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V Bertolaccini

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Part I

Book 1

Haunted Transylvanian Castle


The Lost Transylvanian Treasure

Over centuries ancient Transylvanian legends told of the ancient Transylvanian castle, the lost treasures buried away in its confines, and out of the ordinary accounts of events that led to the castle’s construction and the extraordinary wars by its evil deadly occupants, and later of the dormant castle being buried away in the woods, lost in time, and it being a deadly haunted ghost castle.

Inhabitants in villages gave meticulous accounts and warnings of unexplained occurrences in its province.

Early travelers on horseback escaped deadly encounters and many found the remains of countless gypsies and other ancient travelers in the deep dark depths of the woods, surrounding the castle, with signs of many being viciously attacked and chased by deadly horrendous things.

Investigations habitually concealed and disregarded findings and claims of supernatural phenomena, and newspapers concluded it was Transylvanian superstitions, ghost stories, and the desolate region and castles hideous presence and evil history.

Early explorers searching for lost treasures, mentioned in old folklore, died carrying out investigations and treasure quests, and few survived, and some told of hideous occurrences and sounds of malicious demons and elementals tormenting the woods and the confines of the ancient castle.


The Haunted Wood

Eisenberg could not tell what it was and if it was the strange dark wood they had entered, altered trees and landscape, or what was there that was so strange, and he searched around him, through the trees, and searched for the vampires.

Their discovery of the wood had been lucky, and he still wondered if the paranormal investigator had got it wrong, as he claimed the wood was perfectly positioned for the vampires to hide in, for them to safely perform their attacks on New York, and the incredible thing about it was it resembled the wood in Transylvania where Dracula’s castle had been, and it was the drawings of it and finding the giant wood on the television and an occurrence there that drew their attention to it.

What they could find out about it gave little, but they had found a structure in it, and though it was old and derelict they were sure it could be where the vampires stayed at night.

Everything confused him and he started to think that just about anything could occur and realize the danger they were in, and there was no reason to believe they could not exist in the light of day, and that they were just night creatures, and as he led Kurt and the paranormal investigator through the dense undergrowth and tress he started to imagine strange dark figures behind trees, and a mysterious distant light, but everything he found was either vegetation, trees, fallen trees, but he started to realize it was starting to get dark, and the time it took to get through the wood, dense undergrowth, was impeding their progress.

Occasionally he heard distant things being violently smashed, but saw powerful wind surges blasting about, and he started to believe it was the wood itself, or the region, and it had a supernatural presence, either from the vampires or something else there, which could be why they had gone there.

What staggered him the most was how dark it would be soon, and he rushed on, and believed that they might be able to achieve their objective and that there would be an eventual conclusion to the event, and events, but the place was shrouded everywhere with increasing denser vegetation and he even started wondering if they could get through it, and in the distant he heard what he was sure were wolves, and it left him trying to contemplate what was there, and at times sounds emerged like they were coming out the ground, and from underground shafts.


The Vampire Hideout

Eisenberg thought supernatural regions existed, and that they had entered something, and when they entered the derelict building he was staggered that anyone could build and stay in such place.

It confused him, what they were doing, after all he had encountered, and now believed existed, compared with before, and he did not know what it was, and just tried to grasp how dangerous it was, and he rushed into the building before it became too dark, and to stop the vampires reviving before they found them, and he kept his eye on Kurt and the paranormal investigator.

He considered all the things he had heard of the supernatural trying to grasp what it was he was missing. He was sure they had discovered more than they realized, and he analyzed everything in a far greater degree.

At the top floor, he stopped suddenly, tiredly and startled by something, and he sensed something, and he moved on slowly, as Kurt and the paranormal investigator followed him, and he heard something somewhere.

For a long time he stared into the dimness recognizing little, as he strolled on, and gasped for a few seconds when he thought he was being watched by something in a region of darkness ahead, and was surprised something appeared there and he saw large box shapes, and kept examining them, and realized that it was tombs, and that they were in the same style as the vampire tombs back at the mansion, and realized that they were placed directly at the central region of the building.

At the tombs he heard silent sounds from something, and realized how dark it was and shifted silently up to them, searching everything everywhere, while he considered putting on his light, but he could give his presence away, if he had not been noticed.

A sudden blast, and explosion of light, left him stunned, while he crept on, and he froze, waiting to die, and die hideously for what he had done, and he stood confused, and saw what looked like a vampire illuminated in bright light standing in front of him, and he wondered what the hell it was, and after examining it closely it looked like a humanoid, and it seemed to welcome him, and he studied it and realized that it was a form of hologram.

It eventually altered, to do something, and do something to itself, and he remained trying to identify it, and he felt energy from it, and sheer power, and it reminded him of the extraterrestrial at the research center, and something about it, which he could not quite grasp.


The Lost Time Pod

For centuries the energy formation rested trapped under the Earth, and fiercely waiting to leave its confines, and imprisonment, frequently reawakening, with deadly energy surges blasting out.

