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Sacred Band by Joseph D. Carriker, Jr. Sacred Band by March 20, 2017 $9.00 141622 words Sample 20%
The golden age of heroes is past. The government could not condone vigilantism and now metahumans are just citizens, albeit citizens with incredible talent, who are assisted in achieving normal lives by a federal agency. When a gay friend of one young metahuman goes missing, old heroes are recruited. But the disappearance of the friend is merely one move in a terrible plot against queer youth.
Decision Time by Stephen Brandon Decision Time by March 20, 2017 Free! 8455 words Read a sample
Several dozen international corporations are invited to a special briefing at an economic summit. The briefing is presented in an unorthodox way, inviting the uninitiated to disbelieve. Five attendees don't, and establish contact for further information. The core five start working the plan, and create their own secret plan within the original plan.
Noah's Freezer by L. M. Reker Noah's Freezer by March 20, 2017 $3.99 106349 words Sample 20%
In 2020, Daniel McKnight, a high-ranking government official and biologist, who has cofounded a state-of-the-art, cryo-preservation laboratory, aquarium and sanctuary, Noah’s Freezer, reveals a childhood secret—he has been in contact with extraterrestrials for most of his life.
The Bond That Heals Us by Christine d'Abo The Bond That Heals Us by March 20, 2017 $2.99 76202 words Sample 20%
Sara has been so busy saving the lives of others, her own life has passed her by. When a mysterious alien captain crash lands his ship on the Eurus colony, Sara feels an unexplained attraction to him and throws herself into an unexpected love affair. When a group of miners on the planet begins to exhibit unusual behavior, Davin must put his fears aside and work with Sara to save their lives.
The Lifeline Signal by RoAnna Sylver The Lifeline Signal by March 19, 2017 $3.99 126446 words Sample 20%
Parole is still burning. And now the day everyone has been waiting for is finally here: it’s collapsed. A lucky few managed to escape with their lives. But while their city burned, the world outside suffered its own devastating disaster. The Tartarus Zone is a deadly wasteland, filled with toxic storms, ghostly horrors, and just as many Eyes in the Sky as ever.
Bureyton Hall by Marcella Denise Spencer Bureyton Hall by March 19, 2017 $2.99 28772 words Sample 20%
Accustomed to solving murders in modern-day London, Detective Inspector David Massey runs into a rather unusual problem on his latest case: time travel.
(Casi) Tienes la razón: La Tierra de Lan by Eduardo (Casi) Tienes la razón: La Tierra de Lan by March 19, 2017 $4.70 42975 words Sample 20%
En un mundo orwelliano pero no distopico, preguntas acerca de diversos temas afloran en medio de una narrativa sobre: lo que significa ser un humano, lo que significa un gobierno liderado por la Tierra en si y lo que es temerle a la irracionalidad. Sientase bienvenido a explorar esto y mas en esta epica de ciencia ficción.
Touching Water by Viola Grace Touching Water by March 19, 2017 $3.99 16477 words Sample 5%
Going from researcher to hero is almost easy compared to falling in love with an alien world.
Goddess: The Shrike Chronicles by Dakota Kemp Goddess: The Shrike Chronicles by March 19, 2017 $0.99 21586 words Sample 30%
Galactic mercenary Samuel Shrike hates complications and loves a good fight. He's managed to survive a long time by avoiding the first and chasing the second, but when space pirates, mob queens, and complex friendships collide in an underworld conflict of colossal proportions, Shrike may receive more of both than he'd bargained for.
Nica of the New Yorks by Sue Perry Nica of the New Yorks by March 19, 2017 $2.99 123878 words Sample 20%
A self-appointed private eye solves cases and fights evil across the infinite co-existing dimensions of the Frames, a universe where buildings and lawn chairs might be sentient, stray cats have great powers, books can be killers, and clouds can be spies.
Peter's Fire Water by David Jensen Peter's Fire Water by March 19, 2017 Free! 6538 words Read a sample
After Daniels photography business goes bust, his grandfather wishes to tell him something important, so he pays him a visit at the retirement home. The story his grandfather narrated sounds crazy, but will Daniel follow up on it to prove its falsity?
Компьютерные души. [ Том I. Часть I ]. by © ПЕНА Компьютерные души. [ Том I. Часть I ]. by March 19, 2017 $2.99 37081 words Sample 15%
Опыт квазинаучного исследования псевдонаучного учреждения. (Избранные главы из автобиографического романа).
Sweet Child of Time by Shanna Lauffey Sweet Child of Time by March 19, 2017 $2.99 30897 words Sample 20%
A mysterious folder on a rich man's computer has taunted Kallie for too long. She has to know what it contains and whether it includes sensitive information about her people. Complications along the way send Kallie through time and space and her attempts to find someone who can hack the file leads her to a Harekai she didn't expect to see again.
