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Parts 1 & 2 - Ascension Dimension

Adrian Holland

Published by AMAZOLA

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I was very close to both of my parents who were my best friends, and I have lost count of the number of happy times we shared, and all of the creativity and laughter. Like my beloved father Joe, my mother Margaret was so special, and my total inspiration. I would therefore like to dedicate this book to their memory.


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Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box - Contains all the evils of the world….


A small ring of smoke drifted gently in the warm late summer air, floating away as if it had not a care in the world. Lazily, a man with a bushy beard and collar length hair laid back on a beanbag, propped up against the side of a recreational vehicle.

He looked out aimlessly towards a small lake, where a woman with long flowing blonde hair was bathing, as his mind drifted just like the ring of smoke.

Everything that had happened to him seemed unreal, and yet it had been quite a remarkable turn of events. That was all in the past now, and taking another puff on a Havana cigar, he could not help but wonder if he had imagined the whole thing.

Ripped jeans, and a tie-dyed T-shirt replaced the smartly pressed military uniform, which seemed a lifetime away. If that was not remarkable enough, nothing replaced the designer outfit that the woman he adored used to wear.

He smiled to himself at the thought of such a pillar of society skinny-dipping!

Turn on, tune in, and drop out indeed!

She had amazed him by jumping into his arms when he had suggested that they should abandon everything and take to the open road. For over thirty years she had supported him, loyally and faithfully, making sacrifices and never once complaining. She was one in a million, and now they were both free of all responsibility.

Yoga had replaced bridge, cheap summer dresses designer labels, and all the trappings of wealth had been abandoned. Now they were just a pair of travellers, and despite their appearance, they did have a considerable sum of money sitting gathering dust in the bank.

He smiled to himself again, as their change in lifestyle had resulted in his wife looking more than ten years younger, and the yoga had firmed her figure, and for her age, she looked amazing. However, he on the other hand, had put on a little weight, but she said that it suited him.

In fact, everything suited him!

Lethargy seemed to have taken him over, as a lack of energy and enthusiasm had spread through his veins. It was as though he was now someone else, changed almost beyond recognition.

Through the smoke, he noticed something kicking up dust in the distance, and hoped that whatever it was would simply go away. He sighed as a black four-wheel drive vehicle sped along the dirt track towards where he was sitting, and sighed again as it looked as though someone was about to shatter this veritable paradise…


The sunlight glinted off the highly polished black paintwork, as the four-wheel drive vehicle drew near. Another vehicle could be seen in the distance, although fortunately it appeared to have stopped. The ring of smoke began to fragment just like the tranquillity as it slowly stopped, sending up a plume of dust into the still afternoon air.

Then, a man in a sharp suit exited the passenger seat, moving to the rear and opening the door. Another similar dressed man appeared from the other side as they scanned the area before a large man in an expensive suit slipped out of the rear seat.

The man on the beanbag took another puff from his cigar, as the man wearing the expensive suit walked towards him.

“General Swartz!”

He held out his hand.


He smiled.


General Swartz frowned.

“We have a situation!”

They certainly did, as the woman who was in the lake had seen the four-wheel drive vehicle, and fearing the worst, had begun to make her way towards the shoreline…

Another woman over 30 million miles away also feared the worst, as the situation she faced did not seem as though it would ever be resolved.

There was no lake or four-wheel drive vehicle to be seen, only her body which still contained the consciousness of Edward Rogers, the man she loved. In an ironic twist of fate, her consciousness had been transferred into the body of a female Replicant by the Aesir, a not so alien race.

It was an incredible story, and one she would never have believed, if she had not lived through it herself.

Life was so much simpler when she had been Agent Harris, a single career woman, with no love interest.

She sighed, caught between the desire for things to revert to the way they were, and the deep feelings she had developed towards Edward Rogers.

It was all so frustrating…

Things had been so much simpler for her former boss too, as General Swartz had now retired, or so he thought!

Being in overall charge at Edwards Air Force Base had been challenging, particularly when faced with an alien armada. The pressure of command had proved too much, and he was glad to be out of the proverbial pressure cooker.

The relief he had felt had given him a new lease of life, and for the first time he could remember, he could actually relax. The General was use to giving out orders, and receiving them, but it was the responsibility that had proved to be the final straw.

He was old school, and the former Marine could command men, but when it came to his wife, she knew his sensibilities.

His stress levels began to rise, just like the woman from the lake!

“Miriam please stay in the water.”

A look of dismay filled the General’s face.

“You can’t meet the President without any clothes on!”

For the first time in months, he became agitated as she glared at the man wearing the expensive suit.

“If you go back to work, then I will never wear clothes again!”

General Swartz’s face went an ashen shade of grey.

This was not the first time that he had encountered a determined naked woman, as his mind went back to when the young alien woman had emerged from stasis. She had been there for thousands of years, and just casually slipped off hospital bed and walked unashamedly towards the main viewing screen. That had been in the midst of the alien armada, when the temple shaped craft had emerged from Venus threatening all life on Earth!

On that occasion, a technician had come to the rescue with a lab coat, and in desperation, he grabbed a nearby towel.

“Miriam please!”

She had that look on her face, which told him nothing was going to dissuade her!

“It’s the President for God’s sake!”

