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Kingdoms End II

‘What cannot be killed’



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The Versall solar system is home to a large sun with five planets revolving around it. The planets in order of their proximity from the sun, from the closest to the farthest are Huberg, Manroh, Voon, Setuh and Guurjey.

Planets Huberg and Manroh are close to each other, same with Voon and Setuh. These two sets of close-proximity planets are slightly far from one another, but not as far as the fifth planet, Guurjey. Guurjey is very far from the other four and quite different from them.

All five planets were once inhabited by different races: humans, elves, Vinish, fairies and many others. These inhabitants had once travelled between the worlds. Races were spread out between all worlds and repeated throughout most of them. The creatures of this solar system had once lived their lives as any other people would, then came the introduction of the Keltoid race, or "Mantis men" into their worlds from a galaxy far from their own.

PROLOGUE (The Versall worlds are today)

Ten years have gone by since that day when the Mantis men struck four of the five planets simultaneously.

Today, all Versall worlds are occupied by the mantis men, except Guurjey. Guurjey is surrounded by a magical wall, like some sort of force field. The force field keeps out all vessels or persons with ill intentions towards the planet. The wall is the fruit of someone's mind and power, but who? The source of the force field is unknown and while the races of Guurjey are glad to have it, the Mantis men are frustrated by it. It has been fondly tagged "The Guurjey wall."

While Guurjey is the sanctuary for all races, the mantis men dominate and have already began settling into two of the other four planets. On the other two of the four planets, they face resistance; a tough one on Setuh and an even tougher one on Manroh. The resistance on planet Manroh is intense as its inhabitants and the spirit of the planet refuse to let the mantis men settle in. The resistance on planet Setuh is not as large as what the planet, Manroh, is doing, but the mantis men fear it more than they do the great powers they face on Manroh for there is something the Setuh resistance possesses which troubles the "Master race" greatly.

It has been ten years since the mantis men came to claim the Versall worlds. Majority of the races live on Guurjey now; millions of refugees from the other four planets included. Life is not at all what it used to be. The nations of Guurjey do very well to maintain stability, but there is always that fear in every living being's mind.....WHAT HAPPENS IF THE GUURJEY WALL COMES DOWN?!!

Chapter ONE

Planet: Guurjey

A beautiful lady was seated behind an ornate office desk in about the largest office anybody ever had. The ceiling was 40ft high and it entailed a library, conference table, lounging area and a mighty piano seated on top a massive dais. There were paintings, photographs were only of family members; all long dead and gone now. The lady at the desk had on a long, green, cotton shirt and black, leather trousers which disappeared into boots of white wool. The designs on the clothing were most beautiful and she who donned them was equally beautiful. She had long, black hair with a strip of white in it and her skin was of a very creamy chocolate colour. She was currently engrossed in a piece of document in her left hand.

On the wall behind the desk and above the lady's head were two very large portraits; one of her beautiful mother, late Lady Claire Berron and the other was of her father, late Lord Gregor Haavik who'd given his life to save his only child.

There was a knock on the door, followed by its gently swinging open and letting in a fine man who was ever so dear to the pretty lady's heart.

"Lizzy, if I might have a word," requested the man politely.

"You may tell me whatever you wish, Master Linus," said the lady at the desk who'd been referred to as "Lizzy."

"Where would I be without you?" she added and the man smiled.

The man, Linus Chase, had changed little in ten years. He aged well and retained much of his earlier appearance. Lizzy on the other hand, or Lizandra Haavik, as most knew her, had changed gracefully over the last ten years. She was not a child anymore, but a very beautiful woman of twenty-five.

Lizandra got to her feet as Linus made his way to the desk. She was 5ft 10'', slim, but very curvy. Her body was firm from all the training she'd been undergoing since arriving the Queendom of Amneh's capital city ten years ago. Her hips, her butt, her bust; all perfectly shaped, curved and rounded.

Lizzy walked around the desk to come and stand before it, facing the approaching man.

"I am so proud of you, child," Linus said as he came to a halt five feet away from the lady. "Once an innocent, little girl who could barely defend herself. Now, Lady Haavik, the last of the Haaviks and sole administrator of the entire Haavik wealth. Just ten years on Guurjey and you already have your family's businesses spread out all over the planet. You are the wealthiest woman on Guurjey and have greatly surpassed all who came before you. I am very honoured to serve you, my lady."

"Oh stop the flattery, Master Linus," Lizzy spoke with a little laugh. "I know this is not why you have come here today."

"I am here to discuss something which you and I have discussed severally and I believe you have put aside long enough," Linus stated, his countenance turning to one of utter seriousness now.

