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Salvaging Outer Space” – Azrik Richards’s New Partner Journal

Based on “Salvaging Outer Space” movie novelization by Author & Director, Kenny Carpenter. Look for it online! It is a full read!

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Azrik Richard’s New Partner Journal:

“Is this thing even on? Yep, there we go! Well, what shall I say here? I helped Paul Laruge gain key information for a couple successful missions while he was aboard another salvage ship. It went well enough to see he and I could make things run smoother and more profitable. He challenged a bit of authority, which that Captain allowed, and it paid off. It impressed me. He also showed plenty of taking orders, at least from my standpoint listening in, as Laruge was just filling in temporarily and he let me record most of his experience. I only used audio, so I could get to the basics of what I wanted to know. He knows the ins and outs of most of these junk ships and does things more traditionally. He seems to have some trust issues, as terms of our agreements on things leave most decision making all on his shoulders, rather than mine. I need a break of making too many decisions, anyways, so if he says he’s got it, I’ll stay cool about things. For me, though, it isn’t that I worry about his own decisions, it is more about the situations out there. I have more data about the realities of the salvage business than he does, yet he has the hands on experience from the whole scope of it.

There is common ground, yet plenty of complexities to each side of the business. I run a whole network of astrologers, buyers, sellers, official Earth Government connects, and black market wholesalers. The depths of depravity I have to deal with would make most heads in this business spin. The line between what is legal and illegal in salvaging outer space is vast as the stars themselves. I’m glad this recording uses Quantum Encryption, so this never gets out.

Well, the good news is that we have purchased a ship, yet to be named. I’m not well knowledgeable in the space craft needed, as that is more Paul Laruge’s area, but he knows how to make a small operation look and work like a large one. We pick the ship up next week with a tow vessel. I would normally hire another local salvage ship to tow, but I don’t need competition getting their hands on our ship. Laruge suggested it before I got the chance to bring it up. The ship will need a lot of work, and that will cost some, but this is one hundred times cheaper than buying a new state-of-the-art ship, and will pay itself off in no time.

I’ve already lined up a few eventual salvages to start off on, in our own solar system, one that I informed him of already. He will do the hiring of his crew and overall dishing out of shares, which saves me a lot of work keeping track of people, as I already have plenty of mouths to feed. I’m the backup, if he dies out there, which he will have crew contracts stored with me. I guess I won’t be going on too many physical missions, then. Who needs to go out there when you can see the bigger picture from my home office on Mars?

I thought I’d be done and retired, but I’m still young, and the game still has wiggle room to make a buck. This partnership will bring new possibilities that I haven’t even dreamt of yet. Like anything, I expect it to take time to get its footing, but once we’ve got the kinks worked out, we will be one of the best salvage operations out there. If not, well, the investment is at least worth the try.

Now, I have to figure out where to find this list of parts known to need replacing or installed, before we actually get our hands on this ship. Plasma based weaponry? He can’t be serious. This is coming out of the entertainment portion of funding, as this looks like overkill to me. Oh no, not Holoplane tech. Not yet! Once Laruge proves a few missions, we’ll talk about it. Why can’t he just use watered down Artificial Intelligence like most do? They finally found what got that under control back when AI tried to take over everything in its infancy. I told him General AI was safe to use, but he insisted on Narrow AI only. Well, to get a new AI system would cost too much, anyway, so let him use the existing systems if he wants.

Well….time for a dinner meeting, so that’s it for this footnote in my timeline of existence. If advanced aliens ever find this, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. Here on in, I get the leads, and Laruge closes them, once the ship is up and running.”

This journal entry is a prequel backstory to the movie novelization of “Salvaging Outer Space”.

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