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Part I

The Dyson Stargate

Chapter 1

The Black Hole Discovery

The shuttle crew astronauts entered a laboratory in their Mars base in their spacesuits, entering its vacuum, and they stood staggered with their mouths wide open, wondering what the hell was going on, as they observed a pulsating black hole, inside a chamber, surrounded by heavy equipment.

Commander Cronenberg was the first to spot the equipment was creating a powerful magnetic field, concentrated in the chamber, holding the black hole firmly in place, as it attempted to escape and expand, but only gave occasional swift surges and spins, and he listened to the leading scientists carrying out a series of experiments.

The magnetic fields they had originally been using had not been powerful enough to contain explosions and the discovery of the alien energy sphere had altered their research, and their research on it had come up with new findings, and new technology to create and manipulate magnetic fields, and they had found ways to create black hole particles, in high explosion particle accelerators.

They had been able to slow the particle size black holes disappearances with new more powerful and concentrated magnetic fields, to study, and had been able to alter and increase the magnetic fields to freeze them, keeping the miniature rips in space and time in existence, and they had found ways to create vast amounts of them, combining them, creating one large black hole, which they slowly increased in size to its current state.

Ever since their shuttle had crashed on Mars incredible discoveries had been emerging all around him!

When they had been drawn into the alien energy sphere blackness had engulfed Cronenberg and the five shuttle crew members as they had hurtled out the universe, into an abyss, and they had been found lying on the ramp going up to the energy sphere screen, and none of them had properly recalled what had happened later and why they had awakened there!

Back at the base the scientists had continued to question them, and had not let it go, as they were determined to get answers, as their attempts to communicate with the alien energy sphere now failed and they were unable to send anything into it.

They were getting desperate for answers, and other scientists were getting more and more desperate to get them from them, and they had done everything they could to bring their memories back.

It was incredible, and it was incredible that they had been carrying out experiments in the secret laboratory they were now at, which he had not heard anything about, from anywhere before, and he realized just how secretive the place was, and that they had not even allowed it to be built on the Earth, as it would have been found out by someone at some point!

They had been trying to create black holes and keep them in existence but had constantly been failing, and they had even used powerful particle accelerators and powerful explosions, and he believed that they had made holes in space and time but they had been unable to keep the gateways open.

The abnormal antics of the scientists there captivated him mystifying him with the depth of their nervousness, and fear of something! They repetitively studied everything, with alarm preparing themselves for some unknown event!

What were they going to do? Had something else been discovered, with their new experiments?

Suddenly a swift flash of light exploded out and a flickering beam blasted into the black hole’s sphere silencing everyone. It vanished into its depths and they monitored it with equipment, and checked results.

The black hole, trapped in the middle of its chamber, was spinning swiftly, and he wondered again why there was a vacuum there, and they all had to wear spacesuits, and he recalled it was because the chamber and black hole were not covered by anything as the black hole would have sucked the atmosphere out the room.

Scientists wheeled out a large object, with the shape of a rocket, and he followed them and the five astronauts to a white line on the floor, marking the closest region they could approach the black hole, and they watched how powerful it was there, and with its powerful vibrations blasting through the floor.

One of the astronauts decisively asked the leading scientist there what it was and he turned and examined them, and gasped!

“A black hole probe!” he swiftly replied. “We are going to send it into its confines, and it is designed to return out its confines and give us accurate data of what’s there – and we’ll perhaps be able to use it to examine the outer universe, and what’s there!”

Cronenberg was surprised that they could send something into it, as it looked so dangerous and powerful, and he was sure that it could destroy anything in its confines.

A cable was also attached to the end of the probe, to help receive information and pull it out if it never emerged outwards itself, and he watched its forces pulling it into it, and they used equipment to shift it accurately into the black hole, and it motionlessly hovered over the floor.

The probe resembled some form of highly advanced black missile, and he examined it for damage, and for any signs of the powerful forces acting upon it as it approached the black hole.

With a loud blast, the probe launched and shot straight into its central region and vanished, and approximately a minute later it reappeared, after the completion of its mission, with it having traveled out the universe, and he watched scientists celebrating their success, and they rushed to their equipment to start their long research of what it found.

Cronenberg gasped at all the technology they were using and realized that they might be able to detect a hidden universe about them – and outer dimensions.

Its lethal appearance was now astonishing, and resembled a large black bubble of pure energy of unknown origins, buzzing wildly and dangerously, ready to discharge.

While they stood waiting for the completion of the mission, and any findings, he sensed something peculiar about the black hole and he kept his eyes there, and he listened to the five astronauts and scientists further out, with their captivating facts, through his spacesuit communicator.

He recalled things about black holes and one old theory that space was full of black holes from events like the big bang!

Suddenly he realized what was different about the black hole and that the vibrations from it, going through the floor, had altered, and he saw that the black hole now had a strange look, as though it was doing something, and he knew that something must be happening to it for the reaction to occur, and its shape started visibly vibrating, as if affected by a powerful pressure.

While he carefully listened and searched everything everywhere he noticed the other astronauts noticing it, and determinedly checking it, and he tried to detect what was happening first.