Its shape inside the energy pod had pulsated when awakened, feeling little awareness, and had found little activity, which it had no real way of checking.

Its energy capsule was molded about it, with only some functions, with little power, and with no proper observations.

It perceived little and its thoughts wandered and it occasionally recollected distorted memories that had turned incomprehensible, from what had led it to its lethal error, and it could barely realize why it had survived or had annihilated itself.

It had activated vague sensors and felt vast unstable energy explosions blast out across dimensions with such force it felt like it threatened to make space and time completely rip apart, and destroy the fabric of space and time, and it had constantly realized it could do little when it had checked if anything had been detected anywhere.

The hideous situation had left it ensnared and recalling the colossal powers it once had and firmly contemplating the dangers and its chances of survival.

Its mission had been unbelievable and it realized how deadly it had been and recalled little of why it had once contemplated there not being any danger.

Its near destruction had amazed it and it frequently realized it had no proper presence and had become a form of unknown energy/formation, altering to something that it never recognized.

It turned invisible, and translucent, and the outer universe vanished from its thoughts, and it occasionally imagined echoes of its voyager functioning and its massive energy pulsations blasting out across the whole of creation.

Its revival attempts sustained, and the Earth and mankind evolved, and it realized its mind-boggling powers were dwindling, and it realized it would one day no longer exist, and it gradually turned itself completely dormant and for as long as a hundred years waiting for it to be revived to complete its deadly mission.


The New York Treasure

Chapter 1

Howard Eisenberg’s Treasure

Howard Eisenberg’s lawyer rushed in the door and they were left speechless, and John Eisenberg realized how much Howard Eisenberg had influenced and terrified them, and he watched his uncles aged lawyer and his peculiar reactions to everything trying to grasp why he was not reacting the way he should be, and he conclusively recalled him from when he was younger, when he visited his uncle.

The lawyer stopped in front of them and nervously held out a document, and Eisenberg instantly realized how valuable it was, and especially to him, and he knew it had something important.

Amusement appeared on the lawyers face and Eisenberg realized again he knew something he should know, and the lawyer bent his head close and opened out the document and peered at it.

When he never did anything Eisenberg glanced over at Kurt shifting out his seat to the window behind him, where he looked down the side of the giant building to the New York traffic below, and the city streets glowing in the dying rays of sunlight, and to the sun sinking into the distant skyline.

Eisenberg shivered when a cold breeze blew across the back of his neck from an open window, and he never moved and kept his eyes fixed on the room and lawyer not wishing to miss anything, and watched the room grow silent, with the suspense, and he studied the six remaining members of the Eisenberg family.

After nothing occurred again they began whispering and adjusting their seats and Eisenberg observed the lawyer anxiously leave and go and get an old video with a typed label out a box, which he showed to them, by rotating it in his hand, with a glint of surprise, followed by sadness, and he stopped in front of them, and Kurt rushed back into his seat.

“Your deceased uncle, Howard Eisenberg, he announced to them all, requested that you watch the video …”

He went to the door and signaled someone, who arrived with an old video player television and set it up and keenly took the video off him and gently fitted it into it.

The picture surprised Eisenberg as it was really ancient and with signs of deterioration, with the colors making it resemble an old war movie.

The camera showed his uncle in an office by himself, behind a large desk, puffing away at one of his large cigars, and Eisenberg felt sick looking at it, and shifted in his seat, and wondered how much he inhaled it, and if he would suddenly look sick.

The picture flickered to his amusement, and he studied him wondering what he missed about him as some of the things about him in the papers and the rest of media were unbelievable, and some definitely created by him for effect, and he realized he might never grasp what he was altogether like.

Howard Eisenberg sat back cheekily staring straight into their eyes from the screen and they sat silently, not budging, wondering what he intended, and what the eventual outcome would be.

He sat upright, and stared more deeply, and came to a conclusion, and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and unscrewed the cap, and Eisenberg realized how little objects in it were dated, even though the film was clearly old, and he listened to distant vehicle and voice tones absurdly mingling, and he recalled old memories, and silence seemed to engulf the room.

Howard Eisenberg seemed different somehow and doing something and he tried to grasp what, and saw strange reactions from him to things, and he stared straight at them, and as though he was staring directly at him, like he once had done.

He unhurriedly muttered, “Each one of you will get one of my personal estates But I want the ownership of the businesses, and wealth, to go to one of you, wholl do as I wish!

He sat back and looked through documents on his table and Eisenberg sat staggered wondering how much he had profited, and tried to recall his estates and where he stayed, and from what he had heard, and the media, and realized he never even knew where he stayed, but knew he had lived on his own, and had not remarried, and he wondered which of them he intended his businesses and wealth to go to, and why he insisted one person should run them, and why he had never allowed any of them to be involved with them.

Eisenberg thought of his six cousins there – and who was the most experienced, and realized he had to have made a mistake.

