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From Beyond Space and Time

V Bertolaccini

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From Beyond Space and Time

On and on the colossal flying saucer voyager hurtled on through the outer limits of space and time, powered by vast energy explosions, so powerful they ripped away at the fabric of space and time, and even made it temporary unbalanced, warp, and almost crack – across light years of space – with only its protective energy shield and voyager stability holding it from the effects, which many nearby worlds orbiting stars were subjected to in its field.

Star formations flashed by as it continued its expedition of exploration of the vast depths of the universe, with its massive sphere of light and trail from its propulsion system floating across the blackness of space, on the skies of worlds, like a giant ghost.

With mind-boggling accuracy it explored the unexplored stars of space even voyaging through the central galaxies exploring vast billions of galaxies throughout the expanse of space while transforming its existence further from its original state, to what it encountered.

Ghostly shapes of life forms from extraordinary worlds flashed about the celestial being, as it studied them, as its flying saucer voyager shifted swiftly into orbit, and it plunged down through the atmospheres of worlds and its immense dark shape would go over and hover over mind-bending landscapes, as it investigated new life forms and phenomena.

On vast desolate worlds, silent and motionlessness, it would lunge over extraordinary entities and life forms and collect them, and hurtle upwards towards the stars.

With its mind-boggling technology and powers and an accuracy and capacity inconceivable it explored this galaxy, voyaging across star quadrants, exploring vast billions of unexplored stars throughout its expanse of space.

Though while leaving the confines of the galaxy, accelerating at a colossal velocity, it scarcely avoided colliding with an unknown phenomenon, and crashed into the surface of the Earth, leaving it buried away, and trapped.

Part I

The Discovery

Chapter 1

The Scientists

Shades of light, in animated motions, played over the Pacific Ocean, as the plane went high, and David Parker examined their strange alterations, with erratic characterizations, and then spotted the island, as it appeared on the horizon.

The island was not marked on the map, and at first appeared to be uncharted, and one of the legendry islands of the Pacific.

This island is not on the map!” Brydon confirmed, in his tall, serious, technical way, from the doorway of the other compartment, where the scientists were at work.

Brydon glanced sideways, at the window – and at the island.

Parker was the owner and leading research scientist, and was responsible for organizing things, and all the screw-ups, and he did not accept that any island in the 21st century could be uncharted – even if it was undersized.

We’ll just ignore it for now!” Parker firmly replied.

Carlton, a smaller, older, gray haired scientist, pushed passed Brydon, through the doorway.

I’ll have someone contact the mapping company responsible,” Carlton continued. “When we are back!”

Parker nodded firmly in agreement, and they returned to where they were working in the other compartment.

The scientists aboard were testing their new version of the underground surveillance technology, developed by them, originally developed for the military – and now being used for underground scanning and mapping of the surface of the globe.

Only the two of the eight scientists aboard, Jeff Brydon and Robert Carlton, were from the original project – and associates of his – and he had unquestionably put them there

Parker, and the scientists, had become outstandingly famous when the original underground scan equipment had been released, and when it had uncovered a perfectly preserved dinosaur beneath a sea cliff in Cornwall.

He had visited Norway, where he had met up with Professor Robert Farrell, after receiving recommendations from members of the Exploration Association on Farrell’s expedition to uncover a legendry dinosaur, and he had expeditiously declared how he could help them, and he gave them an insight into his fantastic new technology, and how it could be used.

He had told them that the gravity surveying equipment could scan without being influenced by any movements more accurately, deeper, and faster, from planes and helicopters, than anything so far invented. The gravity detection components had once been highly confidential, and produced by leading establishments.

It was unbelievably accurate, and produced detailed mapping below the ground, at any depth, making it possible to observe objects with a perfect clarity with the dimensions of a dinosaur fossil – and from a plane.

Its potential had been rapidly acknowledged and bought by the military, whose investment into it had helped create it.

Though it had been confidential, it never lasted long! They had decided to use this technology with the regular military – to detect such things as underground bunkers and mines.

Parker had returned from an exciting project over in Greenland, searching the depths of ice there, where they had been targeting locations at the oldest regions of ice, recorded by scientists, at particular deep depths that the technology could handle, and had drilled at particular sites.

The continents had shifted considerably since the dinosaurs existed, and the right locations were rare. If they existed there!

They had notably considered going to the Antarctic, where the ice in regions had been proven to have been on the land there for millions of years. Perhaps amphibious or other prehistoric animals, which had been there, were buried there. Extinct species, and even some remaining dinosaurs, might have been roaming there, and could have been killed in avalanches or snowstorms, and frozen there.

They had used it to scan and map miles of rural Britain, and coast, expertly examining beneath beaches, cliffs, fields, forests, hills, and lakes in distinct detail. And while they had been examining the coastal region of Cornwall that had been in the central region of the co-ordinates that Professor Farrell had come up with for the location of his fossil, the scientists on the plane had caught sight of something, which had seemed little. But when they had it checked, they had found that they had to have found it.