At the side of his spacesuit faceplate, while he watched and listened to them, he glimpsed its hideous black shadow expand across the floor, and horrific shape coming towards them, bursting out of its magnetic field, and he stood frigid as it exploded out, and in an instant they and the black hole vanished from the laboratory, and his last memory was of the laboratory erupting into a frenzy of activity as he hurtled into blackness, and them shooting through something, as if the entire universe shot by.

Chapter 2

The Extraterrestrial Force

Blackness engulfed them as they hurtled out the universe, through an abyss, and stars and galaxies shot by!

Startled last cries and conversations from them and the scientists swirled through Cronenberg’s mind, and tormented him!

Had what had happened actually happened, and where were they hurtling to? He had never seen and sensed so many stars and celestial objects, and emptiness in dark regions they entered, and so many stars glowing so brightly, and for the first time in his life he realized the vast depths the universe had.

Why had they not just left in the shuttle on another mission? Why did they have to have stayed and watched the scientists activate the black hole?

At times he felt something there! Something none human! A form of intelligence, far different from any form of intelligence he had ever encountered, and even of the alien artifact energy sphere, when he had discovered it in the cavity in the Martian hill.

It was as though it was trying to become part of them, but he could not detect it doing anything!

He had even unsuccessfully tried to find out information about the diamonds he had been looking for on Mars, and his treasure map, and the diamond he had found above the alien artifact energy sphere in the hill, directly over it, and what it was doing there!

He was now sure it did something, but he could not grasp what, and tried to examine it as a vast star constellation exploded across his spacesuit faceplate, dazzling him with brilliance and dangers.

For a brief moment he had sensed that there might be diamonds somewhere else on Mars, and that their long search for them could be fulfilled, and as they were blasted through the cosmos he watched the greatest ever wonders float by and he thought through what had occurred, and his group of astronauts, and shuttle he was the commander of, and them mapping the surface of Mars, advancing and testing their new 22nd century advanced technology, and their arrival at the unexplored Martian Antarctica when something powerful and strange had been detected there.

They had crashed at the Antarctica, after the encounter with an unidentified force, which they traced to the energy sphere and the alien artifact under it, and they had been left marooned!

From the start they knew something was buried away on Mars, but he had originally believed someone had built something there of colossal power, with powers beyond anything else they had ever encountered.

When rescued, and they arrived back at their Martian base, they checked out dead astronauts, which they found the bodies of, with a map, and checked why they were there, and discovered hundreds of declassified military and security service material buried away in an old library, where they answered some of their unanswered questions, and he found out about their search for diamonds there, discovered by a scientist searching for diamonds with a new highly advanced satellite, and they had returned there to look for them and he had discovered the alien energy sphere and artifact, and later a form of diamond on the hill over it.

It was something with tremendous powers, as ancient as the universe, and he had felt it had been waiting on their arrival on Mars since the beginning of the universe.

He tried to compare it with what he detected was there, and knew they were different and could not be connected.

At times he thought it was only a faint consciousness, which he could not understand, which never even seemed to check what they were or anything, and he still could not fully grasp what it was or anything, and he continued to study what was there, with interest, and he detected something else existed, which was not there, and he detected great danger there.

Explosions of radiance of powerful stars exploded about them stunning him, and they slightly spun, and a colossal whirlpool of lines magically formed around them, and he studied it for a long time and realized he had no proper bodily presence.

He seemed to vanish out of existence and was startled and saw that he was accelerating through a form of tunnel through something at hyper speed, and realized that streaks of light shooting passed him were powerful outer suns further out, blasting their radiance through its shield!

He fell through a gateway where there were stars everywhere, and he could not guess what the place was, and he realized that they were now moving outside the transportation field and he wondered if they could get trapped there, with decreasing oxygen supplies in their spacesuits.

Chapter 3

The Lost World in the Stars

A spectacular world stretched out below, where they reentered the universe, in an explosion of streaking lights, and the astronauts stood staggered, at the world, at what they had encountered, and them being so close to death and emerging so near the edge of a gigantic cliff face, going straight down to the ground.

For a few seconds Cronenberg clung to part of a large boulder behind him as they fully realized the rock under them was not as firm as they had thought, and what they had landed on the top of, and that it was a flat top of a massive rock pinnacle, towering over a mind-bending world, surrounded by a sky that would have startled any life form in the universe with its stars and phenomena, covering everywhere he looked, blasting their large shapes of radiance through the light blue sky.

He glared out with the others, looking everywhere, gasping at what they were on, and staring over the edge, at the depth of it, stretching down to what must be miles below, and he realized the extraordinary low gravity of the world, which allowed it to exist.

He was sure the world was a young one and that the pole shaped tower might have fallen down a long time ago if it had been the age of the Earth or Mars.

They soon started searching the top of the pinnacle looking for anything, and why they were there, and they found little, and they all walked separately about it searching everything they could, baffled by the lack of anything.

It was Rosenberg that noticed boulders with cut stone and showed them there could be actually an artificial structure below!

Most of them liked archeology, and the thought of searching ancient structures on alien worlds, and exploring new finds, and what past races would have been like.