His head started to pound, as he felt one of his migraines coming on!

“This is the first time we have been able to spend quality time together, and I’m damned if I will give you up again!”

Miriam’s shoulders were already above the waterline as she continued to walk forwards.

“I mean it Joe!”

For a big man he was amazingly quick on his feet, as he rushed towards the water’s edge, spreading out the towel between his long arms.

“Well, what is it going to be?”

The President and his security detail also looked stunned at the unfolding drama.

“But it’s the President!”

She knew very well who it was, which meant that she had him over the proverbial barrel!

“At least hear what the man has to say!”

He was getting desperate, mortified at the prospect of anyone seeing his wife like that, particularly the man in charge of the entire country.

There was an uneasy standoff, as the General gave Miriam a pleading look.

She could see the horror in his eyes, and knew just how far she could push him. He was her husband and she loved him so much, that the last thing she wished for was for him to have a heart attack!

“Very well.”

Fortunately, she finally relented, and General Swartz breathed out a huge sigh of relief as she walked out of the water and into the awaiting towel.

“But if I don’t like what I hear, then it’s coming off!”

He grimaced at her passing shot!

Miriam had always been strong willed, and although very understanding, supportive and loyal, it had come at a price, and this time she had raised the stakes to literally all or nothing!

They stood facing one another, and Miriam’s poker face, was resolute, as he held out his hand to guide her up the sandy beach. She glowered at him, and eventually stomped past it with her head held high, and her hands gripping the towel as if they were about to rip it off.

The President could do nothing but watch and wait, realising that he had to use all his diplomatic skills if he stood any chance of winning her over.

“Mrs. Swartz.”

He bowed his head as she approached.

“Mr. President!”

Miriam fixed her steely gaze, whilst clutching the towel to her dripping body.

“I am so sorry to disturb you.”

She looked at her husband, pouting.

“I can see that my presence is unwelcome.”

That was an understatement!

“Under normal circumstances, I would never have dreamed of disturbing you.”

Miriam’s poker face remained in place.

“I would like too…”

He paused, as he knew he would have to tread very carefully, and felt as though this was far more difficult than it had been negotiating with the Russians, or the Chinese for that matter.

“Offer you something.”

The President could feel his charm offensive faltering, even before it had got underway. In his experience, if you could not sweet talk your way out of a crisis, then you had to resort to bribery.

Miriam fixed her steely gaze upon him.

“I would like to make you an offer.”

General Swartz’s could see the reaction on her face, and his face flushed as her grip on the towel loosened.

“A million dollars.”

They already had a substantial amount invested, and what she wanted money could not buy.

She gripped the top of the towel ready to fling it aside, as the General felt his heart pounding, and his stress levels rise even further.

“Each, and a trip off world…”


The still expanse of water barely rippled as a hushed silence fell over the lakeside. Even the birds in the trees fell silent, sensing the tension that lay in the air.

It was a bribe, a very big bribe, and one which was not very well received.

Miriam Swartz looked furious, and was about to throw the towel in the President’s face, when he spoke again.

“The whole fate of mankind hangs in the balance!”

General Swartz grimaced, as the towel hung in a similar fashion!

“Your country needs you!”

He was trying everything to persuade her.

“Well, I need my husband!”

The security men edged nearer, for even if it were just a towel, any attack on the President would result in instant arrest. The General had a vision of his wife being restrained, her hands bound behind her back and being led away naked towards the four-wheel drive!


He had never raised his voice to his wife in all the years that they had been together, and that seemed to shock her.

Whether that was a good or bad thing, the next few moments would tell.

“I’m sorry Sir, but I have already given the country the best years of my life.”

That statement seemed to ease her a little.

“Maybe when you hear what I have to say you might change your mind?”

The President was used to getting his own way, and so as it appeared was Miriam Swartz…

Jennifer Harris was also a woman who you might categorise as being headstrong, although for once in her life, it was her heart that was firmly in charge. She wanted this whole mess sorted out, to be back inside her own body, and for Edward Rogers to be a man!

The whole scenario felt most uncomfortable, and just as unreal as where she was now.

Unlike the General and his wife, it was unbelievable to think that she was already off world!

An orange triangular symbol filled the screen in front of her, and within it lay a picture of a red planet. Within that lay the letters MDF, and the whole thing was bisected by a black sword.

It had taken her some time too get used to being here, and the fact that the letters stood for the Mars Defence Force.

She had finally received word that the Base Commander wished to speak to her, and she was hoping that finally there would be some good news…

From the way the President sighed, the General got the distinct impression that he was the bearer of bad news!

His usual air of confidence had already begun to slip, as he made his case.

“You are a decent, honourable man, and one who has never sought power or influence.”

That was true, as the General did what he did through a sense of duty.

“Unlike me, I might add!”

Miriam looked shocked.

“You don’t get to become President by playing fair!”

The man was being honest for once!

“I am what you would call a bruiser, always up for a fight and open to wheeling and dealing to get my own way. I crave power and have sold out my principles on many occasions to hold onto the presidency.”

General Swartz rolled his eyes.

“I have been brutish and unfair to you in the way I have spoken to you, and treated you like a doormat!”

Was this really the President speaking?

“I am now facing the gravest crisis that any president has ever faced, and there is no one else that I can trust.”