Eisenberg realized he should have done what he once intended to do and become experienced in the businesses Howard Eisenberg had, and not just become the private detective that he had become, and he realized how lucky he was that he had actually got one of his estates, and for a few seconds wondered if they were far bigger than he imagined, and that Howard Eisenberg had given them what they wanted, and he never needed to give them the companies.

To his surprise the lawyer left the room and returned and gave each of them an envelope, with their name on it, and kept a large brown envelope.

Eisenberg quickly opened his and glanced at the documents inside and saw he got some form of country mansion, which surely was away out in some desolate rural region, and he was not so sure he had really profited.

Howard Eisenberg looked up from what he had been doing and stared straight at them again, and the others stopped discussing what they got, and Eisenberg realized two had got large city buildings, and that they might have profited far more.

After considerable thought,” Howard Eisenberg continued nervously, “I’ve been unable to come to a conclusion on who should get the businesses …”

Eisenberg gasped and sat looking confused, wondering what he wanted, and what he wanted the person to do, and if he was given it if he could carry it out and he considered getting someone else to run it for him and he wondered why he never did that himself, and what the hell he was up to, and he sat watching him, and studying him, and saw how mysterious he was, and wondered how he had managed to accumulate his wealth, and recalled stuff about his accomplishments.

Howard Eisenberg searched through his documents and threw them over at his side, and shouted, “I’ve decided to choose the person I want with a little game I’ve come up with, giving you a little adventure ... I’ll give you a clue that’ll lead to a harder one, followed by other clues, which will take you to a treasure chest, and the person who returns with the contents shall win ... The first clue is: A lake I’d avoid. In a giant skull.”

Chapter 2

The Search

At the edge of his vision Eisenberg watched the traffic getting thicker as the taxi rushed on, and the driver give quicker glances, and he listened to the loud voices and horns mingle with engines, and he opened his laptop and watched the news.

Beside him he glanced over at Kurt as he continued checking information, and he realized how much he had changed since he had seen him in Howard Eisenberg’s lawyer’s office, and he realized that he had been working far more than he had thought and had surely been losing sleep.

It was crazy! He himself had searched everywhere he could for the answer to the clue, and every lake he could discover with anything like a skull, and had even started dreaming of finding it, just for the sensation of it. They all intended to get it somehow!

He pulled out a small flask and downed some whisky and relaxed against the back of the seat and watched cars going by.

He now could not grasp what Howard Eisenberg was talking about, even though it sounded simple, and he wondered if what was there still existed, and why it would not be damaged if it was buried outside.

He had to have checked every lake! He had even been dreaming of lakes, and he considered if the skull was something else than he thought it was, and he realized the entire search would have been useless if it was, and he recalled Howard Eisenberg liked playing games and he became sure it was his main motivation.

Although he kept realizing the first clue had been mentioned as it being easy to get, and he realized they were just not checking something. He recalled the lawyer’s reactions when he questioned him on the phone on the previous morning, and that he was actually scared of something that might occur, and he was sure he could be sacked or something for doing something.

While he shifted near the window he heard a car door open and instantaneously recognized a black car along the road. The car belonged to another private investigator he knew and he watched him wave over at him when he spotted him, and he realized why! It was surely the fact that some of the occurrences got in the news. Though it was not really about the treasure quest and about Howard Eisenberg and his death.

He had no idea what the outcome would be, and he considered using all the investigators he had ever met to get to the source of what they were looking for. He attempted to comprehend what he had suggested, from the insignificant message.

Kurt glared over at him for a moment with some urgency, and swiftly returned to what he was doing.

He had chosen to join up with Kurt for a reason, and that he could help him greatly get what he wanted.

Both had searched libraries everywhere for clues, and for unknown lakes, and anything resembling one, and he started to realize that one of the others could find it first after all, and he wondered what would happen if they found the clue first and they never got to see the next clue, and if the person who found it never got the next clue, and he was sure that if nobody found the treasure chest he had left that he had an alternative plan and he wondered if his uncle was ludicrous enough to give it away to someone else.

The whole event was unbelievable, and he could hardly get any sleep, and he could hardly believe anyone could do such a thing, with so much a stake, and realized how dangerous things could become, and he even started checking files and information on his other five relatives, checking what they were like, and if they could become dangerous, and in the end left it, as he realized the information the other investigators gathered gave little on them, and little that he never already knew.

Suddenly he spotted Kurt sitting upright with his eyes wide, staring at something on his laptop, and Eisenberg listened to something he could barely hear that Kurt was listening to, and he even tried to block out the outer sounds of loud vehicles with his hands about his ears.

He was sure he was listening to the news, about something, and rushed over beside him, and straightaway realized it was not major news and insignificant regional occurrences, and was about to return to his seat when he spotted a lake where there were birds flying about everywhere, and to his surprise were attacking people and he examined it closely trying to get what they were doing, but he could not grasp what was happening or why Kurt now insisted something was occurring that he should see.

It was incredible and he suddenly spotted Kurt’s eyes staring at a particular spot near the shore at the opposite side of the lake, where he saw a large white rock was buried away in the trees, and that it looked like a giant skull.