The world below now looked like it had been frozen in time, as the sun was going into the horizon, and it was a fantastic surreal prehistoric times type world, and it conjured up great visions of the original primitive Earth, with its untouched environment.

The structure below was fascinating to him and Orwell as for the most of their lives they had wondered what aliens and their civilizations were like and buried away below them there was an ancient alien structure they could investigate, and he had fantasies of them finding something valuable that he could use if he ever returned to the Earth.

The place was fascinating, with rugged golden mountains and hills and shades of the starlight beaming everywhere, creating immense beams of colored lights streaking everywhere, and he tried to see if there were signs of life in the darkening landscape.

The giant pinnacle was tremendous, and he kept thinking that no sane alien could have built anything on it! Anything staying in it must have been mad or determined to avoid something immensely deadly on the world below!

It was also beyond comprehension how it could have stayed up and not crashed down below long ago, and he gasped at how they must have built it.

It looked dangerous and incapable of supporting itself, and looked impossible to climb. There were no paths visible that could have been used to climb it. It was so high up that he was sure that they would not be able to breathe properly when the atmosphere altered, and that they would have to put on their spacesuit helmets, and he made sure all their spacesuits were full of air, and that they filled their oxygen tanks from the atmosphere.

It was strange being surrounded by air, as they had been on Mars with their spacesuit helmets on outdoors for so long it felt like a like mistake being out in the open without their helmets on, and he watched how the men reacted, and some surely missed being on the Earth.

While he rested against the flat edge of a massive boulder next to Orwell and Rosenberg he examined the boulder in the vanishing sunlight and saw it was actually a meteorite and he realized the dangers of a world with so many stars, and being located in such a place, which he was sure was near the central part of a galaxy, and he examined the stone and debris on the ground like an archeologists, sifting through it, looking for anything of interest, and anything artificial, and he examined the sky in places that he had not examined before, and wondered what existed there and what other strange worlds there were to explore, and he started to realize he and the others were starting to like it there, and if they returned to the Earth that he would miss it, and the stars would never be the same again, and they would be empty.

In the distance he spotted an incredible immense meteorite crater with a strange mist cloud hovering over it, only filling its dent in the surface of the world, fitting itself into its shape.

The atmosphere grew slightly thinner as it grew darker and he watched their faces alter and their breathing grow heavier.

When the night emerged, and the blue sky covering the stars vanished, they all stood staggered, examining stars covering the whole sky everywhere with their eyes wide open, from the immensity and colossal dangers facing them, and in the end they sat back in their spacesuits staring up at the incredible sky and stars everywhere, which would have had every astronomer on the Earth going crazy examining and documenting for the rest of their lives, and he wondered what the hell the most highly advanced telescopes back on the Earth would show existed in its depths, and what all the undiscovered things would be, and how it would alter the way they thought of the universe!

The sky was truly unbelievable and he spotted one of the astronauts in the distance now standing filming a section of the sky, and their eyes went on the region trying to see what he was filming, and Cronenberg spotted it, and it was tremendous, and worth being there for, and it had to be the biggest galaxy he had ever seen, and he was astonished that he could see it with his eyes.

Suddenly he heard someone shouting in the distance from a hidden area, and they recognized it was Stanley, the main shuttle pilot, calling them over to him, to what he had discovered, and they all leapt onto their feet and rushed over to him, wondering what it was, and what else could be so fascinating.

They approached him at the same time, with their mouths open, seeing all the stars blazing out everywhere around them, and some racing across the sky, and lights shifting about everywhere, and occasionally making them shudder at the power and immensity of them, and the dangers there were there.

Stanley was bent over something, buried away in darkness, and Cronenberg spotted what looked like a boulder lifted up and saw there was a massive gap going downwards where it was, and they saw what looked like a form of steps going downwards.

He did not know whether he was happy with the find and wondered if they intended to go down into it, and if he should stop them going down into at night, as the dangers of the place looked immense, and as he watched on he actually saw a large planet visibly going into a nearby large sun.

Before he said anything Orwell rushed forward, and announced, “I’m going down! Who’s going?”

Straightaway he knew he would have to go too, and yet he wanted to go down, but he was unsure if they should go at night, but he did not have any evidence that there was anything there, but it was an extraterrestrial world, far out of their region of space, and they had not even visited any other solar systems or anything like there, and they had no idea what could exist there, and if they returned to the Earth they might never get the chance again!

Chapter 4

The Alien Structure

It was spectacular, as the world rotated around its stars grew in immensity, as the central region of the galaxy went directly overhead, everywhere, glowing brighter, glowing all around them, blinding them in regions.

They stood at the edge of the entrance going downwards, still contemplating the dangers, and it was like standing on the top of the world, as though the world below were stretching away out into infinity all around their sides, and he wondered what kind of aliens had lived in such a place, and he realized that he might soon find out!

Nothing yet had properly showed what their civilization and technology was like, and he wondered if it was the remains of the last civilization there, and he wondered if something there had destroyed their civilization, and he gasped at the height they were above the landscape of the world as he spotted the sheer drop of the pinnacle in the dark, going off into the distance below.

