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The Tragedy of Allyra,

Princess of Selena

Time is a rope for those racing the relentless hourglass,

sweat cold for those caught in dread’s throes,

a blinking breeze for those cherishing moments blessed,

a rose’s poisonous thorns for the one who mourns –

but for the ones whose hearts’ luminous trees rival the Stars in radiance,

the ones who may glimpse the whole of creation within a single soul,

the ones whose deepest darkness is composed of naught but love,

each moment holds Eternity.

Lord Kalyus of the House Mylen,

The Loving Dark.

Copyright © 2017 by Ilias I. Sellountos

Published by Menthys.

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof

may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever

without the express written permission of the author

except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

This work’s events occur in the future of a fictional universe. Thus, names, characters, descriptions, locations, incidents and the various modi operandi of Language, are to be assumed as products of this author’s imagination and cerebral processes. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living, dead or in-between, is to be disregarded or considered coincidental.

The author views the application of positive mental states, including but not limited to the following, as conducive to this work’s enjoyment: suspension of disbelief, active imagination, empathy, critical and between-the-lines reading, openness to inspiration and awe, careful identification with the characters. Some fortitude and patience would also serve you well. Also, given that this book is written as a play, but with a novel’s length, the author also considers your familiarity with the works of William Shakespeare, as well as a reader’s background including, but not limited to works of Science Fiction and Fantasy, as a bonus to this book’s enjoyable reading.

Nonetheless, the author assumes no responsibility for your enjoyment, or lack thereof, of this theaternovel. (But he is counting on your participation in it.)

This is, after all, a big Universe: you cannot please everyone on the cosmic stage.

1st Earthwide Printed Edition: Summer 2017

Country of Publication: Greece. ISBN 978-960-93-9297-6

For my children, my nephews, et all the children in the world.

Those who have already made it Here, et those who have yet to come.

This book , since its inception/completion of first draft/first finalized version has been collectively Dedicated to:

Dr. Stratopoulos Irene, for forging my love of the Immortal Bard; without our incredible in-class discussions, Allyra would have never been born – thank you so much! A gem of gratitude goes also, to every instructor who helped enrich my love of the English Language.

To everyone who has ever taken my hand and soul beyond the limits of Imagination and given love substance; and to everyone who ever will; Allyra and Kalyus could never be what they are without you.

To Lindsay who was the first to take a sip of Allyra’s infant spring and tell me, yes, she can quench my thirst.

To Amber, whose friendship, kindness and love helped create and nurture both Allyra’s and my own destiny. Thank you, for believing in this, for helping me help Allyra soar even higher - and for being the first in the whole world to reach ‘Fin’!

“Blurb or the Book’s Invisible Back Page”

Imagine, for a moment, this is this book’s blurb, its last page(s), where you gaze upon to see whether you would be interested in reading it:

Three centuries after a catastrophe of metaphysical proportions all but destroyed Earth, seven domed cities on the Moon comprise the Kingdom of Selena, ruled by a monarch and an elected council known as the Circle.

After a Civil War between ‘ordinary’ humans and their ‘gifted’ siblings, the latter have been imprisoned – in permanent oblivion – within the unspeakable Forbidden Vaults. The ruling class of Selena draw on the prisoners’ powers, shaping their own language and faculties – and, if need be, the will of the people. An uneasy Peace is in place until…

Maya, a young survivor from the Earth reaches Selena at last, bringing with her more than memories of a world forgotten. She brings news of a plague that has festered in Selena for years and can destroy a civilization from within; she also sheds light on the deaths of the King and the Queen years ago. News that shall greatly disturb…

The Queen: having assumed the throne because of her niece’s young age, Queen Molhyrta struggles with a crown she never desired and a secret she cannot drown (in drink or elsewhere). More and more she turns to…

The Chancellor: the Head of the Circle, Klyfixus is as fiendishly charismatic as morally ambiguous; the keeper of the Queen’s ear, he is no stranger to manipulation and intrigue. Yet the greatest challenge to his designs comes from where he least expects it…

The Princess: Allyra is heir-apparent to the throne. A soul as empathic as she is ferocious, greatly troubled by the state of the Kingdom she is to inherit as well as the visions that question her very sense of self, Allyra’s greatest solace and joy is…

The Poet: his family extinguished by the horrors of the Civil War, Kalyus struggles with his position in the Circle, as well as a unique secret of his own, his love of language a shield against enemies without – and within.

Having grown together from their respective losses, Allyra and Kalyus have forged a bond of absolute loyalty to each other. They will need that bond’s strength to face the trials ahead, as the festering wounds of Selena are bared and the astonishing mysteries of the Earth’s demise are revealed. All is not as it seems…

For this is a world where identity is both fiction and power, language a sieving construct of oblivion and being, and magic and science but two sides of the same coin. None knows this better than…

The Wizard: the mysterious Wyonus, Weave Keeper and Seer of the Royal Court. For between Wyonus, Klyfixus and Olarya, Allyra’s best friend and aide, lies a mystery that will determine the future of Selena – or its doom.

As voices of the past and children of the future emerge and collide, as loyalties are questioned and cruelly abandoned, as unthinkable powers are born and Humanity faces a second extinction, Allyra must struggle between a destiny she was born into, one that her human heart would choose, and one she could never have imagined - one no mere mortal could ever endure.”

So, there you have it. If you desire more details on the book, or would like to get a piece of this author’s processes behind it before you immerse yourself properly in Allyra, you may proceed (with great caution) to the Anti-Introduction. If, perchance, you are looking at this page as a preview from an online bookstore, I think it is more than enough to help make up your mind!

The Tragedy of Allyra, Princess of Selena


Blurb or the Book’s Back Page”


Dramatis Personae

Act I





Act II














Act IV







Act V








Allyra: An Anti-Introduction

The Prehistory of ‘Allyra’

The Setting of ‘Allyra’

The Imperfect Infinity of Language in Allyra’s Metaphysical Universe.

Allyra’s Publication.

P.S. A Note on the Book’s Cover.




Dramatis Personae

ALLYRA the Princess, heir apparent to the Throne of the Moon.

KALYUS the Poet, Lord of Selena and Allyra’s lover.

MOLHYRTA Queen of the Kingdom of Selena and Allyra’s aunt.

KLYFIXUS Chancellor of the Realm, aide and informant to Molhyrta.

OLARYA attendant and privee to Allyra, formerly a plantweaver.

WYONUS Wizard, Lord of Selena and Seer of the Royal Court.

NAYAKAL Ghost; the former Queen and Allyra’s dead Mother.

MEYUS Ghost; the former King and Allyra’s dead Father.

VYLIA the Timeless Child.

SYNPHICUS the mysterious Wanderer.

MAYA the last survivor of Earth.

AGARYUS the Debaucher {and his family: Christina, Hyran, Magnus,

Myrlan & Naria}

JOHN Olarya’s fiancé



YSHAKAL, Ladies of the Circle.

