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Golden Shrapnel

By Pako Valor

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Dynamite Sheep

The Blasted Pirates

A Pirate's Nightmare

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Chapter 1: Dynamite Sheep

The bulky guards, dressed in black tactile gear with skull masks, moved their fingers close to their triggers. They stood on the snow near a spaceship as the cold wind flapped their clothing. A few small rectangular buildings were by the snowy hills, and some cargo boxes were around them. An alien merchant named Robby stepped outside the buildings and walked toward the spaceship.

A gray alien named Vile, who wore robotic armor, carried a suitcase next to the guards. As they walked from his spaceship, a tiny, blinking tracking device, which had the picture of a cartoon bomb, was attached to the back of Vile's ship.

Robby said, "No one better have followed you. I don't want to deal with Nova, that human pirate, who killed the infamous bounty hunter, or even that psycho woman obsessed with bombs. They both been causing trouble to the economy."

Vile said, "Don't worry. We're safe. Now, I'm here for that invention you've created from those stolen plans. The one that can make you fly."

Near the cargo boxes, an alien laid on the snow with a punctured hole in his chest. Nova, a browned haired woman with a leather jacket, who hid behind the many cargo boxes, chuckled while placing her sword in her holster. Nova said, "You're never safe as long as I'm around." Nova opened the boxes and saw jewelry, gold, and a pair of gravity boots. While she placed the precious items into her bag, Nova spotted and grabbed the pair of gravity boots and said, "Strange. I don't need these." Nova then threw them away onto the snow.

A man named Mark, who wore a black bandana on his head, stumbled on a rock and pushed Nova's back. Nova's face smacked some stacked cargo, moving the boxes slightly, and the jewelry from her bag tumbled onto the snow. Nova swiped Mark's collar. " Watch it. You’re going to get us caught."

Mark said, "My bad. We're just a bit uneasy about the guards."

Frowning, Nova said, "There's nothing to worry about."

Another crew member said, "These are no ordinary guards, captain. They're the elites. It's wise if we go."

Nova stared at the jewels on the snow, and her bag that was half empty. She raced to pick up the gems, and she said, "No, I want to deplete these scum bags for what they've done to me."

Mark said, "Captain, please. We can find a safer way."

Nova growled and said, "Never, I was born in poverty working hard labor for those gray faced savages." Nova grabbed a handful of jewels, and they glittered on her face as she glared at her crew. "My opportunity's here now. I deserve this!"

Something clicked, and some nets soared, entangling Nova and her crew. Black shoes stepped toward Nova as she wrestled with the net.

Vile said, "Your days are over, pirate. I'm sure your rulers will be happy to see the escaped slave that's been causing trouble."

Nova said, "You'd better watch your neck."

Vile chuckled and said, "Oh, really?" Vile lifted his wrist and pressed a button. The electricity ran through the net.

As the net zapped Nova and her crew, their screams echoed into the hills.

Vile said, "Know your place, worm." While Vile laughed, a guard shouted to him.

The guard held the tracking device that was stuck on Vile's spaceship, and gave it to Vile, but when Robby saw the bomb image, terror filled his eyes.

A guard's eyes widened, and he pointed to the hills.

Robby looked, and his mouth fell open.

All the guards lifted up their rifles and aimed at a light purple-skinned woman on the hill, who wore a tactile vest and a beanie with goggles. A few grenades hung from her clothing.

The woman smirked, and she said, "I can feel my excitement bubbling up inside." She placed her finger above her lip and chuckled.

Vile said to Robby, "What's going on?"

When the electricity stopped, Nova's vibrating hand moved toward her sword in her holster.

Robby's skinned turned pale, and he said, "It's ... Frag!"

Frag giggled and said, "It's not nice to steal my plans, mister merchant."

The guards fired their energy weapons, and the red lasers swooshed toward Frag, who stood on the hill. As the red light shined on Frag's face, the outline of her sneakers glowed white. The energy beams crashed, and the snow sprung up into the air like powder.

After Nova yanked her red energy blade from her holster, she ripped the net to shreds and slashed the nets that entangled her crew. While most of the guards searched for Frag on the hills, a few of them fired laser beams at Nova, but she dodged the attacks and struck them with her sword. Grabbing her bag from the snow, she raced to the cargo, but Mark tugged on her arm. Nova said, "What're you doing?"

Mark said, "This is the perfect time to leave, captain."