The long day made them slow and sleepy and they slowly prepared themselves to enter the structure below, on their first search of an alien civilization.

A gray shade appeared at his side on the horizon and he studied it and realized that it was a large moon appearing from below the horizon, and he consistently checked the differences in it to Mars and other worlds he had seen in the solar system, and he watched in awe as a massive asteroid blazed across the sky in front of them in slow motion, and they stopped what they were doing and listened to it in the distance and watched the massive blazing ball of flames intensely light everything up about them and finally blast into a distant hill with such force it exploded apart, and a cloud of smoke go up.

Its shockwave blasted out with such force its blast went straight across the world, as they heard its distant blast, and eventually the shudder hit the pinnacle violently, and making them gasp and fall over, shaking the stones around, giving them thoughts of the whole pinnacle collapsing down, and Cronenberg finally realized that it had to be firm as it would have fallen a long time ago, especially with deep impact craters nearby.

Eventually everything calmed down and he stamped on the surface to check its safety again, and wondered what form of structure was below, and what thickness its roof was, and he decided to enter it first, before Orwell, and he eagerly explored a ramp of stone descending below, and marched down into its darkness searching the ground, and dirt there, and testing its safety and if it could withstand his weight, and as he descended further he turned his spacesuit light on, and watched Orwell and the others follow him down, into its hideous depths, wondering why they had not just left it until the morning.

They were all forms of scientists as well as astronauts, and explorers, and had been on Mars to see space and another world, and now they were living out their dreams of exploring an authentic alien world, and a highly advanced civilization, and they examined everything about them and checked the descending tunnel and how the rock had been cut, and how perfect it was, and he brushed his glove over it feeling its smoothness, and knew something had powerfully cut the hole straight into the rock.

Orwell observed the peculiar shape of the structure, and the tunnel not being perfectly square but with other shapes, and considered if had been designed for looks or there was another reason for it and noticed there were signs that something a long time ago had been there and had left vague prints buried under deep dust on the ground, and he marched downwards.

It was strange, as none of them thought anything had been there and yet they were prepared for an encounter with something else below and he wondered if it had been the energy sphere and alien artifact in the hill, what they encountered in the gateway, or was it the strangeness of the place and why they had been put there, as it was like they were put there for a reason and he sensed there was something.

After they had checked an area of rock, which looked different from any natural rock that they had seen, they marched on, and jerked when a heavy thud shook the whole pinnacle around, from another deep meteorite impact, and he continued at a slow pace considering how the thing had managed to stay up in such a place, and he recalled the meteorites on its above structure and wondered what it would be like living on such a place, and how many deaths and injuries people would have.

After a few more minutes he realized their enthusiasm had increased in discovering what was there, and it was now as though it was an ultimate treasure, and some form of treasure they were going to find, which was buried away there.

What was strange was that he had watched things moving over the surface of the stone, and had just dismissed them as insects, but he realized that they were not just insects but were alien insects on an alien world and he suddenly stopped and examined a few with Orwell, and they stood speechless, as the insects there were unknown to them, with characteristics that they had not seen anywhere. A yellow piece of flying gel hung in the air by some means they could recognize, hanging in the air, even after many close examinations they could not pinpoint how it remained in the air, and he believed it had thousands of miniature wings or something similar that allowed it to hover and propel it forward that could not be seen by them.

A distant wind occasionally howled strangely around through the top of the tunnel behind them, as it was caught by gusts.

Eventually the stone tunnel finished and they entered an artificial structure and they examined it trying to find what it was made of and found it was too hard to even scrape a sample off, and were unable to realize what it was.

The inside of the structure was incredible and it at first looked like they were encountering something from Earths early past, and the inside of some form of ancient pyramid and an earlier version of what the aliens had, but its look altered the further in they went and he realized that it was far more advanced, even though they had not come across any of their technology and only forms of advanced corridors and forms of rooms, and yet they had not seen anything of the aliens themselves and what they had.

For a swift instant he felt a strange feeling that something had detected them there from some further in region, where he was sure there was some highly advanced structure and technology, and he was amazed that Orwell and the others behind him had also picked it up, and were reacting simultaneously with him, and he even saw them discussing it and something, and he wondered what the hell it was, and if they should have turned back earlier, and he wondered how they could profit from such an encounter, and he spotted Orwell holding a weapon, from his spacesuit.

Chapter 5

The Astronaut

As they entered a large chamber Cronenberg felt shudders and deep vibrations going through the floor and walls and his eyes fell upon a large sphere object spinning with tremendous force, trapped in a form of cage, clearly using tremendous forces to keep it there, and they got to a point near it, staggered at the dangers it had, and watched the power of it, like it could destroy anything put against it, and he watched the other astronauts and started to notice their reactions to the dangers and that they were going to keep away from it, and it looked as if it had recently altered in some way, and he wondered if it had been there the amount of time he thought it had been, and where it was getting its power from, and considered if it was a new source of immense power and what it would be worth!

Gusts of wind occasionally howled about in the chamber in front of them, as air was caught by its forces, and he kept wondering if it created power, which was used by its creators as a power source, and he considered if it could be the reason it was there, and that it was so dangerous it was put there on top of the pinnacle, and had connections going below.

