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By Iyam Noone

शिवमस्तु सर्व जगत:

Lord Krishna was a strategist even during something as evil as the Kurukshetra war. His strategies, though seemed unfair and cunning, paved the way for the ultimate triumph of good over evil, and gave birth to spirituality.


All Characters and incidents portrayed in this novel are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. The ideas presented in this novel are mere suggestions. It is up to each and every individual to accept or reject any of these ideas and suggestions.


Hi, I welcome you to the quest of solving the favorite puzzles of my life, such as the mysteries of aliens and UFOs. I did my B.A.B.L honors degree at Dr. Ambedkar law school of excellence, Adyar, Chennai. My quest originated from interpreting extra-terrestrial visits of aliens based on UFO sightings. The book contains a UFO design that a group of my friends and myself created. We make no claims that it is correct. We developed the design, and developed an economic plan, while writing this book. The book also contains our understanding of the important messages of the Bagavad Gita. The social and scientific messages in this book are the hard work of a team of my friends.

Now, we would like to place before you some theories about aliens that have reached our knowledge.

First, a theory exists that questions the basic origin and foundation of the pyramids of Giza. The pyramids have been discovered to be at exactly 19.5 degrees from the earth’s equator. Even today, the pyramids meet approximately at the exact meeting point of the earth’s latitudes and longitudes. The construction techniques of the pyramids are beyond the techniques known to man even in present day. Some believe that the pyramids’ construction had the hand of aliens.

Finally, observing several alien abduction cases, people have illustrated several types of alien encounters, experienced by humans. People have reported the existence of several types of alien life forms. Among them, three types of alien races are relevant to this story.

The Nordic aliens - Aliens who resemble us in appearance.

The Grey aliens - Aliens with large black eyes and grey skin.

The Reptilians - Reptile like humanoids, who are lizard like.

The science fiction story is a fiction based on descriptions of several alien contactees and abductees, who have described about extraterrestrials and the histories of alien planets.

I heartily thank my family, teachers, God, and especially all my friends for shaping me in such a way as to enable me to write this novel.

Chapter One – Beautiful Stranger

It was time. Time for us to finally attain the type 1 status. Earth was ready to harness its planetary power. But that didn’t happen easily. With tremendous efforts, we constructed the UFO; the ultimate supersonic invisible, dematerializing spacecraft that would help us explore the universe and understand a great deal about ourselves. A great responsibility was entrusted upon me to save the planet from the brink of war. The world was saved from a treacherous annihilation. And we couldn’t have done it without the UFO.

I am James Wilson, and this is my story. My wife is Kirsten Adams, who happened to take birth as one of the gifted few who were blessed with the ability of being psychic. She can read minds and also foretell the future. It had been three years since I started working on the UFO design. I wouldn’t have gotten so far without Kirsten’s motivation. Yes, I am a UFO researcher. And for those unaware of the term UFO, UFO is an anagram for Unidentified Flying Object, which is generally the space vehicle of extraterrestrial beings who visit our planet. I know that UFO research is a forbidden territory, but my passion has always been UFOs. After completing a PhD in aerospace engineering, I worked under a team that manufactured and launched satellite platforms at California, North America. UFO research has always been my hobby. After an endless research, I came up with a theory, which was about a propulsion technique based on electromagnets. I called my principle, surround suspension and partial repulsion. Kirsten was pretty impressed with my idea. She had been telling me from day one that I would somehow discover the UFO.

Kirsten was a vegetarian. She is clairaudient, meaning she can hear things which most people cannot. She is also clairvoyant, meaning she can “see” visions in dreams, crystal balls and mirrors. She had the ability to perfectly interpret these visions. She worked with several grass root level organizations to uplift the poor. She was my college sweetheart. Most people wouldn’t call her an obvious beauty, but to me, she was the most beautiful creature in the world. We rented a house by the countryside at California after our marriage. Everything went on normally for two years after marriage. Then suddenly, our lives were completely changed due to an event.

It was winter that season. Kirsten and I went to bed early that day. Kirsten was awakened from sleep suddenly. She said it was a message from a higher power. Kirsten had these strange powers.

I asked her, “What’s wrong?”

She said, “I just received a message from a mysterious female spirit. I will be meeting a stranger tomorrow at midnight. She told me that he would bring light to the whole of mankind.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t just an intense dream?”

“No, this one is real. I can feel it.”

“Ok, now go back to sleep.”

I kissed her on her forehead, and she fell asleep within minutes. She then told me the next day that she had dreamt about travelling at light speed through space. Then later that evening we went out to dinner at a romantic restaurant to celebrate my new idea.

She told me between sips of wine, “What happened yesterday was so strange and mysterious. I know you think I am going crazy.”

“No I don’t. What makes you think that?” I chuckled nervously.

“Your mouth says no, but your thoughts say yes.”

“That’s not fair. It was just a thought. I don’t actually believe every single thing I think.”

“What about the time you thought I was a lesbian?”

“That was different. I was perplexed that time,” I argued.

“Ok. Fine then,” she said.

“And I have to tell you this. It’s unfair how you telepathically hack into other people’s minds. I’m just saying it’s a breach of privacy. Sometimes I wish you were like every other women.”

“Duly noted. But none of the other women who were in your life come close to understanding you the way I do,” she said, smiling.

“True. You have the home field advantage. The field happens to be my brain.”

We both laughed.

“Wow, I have a wife who understands me completely. What more do I need?” I said.

“Now that’s just the alcohol talking,” she remarked.

“No, I’m serious.”

She smiled.

Then we finished dinner and drove back home. I was about to open the door using the key, but to my shock, I found that it was already open.