Lizzy rolled her eyes as she knew exactly what Linus spoke of. "I have said it before and only because it is you will I say it again, Master Linus. I will marry when the time is right and only I shall know that time, none other."

"You are twenty five, my girl," said Linus. "Your father wanted you to continue the Haavik name. Have children, my girl. You need not even marry any man, just lie with him, have children and that will be that. Have three, or four children and they need not even be from the same man."

"Are you asking me to turn a prostitute?" Lizzy asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"What I am saying is that I do not care how you get the children, just get them," Linus replied. "Your father told me to take care of you and see to it that House Haavik continues. I heard of something some magicians are doing for ladies these days. They somehow introduce a male gamete into a lady and she gets pregnant. You need not lie with any man. You can do this procedure if you wish. Just say the words and I’ll have it all set up."

"I’m going to have children, Master Linus, but not by any unnatural means," Lizzy stated. "I will find a man who loves me and I love him too. We shall or shan't wed; I'm not sure which, but I will have children with him and they will bear my family's name. My father gave his life to save me and did not even have to die. Those mantis men were not half the man my father was, but I refused to leave, so he dropped his hand and let them kill him. He did it to save me and all he ever wanted was to see House Haavik continue. I will not fail him, but you should trust me when I say so, Master Linus."

"I understand," Linus replied with a humble tone.

"Besides, my father gave Marco our family's name and said that if I find his sisters and lover here on Guurjey, to give them our last name too. That would make us four Haaviks ladies, but I have been searching and they are a lot harder to find than I expected. If you truly wish to see House Haavik grow, then find me ladies Tenna, Meliss and Amishaa and see how we go from one to four family members just like that."

"I made the enquiries and found that the space vessel your father had given them with which to get here, was sold to a wealthy lady of this very Queendom in the financial capital, Zerba, one lady Reina Pessalis. I spoke to the lady, but she says that after selling her the vessel, the ladies went off and gave her no more than their names," Linus explained.

"You already told me that story before, Master Linus," Lizzy stated. "We need results and not excuses."

There was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?!" Lizzy asked aloud.

"Rosa, my lady!!' came the reply from outside the door. The voice was a strong, female one.

"Finally!!" Lizzy exclaimed. "Please do enter!"

The door opened and a lady entered the giant hall of an office.

"Finally, Rosa?" Lizzy spoke. "What news do you bring?"

The new entrant came to stand where Linus once stood, while he now went to stand next to Lady Haavik.

"My lady," said the new woman with a small bow to Lizzy. "Master Linus," she said next, bowing to the man. Once she was done with the salutations, she stood upright and though she'd been in Lady Haavik's employ for the last three years, Linus still found her appearance to his distaste.

Her name was Rosa Krennin. She was a lady of twenty eight, a very good fighter and a very rough character. She had her head shaved with exemption of one three inch wide mass of black hair which ran down the center of her head, forming a low Mohawk. The most outstanding thing about Rosa were her tattoos which glowed a dull blue and covered all of her skin, except her face, palms, ears and sole of her feet. Even the shaved portions of her head had tattoos on them. All the tattoos were of weapons and actually were weapons. She had 200 tattoos in all, thus, 200 weapons.

Lady Haavik had hired Rosa as her personal trainer three years ago. The two ladies had bonded very well, so Rosa was retained as a personal guard afterwards. Rosa was as loyal, respectful and loving towards Lady Lizandra; just as Linus had been towards her father, Lord Greg Haavik. The only difference was that the men had been like brothers, while Rosa and Lizzy kept their relationship more professional. Rosa was good, but her rough dressing and manner did not sit well with many. She was currently dressed in a black, sleeveless top with a white, leather jacket whose sleeves were made of large-hole netting that showed off the blue tattoos on her arms.

“My lady, I just got off the phone with the excavation team in the Sheran dry-lands and they are still reporting an absence of any creatures in that section of the wild lands. They are requesting permission to push further down the Sheran vein and mine where no other company has dared to mine before,” Rosa explained.

“Attacks in and around the Sheran mining vein has claimed claimed tens and hundreds of lives each year for many years, but in the last three, it has not claimed up to twenty combined,” Linus stated, rubbing his jaw. “Something is amiss.”

“We should just be happy the wild lands are becoming safer, Master Linus,” Lizzy spoke.

“With the Guurjey wall up there and the Mantis men’s vessels just on the other side, we need to be suspicious of everything that happens,” Linus stated.

“True,” Rosa agreed with him.

“I agree also, but I am just happy to hear that more people get to mine the Sheran vein and return to their families safe and sound,” Lizzy stated.