ASHARATH Lord of the Circle.

The Secret Five {in absentia and via their replacements}

MYREL a Bard

VAGGO a Beggar

QUEEUQUS a Captain

KYLAN a Plantweaver

MAHOVA a Tradeswoman

The Four

Citizens, Guards, Thought-Whisperers, Children of the Night, Soldiers, Powers.


& ALTHAX Imperial Palace Guards.

Act I


Enter THE DARK-CLOAKED MAN [walks straight from the center to the front of the dimly-lit stage]

Dark Man. O, sweet Oblivion of tears begotten with human, childish pride! O, sweet Stars, cold and cruel, beyond Selena’s domes, filling the wise with childish awe, and the foolish with pride! O, mighty rivers of Infinity, celebrating thy gifts in mortal, secluded, eternally untouched minds and hearts! Woe to those of us who beyond such veils see, recording time’s vices in scrolls of crystal [raises a crystal ball with his right hand] ash! As Eternity’s cycle continues, our mortal sorrows linger into the ether, beyond the cradle and the grave, and weep; thus I, the last of my kind, step aside and allow History to roll [looks at the crystal ball intently] into thy ice deep!

[two figures, one female, one male, appear at opposite sides of the stage, clad in velvet, holding spears in attention. As a fog surrounds the speaker, who disappears to the back of the stage, again walking across the center, the two figures come and stand where he just stood, as lighting intensifies revealing a corridor, metal gates on either of its ends, as well as a greater one where the speaker vanished. At the background, we see a silver line curve across a dark starry sky, where a mostly yellow sickly-looking world looms, while grey craters are perceived outside the Dome’s boundaries.]

Althax. Did you hear that eerie, ominous sound emanating from the Princess’ chambers during last night’s watch?

Kalhar. Ominous et eerie sound, thou say! Of what noise do thou speak so, dearest?

Althax. As of a woman weeping, with shrilling cries! Et a mumbling sound, filled with deepest longing, as of child nursing from breast with a dying one’s thirst!

Kalhar. Nay, only our Lady’s cries of pleasure do I dare say I listened to! Remind thee, in Silent Watch thou were, unaware our Queen asked me to deliver wine to her chambers, and thus leave my post had I to!

Althax. Wine in the middle of the night? Did not our Blessed Sovereign recently declare that she had lost her appetite for the mirage-inducing liquid of the moonvine?

Kalhar. Aye, our Bright Lady so did, yet while thy spirit loomed all around our Princess’ chambers, did she order me to bring of the dreaded Earthwatcher’s wine!

Althax. [in awe] The Wine of tears!

Kalhar. Aye, thus this Corridor of Truth did our Queen pace for the remnant of the watch. On pain of death, did she order, absolute silence to fall, the moment our Princess her sighs would toss!

Enter KALYUS and KLYFIXUS from the left gate.

Kalyus. Ho! Which honourable Guard of our Lady shall soil her name with the villainous snake-tails of Gossip?

Klyfixus. Who, indeed, shall break ties with Fate, insidiously revealing their Nature? Report, Guards!

Althax. Nothing to report, my lord, it’s been a silent Watch. Our Lady Allyra decided to take a stroll out at the Sand Gardens-upon our Queen’s approval- et the Lord Wizard announced that our defences against the crippling rays from Old Earth have been increased tenfold –

Kalyus. And thou call this ‘nothing’? Woe is thee, Guard, don’t thou know our Queen has been worrying her forehead with long periods of sweat, over the Capital’s protection?

Klyfixus. [with a gentle, dismissive gesture] No need of reprimand, Lord Kalyus, our Guards’ lot lays solely on their duty! [with surprise] Althax, you say Lord Wyonus actually entered the Corridor to announce this news to you?

Althax. Yes, my lord. Lord Wyonus revealed the equation to my awareness by a wave of his hand, even as he announced that he must calibrate the Weather Machine to increase rainfall at the fields. He said new modifications have been added upon last night’s watch –

Kalyus. [closing his eyes, opening them again and nodding] So I see! Why was I not notified?

Karhal. [uncomfortable] The update occurred during… your nightly visit to the Princess, my lord, I judged it proper not to disrupt you.

Enter ALLYRA from the right gate. Her arms covered under a long nightgown pointing against her chest, as if she is hiding something.

Allyra. Upon the dew of purple daisies I swear, it was wise action on thy part, dear Karhal! [she abruptly returns the bow to the startled KARHAL and rapidly walks into the left gate]

Kalyus. I wonder why was she in such a hurry?

Klyfixus. [to himself, turning his face aside] And I wonder, has the time finally arrived?

Enter MOLHYRTA from the left gate. Althax and Kalhar stand into attention.

Molhyrta. What an unseemly rush! Speak, gentle Kalyus! What sudden and strange purpose has entered my beloved niece’s mind, now?

[KALYUS and KLYFIXUS bow slowly, deferentially to her.]

Kalyus. I swear to thee, my Queen, the Skyfires burn me if I know!

Molhyrta. [laughing] No need to swear so, dear Kalyus, I believe thee! [very brief pause] When do you intend to join my niece’s hand in marriage?

Kalyus. [slightly uncomfortable] Upon my awareness of your Grace’s blessing, et once the sacred Rite has come to pass.

Molhyrta. [placing her hands on his shoulders; KLYFIXUS bites his lips.] My blessing you do have, dear son of Selena! And, upon Earth’s Twilight do I vow, thou and Lady Allyra shall join in matrimony! But not before. The Days of the Skyfires have just begun and –

Enter WYONUS from the central gate. He walks slowly, hesitantly.

Wise Wyonus! Do you not consent to my judgement that a marriage’s joy should take place upon the end of the Days of the Fires?

Wyonus. [approaching and bowing gently] Aye, my Queen, and upon this matter I come to bring urgent news. [looks around, gently nodding and turning to Kalhar] Has Lady Allyra been seen, this morning?

Karhal. Aye, my lord, just a moment ago.

Wyonus. [breathing out a sigh of relief] Stars bless! I became aware that almost upon dusk the Lady Allyra left the Dome to enter the Sand Garden, and greatly was I worried over her safety!

Klyfixus. [a bit annoyed and indignant] Certainly the Princess is a grown woman, capable of holding her heart again steady as the Fires fall! The Weave –

Wyonus. The Weave is not an adequate protection any longer! I am coming from the Earthwatcher’s Lighthouse. The intensity of the Fires has increased. A huge, comet-like fireball erupted through the heavens upon Earth-rising this morning.

Althax. [slightly shocked] A comet-like fireball thou say my lord?

Molhyrta. [waving her hand dismissively] Quiet, Althax! Is this a unique event, Wise Wyonus, or a herald to greater catastrophe?

Wyonus. Indeed, a far greater catastrophe, Milady, though not of such individual splendour and terror! The Great Fire erupted across the heavens, and upon its arrival, four of our five Seers entered a deep trance! Its passage not only foreshadows-according to my calculations- a far greater shower of Fires upon our Domes, but bares the qualities of a manifestation – the manifestation of a brooding, dark presence upon the Lands of Selena!