“Kirsten, the door is open,” I said, feeling tensed.

“Are you sure you locked it when we left?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m sure,” I said and entered in.

The lights were off that time, and we usually leave the lights on whenever we went out. I then witnessed the most frightening moment of my life. I saw a Grey alien, about four feet tall, with large black eyes and a huge bald head, sitting in our dining table. The alien was completely nude, with no visible reproductive organs.

I looked at it with a burst of terror in my eyes, and I could see that it was also frightened of us. My heart stopped for a couple of minutes. I thought I was one of those few, who would jump in joy rather faint like usual people, if an alien showed up at my doorstep. But I was wrong. I was dumbstruck.

“Oh my god! Do you see that?” I said.

Kirsten instantly dropped her handbag, with her hands on her mouth. It had a confused look in its eyes. We stared at each other for 15 seconds. There was mutual shock on both sides. I became restless. I leaned back on a shelf and accidentally tipped over a flower vase.

Kirsten asked, “What is the time?”

I saw my watch and said, “How is that important?”

I looked at the watch again and said, “Time is 11:45.”

She said, “It’s him.”

I asked, “It’s who? You mean from the vision?”

“Yes,” she said.

She walked closer to the alien in slow steps.

Kirsten said, “His name is “Sek-Ti.” He comes in peace. Trust me on this. It is safe.”

I started gasping heavily for breath. I was still in shock.

Kirsten said, “He says that he can’t speak.”

“What? Why?” I asked after taking my time to actually process what Kirsten was saying in the midst of this tension.

She said, “He is telling me something.” She slowly translated, “He is saying that he belongs to a species, who were designed to be psychics. They communicate purely through telepathy.”

She now looked at it with eyes wide and started to wear a tiny smile. It looked back at her in awe, mildly shaking its head sideways. Kirsten sat beside the alien and held its hand. The alien was intensely shaking as though suffering from a heavy fever.

Kirsten said, “Come James, have a seat next to us.”

I asked her curiously, “What are you doing?”

She said, “I’m reaching into his mind and telling you what he wants to convey to us.”

“Wait, how can you understand him?”

“I can decipher his language, and he is also using a few English words. He comes with a message for you.”

I just stood there stunned. It took me several minutes to recover from shock. I then turned on the light with a constant eye on the alien.

The alien immediately covered its eyes and made a loud noise.

Kirsten said, “Dim the lights, James. He says he is sensitive to bright lights.”

I dimmed the lights and said, “Sorry.”

“Why are you shaking,” Kirsten asked the alien.

Kirsten read his thoughts and told the alien, “I am sorry.”

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” I asked her.

Kirsten said, “He says, ‘We have become fragile and delicate beings over generations.’”

I took a deep breath and told myself to think clearly. After a few minutes, I calmed down and got a grasp over the situation.

“What is he telling you now?” I asked after taking a seat next to them.

The Alien spoke through Kirsten: “I am Sek-Ti; belonging to the species of aliens you call Greys. I come in peace, and I originate from a planet called Quintumnia. I kindly ask for your permission to converse.”

I hesitantly said, “Aaaa... ok.”

“Before I begin, I must disclose my understanding of God, in order to keep your faith in him intact. God is the greater power; the super intelligence. At the very beginning, God was the sole intelligence that existed in the spiritual realm, which was conjured out of his own imagination. His mind was filled with two types of energies. A part of him was the energy of pure goodness, and another part of him was his dark side. God was constantly in battle with himself because of these two extremes of his personality. God was fighting hard to break free from his isolated existence to end this internal war. And as a result of this battle, he managed to split the dark side of his energy into zillions of souls, and henceforth, God was represented by these souls, as well as the entity that remained undivided. He found that when he became these souls that had his negative energy, even this negative energy was further split into various groups of good and evil energies, where each group had different proportions of good and evil energies. To understand how these souls were split, imagine an even number of steps in a staircase. As the stair progressed upward, the souls had more positive energies, and there were an equal number of positive and negative souls. So even after splitting his spirit, he couldn’t control these souls. He could feel the presence of both of his personalities in his mind, and they were in conflict with each other, even now. So to find a solution to end this war, the portion of God which didn’t get split into subdivisions decided to create a physical realm where each of these groups of souls that were split from him would have their own planet as a home, which would be managed by nature. Unlike the spiritual realm, God designed the physical realm with rules and limitations in order to control these groups of souls better. And he designed a unique type of body for each of these groups, to identify the good from the evil. Then he gave these souls intelligence, so that each one would have their own perspective about this mystery. So right now, God as a separate entity is nothing but the collector of souls as well as the consciousness of humanity.

