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Information Gathering by Ben Lees Information Gathering by July 10, 2018 Free! 2,820 words Read a sample
Days after a devastating meteorite shower two teens encounter a lot more than they bargained for in the form of an alien threat when they investigate the site of one of the deadly impacts...
Earth Tactics Advance Volume 2 by Scottie Futch Earth Tactics Advance Volume 2 by July 10, 2018 $3.99 81,390 words Sample 20%
Life, love, quirky musical numbers, there has never been an apocalypse quite like this one. Return to the world of Earth Tactics Advance. Beset by the rules of a turn-based tactical survival horror dating sim, witness the efforts of the hot new rising faction 'Team Badass' as they try to find their place in the new reality.
Vipers' Nest by Holly Lisle Vipers' Nest by July 10, 2018 $2.99 40,120 words Sample 10%
When the Longview risked everything to save the life of the doomed courtesan Suzee Delight, Bailey's Irish Space Station stepped up and offered the ship sanctuary. But the Pact Worlds Alliance cannot and will not permit its foes to escape destruction. Now an isolated space station, an ex-Death Circus ship, and a tiny band of pirate hunters must hold off the deadliest force in Settled Space.
Gunslinger Moon: Tales from the Longview 4 by Holly Lisle Gunslinger Moon: Tales from the Longview 4 by July 10, 2018 $2.99 24,920 words Sample 20%
When freedom is silenced, who speaks for it? Ex-PHTF slave WE-39R (This Criminal, from Episode 1), renamed Jex, is part of a team the Longview’s Owner has tasked with finding the meaning behind Bashtyk Nokyd’s enigmatic final diagram. Drawing the most undesirable assignment, Jex and an unlikely ally fight their way to pieces of the truth.
Project Relocation by Lena Karynn Tesla Project Relocation by July 10, 2018 $0.99 6,520 words Sample 20%
Jara and Maghamir are on a mission to explore a newly discovered planet, only to find it already inhabited. With the help of a new friend, these feline explorers must attempt to blend into the culture of the strange, hairless creatures know as humani.
Transcendent 2 by Bogi Takács Transcendent 2 by July 10, 2018 $7.50 74,090 words Sample 20%
The best work of genderqueer stories of the fantastical, stranger, horrific, and weird published the prior year. Featuring stories by Merc Rustad, Jeanne Thornton, Brit Mandelo, and others, this anthology offers time-honored tropes of the genre--from genetic manipulation to zombies, portal fantasy to haunts--but told from a perspective that breaks the rigidity of gender and sexuality.
Required to Assist by Kate MacLeod Required to Assist by July 10, 2018 $0.99 13,740 words Sample 20%
With life on overpopulated Earth no longer tenable, Lorna Wincott grasps at the chance at a fresh start colonizing a new world. The price exceeds her modest means, unless she volunteers to serve as the ship's emergency assistant. But the ship only wakes the assistant when a problem arises that stumps the ship's AI and android crew. Such as murder.
The Eye of the Matrix by A. Nation The Eye of the Matrix by July 10, 2018 $2.99 85,870 words Sample 20%
Young teens, who grew up in the Mars colony with the aliens, take a trip to another planet and an adventure of their lives.
The Beacon by Mark Vaughan The Beacon by July 09, 2018 $0.99 13,020 words Sample 25%
It's 2019, an EMP attack has devastated the Eastern half of the USA. How do people react to the changes and struggles of life without power? Follow the journey of a young man searching for pockets of civilization, the characters along the way, the ingenious problem solving and the attack of a drone called Satan.
The Last Stop by Jeremiah Donaldson The Last Stop by July 09, 2018 You set the price! 79,990 words Sample 40%
The last remaining human cultures meet on a world far from Earth and find out they aren't alone.
Revelations: The Don Story of Gareeth's Integration by Carol Buhler Revelations: The Don Story of Gareeth's Integration by July 09, 2018 $2.99 107,870 words Sample 20%
Pildon hates everything about the human colonists on his world. He also hates Supreme Don Joedon and his mind-mate Lillith who ask humans for help with a serious medical problem threatening their people. An eccentric human researcher frantically searches for the solution. Will he succeed before Joedon and Pildon kill each other?