“And if the beasts and monsters out there are holding back for a reason and one day, they all return?” Rosa asked coldly.

Lizzy opened her mouth to speak, but shut it again.

“Tell the engineers that Lady Haavik does not permit any going past the normal perimeters of the Sheran vein,” Linus told Rosa.

“You agree to this, Lady Haavik?” the other woman asked Lizzy, looking at her.

“Of course I agree with it!” Lizzy said sharply. “Money can be recuperated, but not human lives.”

“But other companies are expanding outside the normal mining perimeters of the vein,” Rosa informed her. “They are reaching out and claiming more of the vein. Even Pessalis Transport Company has bought into a small mining company and are now going past the perimeters.”

“We have the prospective deal with the Lydobek corporation, Lizzy, we do not need to take risks in any sector of the Haavik group of companies,” Linus told her.

“Lydobek handles interplanetary journeys and space expeditions. With the Mantis men sitting out there, I do not see how useful it is to invest in them,” Rosa stated.

“We are investing in Lydobek to assist them in getting more aid vessels off the planet to assist survivors and resistance groups on Manroh and Setuh!” Linus snapped.

“Also, when we our vessels touch down on those planets, we will have the access to mine minerals no one else is touching. The resistances and survivors can only use so much. The rest comes back with Lydobek,” he added in a more controlled voice now.

“So you want House Haavik investing in a company which satisfies its own greedy needs while pretending to give a damn about the survivors on other planets?” Rosa asked him.

“You would not understand the mechanics of business as you are nothing but a simple mercenary, a cutthroat,” Linus spat, then stormed off towards the door.

“Master Linus?” Lizzy called.

The man ignored her and kept walking.

“Master Linus, please just wait and hear me out,” the woman said in a soft voice, but still, Linus ignored her.

He got to the doors and pulled one open.

“Linus Chase, will you turn and listen to me!!!” Lizzy barked now and the man turned to face her now.

“I understand we will make profit investing in Lydobek, but my primary target is helping them send more vessels to the survivors, not make money drilling rare minerals from the occupied planets!” she snapped.

“And you,” she said, looking at Rosa. “You two need to get along. You are the only things comparable to family I have left and I cannot have you bickering like gambling dwarves.”

”Now, everyone out of my office!!” she barked and Linus exited the room, while Rosa walked casually towards the doors.

Lizzy watched the woman until she was out the door, then she sat down on the desk and fondled a transparent ring on her left ring finger. It was a gift from her father, the only one he ever gave her.

“Oh, Father, what do I do with these two?” she murmured.


Inside the city of Zerba, the commercial capital of the Queendom, Amneh, Lady Reina Pessalis was seated on her large bed inside her even larger mansion. She had the sheets around her and a hand held device in one hand. She read the texts on the screen with such seriousness. The woman was fifty-five years of age today. She looked barley forty though. Her beauty defied age at every point in time.

The double doors to her bedroom suddenly burst open and her four children walked in, the youngest of them, Anne, carrying a cake in her hands.

“Happy birthday, Mother!!” the children yelled as they approached the bed.

Lady Reina smiled at the children as they approached her. They were all grown. The eldest and the fierce authoritative one, Merith was thirty-six, Quiet, gentle, loving Vira was thirty-one. Rough, boyish and the youngest of them, Anne, was twenty-eight and the man of the family, everyone’s favorite sibling and Reina Pessalis favorite of her children, Pascal, was thirty-two. All four had aged well and their red hairs, like their mothers, gleamed under the lights of the impressive bedroom.

“Oh my children,” said Reina as the adult children gathered around her bed, Merith and Anne sitting on one side while Pascal and Vira sat on the other.

Anne placed the cake on her laps as she sat beside her mother.

“Oh I am most beautiful at fifty-five,” said Lady Reina. “All my children are with me and smart enough to not be tethered down by the bonds of marriage.”

“Mother, we wished to marry. Twas you who drove away all our suitors and even the ladies Pascal brought home,” Vira stated. The Girl had grown very beautiful. Her red hair was done into a braid which fell down the front of her left shoulder. Her glasses made her look exotic and sophisticated.

“I only drove them away because they all wanted nothing more than to break up this family, divide us and dominate our assets,” the mother stated.

“Or they just love us and wushed to spend the rest of their loves with us,” Vira stated.

“I for one have no intent of marrying any man who will come into my life and try to dictate what I can and cannot do,” Merith spoke. The woman was tall and almost a spitting image of her mother. She wore her red hair long.