Nova flung Mark's hand away, and said, "I won't take long." She dashed toward the cargo.

Mark said, "No, don't do it."

The snowy cloud disappeared, and Frag levitated in the air with her gravity sneakers. Frag said, "Talk about a great way to greet your guest. I'll crash your little party." Frag pulled a remote control from her pocket and pressed the button.

While Nova threw loads of jewels and gold into her bags, and as she discovered another pair of gravity boots, the ground rumbled, and on the hill, the snow sprung up as a stampede of sheep, strapped with lit dynamite, raced down. Losing balance, all of the jewels and gold tumbled onto the snow. Yelling and pulling her hair, Nova's fingers sprinted toward them.

When the ground shook, and as the guard’s struggle to fire at the sheep, Frag watched as Mark and the crew struggled to pull Nova, who was trying to get all the jewels she dropped.

Nova said, "No, let go of me." Suddenly, a grenade dropped from the sky and landed into Nova's bag. Dropping the bag, Nova dived, and it exploded. As smoke surrounded Nova, and as pieces of jewelry smacked into her face, her eyes watered, and she shed a tear. Frag appeared inside the smoky area, levitating in the air as she bounced a grenade in her palm.

Frag said, "Nova, the space pirate. I've heard a lot about you."

Nova said, "You idiot. Look at what you've done."

Frag chuckled. "Oh, dear. I'm sorry. It must've slipped from my hand."

Nova swung her sword, but Frag evaded and flew around her while giggling.

Frag said, "You pirates are all the same. Selfish trash of the universe."

"Shut up! You ruined everything," said Nova. Nova jerked her energy gun, and she fired multiple shots as Frag flew and hid in the smoke.

Frag's eyes appeared from the smoke as she glared and said, "You remind me of my former captain. I'll show you the vanity of your efforts, you greedy hog."

Nova snarled, and something clanked on the ground. A grenade rolled near her boots, and she dived as it detonated. As Nova arose, she could hear her crew calling her name, but then suddenly, many explosions made the ground rumble.

Stumbling, Vile and the guards emerged from the smoke as the sheep, strapped with lit dynamite, chased them. The bombs exploded, vaporizing Robby and some of the guards. Nova flew from the shockwaves and slammed into some of the cargo boxes. The boxes dropped, and all the jewels landed on her body. As the sheep bleat, more of them exploded, and Vile, throwing his hands in the air, ran into his spaceship as Frag's laughter echoed.

Vile said to drivers, "Go, go, go. She's crazy!"

While the spaceship arose, Frag returned to the hill, and she struggled to lift her bazooka like weapon. "Oh, how I love seeing things go kaboom!" Frag laughed. The missile appeared from the barrel, and it had googly eyes with a big smile. The rocket ripped the air, and it soared toward the spaceship. The spaceship exploded and descended.

As Nova massaged her head, and while her crew shouted her name, Nova stuffed her pockets, but as she removed the jewels, a bleating sheep's head popped out, and it stuck its tongue out at Nova.

Screaming, Nova sprinted, and as she tried to contain the jewels from leaving her pockets, the bomb exploded, and the shockwaves thrusted her body, causing her to hit her head on the ground. She knocked out.


Laying on the floor, Nova awoke inside a prison. Nova had cuts on her arms, and her jacket was torn up as well as her black jeans. Ropes held many baskets that carried gold and the jewelry that belonged to Robby. The glittery gold reflected into Nova's eyes, and her hands reached for it, but as Nova's fingers moved toward the gold, the rope lifted the basket.

Nova growled and dived toward the baskets, but the ropes kept lifting. A screen lowered and it activated, displaying Frag's face as she raddled the camera to adjusted it. Nova said, "You’re a stupid fool. You’re going to pay for this."

Frag smirked. "Oh, what? You didn't like my gift baskets. How rude. And here I was trying to be nice."

"You better get me out of here before I--"

Frag laughed abruptly and said, "Oooh, the pirates making threats behind the bars. Well, Nova, it's time to show you who's in charge."

In the ceiling, openings appeared, and the baskets shot up into the holes. In the screen, a room appeared where the gold and jewelry dropped into a pile near dynamite."

Nova said, "You ... You're insane! Do you have any idea how much that’s worth?"

"Oh, it gets much, much better. Looky who I got."

Mark and her crew hung on the wall with chains wrapped around their wrist. The bombs next to them had frowning, googly eyes.