His eyes shifted slightly towards one of his bodyguards.

“I know that you have retired and embraced an alternative lifestyle, turning your backs on all the trappings of wealth and power, when you could both be living in luxury, instead of that van.”

He pointed to the recreational vehicle.

“You have a wealth of experience at the highest levels, and have always led from the front by example, and I cannot think of anyone who was more respected by the people under them.”

The General was feeling embarrassed, probably just as much as if his wife had indeed removed her towel!

“Something very disturbing has been occurring, and people have started to act out of character.”

Well, if his actions were anything to go by, then it would not be such a bad thing!

“We face a global crisis of epic proportions, even worse than the alien armada!”

The President looked a bit desperate, which got him thinking.

“I feel flattered by all that you have said, but I am now retired, and surely there must be someone else?”

The President shook his head.

“Not that I can trust…”

Trust was also in short supply, as Jennifer Harris was losing faith in the whole system.

Why was it taking so long?

She had been trying for months to get this whole mess sorted out, and now that she had been informed that the Base Commander wished to speak to her, she had been placed on hold for what seemed like an eternity.

It might have been a different planet but it was still the same old story!

Mars actually had a similar climate to Earth, apart from its gravity and distance from the Sun. It resembled a desert with blue sky and wispy bits of white cloud. The oceans had long since dried up, although there was still water, which had been mostly locked up as ice at the poles. There were still however, some trees and bushes, moss and lichen, and an assortment of other life clinging to this purportedly barren world.

It had all been quite a shock when they had landed after the battle in space, and subsequent time spent within the Moon’s crust. That too, was not as lifeless as she had been led to believe, but that was another story…

The main colony on Mars was called Aries Prime and was located inside a crater that served as the headquarters for the Mars Colony Corporation.

The novelty of being here had now begun to wear off, and the same could be said for the Swartz’s…

Silence fell over the lakeside, as both the General and his wife exchanged glances, as the President continued.

“We have noticed that crowds have been slowly gathering outside civic buildings, and they are not the usual ones we have grown accustomed too.”

He then raised his eyebrows.

”It’s as though they’re waiting for something, maybe some sort of a signal.”

That did not sound good!

“We have also noticed strange slogans appearing on walls, and in a type of language that we have never seen before.”

General Swartz thought about the Linguist Professor Lindstrom, who was part of the Science Team at Edwards Air Force Base. He had been one of the few people to have understood the alien language, and his insights into the ancient world had proved astounding, if not controversial to say the least!

”Our best advisors are warning that it will only take a small spark of some kind, or some order given from an unknown source to quickly turn the gathering crowds to violence. We could even face major riots, and we need someone who can keep a level head.”

The General was a Marine, not a Police Man!

“FEMA camps have been prepared, and the Nation Guard placed on standby, although we are not confident that they will remain loyal.”

Was the President just being paranoid, or was there really something sinister going on?

“We don’t know what is getting into people’s heads, and we have had reports that we are not on our own, as it appears to be a global phenomenon, and I am a deeply worried man!”

Both of the Swartz’s looked towards their recreational vehicle with the same thought in mind. Get in, and drive as far away from civilisation as possible!

For a strong man, who had always portrayed himself as an archetypal Alpha Male, he now looked anything but.

”They think that being President is some sort of a glamour show, but in reality it is merely a pressure box!”

The man looked as though he was going to crumble.

”There is another word…”

His face began to lose its colour.

”Soldiers have to have a cause, and in some cases give their lives for what they believe in, and being in the military is not just a way of passing time. I am supposed to be a leader of the Free World, like a father standing here, who looks like a King, but it's another word, another word!”

General Swartz retired/reinstated could see and hear a man that had changed so much from the one who he had known before. Gone was all the bluster, and he remembered the telephone calls, almost shouting down the line demanding this and that. This was a much calmer version, that was far less assured of himself.

Something was definitely in the proverbial air, and looking back at his wife, he began to realise that she too had changed. Never in their married life had she ever acted this way. The thought of Miriam skinny-dipping was about as far as the conservative woman (with a small c) could have ever been. Now standing there in front of the President wearing just a towel, which she had threatened to remove, was confirmation that something was clearly amiss!

The General also felt different, and his feelings of duty and service had been replaced by those of wanting to chill out, tune in, turn on, and drop out!

Had something gotten into him too?

The President looked a bit shaky, as if he needed to sit down.

“It’s another word, another word!”

What was he going on about?

“Pandora’s Box…”


A small glowing red ember on the end of the Havana cigar slowly began to fade, as the trail of smoke subsided. For once in his life, General Swartz had lost his desire to take in its soothing qualities.

What was wrong with the President?

He was just a Marine, and not a very well read man, although from what he understood, according to Greek Mythology, Pandora's Box was the creation of Hesiod in his Works and Days.

Quite how he knew that was just as big a mystery as the President’s actions.

The box was actually a large jar given to Pandora that contained all the evils of the world. Pandora opened the jar and all the evils flew out, leaving only hope inside once she had closed it again.

Whether it was a jar or a box, one thing was for certain, and that was that the phrase to open Pandora's Box meant trouble!

The action may have seemed small or innocent, but according to folk law, it would have far-reaching negative consequences...