“By creating the universe, God found a way to purify the negative side of his spirit. What God values most is our thought process. He gets inputs to clean his mind through our ideas and wisdom. The evil that exists in the universe is a part of God. God’s dark side, which is represented by the souls that have his evil energy, is his personality that is referred to as the Devil. Even the souls, which represent God’s positive side, are subjected to the influence of this evil to a certain extent, because they too come from the same source. Where there is positivity, there will be an equal amount of negativity, unless the negativity itself turns into positivity, thereby letting the positive energy remain as a positive charge. This doesn’t mean a soul which is capable of being a positive minded human, will be made to unite with an evil counterpart. A positive soul when it subdivides itself into another half, this other half will be of the opposite polarity or gender, but not evil. An evil soul on the other hand, will have an evil counterpart. In scientific terms, if you want to split a proton into two elements, the result will only be a proton and an anti-proton. The proton expels a positive charge, whereas a positron (i.e. an anti-proton), has an equal amount of positive and negative charges. And when this anti-proton gets split into two further halves, it becomes a proton and an electron. When an electron is split into two halves, it becomes an electron and an anti-electron. The electron has a negative charge, and the anti-electron has an equal amount of positive and negative charges. The anti-electron has exactly the same ingredients as that of the anti-proton, except that the arrangement of the quarks in these two elements will be of the opposite array making them attract each other. When an anti-electron is further split into two halves, it also becomes a proton and an electron, much similar to the anti-proton. A proton is attracted to an anti-proton, and an electron. This means that, every positive soul will also have an evil counterpart, but these two souls will only cross paths when the evil soul is in the final stages of purifying itself of all negativities. Destiny is designed in this manner because, if a proton fuses with an electron, it won’t form a neutron, but the proton itself will get overpowered by the electron and turn into an electron. However, if a proton fuses with an anti-proton, the result will only be a positively charged proton. An anti-electron is attracted to an anti-proton, and if they fuse together, they become a negatively charged electron. However, if an anti-electron fuses with an electron, the negativity of both these elements gets neutralized, and the end result of this type of elementary fusion becomes a completely positively charged proton. Finally, a proton repels an anti-electron, and an electron repels an anti-proton.

The source God was an anti-proton, having both positive and negative energies, and he managed to split the electron out of his soul, and remained a completely positively charged proton. When a soul gains enough wisdom and learns to defeat the influence of evil, it becomes a part of God, the collective consciousness. Until then, the soul is re-incarnated again and again. This will go on until God finds the answers that he was looking for so long to tame his dark side. And when that day arrives, every soul in the universe will become one with him.

“Now please follow closely the things I am about to say to you, as there are many details you might not know. We’ve been watching you for quite some time now, and we were destined to meet today. This is our first contact with your race, at least the first significant one. We have tapped into the minds of alien researchers in your planet and have learned your understanding of extraterrestrials. We have also attempted to learn your language to a certain extent in order to communicate this message.”

He paused for a moment.

I said, “Go on.”

Kirsten said, “He says, ‘Please hold my hand.’”

I then slowly and hesitantly held his hand. Suddenly, I was able to see and visualize everything that the alien was describing. It was like magic.

The Alien spoke through Kirsten: “You humans are not from this planet. It all began 65 million years ago, when huge lizard like creatures ruled Earth.”

The moment he said that, I could visualize the dinosaurs.

I said, “Oh, you mean the dinosaurs?”

“Yes. Earth was created as a Reptilian planet. Only the Reptilian humanoids descended from the dinosaurs. You are all, descendants of an ape like species you call Nordics. Nordics lived in a solar system quite far away from this universe, in a planet called “Erra.” Erra was a planet, which was one of its kind. There were no other planets in the universe, which came close to the beauty of Erra and its people. The Nordics were the most advanced of all the galactic races. They were powerful psychic people. They were God’s divine side. Their government was a one-world democracy. They were able to communicate with God and followed all of his directions. As they were in such close touch with God, they were able to make fruitful utilization of all the resources available to them. Their language was Sanskrit, the language of the Gods. The Nordics were pure vegetarians. Vegetarianism was essential to maintain their relationship with God. They never harmed animals even for food, because they knew that animals are destined to become people in the future. When the journey of life starts, every soul is given the body of an organism with one sense, and when that soul learns the features of that sense, it acquires the body of an organism with two senses in the next birth. And finally, when the soul crosses all the stages, it takes the body of a human with six senses. That’s how God designed nature to work, and this is the purpose of animal life. Initially, when God created the planets, he created only animal life. Only when most of these animals were ready for intelligence, did he create intelligent life. The Nordics descended from the apes. Meaning, as far as the Nordics are concerned, the life of an ape is the final stage of animal life before the soul takes up the body of an intelligent being.

“Anyway, the Nordics achieved marvelous things with their spiritual technology. They were completely faithful to each other, and were a monogamous civilization. They strictly followed the universal law of non-interference. The law states, “You shall not interfere with the affairs of any extraterrestrial being except during critical circumstances.” The Nordics made no enemies and attacked no other alien species. The Nordics also worshipped nature apart from God. One had to abide by the rules of nature to avoid natural disasters and calamities. Besides pollution and deforestation, overpopulation is also an act against nature. If people disobeyed the rules of nature beyond a tolerable extent, nature would show its fury in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. Nature will certainly show its fury in order to maintain the balance of life, because nature also is a separate entity like man, which has a consciousness.