Once again the underground scan equipment had been proven to have an accuracy beyond anything achieved, especially from a plane, and it had uncovered a perfectly preserved dinosaur beneath a sea cliff.

Other creatures had later been found buried away there.

The strange unknown prehistoric fossils had become famous worldwide, and so had Professor Farrell.

However, Professor Farrell had later vanished – and had been believed to have been killed in a warehouse explosion – but he had reappeared years later.

Chapter 2

The Second Occurrence

Although it was still evening, their work, and procedure, was weary from it being unexpectedly lengthened by the island, and the equipment showing strange reactions – possibly from damage to some of the parts or faults in it, starting to show up.

The eight scientists endeavored to inspect everything, and do what could be done in such a position – with plane flying low and over the island – over its west coast – which had a tropical beach of palm trees alone it – which was only broken at the center with an area of a mile with a large perpendicular cliff.

Parker worked away, at the edge of the action, near the window, studying readouts given to him by Carlton, making some conclusions, and giving his findings into a microphone, or to Brydon, while occasionally examining the island appearing below in glances.

The island was a bright, desolate, and roughly round tropical island, about thirty miles across all round it, and basically flat, covered by tropical trees, with dense jungle areas, and golden sand patches – except for a curious massive fifteen-mile round cavity – which was volcanic or meteoric, and about five miles inland from the area in front of them, on the west coast.

The cavity reached down more than a thousand feet all around it, with perpendicular cliffs, and after it, almost five miles inland, there was a single five-thousand-foot cone-shaped volcanic mountain – which was about five miles from the eastern coast.

Parker watched in amazement as all the instruments one by one began reacting furiously, and the scientists with them, and Brydon after checking everything rushed over to him.

“Tell us of the strange magnetic phenomenon that was encountered in Cornwall !” he asked Parker urgently.

His firm, defined composure, and his mention of encounter made Parker jump to attention.

“By a phenomenon, which was never properly explained, accurate scientific compasses wildly oscillated and spun when they encountered the Cornwall site.

“A form of powerful magnetic influence, or something of that nature, acted upon it, and the scanning done there.”

Well, we seem to have found another encounter – and it’s tremendous! The more we move up the island the more powerful it is getting …!”

“Is it directly ahead of us!”

“Nope! It’s somewhere inland – up ahead!”

Parker received one of the readouts on it, and stared at it with amazement.

“What could create such power? It must be colossal!

“Someone must be playing around with something out here! Are there any military or similar establishments out here?

“I never heard of this island – or of anything out here. But why would it be built out here? Why would they be using anything or experimenting on something out there though?

“Perhaps they are using or creating something too dangerous to be activated in an inhabited zone!”

“That would also explain it being an uncharted island!”

“And perhaps like the atomic explosions detonated in the Pacific …”

“What could create such a powerful magnetic disturbance?”

“It could be a natural phenomenon though.”

“Or more like someone wants to manipulate the Earths core or something!”

“What are your assumptions, Carlton? Brydon called over.

“We can’t find any proper conclusions, Carlton answered firmly.

“Whatever it is, we will need more reasonable clues,” Parker replied.

He thought through possibilities.

The major factor was that it had happened at Cornwall.

Had they found something else?

The adrenalin of the scientists was visibly rushing through their veins, overwhelming them.

“At any rate,” Brydon continued, “there are stories of occurrences about the globe. The Bermuda Triangle for one. It was supposed cause such a magnetic effect just before ships and planes vanished!

If I remember rightly,” Parker Replied, “it was believed that at the Cornwall incident that there could be some sort of natural or artificial element around such as a mass of magnetic iron. Perhaps the reactions created by even a tremendous meteorite!

“A mountain of magnetic iron ore in a purer state,” he stated, looking out at the immense fifteen-mile round cavity, inland, up ahead of them.

“Okay! Its coming from where we are going ...

Many of the scientists started getting strange findings, and Parker and Brydon watched their startled faces, with curiosity.

All over the plane electronic equipment started flickering and giving out sparks, on the verge of breaking down.

The scanning equipment started to blank out, as if fluctuations of energy were overpowering it.

“Shut down everything before it is damaged!” Brydon called.

“We’ll have plenty of time to check everything later …” Parker gasped – as he realized the plane was diving lower and lower – and one of the pilots announced them crash-landing.

The plane’s electronics were also flickering on and off, and, consequently, began to stop working.

The scan equipment was very important and of value, and still almost top secret, and they tried to save it from being damaged – before they all started to prepare for the crash-landing.

The plane hurtled down, as all the scientists rushed around, almost in confusion, while still trying to collect any data, check everything, as they protected all of equipment from as much damage as they could.

The two pilots tested what they could perceive, and started to land the plane on the water near the tropical shore.

We’ve lost all contact with base, one of the pilots confirmed, as he helped them.

Remarkable!” Parker remarked, preparing himself for the landing – and even possibly a swim to the shore.

The plane flew in low, at a regulated pace, which gave him some reassurance.