“I just doubt any man can handle me,” Anne stated. “I am too much for any man, or woman.” Anne was still pretty and even at twenty-eight, she still behaved like a tomboy. Her hair was cut short and she had purple strips fixed in it.

“That is enough,” Pascal told his sisters. “Today is mother’s birthday and that is all we should be bothered about.”

Reina smiled and looked at her children.

“I have more good news, mother,” Merith spoke. “Our new partners in the mining company have agreed to begin mining the Sheran vein outside the normal perimeters.”

“I was not so much in support of it, but Merith's vote combined with those of the other board members defeated my opinion” said Pascal.

“My team and I defeat your team all the time because you and your supporters are pacifists and pacifism does not work in our line of business,” Merith stated.

“I had plans and projections which would see the business progress without risking our staff out in the wild lands.”

Lady Reina watched the children argue with a smile on her face. Her children were talking and behaving like business moguls and that made her most proud.

“The wild lands around the Sheran vein are safe now, thus we must expand and utilize. Why keep mining where everyone else is when we can be mining a new region which we can lay claim to in time?” Merith asked Pascal.

“The wild lands were always dangerous and now, they are suddenly safe without any explanation for the occurrence. That is something to be feared, not exploited,” Pascal stated.

“Perhaps the beasts just decided the population around the vein was becoming too much, thus they decided to leave and hunt elsewhere,” Merith suggested.

“Beasts will leave the Sheran vein which was their prime hunting ground and just suddenly opt to go elsewhere with no explanation whatsoever?” Pascal asked. “We have fought these creatures for years and they always won, yet for no reason, they just leave and we wish to just grow lax?”

“We send high security with the mining teams, Pascal!” Merith told him.

“And these high security will be able to stop a pack of sixty feet, twenty-one ton Preza raptors?” Vira asked Merith this time.

Lady Rein looked at Vira's face now that she joined the argument.

“Oh the great pacifist speaks,” Merith said in a mocking tone. “You are a Pessalis, Vira. Our family is known for Wealth and Power, not love and concern.”

“Some love and concern would not kill us, would it?” Vira asked her sister.

“We should end this now before it escalates,” Pascal spoke, but the women ignored him.

“I grow tired of your self-righteousness, Vira,” said Merith. “You always behave as though you are too good for anything, like you can never be judged, but I tell you now that no one is perfect and if we do not work to make this money, then others shall do so and while we use our money for some good in the community, those others will not do the same.”

“Sometimes, I just wish I could get away from this family for awhile,” Vira stated.

“Oh I agree with you there, sister,” Anne said with a nonchalant tone of voice. “I want to take a break from the family sometimes, though not for the same reasons as you.”

“Well, Vira, I would like to take break from your righteousness also, so all you need do is say the word and I will organize a two year vacation for you,” Merith told her sister.

“Please say yes,” she added.

“Mother, please stop them now,” Pascal told his mother.

“None of my children is leaving my side, so talk all you wish, but none if you leaves this city without my say-so,” Lady Reina stated.

“That would be easier if Vira was not always feeling so above everyone else,” Merith murmured.

“I take no joy in fighting, so I will not reply that,” Vira stated.

“You already did,” Merith told her.

“Did not,” Vira argued.

“You would not know it because you are so daft,” Merith told her.

“I refuse to exchange hurtful words with you,” Vira told her.

“You are terribly annoying,” Merith stated.

“That is enough!” Lady Reina snapped.

Anne leaned her head against her mother’s shoulder, pinched a piece of the chocolate cake and licked it off her fingers.

“Happy birthday, mother,” she told the woman.

“Every time in my life two of my children are doing what I want and the other two are not, why?” Lady Reina soliloquized.

“Happy birthday, Mother,” Anne told her again, kissing her cheek this time.


On the outskirts of Zerba stood the headquarters of Lemunia, an average-scale fashion house. The building of the business was a two storey structure on a small fenced in compound. The walls were a blend of bright pink and white and the entire lower front wall was made of glass. Inside the building sat two of the three owners, Tenna and Amisha.

Tenna stood before a huge, white sewing machine which was operated by a keyboard rather than pedals, or wheels. The materials were fed into the machine, then while the tailor watched through a glass screen, he/she typed in the commands and the machine did the rest. It seemed easy, but it took great expertise to know how to properly direct the machine. Most in the fashion businesses still preferred using old model sewing machines.

Amisha was seated on one of the short sofas facing the glass wall of the building, a wondering look in her eyes and a smile on her face. The lady had changed in the ten years they had been here. She was thirty-one now and as beautiful as before.