Chapter 3

The Mysterious Lake

Eisenberg shuddered as he considered the dangers that existed and his gaze went out across the small lake to a group of trees and to where the large white skull rock was buried away, searching for any disturbances and signs that the birds were about there, and even though he had seen them on the news, he could not grasp why the birds were classed as dangerous.

Television and newspaper reporters about the car park, and his sides, were leaving, and he wondered what he missed, and tried to grasp why the birds had been attacking them and where they went, and he searched everywhere about the landscape for activity, or birds and wildlife, and hidden dangers.

It was even as though they thought they needed some form of protection from something, and he considered if there were dangerous species that he had not noticed, and if predator birds were a danger if they attacked them, and he saw Kurt coming over from behind some trees behind him and was amazed to see his other relatives appear one by one and follow him, and he started to realize that they might be joining up to make an agreement, which he knew he should have predicted at the start, as if one person found the next clue they would all be out the game, as there was no way for them to move on and getting the next clue, unless they found out and followed them about.

The game was basically stupid and he wondered why he had not packed the whole thing in, and he realized that he could just follow the others around, and have them investigated, and perhaps get something out of it if any of them were successful.

The lake itself was far too small and empty to have more than a few visitors, perhaps there for its isolation, and he realized it was not classed as a lake to them, and he realized he still had not found it marked anywhere and wondered how they were supposed to have found it, if it had not been on the news, and he felt annoyed realizing it had been classed as an easy clue.

Eisenberg sat on a boulder and studied the white skull rock in the trees and wondered why they were sure it was anything, and not just their minds, and imagining it looked like it, and he followed Kurt and the others as they left and started walking around the shore to it.

On their approach to it he suddenly spotted people hidden away about the lake that seemed to be doing things and he tried to identify what they were doing and if they were connected to the media or something, and he stood and watched the others rush over to the white skull rock trying to identify anything they could and they started searching it, and anything they found.

Near the shore he watched fishermen casting lines and to his surprise he spotted large pigeons and crows all sitting on branches of nearby trees, and he started to realize how many of them there were and studied their fixed features and saw their vicious facial appearances, wondering if they were vicious or looked that way.

He wondered how much a menace they were, and if they had nests or something nearby, and if they could do something, and he gasped when he saw some attack other birds, and suddenly they all started shrieking, and started gliding up into the air, and flew straight towards the fishermen, and he wondered if he should shout over to them or something.

One of the fishermen looked up in horror and saw them, and shaded his eyes from the bright sunshine, and stood studying them, and they dived down at them, and big black crows dived-bombed him and flew straight at them, and they started waving their hands and arms about, throwing them away from them if they got near, and hundreds of them started attacking and screeching and the fishermen picked up sticks and waved them in the air, and threw objects.

Eisenberg realized they were not a real threat and some of the fishermen started to think it was hilarious and he watched others shouting and waving their fists and swearing at them.

He tried to grasp what they were actually doing and why they had not been discovered before and why they had suddenly been reported to the media.

Something he could not quite grasp that was there, and he was sure the fishermen and others had clearly visited there before and had not been confronted, and he realized it was not nests, and he watched fishermen furiously waving their fists as they left in a large swarm.

For a moment he thought they spotted him but saw the swarm head over to a couple romantically rowing along the lake’s edge, and race towards them, and he was surprised when they reached them and that they splattered them with excrement and flew away, and the man waved his fist and overturned the boat, throwing them into the water, and he heard Kurt shout from behind him that he had found something in the mouth of the large skull rock.

Chapter 4

The Ancient Mansion

“Where the hell’s this?” Eisenberg gulped, as he woke, looking about him, and out the taxi window, seeing nothing but blackness.

“Where you’re going to!” the driver smirked, searching the blackness ahead in the dim headlight, as the car shifted slowly along a farm lane, and Eisenberg realized he had blown it again.

He sat transfixed, and felt a sensation of happiness when the moon emerged ahead and its light probed that region of the road, and deep through the surrounding dark clouds radiating and he crouched over when he spotted a tomb shape he was sure was the mansion, and mansion Howard Eisenberg had given him, and he felt furious it was so far out in nowhere, from what he saw, and realized he would have a bad time selling the thing.

In the darkness and moonlight it looked like a haunted building.

The taxi eventually came to a slow halt at a wall and he considered returning home, as it was nothing like he expected, and he could not forgive Howard Eisenberg for giving him the thing and he sat considering what to do. He originally intended to go and see it before it got dark but he underestimated things and it got dark, and in the end he just paid the driver and jumped out the taxi with his bag and marched away along a lane going to it, watching the surrounding wood, and the taxi left and drove away into the distance, and he wondered what he would do if it was the wrong building and the owners never had a phone.

It was freezing, and the visible landscape was a mess of wild vegetation and trees.

What he saw of the dark shape of the building was heavenly and deadly and he wondered why everything was such a mess, and he realized that Howard Eisenberg could not stayed there and he wondered why he had bought such place.