There are some inflatable life rafts there!” the pilot announced, and pointed at the back, and some of the scientists went to them.

At the window, Parker saw an expanse of Pacific waves, shifting around with some velocity and energy, and he saw the island was too far from anywhere and beyond civilization to expect any help.

They all fastened themselves into their seats, and prepared themselves, as it plummeted, as perfectly as could be expected, and swept across the water, without damaging the plane, even with its deep shudders and thuds – and it halted, in silence and they heard water rushing in – and it started to sink, while they escaped.

Chapter 3

The Fantastic Island

The patterns of tones of waves rushing across the golden tropical beach awakened Parker from his light slumber, and he restored his investigation of the mystifying episode of the previous day.

Brydon was now organizing the scientists, and inspecting the equipment in under the coverings that they had put it in, under the shelter of the trees, protecting it from the outdoor conditions.

When Brydon had finished, Parker called him over.

“What did they record in the scan of this place?” he asked enthusiastically.

“They detected something incredible …” the tall scientist replied slowly, ruggedly. He was lacking sleep, either from the conditions of the island or the events of the previous day.

“What do you mean incredible?”

“Well I have not seen anything myself, as we have not had any of the equipment on. We have no power source, and it may have been damaged.”

“Who saw it?”

Brydon marched over to a small scientist who was bending over some equipment, and cleaning sand from its plastic sheet cover, and he spoke to him, and they came over to Parker.

“Tell him what you saw!” Brydon demanded.

“Everything was barely in operation when the plane reached this position. But we saw images flashing on the screen, near this precise spot.”

“Images where?” Parker asked, in confusion, trying to work out what they were actually talking of.


“Under this beach?” he asked, observing the beach, and where the plane had come down over the Pacific.

“Not the beach! Further in – about five miles, and it went right out of its range ...”

“It must have been massive!” Brydon continued.

“What was massive?” Parker asked, trying to contemplate what was so powerful that it could create such a powerful magnetic field, and cause such damage, and bring down such an advanced plane, designed to such a degree.

“Give us a better description of what you have seen!” Brydon demanded.

“We spotted an unusual formation, within a blur of flickers, of something artificial – but none of us could recognize what!

There is something artificial underground five miles inland – which stretches out further than ten miles.”

“What is the terrain like five miles inland?” Brydon asked, realizing that Parker had been the only person to look properly there – except perhaps for the pilots.

“There was a massive deep fifteen-mile round cavity five miles inland,” Parker replied, wondering what it was.

“Over the site where they saw the disturbance?”


“So someone has built something at the bottom of the cavity. What was in the cavity?”

“It was basically flat, covered over by tropical trees, with thick jungle areas, and golden sand areas …”

“So someone may have something in there – in the trees – and perhaps hidden away.”

“Correct!” Parker replied, shrugging.

They stared at each other, and left it there, and Brydon and the other scientist returned to what they were doing.

Parker recalled the events in Cornwall, and the first event when they had found something was there.

Yet there had been nothing there but the strange fossil.

Parker started to realize their situation on the island, around him, and the problems that they had, and he looked out at where the plane had gone down, and he realized that they had sunk a whole plane, beneath the waves.

It was under the blue water, slightly rocking with the currents.

He had not even heard of any plane crashes occurring for years. They had virtually conquered all the problems encountered in the past.

He felt the temperature in the hot air increasing, as the morning drew on.

He had a remembrance of coming ashore, the day before.

He viewed the beach, as he took some food from one of the pilots, who walked up to him with it – who looked as if they were not sure if they had been part of the cause of the crash, by taking the plane up without being properly checked, or something.

At the opposite direction from where the plane had flown in from, Parker saw palm trees overhang the shore, and spotted the perpendicular cliff, which he had seen on the plane, going along the beach.

He sat on a chunk of vegetation, and shaded his eyes, and examined the sight behind him. A jungle of variations of trees and plants went from the beach, inland.

The sun was now scorching, and the air hot.

He stretched out his tired limbs, feeling slightly dizzy, and he turned his blank expression to a smile. He had actually survived a plane crash – like many of the great explorers of the past – and was a castaway on an island.

The main task now was to preserve the food until they were rescued.

He could try fishing, as he had done at school – if there was a food problem.

Sounds of rummaging came from behind him, from some animal in the undergrowth, and Carlton, who was eating some bread, finished consulting with the pilots, and walked over.

“Would you believe it! They never radioed for help.”

“They never thought that it would happen ...”

Parker gasped at the thought of having to stay there for a long time, and the people who had caused all the disturbances out there, and, perhaps, knowing of them being there, and them sitting out in the open on the beach.

Yet surely if they were concealing themselves from the outside world, they would not take the chance of being found – no matter what.

“The last location of the plane before it vanished from the radar will be recorded though,” Carlton announced. “And, perhaps, someone was monitoring it …!”

“That could very well save us!”

“The pilots brought a radio ashore too! It has some damage like the other stuff on the plane, but we may be able to repair it.”

“But what if it is affected by what happened to the plane?”

