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The Love Parasite

Book Two

Alis Mitsy

This work is copyrighted under the pen name of Alis Mitsy as of 2018.

This story may be published under other pen names belonging to the author.

All acts and characters are works of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental.

Kasey reached out to her brother, as he passed her, entering the bedroom that should have been reserved for her and her husband alone. But Jaden did not, by any means, respect the sanctity of it as he crossed the threshold and shrugged out of his T-shirt, dragging it carelessly up and over his head, hair ruffled. With his dilated pupils, there could be no question of what had happened and she made a strangled choking noise as he padded in, stalking the couple on the bed as if he was a wild animal.

“What a pretty girl...” Jaden rumbled softly, looking down at Helena splayed out and panting. “I think you need a good fucking...”

Kasey flinched: that was her daughter he was leering at! And such language! Could she get her away? But it was too late to stop anything and, well, what could she really do? Helena scrambled up on her knees, reaching for Jaden’s hard cock, jutting out from his crotch already eager for attention. And so Kasey stepped back to the side of the door, refusing to interfere as it seemed that, as long as she didn’t put herself in the firing line, those infected were hardly interested in her.

Nothing could be done, she repeated over and over to herself as her brother locked lips with her daughter, bearing her back onto the bed, her hands wrapped around his throbbing shaft, pulses of pre-cum spurting onto her smooth stomach. She had to keep telling herself that... For she knew, that there was a dark, tiny part of her that liked what she was seeing too, but she thrust it down where she didn’t have to pay any attention to it, biting her lip and telling herself that it was just because she didn’t want to get infected by the parasite too.

Kasey trembled. Then it would be her fucking her brother! Good heavens, she hadn’t thought of it like that!

Helena didn’t seem to wait as she hungrily moaned into her uncle’s mouth, clinging to him as her father, his cock hard and ready once more, moved up behind her. The duo shifted her seamlessly up to her knees, handling her like a toy that also had a very large say in just how it was used, with Louis’ cock brushing up to her pussy lips.

The effect on the young woman was electrifying. Arching her back, she ground her buttocks back on her father’s cock, letting his shaft, slippery with cum and her own arousal, slide back and forth between her ass-cheeks. He growled lustfully, curling his fingers around her shoulder, and then the back of her head was pushed down Jaden’s lightly toned chest and stomach to where the bobbing head of his cock waited.

Her lips opened at precisely the right moment and Helena’s moan was swallowed up as she gulped down his shaft, taking him to the back of her throat in one fell swoop. Although her chest shuddered, she didn’t heave and gag nearly as much as Kasey would have – that was if Kasey had ever thought of taking her brother’s cock into her mouth! And she wouldn’t have thought that – not at all! But it was hard to watch and not have her own needs sated and Kasey, very unwillingly, found herself licking her lips, wondering just how it would feel. Would he be as thick as Louis? Cut too? She craned her neck to see, but couldn’t quite make out as he fed Hel his cock with a moan, head tipped back and Louis cramming her sloppy cunt full of his dick at the same time.

Kasey shivered. How could it possibly be so erotic to be the voyeur? It shouldn’t have been so and certainly not so with who she was watching. Did it even count as her husband cheating on her if he had been forced to do so by the parasite’s venom? The thought excited her more than it repulsed and she let out a breathy moan, no longer concerned about anyone overhearing her as her hand crept down the front of her trousers. She’d been getting ready for work, dressed relatively smartly in business-casual, but the button popped rudely loose as she pushed deeper, jamming her fingers up into her shockingly wet pussy as Jaden fucked her daughter’s mouth as if it was her cunt.

Oh, how she hoped he’d really fuck her!

Louis grunted something, but she didn’t quite catch it. Jaden did, however, and smirked, leaning over Hel’s back to put more power into his thrusts. Her daughter may have squeaked or not, but whatever sound she made was muffled by the cock between her lips as he slammed into her, cheeks bulging from the sheer effort she had to draw on simply to contain him within her lips. Her uncle, however, seemed to know that she could take every inch – and more – winding his fingers tightly into her dark brown hair as Louis pulled her hips back, impaling her on his shaft.

