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The Pilot

Stellar Flash: Prequel

A short preview story for the new Stellar Flash Book Series

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Science Fiction Weekly #13 Special Release

SmashWords Edition

By Neil A. Hogan

Published by Maldek House © 2017-2019

All Rights Reserved

Names, characters, places, businesses, products, situations and events portrayed in this title are fictitious, and any similarities to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. No part of this release may be transmitted or reproduced in any form without the express permission of the author and publisher, except for fair use in relation to reviews.

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The Pilot

By Neil A. Hogan

In the 22nd century, humans and aliens are exploring universes on different frequencies, with various missions and agendas. The newly inaugurated ship, the Stellar Flash, is on its maiden voyage, having just flash-jumped from Saturn Space Station X-1a to a nearby star system - one that exists in the same location but on a different frequency to humanity’s Solar System.

The Interdimensional Coalition Spacecraft Stellar Flash materialized and swung into orbit around a non-descript brown and purple planet. The ship’s dark triangular shape crowned with a silver sphere made it look more like a floating piece of decadent chocolate rather than a top-of-the-line frequency research vessel ready for first contact.

Captain Victoria Heartness strode purposely along the main corridor, but stopped to look at herself for a moment in the reflection of the dissolvable door to the bridge. Blue jacket, tight pants, nothing out of place. She was slightly overweight for her late 40s, but she put that down to the long-term effects of her previous desk job. Maybe I’ll get some nanites to work on those hips for me. Her short blonde hair cropped tightly and pointing directly along her chin line was the latest in hairstyles. Even so, the only one that would be able to appreciate it was herself.

She was the only human on board.

Then again, she looked forward to some speed-grow when she finished this mission to get back to having long hair again.

She humphed and shook her head. The ship had just shifted to a higher frequency, and she was getting a bit sleepy, as things had become slightly dreamlike. Her mind began shifting back to her younger days, and she shook her head again. Focus!

She took a sharp breath, dissolved the door, then stomped into the spherical bridge area. This is it. The last mission. But her first on the Stellar Flash.

Then she took another breath as she saw on the surround screen what was outside the ship. The 360-degree view had been dimmed to ensure the binary red and yellow suns in the foreground didn’t white out the entire bridge, and the view was so clear it was almost like everything was made of glass.

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