Molhyrta. Pray the Source the latter not be true! Of thy calculations, dear Wyonus, no doubt yet I hold! Let no more catastrophe-talk be spoken!

Wyonus. [nodding] Our citizens shall be safe within the Domes-with the new defences acquired-but I beg thee, Blessed Lady, to forbid any excursions to the Outside for at least the coming sevenday!

Klyfixus. [protestingly] But, my Queen, the Seeding is not yet complete! Our plantweavers –

Molhyrta. –shall concentrate on using the Weave Fields to raise the crops we need! I care not, if the Moon’s Draw is not powerful enough. And I decree that no citizens of Selena, shall, from now on, and until further notice, leave the Domes!

[ALL bowing differentially][KLYFIXUS searching into his right pocket]

Kalyus, Klyfixus and Wyonus. So it shall be!

Molhyrta. Come, friend Klyfixus, the day is young, and plenty of matters in need of attention, as the plantweavers’ bread-flowers! [she nets her fingers, a sign that WYONUS apparently understands, bowing and departing towards the right gate]

Klyfixus. [bowing respectfully] Yes, my Liege. [he drops a handkerchief behind his back.]

Molhyrta. And you, dear Kalyus, use thy time to unlock thy future bride’s heart! Guards, follow! [she enters the left gate with ALTHAX and KARHAL]

Kalyus. [ponderous] Bright Stars! What new design is the mighty Source weaving and unfolding upon us?

Enter ALLYRA from the right gate. She looks concerned.

And I wonder what just overcame my love? My reason for being! My heart’s joy! Sweetest star of my sky! [gazing up towards the Dome] My Star-Rose, thou art!

Allyra. [smiling and gently patting his back with her fingertips] Make not such comments, dearest one, lest thou challenge the wrath of the Earth-Wraiths!

Kalyus. Light of my life!

Allyra. Darkness in my soul’s abyss! [they embrace; Kalyus kisses her; she puts a finger on his lips.]

Do you trust me? [she sighs]

Kalyus. [voice filled with emotion and sighing as well] My soul on thy eyes! Always.

Allyra. [pulls closer to him] With but a few words, I lay my fortune to thee, bright weaver of my Sky. Will thou accept a fire burning through me, unquestioningly, knowing it may ravage my soul?

Kalyus. [placing his hands on her shoulders, concerned] Is that what your spirit truly wants?

Allyra. [nodding] Aye. [stares at him intently with apparent sorrow]

Kalyus. [firmly, unhesitatingly] So it shall be.

Allyra. You will not question me?

Kalyus. I shall not.

[no further words need to be said. They kiss.]

[a man whose face is covered peeks from the left gate, the couple apparently unaware of his presence. We recognise it’s KLYFIXUS. ALLYRA and KALYUS walk towards the right gate.]

Klyfixus. [walks into the corridor and stands at the center] Pray tell, where is my handkerchief? Oh, there you lie! [looks around] To fool, the observer, to fool the external wit, thus like a foolish shadow do I blubber and stupid words into the ether weave! Oh, the greatest shadow of all mortal, falls between those two! My apparent face a masque, the other, so difficult to be uncovered, let it be their convincing truth! [he bows and begins walking towards the central gate, hands comfortably lying on either side of his body; we hear lightning erupting] For to shatter and lay bare into Chaos my cause may not seem-thus I humbly declare!- yet the snake’s eyes, into my chest pulsate, and by the comet now upsetting the Sky’s lid and Eternity’s Tree do I swear- under Night –ignorant fools! amused insects! glorious hearts! poisoned sinners! mighty casters ! uncanny wanderers! - all under my unholy blanket shall be!

[laughs, and vanishes into the main gate]


[the setting gradually darkens; it is evidently past Midnight]

Enter AGARYUS from the left gate, in a half-drunken, stumbling stupor.

Agaryus. Weather Machine…operating under an eye with no glee...calculating, yet inhumanly distanced…unemotional, yet ‘rationally caring’ as a God! Thus the fools speak of…[burps] our mighty Man o’ Magic! [loses his footing, and lands on his bottom] Well, what do ya know! [rubs his behind, in the process emptying a bottle he was carrying] Easy come, easy go! [looks towards the Dome] Hey, You! Green orb! [places his left hand on his forehead, mumbling, then both hands, rubbing his temples; tries to wake up] I just wanted to say… [loses his balance while rising up, and falls again] Damn! Spears of villainy have accursed my prideful gut! [rubs his belly, even as he rises again] Just needed to say…oh, my bottle! [bows to pick it up and falls yet again, pausing for a second, then raising his fist in drunken outrage] Stars! Why do thou hate me so, tonight! I just wanted to say –and I will ‘spite of mesa drops!- [finally manages to stand, pauses again thinking] that…I hold no grudge with ya! All those old fools saying it’s your [points] fault we…are…stuck in this grey rock, don’t know what’s in their minds! [hits his forehead with his right index, then quiet long enough to search his thoughts] What was I saying?

Enter KALYUS from the right gate, in deep thinking.

Ho! Is it not the illustrious Kalyus! Thy sheets in the water of purity wash my lord…plenty of villains around to try burn them while they are hot!

Enter WYONUS from the left gate, stern, mumbling to himself, walking to the right gate.

Trick-full Heavens! How do I swear this man to be of grand birth and even grander designs! [wipes his face on his sleeve] Our great Queen-sweet her greatness, yet her unfulfilled passion even greater!- said a foundling he was, back when she was but an infant Princess, at the place where today lie [shudders] the Forbidden Vaults. Nay I say, and thee [stares at the Earth] forgive me, Dead Mother, for innuending against the greatest of your remaining grandchildren!

Enter OLARYA from the central gate, running.

What ho! Is this not the beautiful aid of our Princess? Swear to thee [he grabs at KALYUS’s tunic] her silence is not one of emptiness of expression! Deeper her soul than the beauty capturing the eye! [OLARYA tries to smile at him reassuringly, but it is an awkward smile.]

Enter ALLYRA from the left gate, embracing OLARYA. KALYUS turns his gaze away, releasing himself from AGARYUS’s grip; AGARYUS rubs his beard

[to himself] Embrace they do not! Lord Kalyus would never such reserve exhibit, unless instructed to!

[to Allyra] Anything my exhausted trunk may help thee with, Milady?

Allyra. [kindly, smiling] No, dear Agaryus, I trust the widows under your care are doing fine?

Agaryus. [nervously] Great conviction takes to resist touching thy robe, Milady! Before the Dead Mother I swear, though I may be a whore of a man, never, I swear, shall I touch those under my care!

Allyra. [smiling kindly] I know. [she kisses him on the forehead; OLARYA can not hide her disgust.] Now that I think of it, care to help me in one important regard?

