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Alien Biography by Robert Neil Fleischer Alien Biography by Sep. 15, 2017 Free! 19517 words Read a sample
“Alien Biography” is a Science Fiction book that tells through short stories the largest exodus since the dawn of time of an alien civilization, escaping from a universe on the brink of collapse. Dualisms, chaos, conflicts and the eternal recurrence of dilemmas: What is the true origin of Creation? Who are we? What is the meaning of life? Does God exist?
Blink of a Moment by Linda Maye Adams Blink of a Moment by Sep. 15, 2017 $1.99 2397 words Sample 20%
The world stops for Trey Howard, like a camera rewinding and then starting up again. All he wants to is hide in his job as a janitor and pretend like he doesn't exist, like can't make the world blink. Then the government finds him, men who are not affected when the world blinks, and they want to talk to him...
Star Wars: Escape To The Rebellion by Travis Barr Star Wars: Escape To The Rebellion by Sep. 15, 2017 Free! 62402 words Read a sample
Find out just how Star Wars got to The Empire Strikes Back in this thrilling adventure! From Yavin 4 to Ord Mantell to Hoth, it's all here!
The Arc of the Universe: Book Three by Mark Whiteway The Arc of the Universe: Book Three by Sep. 15, 2017 $3.99 73692 words Sample 20%
With the Damise's AI threatening to absorb both the Consensus and the worlds of Earth-controlled space, Quinn must seek out the ancient and powerful Elinare race with the help of his reanimated son and a ragtag band of allies. Loyalties shift and conspiracies abound in this fast moving third instalment!
Minutegirls by George Phillies Minutegirls by Sep. 15, 2017 $3.99 171013 words Sample 25%
Massive space battles! Hand-to-hand combat! Politics! Hot babes with guns! Minutegirls... Nice young women who just want some good clean fun with power armor, plenty of high explosives, and a few cute Minuteboys. It's 2174. From the hills of American Manchuria to the depths of Outer Space, America's Girl Militia battles Franco-German treachery to shield the American Stellar Republic.
Red Team: Strigoi by John O'Brien Red Team: Strigoi by Sep. 15, 2017 $4.99 88040 words Sample 20%
Those monsters that kept you up at night as a child, the ones that made you pull the covers up to your chin and stare into the dark corners to see shadows move. Well, they're real. The Organization, is tasked with keeping the nightmares of myth and legend from invading the public eye. Follow Jack Walker and Red Team as they’re pulled into the shadows to combat creatures of childhood nightmares.
Zwischenzug (Metatron's Army, Book 3) by Elizabeth Maxim Zwischenzug (Metatron's Army, Book 3) by Sep. 15, 2017 $3.99 53964 words Sample 20%
Deciding nothing teaches like experience, Light Being Alexander takes his protégé off-world. Unaware of a traitor in their midst, he leads the key to his race’s salvation straight into a trap. For Christine Baker, the whole destiny mantra has been an eye rolling affair. I mean Chosen One – seriously? When in the clutches of the Iconoclast, she learns there are worse things to face then death.
Relic Worlds: Lancaster James and the Secret of the Padrone Key by Jeff McArthur Relic Worlds: Lancaster James and the Secret of the Padrone Key by Sep. 14, 2017 $2.99 93404 words Sample 20%
Lancaster James is scouring ancient ruins of long lost civilizations on distant planets in search of powerful relics that may unlock the greatest secrets of the galaxy. In this second book of the series, Lancaster is tracking down an important relic of the Milak Shivar that will lead him to an ancient city full of wonder.
Good Luck Earth by John McKenna Good Luck Earth by Sep. 14, 2017 $3.99 165272 words Sample 20%
A time traveller from the 36th century rescues a man from the late 20th century from certain death and thrusts him into the future. Together they must defeat the Siren, a devious and beautiful time manipulator from an alternative future. She has sent a comet hurtling towards a defenceless Earth. In total defiance of all logic a huge neon sign is attached to the comet - Good Luck Earth.