At the door he knocked when he saw it never had a doorbell and eventually he removed the keys he got and tried them until he found one that fitted the lock and swiftly entered it, and realized he had finally visited the place and he started to explore what he could see in the darkness, and he realized how ancient the place was, but had new things added to it and he felt deep satisfaction to discover it actually had a light and hunted down the light switch.

Once the light was on he stood dazzled trying to get why Howard Eisenberg bought such a place, as nothing added up, and wondered if he had bought and got stuck with it many years ago, before he got his empire.

As he wandered about he swiped away webs going across corridors and doorways, and he found what looked like a living room and switched on the light and sat on an ancient form of sofa, which creaked and cracked up one side, and he sat back with a sad expression staring an ancient painting over the fireplace, covered in dust and webs, and he studied the figure in the portrait with some amazement and gasped when he saw the eyes, and gasped at the age of it and rushed over to see it up close.

It looked so ancient, and centuries old, and the person wore clothes from centuries ago, and he knew the person had to be a distinguished nobleman of wealth and power.

He studied his sword he had at his waist and saw marks he was sure were bloodstains, and sat back down considering if it was from some war.

The place looked altered from a far earlier structure and had been repaired and altered and he wondered if it had a high value to collectors, and he realized that he now wanted more than ever to discover the treasure chest Howard Eisenberg had hidden away, and he sat back contemplating everything he could, and the clue they found in the giant stone skull at the lake, which was: In The Oldest Grave.

He was sure none of them knew what the clue meant or anything, and that it was too vague, but he was sure they thought they would find it because of its simplicity and their detection methods were improving, and he was sure they were searching on their own again in an attempt to get it for themselves, and even Kurt seemed to be up to something.

He had been searching graves all over the place for days, and started to doubt he would get it again!

He decided to find somewhere to sleep in the building, even though it was not late, and he wondered what the place would be like at midnight, and decided to properly check the place out in the morning, and try and find a way of selling the place, and as he looked about he spotted an ancient staircase along the corridor and as he marched over to it he decided to try and get the lawyer to show the old video over again, as he had done earlier in his career, as a private investigator, and he would try and film the video if he could not get a copy of it, as he was sure there would be things in it that he had not noticed, and he also wanted to question the lawyer about Howard Eisenberg, and especially about what he thought he had been doing, and he was also sure he might be able to make a deal with him and get the location of the treasure chest.

Chapter 5

The Morning

Eisenberg woke early and left to go back to New York and was walking up the road when he turned and saw the full size of the mansion, and was staggered, as it was colossal, and he started to realize its true value, and was left confused as he had no idea of how such an ancient structure could be built like it and realized most of it had been built in more modern times and made to look like the original structure.

What fascinated him was him sleeping there thinking its size and value was far less, and it was colossal, and he was sure it had a value as a historical building. Yet he could not explain how it could be there, and be the age it seemed, and why it had been built there, and all he saw in the surrounding landscape was a river behind it, which would have been there for the occupants.

Eisenberg rubbed his hands and shoved them deep into the pockets of his thick jacket, and was sure it was colder there than it was in the city, and wondered if he could sell the thing as he could not imagine living in it, and wondered again why Howard Eisenberg wanted it and realized it had to be worth something, but why had he not sold it.

It was like some form of entity and hideous, as he walked back to it, and walked around it, and at times he was sure it had deadly things behind its black windows, and cursed Howard Eisenberg.

The sun faintly shone over it and through gaps in the thick walls, and through windows, casting long shadows from the trees over it, and he was sure it resembled some form of castle.

He studied distant clearings in the surrounding wood, in the mess of vegetation, and saw structures, and at a higher point at its side he saw there was empty land further out, and he shifted along to the nearby river, and realized he may have picked up the structures identity wrongly and that it could be a vast country mansion built for someone that wanted away from city life, where there was isolation and desolate wilderness.

Though size and amount of rooms was astonishing and he realized it must have been for a lot of people and servants at one point, and he wondered what sort of life his uncle had led and what people he had known.

What amazed him was he still did know what to do with it and what it was worth, and he returned to the front of it, and entered the trees, going through the wood surrounding it, considering it, going towards a structure he saw.

The words of the clue echoed through his mind, as it had done before he had arrived there, and he had almost done in his sleep, and he suddenly recalled a strange dream he had entered in the mansion of him dreamily going through strange graves, and as he recalled things he watched the structure he was walking to emerge across his front.

He rhythmically crunched through layers of branches and thought of it as a type of mansion pavilion and saw columns of stone going about it like a Greek temple and at the other side he spotted gravestones, and small ancient graveyard, and he walked over to the nearest graves, curious of what was written on them.

Chapter 6

The Ancient Graveyard

The words carved into the stone of one of the large gravestones left Eisenberg staggered and searching the surrounding landscape for signs of anyone, and he searched areas of mud and for signs humans had recently been there, and he read the words over again and realized that he had to be imagining what he thought and that it was just an amazing coincidence.