The wet sounds of their lusty intercourse echoed through the small room, the only muting effect that of the curtains and carpet, though the former was hanging open, letting a stream of morning sunshine into the room. Helena’s father grunted as he slammed into her already well used pussy, the sloppy mixture of their sexual fluids making his penetration slick and easy, almost as if she was a whore ready to be fucked and bred over and over again. But Helena was no such wanton princess and relished everything she was given, slurping and suckling on her uncle’s cock as he drew back. So engrossed was she in pleasing his achingly hard shaft that Hel nearly forgot to breathe and sucked in desperate gasps through her nostrils as her eyes rolled.

Kasey gnawed the inside of her cheek, rubbing her clit in small, tight circles as she watched, cheek pressed to the frame of the door. Perhaps she should have been a bit more concerned with why and how they were paying her absolutely no attention at all, so caught up in their enjoyment of one another that she may as well have not been there at all. It was difficult to, however, with the burning need curling through her, making every inch of her body feel hot to the touch – searing with sheer, raw need. As her husband let his head fall back, lips parted in a feral moan that spoke of so much repressed need, Kasey let out a breathy little gasp of her own, hips rocking slowly as if she wished it was her between them.

Not that she liked Jaden like that, of course, she hurriedly corrected herself. No, it was nothing like that. Just her own desire to be fucked, to be rammed into just like her daughter was enjoying. Her eyes took on a dreamy cast, lower jaw slack. Yes... Her husband and her, the curtains blowing open in the breeze and the whole day just to themselves to fuck and fuck and fuck some more again. His thick shaft spreading her open and grinding up to that spot within her in just the way she loved. Kasey groaned, fingers pressing deep up into her cunt as Helena gagged softly around Jaden’s cock, his hold on her hair hardly allowing her to get a good breath in.

Oh, yes, she’d like that very much.

There was nothing like a good fuck, after all.

What was she thinking? Kasey jerked to attention, cheeks crimson and shamefully ripping her hand out of her pants, eyebrows so high that they disappeared beneath her long hair. She couldn’t be getting so turned on by what she was watching – had she been infected by the parasite too? Suddenly, she leapt back, wide-eyed and chest heaving. Could it be? Was that why she was getting so horny, lusting over a scene that, by all definitions, should have repulsed her?

Pulling her T-shirt out from her chest, she ran her fingers over every inch of her body that she could reach, checking unmarked skin for that telltale bump – or whatever the parasite would leave behind – that could only be one thing. Her heart tightened in her throat, a lump too thick to swallow, and even the rampant sounds of intercourse a mere breath away could not dissuade her from her fervent inspection.

Her fingers were still slick with her own pussy juice as she ran her hands down her legs and she moaned against herself, the shiny trail betraying her true feelings about the whole matter.

But there was nothing on her body to suggest that she’d been bitten and so her attention was, rather rudely, drawn back to the lustful scene playing out, Louis grunting and groaning as he filled their daughter. Jaden seemed to be getting close, panting heavily with beads of sweat running down his back and his skin heating up in red blotches, the skin of his cut shaft pulling gently against Helena’s lips every time he drew back. Yet every withdrawal came with a renewed promise to thrust in with ever greater power and he did just that, driving the tip up into the back of the young woman’s throat as she rocked and gave the best moans she could around his length.

As quiet as they were, it was impossible to deny just how much she was enjoying it and that was only further enhanced as her body was undoubtedly clutched by the claiming hand of another orgasm.

Mesmerised, Kasey clutched both hands to her chest as she watched her daughter orgasm for the second time, hips rocking and grinding back into Louis’ hold as she fought to focus on sucking the cock before her. But there was little she could do but surrender to every sensation as her body fell outside her control and Jaden ground deep into her mouth, pre-cum bubbling out from the corners of her lips as if she simply could not take another drop. And yet there was more to come, her fertile, young body arching and twisting between the strong men, her only anchor in a storm of lust.