That was something all too familiar to Jennifer Harris, who had to live with the fact that she now had a new body and her old one contained the consciousness of the man she loved.

Patience was running thin, just like the atmosphere outside!

The Mars Defence Force, recruited personnel from different military services for off world activity. They were there to study the extraordinary anomalies which could be found all over the Martian surface, and these ranged from stone monuments to what seemed to be entire towns full of block like buildings and symmetrical installations, buried under layers of sediment.

Jennifer Harris knew the feeling, as it felt like peeling an onion, with endless layers of bureaucracy to get through before something could be done about her predicament…

General Swartz also felt the weight of layers of sediment on his broad shoulders, as he looked at the President, whose eyes shifted periodically to his nearest security man. The dark suited figure was keeping a watchful eye on him, and it made the General feel uncomfortable.

That was not the only thing, as something appeared to be wrong with the sky. It suddenly changed from blue to violet and then orange and yellow, and then back to blue again in an instant.

At first, he thought that he was having a migraine attack, but somehow this felt wrong. He could sense some sort of external pressure, which seemed to be racing across the ground, and he was suddenly overcome by a wave of nausea. It was not just a physical reaction, but an emotional one too. Somehow, whatever it was had affected him, as a feeling of great foreboding entered his very soul.

General Swartz felt a slight tingling, quickly followed by an odd sensation of mounting pain. His abdomen began to spasm, and the pain was so great that he clenched his fists in agony.

Was he having a coronary?

It felt like his heart was about to burst out of his chest, and the sensation was overwhelming.

Then, just as suddenly as it had appeared, the sensation left!

General Swartz took a deep breath, and as he did so, he could see the security man. He did not like the way he looked down upon him, and so decided to stand up, and stretch his legs. The man flinched slightly as he got to his feet, and the General could see him slowly inching his hand towards the concealed gun in the holster under his left armpit.

The President and his wife Miriam seemed to be in a bit of a daze, as if they had just experienced something too.

Somehow, it felt as though time had begun to slow down, and the General’s instinct took over. Years of training and front line service kicked in, and he never took his eyes off the man for an instant.

Something was definitely amiss, and it was not just the way he was feeling, or how the President had been acting. He may have been retired, and carrying a few extra pounds, but once a Marine, always a Marine.

His instincts had been aroused, and a small alarm bell started ringing in his mind.

It was as though the years simply peeled away, and as the security man reached for his gun, the General leaped into action.

Everything was just a blur, as the gun came sliding out, pointing at the President’s head.

Then, before he had the chance to pull the trigger, General Swartz gave his arm a quick chop with his left hand which knocked it away.

He then followed that up with straight right to the chin, which sent the security man crashing to the ground…

Jennifer Harris was also stunned, and shot bolt upright as the picture on the screen suddenly changed from the Mars Defence Force symbol to that of a serious looking man wearing a grey uniform.

“Agent Harris!”

He looked stern, if not a little worried.

“Yes, Sir!”

He took a deep breath

“I do have some news for you…”

She then held her own, hoping that there had been a breakthrough.

“We have been in contact with the Aesir.”

The Aesir were partially her very distant ancestors, as well as Edwards. An incredibly long time ago, they had established a civilisation on Mars, which flourished until the space pirates invaded. Defeated and then ruled over by the ones also known as the Anunnaki, they travelled to Earth, where the native apes were genetically enhanced to produce the proto-humans. The combination of Anunnaki and Aesir genes mixed with the proto-humans eventually produced modern man.

Edward Rogers was the last Martian, and the Aesir held the key to not only transferring her consciousness back to her own body, but more importantly, transferring Edward’s consciousness back to a male one.

“And I have to tell you that…”

Then frustratingly, the transmission ended abruptly, as the screen suddenly switched back to display the Mars Defence Force symbol…

The scene on the ground also ended abruptly, as one minute the security man had been standing guard over the President, and the next he had tried to kill him!

General Swartz’s eyes followed the other security men, as they dashed towards the President, whilst the one he had struck lay sprawled out unconscious. In his youth, he had done some boxing, and received the nickname Iron Fist from the other Marines. Looking down at the man it was clear that age had not diminished his powerful straight right!

“You’ve done it now Joe!”

Miriam could not believe her husband could move so quickly, and was relieved that he was such a gentle soul at home.

“Stand down General!”

The President, whose face had gone white, held up his hand, as the other security men gathered around him.

“I had a feeling that there was something odd about him!”

There certainly was, as the man had just attempted an assassination…


The blissful scene of tranquillity ebbed away, flickering out just like the Havana cigar, which now lay discarded in a tuft of grass. Just a few minutes ago, the world had seemed such a different place and civilisation just a distant memory. Now, it had come back with a vengeance!

“After this perhaps you will begin to understand!”

General Swartz looked at Miriam, who was equally shocked.

“Pandora’s Box…”

The Commander of the Mars defence Force grimaced, as he received news of an attempt on the President’s life, and things appeared worse than he had originally thought!

His furrowed brow and greying hair was synonymous with his position, and if things continued like this then his hair would surely be white by the end of the week.

It also appeared that this could have provided the spark to ignite everything back on Earth…


The President waited for a response as the security man was turned on his side, and his hands bound. He was still unconscious, and when he eventually awoke, he would face stiff questioning, and an even stiffer sentence.