An Act Of Random Thought by Travis Pasch An Act Of Random Thought by Sep. 14, 2017 Free! 6711 words Read a sample
A collection of short stories ranging from plain odd to dark fiction and back to fantasy. Each story is a single thought in a different random day dream. They transport you from ancient Iceland to a future where the fate of mankind hangs in the balance, and, of course, a few places in between.
Fear on The Mountain by Ron Howson Fear on The Mountain by Sep. 14, 2017 $5.99 75036 words Sample 20%
Sheriff Ungher stood in the cold and snow behind his patrol car, loading his weapon, and wondering how he would stop the slaughter he knew was about to come. Patrol cars were already there and more were arriving from the next county over, and he knew he had lost control. To add to it all, another vehicle was approaching, one that he did not expect. It was the remainder of the Brewer family.
Watcher Ghost by Linda Maye Adams Watcher Ghost by Sep. 14, 2017 $2.99 3577 words Sample 20%
Hope Delgado specializes in alien ghosts in space. But her latest mission to a space station is a challenge even for the woman who can talk to ghosts. Because this ghost isn't able to talk to her, and he's escalating his efforts into frightening attacks. Hope thinks he has a warning, but she is running out of time.
Cyborg Heart by Cassandra Pierce Cyborg Heart by Sep. 14, 2017 $0.99 15727 words Sample 20%
Youthful Captain Brent Antiochus is on his first mission with his privately owned cargo ship, The Lady Bountiful, when his crew spots a man-shaped escape pod floating free in space. After retrieving it, they discover a cryogenically frozen man inside. The rescued man calls himself Sirgi Melik, who has no memory of who he is or how he came to be inside the pod. Slowly, he and Brent develop...
Orbital - a collection of sci-fi stories by D L Richardson Orbital - a collection of sci-fi stories by Sep. 13, 2017 $0.99 22570 words Sample 10%
Four short stories by the author of Welcome to the Apocalypse series about time travel, off world battles, space pirates, and genetic engineerings.
The Broken God by David Zindell The Broken God by Sep. 13, 2017 $5.99 281907 words Sample 20%
Book One of the epic trilogy set in Neverness, where all of civilization has converged through the manifold of space travel. Beyond science, beyond decadence, sects and disciplines multiply there. Into its maze of color-coded streets of ice a wild boy stumbles, starving, frostbitten and grieving, a spear in his hand: Danlo the Wild, a messenger from the deep past of man.
Shattered Dreams by Angela White Shattered Dreams by Sep. 13, 2017 $3.99 180261 words
“The future, cold and dark, offers little comfort. Without change, there can be no peace. Only survivors.”
PENUMBRIALS: 01 Penumbra by SciFurz PENUMBRIALS: 01 Penumbra by Sep. 13, 2017 $2.99 19569 words Sample 20%
An attempt is made on both Adalet and Dormin's lives. Knowing they can't return to their normal lives they need to find a place to hide. Terry finds a lead on the attackers which will lead them to someone who might just provide them with a very special way to remain hidden.
PENUMBRIALS: 01 Penumbra (explicit version) by SciFurz PENUMBRIALS: 01 Penumbra (explicit version) by Sep. 13, 2017 $2.99 19760 words Sample 20%
An attempt is made on both Adalet and Dormin's lives. Knowing they can't return to their normal lives they need to find a place to hide. Terry finds a lead on the attackers which will lead them to someone who might just provide them with a very special way to remain hidden.
Whaler by Cora Buhlert Whaler by Sep. 13, 2017 $0.99 6828 words
The premature explosion of a harpoon destroys the spaceship Starbuck III during a whaling expedition in outer space. Accident or sabotage? Hunting space whales is controversial, although they are not intelligent and endanger human colonies. One of the survivors is Billy Baddoff. He doesn't care about politics; he just needs a job. The explosion may change that, if he makes it off the vessel.
S.y.p.h.e.n. by Cortez Law III S.y.p.h.e.n. by Sep. 13, 2017 $0.99 68806 words Sample 14%
Sergeant Major Lincoln Boddies and his Delta Force Operators must stop terrorists from using a Weapon of Mass Destruction and combat a new enemy that could destroy them all.