Suddenly he stepped back, and gasped, positive the words on it were certainly the clue, but he could not grasp what they were doing there, in a small graveyard out in the middle of nowhere.

The words In The Oldest Grave were the only words on the grave, and he stood hypnotized by it, and realized he was tired from marching through the vegetation, and calmed himself down, and thought what it meant and gasped when he thought of the only thing he could do was search the grave, and wondered who the hell had a grave with those words on it, without a name.

When he thought of the money and the businesses he realized he needed to check it as he could not let it go, as he would be the only one to answer it and be able to move on in the treasure hunt, and surely solve the other answers someday, which he surely would do by some means.

He had the right to do it as the property and graves belonged to him, and he wondered what the hell Howard Eisenberg had been up to, and if he had been there and supervised it being put there.

For a long time he strolled around in the morning sunshine examining other graves and words engraved on them, and proved it was the only abnormal grave there, and he checked the mansion structure through the trees, and finally returned to it with an old spade he found near it and started digging it up, while he watched strange crows watching him from the trees.

Though the words were there he could not grasp what they meant, as it clearly was not the oldest grave, and his mind was keyed into trying to decipher them as a clue, and he thought they perhaps were in a riddle only comprehensible to someone else.

What had surprised him about the graves was the amount of them for one building, and he decided to check the place out and check libraries, and as he dug away at the ground of the grave, throwing the soil in a pile nearby, where he could quickly return it back after he got what he wanted, he wondered if any of the graves belonged to his ancestors, and if not who had they been.

Who did Howard Eisenberg buy the place off and why? Why the hell did he want the place? Was it just an early business deal? Did he overestimate the value?

It was incredible as he had been sitting inside the mansion on the previous night trying to figure where it had been and how to get what he had been looking for, and it had been sitting out in the grounds of the mansion.

He realized that Howard Eisenberg must have thought he would find it eventually! He realized that the game of solving the clues and his treasure hunt was designed not to be answered in a few days, as he had made out, but over a long time, and that they were lucky in discovering the small lake, which had not even been marked down on many maps for some reason, and he was sure they had been really lucky.

The soil was hard and had surely not been put there in a long time, and he recalled how old the video of Howard Eisenberg had been, and he was sure it could have been from then.

Howard Eisenberg did everything for a reason and he could not grasp what the hell he was up to, and why he originally wanted it done, and if he changed and forgot about the video and plan.

There were things on the other graves and suggestions of war, and the civil war, and the usual things, and the grave and its strange wording was all that was different, and as he dug faster and harder into the ground he wondered if it was talking about the other graves and was mentioning a grave that was older, and perhaps not marked or known as such, which someone else knew the location of and the grave was put there to indicate its existence for some reason, or had Howard Eisenberg seen the grave and remembered it and had used it for some reason.

The graveyard was ghostly beside such a building, and he watched the building glow in the sunlight, through the trees and watched crows sitting on branches sleepily watching.

He slowly became exhausted and thought of climbing out the hole, and was about to rest, when the shovel hit solid wood, and he immediately started cleaning muck away from it, and banged it hard with the shovel and heard it was hollow, and the grave.

While he rested he saw it was a normal old grave, and he heard a distant noise and saw a crow react and followed its gaze to a strange black shape away in the distance, and saw that it was just a dark tree.

When he removed all the muck from the coffin he started shoving the thick wooden cover off, and something stopped the lid being shoved any further, and he spotted the edge of a boulder sticking out blocking it and he gave it a quick heavy shove and pushed it away, and shifted it away, and lifted the lid off the coffin and threw it over to the side, and rested.

In its dark interior he tiredly examined an old dried out object and realized it was part of a tree trunk, and he sat back wondering what it was doing there, and thought of the trouble he would have filling the grave back in and wondered if he would end up staying another night at the mansion, and realized he had little food left, and spotted a tube of translucent plastic buried away in the coffin and grabbed it, astonished at seeing such a modern looking object there, and spotted a rolled up piece of parchment in its interior.

Chapter 7

The Third Clue

Eisenberg stood confounded, examining the piece of paper, which he had rolled out, from the translucent tube, with his eyes fixed on the words on it: Third Clue: The Treasure Map.

Suddenly he spotted a dark shadow over the grave and looked up startled and saw and man standing over him, looking down into the grave, just staring.

In seconds he saw a way to climb fast out the hole, and watched the man shift and hold something out, and he tried to identify it, and for a few seconds thought it was a gun.

“Well, where do you want it? the man moaned.

He stared up at him and it and saw it was a brown box and he did not know why but he just reached up and took it, and instantly realized it was a parcel with his name on it, and the man introduced himself as his postman, and Eisenberg climbed out.

“Youre the postman? he replied.

“You were not in, and I needed a signature and heard you over here at work …”

He signed for it and watched the postal worker march away into the trees, over to the mansion, where he saw his distant van.

What was incredible was he did not know what to be the most surprised at! The clue and finding it there, or the postman and the parcel with his name on it, and he shifted over to the old structure at the side of the graveyard and sat in a seat.