“It is not! We checked. There is no more interference from magnetic occurrence that did it. It has gone away, and we can be rescued without there being another crash.”

“The occurrence could have been triggered by the scanning ...”

“It could very well have been that way.”

“Whatever it was generated by!”

“It must have been powerful!”

“Why is it out here?” he mumbled to himself.

“We could go over there and check it – there’s are gaps in the trees.”

“Alright! We’ll take Brydon with us.”

They cleaned themselves up, took food, and left through an area of empty trees, from the camp.

They looked for traces of any signs of humans everywhere, as they went along – and anything that would indicate humans had been there.

Even though it was soon hard to believe that humans had ever been on the island.

Scents of plants and trees blended in the hot air, while they walked fast but silently through it.

It was a long open area through the jungle, and at any moment Parker expected to see a tiger hiding in the tangle of vegetation.

Their pace stayed fast, but at a speed that they could see anything dangerous in in the front of their path, while staying hidden.

Just ahead of them, a shape of a building emerged in the vegetation, and they approached it in stages, examining bits of it through gaps, trying to figure out what it was – or even resembled.

In the distance shapes of shrieking monkeys hung on branches.

“What do you think it is? Parker finally asked Brydon, breaking their silence, as they moved up to it.

“It could be some sort of observation construction ...

“How old could it be ...? Carlton asked, looking at its stone surface. If we can establish that we may establish what it is.

“And how long ago someone was here!

They moved up close to it, and examined the ruins of the hidden building.

“It’s from the Second World War,” Brydon announced. “And surely built by the Japanese ...

Chapter 4

The Ruins

Clouds of dust sprayed down, through the humid air, and Parker cleaned it out from his wet eyes.

While he followed Brydon, down the stairs, under the ruins, he watched the floor below for anything.

Vague echoes came off its boulder brick walls in hollow surges.

When he reached the floor below, he saw that the chamber amazingly reached twenty feet high.

“Why does it have an underground chamber, must be the main question?” Brydon spoke, looking around.

Either to hide in if they were attacked by troops or to keep weapons and ammunition in!” Carlton replied, with his voice making surreal echoes from the walls.

Parker, who was more curious than them, searched further in, and moved into its deepest fringes – searching along its square stones – while insects scurried away under his shoes.

Out in front, a black door came into his sight, from the darkness.

Thick webs and dirt obscured it, and he pushed himself in close to it.

An area of wall had thick webs, and a gap behind it, where a doorway had been – and had crumbled and collapsed across the ground.

They entered it in stages searching a thin tunnel going along, under the jungle above, with their shadows flickered along the damp soil, and their unblinking eyes watching the ground in the glimmer, searching for obstructions or loose boulders.

Cobwebs crawled over their faces, and they ignored them.

Its creepy mysterious darkness made Parker’s heart beat fast, and, at any second, he expected to find something deadly.

Out in front, he observed a dim gleam, from stone lit up from a mysterious source, near the end of the tunnel.

He saw a stream of light from behind inundating the tunnel, producing a magical effect upon his hazy sight.

Carlton’s loud breathing echoed in the silence along it, as they marched on, trying to avoid tripping.

Parker’s sight fixed on a magical glow – where the wall shone.

A small patch of stone glowed – as though it contained energy.

“What could that be?” Brydon muttered, leaning in close to it.

“It has no heat!” Carlton replied, placing his hand over it.

“Radioactive ...?”

“We’ll have it analyzed – when we get off this island.”

Brydon copied him and removed a sample, and put it away in his pocket.

Chapter 5

The Rescue

The helicopter emerged out of a dot on the horizon, and swept in low across the island, and hovered above the scientists, blowing sand everywhere about them, before landing on an area of flattened sand – where they had flattened it, hours before.

Parker smiled for the first time since before the crash, and finished the remains of his breakfast, which he had left.

All the equipment was loaded aboard, and they all got aboard, and fastened themselves in, still considering there being some chance of danger from the disturbance that took the plane down.

Once above the beach, Parker spotted more helicopters racing towards the site, in the distance.

They would rescue the plane, and the equipment that they had been unable to remove.

Colors of nearly every feasible distinction shone with luminosity all over the beach, like a mind-bending animation.

Loud eerie sounds emerged in the distance, from animals, which he tried to identify. Then he listened intensely, with amazement – as he could not believe that the sounds could possibly reach that distance.

They were coming from over at the large cavity, where they had walked to, from the construction.

It had been a disappointment, as the trees about the spot were too dense to see anything through. However, the animals there, which he was sure he could now hear, had baffled them with their strange unknown sounds, and, in fact, they could not recall ever having heard anything like them.

Chapter 6

The Glowing Rock

Parker entered his California branch of his US research company, and acknowledged Brydon deeply engrossed at his work with three scientists in a laboratory, and he smelt a sweet tobacco aroma lingering in the air, and knew Carlton was about.

While going up the stairs, he vaguely observed a painting on the wall that he had placed there some months before, and he wished to change it now.

At the top of the stairs, he met Carlton, who had seen him from the top window, and was coming over to meet him.