Tenna herself had not seemed to age one bit. She looked the same as before, a young curvy, red-skinned lady who wore little clothing and excess ornaments as all fairies did. She was twenty-eight, but still looked eighteen. Her race aged too slowly.

Tenna looked away from the machine for awhile and noticed how still her friend was sitting.

“Amishaa?” she called in her smooth voice which had not changed either over the years.

Amisha who was obviously lost in her thoughts, did not hear Tenna call her.

“Amisha?” Tenna called again, but still got no reply.

The fairy smiled and walked towards the sofa now, her bejeweled one piece swimsuit catching the sunlight from different angles through the glass wall. She had gotten a nose ring and two rings over her left eye. Her white hair was done into a two-level bun on top her head and her pointed ears were adorned with rings of gold and silver.

“Amisha?” Tenna called, placing a hand on the woman’s shoulder now.

Amishaa shook with shock and looked up at Tenna.

“Oh, hello, Tenna, are you done with the shirts?” she asked with a smile.

“You seemed lost in your thoughts,” Tenna told her, sitting down on the backrest of the sofa.

“Oh yes, I was just thinking.”

“You looked happy,” Tenna told her. “What thoughts could make my in-law so happy? The business is not exactly doing well as we hoped.”

“The business is doing as well as a fashion house can do during an invasion, Tenna,” Amisha said, raising a hand to her shoulder and squeezing the fairy’s which was still there.

“Meliss and I had such grand plans for this business, but now, Lemunia is just another average fashion house,” Tenna said with a sad voice.

“We have each other and these ten years have been good to us,” Amisha stated.

“Oh well I agree with you, but please do tell me what has you so happy so I may share in your happiness,” the fairy spoke, placing both hands on Amisha’s shoulders and massaging them.

Amisha laughed.

“Do you think you need to bribe me with a massage before I tell you why I am so happy?” she asked. “Is watching the beautiful sunset from here not enough to make me happy?”

“Amisha, there is afence around the compound, thus you cannot see the sunset from here,” Tenna stated.

“If you ask me, I’d say your joy comes from thoughts of Marco,” she added.

“Marco?” Amishaa asked, her smile fading, but Tenna could not see it.

“Yes, Marco. You must be thinking of all the kisses you two shared and all the times you made love while Meliss and I had to listen, because you two could not stay silent and Marco would not let us walk away from the camp for fear of something happen to us.” Tenna laughed at the memories.

“Yes, Marco was very caring,” Amishaa spoke, then let out a sigh.

“So, your life-watch spell. Has it ever flickered, even once?” she asked.

“It has not, but all the time before the Guurjey wall appeared around the planet, it worked fine and I could feel Marco’s pulse in my heart,” Tenna explained.

She lowered one of her hands to Amisha’s chest and felt her pulse.

“It was just like yours,” she said softly.

Amishaa shut her eyes and let out a breath.

“Tenna, can I tell you something?” she asked.

“Anything,” Tenna replied, lifting her hands up to the woman’s shoulders once more and resuming her massage.

“It has been ten years and your life-watch spell going off could be as a result of the Guurjey wall, or it could mean Marco……” Amisha saw the gate to the compound slide open and a wide, black motorbike rolled into the compound and she stopped mid-sentence.A thick, glass screen covered the top of the bike, thus the meters and the rider also.

“Meliss is back,” Amisha said.

“Go on with what you were saying,” Tenna told her.

“No, I’d rather we hear what the client finally agreed on for her wedding,” she replied, rising from the sofa.

The glass over the motorbike folded shut and the rider got off. It was Meliss and she was breathtaking. The eighteen year old girl from Setuh had grown into an extremely beautiful twenty-eight year old woman, but she was still the ruffian she always was. Her beautiful face just reeled men in so she could kick them away. She wore a set of leather clothes; jacket, pants and boots. Her black hair was tied into a long ponytail which ended halfway down her back.

“She never wears her helmet, no matter how many times I say to,” Tenna murmured as she watched Meliss walk into the shop.

“She does not look happy,” Amisha noted.

“She never looks happy,” Tenna stated.

The glass door of the building slid open and Meliss walked in.

“Those stupid, rich people!!” she snapped.

“What happened?” Amisha asked, standing before the sofa, while Tenna sat on the backrest.

“The woman said her idiot rich daughter decided to use a big fashion house instead of ours!” Meliss replied, walking to the front counter and punching it.

Tenna got off the chair now.

“Wait, they cancelled the project?!” she asked, shocked.

“They said we were not big enough, but they liked our styles so we would compensate us with some money and a promise of future deals,” Meliss explained.

“What stupid future deals?!” Tenna snapped. “The wedding is where the big pay and advertisment will be gotten!”

