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Gregoryi Tales – The Song Of Siston

By Sam Lann

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The Song of Siston (The Northern Song)

This is The Song of Siston

(And how King Harld did wrong)

Harld got the throne

For gold he left home

Took the club of strife

Made war his short life

To the North he'd go

His might he'd show

Wise men in schools

Said he's a fool

Newton's walls as told

Were solid as gold

Temp'ton owned the land

Nowhere to stand

Siston was too bold

Its gates open to all

They thought a quick surrender

With lots of easy plunder

Guardian said to stay

The Ladies made them safe

They were The Pretty Nine

The likeness was divine

Courtyard folk did sigh

As carvings came to life

And took the short walk

To Lord Harld a talk

They walked into the breach

The men within their reach

There were no screams or shouts

The Ladies put men to rout

Punches shattered shields

Battered men did yield

Their swordarms they were broken

A fury they had awoken

The Ladies plowed them through

The castoffs flew

They gave no quarter

Nor did they slaughter

The deed had been done

They'd clearly won

They turned about

And left without a shout

All the Pretty Nine

Went back inside

The Lord's men were half

But half was enough

Harld wouldn't give up

Harld would get it done

He rallied his men

In lines of ten

And lead the march

Moving fast

The Sisters of The Gate

Stood up straight

They were nine feet high

Bigger than Biggy sized

They raised nine foot swords

Waved them for all

With a rolling gait

They left The Gate

Harld's horse reared

The Sisters were near

The Guardian was agrin

The Sisters set upon him

His horse it would not bolt

The men came to a halt

Like an oyster he was shucked

His tail neatly tucked

A voice of thunder spoke


They swatted men aside

Like noisy little flies

The Sisters saw them off

Their battle they had lost

With swordarms raised

folk The Sisters praised

Their swords they brought together

To form an arch forever.

The Song of Siston (The Southern Song)

Lord Harld had got the throne

With coffers empty he'd left home.

He picked up the clubs of strife

And made war his shorter life.

To the richer North he'd go

There his might he'd show.

The wooden gates would fall

To iron bolts six foot tall.

His men would then march in

Such a killing such a din.

The long march they did take

Bad feelings wouldn't shake.

The walls of Newton as told

Were as solid as the gold.

The wise men of the schools

Said he sailed a ship of fools.

Templeton owned the land

There was nowhere left to stand.

New Siston was too bold

Its wooden gates open for all.

The safety had been sold

Protection of The Lady foretold.

At last they saw the gates

King Harld's hunger he would slake.

What was yours he would take

But this was not his day.

For fighters did come out

From townsfolk not a shout.

A dozen carvings alive

To give the King a stony strife.

With punches kicks and slaps

They drove bewildered men back.

They kicked them in the pants

And stopped the King's advance.

But the King did not retreat

This was not to be a defeat.

The carvings walked back home

And became no more than stone.

T'was a standoff until noon

Harld needed something soon.

The soldiers let out a gasp

Harld was all aghast.

The Guardians of the gate

Sat up and stood straight.

The gate they did close

With Harld's men they did close.

Biggy tall with six foot blades

Men did shit without shame.

Through the men they did wade

Little toys to be played.

With flat of blade they did slap

Men sent flying with a whack.

Pushed on through and Harld unhorsed

And stripped him raw of course.

Naked bruised battered beaten

Men ran home with what they'd eaten.

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