He had found the clue, and realized the man never seen it from where he was, and realized he could have recognized him from the newspapers, and their treasure hunt, and he considered the parcel with surprise, wondering what the hell it was and who knew he was there, and recalled he had not purchased anything or could think of anything that could be sent to him.

Even though he had found the third clue he realized how hard it would be solving what it was, and did not know what to do about the others as they would be searching for the third clue for the rest of their lives if he never found it and never told them of it, and he realized that Kurt would never forgive him, and he just could not realize how to solve it, as he had been lucky so far.

He tiredly looked at the box as he started filling the grave hole with the soil and when he finished he covered it over with grass and branches until it looked the same and he sat down and opened the parcel, totally confused of its origins.

Chapter 8

The Mysterious Parcel

Eisenberg sat in the back of the taxi cab as it returned to New York confounded at the occurrences that had occurred and sensed he was missing far more than he thought, and what was to come, and knew he would not grasp what, and continued examining the folded documents that were in the parcel the postman gave him.

He realized who had sent the parcel and that the documents were from Howard Eisenberg’s lawyer and he found a note written on one document from the lawyer explaining the documents and that they came with the mansion, and gave historical accounts and a brief history of it.

He was surprised it was built far later than he estimated, and he could hardly believe it, and discovered it was built from large sections from another far older building, and he wondered why there was nothing on the original building, and in the end realized that there could easily be nothing on it, and the era it came from, and he was delighted to find plans of the building’s interior, with vaguely drawn maps of each floor, and the rooms and corridors.

What was incredible was his thoughts of it had altered greatly from what he had found there on the previous night, and he realized the amount of land he owned, from a map and a document, and that it went out for miles about it, and he knew it was desolate, and felt happy that the mail was being delivered there, and that there was a nearby small town only a few miles along the road marked on it.

He was sure he could get Howard Eisenberg’s lawyer to show the video over again and he looked through the map of the building for where he thought he saw a phone marked on it, and examined it when he found it, and went over it searching corridors until he found how to get to it, and was staggered when he recalled the mess the place was in, and how long the place had not been used for.

He considered what to do about finding the third clue and did not want to give it away until he was positive of the outcome, and he would never forgive himself if one of the others got the answer to the clue and found the treasure and he was sure if such an occurrence was going to happen he could make some deal before giving it away.

He had to search everywhere he could first and give it to them as a last resort, and he had to get a copy of the video or get to see it again as he was sure he could find something on it, or something he had forgotten, and an explanation of what was occurring and a suggestion of why the clue was in the grave.

Chapter 9

The Video Replay

Eisenberg rested up against the window of Howard Eisenbergs lawyers office and silently watched the New York traffic rush by below and he shivered when he felt the coldness from the window on his back, and he turned and kept his eyes fixed on the room not wishing to miss anything, as the lawyer rushed into the room.

Eisenberg eventually gasped when the lawyer stopped in front of him with a strange sad expression, and a glint of amusement emerged on his face and Eisenberg realized his uncle could have done something to them, and he watched the lawyer anxiously go and get the old video out of a box, and immediately showed it to him, rotating it, and Eisenberg rushed over into a seat when someone arrived with the video player television, and gently fitted the video into it.

The picture showed Howard Eisenberg in his office by himself, looking like a hawk lurking over his large desk, smoking a large smoking cigar, and Eisenberg convulsed recalling the last one he smoked, and started studying everything Howard Eisenberg did, in far greater detail, and when the lawyer left the room he shifted right up to the screen.

There had to be something there, and he studied everything, and what he did and the way he did it.

Some of the things he had heard about Howard Eisenberg in newspapers and the rest of the media was unbelievable, and most surely created for some effect, and he realized he might never fully grasp what he was like, but he knew he might get what he wanted elsewhere, and clues about the treasure he hid.

He sat strangely deeply staring at him, and he wondered what the hell he was up to, and what a top businessman like him thought like and would want to achieve.

He seemed different somehow and doing something else that he could not quite grasp and he looked everywhere trying to grasp it, and saw strange reactions from him to things, and he followed his eyes straight down, and nervously reacted to something, and he watched him move something not on the screen away to the side of him as though he realized he had put something in the picture that he had not noticed.

Eisenberg immediately rushed up to the screen and replayed it back until he got the best picture of it, and of a piece of paper that looked older than it should, and altered the controls of the video player trying to clear the picture up and saw it was a sort of map, and Eisenberg took a photo of it, and turned on the video again.

As Howard Eisenberg looked through documents on his table Eisenberg sat staggered and recalling what he had heard of him back then from newspapers, and wondered why he had never allowed any of them to get involved with his businesses or him.

To his surprise the lawyer rushed up behind him, and told him, “We saw you examining what was on the table on the video ...”

Eisenberg wondered if he had cameras monitoring him as well.

After considerable thought,” the lawyer explained, “I’ve decided to help you out! Which I’m sure your uncle wanted … I’ve seen a similar item you examined in documents he left in our vaults. Which rightly are yours anyway!”