“At least we will be compensated,” Amisha stated.

“Damn their compensation!!” Meliss snapped. “I told her to keep it and promised that if she ever crossed that gate again, I would execute that stupid daughter of hers and her entire blasted family!!”

“You said that?” Amisha asked her.

“I normally would not support the violent threats, but this one is so hurtful!” Tenna stated.

“This fashion house is not working as well as we imagined,” Meliss spoke. “For the last ten years, we have struggled to bring it this far and we put all the money Marco gave us into it. Things are not going as we hoped and I grow tired of it.”

“Lemunia would survive if Guurjey was not surrounded by Mantis men vessels,” Amisha explained, sitting down on the sofa once more.

Meliss sat down on the floor now, her back against the front counter.

“Tis times like this which make me wish we never stopped working for the Blue hand,” she murmured. “We had the money, the power, the skills and……..” she lowered her voice as she said, “we had Marco.”

Tenna’s face fell at the mention of their brother’s name. She walked over to the counter and sat on the floor beside her sister.

“I miss him so much,” Meliss murmured.

“So do I, but we need to be strong and know that returning to being assassins is not the answer,” Tenna told her, leaning her head on her Meliss’ shoulder.

Amisha looked at the others and she felt a pang of guilt.

“I did get us a new client though, but it’s nothing too big,” Meliss murmured now

“We should celebrate the little victories,” Amisha told her.

“We have kept the business open and functional for the last ten years, surely that must count for something,” Tenna added. “Marco would be proud of us.”

“Speaking of Marco, I was thinking of something on my way here and I was still undecided on the matter, but now, I finally have a decision,” Meliss spoke.

“What were you thinking of?” Tenna asked her.

Meliss gently pushed her sister’s head off her shoulder and rose to her feet.

“I have decided that as long as there is a resistance on Setuh, then there is every possibility Marco yet lives and I want to go back to Setuh.”

“What?!” Amisha asked, shocked by Meliss’ words.

“Tenna’s life-watch spell stopped being active only a few days after we crossed the Guurjey wall and that means Marco could still be alive, but the wall is disrupting the connection,” Meliss stated.

“That is foolishness,” Amisha stated, rising to her feet now. “Marco is dead. The connection was not cut immediately after we crossed the wall, but lasted a few more days.We cannot continue fooling ourselves and especially not act on mere suspicions.”

“Tomorrow, I am going out to make enquiries about a jet to Setuh,” Meliss stated. “I am not forcing anyone to follow me, but I am not letting anyone stop me from going either.”

Amisha looked at Tenna who just sat quietly on the floor.

“Tenna say something here,” she told the fairy. “Tell your sister this is a suicide mission and a very stupid idea.”

“I cannot,” Tenna replied.

“What?!” Amisha asked.

“I cannot tell her anything because I have thought this very same thing over and over again so any times and I was undecided also, but hearing Meliss say it has finally helped me make up my mind,” Tenna explained. “I wish to go and see for sure if my brother is dead.”

“Living or dead, Marco would not want either of you to do this!” Amsiha complained. “He went after that man’s child to help us get the vessel to take us off Setuh. He did it to save us and now, you want to go and die? Go and make his sacrifice be in vain?”

“I need to know, Amisha,” Tenna told her.

“It is not as though our business here is doing so perfectly well,” Meliss added.

“And even if it was, I would still long to know for certain what happened to Marco,” she added.

“I cannot believe you ladies are saying this,” Amsiha said, shaking her head in disbelief. She walked further into the store, a door sliding open to let her tough, then sliding shut after her.

“She must be afraid of finding out Marco is dead and having to mourn him all over again,” Tenna said in a soft voice.

“True, but we need to know if Marco is actually dead, or if he yet lives,” Meliss stated.

“The world outside Guurjey is not safe at all,” Tenna spoke. “We could get killed before we even make it to Setuh.”

“At least we will be able to say that we tired,” Meliss told her squatting down and opening her hand before the fairy.

“Sisters?” she asked.

Tenna looked at her sister’s beautiful face. She was always so passionate about things that had to do with family. She as the toughest woman the fairy knew, but also the most loyal.

Tenna raised a gold-ring-laden hand and clasped Meliss’

“Sisters,” she said with a smile.


Planet: Manroh

Geffin Lorion rose from the log on which he had fallen asleep. He looked around him and the campsite was the same as last night; a clearing in the woods with a small tent on one side, a log beside the fire to serve as a bench. The sun was up now. It was a cool morning and the winds shook the leaves of the trees around.