General Swartz felt stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. On the one hand, he had a duty to his wife, and on the other, to his country. Whichever one he chose would upset someone, and he wished that he had just been left alone…

Jennifer Harris also felt as though she had been left alone, as the Commander had disappeared just as quickly as he had emerged.

Was she ever going to get some inner peace…

That was something General Swartz wished for, as he looked at his wife, hoping that she would make the final decision for him. If she stuck to her guns, then he would abide by her decision, and refuse the President’s more than generous offer.

"Well, what do you think?"

It was an enormous amount of money, and that combined with the prospect of a trip into space was something which would have tempted most people.

Miriam Swartz clasped the towel firmly to her chest. She felt foolish and realised that she had been acting petulantly.

"I think that your country needs you just as much as I do!"

That answer was no help, as she passed the decision back to him, just like the idiom of the hot potato.

The General looked at the President and then back towards his wife.

Miriam could see that he was torn between loyalty towards her, and loyalty towards his country. She now realised that she had placed him in an impossible situation.

Did she really want to expose herself to the President of the United States?

Months ago, she would have been mortified at the prospect, and yet she had come perilously close to flinging the towel in his face.

What had gotten into her?

Miriam blushed realising that she was acting like some sort of delinquent teenager.

"Well, whatever is going on, we must face it together."

The General handed the decision back towards his wife, and it began to feel like a game of pass the parcel and when the music stopped, it would be her that would be unwrapped!

Was her dignity really worth it?

Could she live with herself afterwards?

What if her husband was so disgusted at her behaviour that he could contemplate leaving her?

Miriam started to have palpitations. She loved the man so much that she would have gladly gone naked to keep him, but in doing so, the prospect of losing him was a risk that she was not prepared to take.

With a deep sigh, she capitulated.

“Very well!”

General Swartz felt the relief spread through his body, and mix with his frayed emotions. He had been dealing with a sense of deep lethargy, but following the attempt of the President’s life, aggression seemed to be rippling through his veins. For the first time in his life, he had raised his voice to his wife, and he had to admit to himself that he had actually enjoyed striking the security man. If the truth was told, then he felt like hitting him again and again, pulverising him into the ground.

Was this a normal reaction?

His customary placid nature now felt one-step away from exploding. He could imagine tearing off his shirt, as his body glowed green just like The Incredible Hulk!

Was this feeling down to the situation, or was there more to it than that?

General Swartz took a deep breath trying to compose himself, and as he did so, he thought about the strange sensation he had felt when the sky mysteriously change colour.

Was it just stress, or was there something more to it than that?

Still deep in thought, he barely noticed the President smile, as the man had got his own way, much to his relief. It was also a relief to the General, who was a very private man, and the prospect of his wife becoming a naturist had mortified him!

"Thank you Mrs. Swartz."

He bowed his head again.

"There is much to tell you, although there is little time to go into details."

With that, he took out a small communications device that was akin to a mobile telephone, although of a design that the General had never seen before, even during his time at Edwards Air Force base.

"We have a go..."

Jennifer Harris also wished to receive similar news as the Commander reappeared again.

“I’m sorry about the interruption, but we have just received a shocking report!”

Fearing the worst, she held her breath.

“There has been an assassination attempt on the President of the United States!”

Jennifer Harris gasped.

“The situation on Earth seems to have worsened, and we are also receiving reports of civil unrest.”

It was news to her, as apart from a few individuals in charge, no one else had any contact with their home planet. It was all part of the Secret Space Program, where people were transferred to Special Duties, and then when their time was over, they had their memories wiped with a few new ones inserted. It was a similar procedure to the one Edward Rogers had undertaken, with a majority of the people involved being military, they just continued from where they had left off being none the wiser.

The whole thing gave her the creeps, but with everything being super secret, she could understand why they did it, it was just the how which bothered her!

There were some old films, which formed cinema nights as part of their rest and relaxation time. Pool tables, card and board games, and a well-stocked approved library filled the majority of the alternatives, combined with a few sports, particularly table tennis.

Jennifer and Edward were a different case altogether, and had been kept in the proverbial loop. They were under very strict instructions not to reveal anything, and had remained isolated from the others. This news was very startling, and she was shocked as the Commander continued.

“I have also just received orders to dispatch both you and Commander Asger, along with the Titans as part of a special assignment…”

Still trying to regain control over their emotions, it looked as though the Swartz’s were about to undertake a special assignment too. They both glanced over towards their recreational vehicle, realising that their new lives were about to come to an end.

They both had the same question.

Just what exactly had the President got in mind, and more importantly, who was he talking to now?

Seemingly out of nowhere, a figure dressed in some sort of flying suit emerged from the edge of the lake. It was as though he had stepped out of an invisible door, as he began walking towards them.

The Swartz’s looked at each other before looking back towards the advancing figure, again sharing the same thought.

Where did he suddenly spring from?

It was a mystery, just like the events that were unfolding before their very eyes!

The man continued to walk calmly towards them, and the security men took up a defensive position around the President. Then, as he got a lot closer, he stopped and saluted.

“Major Parker, at your service, Sir!

The man had a British accent, and looked well groomed with his dark hair combed back and sported a small well kept moustache.

The President bowed his head, before reaching out to shake his hand.