“The Reptilians interrupted the Nordics’ peaceful spiritual existence. The Reptilians were a barbaric race. They were God’s dark side. They hail from a planet called “Naagarin.” They were not a psychic civilization. Their planet was under dictatorial rule. Yet, they were disobedient and were known for their infighting. Their planet was polluted and overpopulated. They also constantly fought wars with weaker planets for resources and power. None of these planets dared to attack Naagarin because the Reptilians were a powerful destructive force. And the only extraterrestrial civilization that matched the power of the Reptilians were the Nordics. While the Reptilians only managed to develop the art of destruction, the Nordics were specialists in almost every field of science. The Nordics didn’t have much of a relationship with the Reptilians because of the cantankerous nature of the latter. The Reptilians always wanted to eliminate the Nordics because they perceived them as a threat. The Nordics’ advanced technologies and expertise frightened them. The Reptilians had scant regard for the galactic laws. They decided to destroy the Nordic planet. Hundreds of Reptilian spacecrafts flew to the Nordic planet, fired apocalyptic nuclear rays, and immediately zapped away into the skies. A small misunderstanding between the Nordic and Reptilian leaders was the excuse used by the Reptilians to perpetrate this massacre. Although the Nordics foresaw this, they didn’t know how to prevent it because the Reptilian spacecrafts were armed with a protective shield. The Nordics couldn’t go on a counter-offensive against the Reptilians because the Reptilian planet, Naagarin, was well guarded. As the Reptilians were experts in defense technologies, they somehow found a way to erect a force field even around their atmosphere before they destroyed the Nordic planet. No one but the Reptilians could get past that force field. When the Nordics sought the guidance of God to overcome this catastrophe, God told them that he had no control over his dark side, and that this was their destiny. He instructed them to escape from Erra. The Nordic planet was collapsing, and most of the Nordics died, while those who survived, opened wormholes and fled away distant from this universe in their spacecrafts. Then it so happened that they all visited planet Earth. As far as we know, Earth was an infant Reptilian planet, which was the only other Reptilian planet, that did not have intelligent life yet. They found the place quite habitable for their existence, but had to face the greatest threat for survival caused by the dinosaurs. So all of the Nordics took off from Earth and landed on two asteroids. They redirected these asteroids towards Earth and waited in their spacecrafts until the impact. The asteroids collided with Earth, and the dinosaurs along with all the plant life were destroyed in the planet. The Nordics couldn’t seek the approval of God to commit this act, because they were now very few in number, and their energies were not strong enough to summon God. Anyway, the Nordics quickly restored Earth’s atmosphere, and then they stayed here, working hard using the remaining technology at their disposal to re-cultivate the planet. They slowly converted Earth, which was a Reptilian planet, into a Nordic planet. This was an act against nature, but the Nordics had no other choice, because a planet that supported life, but didn’t have intelligent life was extremely rare to find. The Reptilians are unaware of Earth’s existence as it is several universes away from Naagarin.

“Anyway, the Nordics were a happy race on Earth for 10,000 years, and then something changed. Due to planet Earth’s nature and its planetary position, they started losing their telepathic abilities generation after generation. And slowly they also started showing signs of insanity. People in your planet today refer to this incident as the fall of man. Due to their loss, they weren’t able to teach their offspring the ways of their life, their technological expertise etc... Their offspring became totally aggressive. By this time, their population had grown in abundance. Clueless as to how to survive with their nearly insane descendants, some of the sane Nordics decided to leave the planet before it was too late. So they travelled far away from this universe to some place where they could peacefully restart their normal life.”

I was able to see the Nordic planet. It had greenery everywhere. It looked like they were experts in robotics and aerial transportation. Their buildings were nano-engineered. The Nordics had strong builds. It was pitiable to see the Reptilians destroying their planet. I saw the Nordics leaving their planet in their spacecrafts and landing on Earth to start a fresh life. I saw how their descendants became insane and lost their telepathic capabilities. I witnessed the last remaining sane Nordics fleeing from Earth.

The alien continued, “The seeds that the Nordics had planted had good effect. In a few million years, the planet was filled with Nordic plant and animal life. After several million years, after having taken shelter in a far off universe, the Nordics returned to Earth nearly 25,000 years ago to see the present state of affairs. The descendants of the Nordics who had left Earth, remained the same, excepting a few. These descendants had become unruly, which was such a strange behavior. They also became cannibalistic. It was shocking because this was totally a Reptilian like attitude. Earth was now filled with Nordics, who were living in a Reptilian world. So they had partly Reptilian like behavior, although they were Nordics once. They now had no idea how they originated and were shocked to see the Nordic visitors. So the Nordic visitors decided to seek the help of God. And the collective consciousness answered. They were instructed by God to leave the inhabitants of Earth an elaborate message, which would teach them how to achieve global economic equality, and finally take advantage of what they were innately capable of. The message lies in the pyramid of Giza. While aligning the three pyramids at almost exactly at the centre of the earth, so that every nation in your planet will have equal benefit of this message, they left their message, which would only be accessible when the people of Earth were ready for it. The message still remains hidden. The message was meant to be inaccessible to you people, until God said otherwise. And so after leaving their message, these Nordic visitors left Earth.”

I was able to visualize the Nordics returning to our planet and building the Giza pyramid in order to leave us a hidden message.

I asked, “Where did they go?”

The Alien spoke through Kirsten: “After witnessing the pitiable state of the people on Earth, the Nordics returned to their new home, a planet far away from this universe, maybe several universes away. We still don’t know where. The whereabouts of the Nordics still remains unknown, and our search continues. However, we know this. They are dying to make first contact with you, and for that purpose; they sent many messengers to Earth. The most prominent among them were Rama, Krishna, and the one you worship as Jesus Christ. These messengers were direct incarnations of the collective consciousness. The Nordics wanted to create perfect beings who would bring sanity and possibly spirituality in the then existing insane world. So during each millennia, God commanded his spirit into a Nordic human’s body and gave birth to a seed, which was then implanted by the Nordics into a chosen woman from Earth. All these messengers were assigned a duty by God to fight the evil that was plaguing Earth, and to spread the divine message of peace. While Rama and Krishna were the earliest of God’s incarnations, who found it sufficient to engage in direct battle with evil, Jesus had to use a more tolerant approach during his period, because evil on Earth had become way more widespread. As per God’s instruction, Jesus followed a new non-violent method of fighting evil, using compassion as his weapon. Jesus was the Nordics’ last straw of hope. Jesus had to take birth in a very crucial period where religion and ethics were miserably failing. So the Nordics arrived at Jerusalem and implanted the embryo of Jesus into Virgin Mary. Thus the last son of man was born. Jesus was the last direct seed of God, born through a Nordic leader named Orthon. Jesus was a Nordic Prince to the Nordics, and they considered him to be the most precious member of their royal family. But you, the people of Earth, grew jealous of his spiritual powers and decided to mistreat and kill him. When Jesus found out that this was going to happen, he realized that it was God’s will that he must sacrifice his life to bring a new faith to the planet in order to spiritually awaken the people. Jesus and God were one and the same. Jesus and the other messengers of God were all also subjected to the influence of the evil that was in God’s mind. Jesus didn’t accept his fate initially, and that’s what caused the Devil, which was part of him to tempt him from accomplishing his task. Even though the Devil failed and Jesus succeeded, the Nordics were shattered because their mission to bring sanity to the world didn’t go as per plan. God had to sacrifice Jesus because of your Reptilian attitude. After Jesus’s death, God stopped sending his avatars to Earth, and henceforth, he only chose prophets like Muhammad to deliver his message. Even though Jesus succeeded in unifying the people under his name and guided them towards the path of spirituality, your world is still rampant with evil. The Nordics will never make first contact with you until you have evolved enough and learn to break through your innate madness, and stop with the wars, and the craze to self-enhance yourself.”