Agaryus. [firming his posture] Milady! I am yours to command!

Allyra. Good! This is the task I shall set for thee to perform. [OLARYA is shaking her head in disapproval] You are to enter my chambers upon the time my mind will call out to thee. You are to take care of whoever is in my chambers-may that be me, my love [OLARYA coughs at this hint of indiscretion] a plantweaver attending her herbs, or a child, or our great Queen, or a coot of an old man, barely capable of standing! You are to do so, each and every time, till my return! Do you understand?

Enter KLYFIXUS from the left gate.

Agaryus. Oh! And such were the labyrinthine instruments of the village’s whore, that the purple, no the yellow sky begun sobbing with rain full of gore! [ALLYRA shakes her head at KALYUS]

Kalyus. [patting AGARYUS on the back as an old comrade and moving his hands up and down wildly, as if drunk, embraces KLYFIXUS even as ALLYRA slips something into OLARYA’s hands; OLARYA departs from the left gate, we see her carrying a small parcel] Well spoken! Thus did the heavens, their utmost disapproval and timely warning cast before the whore’s hubris! For she had all her charms combined, to assure a royal lying! Thus the King of the land, with a terrible disease did she seed, the mighty monarch howling in his deathbed like a faltering, insubstantial entity-nay, a ghost!- begging Charonis’ sweet caress! And, upon the approach of Lady Death’s liberating fingers did the sky boom over the whore-whose disgraceful name has been forgotten out of shame’s perilous ever-present note!- and the Spirits their final chance of redemption spoke before pride’s fleshy canyons of fault!

Allyra. Thus did the Spirits speak, not sing, [she points at KLYFIXUS’ stomach with her left index] for unworthy of their songs she already was, and so did her fatal pride consume her even more-oh frail Humanity! When the Stars deign to shine as white angels before mortal eyes, why must our weed-full hearts their gentle voices despise? [KLYFIXUS smiles darkly and points at himself with both his indexes]

Klyfixus. [grabbing AGARYUS’s wrists gently] Yet, alas! Despise did, the perilous whore, the servants of the wondrous Source-naw, I call it a Sword!- for curse the Sword’s name she did, and spat for the low station she had been born in, and with sand filled her unwashed hair, screaming her hatred for her stolen maidenhood by man born noble, when she was just transforming into a woman fair! [intensifies his grip, AGARYUS morphasms in pain] Fie upon the heavens she cried, so I dare say she screamed, that your accursed children –hypocritical buffoons! suicidal insects!- bury themselves shall, with the very reason justifying their souls, will they one-another tear apart! And the relentlessness I see in thy angels’ eyes, the subtle indifference of heavenly hosts unaware of pain’s omnipotent device, will one day my Ghost bring down to or before your so-called Jewel of Earth, a truly ruined whore, yes, so let thy higher children see what thou made of me, of us, and us I dare say, for now the King dies, his last breath cast, shouting-I feel! I swear!- my name as that of his most beloved lass, one at the end is the whore and the King- for the eyes of Charonis us all equals deem! [releases AGARYUS, who howls in pain and anguish, falling on his knees]

Allyra. [to herself] Oh by our Lady Queen! Can it be after all that the Fiend pursues our most loyal and efficient Lord? –Gentle Klyfixus! Did thou not spend night and day to arrange our resources so that no mother and child will live Selena’s dark winter with no wheat to feed?

Enter OLARYA from the left gate.

Klyfixus. Aye.

Kalyus. And did thou not persuade Her Majesty to enact a law, which forbids the penalty of death-no matter the offence?

Klyfixus. It’s true.

Agaryus. And did thou not fund from your personal treasure the Weather Machine, which helps to feed us all? And constructed the Outer Dome which keeps us safe from the rays from beyond? [AGARYUS grabs his bottle, bows to ALLYRA placing both his hands on his heart, and rushes off to the left gate]

Klyfixus. [smiling awkwardly] Of all this, there is no doubt.

Olarya. And would you not sacrifice your life for the Kingdom?

Klyfixus. [smiling darkly] As long as I walk these corridors, so shall the Kingdom be!

Enter MOLHYRTA from the central gate, her arms hidden under a nightgown.

Allyra. [runs towards MOLHYRTA with an apologetic look] Did we awake you, dearest aunt?

Molhyrta. Indeed, thou would have, child. I trust you have a task to assign to someone?

Allyra. The Eyes! The Eyes!

Molhyrta. Indeed, the Eyes! If I cannot establish Order even in the Corridor of my own Palace, why am I here?

Enter AGARYUS running through the central gate, but not in a straight line.

Agaryus. [falling on his knees before the Queen] My Liege! I beg thee blame not the Dove! Mine is the blame, not the Princess’!

Molhyrta. [sceptical] Is this true? What say thou, dear Olarya?

Olarya. Lie can I not Milady, upon my first occurrence in the corridor…did I find Lord Agaryus here shouting incomprehensibly!

Molhyrta. [amused] So I-via the Eyes- noticed! Dear Kalyus! What punishment should I grant this foul, dim-witted debaucher?

[A disembodied, female voice is heard echoing across the corridor, but only ALLYRA, KALYUS and KLYFIXUS appear to notice, startled.]

Voice. If this man be dim-witted, let the Stars thy amusing blindness not cure, o Queen in wine livid!

Kalyus. [visibly shaken] I say that this man be forgiven and pardoned!

[Another voice, a male one this time, echoes, but this time perceived by MOLHYRTA as well]

Voice. A voice whispered parts of thy truth to two children, traitor of old! See them beware of thee, and as I am obliged to warn thee, hide thy machinations efficiently!

Allyra. Yes, Milady, please forgive this poor, drunken man for his foolish insolence!

Molhyrta. [slightly trembling] What say thou, dear Klyfixus?

Klyfixus. [scratching his chin, seemingly indifferent] I say that this debaucher be granted a parole- [heavy with sarcasm] and be assigned to our merciful Princess to perform household chores from time to time-a man of such a busy schedule need not be taken fully from his artistic and familial burdens and duties!

Molhyrta. [eyeing Allyra suspiciously] So be it, then. Off with thee! [AGARYUS bows clumsily as he rises, and leaves the corridor from the left gate]

As for the rest of you, to thy chambers at once! I did not deem this Corridor to be empty of servants and permanent inhabitants so that insanity shall run free! [without another word, she turns to leave. All but KLYFIXUS depart from the right gate.]

Molhyrta. [suddenly turning her back, now facing the audience. She is holding a chalice, now empty of wine; she looks at it] By the Heavenly Hosts! Did my faculties deceive me? Did this filthy liquid [she throws away the chalice in disgust] cast the ocean of my thoughts in tumult? I’d swear I heard the voice of my deceased cousin speak! Fates help me if it isn’t true! Fates help me more if it is true! Am I losing my mind, or am I truly doomed? Dear Sister! Is this true? Is it what you believe as well? Is it? Is it? Is it? [kneels and begins sobbing at the middle of the corridor]


Enter SYNPHICUS from the central gate, walking slowly, back bent, his gnarled cane rhythmically hitting the stage.