Yet he could sense it was more, and that they could have been put there for a reason!

The antics of the astronauts captivated him more and more mystifying him with the depth of their unsaid thoughts! Orwell wondered around the chamber examining everything he found, repetitively looking for controls to it or something else, and he realized he might be intending to do something, at some point!

Suddenly, the reactions of the sphere altered, and he sensed something had happened and he felt a shiver run through him as he felt massive shudders of energy blasting through it, and he turned and realized that Orwell had activated something, and he slowly backed away from it, as it looked more and more deadly and pulsated with violent energy surges, and looked and sounded on the brink of something, or exploding!

None of them spoke and he considered what it really was and how it was formed and he believed that they should start leaving the chamber, but he never knew what direction to go in. Should they go back up to the top of the pinnacle or continue going down, and maybe get trapped below if there was an explosion.

He saw how big it really was, as it expanded out. Its size was huge and like a massive ball of different energies.

Suddenly Rosenberg called out, “What’s that?”

Cronenberg spotted what looked like the shape of something inside it, as though a life form was there, and after a long time of carefully examinations he realized he and the others were unable to properly see it and identify it.

It looked powerful and deadly! It also looked like some form of freak of nature!

He offered the others to give vague explanations, even if fantasies, and they occasionally gave detailed explanations of what could be occurring and Stanley finally explained that particle accelerators experiments on the Earth had now had forces that were able to accelerate particles to velocities beyond anything before, but he was unable to connect the occurrences, and Orwell finally claimed it could be a form of time warp, and could have forces like intense magnetic fields holding it.

Cronenberg realized that they never had anything like it, unless it was kept secret, and he compared it to the energy sphere and the artifact back on Mars.

At one point the thing looked entirely deadly and was pulsating with energy blasts, which looked and sounded on the brink of doing something.

At times they spotted it looked like it turned vaguely translucent and they saw the shape of something inside it, and after along time of carefully examinations and discussions they believed they saw a life form inside it, in some suspended state, in some form of rest, and they stood confused, wondering if they could be on the brink of making a proper first contact situation.

It looked powerful, and deadly! But he could recognize what it was or what it could do, and kept glaring at it trying to get a clue.

At one point Stanley moaned loudly, What are we doing here? If this thing is as dangerous as it looks …

His reply surprised him, and he wondered what their reply would be to it, and he allowed them to reply.

It could be of great value to us!” Orwell replied, firmly. “We were surely put on this pinnacle for a reason … And this is all there is here! It has fascinating properties, and I believe it is not as dangerous as it seems! There would be signs of something having happened before if it had …

Cronenberg just agreed with him, and examined it in a glance, and replied, We have been investigating it with everything we have …!

“The artifact may exist in other dimensions? Mitchell, the shuttle flight engineer, replied, surprising Orwell, and Cronenberg recalled recent stuff about investigations into other dimensions on the Earth, and he tried to recall what the outcome had been, and realized it had mainly been theories about things.

They all sat down and rested against an area of the chamber wall, at a more distant position, and they started trying to get some rest and sleep, and when Cronenberg finally fell asleep he was soon awakened by Rosenberg giving a loud gasp, making him swiftly awake, and he looked into the sphere and saw a man standing near the center of the sphere and he also gave a loud gasp himself, and he kept trying to see properly what was there, and he finally went silent, and was sure it was a humanoid alien.

The being was in a central denser region, and the whole sphere was turning brighter and louder, and it started shaking everything about them, and it even started knocking them furiously about, and they fell over, and while he was considering evacuating the chamber a sudden shockwave blasted out from it and through the whole structure, throwing them over dangerously, and he heard a distant rumble of rocks falling off the outside pinnacle.

Suddenly everything turned silent and the bright light vanished, and they started to recover, and check the damage, and he noticed Orwell dramatically talking to Mitchell and Cronenberg checked where they were looking and realized that the energy bubble had returned to normal and that a being had appeared from inside it and was standing in front of them, wearing a human spacesuit, and he immediately recognized it, to his horror, and it was the astronaut that he had seen on Mars, which had chased him into the cavity in the hill with a gun, where he had found the alien energy sphere and alien artifact.

Chapter 6


One of the biggest surprises, after seeing the astronaut emerging, had been when the astronaut removed the spacesuit faceplate, and revealed his true identity, and Cronenberg had been staggered and stumped, as the astronaut was Anders, one of the two astronauts who had crashed and died on Mars, trying to get the diamonds!

He had seen Anders’s skeleton, lying on Mars, staring up at the stars, and when he had seen him standing in front of him he had been totally staggered and had just stood staring, and Orwell had been baffled, and Rosenberg had been dumbfound too, as he had only seen Anders’s skeleton!

For a few minutes they actually stood considering the unthinkable and that they were standing in front of a ghost!

How had he managed to appear in the places he had seen him as an astronaut in a spacesuit, and why was he the same age as he had been, and he would have been dead a long time ago, going by what year he had crashed in.