The Alien got restless, and the circuits in the house received a sudden high voltage. The lights got brighter, and then went out with a burst. The room was filled with darkness.

I asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

The Alien spoke through Kirsten: “I am sorry for my behavior now, but it pains me to see how a species so much in resemblance to its great ancestors, can be this naïve. Hatred, jealousy and even negative sarcasm, are purely Reptilian traits, which the Nordics never had. Fighting wars for trivial reasons, your general prejudice towards various races, are all the result of the Reptilian behavior, which you acquired. You must fight hard to vanquish the Reptilian attitude in you.”

Kirsten and I went into a room to get a candle light.

I asked her, “What is going on? Why is he here?”

Kirsten said, “I think I know, but we’ll find out soon, won’t we?”

I replied, “Ya, sure, I guess.”

We brought the candle light back to the table, and the alien had hung his head down in shame.

Kirsten said, “Oh please! it’s ok. Don’t be alarmed. We understand.”

Kirsten touched his hand and took a deep breath.

There was silence for 10 seconds.

I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“He is telling us, ‘This is what we love about you. It is your affection and kindness that we adore. Why can’t all of you be like this?’”

I told the alien, “I understand. We are an aggressive group of people. But that’s not the point. Why are you here? What’s the purpose of this meeting with us?”

The Alien spoke through Kirsten: “My folks tell me that our planet Quintumnia, the planet of the Greys, was a heaven. The Nordics willfully crossbred with us in our planet. They considered us their humanoid brothers. People of Erra and Quintumnia had a good understanding with each other. Our governmental setup was similar to that of the Nordics. The Nordics first invented the spacecraft, which facilitated intergalactic space travel. They gave us the design. We were able to learn a lot from them. Our lives became spectacular when the Nordics entered our world. We experienced new pleasures, joys and all kinds of emotions which we felt were very-much over-whelming, yet in so many other ways, it made us more peaceful, calmer and spiritual souls. The only way we could contact God was through the Nordics. We weren’t as spiritual as the Nordics, but our specialty was science. We were God’s neutral side. We were that portion of God which had an equal balance of good and evil. To put it simply, if you’d consider all living energies as electric energies, we Greys were the neutral charge. The Nordics initially came to our planet to carry out science experiments. Eventually they became an integral part of us. The Nordic men were ready to marry us in holy matrimony right from the beginning. The Nordic women were a bit hesitant at first, but that changed pretty soon. The first hybrid child born to a Grey and a Nordic was far superior to either of us. Pretty soon there were quite a few Nordics and crossbreeds of them and us in our planet.”

I was able to visualize the Greys’ planet. It looked technologically similar to the Nordic planet. There were tall structures, which I can only describe as architectural marvels. They appeared to be an extremely hard working race.

The alien paused for a moment, and then continued.

“After the attack on Erra, the Reptilians invaded our planet too, a few months later. Thirteen grey colored stealth spacecrafts arrived in our planet during the dead of night, and the Reptilians quickly erected a force field around the atmosphere of our planet too. They did this in seven days. Each day they covered only those parts of our planet that had night skies. As the force field is transparent, we were unaware of its existence. Some of our spacecrafts exploded while attempting to exit our atmosphere. But we didn’t know what caused it. Also, because of the force field, our foreseeing abilities were blocked as we were not receiving any energy from our sun or the moon. Hence, we couldn’t predict their conquest. The Reptilians entered our planet and threatened us that they would destroy our planet using nuclear weapons. We decided to surrender because we knew that we were no match to the Reptilian army. They trapped and enslaved us in our very own soil. The Reptilians faced the problem of overpopulation, which was the reason for the invasion. They also disobeyed the laws of nature beyond a tolerable extent by polluting their environment. Hence, massive earthquakes and tsunamis were constantly affecting their planet. The Reptilians wanted to conquer a developed planet, so that they wouldn’t need to build infrastructure from scratch. The Reptilians’ long term plan was to conquer our planet Quintumnia, in order to accommodate their growing population. They destroyed the Nordic planet because they wanted to become the superpower in the universe, and create fear in the minds of the rest of the extraterrestrial civilizations. That made their invasion on our planet easy. People of our world were no longer allowed to interfere with the global governance. They said it hampered progress. There was a perceptible increase in the number of Reptilians in our planet. None of the laws, which they imposed upon us, was applicable to them. They kept making new rules. We were not allowed to leave our planet because they were afraid we would use our scientific expertise and discover a way to get past the force field protecting the Reptilian planet, if we were allowed to leave Quintumnia. They monitored every scientific invention we made, and kept us under their control. People were not allowed to roam about freely. They didn’t even permit us to reproduce sexually. They said it was essential to curb the population, as our planet was now home to the Reptilians as well as the Greys. They cloned and genetically re-engineered newborns without reproductive and digestive capacities. They made us part robotic. That kept us alive, barely at least. All those who protested against the Reptilians were mercilessly slaughtered. We are weak compared to the Reptilians and hence were an easy target. The Reptilians didn’t clone the remaining Nordics and the hybrids in our planet because they were threatened by their high spiritual energies. And the Nordics and the hybrids quickly became extinct from the face of our planet. The Reptilians are as insecure as they are strong. None of us ever managed to fully understand the Reptilian behavior.