“We’ve had all the equipment returned from the plane,” Carlton announced, “and some of it has been repaired.”

Parker stared into his bright eyes, and saw he had something for him.

“Did you get the images of the last scans?”

“I have what we have checked so far here. But there is nothing much in what we have so far recovered ... This time!”

He handed over a photo.

“Why this time?”

And Parker observed a round massive blur, from the cavity area of the island – as if some mass of energy had blasted out, showing some detail of the area that they were created from. But the lines and configuration had little detail and could have been anything.

He handed over some more photos.

The picture was similar but very small, as if it was a miniature version, but showed a better view and that it had a round shape.

“All our enquires about it have given us no leads.”

“What about that glowing rock substance, anything there?”

“We have not properly checked it! But we have just found out from some confidential sources that this substance could have been present at the Cornwall site, where the first occurrence occurred – and there had been some concern there over the discovery.”

Parker removed a small container from his case, and as Carlton’s sight fell on it, he gave a shudder – either unintentionally and uncontrollably trying to control his emotions or to express some fact or concern over it.

Parker threw it out of its container into his hand to Carlton’s surprise.

As he held it in front of them, it started to glow brightly, and produced beams of light, which shone light over their faces, and then started dazzling their eyes.

“That’s strange!” Parker announced, as he had not checked it.

“It creates other incredible energy releases …”

“What does?”

“It is not the rock itself. There is a substance in it.”

“Of unknown origins?”

“In my opinion: definitely unknown!”

It was strange, and he could not recall seeing anything like it.

What sort of substance gave out such a powerful glow?

They briskly entered the laboratory, and entered a room.

They began telephoning different specialists making enquiries, and searching through information on all similar substances.

It soon dawned on Parker that there was no mention of it anywhere. Nothing even vaguely mentioned it – and he knew that they would have heard of it! He ordered the test of the substance to get a rough insight into what it was.

Carlton took a crumb of it with a scalpel, and he placed the remaining part in a container in a supply room – and Parker studied him – wondering why he looked so nervous – and wondered what he had learned – and why he had only taken a crumb of it.

He gave it to a laboratory scientist, including some instructions, and they went to the other side of the building, and watched the scientists cut a bit – the size of a match head, and quickly drop it into a glass tube, positioned over a flame.

The scientist left towards them, and went into a supply room near them, for some equipment.

Just as he went in, a blinding whiteness exploded out from the substance like a super nova, blinding their eyes with its radiance, and they rushed for cover outside a side door as it was proceeded by pieces of glass shooting out with a thunder blast of an explosion, going out beyond the doorway.

For an instance hell seemed to break into the world, and Parker considered diving on the floor, almost positive that the wall that they had sheltered behind would explode in from the force.

The floor under them vibrated with fury, and they looked through the doorway, as light exploded out, with an almost blinding intensity, but before they looked away, it dimmed and a miraculous force picked up objects all over the floor, like they were in some form of anti-gravity field, and they swiftly floated out, through the air, throwing them out to great distances, and crashing into walls and windows.

A sort of force field with magnetic properties lifted and projected objects at an incredible speed faster than any normal explosion into everything in the room.

It continued with a frightening force, and gradually subsided, leaving them astounded.

The silence, and withdrawal of the explosions of energy, left their senses frozen – drastically lowered to receive the high levels of input thrown at them

There was a vague distant door bang, followed by shuffling steps going up the stairs, and Brydon and the other scientists arrived at the top of the stairs, and walked slowly forward, with confused perception, of what had happened

They stood at the doorway, and attempted to see what had caused the explosions.

The laboratory floor was scattered with pieces of glass and debris, and smoke smoldered from the furniture, from the intense heat. Sheets of burning plastic and wallpaper hung and fell from the walls, and doors swung gently on their hinges.

A breeze blew through the remains of window frames, and gently helped clear away smoke.

They silently surveyed the damage, with mystification.

“Are you all right?” Brydon asked cautiously, wondering if someone had deliberately done something – not quite grasping how such an occurrence could take place.

Parker and Carlton entered the room further, examining the damage done to the laboratory for further.

With astonishment, Brydon examined the point of impact, and could do nothing but shrug.

At the point of impact Parker saw long deep scorch marks going over the floor, where the table had been, and he observed that it all came from a single point.

“What’s this?” Brydon called over, as he approached the point of impact.

Parker cleaned dirt from his clothes, while he wondered what the other scientists thought had taken place. Brydon acted as if they had had an accident making a bomb or something there, and he seemed to be searching about for evidence.

“What were you doing there?” Brydon asked, pointing at the spot.

They all crouched over it, and slowly examined it closely.

“What was ...?” Brydon calmly asked Carlton, confused.

“It was that glowing rock – from the island ...!”

The scientists began sweeping and cleaning up the debris around them, and Parker placed the rest of the glowing rock away in a safe place in the supply room.

“What’s your opinion of it?” Parker asked Carlton.

“It’s incredible!”

“But what is it?”