Bienvenue sur Deliciosa by Bernard Viallet Bienvenue sur Deliciosa by March 19, 2017 Free! 3620 words Read a sample
Au XXIIème siècle, trois nouvelles planètes viennent d’être découvertes, explorées puis colonisées par les humains. L’une d’elles, Déliciosa commence à proposer des séjours touristiques dans sa station de Paradise Resort où il est possible de pratiquer les activités les plus diverses et les plus agréables dans un cadre enchanteur.
The Restwell Boys by Travis Barr The Restwell Boys by March 18, 2017 $0.99 34432 words Sample 20%
Get into some trouble with the alien boys of Restwell Mind And Pest Cleaners in the wacked out Effen Galaxy! But they've just started their Pest control and hypnotherapy business venture--what could possibly go wrong?! Well, EVERYTHING, actually. LOFL!
The Clan of the Stone Book One - Fort Kanosh by Kurt F. Kammeyer The Clan of the Stone Book One - Fort Kanosh by March 18, 2017 $2.99 54366 words Sample 20%
It is the Sixth Eon on the planet Edom. Benjamin ben Jacob lives at Fort Kanosh, in the land of Deshret. At thirteen, Ben becomes a Kohan and receives his own name-stone. Soon Ben meets Elizabeth, and they discover that the name-stone makes them telepathic. As their consciousness merges, they become inseparable. Then, Ben suddenly decides to leave Fort Kanosh. Will Ben and Elizabeth ever reunite?
Urban Nightmares - Tales of Horror and Wonder by Ronn Hanley Urban Nightmares - Tales of Horror and Wonder by March 18, 2017 $2.99 28880 words Sample 20%
Urban Nightmares - 4 Tales of Horror & Wonder Here are 4 suspenseful tales of people pushed to the edge of human experience...and then beyond
Colony Planets by Stephen Brandon Colony Planets by March 18, 2017 $0.99 21056 words
Here is some easy reading. Four short stories about colonies planted by Earth in the future on alien planets. Why do I say it's easy reading; there are no super heroes or characters with extraordinary powers. Just human beings in situations doing what they must.
Ms Amazing: Lair of the Lycans by JK Waylon Ms Amazing: Lair of the Lycans by March 18, 2017 $2.99 25206 words Sample 20%
Ms Amazing is pulled in when another super heroine comes to the city looking for a dangerous werewolf. Together, the beautiful heroines take on two outlaw biker gangs. They dive fearlessly into the hidden depths of the city's underworld, and even boldly charge into the very lair of the Lycans in their quest. They will risk everything to protect the people and learn the truth.
Spiritual Storms by Hallett German Spiritual Storms by March 18, 2017 $2.99 27327 words Sample 25%
Off-world aliens, project management, and spirituality intertwine together in a compelling tale about a most unusual series of life lessons.
Your Nightly Programing by Alan VanMeter Your Nightly Programing by March 18, 2017 $0.99 7150 words Sample 20%
This is a highly charged political thriller with some good old fashioned scifi added for fun. Warning if you are offended by politics this is not the read for you. It is extremely critical of Trump.
The Quest for Light Speed by Bob Winter & Penny Winter The Quest for Light Speed by
& March 18, 2017
$2.99 66456 words Sample 20%
Are light speed ships to become a reality? The authors believe they will! L.S. 1 is a compelling lighthearted look into the future when a first-ever light speed vehicle will be made. L.S. 1 is a fun voyage filled with what ifs and often edge of your seat pages as the authors explore a fictional future based loosely on current science.
The Martian Cat by Guy Lane The Martian Cat by March 17, 2017 $4.99 52765 words Sample 5%
The Martian Cat is a grim, adult satire that seeks to discredit the crazy idea of sending humans to live on Mars. Set on Mars, it features a deranged woman, a charming young man, and a Martian Cat.
Paragon.EXE by Drew Cordell Paragon.EXE by March 17, 2017 Free! 10167 words Read a sample
Paragon.EXE is the prequel novella to the Absolute Knowledge trilogy. Fueled by the Cold War, the development of the technology that led to the Absolute Knowledge project began with very different objectives than are present in the year 2146, over two hundred years in the future from the start of the Omniscient project.
International Multidisciplinary Forum: Conference Proceedings by Professional Science International Multidisciplinary Forum: Conference Proceedings by March 17, 2017 Free! 20460 words Read a sample
Presenters outline their work under the following main themes: economics and management, culturology, psychology, environmental science.
Emphyrio (in Russian) — Эмфирио by Jack Vance (Джек Вэнс) & Alexander Feht (Александр Фет) Emphyrio (in Russian) — Эмфирио by
& (translator) March 17, 2017
$3.99 72805 words Sample 20%
Halma is a planet forever shrouded by the mystical epic of Emphyrio. From his father Amiante, Ghyl Tarvoke learns that the inequalities of life on Halma can be remedied, and that the answer lies in legend. When Amiante dies a cruel and unjustifiable death, Ghyl begins his quest — to know the true story of Emphyrio.