“The more they cloned us, the weaker we became. Millions of years went by, and after several generations, we became the delicate, fragile, emotionless beings that we are today. But when we look at you, we still see them, the Nordics, despite your Reptilian like attitude. I am part of a secret group who managed to escape from our planet.

“Four hundred years back, a group of Grey spacecraft designers, who were desperate to escape from Quintumnia, secretly managed to invent invisibility for the supersonic spacecraft. They created an invisible spacecraft that could dematerialize, without the knowledge of their Reptilian supervisors. A Reptilian Grey hybrid named Bak-Ta, was one of the supervisors of the hanger in which the secretly invented invisible craft was stationed. He managed to divert the attention of the other Reptilian supervisors in the hanger and secretly helped a group of five Greys to escape from Quintumnia in the invisible spacecraft. They were the only enslaved ones who managed to get past the force field around Quintumnia.

“These Greys who managed to escape, dedicated their lives to save our species. They then luckily found a new planet, several galaxies away, without any intelligent life, which orbited around a white dwarf. That’s the reason we became sensitive to bright lights over a few years. My ancestors made rapid progress in this new planet.

“However, we didn’t want to approach the galactic congress and share the invisible spacecraft design with them, because after the Reptilian invasion, the congress was not trustworthy and favoured only the Reptilians due to fear. We were afraid the Reptilians would steal our design without sharing it with any other planet. Or worse, they could hold the people of our home planet Quintumnia as hostages and threaten us to destroy the design. At the same time, we believe that sharing the invisible spacecraft design would end the slavery in our planet because it is the most powerful weapon in the universe. We want you to do that for us because the Reptilians are unaware of your existence. If every planet is equipped with this device, then there will be mutual fear between all planets and no individual race would ever dare to plan an invasion.

“Anyway, now in the new planet, the Greys tried to undo what the Reptilians had done to them. But even through cloning, they were unable to restore us back to our original state. They tried hard to create clones equipped with digestive and reproductive capacities, but badly failed. Within years after our enslavement, we just lost that capacity. My ancestors managed only to create clones who were just like us. As we no longer had sexual organs, we lost all our sense of shame, which we once had. That’s why, as a gesture to denote our enslavement and loss, we made it a habit to not wear any clothing. Our situation was so pitiable that we couldn’t even approach other extraterrestrials who knew about us for help because all of them are allies to the Reptilians. They serve the Reptilians out of fear. We didn’t want to draw attention to ourselves and endanger the few of us who were free from the Reptilians. Among these civilizations, are also certain Reptilian humanoids, who have a lesser proportion of evil characteristics, and some goodness in them. These beings are completely in a different universe from that of Naagarin’s, and they have even managed to achieve enlightenment, by overpowering their natural lack of emotions and cold-heartedness. Fed up to go on living a life of anger, descent, and hatred, they have evolved themselves into a civilization that embodies peace, trust, and harmony. There are also certain Nordic like humanoids in other universes, who have less evil traits, who are influenced by the dark Reptilians, who due to their vanity, and greed, have strayed from the light side, and now live in spiritual darkness. Anyway, luckily, to our relief, after travelling through several wormholes, we found Earth. We were thrilled to discover you, the Nordics. But soon after studying you, we found out that most of you had lost your psychic abilities and had become very aggressive. You were not like the Nordics we’ve heard of. So we felt, making direct contact with your planet wouldn’t be a wise decision. Anyway, we all knew that the only other option to save our species was to cross breed with you, the people of Earth. Finding psychics in your planet was our goal because a psychic person on Earth is as close as we can get to the Nordics. As there are only a few of you with true telepathic capabilities in your planet, finding them was our greatest challenge.

“Until the past hundred years, we could survive. Then we got desperate. We broke the universal law of non-interference. We did a series of acts, which are unforgivable. We abducted thousands of you and tried to figure out how many of you had psychic potentials. We only subjected a select few to certain experiments. We extracted the ova from the females and subjected the males to painful sexual procedures.”

The alien looked disgusted with himself. It was tragic to see the Reptilians enslaving the Greys in the Grey planet. The way the Reptilians incapacitated the Greys from reproducing was atrocious to watch. I understood why the Greys had to abduct us and subject us to painful procedures.

The alien quickly wiped off his emotion and resumed his story.

“We were able to erase the memories from the minds of the people we abducted, but not from their sub-conscious. We still know that there are thousands of them in your planet, petrified by the sub-conscious memory of this procedure. We picked only those we thought special. Now we have nothing but shame. We have tried inserting devices into people that would examine how psychic they were capable of being. All we can say is that, that was the height of our desperation, and I have to say our race is still desperate. All our attempts to cross breed with you people became futile attempts. We are at present dangerously facing extinction.”

“Why couldn’t you cross breed with us?” I asked.

