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The Hydrofluorons

Of Krakon 7

Science Fiction Weekly #14

Short Reads Series


By Neil A. Hogan

Published by Maldek House © 2018-2019

All Rights Reserved

SmashWords Edition

Names, characters, places, businesses, products, situations and events portrayed in this title are fictitious, and any similarities to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. No part of this release may be transmitted or reproduced in any form without the express permission of the author and publisher, except for fair use in relation to reviews.

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The Hydrofluorons of Krakon 7

By Neil A. Hogan

Captain Dravo Catalyn, Knight Commander of the Interstellar Trade Negotiation Table, was unceremoniously thrown against the wall as his interplanetary Legion Star shuttle was struck from the right side.

“Fields!” he yelled shakenly. The A.I reacted immediately, and he felt the low vibration of repulsion fields activate, surrounding his ship in a torus of protective energy.

He quickly crossed the wide cabin, skirted the ornate wooden meeting table, stomped back to his seat, buckled himself in, then tapped his artificial left ear for updates.

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