“I’ve never come across anything like it before!”

“It must be artificial! Nothing like that could natural occur.”

“The Japanese might have had it during the Second World War, and under that building.”

“Old military technology!”

Chapter 7

The Substance Investigation

Parker realized that his scientists never had the facilities to investigate the substance any further, and that it was being investigated for them.

“Have you found anything new about it?” Parker asked, entering the laboratory, and moving up to Carlton.

“We have given some to various groups – including military sources. If anyone can put some light on things it could be them.”

“It may be so secretive that military sources may not know it is even theirs or they may deny knowing it.”

“It could be or have been part of the space program. It has more potential for rocket propulsion.”

“Or, as we originally thought, due to the location it was discovered at – under that building – have been Japanese. They could have used or tested it on that island.

“It could have caused that fifteen-mile round cavity on the island. They could have been testing it out there. Out of the way!”

“As an explosive! Or some form of massive rocket propulsion!”

“Give me what you have on it so far then.”

“It could be the same substance found in Cornwall, and in that case a lot of research could have already been carried on it.”

“If it is military or Japanese what was it doing at Cornwall?” Parker silently asked himself, in confusion – as someone that normally evaluated and found answers to everything and was consequently being confronted by the unsolvable.

“It has incredible properties!” Carlton continued. “They have studied the energy force from it more than anything. Yet they are not yet able to figure out what it is ... Or what reactions cause its existence ... They have found many unknown elements within it, which are far more powerful than anything heard of! Yet they have been unable to detect any high radioactive emissions ...

“They believe it is unknown?”

“The substance is extremely powerful! The composition and properties of the substance are fascinating! They have observed elements in it that actually stop other elements in it reacting together – until ignited!

“An inconceivable amount of energy is produced – and it gives out more energy than they thought possible!”

“Perfect! So far we have not found any connection with it to this country, to that island, or anything. However, the Japanese having a connection to it has not been checked!”

“You have a point! They were on the island, and they must have found the substance – it was under their building. So we can take that line of investigation.”

Chapter 8

The Scroll of the Island

Parker did not believe that it would take long for military scientists to realize the substance’s incredible properties. So when he received a call, announcing a meeting, with its discussion, he knew that it was something.

However, it was only at the arranged conference, with stage lectures, with his introduction of the substance for investigation, attended mainly by leading scientists, that Parker fully realized that he had something. Their queries, querying, replies, with detailed findings, and costly investigations of the substance, from people that he knew were above repute, especially in their fields, were staggering.

He had expected not to be given normal attention, and then ignored. But he had to answer questions, giving detailed reports, and even needed the help of Brydon, and then Carlton, and other scientists, on the substance, for well over an hour, and they still were not satisfied.

Another surprise was that it was in newspapers, and appearing in science publications. With it, and the amount of publicity, he was not surprised to receive a call from Hawaii, from a group claiming to have information of the building on the island.

Their description of the location of the building was far too detailed and accurate to be wrong, and he immediately jumped on a plane to Hawaii, to meet them, with Brydon and Carlton.

What they actually wanted from the meeting was left open by them, and it had them wondering. They had gone to lengths not to give any real explanations.

After their arrival and rest in a Honolulu hotel, Parker arranged a meeting with them in his hotel restaurant, on the phone.

The restaurant was empty, and they filled in the empty time before the meeting with a large overdue meal.

Their arrival was swift, and he almost never recognized them.

Even though the three of them there were clearly of partially Japanese origin, as suspected, he never thought they had any military connections.

They were silent, and held him in suspense.

The tallest, introduced himself as Gorman, and their apparent leader, or boss, and he seated himself directly opposite Parker, with a blank firm stare on Parker mainly. While the other two sat at ease at his sides.

One seemed to be Gorman’s son, while the other seemed to be employed or working with him, perhaps as part of some organization.

“You said on the phone you had information on the build that we discussed?” Parker asked directly, getting to the point.

“We do!” Gorman replied.

“When was it built?”

“Around 1940.”

“Used by the Japanese military.”

“It was one of a few small bases used on the island.”

“What were they experimenting on there?”

“There were no experiments – that I have heard of. What experiments? Why do you believe experiments took place?”

“Were there any atomic experiments or explosions carried out there?”

“I never heard of any.”

“Were they using any secret technology on the island or in that area?”

“No! I’ve not heard of anything.”

“Why did you contact us?”

“We want to find this island, for someone …”

Parker was surprised, and confused – especially with the realization that they never knew where it was located – which surprised him a great deal more the more he thought it over.

Why did they not remember where it was?

Why did they not know it?

“I thought you had been to this island?” Brydon asked, with a glint of amusement on his face, as he moved his head close, and peered at them.

“We never. It was an ancestor of ours that was there.”

“I see what you mean now!” Parker answered.

“He was a soldier there. There was a round cavity next to this base?”


He observed all the people sitting around the room in the center of the room, and he anxiously took out an old scroll, with a typed label on it, by his fingertips. Then he partially unrolled it, clearly covering something on it, as he showed it, with a glint of prudence in his eyes, followed by a quantity of dejection, as he rolled it up and put away in his pocket.