Legacy of Hope by Ron Olson Legacy of Hope by July 09, 2018 $7.99 41,690 words Sample 15%
The earth is running out of resources. Is space colonization the answer?
Desert of Ice by M. Marinan Desert of Ice by July 09, 2018 $3.49 115,590 words Sample 20%
Across Time & Space Book 4. Ash, George and Anne are now centuries apart, each caught in separate adventures – if you could call an insane asylum or a rioting crowd an ‘adventure’. But in the massive, futuristic city of Lile, 2598 AD, Coryn is in serious need of help. Paths are about to cross, and life is about to get very, very dangerous…
Jury's Creation by L.A. Wilson Jury's Creation by July 08, 2018 Free! 66,600 words Read a sample
Earth to a terraformed Mars, under the life-dome of the crystalline protection of Aurora, and far, far beyond, an extraordinary man, a tattooed assassin, meets his Maker on the very edges of the Universe and here he stares into the black hole of all Creation.
adobeDreams Revisited by Robert Burke adobeDreams Revisited by July 08, 2018 $5.99 134,320 words Sample 15%
Travel journalist Abigail Regan searches Santa Fe, New Mexico, for adobeDreams, an exclusive bed and breakfast that does not appear on any map. Accompanied by an angelic guide, she begins a mind-bending journey that reveals the transformative power of the human mind and her unique role in the evolution of mankind.
Zero Perspective by Lee Forman Zero Perspective by July 08, 2018 $2.99 22,400 words Sample 20%
Zero Perspective is a fast-paced sci-fi horror thrill ride that will twist your perception of reality...
Idnahold: Invasion by Joshua Vernson Idnahold: Invasion by July 08, 2018 You set the price! 37,500 words Sample 40%
Idnahold: gangs, violence, war. One unlikely man risks it all and pays the price to end it all.
Zima Generation by Mike Fitting Zima Generation by July 08, 2018 $3.99 101,720 words
Technology and exploration advancements bring a new era to humanity. Artificial Intelligence has grown to new levels, bringing AI and Human worlds close together, working together. The Cael Civilization Leaders have five children, a new generation, the Zima Generation. Time advancement is an accepted societal event, just as traveling to another place in the universe.
The Perfect Woman by Jeff Fuell The Perfect Woman by July 08, 2018 $4.88 60,010 words Sample 20%
Thirty years in the future a man can experience a relationship with a manufactured woman. One man finds love with this “perfect woman,” only he never bargained in having to stop a world-takeover. In the end, he must decide if he is going to save the world at the risk of losing his true love.
Ghosts of Los Hellas by Will Perks Ghosts of Los Hellas by July 08, 2018 You set the price! 9,640 words Sample 20%
Spirits are restless in Los Hellas. Following reports of ghosts being sighted on the island, Felix McGuiggan has been contracted by the SWIFTWATER Corporation to reassure the natives and prove their new virtual reality technology isn't responsible. Gig has never believed in ghosts, but tracking one down may be the only way he can get paid.
Shattered Exile by Liam W H Young Shattered Exile by July 08, 2018 $2.99 91,010 words Sample 20%
Lileah returns to Freylar driving a renewed invasion. Meanwhile, the sinister shaper Krashnar has infiltrated the vale, causing Freylar’s queen to tighten her grasp. Kirika – the newest member of the ruling council – must choose between her loyalty to the council and her sister Darlia who has returned from exile to herald Freylar’s ruin. Volume #3 of The Chronicles of Freylar
103 Flashes of Tomorrow (Numbered Tomorrows) by Phaeton Chamberlain 103 Flashes of Tomorrow (Numbered Tomorrows) by July 08, 2018 $2.99 7,850 words Sample 20%
Stellar scaffolding, necrophagic drones, and the costs of desynchronized exocortical services; downloaded straight from the author's archaic meat-brain and transcribed by only the best of linguistic AIs, these 103 Flashes of Tomorrow will strive to fire your imagination.