Newcomer: Chapter 9 by Mike White Newcomer: Chapter 9 by Sep. 13, 2017 Free! 2854 words Read a sample
Cali ventures out of the Breathing Room and further into the forest, where she meets some post-apocalyptic missionaries who have some weird ideas.
Black by Christopher Davis Black by Sep. 13, 2017 $0.99 9313 words Sample 10%
Black is another dark piece of the Dan Bardwell Western story that started with the novel, ‘Ain’t No Law in California’ and continued through ‘Scratches’ and ‘Unholy.’ This story is told more from the point of view of new character, Gustav Quesada—a one-time Benedictine monk.
Origin by Bruce Savage Origin by Sep. 13, 2017 $2.99 41870 words Sample 10%
Mathew Johnson grew up living the life of any mid-western kid. Life on the farm was a life that a kid could look back on with great memories and good times. That is until the night his little brother Taylor was abducted by aliens right before his eyes. Nobody would believe him. Nobody would listen to his story.
Научные исследования и разработки: приоритетные направления и проблемы развития by Professional Science Научные исследования и разработки: приоритетные направления и проблемы развития by Sep. 12, 2017 Free! 71399 words Read a sample
В сборнике научных трудов рассматриваются актуальные вопросы развития экономики, юриспруденции, социологии, истории, педагогики, инноваций и техники, культурологи и и искусства, туризма, философии, лингвистики, медицины, природы и ресурсов по материалам X Международного междисциплинарного форума молодых ученых «Научные исследования и разработки: приоритетные направления и проблемы развития» (10 се
Экономика, управление и финансы: современные теории и практические разработки by Professional Science Экономика, управление и финансы: современные теории и практические разработки by Sep. 12, 2017 Free! 61646 words Read a sample
В сборнике научных трудов рассматриваются актуальные вопросы экономической теории, экономики предпринимательства, природопользования, экономики труда и управления персоналом, маркетинга, учетно-экономических наук, государственного управления, менеджмента и региональной экономики по материалам III Международного экономического форума молодых ученых «Экономика, управление и финансы: современные теор
The BaGua And Other Stories by Leenna Naidoo The BaGua And Other Stories by Sep. 12, 2017 $2.50 16048 words Sample 20%
From mad scientists to familiar aliens, to Irish gods who only make Halloween dates, and the odd dragon making an unexpected appearance, they’re all here in this collection of micro-, flash- and short-fiction.
Marlowe Kana (Book 1 Volume 3) by Joe Peacock Marlowe Kana (Book 1 Volume 3) by Sep. 12, 2017 $1.99 37578 words Sample 20%
While escaping, Marlowe, Jen, Poet & Nines are suddenly confronted by the entire Atlanta MilSec division! Every citizen watches as an epic battle rages on the Feeds, and President Cook's desperation peaks. He openly challenges Marlowe to compete in the Next Top Soldier finale. The prize: freedom for her team & father. The explosive finale to Book 1 changes the United American State forever!
No Mercy for the Dead! by Bruce Savage No Mercy for the Dead! by Sep. 12, 2017 $1.99 22663 words Sample 10%
Jack Carson is at it again and on a new mission to save the world. The world’s richest man has struck a deal with Earth’s worst enemy and has spread a disease disguised as a cure around the world. The zombie apocalypse is about to be unleashed and Jack is in a race against time to figure out who’s doing it and how to stop it before it’s too late.
A Daughter's Justice by Paula V. Hardin A Daughter's Justice by Sep. 12, 2017 $3.99 55164 words Sample 5%
Merrick Hardin lives a double life where she's an attorney by day, and a steampunk vigilante by night, but now she finds herself in a position she can't turn away from to keep the eyewitness, Command Sergeant major Stone. safe. It's turning into an all out war trying to keep him safe and her identity a secret.
Consarn Christmas and Other Stories by Eamonn Murphy Consarn Christmas and Other Stories by Sep. 12, 2017 $1.99 34149 words
Consarn Christmas and Other Stories contains eight science-fiction stories by Eamonn Murphy which were originally published in Perihelion SF magazine and one extra. They feature time travel, robots, a Dystopian future and an alien invasion. This is over thirty thousand words of fun, readable SF in the tradition of the Golden Age.