Vitamins by Linda Jordan Vitamins by March 17, 2017 $0.99 978 words Sample 20%
Golganthea needs to get back to her world with the news. Nearly out of fuel, she must stop at a small backwater planet. She waits, impatiently, while the ship refuels itself. Annoyed at her, the ship requests Golganthea go for a walk. She needs to keep her ship happy at all costs. A dark and irreverent science fiction short.
The Great Tome of Dragons and Draconic Lore by Bards and Sages Publishing The Great Tome of Dragons and Draconic Lore by March 17, 2017 $4.99 40835 words Sample 20%
The Great Tome Series continues with The Great Tome of Dragons and Draconic Lore. Enjoy this collection of tales that provide a unique exploration of the legendary creature and its kin.
Soldiers of Tomorrow: Irons Legions by Michael G. Thomas Soldiers of Tomorrow: Irons Legions by March 17, 2017 $2.99 73225 words Sample 20%
Iron Legions is the first book in the brand-new ‘Soldiers of Tomorrow’ science-fiction series by the bestselling authors, Michael G. Thomas and Nick S. Thomas.
Thieves' Guild eBook Bundle/Box Set (Books 1-4) by C.G. Hatton Thieves' Guild eBook Bundle/Box Set (Books 1-4) by March 17, 2017 $0.99 383262 words Sample 20%
Blackmail, murder, betrayal and the highest bounty in history set the Thieves’ Guild at the centre of a conflict that sparks a galaxy-wide war. This eBook bundle contains the first four books in the fast-paced, sci-fi action adventure series: Residual Belligerence #1, Blatant Disregard #2, Harsh Realities #3 and Wilful Defiance #4.
Doctor Who en Un Enemigo De Mil Formas by Elmer Ruddenskjrik Doctor Who en Un Enemigo De Mil Formas by March 17, 2017 You set the price! 18562 words Sample 20%
El intrépido tripulante de la Tardis, conocido como “El Doctor”, se embarca en una inesperada aventura con la esperanza de impresionar a sus tres nuevos acompañantes, recogidos en la ciudad de Alicante: Fran, Luis, y Ada.
The Separation by Hannah Kay The Separation by March 17, 2017 $8.99 66185 words Sample 10%
Olivia, Noah and, and Aria have been friends for most of their lives, but now the inevitable has happened. Thanks to the restrictive structure built by the government of Quatam, the three have been separated. They are sent to three separate Compounds to learn about their government assigned careers and meet their government assigned partners.
Armageddon Protocol by William King Armageddon Protocol by March 17, 2017 $3.99 61815 words Sample 20%
During the last interstellar war, the Brood almost wiped out humanity. Now they're back and they've brought powerful allies. The bio-augmented super-soldiers of StarForce must mobilize the human race for total war. Unfortunately, the people they protect think that the Federal Stormtroopers are a bigger threat than alien monsters. And they might just be right.
Kharon by Wayne Marinovich Kharon by March 17, 2017 $4.99 95249 words Sample 15%
A deadly contagion threatens the struggling people of a climate-changed Europe. All evidence points to a secret organisation seeking revenge on the New American and European governments. In England, Kyle Gibbs and his family are targeted by a tyrant from their past, resulting in personal tragedy. Forced out of retirement, he must help the governments stop the spread of the deadly virus.
The Distant Kingdoms Volume Five: The Centre of the Storm by David A Petersen The Distant Kingdoms Volume Five: The Centre of the Storm by March 16, 2017 $3.99 190959 words Sample 20%
THE CITY OF TERRIMORTER - Capital city of the Azzil Territories. RULER JOM AZZER - who rules the Azzil Territories with absolute authority. A major military conflict now brews between the two powers of the Hamaforth Kingdoms and their dreaded enemy the Azzil Territories. King Entell Thellon the Third leads a mighty army to combat the constant threat ...
Broken Rice: Fourth Serial Installment by S. A. Barton Broken Rice: Fourth Serial Installment by March 16, 2017 $0.99 4310 words Sample 20%
Part 4 of a serial, about 4250 words. After defeating Jewel and stealing his power, Caleb is on top of the world, poised to shed his shantytown debt-slave skin and take all of the best life has to offer for himself. But, he's about to discover, it's not so easy. Especially when you don't have any plans for what to do once you've won.
Return To Cinzana by Jeanne Linton Return To Cinzana by March 16, 2017 $4.99 72620 words Sample 20%
Join us in the exciting journey that Sen and Evana undertake in order to enact a new peace treaty with the Garendos on the planet Yerba. The starship commander's loyalty is called into question when a device is found implanted in his body, thus causing Sen and Evana to run for their lives.