Nova's fist tightened. "Why didn't you kill us in the first place?"

"Killing an unconscious foe is no fun. Better to see the emotion on their face when the time hits zero. But you, captain, I want to see you self-destruct internally." Raddling the camera, and as Frag laughed, the prison bars lowered, and the screen shut off.

Chapter 2: The Blasted Pirates

From the walls of the hallway, mini guns appeared, and the hot lasers slung at Nova, who dodged and rolled as the beams hit the floor. Nova's eyes enlarged as the door to the hallway slid downward.

"Twenty-two minutes left, Nova," said Frag.

The beams sliced the air, and they slammed onto the floor, moving closer to the back of Nova's heels. Grinding against the walls, the door moved downward. Nova slid, and the heavy door collided onto the floor, catching a piece of Nova's torn leather jacket.

Yelling, Nova held her jacket and stopped herself from falling into a pit of spiky wires that had a blue electrical current. A security camera watched Nova, and Frag's laughter echoed through the hallways from the intercom.

Frag said, "Aw, too bad. I thought you were going to fry."

The threads of Nova's jacket ripped.

Frag giggled and said, "Careful, now. You don't want to fall. I was never the same after I was shocked for hours."

She slammed her boots off the walls, and she swung toward the other side. Her hands collided with the edge of the floor as the bones in her finger pressed against her flesh.

Frag said, "You're so determine to save your friends."

Nova's fingers trembled.

Frag said, "Oh, but wait. Are you trying to save them? Or are you after the other thing?"

In the pit, the blue sparks intensified. Nova said, "You’re sick in the head." Nova's hand slipped, and the pebbles descend toward the bottom, and the sparks disintegrated the rocks. As Nova's struggled to pull herself up, the veins on her arms bulged. Arising from the pit, Nova knelt on the floor, and she breathed hard.

Nova stood in an empty room, and as she lifted her eyes, two separate hallways appeared. The first hallway was full of saws and mounted guns on the walls, but the other was empty, not a single trap insight.

Frag said, "Eighteen minutes left. You know what you desire. A room full of gold from the alien scum to buy you anything. A typical pirate's dream. It's down the empty hall. You won't make it in time to save your crew with those saws and guns."

"No, there's always a way," said Nova.

"Not this time. You'll be risking your life for them in vain. Doesn't the captain deserve her riches?"

Nova grunted.

Frag said, "Accept the gold. You might not make it if you choose them?"

"What do you mean? I will make it. Won't I?"

"No, you won't, but isn't this your opportunity to score big? Weren't you born in poverty as a slave. Look at the hardship you went through all your life. Don't You deserve this?"

Shutting her eyes, Nova turned her back from the dangerous hallway, and she ran toward the empty hall.

Nova ran into the room, which was filled with all the gold that belonged to Robby, and timed dynamite dwelled next to it on the loose, tiled floor. The gold glittered into Nova's eyes, and she sprinted toward the pile and lifted it into her palm with a grin, but as she arose with a bag in her hand, she looked at the empty hallway, and her smile subsided.

Suddenly, near the pile, a trap door opened, and six grey alien space pirates leaped from their dungeon and block the path from where Nova came from. The door from the hallway then slammed into the ground, trapping everyone. Each one of the pirates had a collar attached to their necks and a light blinked red. A tall, wrinkled face pirate, named Jafi, pushed the others aside and shouted. "So, Alice, you've gotten another one, have you?"

Frag said, "Jafi, Jafi. Oh, you've been here so long. Will you ever get out?" Frag laughed. "Boys, you know what to do. Whoever kills this captain will be set free, and your bomb collars will be removed."

Nova crossed her arms, and Jafi approached Nova. "Never seen a human pirate. Time have changed since Alice went crazy."

An alien pirate approached Jafi and said, "I don't care how long you've been here. I'm gonna be the one out of here without this collar."

Jafi struck the alien pirate in the face, and he stomped and broke his leg. Jafi then flung him into a pile of gold.

The injured pirate said, "You, fool. You've broken my --" Suddenly, the collar blinked rapidly. As it glowed, the alien shrieked, and the collar exploded. Pieces of gold flew in between Nova and the pirates.

Jafi said, "Seems another captain has awoken Alice's grudge."

Nova said, "Why the hell do you keep calling her Alice?"

Jafi charged and attacked Nova, slinging his boney knuckles into her body. Jafi said, "That was her original name. I was in her same crew before the electricity damaged her brain!"