102 Glimpses of Tomorrow (Numbered Tomorrows) by Phaeton Chamberlain 102 Glimpses of Tomorrow (Numbered Tomorrows) by July 08, 2018 $2.99 12,430 words Sample 20%
Gravity-wave art installations, autocannibalistic feedback loops, strategic processor vines, and impolite strangers shedding biodrones; there is much to be seen in these 102 Glimpses of Tomorrow, unique and thought-provoking science fiction condensed into two-minute reading breaks.
Digitized Online Vol 1 (LitRPG/Gamelit Epic Fantasy Novel Series) by Richard J. Thorn Digitized Online Vol 1 (LitRPG/Gamelit Epic Fantasy Novel Series) by July 07, 2018 $2.99 23,150 words Sample 7%
Ivanhoe Darkwolf He entered the game in a blinding flash of light. He had no memory of who he was, where he came from or why he was here. Where WAS here, anyway? All he knew was that he had entered an online game full of magic and wonder and fantastical beasts - including talking raptors. Wait, what? But something was wrong. The world that he knew was gone. All the people. His family...
Adaline, Book One by Denise Kawaii Adaline, Book One by July 07, 2018 $0.99 62,030 words Sample 10%
Boy 1124562 isn't the perfect clone. He has an anomaly, and all of Adaline is on a mission to discover it. Denise Kawaii brings elements of Brave New World and The Giver together in this tale of one child trying to survive with his imagination intact.
A Matter of Survival by R. Richard A Matter of Survival by July 07, 2018 $2.99 7,350 words Sample 30%
Everybody knows what’s best for Jym Ryll, but he wants to earn a living. Jym works hard to learn the skills that will let him earn a living Along the way, Jym picks up some paranormal skills. Jym’s focus is on a computer programmer professional license. With his career goals met, Jym then meets Kyara, with her wild mane of red hair. Paranormal skills then prove more important.
My Superheroine by Trevor Zex My Superheroine by July 07, 2018 $1.99 7,800 words Sample 15%
A twisted thief with delusions. A lonely superheroine with secret desires. A night that might doom Magdalena—California’s dirty City of Love. After the Contamination, criminals and mutants rule the streets. People fall into numbness and excesses, becoming easy prey. A few superheroes fight to save the survivors from peril. But this superheroine has a weakness. Beware: Triggers, perversion. 18+.
Aisle Seat, a Collection of Slightly Dark and Quirky Short Stories by John Hunter Aisle Seat, a Collection of Slightly Dark and Quirky Short Stories by July 07, 2018 $2.99 22,120 words
Aisle Seat is a collection of thirteen (13) slightly dark and quirky short stories by John Hunter, an award-winning and produced scriptwriter who enjoys telling engaging and entertaining tales. For an example, see Zentangles offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD on Smashwords.
Red Dog Conspiracy, Act 1 by Patricia Loofbourrow Red Dog Conspiracy, Act 1 by July 07, 2018 $6.99 223,880 words Sample 10%
A headstrong private eye trapped in an arranged marriage to a mobster is targeted by members of a plot against her Family. Steampunk goes dark in this noir mystery thriller. This box set contains books 1-3 of a 13-part far future steampunk crime fiction series, over 800 pages that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
The Starchild Compact by Robert G. Williscroft The Starchild Compact by July 07, 2018 $3.85 131,470 words Sample 15%
Jon Stock and crew travel to Saturn’s moon, Iapetus. While underway they deal with a Jihadist stowaway. They discover Iapetus to be a derelict starship and meet the Founders, descendants of the starship builders. Their revelations impact the entire Solar System with momentous implications going backward and forward in time, paving the way for a joint push to the distant reaches of the Galaxy.