Gangs of Galis by Nicholas Woode-Smith Gangs of Galis by March 16, 2017 Free! 5148 words Read a sample
Danny Marzio, crime boss and businessman, has a dream to turn crime-ridden Galis City into a paradise of vice, but as a gang war escalates, he realises that to build his business, he may have to become an emperor.
The Missing Year by Lea Tassie The Missing Year by March 16, 2017 $2.99 32251 words Sample 20%
Linda, an electrician in the 37th century, and the only human on the planet still conscious, struggles against a horde of invading black spheres bent on revenge for their missing brother. Fighting darkness, loneliness, and despair, she finds ever more inventive ways to battle the overwhelming odds.
That First Hour by Kody Boye That First Hour by March 16, 2017 Free! 3899 words Read a sample
In this prequel to Kody Boye’s WHEN THEY CAME trilogy, follow eleven-year-old Jason Parks as he fights for his life during the first hours of the alien invasion of Earth.
The Good Troll Book One Falling Down by Thomas Krantz The Good Troll Book One Falling Down by March 16, 2017 Free! 15510 words Read a sample
After Tommy had a mild stroke he begins to dream of a better future. In his dreams he visits a city of opulence and a world that is completely controlled by robots and something called the global consciousness. But his dreams becomes more and more real. Is he going mad, or is it a vision of a possible future? This is the first of three books.
Rediscovering Charlie by J.P. Maximus Rediscovering Charlie by March 16, 2017 $0.99 88820 words Sample 35%
Dr. MacKinnon—owner of a genetic hospital—tempts destiny to cure all diseases and his son. When you challenge destiny, the challenge is the destiny. “Genes don’t lie, and interestingly they always come back.” --Rediscovering Charlie
Glisten of the Ngirozi - Book One (Angel Planet Series 1) by Dennis Butler Glisten of the Ngirozi - Book One (Angel Planet Series 1) by March 16, 2017 $0.99 35915 words Sample 10%
In the year 2125, the crew of the Viaggio, a ship powered by a magnetic piston system, search for the source of an intelligent, narrow-bandwidth radio signal that came from somewhere deep inside the Butterfly Nebula.
Running From the Storm by Meyari McFarland Running From the Storm by March 16, 2017 $5.99 56012 words Sample 20%
Political plots? Check. Injured shoulder? Yes, check. Still. An infatuated enemy directly opposing her? Oh yes, another check. Raelin's shore leave while the Tourmaline Dreams was refitted and refurbished was the worst one yet. Constant pain and exhaustion dragged at her as she tried to protect the Dana, figure out Sinead's actions and, hardest of all… …Save the Delbhana Clan from themselves.
Memorandum Alien Sexual by Patrick Spatz Memorandum Alien Sexual by March 15, 2017 Free! 835 words Read a sample
Human relationships are difficult to understand. There is lust, there is love and something in between, and humans will play. It can be dangerous to both body and soul. So what happens when you add aliens to the mix?
Perish by Daniel Slack Perish by March 15, 2017 You set the price! 29852 words Sample 20%
A simple young man signs up to a military base on an alien planet to be trained for war by tyrannical mad men.
Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1 by Radiant Crown Publishing, LLC Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1 by March 15, 2017 $2.99 18818 words Sample 20%
Space bikers are dodging radiation. An intergalactic crew battles the sun. New Martian settlements and a couple on the verge of collapse. Welcome to Helios Quarterly Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 1 overflowing with heroic vengeance, wonder, and regrets. Theme: Commercial Cosmonauts & Hired Guns Contains four poems, ten works of fiction, one photo, and four pieces of art.
Melissa Our God by Leonard G Mann Melissa Our God by March 15, 2017 Free! 93116 words Read a sample
Set in the near future, Melissa has brought peace and harmony on Earth. No one starves and everyone can enjoy life. Melissa is revered throughout the world and she is the first god to deserve it. Everyone worships Melissa; well almost everyone. Daniel, a chief executive and Harry, more like a 1960s Hell’s Angel, are unlikely friends, yet united in their pursuit to find the true nature of Melissa.
Cyborg Wars: The Super Model by Jane Emery Cyborg Wars: The Super Model by March 15, 2017 $1.99 7278 words Sample 20%
In the future casual sex is the law. The human race is walking the line of extinction. The war against the cyborgs has raged on for centuries and the population is at an all-time low. Will the cyborgs be able to use sex to eliminate mankind? Or will the humans be able to mass produce in time to battle against the machines? 18+ STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT & GRAPHIC SEX
Draecyn by Andrew Saul Draecyn by March 15, 2017 Free! 70769 words Read a sample
If you like dragons, magic, spaceship battles and a compelling storyline that delivers a rollercoaster of emotions, download now for free!