pleas to the contrary. There was no question what the army wanted them for, they would be trained as soldiers, put through a rigorous military training course. Then they would be bred.

They would be used as comfort women for the troops, fucked by innumerable men until they were pregnant. Once a baby was born he or she would be removed for training as a soldier. Then my sisters would be bred again, this would occur until they couldn’t make babies anymore. What happened next was a guess, many said they were killed. Others said they were sent to the Edge of The Word as cheap prostitutes for the Border People, those who lived on their own outside of villages and towns. I never saw one, but I heard they were half animal, half human. Burned and diseased by the nuclear explosions and leaks.

My father sent me to live with my Uncle Evelyn and his sons. I was smaller than my sisters, my breasts were large like my sister’s, they would be perfect for feeding babies, but my hips were small. I wouldn’t be good for breeding. He knew eventually some pimp would kidnap me in our district so he took me to my uncle’s district. My uncle promised to care for me as long as he could.

His three boys, my cousins, had different ideas.

My uncle took my nice clothes and sold them in town. I was given old shirts and a pair of sandals to wear around the farm. I was put to work in the house.

The first day I arrived I was sent to my new room, the walk-in closet in my uncle’s room . There was an old mattress on the floor and a single bulb for light. I walked out of the closet to find my cousins, all three of them standing in the room and eying me with horny, lust filled eyes.

Samuel, the oldest, was the first to speak, “Oh baby cousin, don’t worry about anything, we’re just here to welcome you to our side of the family. The other two, Max and Steven, chuckled and nodded their heads. I tried to run back into my closet but Maxwell grabbed my arm and threw me on the bed, “Don’t run girl, we need to make you an official member of our family!” He laughed and pulled his gym shorts down, his cock sprang out, thick and engorged with blood.

I pleaded with him, “No, please don’t! Please, I’ll do anything you want!”

He laughed, “Fuck yeah you’ll do anything I want!”

He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs apart. I kicked one of his hands off of me, hitting him in the jaw. He yelled in pain and raised his hand to hit me, I turned my head towards my other cousins for help, but they stared at me smiling evil twisted smiles. The door to the bedroom suddenly flew open, Uncle Evelyn came crashing into the room, he took the heads of Max and Steven and slammed them together. Both fell backwards to the floor. He punched Samuel in the face as he struggled to pull up his pants, sending him into the wall on the other side of the room.

What the fuck do you idiots think you’re doing? What did I tell you?”

The three of them stood up, holding their heads and swaying, he pointed to me. “She is The Offering, you will not touch her until I say you can.! Do you fucking understand me?”

They nodded their heads, “Yes sir.”

He pointed his massive finger at each one of them, “The next one of you who lays a hand on her, I swear to fucking god, I will take you up to the bridge and throw you off myself! Do you understand?” They nodded their head and shuffled out of his room. Samuel looked at me over his shoulder, and shot me the angriest look I had ever seen.

For the next year and a half I worked in the house, cleaning and cooking mainly. I also had to feed the chickens and goats. I wore the same dress every day, I washed them at night and as each day passed it got thinner and thinner until they were thin as an onion skin. I had to wash every day also, my cousins would have to bring in the hot water from the outside fire and in turn they were allowed to watch me bathe each night. They had to sit on the opposite side of the room and they weren’t allowed to approach me.

Out of loneliness, I spoke with them and learned what The Offering was all about. I was a virgin and would remain so until the night of my next birthday. Then I would be placed in a bed in a shack in the middle of town. I would stay there and be fucked by the men of the town until I was pregnant. When I had the baby, I would raise it and the town would help me. But, I was to remain a virgin until my offering, the father couldn’t be known. That way the whole village would be responsible for raising my child. Until I was offered, I was to remain a virgin.

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