He answered through her, “We tried, many times. But our genetic sequence codes began to show errors because we were constantly subjected to the cloning procedure. In order to create a successful hybrid, mere extraction of the sperm, ova and other samples of your genetic sequences, were not sufficient. All the crossbreeds we created ended up as stillborn hybrids. We need a female host who would bear the child throughout the gestation period. And we need a psychic female in order to give birth to a hybrid with full telepathic capabilities. This is essential because, if the hybrid is born without psychic capabilities, we simply cannot communicate with it at all.”

Kirsten asked, “So you want me to bear your child?”

In shock I said, “What? That’s crazy. How could you possibly... and what about the risks?”

Kirsten waited for Sek-Ti to respond.

Sek-Ti answered through Kirsten: “There are no risks, we assure you. First, we would have to combine both our genetic codes. For that, we would have to modify our genetic material to suit your DNA. Using that, we’ll create an embryo and wait for it to grow. Then when it is ready, the embryo will be implanted into the human female mother. You, Kirsten, are one of the strongest Nordics left in this planet. We need you to bring back light to our darkened universe. Only a hybrid child born from a species as strong as you can save us from this fate.”

I told Kirsten, “I don’t know about this Kirsten. Must we decide now?”

Sek-Ti replied through her: “No, you can take your time. We’ll be in your planet for four weeks before we return home. As instructed by God, the Nordics who created the hidden message, recently spiritually contacted us from the past, and foretold that I was the chosen one who had to bring this message to you. They were the ones who contacted you as well.”

“Oh! Now I understand what that vision meant,” Kirsten said.

I said, “Hold on. But if you get this baby out of my wife, you get one Nordic hybrid. How are you going to multiply?”

Kirsten said, “He is saying, ‘For a while we would have to use the cloning procedure by rearranging & altering genomic DNA. When we have enough hybrids properly equipped with functioning digestive and reproductive organs, we can use sexual reproduction.’”

I asked the alien, “Why didn’t the Nordics disclose their whereabouts to you? Why do you need us for crossbreeding?”

“The Reptilians always despised the Nordics. After the Reptilians destroyed Erra, the Nordics were very secretive about their whereabouts. Even when they spiritually contacted us from the past and gave us this message, they didn’t tell us the location of their new planet. Because they knew that although we are free from the Reptilians, the message would reach us only after several million years from the time it was sent and hence, at present, the Nordics in the new planet might not identify us and might misunderstand us to be informants of the Reptilians from Quintumnia. The Nordics at present are cautious not to make contact with any of the Greys in order to keep the Reptilians away. That’s why we cannot contact them.”

I said, “It’ll take us some time to decide about this.”

Sek-Ti told me through her, “No matter what you decide, we have a gift for you.”

“What gift?” I asked.

“The gift that will complete your spacecraft design,” the alien said.

“The UFO design?” I asked.

“Yes. It has all been foretold. You were chosen because you would have discovered this technology in four more years if we hadn’t made this contact with you. But that would be too late. Your invention would be suppressed, and your life would be in threat because of a dangerous group of people who are trying to start another world war. Yes, your planet is about to face another world war. Nations will start fighting with each other using nuclear weapons, and in the end, a lot of people in your world will die, if it keeps going in this path.”

“Oh my god!” I said.

“But don’t worry; we have a strategy that will help save your planet. I’ll take you to the Giza pyramid where you will learn how to construct the antigravity spacecraft. I’ll also teach you how to turn the craft invisible. I, along with many others believe that, you James can save our entire species. The gift includes a free energy device that can produce and capture lightning energy. Using the craft, you must reach 25,000 ft above sea level, create a thunderstorm and make the water droplets and ice crystals collide to capture electricity from the lightning that is produced. Unless you make use of these gifts, Earth will suffer a horrible fate. We have seen this future of yours. We must change it. You will also be the one responsible for bringing an end to the tyranny of the Reptilians. Today is the day that we Greys call ‘the day of revival’. For you and us.”

I asked, “Why couldn’t you give this design earlier to us?”

He replied, “As I told you, we were always hesitant to make a direct contact with your planet, because of your Reptilian attitude. But anyway, while we were visiting your planet, one of our spacecrafts crashed on Earth’s soil about sixty five years ago. One of our pilots survived the crash, and he was held captive by your government. We used the craft’s tracking device to trace where the craft and our pilot was taken, and made a secret contact with your nation to rescue him. A psychic was appointed to communicate with us. The meeting didn’t go well. The people in your planet looked at us as criminals as they were very much aware of our abduction activities. They kept doubting us over and over again. They didn’t believe our planet’s history. And they wanted to get their hands on our technologies. We were hesitant to hand it over because a world war had just ended in your planet. But we were given a guarantee that it would be used strictly for peaceful purposes only. We have the habit of trusting people. So we gave them all our technologies with the hope that it would be shared with the world. And then, an unforeseen havoc broke loose. First, the information about our meeting with your planet reached your nation’s leader. He wanted to come forward and reach our technologies to the people. But a group of rich and powerful elites didn’t want that to happen. Hence they assassinated your leader before he could reveal anything.”

“You mean the assassination of President John Kennedy in 1963?” I asked.