Nova attacked Jafi, but suddenly, Jafi grabbed Nova into a headlock.

As Jafi choked Nova, he said, " Alice was a sane expert at crafting gadgets and bombs. She protected the captain's treasure from his rivals, but eventually, he didn't trust her anymore. He feared she would one day accidentally detonate a bomb and blow up his treasure. "

Nova gasped for air.

Jafi said, " He tied her up with electrical wires and left her for dead, which was a bad decision for him. Now, I live with Frag, the psycho, because of captains like you!"

A bit of water slid from Nova's shut eyes. As Nova struggled to breath, her elbow struck Jafi's torso several times, and his arms released her. Nova kicked Jafi into the gold, but as Nova charged toward him, Jafi lifted a piece of rubble from the floor and slammed it into her stomach.

Nova gasped for air, and Jafi slung the rock into her face, leaving a bruise while she tumbled onto the gold. An alien pirate then crept and attempted to strike Jafi from behind, but Jafi faced the aliens and cocked back the rock as if he were going to strike. The alien paused, and Jafi said, "This is my time. I won't hesitate, you here!"

Grabbing a rock from the broken floor, Nova arose and approached Jafi.

Jafi said, "I've been here longer! I deserve this!"

When Nova heard Jafi's words, her eyes widen, and she paused, releasing the rock.

Jafi turned his back and looked at her in shocked. He charged toward her, but his foot stumbled on the rock that Nova dropped. Twisting his ankle, Jafi laid on the floor and moan.

Nova stomped on both of his ankles. Suddenly, the camera zoomed toward Jafi. Near the closed door, the other pirates laughed at Jafi, but then they argued. Some said, "I'm going to kill her." Other said, "No, I won't live here another day."

As Jafi held his ankles, his collar blinked rapidly. "No, Alice. Please!" Nova then grabbed Jafi by the leg while the aliens argued, and she slung Jafi at the others.

The aliens screamed as Jafi's collar glowed, and Nova dived behind a pile of gold. An explosion rattled the room, and a large gaping hole appeared at the entrance of the treasure room where some black tar smeared against the floor and walls.

Frag said, "Look what you've done. I won't let you escape with any treasure, Nova."

As Nova arose, she looked toward the empty hallway.

Frag said, "Remember, you wanted the riches. You caused your crews demise. It's impossible to save them now in seven minutes."

Nova said to herself, "What's wrong with me?"

"What a typical pirate. Always obsessed with money over others."

"No, shut up! I don't care anymore! I won't accept this!" Nova sprinted toward the empty hallway, but she then stumbled on something and fell.

Nova flung the gold away to see what she tripped over. Nova seemed surprised as a pair of gravity boots appeared. While camera zoomed on Nova, and as she placed the gravity boots on her feet, the intercom echoed the sound of a mic crashing into the floor. At a distance from the mic, Frag shouted. The screaming then turned into hysterical laughter, and in dark tone voice, Frag said, "I'm coming for you, captain."

The rooms blinked red, and the alarm noise echoed throughout Frag's building. Nova strapped on the gravity boots, and as they glowed, she levitated from the floor. Suddenly, Nova's boots blasted her into different directions. Bashing into different walls, Nova soared through the empty hallway. Nova said, "Blasted, how the hell do these things work." As Nova smacked off the floor, and while she struggled to use the boots, she headed toward the dangerous hallway.

While the saws slid up and down the hallway, Nova evaded the attacks as the razor blades grinded close to her body. The alarms and the red light continued.

The entrance where her friends were at was nearby, but the laser gun appeared, slinging multiple shots in her direction. While Nova barely dodged the beams, a laser slammed into her leg. Biting her tongue, Nova held her leg, but above, two-saw blade rushed toward her. As the razors spun closer to her torso, Nova soared, and the blades cut the ends of her hair.

Nova bashed though the entrance, and she slid into a table where her energy sword was located.

When Nova arose from the floor, she stared at her outfit and wiped the dust from her tattered clothing. Nova said, "I'm going to murder her." Nova grabbed her sword and placed it into her holster.

Mark said, "Captain, you're alive." He looked to the crew and said, " See, I told you she'd come for us."

Nova said, "Shut your mouth. I only came here because I need a crew to help me rob future ships."