Molhyrta. [both hands covering her face, weakly] Who walks there? [more intently] Who dares enter the Corridor at this time of the night?

Synphicus. How many nightdays have you existed?

Molhyrta. [still kneeling, turning her head; intense] Answer my question, intruder! Who are you?

Synphicus. Were you watching whence I come from, second nature to thee should be to call me Sucihpnys. Yet the ocean of eternity strolls only in one direction in this tiny locality of Infinity. Synphicus you may call me, Queen. My question shall I answer truly too, for thee. By the Homeworld’s Calendar-

Molhyrta. [rising, pointing at him] –Speak not of the Homeworld, Stars bless thee, old man! Cry out not for the infinite blue forever lost! The immortal green which, as if transformed into a soul, joined the Sky, letting only poisonous weeds floating behind! Whisper not of the waterfalls chiming, of the wind rustling the dew, the tornado upsetting the waves where once we dwelled, free of the perils of drowning and poisoning! Speak not of-

Synphicus. [striking his cane three times] Speak not, of King Meyus’ hopes of returning to the cradle, reclaiming Old Earth? Speak not of how Meyus and Nayakal had perished upon their return? Eighteen thousand, five hundred and sixty nine Earth self-revolutions old thou art, yet as an infant’s your fear blooms; the doubt wise are thee to possess, misguided yet its blossoms and flawed its roots; for the fear of exposing love-

Molhyrta. Speak not of love before my eyes! Into Lesmonia’s Chamber shall thou-

Synphicus- Enough! Though the waves of fate reverberate as if stone would be thrown into this emerging pond’s centre, the humble deed I still undertake-though the Shadow exploit it will, this, my duty, I retain!- and utter I that thou art a pitiful, poor, frightened child, full of strings pulling your heart, hand, back and behind!

Molhyrta. [open-mouthed, in disbelief of such insolence] You shall-

Male Voice. An echo, a wisdom so distant, as of three generations removed, do I perceive! Yet the two mortal voices the pendulum ever-faster, in their presence, swing! Alas, what could be a thousand years, now I see reflected into this very year’s last, forbidding tears!

Molhyrta. [desperate] Meyus! Meyus!

Synphicus. Farewell for now! [lights dim, the sound of very intense, roaring wind, gradually subsiding as SYNPHICUS moves towards the central gate, his cane hitting the stage rhythmically; MOLHYRTA tries to move, but her frantic motions indicate she is locked into place; SYNPHICUS walks into the central gate, and the wind ceases]

Molhyrta. Guards! Guards! Seize him! Seize this man!

Enter KARHAL and ALTHAX running into the Corridor from the main gate.

Althax. Your Majesty! Art thou allright?

Molhyrta. [finally able to move, strokes her half-numbed neck, staring at them in disbelief] You dare disobey my orders? Whence are you coming from?

Karhal. [looking blank] The Corridor’s central gate, Majesty!

Molhyrta. [furious] Why didn’t you arrest him?

Althax. Arrest who, Your Grace? No one has crossed the central gate, in or out, since thou entered a short while ago!

Karhal. It’s true my Queen, we did not leave our watch for even the tiniest instant, and the Eyes did not cease watching the Corridor either. None has entered or left the corridor-

Molhyrta. [shaking her head in confusion] Reach me! [They both close their eyes and spread their arms wide, relaxing their shoulders in surrender; after a few seconds, all three open their eyes; the Queen rubs her temples with her fingertips and sighs] It’s true! By the Source of the Universe, it’s true!

Enter ALLYRA in a rush; with the Guards standing on either side of her, MOLHYRTA is not noticed by her niece immediately.

Allyra. Ho! Guards! Is this how thou perform thy duty? Which irresponsible oaf activated the Windweavers of the Weather Machine at this early hour? Everyone in the Palace knows the herbs need a subsided breeze during the night, and such exposure to cold can ruin them…[confused, KARHAL and ALTHAX momentarily step aside, allowing ALLYRA to perceive her Queen weak, about to lean against them] Your Majesty! Are you allright? [comes closer and takes the Queen’s hands affectionately in hers] My dear aunt! Are you alright? [MOLHYRTA half-kneels and momentarily loses her consciousness; ALLYRA kneels and places the Queen’s head on her lap] Karhal! Fetch some white blossom potion! Althax! A wet handkerchief quickly! [they both look hesitant, unwilling to leave the Queen] Go! [reluctantly, they enter the main gate again; ALLYRA strokes her aunt’s cheeks] Oh, my Queen! Why do I find thee like this? What has upset thee so much?

Molhyrta. [opening her eyes, smiling weakly, voice somewhat coarse] Hold me just a little more, dear child, so sweet oblivion may close my lids.

Enter KARHAL and ALTHAX handling over to ALLYRA a small, white cup, from which the Queen sips a bit; the Princess very quickly begins stroking the Queen’s forehead with the wet handkerchief.

Allyra. [concerned] What upsets thee, Milady? How can I help thee? [MOLHYRTA sighs three or four times; yet now her face grows stern]

Molhyrta. Help me to my chamber, Allyra. I want you to sleep next to my chamber tonight, in case I need you. Karhal! At the first light of dawn, fetch Klyfixus to me! [she pauses for breath] Allyra, you said the Weather Machine was activated?

Althax. [somewhat annoyed] My Queen! The Eyes indicate no such occurrence took place!

Allyra. [indignant] I am coming from the Vault! Almost a third of our most vital herb-colonies have sustained lethal damage!

Molhyrta. The Eyes have no access to the Vault! Yet, if it wasn’t the Weather Machine…

Female Voice. [lamenting tone, gradually building with pain, crying towards the end] The River of Time is. The River of Time does not flow. The River of Time is a Glacier and Death the Breeze upon its glittering immortal sigh! Oh, woe to thy accelerated hourglasses, mortals! Woe! [perceived only by MOLHYRTA who screams and falls unconscious against ALLYRA]

Enter WYONUS from the left gate.

Allyra. [close to tears] Lord Wyonus! The Queen…

Wyonus. [nods, and lifts the Queen in his arms] I shall take the Queen to her chamber. Guards! [KARHAL and ALTHAX snap into weary attention] Follow me! Princess, I would appreciate it, if you were by the Queen’s side at dawnbreak. I have urgent news.

Allyra. [nodding] Of course. [momentarily hesitates] Wait! The Queen asked for the presence of Lord Klyfixus as well.

Wyonus. [frowning] Of course, I shall see to it. Guards! Dim the Corridor behind us. [as WYONUS carrying MOLHYRTA, and ALLYRA, walk into the central gate, KARHAL and ALTHAX stand opposite each other gently humming. The lights begin dimming, darkness falling completely as the Guards leave the Corridor as well. However, at the very extreme ends of the stage, for a few instants, two sole lights fall on two figures, KLYFIXUS on the left and OLARYA on the right, then the lights dim again and darkness dominates.]