Geffin rose to his feet, a fine specimen of Elven royalty. His long pointed ears stuck out from his blonde hair. He was shirtless and his body was impressive. He wasn’t thickly built; hardly any elf was. He was slim, but fit and his arms and torso were covered in tight muscles and abs. His face was so handsome and merely by the way he stood, one could guess that he was royalty. Yes, Geffin was royalty, but his elfhelm had fallen to the Mantis men. He was a king without a crown, or a kingdom; had been that way for the last ten years.

The Front flaps of the green tent were parted and the beautiful fairy princess Heta Riksen of the Fairuna of Popplop emerged. She was the same blue-skinned beauty she had always been and just like Geffin, she did not seem to have aged one bit. Both their races aged terribly slowly as they lived incredibly long. The fairy still looked nineteen and the elf, about twenty-three, though both were actually forty and nine-nine years of age respectively.

Geffin looked at the fairy who just like him was royalty, but a queen without a crown, or kingdom. She was currently dressed in a green leather shirt over the pant she wore below. She was a fairy, they were known for dressing in little and wearing a lot of jewelry. Her feet were bare, but she had several golden bands along her left leg and on her face, she had a nose ring which had a chain that ran from it, all the way to one of her big earrings.

“You took my shirt, princess?” Geffin asked with a smile.

“You did’nt seem to be making use of it,” she replied, standing before the tent and looking around the camp. “You had it off and laying next to you on the log. I was cold and needed it, thus I took it.”

“If we had not given our blankets and fur coats to those people, you would not have needed my shirt to keep warm,” Geffin stated.

“Those people were poor Vinish survivors on their way to the cold Dier mountains to get away from the fighting. They had children with them and needed the blankets and coats more than we who are travelling through the woods.”

As she spoke, Heta pulled off the shirt and underneath, she wore nothing. Her small, firm breasts were exposed.

“Oh dear!” Geffin said, turning away immediately. “I apologize. I did not know you were naked underneath.”

“Do relax, Geffin. We have fought and travelled together for ten years. Surely my nakedness means nothing to you now. You watch the area while I bath and I would do the same for you, but your stubborn Elven pride never lets you get naked before me.”

She tossed the shirt at the elf as she spoke and walked towards the tree line around the camp. The shirt landed on Geffin's head and he slowly pulled it down, making sure to not look at the fairy.

“You act as you wish and I will act as I do,” he said, walking to his bags and squatting before them.

“I shall see what we have left for breakfast today,” he said as he opened one of the bags and looked through its contents. “I believe there might be some......” He stopped mid-sentence and perked his ears up.

Heta noticed the elf had stopped talking, so she turned to face him. She found him with a serious look on his face and his hand on the hand of his sword which hung at his left side.

“I hear fighting,” the elf spoke, rising up now and moving towards the edge of the camp opposite where Heta stood.

“I am coming with you,” she told him.

“You most certainly are,” he told her, as he stopped at the edge of the camp, “but not without a shirt and boots.”

Heta retreated into the tent and by the time she emerged with a silver bra and a pair of snake skin boots on, she too could hear the sound of swords striking each other now.

“Come along,” said Geffin, going in-between the trees now.

Heta hurried after him, carrying with her, a sekarin; a sword very popular among fairies. The Blade of the sword is curved so it almost touches the pommel of the hand. The sheath of the weapon was often strapped around the blade so all one had to do was pulled the sheath from the weapon and it open to let loose the blade.

The duo went through the woods a short while before coming to two persons who were locked in a heated swordfight. Both were men, both had fair skin, both had blonde hair and both had wings fixed to their backs though one had wings of father and flesh, while the other had wings of scales and tough leathery skin.

“Oh tis just them,” Geffin said with a sigh of relief as he removed his hand from his sword. Heta stopped beside him.

“Trogat and Borog,” she spoke.

“We should leave them before they drag us into their madness,” the elf suggested in a hushed voice, grabbing Heta's arm and trying to pull her away, but she stood firm.

“I say we intercede before they kill each other,” she stated.

“Have you not heard of these two races?” Geffin asked her, keeping his voice low.

“They hate each other, but can they truly keep it up when there is a general enemy now in the persons of the Mantis men?” the fairy wondered.

“As you can clearly see, they can keep it up,” Geffin replied, pointing at the fighting men. “Now, let us please leave before they see us.”

“I say we mediate,” Heta spoke.

“Princess, we are not royalty anymore. Our kingdoms have fallen. We owe nothing to anyone anymore; especially not to Trogats and Borogs.”

“I do not need a crown, or a Fairuna to do the right thing, Geffin,” the lady said with irritation.

Geffin let out a sigh.