L'aube des seigneurs by Romuald Reber L'aube des seigneurs by Sep. 12, 2017 $5.99 35207 words Sample 20%
Le sujet premier de cette nouvelle traite des mutations possibles de notre système de société, plus précisément du système capitaliste dans lequel nous vivons, face à l’implémentation des intelligences artificielles et de l’avènement des robots humanoïdes.
God's Assassin by Bruce Savage God's Assassin by Sep. 12, 2017 $1.99 26800 words Sample 10%
Jack Carson had a secret life. A life his wife and daughter knew nothing about. A life that made him a lot of money to give them the life they deserved. With a phone call, Jack would solve your problem for a price. Need a President assassinated? Jack could take care of it. Want a business rival snuffed out? Not a problem for Jack. That was his specialty. The life of an assassin.
Europa's Child by Bruce Savage Europa's Child by Sep. 12, 2017 $1.99 22007 words Sample 10%
Are we alone in the Universe? The one question that has plagued mankind for centuries. The one question that mankind will never stop trying to answer. NASA has launched a mission to finally answer that question. A mission headed for Europa one of Jupiter’s moons.
Reptilian Wanderer by Dominika Lein Reptilian Wanderer by Sep. 12, 2017 $2.22 31805 words Sample 22%
A Stand-Alone SFF Novella. In the cold dark expanse of space, for over 18,500 years, an organic spacecraft known as Niobe has roamed alone. Assigned to be a pilot, Ray has incarnated without memories. He seeks to remember his purpose, discovering allies and foes alike within their insular world.
Jericho Johnson: The Cold War by J.A. Stowell Jericho Johnson: The Cold War by Sep. 11, 2017 $1.99 106186 words Sample 5%
Book three in the Jericho Johnson series. 2345 is still bad off. Good thing the planet has someone reliable. And awesome. He's that, too.
Through Glass: The Rose by Rebecca Ethington Through Glass: The Rose by Sep. 11, 2017 $2.99 56934 words
Everything that Lex has been warned about seems to be unraveling around her, like a thread from a wheel and try as she might to control it, she is only caught in it’s web. As she stands in the shifting space of her new reality, she must chose: embrace it and become what the world has made her. Or fight it, and hopefully save everything she holds dear.
Labby the Rat (And Other Stories About Rats, Science, and the Meaning of Life.) by TK Wade Labby the Rat (And Other Stories About Rats, Science, and the Meaning of Life.) by Sep. 11, 2017 $1.99 33534 words Sample 20%
Labby may have looked like an ordinary lab rat, but with the help of advanced human science, he may end up becoming the savior of the entire planet. Bullied and misunderstood by his peers, he struggled with the vast potential within him to ascend to heights no rodent has ever known. This new collection of stories by T.K. Wade is filled with adventure, comedy, and action like no other.
Woad Interlude II (Cult of the Butterfly 16) by Paul Smith Woad Interlude II (Cult of the Butterfly 16) by Sep. 11, 2017 Free! 3332 words Read a sample
Miss Murder’s arch rivals have stolen team SOF’s Grail stone and they want it back. But is there more to their nemesis’ machinations than meets the eye?
Holographicman – Volume 1 by Ricardo Garay Holographicman – Volume 1 by Sep. 11, 2017 $2.91 3 words
A minissérie é composta de dois volumes. Holographicman é o tipo de projeto secreto que o governo deseja que nunca seja descoberto. Principalmente quando ele foge ao controle. Está é resumidamente a base desta estória que qualquer governo gostaria que não fosse divulgado, mesmo que sob a forma de literatura de ficção. Agora você vai saber sobre ele e de como, aparentemente ele acaba...
Col'm by D. Krauss Col'm by Sep. 11, 2017 $2.99 100055 words
Collier Rashkil runs an intelligence network out of an underground church in the northern Shenandoah Valley. A hundred miles or so south, Henry Price runs a smuggling ring. Neither is aware the other survived the horrific last stand of the Ghosts. A war already lost threatens to reignite and finish them, their families, and what’s left of the country.