As Nova lifted her sword to cut the chains, a piece of gold flung into her palm. A timer ticked, and when she turned the gold, it was strapped with a three second bomb. Nova said, "You monster!" Nova flung the gold from her hand, and it flew toward the hallway. A loud bang went off.

A few pieces of golden shrapnel scrapped her skin, and the hallway burned. Nova arose from the floor and the timer of the googly eyed bomb was four minutes and five seconds.

While the fire burned the hall, Frag's giggle echoed. Frag zoomed from the hallway, and she grabbed Nova by the shirt.

As they bashed through the ceiling into the sky, and while Frag held gold strapped with bombs, Frag glared into Nova's eyes. "Four minutes. Then you leave with nothing, you foolish space pirate."

Chapter 3: A Pirate's Nightmare

While the part of the roof of the building collapsed beneath them, Frag soared into the air, and she held Nova by her shirt. Snow covered the top of Frag's building, and spots of black tar dotted the snowy mounts where torn up pieces of alien pirate clothing laid.

While Frag gripped Nova's shirt, Frag stuck a sticky, golden bomb onto Nova's leg and backed away.

Nova yanked the bomb from her leg and threw into the ground, but the shockwaves of the explosion reached and jolted her toward an entry of a cave.

Nova tumbled onto the ground where the loose, rough rocks laid, and Frag levitated toward the gaping hole of the cave's entrance. The light of the sun peeked through the cracks of the ceiling, and it shined on the blue tinted stone. As Nova arose from the ground, a few pebbles descended from above and dropped near her.

Nova's sword was stuck in the stone, and Nova struggled to pull it as Frag came closer to her.

Frag said, "Only three minutes. You gonna be staying in this cave, Nova." Frag reached into her vest and grabbed more explosive pieces of gold.

Nova said, "What the hell is wrong with you? Can't you see how much you've destroyed?"

Frag said, "Who the hell cares." Frag giggled. "Here, take your goldies. You know, the thing that you value most over your crew."

The pieces of gold slung from Frag's hand and scattered around the area. Nova's eyes enlarged as she pulled on the sword, and the gold exploded near her, shaking the sharp stalactites that were above her.

While the explosion went off around Nova, she pulled her sword, but suddenly, a loud cracking noise echoed in the cave. Above, a stalactite slammed downward, and Nova dived onto the rocky ground to evade it. As she opened her eyes, Frag soared toward Nova with her energy sword.

Nova lifted her weapon, and the two blades of the energy slammed against each other. Nova flew and attacked Frag in the air. As they fought each other, they looked sternly into each other’s eyes while the stalactites crashed around them.

Two minutes remained. The force of Nova's blade slung Frag's weapon from her hands and out of the cave, but as Nova lifted her weapon, Frag's fist crashed into her gut, and spit shot out of Nova's mouth. While Nova's mouth gaped open and wheezed, her fingers unclutched the handle of the sword, and it clanked onto the stones.

Staring at Nova with a dark glare, Frag said, "They betrayed me. All of them. They lied to me because of their treasures."

As Nova struggled to breath, she attempted to strike, but Frag stopped Nova's limp punch and squeezed down on her hand, causing Nova to shriek. "All you all care about is gold, so I'm going to give it to you. Let's see how your treasure serves you." Frag swung her gravity sneaker into Nova's body, and Nova crashed into the rugged stone. The blood dripped from Nova's bruised arms, and she struggled to rise.

Frag said, "You don't care about your crew." From Frag's vest, she grabbed a handful of golden bombs and laughed hysterically with eyes as large as an owl's. "You're just an average pirate. You're no different." Frag cocked both of her arms and hurled the gold. Laughing, Frag said, "Bombs away!" The shiny, golden bombs burst away from her palms and dashed toward Nova.

Nova stood still with her eyes shut as she held her bloody arm. From the cracks of the ceiling, the light shined on the gold, and it sparkled onto Nova's face.

Nova remembered in the prison of the bounty hunter's spaceship, that a few alien guard corpses laid on the floor near her black boots. Mark and the crew laid behind the bars, bruised, strapped with chains, and in tears. Nova walked to the exit, but then she paused. Some shiny keys laid on the dead guard’s body, and Nova's hand reached for them.

One minute and thirty seconds remained. The gold spun toward Nova. The noise of Frag's laughter increased in her mind. The lids of Nova's eyes opened, and the gravity boots glowed.

Suddenly, Nova burst through the air, and the golden bombs detonated as they hit the ground. The fiery domes of the explosion followed Nova as she soared toward the cave's entrance.