Enter WYONUS from the central gate, repeatedly shaking his head, gaze mostly downcast but also abruptly looking up and around.

Wyonus. Under the soaked veil of the deepest, dimmest memory, worn down by the rain of perpetual, unblinking Night, do I dare recall, the last time the stones I cast, upon ground fertile, brimming with life. Nine generations across, just a foolish child, before we buried the beauties of our world’s, before the Rings with every sentient life were crossed and broken, before isolated the Forces in us became, before Decency to sterile Order fell, and Dishonesty on chaotic Murder lap’s slept; the knife in the Night would weep, if not oblivious to its self-ruination’s keep; alas, it seems to me, our rules have escaped Compassion’s reach-O bright Ladies of the Court! O mighty Soldiers guarding our hold! Decorum and stagnation, valour and malice! The shadow of the purposefully Unaligned falls upon our imperfect graygreen Moon, and I feel my annal-shaping thoughts tremble with sighs and signs! Humanity is but a pale shadow I do dare think- no longer are we deities and beasts, beaten by destiny’s hammer and the forge of dice into souls of all passions and deeds! The Gap once inhabited by the long-forgotten fairies and all creatures of moral-less fancy, now upon us brings the lid of an Eye unseen, of a Ring unbreakable, of a Force immeasurable! Oblivious the Sun, oblivious the Night-that Power which consumes Stars, test us all shall, and thus I dread such a passing- a Jury on our mindless touch of darkness and light!

Enter fifteen Imperial Guards, the foremost wearing a grey, green and crimson handkerchief around her neck.

Prime Guard. Salutations to your lordship!

Wyonus. Have thou completed the tasks the Chancellor and I assigned?

Prime Guard. Yes, my Lord, the Wall has been activated and essentified to respond accordingly to the space-hail; we estimate the artificial eclipse should take place at the very last instants of Dekem thirty-one; as it is our proper duty, we remind thee that the Dome will have to be completely enclosed for a period of a few hours, during which the Weather Machine cannot be allowed to be activated, or else the gathering forces would pierce the Dome. The plantweavers have all been instructed to cease their Singing and collapse all Inner Fields by Eve-Watch.

Wyonus. Well done! How go the reinforcements of the Wall?

Prime Guard. [slightly uncomfortable] According to Her Majesty’s decree, we have removed one third of the Black Lotuses et the Grey Ivies of the City. Needless to say, this has upset-well just about everyone, not the least the members of the Circle. Chancellor Klyfixus personally visited the Gardens and met with Lady Yshakal, Lord Asharath, et Lady Kerebys, in order to explain the necessity of this action. Our Unrest Guards estimate that a majority in the Circle is required along with the authority of the Queen’s decree to prevent major episodes among the population.

Wyonus. Has the thought-ballot taken place in secrecy?

Prime Guard. Nay, my Lord. Lady Erlseth and Lord Kalyus have voted in favor, while Lord Asharath, Lady Kerebys and Lady Yshakal against. With Lord Klyfixus as Head of the Circle in favor, and thus with three in favor and three opposed, yours is the vote that will cast away or maintain unity among our citizens.

Wyonus. [to himself] Maybe our citizens need to be awakened from their complacency…I see a very limited goodness that needs to be stirred! [closes his eyes] What do I see! Vyren, e caelum umbrae! Till the end!

Prime Guard. My Lord! You cannot be…

Wyonus. All Palace residents who are currently serving as Plantweavers in the Garden will be quarantined in there for collective protection-and everyone barring Members of the Circle et those few already granted residence will be transferred to outer Ullyrya. The Imperial Guard will not let anyone pass the Ivory Gate, save the Queen and myself.

Prime Guard. That would mean that the aide of the Princess should be quarantined too, my Lord. [surprised] While storms are raging in the Garden?

Wyonus. Aye.

Prime Guard. Princess Allyra will surely protest, not to mention Lord Klyf-

Wyonus. -Since the Garden falls under the jurisdiction of the Weave Keeper, no other member of the Circle, or the Princess, or anyone else but me or Her Majesty will be allowed to enter. Is that clear? [she nods] I shall inform Her Majesty, I want my orders to be carried out by Earthdusk. Once everyone is settled, I want fifteen Guards assigned to each of the Caves. The Guards will be held responsible for treason if anyone from the Garden enters the Palace! The Ivory Gate shall remain closed at all times, and under no circumstances will it be allowed to open!

Prime Guard. Lord Klyfixus is bound to dispute this, my lord. And Her Majesty…belay that, I receive a direct order from her Majesty to do as thou bid.

Enter KLYFIXUS in a crimson cape. Everyone save WYONUS –who bows slightly- snaps into attention. KLYFIXUS moves his hands apart and strikes his palms together five times, apparently triggering some secret kind of response, for five more Guards enter, moving around him and WYONUS surrounding them in the shape of a diamond; all Guards close their eyes and are apparently oblivious to what is going on.

Klyfixus. I would have a word with thee, my colleague in the triple-dice.

Wyonus. Thy minds speak.

Klyfixus. I was under the impression that you were aligned with the One whom I wish to summon. Was I mistaken in believing so?

Wyonus. Nay, thou art most accurate in thy faith.

Klyfixus. Then why isolate her? [sarcastic] Even the last feather of a once proud, now rotten and self-oblivious wing of a dichotomised eagle long forgotten, is entitled to at least watch the world’s pendulum swing.

Wyonus. My purpose is precisely to lure her into escaping her captivity, and thus deeming her response more genuine. Only you and I-out of the entire Circle- know of the menace which was unleashed last night. Alas, so it must remain.

Klyfixus. [chuckling] A desperate attempt to show to the Universe that the Balance still exists? Ouroboros has left us, you know. Only two can claim us back, and if that wench was at all capable of deciphering her origins, she would understand there is nothing she can expect from “her own”, and join me. As for the Princess, worry not. The only one she would say is Kalyus, and the droplets of Chance are thus set into motion, that affect this day’s flight into isolation this knowledge shall not. As for the Others-

Wyonus. -They watched what you did before. Dare I presume an act of empty boasting on thy part?

Klyfixus. [closing his eyes, appears to be musing] When Creation was born, and the Night was still young, into Time’s Fountain did Darkness gaze, et saw the Heavens brighten with countless a star, saw the Unaligned Ones fall from the Source’s Grace and from the Night’s Friendship, determined to witness seedlings transform across billions of years into Giants fighting against the Night’s ultimate Victory within Entropy’s Embrace, and the Source’s final Fulfilment, beyond boundaries of Time or Space. Thus Darkness did know-no matter what insects may presume and whichever names they choose this one to call- that boasts were empty, and there was only War. Or so some stories say. [raising his voice] I am due to save a life very soon, thou know that?

Wyonus. Aye.