“I would like to present to you General and Mrs. Swartz.”

The Major saluted again.

“They have agreed to join the team.”

That statement opened up a whole new set of questions, but before they could ask, the President continued.

“I would like you to go with the Major who will explain everything on the way. There is no need to worry about your possessions, as I will have my security team look after them until you return.

By that, it appeared as though they were not going to be away for long, but little did they realise just what the President had in mind for them…


The sweet smell of perfume wafted out from the recreational vehicle, as Miriam Swartz emerged wearing a little summer dress and sensible shoes. She had transformed herself in a remarkably short space of time, and now that she looked presentable, the General finally began to relax. It had been his biggest nightmare when she threatened to remove her towel, and now he felt so much better, particularly as she was carrying a large box of his Havana cigars.

In the meantime, he had received a briefing, and now understood a little more about what the President had in mind.

It would be no small undertaking, but under the present set of circumstances, he had had very little choice in the matter. It was as though everything had already been worked out for him, and now he began to realise just how serious the situation had become…

Jennifer Harris also received a similar briefing, and there was still the opportunity of rectifying the dilemma she and Edward Rogers faced. Everything it appeared would resolve itself within the next few days, although she still had her doubts as to whether or not this mission had any chance of success.

They had already come through quite an ordeal, but instead of everything being over, the alien threat had escalated to a new level…

The General saluted his Commander in Chief, before escorting his wife towards the invisible doorway from which the Major had appeared. It was unbelievable, and yet, as he approached, what he had been informed was the latest stealth craft; he still found it hard to take in the sudden advancement in technology.

Lance Parker stood next to a seemingly innocuous looking tuft of grass, and always the gentleman, he offered a helping hand to Miriam Swartz, as they walked through an invisible doorway into a completely different environment altogether.

“It’s what we’re calling a Super Star Fighter.”

Miriam Swartz gasped, as she found herself standing inside a craft that only moments before she did not even know existed.

“The hull has been painted with the special Electro Magnetic reflective coating, that also acts as a type of highly-sophisticated holographic computer monitor. Sensors embedded within it perform a little computer wizardry, which makes the hull resemble its surroundings, enabling it to become virtually invisible.”

That was far more advanced than anything the General had ever come across in the test site at Groom Lake.

“Commander Asger landed at one of our Air Bases, and apparently the British Isles was chosen, as it was thought that even though the days of empire were long gone, its central location and connections with the United States and Europe would be advantageous.”

The General’s wife was privy to some information, and had received a basic briefing on the events which had transpired three months earlier.

“We scrambled our fighters when we detected him entering our airspace, and he was eventually granted permission to land, and told an incredible story.”

She already knew that he was a man from Mars, and a very old one at that!

“He was given the cover name of Edward Buck Rogers, and rank of Squadron Leader.”

Lance Parker smiled.

“It was just our sense of irony, Buck Rogers, from the 25th century, although that happened to be BCE!”

The British sense of humour was something that at times she struggled to comprehend.

“Several tours of duty then followed over the next few months until the call arrived from your husband. That had all been anticipated, as we knew full well that they were searching for a certain DNA match.”

Miriam Swartz nodded, as she was a very intelligent woman in her own right, and had always been far more than just the General’s wife.

At first, she had worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, progressing through the ranks until one day discovering that they were not what they purported to be. There were so many so called Black Operations, some of which she did not agree with. There was a conflict of conscience, so she had decided to resign.

That was years ago, although she had received a reasonably high clearance. Whatever clearances she had, paled into insignificance, when faced with such exotic technology.

“The whole plan had gone like clockwork, and you never suspected a thing.

General Swartz frowned.

“Yes, we were well and truly played!”

Lance Parker smiled.

The Commander also arrived with a wealth of additional information, all based around a computer printer. It was no ordinary printer though, as the 3D printer technology went way beyond anything that was currently available to us.”

The General had confided in his wife, and she was familiar with a lot of the technology he was involved with, although he could only go so far, as much of what he dealt with was way above Top Secret.

“Over the previous few years, it had been possible to create an object by using successive layers of material from a virtual design. This design was dependent upon a scan that went on to make a virtual 3D digital copy, digitising real objects into 3D models. They were then sliced into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers, and the 3D printer used every 2D slice to create three dimensional objects.”

It was just like the new style of jigsaw puzzles she had seen in the department stores she used to frequent, and remembered seeing one of the Eiffel Tower, and another of the Tarj Mahal.

“The main materials were photopolymer resins, or powder based substances and a liquid binder. Sometimes, liquid droplets via a small nozzle were layered and then hardened by UV light. What the Commander brought with him were highly detailed schematics and compound recipes, to make objects that it was thought impossible to print.”

He swept his had around.

“That was how we created the original star fighters.”

Miriam Swartz had marvelled at what her husband had told her, and it had been quite something to take in.

A Battle in space to repel alien invaders!

“Probably the most revolutionary part of the whole design were the engines, which consisted of an advanced ion drive. Instead of burning the traditional liquid fuels, they instead used a gas. Ions were created by bombarding xenon with high energy electrons, and once charged, these ions were drawn through a pair of electrostatic grids, and discharged out of a chamber to produce thrust.”

Miriam Swartz raised her eyebrows.

