Excerpt for AMYS SLEEP WALKING ADVENTURES BOOK 2 into the sleepless night by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

Amy’s Sleep Walking Adventures

I slept up, and now I am Amy no more. I am Amy’s darkest desires. Her survival mechanism. Her subconscious. I am Amy’s greatest fear. I am currently in an apartment building with at least a few hundred wakers. I looked on the 3rd floor balcony and looked down. I jumped. I fell fast, wind rushed passed me like hell on water. I landed in the back garden. I didn’t know what I would do tonight. I heard awake Amy’s voice in my head. She said “please tell me you’re not going to attack a Waker, or a police officer. If you’re going to attack anyone make sure it’s one of the Grace Tech goons. Grace was a multi-millionaire who got rich by selling anti sleep walker weapons. Basically, she gets rich off making people paranoid.

Anyway, a cop spotted my figure from a few hundred meters away. She ordered “Oy, name and identification. Name and identification. There is a sleep walker warning in this area”. I disappeared behind the building. She chased me. Can’t blame her, it’s her job. I crept through the back ally’s. Meanwhile there was a young sleep walker in the river. I was being chased by half a dozen police armed with waking darts. They deliver a shock to the nervous system. Waking the target up.

I ran down to the river side. A jetty, just 10 meters away. Five Wakers got in my way. I charged not wavering. They drew their waking darts. No doubt if I woke up I would be exposed publicly as a sleep walker. Three meters and counting. I leapt straight over them and grabbed a taser. I ran onto the jetty. Then, I stole a boat. I thought I was crazy, but the little sleep walker drowning in the river comes first. I raced forward. Five seconds from drowning. 4, 3, 2 I lowered the rope. 1, he was saved. Then I saw a dredging ship. I hate dredging, making the water toxic for months if not years. I thrust the accelerator to full power. I screamed “ramming speed”!!!!

KA-KLUNK KA-BLAM!!!!!!!!!!

I just stopped the dredging people. On some level, Amy would have to wanted me to do it. Any-way I rescued the workers and took another boat. We drifted up stream. Hours passed on the calm waters of the River Swan. The moon glinted with bright silver light. The moon was a semi-circle. right after I thought I was safe Waker boats intercepted. Clearly one of them was a Grace Tech science study boat. You know how aliens abduct people in the movies? Strap them to tables with electrodes coming out of there heads. Grace does that to sleep walkers. Of course she has enough money and influence to cover it up, and throw her lackeys to the dogs and come out of it unscathed. I ramped up the engines, got ready to jump, and charged straight at them. It was a game of chicken. Impact in T minus 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, they turned. I leapt aboard. I heard the captain say with his life jacket, short blond hair and illegal fire arm “that was close”. Then I hit him from behind. I stole his life jacket and gun. A crew member spotted me, I threw the captain at him. He fell down. I steered the ship towards the rocks. I quickly did dozens of calculations in my head. One second later and I set a timer for 15 minutes and broke the steering wheel. In 15 minutes this ship would crash. The entire crew rushed up to see what the hell the captain was doing. The first one screamed “great, a meddlesome Waker has found her way onto our ship”. Another wearing a eyepatch replied “we need to get off this ship”. The first one argued “are we really going to take advice from a girl wearing an eye patch?”.

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