Klyfixus. Without your help, and in her name! As she is to allow one perish!

Wyonus. But for our Princess et her lover, doubt do I she would hesitate.

Klyfixus. [laughing hard] Your neutral words hide meanings greater than the twists of the hourglass as many times as sand-specks in the Forgotten Oceans would not in Eternity produce! Thou take this fall for granted, thou, that pose as the servant of my Sibling, thou, that art the guarantor of her safety! [frowning] Is the timing of the Judgement so important to thee? The Source will not interfere! This pitiful wench is unworthy her very mistress’ sheets to set clear!

Wyonus. Her Majesty trusts you.

Klyfixus. Thou know, it is unbelievably ironic how both this Dome and us are invisible, gazed at by this Moon’s orbit! Believe thou that eyes greater than seas translated to many useless-a-crutch and steadfaster than mountains obliterated to levelled ash, would see deeper into their hearts than thou and I do at arm’s and thought’s length?

Enter ERLSETH and KALYUS, walking slowly towards the Guards’ diamond.

Wyonus. There is still more substance in a human being than lies in a star’s core, mayhap buried as an iron mallet into the chest of a long-dead thunder god, forgotten and into Oblivion fallen, yet melted can iron be, and inseparable from the light and fire, the rage and the noise, the rapture and the passion may be deemed!

[The Guards standing at the central positions of the diamond’s sides closer to them walk backwards, allowing the two Members of the Circle to enter.]

Erlseth. Won’t you ever stop speaking in riddles, Wyonus?

Wyonus. My ‘riddles’ saved you from a most hurtful outcome, dear Erlseth. Does a comet falling from the sky care whom it will level?

Kalyus. The decree you just passed with Her Majesty’s consent forbids everyone from leaving the Palace till the end of this crisis. Why is that? We are supposed to walk openly among our people, enhance their open-mindedness and deepen their life-serving emotions, not hide like gargoyles into some crystal chamber till the gnarled, world-consuming energies pass safely over our heads!

Erlseth. Though I saw the necessity in removing the Lotuses and the Ivies in order to strengthen the organic Veil of the Dome, I must question you both on this matter! Klyfixus, I tend to believe Wyonus had the nerve not to inform you beforehand on his decision!

Klyfixus. We do what must be done, Erlseth. [with gentler tone, closing his eyes] I am becoming weary of all this endless bickering amidst the walls of so-called ‘power’!

Erlseth. [pointing to a medallion on her chest] We are the Circle. Question we must each other—

Kalyus. [clutching his own medallion] Question yes, each other, but not anyone else?

Erlseth. Our people do not question us. Why should we question them?

Wyonus. Indeed, question us they do not, but only because we wear these accursed medallions, reaching out into their brains, instantly levelling the waves of their hearts’ seas, and tempering the tempests in their souls. But are we part of those mechanisms, or do we just carry them around?

Erlseth. [defiantly] I allow my thoughts and emotions to blend with the medallion-selectively ofcourse- and touch them. But I would never invade their privacy. It’s sacrilege. Only the Two Guards are to be scrutinised like this. Though some of us would think otherwise.

Klyfixus. Are you accusing me of wishing to control the thoughts and feelings of our people?

Erlseth. [bitterly] You already control our poor Queen’s heart, with no remorse or regret.

Enter ALLYRA carrying a small bundle against her breast, turning towards the left gate.

Klyfixus. A vile misconception! I am not the one who dominates our Queen’s heart! And I do not care for control! I do not need control! Was I not elected as Chancellor with the highest margin in this Kingdom’s history? Do not my merciful and reconciliatory policies enjoy wide approval? [Pausing and eyeing Erlseth] If someone follows my way, out of their own free will, seeing whatever wisdom can be seen by mostly dull-made eyes, then satisfied I am.

Enter YSHAKAL waving frantically; three Guards step aside to let her enter.

Yshakal. Remove your medallions at once!

Kalyus. Remove them? The medallions are forbidden to be rem—

Yshakal. [closing her eyes] See! [all close their eyes, an instant later frowning]

Erlseth. Asharath! An attempt has been made on his life? Through the medallion?

Kalyus. [very gently] True it is!

Yshakal. He was found lying unconscious, his medallion corrupted into a new form.

Wyonus. A hammer-like object-a mallet!

Kalyus. Audacious villainy! He lies unconscious! Yet in deepest turmoil of unshaped cloudy terror and inescapable pain! Had his medallion not been removed at once, his thoughts would have stormed over our people and—

Yshakal. –and hurled them into a tornado of unchecked force which would drive them mad! Though in spirit whirlwinds, do human beings crawl through sand, and yet it is not a genuine crawl, for walk upon the mutated reeds we cannot, mingle with the artificial trees’ roots and absorb their intoxicating energies we dare not, fly amidst our lost Skies we should hope not for—

Wyonus. You have been plagued with the same old fruitless dreams.

Yshakal. ‘Fruitless’, indeed! Kalyus and Erlseth understand my desire to re-populate our Homeworld! In the long term, it is our sole chance of survival! While you, Asharath and Klyfixus oppose it! And you [points to WYONUS] dare to play with Kerebys’ emotions and ask her to maintain neutrality! Why? Why? Have we not plagued the minds of our children with soothing thoughts long enough? Have we not toyed with Nature enough to create plants which soothe and supposedly inspire the mind and heart, only to discover the Void within can be filled with nothing but the rain’s penetrating joy, a lovely brine-full sea breeze, the overpowering scent of a valley filled with moonflowers? Are we not truly yet aware of our Root’s depth? Are we not a ponderous Hourglass seeking to cherish and drink its specks of sand down the Cataract of Illumination? And if we are not, then what becomes of us? Do we die like decadent Stars incapable of exchanging their iron hearts with—

[All lights fail. We hear the sound of thundering steps, several screams, and a few thuds. Lights return. Two of the Guards lie dead, along with six veiled figures fallen along the diamond. YSHAKAL stands outside the diamond, apparently having managed to fight off a veiled man’s attempts to stab her with a dagger, holding him by the throat; the man falls dead at her feet.]

Kalyus. Where are you, villain? Show yourself! [he appears to be struggling with nothing more than thin air. ERLSETH draws her sword and runs it through the invisible attacker, then appears to be lifting him on her arms.]

Erlseth. [calmly] I shall take this invisible body to the barracks. But first… [looks questioningly at KEREBYS, who nods]

Yshakal. It is by the very flowing power of our medallions that sightless cloaks operate! Unless we remove them, we endanger ourselves in two fronts!

Kerebys. I consent.

Wyonus. Are you sure this is wise? Though the falcon’s own wings may hide the stalking cave-spider from it, does it not become unloosed upon the waves of Fate, if it chooses to give up its ethereal gift?

Erlseth. [mockingly, yet gazing all around with her hand at her sword’s hilt, apparently dropping the body] Has not the world gone mad! You, who would give up on the medallions in a stroke, are reluctant to let go of their power! Has our Royal Wizard lost his nerve?

