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Hound of the Baskervilles


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First and foremost, new comers, welcome to Amser Studios. Reoccurring attendees, welcome back! For those whom may be unaware, this work is a part of Amser Studios, meaning that it partakes in the Amser Universe. Any story within the Amser Universe may be read on its own without prior knowledge of the other stories and characters within it, but should this be the case I recommend reading this brief introduction all the way through.

This novella falls between Hope, the Complete First Set and Hope, the Complete Second Set.

Recap of the First Set:

Hope is an ex-forensic analyst playing with fire. She, Doctor Watson, and many other innocents have been dragged into a mad man's game of blending fiction with reality. Whomever this supposed Moriarty wanna be is, he has power and he has an obsession with fantasy crimes, namely those that had been known as the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in the Old World. Now, hundreds of years later in the After World, these fictional tales are far less known and are quite difficult to come by.

Some stories are familiar, some are unheard of. But no matter the case, Moriarty has always kept to his pattern of rewriting them to better serve the rebellion of the After World Government.

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