Parker and Brydon stared at each other in confusion.

There were signs of deterioration, and by the colors of it, it clearly was old, and of the stated time – and connected to the base.

“We just want to find it!” Gorman’s son announced, annoyed.

“We are also historians and wish to investigate it – for part of a book that we are having done, Gorman explained blankly.

Gorman signaled a waiter, and he ordered them all drinks.

Neither Carlton nor Brydon believed them, but they never knew what they wanted, and they knew they would not tell them.

Chapter 9

The Discussion After

Parker placed his head hard against his hands, tightly pressing his elbows into the table, at the window of his hotel room, and then relived his stress, by ignoring the mounting amounts of irresolvable problems, and viewing a miraculous beach out of the window.

Brydon had displayed signs of strain, and the stress was evidently all the events of the past day. The first meeting with the Japanese had confused things further. What they wanted was not entirely coherent! Was it the substance that they wanted, and the fact that they never knew precisely what it was.

They had the look of being connected to the Japanese military scientists or intelligence agents, but there was something not right. The way they reacted, and the way they were more orientated in business and money. Did it have a great value to someone? They may believe that they could remake it – which was logical – especially if they had not seen or had the stuff examined. It was clear to them and all the scientists that they could not reproduce it. However, ideas, by experiences in the past, would surely emerge that would come up with ways to reproduce other substances, mimicking the effects.

Their hunger for the location of the island was clear and perhaps the major factor that they wanted. Why they never gave it, or any suggestion of it was just them being defensive, and protective in not allowing things to occur that could have disastrous effects. This material was dangerous, and the fact that they would not be able to reproduce it made it a concern. The amounts available would do little! But if this stuff were available in vast amounts the situation would be very different.

How had they known so much of the island, concerned them. It was as though it had been in someone’s files, as an unsolved mystery, and that they had just found a way to solve it. Or was it just the fact that they had investigated the news stories, and found some facts in their files.

But, again, they never knew what they were up to or connected to.

They could even be just responding to the events, after all the publicity, and had information on the island from someone such as the pilots, and wished to get involved, or find the full location of it – as it was uncharted.

The island had been mysteriously uncharted, and nobody knew why! Why did they not buy the island and make it private property, and just carry out what they were doing there, and get it over with.

Nonetheless, he took it that everyone was running out of proper ideas – with increasing problems – and the grim reality of the situation.

A firm knock announced Brydon had arrived, and he opened the door, and Brydon and Carlton entered the situation.

They seemed more silent, and used short bursts of mutters, only about the meeting, with their discussions noticeably avoiding talking in any depth of the situation.

Carlton occasionally fought to rectify a smile, which kept emerging at the side of his mouth, while Brydon kept pulling his chair near to him.

“Do you know someone broke into the laboratory?” Brydon spoke, shuffling a napkin around, and folding it.

“What did they get then?”

“Nothing as far as anyone has found!”

“It sounds as though they were searching for something in particular!”

“That rules out kids breaking in!”

“Kids! They could never have entered a secured building, with security guards roaming about …”

“You are right they were professionals!”

Great! Perhaps they had a connection to them at that meeting!”

“They never found any real evidence!”

“They’re doing their best!”

“They’re carrying out their investigations,” Carlton continued.

“I didn’t know that!” Parker replied, almost yawning.

His watch told him that it was later than he had imagined.

It would not be very long before they would be back on a plane going back to the laboratory.

He was still thought Carlton and Brydon were planning to stay up late, and have a night on the town.

“Where are those guys at the meeting from?” Brydon asked, trying to find some more information.

“They never gave an exact location,” Parker replied, but I have their number.

“Well, perhaps we should have them investigated. They have more reasons than anyone else to be behind the laboratory break in, and they look like they have something planned.”

“We do not have their names, or, in fact, even their country …”

“Their number may be enough! We phone them and arrange a meeting – and have them followed.”

“Good idea!”

“We’ll have to have something to talk with them about there?”

“Well it will have to be about the island!”

“We could claim we are going to return to the island!”

“And we could also try and get more information about it,” Carlton continued.

“Likes of where they found that chart,” Brydon continued. “And why they have such an interest in it.”

“And even why someone kept it for so many years …!”

Chapter 10

Unwelcome Visitors

At the door to his hotel room, Parker instantly turned silent, startled, for an instant, but holding his composure, as he entered.

He proceeded in, creeping, not making any sound, and Brydon and Carlton followed him in.

Everything was shifted around, and his case forced shut, after clearly being rummaged through.

He stuck his hand into the case and pulled it opened, and promptly shoved it shut.

Brydon, in one movement, shifted in front of him.

“They are the people that entered the laboratory!” Brydon confirmed, moving into a seat, slightly surprised that there was no damage anywhere.

“Did you move the furniture over there?”


“Are we still going to meet them – as you arranged with them on the phone?”

Parker nodded in agreement.