Despite having climaxed only a short while ago – not that anyone was keeping track – it was Kasey’s husband that reached his peak as Hel’s pussy squeezed and massaged his cock. He rumbled a moan that was abruptly cut off, driving into her with a sudden series of short, sharp thrusts, need rising through every fibre of his being, near enough palatable in the air. Louis ground his hips up to her round buttocks as he ejaculated for the second time and, if anything, his spurts seemed to contain an even greater volume of virile seed than before. Kasey could not have honestly said whether or not her daughter was on the pill, but it was too late to think of that as his cream filled her right to the very brim.

Of course, that left one – the one who had been the last to join the party of three. Jaden moaned like a teenager all over again – yes, Kasey had heard him in his bedroom when he’d thought the rest of the household had been asleep – rocking up into Helena’s eager mouth as she whimpered around his cock. There was little he could do to possibly hold back, even if he’d wanted to, with her tongue pressed up to the underside of his cock and it was with a lusty groan that seemed to rumble up from the pit of himself that he finally jerked and shuddered into a crudely abrupt orgasm.

Kasey sucked in a breath, watching just how her brother’s head turned from side to side, his jaw working as if he was going to clench it and then simply chose not to at the crucial moment. Her little brother, who definitely wasn’t so little anymore, filled her daughter’s mouth with shallow thrusts, keeping his cock as deep as possible and hardly pulling back before rocking forward again with erratic power. That didn’t stop trickles of cum from drooling out from the corners of her lips, however, as Helena gulped down all she could, the rest dripping down her chin to stain the sheets of Kasey’s marriage bed.

She should have been expecting it, but her orgasm caught her off-guard all the same. The rush of heat flooded every inch of her body without due warning and Kasey cried out, hips jerking and bucking against her own hand, back in her underwear with her fingers buried in her hot snatch. Helpless in its clutch, all she could do was ride out her climax as her legs went to jelly and Jaden huffed as his softening cock slipped from his niece’s lips, a splatter of creamy cum slick across her lips. Where the scene should surely have disgusted her, Kasey whimpered and gasped like a virgin all over again, legs slowly buckling as she dropped to her knees and leaned into the wall for some kind of support.


Breathing heavily in the aftershock of climax, Kasey bit her lip and crept around the door frame to watch their lust progress, each participant shifting position for another round that would undoubtedly drive their voyeur to another delicious orgasm. They still took no note whatsoever of her presence as Helena whined and groped both male’s cocks at the same time, eagerly driving them back to full hardness just so that they could fill her again.

Again and again, they fucked, the morning stretching on as they took little time between climaxes, all caught up in throbbing, undulating lust that carried them along with it like the rising tide. Three bodies moved together in idyllic harmony and Kasey could do nothing but helplessly watch unless she wanted to be a part of it herself and, like them, lost.

Yet were they lost? That little stubborn voice in the back of her mind just wouldn’t shut up. She didn’t really know what was going on in their heads and, really, she couldn’t ask them either while they were... Well...

Blushing, Kasey gnawed the inside of her cheek until it bled. And with the metallic rush filling her mouth, something snapped inside her.

She couldn’t stay, couldn’t watch as they re-positioned her daughter for what had to be the umpteenth time, desires hardly quelling as the day dragged out. So caught up were they in their own lust – courtesy of the parasite’s venom, or whatever it was – that Kasey doubted they would even notice the passing of the day at all.

She sighed and trailed her fingertips across the inside of her wrist, absent-mindedly checking her own pulse, though it was not as if it would jump or race or do anything else untoward. Hells bells – she didn’t know what the parasite would do to her if it got her too! Except…that.

Shaking the image of her husband and daughter from her mind, Kasey pressed her lips together and stumbled down the stairs, taking the steps two at a time in her haste. She had no fear that they would follow her and supposed she had to feel at least a little bit grateful that they were harmless. There were worse things to escape into the world at large and making love not war was certainly the lesser of two evils.

Her feet had hit the floor at the bottom, the sounds emanating from upstairs making her wince. It should have been her and Louis, not him and someone else. Her lips turned down, a headache pounding at her temples. Anyone else. Anyone else would have really been better, but no – it was done and doing and all she had to do was make sure the knowledge of it never, ever left her house.

Piece of cake, right? Groaning, she pressed her head to the cool of the wall, but nothing she did, no pressure she could create, relieved the throbbing pulse of anguished confusion within.

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