“You are correct,” he admitted. “I do not know what is wrong with me. We have travelled alone so long, I have forgotten the ways of our people. To care for those who are ignored and love those who have no love.”

“My people do not live by such a doctrine, but I am glad to hear yours do,” Heta told him with a smile.

“They did,” Geffin corrected her. “They are all gone now.”

“As long as you live, then the race of elves live on, just as my existence means the fairy race lives on,” Heta told him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Geffin stated into her eyes and though they were these almost completely white tings, he could tell emotions through them. Fairies had white eyes, but their white pupils were slightly darker than the corneas.

“You are correct,” he told her, then turned to the fighting men.

“Sirs?!” the elf barked, walking towards the fighters.

The two winged men kept fighting, swinging their swords and ignoring the elf.

“Sirs, I advice you cease the fighting now!” Geffin spoke, drawing his sword now. It was a mexa-sharub; a type of sword native to the Elvish race. The swords were made how the hand of the weapon was at least half the length of the blade.

As Geffin drew close to the fighters, two balls of white energy suddenly sailed past him from behind and one struck the ground behind each winged man.

The balls of energy raised dirt and caused both the winged men and Geffin to stop moving.

The men looked past Geffin, their eyes resting on Heta who stood with another white ball of energy floating above each hand.

“Now that I have your attentions,” Geffin said, “I would like to ask why we are fighting ourselves when there are Mantis men to fight against.”

“I heard there was a Borog scum who went by the same last name as me and I came searching for him,” said the man with the white feather wings.

“This Trogat beast approached me and demanded my last name which I told him and he suddenly told me I had to either denounce my name, or he would kill me,” said the man with the leathery wings. He looked slightly younger than the other fellow. Both looked to be in their late twenties, or early thirties and were equally handsome.

“You are fighting over a last name?” Heta asked, coming up to the men now.

“An elf and a fairy,” said the Trogat, the fellow with the feathers. “An odd travelling duo.” He admired the fairy as he spoke.

“The last name Verzi is old among my people and I will not change it,” said the Borog. “Especially not for some Trogat beast’s appeasement.”

The Trogat raised his sword again and the Borog did the same.

Geffin raised his own weapon also.

“Enough with the fighting,” he told them.

“What is your name?” Heta asked the Trogat.

“Why would I answer you?” he asked back.

“Because I am looking to make peace, not take sides, or escalate the affair,” she replied.

“Bemnat Verzi,” the Trogat replied now.

“And you are?” she asked the Borog next.

“Lord Selyu Verzi,” he replied.

“Lord my foot,” the Trogat murmured.

“Please, enough of that,” Heta told him.

“Your names are Bemnat and Selyu. In our time travelling across Manroh since the invasion, I am not sure we have seen more than ten Trogats and we have seen no Borogs at all. This means, just like the humans race, your races have been driven to near extinction and yet here you both are, trying to dwindle your numbers even more. Whatever old feud existed between the Trogat and Borogs, it’s time it was forgotten.”

“All I ask is that he denounce the name Verzi!” both men snapped in unison.

“Now, do you see what I meant, princess?” Geffin asked Heta. “Trogats and Borogs fight themselves for the silliest things. They have been at odds for as long as even my race and yours can remember and we are the longest-living of all. We should just leave these two to settle their differences.”

“Princess?” Selyu asked, looking at the fairy.

“I have not seen any royalty since my time among the Tesh and even there, I did not see any fairy royal,” Bemnat stated.

“Wait, you were with the Tesh?!”Geffin asked him, surprised by the news.

“I was,” the Trogat replied.

“Indeed,” said the Borog sarcastically. “All Trogats lie to improve their standing among others.”

“Coming from a Borog, you cannot expect us to believe that,” Geffin stated.

“Please, just tell us where you saw the Tesh,” Heta asked the Trogat.

“I was at a settlement close to Black Rock, the Golem Keep near the Futan hills,” Bemnat explained. “The Golems there came from the city of Velison. They were driven from their home by the Mantis men who have begun developing that place for themselves, but the planet has sent her battalions to disrupt them. I hear it is no easy thing.”

“And the Tesh. Where did you see the Tesh?” Geffin asked.

“Oh yes,” said Bemnat. “They were at the settlement, seeking for royals of any races left over after the first strike.”

“They are searching for royals?” Selyu asked.

“I was not speaking to you, scum!” the Trogat snapped at him.

Geffin shook his head in frustration.

“Why were they looking for the royals?” Heta asked.

“I did not ask,” Bemnat replied. “I was with some Trogat friends and we just happened to see them once. You know how the Tesh like being secretive.”

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