“Yes. After him, no other leader in your nation had knowledge about our contact with your planet, and these elites covered up everything. The group behind the assassination, wanted to enjoy a financial monopoly over all the other nations. They hated the idea of global equality, because free energy would mean globalization, and a big population growth, and that would mean loss of power they exercise over other nations, which would ruin their plans for world domination. So they made sure that all the other nations progressed way underneath them, and they controlled the governance by bribing the officials. In order to keep the world under their control, they have suppressed several breakthrough inventors who were on the verge of discovering these technologies that could potentially solve all your financial problems. They didn’t want these inventions to reach the public knowledge, and before these inventors could come forward with their designs and complete their work, they silenced these inventors. They even faked a terrorist attack by attacking your nation’s trade centers eleven years back, to create a fake enmity against a major oil-producing nation, and they used that as an excuse to exercise further dominance and control over oil trade. They have monopolized oil trade to stall oil scarcity for as long as possible, and to keep the world dependent on oil. Before someone invents free energy, they want to destroy half the population as quickly as possible, so that the remaining few would be easier to govern. They have already started destroying the population by causing natural disasters, as they have now learned through us, how to control the weather. They have also started tricking other nations to fight wars amongst themselves, and soon a third world war will be declared, and most of the people in your planet will die. Then these elites will make your nation pretend to come to the rescue of the world, by making many nations as their allies, and they will acquire control and dominance over the world. Only when the population is reduced to a sizable few, will they disclose to the people the existence of free energy. Once the population is reduced to half, they plan to implant microchips on every human being, to keep them subdued by controlling their minds, and to prevent them from starting a rebellion against the new world order. No one would be able to buy or sell without this microchip. All this will happen if we do not do something immediately. For the past 40 years, we have been attempting to give you scientific clues through our crop circles, so that you discover these technologies, until the Nordics spiritually contacted us and gave us God’s message for you. Without this divine intervention, Earth will fall into the mercy of these elites. We know this because we have sent several unmanned robotic spacecrafts back and forth in time and recorded all of your world’s history and future, ever since your nation got hold of our technologies.”

“Oh my God... that is... insane... Well hold on. Did you say time travel? That could change your life. If you could time travel, why didn’t you destroy the Reptilians at the very beginning, before they erected the force field around their planet?” I asked.

“We didn’t because we know that God has a plan for the Reptilians, and we are not supposed to interfere with it. That’s the same reason why the Nordics also didn’t time travel and destroy the Reptilian planet. Everything good or bad that happens, happens for a reason. As far as we have understood the Reptilians, exerting violence against them will only trigger the emotion of vengeance in their minds. They should be taught a stinging lesson that changes them for the better, and then if possible, imparted with the wisdom of love. We are certain that God knows what is best for us, and he will never forsake us. Moreover, we don’t subject people to time travel and teleport them to an alternate reality unless it is an absolute necessity. We believe we can save our species even without time travelling.”

After listening to everything that the alien said, I took a deep breath. It took me time to understand the entire situation.

The alien said through Kirsten, “Now it’s time to show you the Nordics’ gift. We must leave now.”

I then walked with Kirsten and Sek-Ti to the grassland, which was right adjacent to our house, where Sek-Ti’s spacecraft was stationed. The craft was invisible initially, and when we came close, it appeared suddenly in front of us. It was about 25 meters long and 20 meters high. It was ellipsoidal in shape. Sek-Ti guided us into the craft through a retractable air stair, which came out from inside the craft. The spacecraft was the greatest technological creation I had ever seen. The first thing I noticed was that the walls of the craft were completely invisible from inside. There were five pilots for maneuvering the craft in different directions. Then the alien took us to the Giza pyramid. Within seconds, we were there. The craft hovered next to a side of the pyramid, still invisible. It was noontime in Egypt, and I wondered how we were going to get past all the guards and security cameras. Before I could ask Sek-Ti about this, he entered some commands on the craft’s control panel, and suddenly, a transparent oval portal appeared on the wall of the pyramid, and the invisible craft entered through it.

Kirsten said, “Sek-Ti is telling me that that is a secret gateway to the pyramid.”

The portal took us inside the pyramid through a passageway. The insides of the pyramid were dark, and a pilot immediately switched on the craft’s lights when we entered in. The craft landed at a spot, and we got out. There was a descending passageway, and Sek-Ti guided us through it. He was holding Kirsten’s hand, and I could see that he was telling her something telepathically.

I asked Kirsten, “What is he saying?”

“He says, ‘You, James, have nearly discovered the design, and it rightfully belongs to you. You must claim ownership of these designs and make sure it is given to all the nations in your planet. You will be able to share these designs via your global cyber network only with the help of all your friends and well-wishers, because these elites can easily trace a single online user going against their plans. We have confidence in handing over this gift now because your planet has reached the digital age, and information cannot be concealed that easily. Once you go public, there will be no threat to your life. Once you have the lightning’s energy, your global economy will swiftly develop, and consequently, your planet will be saved from the immediate threat of war, because these elites will have no reason to monopolize oil trade any further, and no way to dominate the world. To prevent these elites from initiating wars in the future, the Nordics have provided an economic plan, which should be implemented with cautious care. We cannot hand over this gift directly to your government because these powerful elites, who have corrupted every institution, will cover-up the existence of such technologies. So the only way to prevent this is to reach these technologies to the knowledge of the common man. God has commanded that your planet is ready for this gift now. The Nordics withheld these technologies until now because they were waiting for the right timing. And the right time is now. Once you reach these gifts to the public, no nation in your planet can control any other nation. The gift must also be shared with all the alien civilizations. Earth was chosen for this task because you have a unique quality that none of the other extraterrestrials possess. You have the Reptilians’ authoritative attitude by nature. That will make you the most powerful planet in the universe and will aid you to direct the other planets to make use of this gift for universal peace. We also believe that a friendship between the Greys and you humans must exist. This is essential to change both our destinies. We have the technology to save you, and you have the Reptilian attitude, which makes you the best civilization that can understand and handle the Reptilians. That’s why God destined us Greys to seek for your help instead of letting the Nordics directly contact you.’”

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