Parker saw by their tenseness that they were starting to worry over the situation. The men had broken in to the room and his case, and had not even tried to hide what they had done, and they were going to meet them.

“They may now be dangerous – especially if they don’t get what they want!” Brydon announced.

“Have you considered the fact that they may force us into giving them what they want!” Carlton continued.

“You do have a point there!” Parker replied. “We had better be prepared for such confrontations.”

He looked about, with a worried glare.

“Do you have the coordinates of the island?” Brydon asked.


“So do I!” Carlton echoed.

“Yet we have arranged for them to be followed,” Brydon replied, “and we will meet them in the public bar – which will not be empty.”

“I could contact the police if you want. But we do not have anything on them.”


Chapter 11


There were buried rudiments in the whole affair, and, in fact, in all the events since this island appeared out of the horizon that made normal logic not exist, and they just could not grasp anything, or even know how to approach things.

Brydon opened his hotel room, and in rushed six large Japanese gunmen, with combined looks, in various degrees, of mobsters and soldiers.

Then in marched the three Japanese men that they had the meeting with.

“Move over there!” Gorman called out, swiftly and viciously removing a handgun, and waving it about him, occasionally pointing it at Parker, Brydon, or Carlton.

They moved over to the other side of the room, and he relaxed his grip on the gun.

“Well, now what!” Gorman’s son asked Gorman.

“Now we are going to get this affair settled!”

“What do you want?” Carlton asked, confused.

“We are going on a trip – so pack up your things – and get ready to leave.”

They shrugged at each other and Parker started packing his stuff away, and their six assistants started throwing things for him in his case, and they left the room, going to the other rooms for Brydon and Carlton’s stuff.

They were then rushed out the building, with hidden guns on them, and forced into cars.

They arrived at a small airport, on private ground, and were forced on a plane – and they left Hawaii.

From the start to the finish not one word was given to them about what was occurring, or what the possible outcome would be.

Their only way to survive, especially once on the plane, was to give them what they wanted – as there was no way out of the situation, and attempting anything was almost impossible.

They were all ordered out of doing anything, and the gunmen ignored all forms of persuasion.

Chapter 12

Back on the Island

The plane flew in low, and landed next to the island, on the sea, almost at the precise spot the other airplane had sunk.

Parker had given all the details of where the island was, and had chosen the landing site.

Their attitude visibly altered once they had confirmed it was the island. They grew more confident of achieving their goal.

There were clues all over the beach that indicated they had been on the island, and Parker told them where various things that they had left there were, and they searched and found them, hidden away. And there was also the remains of the team that had lifted the sunken plane out of the water, and shipped it out.

The plane was away being fixed, and the remaining equipment that was left aboard was being repaired back at the laboratory.

The island was still fantastic, and Parker felt more relaxed. This time they at least never had all the problems of being stuck there, and they had enough food, supplies, clothes, camping gear, and all the other needs that they wanted. And there was even a suggestion that they may be able clear up some of the mysterious events, and find the answer to all the unsolved riddles that had accumulated.

It was late in the even, and getting dark – and they camped at the same site.

What Parker, Brydon, or Carlton never got was why they had so much equipment and supplies. Most of it was not even needed. And there were no clues to what they intended to do.

Their only hope was to question them, or just wait.

Chapter 13

The Beach

The pictorial wild panorama spectacle of the beach, with its rugged golden sand shoreline, was outstanding from the upper level of the beach, behind the palm trees. The coast was as if it had been frozen in time since prehistoric times, and he recalled why he had wanted to be paleontologist and archeologist. It conjured up visions of an original primitive world, with its astounding untouched magnitude.

Parker continued to view it, from the edge of the beach, beneath the light blue sky, while resting against a palm tree.

Waves splashed against the plane, resting on the ocean, as it reflected beams of sunlight, and weird aromas blew in from the depths of the interior of the island. They had a scent that reminded him of volcanic sulfur, as though it had come from some vents coming out of the mountain.

Carlton shifted along over to him, while swatting away some insects that pestered him, and he stopped in front of him, and Parker felt the cool morning gust blow against his face.

A fresh salty seaweed scent fragranced the air.

“These guys just will not answer any queries!”

“It could be because they normally use another language from us,” Parker replied, annoyed.

“Or they have a custom not to ...”

“Well, what have they got hidden then. Perhaps that will give us something to go on …”

“I have seen something!”

“What?” he asked instantly, feeling there may be something, from his tone.

“They have long ropes with them.”

“Ropes! What could they be for – I wonder?”

“I’ll leave it open – for you to figure out.”

“It is all these events, and these guys going to such limits to achieve some goal!”

“There has to money behind it. Brydon thinks so too!”

“Perhaps someone wants something, and is willing to pay for it.”

“Even so why all the men?” Carlton said, examining the gunmen, further up the beach. “They are hardly there just to force us into giving them what they want, or to visit old war ruins on an island …”

“I was thinking they could be also an illegal gang – with competitors – and, perhaps, just playing safe or something!”

Chapter 14

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