Across the Wounded Galaxy by Rex Hurst Across the Wounded Galaxy by July 07, 2018 $4.99 79,510 words Sample 20%
"We had to destroy the planet to save lives." Three groups of aliens track a gleeful villain who is hell-bent on destroying his own planet. Worlds destroyed. Civilizations ruined. Cities devastated. Join them on this trek across a wounded galaxy.
Secrets:  Tales of Deadly Deception by G. Ernest Smith Secrets: Tales of Deadly Deception by July 07, 2018 $1.99 71,170 words Sample 20%
A collection of stories from master story teller G. Ernest Smith: Henry and Elam are two seniors who live together to save money. They live modestly and except for Henry's lust for a Lay-Z-Boy, they don't want for much. They decide to go out one Friday night to their favorite club for a good time but a madman with a gun has other ideas and soon they are caught up in a chaotic swirl of death.
New Age by Don Vin New Age by July 07, 2018 Free! 4,170 words Read a sample
New York goes underwater. So have Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Cape Town, Bombay, Sunderland, Lagos, The Hague… And now comes a long-time planned alien invasion. A teenage boy jumps onto the wheels of courage to save planet earth. But with the alien’s advanced technology, can he do it? Enjoy this fascinating science fiction from the author of My Visitor, Rumors, etc.
The Katophia Mission - Destiny and Beyond (book 3) by Debbie Renner The Katophia Mission - Destiny and Beyond (book 3) by July 07, 2018 $4.99 271,810 words Sample 20%
The classic battle of good and evil simmers down and the young universe holds its breath. At least, for a while. The elderly gods decide now is a good time to bend (and break) a few rules, especially with Zakaroid not present. Therefore, if Leah, their beloved Chosen One, is no longer around to save humankind, perhaps a new Chosen One needs to be, err, chosen. Have you guessed who it could be?
Journey to the Stars by Philip R Benge Journey to the Stars by July 07, 2018 Free! 51,120 words Read a sample
An alien pirate ship crashed into the ocean off Scotland, its survivors escaped to hijack the first ever Ion drive ship built by Earth, the Jupiter Express, however, their plans do not go as planned. Mark Blazer and his crew retake the ship and begin a new episode in their lives that takes them to the stars in the starship Galaxy Express, in a bid to find help in their battle against the pirates.
The Celestial (Latest Edition) by V Bertolaccini The Celestial (Latest Edition) by July 07, 2018 $4.95 50,720 words Sample 20%
An action-packed thriller of a mind-bending ultimate celestial from beyond space and time! Explorers search for lost treasure, the source of strange hauntings, an ultimate celestial, and discover something beyond comprehension buried away beneath an underground railway tunnel, hundreds of feet down, thousands of years old, and a blurred image of it is detected, and they grasp its colossal size!
Oxymoron ~ Tripleye ~ Book 2 by John Hegenberger Oxymoron ~ Tripleye ~ Book 2 by July 07, 2018 $3.99 47,690 words Sample 20%
“TRIPLEYE ~ We never blink.” Early in the twenty-second century, a master of mind control has risen to the head of Earth’s Weave Corp. Under the guise of the Neo-Socialists, he threatens to terrorize both the Inner and Outer Planets with murder, sabotage, and theft on an expansive scale...
Thirds by Jonny Newell Thirds by July 07, 2018 $1.99 80,580 words Sample 20%
All three Thirds are to come together on their 18th birthday in a World Convention owned controlled testing center. Only one Third will survive, is it fair? Everyone has their own private view for we are simply human. But what is my view? It is simple, I am a Third and this is not acceptable!
Opus Sectile by Eva-Maude Calla Opus Sectile by July 07, 2018 $0.99 27,800 words Sample 15%
The competition is over, so what? My ex Kendrick is still dead. I lay awake in the castle, awaiting his wee killer. “Come and get me,” I shouted to the world days and days and days ago. Kill or be killed should be made into a rule in the Land of the Fair−My grandfather the King would approve. Although, the expectation alone may be the death of me. I’ve thought up a new motto. Hunt or be hunted.