Anders finally examined them confused, and examined everything about him surprised, and finally asked them what he was doing there, and they just stood staring at him dumbfound, and considering all the possible explanations.

The whole affair seemed to be building up to it – with their space shuttle being brought down by a mysterious force, the discovery of Anders in the crashed space vehicle, right next to where they had crashed, the astronaut that had been haunting him, and the discovery of the alien energy sphere, and the eventual discovery of the alien artifact buried below, under the ground below the hill, the explosion of the whole hill, and their trip through the universe, and being found below it not knowing how they got there, and the mysterious discovery of the laboratory black hole and it exploding out and taking them there.

They were positive the black hole had connected to someone’s gateway, and that they were deliberately taken to the incredible world, and now they had found Anders there, alive and in the same state as he had been on Mars.

The place startled Anders and he had never seen anything like it, and he could recall nothing other than what he was sure was him dieing on Mars, watching the Earth in the sky, and he recalled encountered something alien and it taking him away, and he had no recollection of meeting Cronenberg or shooting at him.

Cronenberg watched him in partial horror and amazement! Astonished that he was alive! Something he had not even thought of! He had thought of him and his map many times over since finding his skeleton, and especially when he had been in the Mars base library, investigating him and where the diamonds were, and he could only watch him, examining him.

He looked slightly different, from his skeleton and photos, but he knew it was him, and he wondered if Anders could help him!

He noticed Rosenberg could hardly believe it was him and kept examining him and trying to fit things together, to explain something he could not grasp, and it surprised Anders that the scientist with him, who had found the diamonds with the satellite, was not there, and Cronenberg realized that he looked more disappointed in that fact than anything else.

Cronenberg could not grasp what had taken him away on Mars, as his descriptions of it were fascinating, and he realized it had to have been the force that had landed them and he had encountered within the energy sphere, and he realized that they had not fully contacted it, and that it could have two identities, as it had to have put Anders on Mars as a form of ghost as the astronaut with the gun, which had shot at him and nearly killed him.

He was unsure how dangerous it was, as it had done many dangerous things to them.

Anders started believing that he had been transported there through a vortex and had religious beliefs of what had occurred, to their surprise! He surely had thought he had gone into his own place in the afterlife but was unsure where the hell he was, in heaven or hell, and they watched him praying to be saved.

Yet after what they had been through there, and all that had happened everywhere, some of the crew even looked like copying him, but he thought better of it.

One of the problems that faced them now was there was hardly any food, and the stuff they had was running out, which was mainly emergency rations in special pockets in their spacesuits, and they were tired and had not slept properly!

So after they had all slept they carried out a great deal of examinations of the structure they were in, but found little, and seemed mainly to be some sort of base, and they investigated the sphere of energy as far as they could, but still found little!

None of them could explain much, as it never even fitted into any of their fantasies! They were more confused than he had ever been, as he no longer just ignored all the mysteries and he just could not explain things, with anything that he could now accept, and why they had gone through the vortex and black hole in the laboratory, which was an incredible piece of luck, and Anders did not explain anything for them either!

His secretive questioning of Anders about the map, when the others were away searching under the structure, gave little other than the fact he had believed the diamonds had been there, and had partially suspected they were elsewhere when the scientist with him kept suggesting it, which he was unsure of, but he was sure that he had been hiding things and that he had not been fully positive that they existed, and had been confused about many things! He must have been the only person in the history to have such an occurrence occur to him and find himself in such a place and have no way to return to the world after such a long time!

Anders never recognized anything there and kept wondering where the structure was, and why they all acted strangely to the outside world, and why they kept talking of the lower world, and he even surprised them by claiming he had been put there to start over again and repent, in another attempt at entering an afterlife.

Anders spent most of his time studying everything that he met with in fascination, and they confused him by their reactions and that they might be going to encounter aliens visiting there.

Their investigations of finding a way down to the ground and world below were useless, and they were convinced that they had used another means to get there and they tried finding it, but it proved useless, and they only had the energy sphere, where Anders had appeared from, and most of them believed something was there, and had put them there for a reason.

Chapter 7

The Exit

Golden radiances of the morning beamed straight across the top of the pinnacle, and created an immense shadow of the pinnacle’s shape stretch across the landscape below for many miles, pointing to the opposite horizon, where the nighttime darkness vanished.

The top of the pinnacle was the same except a sphere of blackness was floating in midair over the central region, which had just been found there by them, and all the shuttle crew and Anders were there, and Anders was the most curious, and strolled around it examining its shape, confused, and was staggered at the outside world he had not seen, and regularly stood with his mouth wide open watching stars of colossal size doing strange things.

The sphere had clearly recently appeared there and nobody there could account for it being there, and Rosenberg, who had found it, had thought the sphere had some form of intelligence, which they still had not proven to be not, or anything.

Cronenberg watched Anders, still amazed at him, and with horrific thoughts, realizing what was there could pull virtually anything out on them, and he was amazed that there definitely were diamonds on Mars, and Anders had confirmed it, and the diamond or crystal he had was not it, and he was now sure that the scientist, with Anders, had been going to check it, and he wondered again why Anders had been put below in the structure, and thought over what Anders had said about it.