“This technology was nothing new, as it had been around for more than half a century, but what made it so special was the fact that the whole process had been refined to such an extent, that the engines could achieve a speed close to that of light!”

That was astounding!

“We were then able to produce highly advanced equipment in our fully automated underground factory. It was incredible that we could just print out all of the parts, and then like a large model kit, slot and glue everything together.”

If it had not been for the star fighters then everything would have been lost.

“The medium sized spacecraft were very manoeuvrable, and quite heavily armed, able to launch from the ground, or from a much larger vessel. At the front, there were twin sharp-nosed prongs, which swept all the way back towards the engines which were positioned at the rear. The main body consisted of a flat oblong section that fitted between the prongs, with triangular winglets that swept out on either side. The fighter's cockpit sat in the middle as a raised section, with enough room for a pilot and one other person.”

Lance Parker led them further into the vessel.

“We have used the same basic design, and just enlarged it into a Super Star Fighter, able to carry far more personnel and equipment, with one or two upgrades to the engines.”

They could see, as the inside looked quite roomy.

“It has eight laser cannons which are mounted near the front of the craft, where the prongs or spines extend from the rest of its body, and on its underbelly there are now a dozen anti-ship missiles.”

Amazingly, none of that could be seen from the outside.

“Onboard, there is a computer system, and the whole thing is far more advanced than anything else we have at our disposal, well apart from the Hope…”


Panels of light reflected off a type of white plastic resin illuminating the inside of what appeared to be some sort of cargo hold, although there were two rows of seats, one running along either side. It felt snug and looking back towards the large rear door through which they had entered, it reminded the General of a Hercules transport plane used by the British.

He could clearly see the grass and lake, yet it was virtually invisible from the outside. Lance Parker was giving a tour of his new toy, and the more he spoke about it, the more they marvelled at their achievement.

The British had clearly surpassed themselves this time!

Miriam Swartz held onto her husband’s hand, partly out of affection, and partly because she feared that he might disappear just like the ship!

“We can fit at least a dozen people inside here, and also have the room for plenty of equipment.”

General Swartz nodded. It would be a bit of a squeeze, but there was just enough room for a small tank.

“The bridge is through here.”

He pointed to a doorway.

“If you would like to follow me?”

They were led into another room that housed four seats and a large console...

There were only two seats and a small console in front of Jennifer Harris, as she also could not quite believe what she was being told. Instead of undergoing the consciousness transfer process, she and Edward were about to undergo another mission…

Lance Parker looked quite striking in his air force blue, and his flight suit had a type of Kevlar coating that made it ballistic and stab-resistant. It was yet another advancement, and made quite an outfit.

“We have not got much time, so if you would like to take a seat, I will get straight down to business.”

The Swartz’s were shown to two seats adjacent to where the Major was standing, and when they were seated, he reached down and grabbed hold of a matching air force blue helmet, slipping it over his immaculate hair before sitting down in the pilot’s seat.

The instant he had it in place, Lance felt the familiar onboard computer link with his mind. It was psionic, enabling him to merge with the various onboard electronic systems.

He then slipped on a pair of gloves which he had left on the side, and his hands were soon tracing the helm control. It consisted of a joystick, with various attachments placed onto it. A soft whine could be heard, as the seat began to mould itself to his body, securing him within its soft translucent material.

The Swartz’s seats did the same, although they did not feel the computer link, as neither of them was wearing a suit or helmet.

The onboard computer then commenced the start-up sequence, and from deep within his mind, Lance Parker could feel a stream of information flooding in, some of which floated in front of his eyes…

Jennifer Harris felt her life flowing across her eyes, as she left her console to find the man she loved. It was so difficult to be in this other body, and it was even harder for Edward. He had done his best to adjust, being thankful to still be alive. She smiled to herself when she remembered him saying that at least there was more room inside his trousers, even if his top was a little tighter!

That was typical of the man, and she so wished to wrap him in her arms. His Earth body had been handsome, and one she had always been attracted too. It was as though she was now caught in a totally different type of relationship, and although she was not prejudiced, it was just not for her!

Would they ever get back to being themselves…

That was a question Miriam Swartz was asking herself, as she watched the super star fighter power up. All this was a million miles away from their life as a pair of glorified hippies, and she rolled her eyes thinking that they would soon be literally a million miles away from their recreational vehicle…


The man inside her Earth body glanced up from his data pad.

“You are not going to believe this!”

He had left her to contact the Station Commander, as he felt that being faced by two agitated people would not be the ideal approach. It seemed as though they had been waiting for an eternity, and it was not an easy situation to handle.

Edward had therefore concentrated all his efforts on tactfully asking his King and ruler Tyr the Sky God for his help.

Tyr had been an inhabitant of Mars, and was once flesh and blood just like himself, until his mind had been transferred into an artificial body created by the scientists of a long lost age. Over time, he had been forced to lie permanently in a stasis chamber, which was quite similar to the sarcophagi to be found in the ancient world on Earth.

The vast crystalline supercomputer was housed in a pyramidal structure, with metallic panels covering the exterior to portray his face looking up at the heavens.

Tyr had foreseen the day when the human population reached for the technological level they once had. When that day arrived, their oppressors would return to take their home away and enslave them, thus repeating the never-ending cycle.