Eisenberg was slightly confused, wondering what he thought he had been looking for, and what was there, and he realized there could very well be something he wanted in the vaults, and he wondered why he had not told them of it and if the person that found the treasure and got the ownership of the businesses would be given everything.

While he followed him down to the vaults, going down in the lift, he considered what he would do if he got the businesses and if he would be given someone to run it for him, who did what he wanted, and again he wondered how Howard Eisenberg had managed to accumulate so much wealth, and recalled all the stuff he had heard about his accomplishments.

In the dim vault room Eisenberg sat with the documents he was given and examined them surprised, and surprised there was so few, as he had expected to be sitting for hours, perhaps days there searching through them, and realized by what he was given that the lawyer had given him only the documents he thought he needed, and he searched through them noting information about Howard Eisenberg and his companies, which amazed him that they gave nothing about what he wanted, but at the bottom of them he found an sealed envelope, and opened it, wondering why the lawyer thought the document that he had seen on the video was there, and he found a small map inside, with writing on the top saying fourth clue.

Chapter 10

The Return to the Mansion

Eisenberg turned pale when the mansion appeared at the front of the taxi, seeing it emerge out of the night.

The driver smirked, when he examined his face in his mirror, and Eisenberg watched with amusement as his face changed and he gasped when he saw the mansion emerge out of the blackness ahead in his headlights, and the vehicle slowed and he shifted along the farm lane.

He was transfixed when it stopped outside, and Eisenberg wondered what the hell he was doing, and felt a sensation of sadness thinking of his uncle living at the place.

With his bags resting at his feet, he watched the taxi race away into the horizon and saw the furniture truck with the rest of his stuff appear.

He watched the speed they started removing all his furniture and gear into the building and he wondered why the hell he was moving there, and recalled he was keeping his old place, and he would surely sell the old mansion quickly after it was cleaned up, and he realized that the workmen had entered the building and never used any keys, and he wondered why the door was unlocked when he had locked it.

At the door he examined the lock and door, as the workmen rushed in and out with his stuff, giving occasional gasps at the place, and he tried to grasp why the place looked so deadly, and he had never really seen anything like it before.

When they had finished, he watched them shut the vehicle up and leave, and the moon emerge overhead and glow over the road, and deep into the surrounding clouds radiating it, and watched the vehicle as it rushed away.

He stared up at the dark mansion Howard Eisenberg had given him and wondered if it would be the end of him, and he was furious it was so far out in nowhere, and so deadly, realizing how hard it would be selling the thing.

In the darkness and moonlight it looked dangerous, and he recalled searching for all the information he could get on it, and if there had been any deaths.

In the end he decided use his idea of bringing in someone else, and Kurt, and he realized the others might surely have realized he was up to something, because he had not turned up to search with them, and he was sure that the lawyer might tell them, but he now had the map.

Chapter 11

The Historic Building

The following morning, after breakfast, Eisenberg explored the mansion using the plans of the building the lawyer sent him in the parcel, and he wrote in details about things on it in pencil, and realized how enormous the place was, and the size of a colossal football pitch, and as high as a high five-story building.

He could not believe the value of it, and that he owned it, and thought of different ways of fixing the problems it had, and repairing and modernizing all the ancient, weather-beaten, damage, and he thought of turning it into a known historic building as well.

He studied sections of the walls that had fallen in, and estimated the repair costs. Some of walls were made of immense square boulders, which he could not recall seeing before.

He realized he would have to learn far more on restoration.

The surroundings had many trees, and he stared out windows writing down what trees should be removed, and realized he would have to check the surrounding landscape in every direction.

At the front there was a single door, but at the back he found there were two. One at its kitchen, which had been modernized at some point, and all the equipment still worked, and just needed cleaned up, and he started cleaning everything he would use and filled the cupboards and fridge with food and drink.

Further along he checked out the other door, at the corner of the mansion, at the right side, and was surprised none of the keys fitted it, and was surprised to find the lock had been actively used, and had fresh marks on the rusted metal.

The building had corridors everywhere on every floor going all over the place and he was surprised to find himself lost even with the building plan and he wandered around exploring rooms everywhere, and entered strange eerie rooms with strange furniture and objects, and entered them like he was visiting them, as though he never belonged there and wondered what their identities were, and he tried to grasp the origins of things he found.

A small staircase was next to the kitchen, as well as the other normal one near the front, and many of the rooms and floors left him confused as he wandered about, still getting regularly lost, and many times he gave up, and was left confused how he would find his way about and identify things.

To his surprise he found a room, directly above the front door, on the top floor, which was perfectly clean and with modern furniture, which he was sure belonged to Howard Eisenberg, which he realized he had wanted to find, and had forgotten, and in the end he decided to leave the room and explore it later.

The room fascinated him and it looked as though it had recently been cleaned, and he started to believe that he had actually lived there, instead of at the other buildings he had, but in the end he realized he would have lived at many locations, and perhaps went there when he wanted to get away from the city.

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