Frag said, "What?"

As snow and dirt leaked from the cracks above, pieces of the ceiling shattered and crashed downward, but Nova's eyes were fixed on Frag, who levitated at the entrance.

Frag said, "No, I won't let you." As Frag grabbed grenades from her vest, she threw them, and they bounced off the stone toward Nova. A piece of rock fell to the ground and smacked the grenade away that exploded, but a few pieces of shrapnel reached Nova and struck her boots. They glowed on and off, but Nova's eyes focused on Frag.

One minute remained. Frag reached into her vest again and pulled more grenades. Her eyes enlarged.

With one arm extended, Nova's knuckles collided into Frag's stomach, and Frag's mouth shot open. Nova glared into the eyes of Frag, and she said, "You're wrong. I'm no ordinary pirate."

Nova then slung her boot into Frag's jaw, and Frag crashed against the side of a rocky hill. Nova's boots glowed off and on again. The boots shut off, and Nova descended onto the snow. As Nova walked toward Frag, a burst of fire flew out of the cave from behind Nova.

Frag chuckled and said, "Wowie. You're loads of fun."

Nova stepped closer to Frag.

Frag said, "I think you and I will be doing this more often."

Nova punched Frag's face and pinned her against the wall. Nova said, "We won't be having your fun any longer." Nova raised the sword.

Frag laughed and said, "Oh, but the excitement's is only just beginning." Frag grinned. "You got twelve seconds left."

Mark and the crew said, "Help!"

Nova face expressed frustration, and she backed away.

While Frag looked at Nova, Frag made a detonating bomb gesture with her hands, and created an explosion noise with her mouth as if she were a child.

Nova clutched her fist, and quickly limped toward the hole in the building's roof.

When Frag arose from the snow, she spotted her grenades laying on the ground, but one didn't have the safety clip. "Oh, blasted!" As Frag levitated in the air, the grenade exploded with the rest of the bombs. The shockwaves slung her body, and she screamed as it shot her flying far away.

The sirens noise escaped the hole, and Nova leaped inside where Mark and the crew shook the chains, but Nova slipped on rubble and slammed onto the floor.

Mark said, "Hurry, it's gonna explode!"

Nova said, "I'm hurrying!"

Nova crawled toward the chains and cut them all, but as Nova attempted to limp away, she twisted her ankle and fell to the floor.

Five seconds remained. Mark and the crew stepped toward Nova, and said, "Hurry, grab the captain. It's about to blow!" Together, they grabbed Nova and sprinted from the googly eyed bomb. The timer hit zero, and they dived. The bomb blew up, and on the computer screen, the treasure room burst into flames in front of Nova's eyes, but then she looked at her crew, who remained alive.


Nova's spaceship floated above Frag's building and inside, Nova rested on her black chair with bandages on her body. Nova looked out the glass window toward the building and looked down to the floor.

Mark and the crew stepped next to her. Mark said, "Ay, don't look so down. I'm sure will all find another big opportunity like that."

Nova said, "Maybe so, but that was a lot of gold that burned to the ground."

Mark said, "Hey don't worry, captain. You didn't leave empty handed."

Nova happily looked at her crew and said, "Of course. I didn't. I got exactly what I wanted."

Mark looked at her weirdly and said, "Um, I'm not sure what you’re talking about, but I found something on the snow." He reached and showed Nova a few pieces of gold.

Nova's eyes bulged, and she yelled and swiped the gold from the Mark's hand. The window lowered, and Nova threw out the gold.

The crew appeared shocked, and Mark said, "What are you doing?"

Nova said, "What am I doing? Do you realize what you brought in?"

Mark said, "Yes, I brought you some gold!"

"It was booby trapped! Possibly strapped with bombs!"

"It was gold! You threw it away!"

"You bumbling idiot! You've brought explosives into my ship!"

As Nova and Mark continued to argue, the rest of the crew left and returned to their places inside the spaceship. The spaceship then arose and flew into outer space.

About the Author

Pako Valor is an artist and novelist, graduate of San Antonio College with an Associate of Fine Art degree in Arts and is currently earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creating Writing from Full Sail University. As a storyteller, he writes about crime, war, or sci-fi. Pako published his first crime novel Superiority, and is including paintings of the characters from his stories. In his spare time, he’s either walking his dog, Nacho, or eating tacos at a restaurant. You can visit him at:

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