They never knew where they were but at least they had Anders, and lots of information he had about the scientist’s discovery of them, and he wondered if they could return.

Looking at the top of the pinnacle it was clear that something had flattened it with its incredible weight, and he could not grasp if it was deliberately created or something had happened there!

Had something of immense weight, like a large solid meteorite, smashed into it?

Their search of the structure below was useless, and the sphere there did little, and they were unable to activate it again, and he was sure there were actually objects inside the pinnacle keeping the pinnacle up and stopping it falling.

Had something smashed a region off the top of the pinnacle away and had whatever was there held the rest of the tower and structure from being damaged and smashed away.

The hideous condition of the world below was now even more obvious and astounding, and had been subjected to incredible damage. He even liked being on the tower and finding its wonders, and he knew they would even miss being there, if they escaped from there, and he wondered if there was a way to create a gateway there – and some day sell holidays to there, to see the amazing world!

They were all now positive the sphere there was not from there and had appeared there for a reason, and they waited for something to happen, and when it did it surprised them with its swiftness and unexpectedness and he glided away, with the others, out of the universe, and they shot through blackness, as they left the universe, and stars shot by in streaks as they blasted through the gateway, voyaging away.

Chapter 8

The Circle of Mirrors

All the Astronauts gasped, when they came to, lying across the ground, looking around them, and at a circle of mirrors surrounding them.

Cronenberg leapt onto his feet first, staggered at missing what had happened, trying to recall losing consciousness, and he joined some of the others, and cleaned dust away from his spacesuit faceplate, and examined what the circular region they were in, and the mirrors evenly going around its radius, and he saw the circular ground was made of some strange alien material, and covered over in dust, and it seemed to connect the mirrors.

He examined what the strange mirrors were, from the central region, watching them go around him in a perfect circle, and felt like he was being watched, and not just from through the mirrors themselves, which he sensed and knew were far more, and he eventually moved behind the mirrors and saw that the mirrors were not visible there, and there was nothing there, and he stood considering what they were, as the entire circle was like some highly advanced device, and he even considered if magic existed and that they were magical.

Further out from the circle of mirrors he realized it was another pinnacle, and walked around its edge, and it was identical to the last one, but the colossal pinnacle was on top of a colossal mountain, and there was no way to get down, and they were trapped again.

The surrounding world and sky was also staggering and Cronenberg stood with his mouth open staring at a vast world like Saturn, with massive rings, stretching into the atmosphere of the world they were on, and the Saturn world dangerously covered most of the southern horizon and its rings went across the eastern and western horizons.

The world was either doomed to destruction or had some phenomenon holding the worlds apart!

The astronauts lifted their faceplates when they realized there was air there and Cronenberg gasped at the smell of peculiar gases, and some of the astronauts filmed the world with their spacesuit cameras, and examined the strange mirrors up close, and walked through them from behind, proving they were not there from behind, and at a close distance from the front saw they were not mirrors but something else reflecting light.

The sun of the world was the only normal thing there, except the world’s orbit of it was far faster, and it was racing into the horizon, and the sky was swiftly turning darker!

As the night sky emerged, and blue sky vanished, they watched large meteorites blasting out of space everywhere in the distance, in the southern horizon, scattering beams of bright light, and he saw that it was in fact the merging of two solar systems, being pulled together, and the world’s solar system had been damaged by it, and one of its major planets, the Saturn world, was being pulled into it, and on one of the horizons he discovered the cause, and that they were at the center of a galaxy and were being pulled into a black hole, and he started spotting more and more of the destruction it had done, and he saw the whole sky full of debris from destroyed worlds and suns.

Chapter 9

The Haunted World

At night the mirrors of the circle of mirrors altered into different and altering views of clusters of gateways, going back into them in lines into what looked like infinity.

In the end they chose to enter one, which left them staggered, as they walked through and shot through an infinity of gateways, going back in lines everywhere, and they were all entirely different, and they had never seen anything like it.

They entered one with more and shot into a colossal dome, the size of a solar system, full of gateways everywhere, with views of incredible places and things, and they were able to randomly choose the most interesting.

Once they emerged into it they immediately became trapped there, in a dark strange wood, with altered trees, freezing in deep snow, where they spotted strange dark figures hiding behind trees, examining them, while mysterious lights startled them, and they heard them occasionally violently smash things about them, but they had weapons in their spacesuits.

What staggered Cronenberg the most was that they never knew how to return, and as they rushed away, they held their belief that they would be saved once again and that there would be an eventual conclusion, but the snow grew thick and shrouded everything everywhere, creating a mind-bending landscape, while a massive moon swiftly emerged above, swiftly orbiting the world, and they soon became too exhausted to recognize anything.

It was shocking how lost they were, but the moonshine showed them the strange mind-bending landscape ahead!

The sounds of the life forms and other strange things hidden away there became dangerous and astonishing, and at times they came screaming out of the dark endless alien wood, and also through what sounded like shafts in the ground somewhere, and with a dangerous fury that stunned Cronenberg, and no matter how much they tried their thoughts never seemed to properly achieve stable recognitions.