Genie by Gary J. Davies Genie by Sep. 10, 2017 Free! 11965 words Read a sample
The five house cats that Harold inherited from his sister are driving him crazy. The good news is that he also inherited a magic lamp with a genie from her, so he can make a wish to ensure that his life becomes a happy one! The bad news is that the genie’s wishes don’t always work out as expected. Enjoy this short story!
Threads of the Conglomerate by William Frisbee Threads of the Conglomerate by Sep. 10, 2017 Free! 10452 words
The Colony of New Alamo find itself trapped in a war torn system at the mercy of aliens who know too much about fleeing humans. To keep the good will of the alien rulers they must sacrifice the hero that saved them and thus begins the career of Commander Luke Kishi.
The Legacy by Ben Patterson The Legacy by Sep. 10, 2017 $3.00 78364 words Sample 10%
Sal Guthrie died. His legacy falls to Captain Stanley Travis. When Maglion, a giant planet-killer, arrives to spit fire and death, Travis must act. Errant energy, microbial machines, an invisible friend, and Travis come together to stop Maglion. But Maglion’s hull is impenetrable, its power, off the charts. Travis realizes nothing can stop it. Yet, he must try.
Back to the Old Ways by J Alan Erwine Back to the Old Ways by Sep. 10, 2017 $0.99 3407 words Sample 10%
Captain Christopher Chases Crows knows that something horribly evil is going on in the Wastelands, but can he convince his government to get involved, and is getting involved even the right thing to do? Morality and law aren’t always the same things, but in the Wastelands, there are times when neither exists.
The Second Apocalypse by C.(Kees) le Pair The Second Apocalypse by Sep. 10, 2017 $9.99 115490 words Sample 20%
Fears of climate change disrupt human civilization. They leave it to their humanoid creation, the robots. They safeguard human civilisation. till... There is a message from outer space. It means danger, although the pretext is peaceful. What's needed is a super intellect. It exists. Elonki, bisexual and irresistible to either sex is considered to be the earth's saviour.
Altered Design by Viola Grace Altered Design by Sep. 10, 2017 $4.99 24584 words Sample 10%
Alphy needs a guide, a pilot, and a companion. Who knew that Lexo could fit all requirements?
FREEDOM Legends by Stephen Arseneault FREEDOM Legends by Sep. 10, 2017 $3.99 82176 words Sample 20%
The exciting start of the FREEDOM series. For 500 generations Humans have been slaves to the alien species of the galaxy, addicted to a drug called Shackle. But a virus is sweeping through our population, altering a gut bacteria and making us immune to Shackle's addiction. As we become aware of our condition, we begin to yearn for freedom. Will the legends of our past be enough to show us the way?
Black Angel by Casper Lucius Black Angel by Sep. 10, 2017 $1.99 26631 words Sample 20%
During an exploration at the edge of the universe, Sid and his navigator—a machine-girl—are thrown by a mysterious force to an unidentified area of the galaxy. They eventually find a world inhabited. But what will it happen then if this world is inhabited by some cruel creatures that called themselves men and these men have the hatred of the redhead while you have the reddest hair of the world?
Guardians of the Crystals: The Osirion Connection Book One by K.D. Martel Guardians of the Crystals: The Osirion Connection Book One by Sep. 10, 2017 $3.99 71199 words Sample 15%
Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure set in the time of Atlantis where two mighty civilisations are in a race against time to save the Earth from potential destruction. Deanu, an Atlantean Crystal Guardian joins forces with Enkarath, a mysterious Osirion engineer from the lands of Kemet who approaches the Atlanteans for an alternative power source for his peoples' mighty civilisation.
Guardians of the Crystals: Herculobus Book Two by K.D. Martel Guardians of the Crystals: Herculobus Book Two by Sep. 10, 2017 $4.99 93245 words Sample 15%
The adventure continues in the GOTC saga when Enkarath leaves for the rogue planet, Herculobus, to head a massive engineering project for the Osirion. He ends up betraying the love of his life, Deanu, in a complicated devious scheme in which he has no power to control.