In his wisdom, he had secreted a force hidden on Saturn’s moon Titan. It had lain dormant for a very long time, until one day the removal of the headset placed on his daughters body had started a chain of events, that had eventually led to them going into battle with his eternal enemy.

Edward Buck Rogers, the very last Martian, had been frozen in time just like his storybook character. Tyr had trawled Earth culture until he had finally found Philip Francis Nowlan’s comic book character. Then, it was just a matter of reviving him, and placing him in a position where he would eventually lead his new people to salvation.

In this scenario, Tyr’s daughter had been Princess Ardala, albeit in a Replicant body, which had been left in stasis as bait, in the hope that one day humans would evolve to the point where they achieved space travel capabilities again. The new breed of space men had eventually found her, and when the headset placed upon her had been activated, her cloned consciousness had sprung to life.

Tyr knew that when they did leave Earth’s orbit the Anunnaki would be watching and that the treaty would be broken. An invasion and the retaking of the Earth would then follow, so he had hatched his plan.

The removal of his daughter’s headset would also send a signal to the facility buried deep under the Moon’s surface. There Commander Asger would be awakened and sent to investigate.

The threat had proved to be very real, and the Titan Super Soldiers had been activated, and the whole scenario had led to this current predicament…


A small white fluffy cloud seemed to dance across the windows of the bridge as the super star fighter sped upwards at an alarming rate. The Swartz’s had travelled on many aircraft in their lives, but nothing they had flown in could reach such a speed. It was incredible how they had just slipped off the ground with virtually no sound or sensation, and then hurtled up into the sky.

Lancer Parker was an excellent pilot, and seemed very calm and relaxed, which they both found reassuring. That was just as well, as they were heading for the upper atmosphere, and had already reached an altitude far higher than any they had achieved before.

The virtually clear blue sky soon began to fade, as they pushed up towards the edge of space. It was hard to believe that this morning there was nothing more on the agenda than a gentle swim and relaxing day spent by the lake. Now they were crossing the blue horizon, and as it began to fade, they could see the curvature of the Earth stretching out below them.

In all the years he had been in the service, the General had never really considered leaving the planet, and yet as soon as he had retired, the prospect had unexpectedly presented itself. Miriam Swartz, just sat there transfixed, also finding it hard to believe...

She was not the only one, as Jennifer Harris found herself looking at the man who inhabited her Earth body. She was now officially a Titan, and about to join the others whom she had fought with in the battle to save the Earth.

According to mythology, Titans were members of the second generation of Divine Beings, descending from the first gods and goddesses who were defeated in a ten-year long war by the other gods led by Zeus. Titans were giants of incredible strength, who ruled during the legendary Golden Age, a sequence of four or five ages of man, in which the Golden Age was first, followed by the silver, bronze and heroic, and then the present iron, which was said to be a period of decline, sometimes followed by the Leaden Age.

In her opinion this was the silicon age, as everything was computerised, although that was a little misleading as a lot of the technology was organic in origin. The technology may have been highly advanced, but it still required blood, sweat and not to mention more than a few tears.

Jennifer Harris was a strong and determined young woman, but even she had shed more than her fair share over the fast few months. Looking at the man, or should she say woman she now shared her life with, she hoped that soon everything would revert back to normal, whatever that was…

Miriam Swartz did not have that problem, although she had been most insistent that she was not going to let go of her man ever again. They came as a pair, and even though she felt embarrassed by her actions, she was determined to do whatever it took to keep him at her side.

Everything she was now experiencing was way above top secret, and whatever information they were privy to, was on a need to know basis. General Swartz had been out of the proverbial loop for three months, and it seemed as though everything had moved on at a very rapid pace since he had retired.

If he thought that the super star fighter was advanced, then what he was about to experience was way beyond anything he could have ever foreseen…

The same could have been said for Jennifer Harris, as spending the last three months on Mars was still something that she found hard to accept.

Her security clearance had enabled her to gain access to many of the base’s files, and she had read all about the early secret space missions to the Moon in the fifties, and then on to Mars.

The American’s had first landed on Mars on May 22, 1962 on the very day in 1969 that the public space program was supposed to have landed on the Moon!

Mars actually had a similar climate to Earth, apart from its gravity and distance from the Sun. It resembled a desert with blue sky and wispy bits of white cloud, apart from when it was scoured by sandstorms the like of which she had never seen before.

The oceans may have dried up long ago, but there was still life, with frozen water at the poles, and some that periodically melted nourishing the sporadic trees, bushes, moss and lichen.

Where the base had been constructed, there were only black craters that interrupted the barren landscape, mainly the result of impacts from a series of asteroids.

Out of one of the reinforced windows, it was just possible to see a ruined city in the distance, with its crumbling skyscrapers. An enemy of unimaginable strength had defeated the once mighty civilisation which flourished here, and she knew full well just how powerful they actually were.

Now it appeared as though she was about to encounter them all over again…

The same could be said for the Swartz’s, although their minds were transfixed by the view outside.

From this altitude, unknown miles above the planet's surface, stars filled their view. Lance Parker applied a slight forward pressure to the joystick, as they continued to gain speed. Beneath them, an incredible sunset rose into view, and watching it from this altitude, hundreds miles above North America's West Coast, was the most incredible thing that they had ever seen.

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