Kerebys. [defiantly] I pray thee, brothers and sisters, this is no time for playing forum! Or for misconducting ourselves! [looks apologetically at WYONUS]

Klyfixus. The issue is simple! If we keep our medallions on, we risk being contaminated by what has deemed Asharath unconscious, and provide any potential enemy with an irresistible cover! On the other hand, if we remove our medallions, we become blind to our people’s emotions and we cannot…’shape’ them, as well as losing contact with the Eyes. Either way, by today’s decree, we are obligated to remain within the Imperial Dome. We have to rely on the Guard’s protection of Ullyrya, and rule the Seven Cities from a distance! Within this confinement, it would be easy for any invisible cutthroat to approach us! Thus, I deem it wise to back Yshakal ’s proposal! [he bows gently to YSHAKAL] Kerebys?

Kerebys. I consent.

Klyfixus. Kalyus?

Kalyus. What about those of us who are more deeply connected to the Weave? Will it not be hazardous for their sanity to sustain the Weave’s presence at the shores of their thoughts? And would it not entice the greed of any mind-murderer around us to contaminate those who no longer can protect themselves in the mental plane, yet linger within its soothing presence?

Yshakal. I am willing to give up my nurturing connection to the Weave entirely-for the sake of us all.

Erlseth. The Weave is like the holy light sharpening our blades-for it edges the soldier’s instincts like the diamond’s ribs! But I shall comply.

Wyonus. [shrugging] So will I.

Klyfixus. Under those conditions, does your vote remain constant, Kerebys?

Kerebys. It does.

Klyfixus. Kalyus?

Kalyus. I consent.

Klyfixus. Erlseth?

Erlseth. So be it.

Klyfixus. Wyonus?

Wyonus. [nodding] Aye. It’s necessity speaking.

Yshakal. The Circle has spoken! So let it be done! [All the Guards get out in an orderly fashion. Beginning with KLYFIXUS, and ceremoniously moving from left to right, they all remove their medallions. Kalyus, Kerebys and Wyonus, unable to sustain the loss, collapse]

Klyfixus. Oh, the eerie diminishment! Gone are the sweet shadows of our encased mountains! Gone, the sweet, disquieting breezes of our people’s thoughts! Gone, the distilled ocean of fear upon Earthrise! Gone, the glistening anxiety of the Homeworld’s eclipse!

Erlseth. [enraged] Wrath! Unholy wrath! Vermin! We are diminished! Destroyed! Summon I cannot my mighty warriors to glorious battle! Feel I cannot the fire of their souls in my raging blood! But I shall! Let the airless vacuum of the Moon take its holy toll on us all! On you, first of all! [she lunges for Yshakal] Traitor! We will be lost! Lost!

Yshakal. Unhand me! [punches her on the face]

Erlseth. Now I understand your scheme! [points at Klyfixus while she and Yshakal struggle] Somehow you brought this on us all! So you can weaken us! [lets go of Yshakal] Forgive me, Sister! Not your fault this great folly is! Thine is only the necessary, dark wisdom! Oh, the necessity for the wave to turn away from the suddenly barren rock to spare the ocean’s living seed! [touches Yshakal gently on her cheeks] I have kissed you before. Shared we have our passion and madness! Let go of your reasoning and join me! [Klyfixus, standing the farthest from the audience, closes his eyes and crosses his fists] Yes! Now, I sense Asharath awakening! Somehow my knowledge, my sacred knowledge has reached him, revived him! It is a holy sign! Feel his gratefulness! Feel our brother’s agreement! Join us, Sister! Join our discovered-in-a-raindrop’s fall holy cause!

Yshakal. [taken aback] Meaning! Your proposition has meaning! A Miracle! But…it is blood! I cannot feel the sacred plumes! The mighty ivies! The blue roses at the Dome’s edge! The World is withered for me! Then! No! I cannot! Yet I must! Must I? Is it wise?

Klyfixus. [watching aside] On this, all depends! Let all flowers of treason and madness bloom on the same, rotten bench!

Erlseth. Be one with me, Sister! If not in thought and flesh, then in cause merge! So we shall reclaim our Home! And our Sister [looks at Kerebys] her prize among our own!

Yshakal. [shaking] Promise me we shall! Promise me we shall return Home!

Erlseth. Miracles I cannot promise! Lie-to my Sister above all!-I shall not! Vow do I that all in my strength-inner and of the flesh!- shall I commit for thy dream to come to pass! Join me, Sister, unburdened by love of lesser consciences!

Yshakal. [shaking] Life! Life! Where are you! Truth, has she spoken! Deceived me she has not! Show me the way! [she falls on her knees, tries to join her hands in prayer, but Erlseth approaches her and strokes her breasts and hair before she can. Yshakal glares at Erlseth and then pulls her closer, kissing her]

Klyfixus. Nature’s wilderness-once again!-prevails! Gone is the balance of Humanity, that blanket of enduring reserve, once more! [we hear lightning erupting, again and again and again. Erlseth and Yshakal join hands and leave, spitting at Klyfixus]

Erlseth, Yshakal. Traitor! [they depart from the front gate]

Klyfixus. [looking at Kalyus, Kerebys and Wyonus, seeming to be in an inner struggle for a second] At least I do not have to save your life as well! And your sickness may [looks toward the sky] well be at hand! [claps his palms] Guards! [Karhal and Althax enter] Help the Lady and the Lords to their Chambers! [lights begin to dim] As for me, I shall pay a visit! [darkness falls, steps echoing loudly]

Act II


[we listen to wind howling, in the dark, slowly, more hurriedly]

Olarya. Darkness sings beautifully…oh, so beautiful! Dawn, why thou approach? Like a gentle apparition…of an age unsought, mayhap? In this lovely, fragile cell-where the terror reigns in leaving it, to dare the Void? Yet, thou must know something of the Orb beyond it?

[Water rustling, slowly, and more hurriedly. The stage is gradually illuminated, to reveal a Garden at the left, and a shape cloaked in grey, keeping with both its hands a hood in place. The background of the Dome remains, there is a Gate at halfway of the stage. ]

Olarya. Dawn breaks, et yet understand I do not! Why don’t you speak to me? [the apparition kneels, clutches at its throat, and gestures for help, extending its hands; Olarya reaching out with one of her own] How can I help thee?

Apparition. [coughing]An empty heart, with a sight of nothingness, in feigning compassion shall never succeed.[moving behind a tree, it vanishes inside fog.]

Olarya. If each dawn, is beginning, escorted with at least one birth singing, or at least one death croaking, what are tears but seeds I wonder, saplings for the Two Valleys, of Hope et Despair, with their guardians of Terror et Truth! Or is it vice versa? Oh, Stars! [she clutches her breast, coughing. From behind the trees, appear two old women supporting a very old man. After a few steps, they scream, the man falls over his face, incapable of moving. Two heartbeats later, they collapse on top of him.]

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