Excerpt for AMYS SLEEP WALKING ADVENTURES BOOK 5 the sleep over from hell by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

Amy’s Sleep Walking Adventures Book 5

I was with my sister Kates friends, Drowsy, Grass and Tracy in a dark spooky room in my apartment.

An avian voice crept over the building intercom. “listen humans, I am Rhino. You cannot see me but I can see you. You must hold together for until 4:00AM for Wakers to find you. The phone lines are dead, I am not human. welcome to my game….. the House of Nightmares”.

A cold chill burned its way down my spine. Even Sleep Walkers can be afraid, I knew the Sleep Walking sub tone the second I heard it. When a sleep walker speaks they talk in a different tone. I had to pretend to be my awake self…. Amy Dawn. Really, I am asleep and I am walking too. Sleep Walking enhances your natural abilities times 10!!! I had that, but 34 life forms also had 10 times their natural abilities. Kate stammered “we’re probably safe in here, they can’t bust in here”. Just so you know the floor collapsed earlier. If you want the details read book 4. But I just realised why the floor became the roof. A boy, a little boy, who couldn’t be over 9 years old, had collapsed the fricking floor out from underneath us!!! He exclaimed “run”. None of them except Drowsy knew the danger. This boy was a Sleep Walker. I think his name is Night Terror. Kate replied “ok boy, go home. Your parents are probably worried sick”. I explained “umm Kate, this kid is a sleep walker. If you won’t believe me, imagine how powerful some one of that size would have to be to collapse the ceiling”!!! Kate replied “he’s just a child. He need’s…… she didn’t get a chance to finish. He literally knocked Kate 20 meters through the room, out the door and into someone else’s apartment. We got locked into combat. By we I mean me and the kid. He exclaimed “I am Night Terror, I sleep to destroy. My other half is weak”. The power went out. I disappeared into the shadow’s. Night Terror threatened “Where are you? You can’t hide for ever”. He heard a whoosh past his head. He turned around, I laughed. It chilled him. He backed into a corner. Unfortunately for him a window was right behind him. SMASH!!!! He fell. I came out of the shadows. I replied “that wont delay him for long. Hell, it won’t even hurt him. We need to take his advice, run!!!!”

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