For some reason he began to believe there were supernatural regions in the universe, and that they had entered one version, and he was surprised that the others in the shuttle crew mentioned it openly, as if they knew he had known it, and he tried to grasp what the place and places were for, and considered all the gateways and their destinations, trying to grasp what the place was doing there. He was sure that they had discovered far more than they realized and that it could prove the existence of colossal magical abilities and energies and he analyzed everything in a far greater degree, searching for an answer.

Out of nowhere a colossal light emerged from the undergrowth, and pulsated like a living thing, magically illuminating the deep lifeless snow and trees everywhere they looked, and seemed to silence the noises and life forms surrounding them.

The light allowed them to see everything across their front more, and they spotted what was a structure buried away in the trees, and Cronenberg realized that it was an alien form of castle, buried and hidden deep away in the landscape and wood, and he examined it astounded at its immense size and how it could be built there, and he wondered if the whole world was covered by the trees and wood and if the builders normally built their structures there, and he had a sensation that the structure had colossal power, which would eventually leave him staggered!

The deep snow and cold turned to a nightmare, and their legs sank into stinking vegetation and muck that started to resemble quicksand, and another light emerged deep in the undergrowth and pulsated like a living form, magically illuminating the snow and trees going everywhere, and they increased their speed.

The castle became the most blissful thing he could think of as he saw the dangers there and it radiating through the wood like a spellbinding castle, and they forced themselves on.

Its appearance, amidst the hell there, was staggering! It was like a dream phantom castle glowing in shining moonlight, like it was magically glowing.

Behind them the shifting lights of glowing life forms became vicious and darted about everywhere in the blackness and landscape, and Cronenberg thought he saw ghost images of intelligent humanoids doing hideous things.

Chapter 10

The Lost Castle

At the front of the colossal extraterrestrial castle structure, when there were no more trees, and they were about to reach its large entrance, the whole structure lit and radiated through the whole region, mass of trees and foliage, silencing what was there to their astonishment, with its colossal powers, and they examined its colossal size going out into the distance all around them and its height going away high over the trees, where a thin fog slowly got thicker and engulfed it.

Vivid streaks of colored lightning exploded all over the top cloud region, and they saw the peculiar sky surrounding the fog, surrounding the castle, and it altered like a form of atomic explosion had blasted out, and massive blinding colossal stars further out blasted out their bright light.

Entering a veil of mist, forming at its entrance, created sensations that they were being summoned there, for some hideous purpose, and they blindly entered the ghost oasis, out on the edge of reality, on the bounds of what lay beyond the universe, bordering death, near the depths of hell, with them seeking sanctuary and reality.

On their entrance, and exit from the hideous jungle, the entrance closed behind them, trapping then there, and the interior illuminated it dim light, and Cronenberg heard vicious heavy beast sounds furiously exploding out outside, clearly making last attempts at threatening to destroy them.

Somewhere over to the side of structure they heard powerful movements rapidly taking something near them, and they wondered what was protecting them, and had stopped them doing anything to them, and Cronenberg gasped and saw a faint colossal ghost shape in an area of deep blackness inside the structure, further along a corridor, and it altered to demon shape floating through the darkness, snapping massive jaws, before it vanished.

The situation was bad and Cronenberg wondered what the hell the place was doing there, and why such a place should and could even exist, without destroying itself!

What the hell had built such a place? Should they leave the place until the morning, and they had rested, before exploring anything? Was there even a morning there, as there was no sign that daylight existed? There could be great dangers there, but they could move to a region where they never existed, and survive!

They had to survive! There was air there! There was life forms and vegetation for food, and they had shelter! Something had to be giving the world heat and light as the trees existed, and by their looks he was sure that it was winter, and that they could survive, and that someday they could find an exit gateway!

Chapter 11

The Ultimate Existence

Cronenberg flicked his eyes open in an instant and wondered where the hell he was, and could not recall how he got there, and he recalled the last memories he could recall, which were of them going through the outer jungle, and he was left staggered, and for a few seconds, for some reason, he never knew what he was!

Was he actually a normal life form of the universe, as he had always thought, or was he a strange phenomenon?

He was sure he was being examined by one of the real inhabitants of the universe, and he gasped and jumped upwards, and checked the air supply in his spacesuit and realized it was low, and realized that he had been lying in a sort of black room with nothing else in it except a strange alien doorway and window.

He had no recognition of what was there or where he was in the castle, or even that he was in one of the rooms in the castle, and he tried to recall more of his last memories, and he started to walk over to the window in the room to see what was there, and he was staggered again and stood upright and turned on his spacesuit light and examined the strange empty room about him, wondering how the hell he got there, and wondered if it was caused by his exhaustion the night before, or his lack of proper food, or the severe cold and snow falling outside, or was something there in the castle influencing him.

He recalled surreal dreams, which had been incomprehensible and he wondered if they had actually been dreams! They never made sense, and one in particular had been made up of nothing but shimmering lights and freakish sounds and him being whirled about somewhere, similar to being in a colossal vortex, where he never thought or even did anything, and had been like he never existed and just experienced what was there.

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