Stolen Tomorrow (Political Scavengers Series Book Two) by Ikechukwu Joseph Stolen Tomorrow (Political Scavengers Series Book Two) by July 06, 2018 $2.99 54,160 words Sample 20%
This particular morning following public outcry a police raid was carried out and strange discoveries were made. The strangest was a man who walked on his hands and knees like animals.
The Long Oblivion by Michael Pogach The Long Oblivion by July 06, 2018 $4.99 109,490 words
In Tomorrow’s America, The Tower Terrorist is the New Enemy… It's two years since Rafael Ward walked into the Tower with a backpack full of explosives. Two years since he destroyed REC headquarters and became the most hated man in the Republic. He's a fugitive, haunted by the lives he's taken, trying to find anonymity in the remote towns of the Western Districts.
the Book of Catherine - Volume Two by Doug Leonardi the Book of Catherine - Volume Two by July 06, 2018 $0.99 29,450 words Sample 20%
Catherine was barely holding it together, balancing work and life as a recently divorced mother. Then a midnight encounter with the Angel of Justice herself changed everything, dragging her kicking as screaming into a world of witches, demons and old gods that turn her life into a living Hell.
the Book of Catherine - Volume One by Doug Leonardi the Book of Catherine - Volume One by July 06, 2018 $0.99 40,360 words Sample 20%
Catherine was barely holding it together, balancing work and life as a recently divorced mother. Then a midnight encounter with the Angel of Justice herself changed everything, dragging her kicking as screaming into a world of witches, demons and old gods that turn her life into a living Hell.
Another Abduction by Martin Von Cannon Another Abduction by July 06, 2018 $3.99 69,050 words
The Seattle Guardian, an unretired superhero turned vigilante, is determined to find answers to some outlandish questions. Who is controlling a squadron of stealth drones patrolling the city and abduction Meta-Humans? Why are dead people working for the tech company making the drones? And how did robots get mixed up in any of this? What the Guardian uncovers only leads to more questions.
Humanity by Proxy and Other Stories by Mark Niemann-Ross Humanity by Proxy and Other Stories by July 06, 2018 You set the price! 46,660 words Sample 10%
A collection of science fiction stories from Mark Niemann-Ross. Humanity by Proxy and other stories celebrates the positive aspects of technology and it’s designers.
Death Match by Fred Rohleder & Peggy Rohleder Death Match by
& July 06, 2018
$0.99 5,390 words Sample 5%
Dystopian Future Gladiators fight to the death for fun and profit.
A Link by Szemán Zoltán A Link by July 06, 2018 $1.09 60,790 words
A ​SoftCom nevű cég 2043-ban sikeresen beülteti az első ember agyába a B-Link kommunikációs chip prototípusát. Negyven évvel később ezzel a chippel a Linkre felkapcsolódva már nézheted a kedvenc sorozatodat, élő beszélgetést folytathatsz a barátaiddal, akár bulizhatsz is velük, anélkül hogy felkelnél a foteledből. Nem kell többé a tankönyvek fölé görnyedni, mert a chip segítségével...
Best of Everything by Ali Irfan Best of Everything by July 06, 2018 $1.99 14,470 words Sample 20%
An collection of 14 stories in multiple genres.
Bug Out Boat Survival by Ron Foster Bug Out Boat Survival by July 06, 2018 $3.49 72,320 words Sample 20%
Can you survive without a bug out boat? Would you like to learn more about survival with one? Down the Choctawhatchee river in Alabama to the Gulf Of Mexico in Florida. Come read about and follow our survivors as they flee the chaos and mayhem of the city on the safest alternate route they could find. All their camping gear, all their hopes and dreams of survival are packed in a trailer/boat.
Axel Lindenbrock's True and Accurate Account of the Journey to the Center of the Earth by Trevor Pope Axel Lindenbrock's True and Accurate Account of the Journey to the Center of the Earth by July 06, 2018 $0.99 35,750 words Sample 20%
The Journey to the Center of the Earth as it actually happened.