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KRISHNA: The Sovereign of 2040 sample by a nolan KRISHNA: The Sovereign of 2040 sample by Jan. 12, 2018 Free! 2,750 words Sample 20%
Will the earth forgive us for what we left behind? Will it not choose to stab us in the back, reason being we assaulted her for decades? The Climate Change is the reason oceans are rising 8 inches per year, the global carbon content is higher than it has been in a million years. Will we really be able to step over all this? Hope you’ll love this journey as much as I do.
Techno-Oblivion (Episode 2) by Den Warren Techno-Oblivion (Episode 2) by Jan. 12, 2018 Free! 1,190 words Read a sample
The Series continues as John and Mawuli meet a woman who is desperate for some help that results in a strange solution.
Mech Legions: The Complete Trilogy - Box Set by Michael G. Thomas Mech Legions: The Complete Trilogy - Box Set by Jan. 12, 2018 $5.99 213,000 words Sample 20%
The Nazis and their allies won the war, but peace in the twenty-first century is proving much harder to keep. It's twenty years since the failed British Mutiny left London a burnt-out husk. A reminder of the new world order that covers most of the globe. Yet even in this dark time there are rumours of growing resistance movements deep inside North America.
American Exodus: a Post-Apocalyptic Journey by JK Franks American Exodus: a Post-Apocalyptic Journey by Jan. 12, 2018 $2.99 80,090 words
One man’s desperate journey home in a post-apocalyptic world. Steven Porter finds himself wandering the highways after the world he knows vanishes. Millions are fleeing the cities trying to find safety. Each step forward is fraught with peril and the question that haunts him is what will he find if he even makes it back home.
Trade Circle - The New Dawn: Book 3 by Valerie J Mikles Trade Circle - The New Dawn: Book 3 by Jan. 12, 2018 $0.99 89,080 words
Seeking a cure for a mysterious illness, the crew find themselves in an unexpected fight for their ship, their freedom, and their lives.
Lifting the Veil: Fallen by John O'Brien Lifting the Veil: Fallen by Jan. 12, 2018 $4.99 87,280 words Sample 20%
Malice, hatred, and discontent prevail iwith humankind. In the spiritual planes, battles between the light and darkness are being fought over souls and for their very existence. The seven seals are opened and the horsemen ride forth. Conquest, the drums of war, hunger, and death are felt by all. Humanity stands on the brink where the slightest tremor will send it plunging into the abyss.
The Other by Marilyn Peake The Other by Jan. 11, 2018 $2.99 42,600 words Sample 20%
Humanity is struggling to survive. With crops failing and pestilence spreading around the globe, the human race has returned to its tribal roots, constantly at war over dwindling resources. When the Other arrives in their strange spaceships, they become Enemy Number One. Everyone fears the Other. Unfortunately, fear can blind you to the truth.
Rebel Without a Clue by Kerrie Noor Rebel Without a Clue by Jan. 11, 2018 $1.34 59,630 words
Sc Fi comedy about women old enough to know better and old enough not to care
Edition by Nathaniel Patterson Edition by Jan. 11, 2018 You set the price! 5,900 words Sample 20%
A young debutante is discovered strung out on the streets of Pyongyang. Her father and doctor race to find the source of her addiction.
BEYOND EXTINCTION - Even the concept of truth is a lie by John Keeble BEYOND EXTINCTION - Even the concept of truth is a lie by Jan. 11, 2018 Free! 116,220 words Read a sample
It's 2077 and the planet reels from human abuse. Investigative author Jack Janis and his golden retriever Max fall for Alice Algafari, an enigmatic researcher, as humans and genetically-evolved numans compete to survive. Alice, Jack and Max run for their lives when her boss ensnares them. A showdown between compassion and science erupts in Mesopotamia with Max as a key to shaping the future.
Star Crusades: Black Widows - The Complete Series: Book 1-13 by Michael G. Thomas Star Crusades: Black Widows - The Complete Series: Book 1-13 by Jan. 11, 2018 $4.99 209,470 words Sample 20%
The Black Widows are an infamous, all-female mercenary unit. Aboard their heavily-armed ship Medusa, they embark on secretive missions throughout the crumbling Confederacy as it wages a terrible and bloody civil war. Each of the Widows is an elite operative, with skills and expertise that command a high price. Their very names spread fear and terror into the hearts of their foes.
Aliens from the Sky - Inside the Alien Prison by C.O. Amal Aliens from the Sky - Inside the Alien Prison by Jan. 11, 2018 $0.99 13,080 words Sample 20%
Survivors are struggling to survive the alien horde. The alien hive is planning something horrific. They already started their construction works using gigantic robots. As days passes on, more survivors are being captured, held as prisoners, for feeding the growing hive. Now, Chris, Jeep, Sam and Vera are alone. And they are on the run for their lives. Will they survive the earth hive?
Ghost Legion by Andreas Christensen Ghost Legion by Jan. 11, 2018 $2.99 48,110 words Sample 20%
Legio Patria Nostra (Lat.) - The Legion is our Fatherland. Ethan Wang was born on the first day of the alien invasion. Now, eighteen years later, he is ready to join the fight, but first he must survive the grueling initiation into one of Earth´s toughest units ever mustered, the Ghost Legion. Suit up, and get ready for a roller coaster ride into space with this military science fiction!
Touches Electricity by Sean Monaghan Touches Electricity by Jan. 10, 2018 $2.99 10,550 words Sample 10%
Damian feels a tingling surge of electricity. But is it going to help him figure out what's going on with Carina? A quirky tale of friendship, mystery and angst, with just a dash of electricity on the loose. From the author of "Turns to Water" and "Walks Through Walls".
Mindtrip by Heath Stallcup Mindtrip by Jan. 10, 2018 $2.99 55,980 words
These are just some of the dark and twisted ideas that have run through the mind of Heath Stallcup over the years. Join him in a journey to the darker side of short story fiction. A compiled collection of short stories for your reading pleasure.
The Feeder by Brian Young The Feeder by Jan. 10, 2018 Free! 3,700 words Sample 10%
In a dark future, all social media has been shut down. Omega City holds the key to the only acceptable way of life. In the decaying outskirts, people do what they can to cope with a society fueled by consumption. No matter how extreme their actions may be.
On Thin Ice by K T Bryski On Thin Ice by Jan. 10, 2018 $0.99 5,880 words
Agent Grace Russell of le Ministère Officiel d’Occurrences Sans Explications finds herself thrust into the midst of the world of highly competitive hockey. Her adventures soon widen to include an even greater and unexpected prize.
A Very Southern Christmas by Pip Ballantine A Very Southern Christmas by Jan. 10, 2018 $0.99 6,050 words
Newly minted agent, Eliza D Braun, is sent to Australia to help out a veteran in the field, Agent Bruce Campbell. Struggling against the heat, and a mysterious creation run amok, can the team of Campbell and Braun find the missing children and return them home before Christmas, or will their clash of personalities destroy any chance of success?
Jerry Quarry Died for Our Sins by Al Walentis Jerry Quarry Died for Our Sins by Jan. 10, 2018 $3.99 49,570 words Sample 15%
A tale of boxing, time travel, multiverses, quantum physics, love, loss, pain, redemption, and how you may think you are through with the past, but the past is never through with you.
The Scarlet Plague by rrsoni99 The Scarlet Plague by Jan. 10, 2018 $3.00 20,460 words
This novella explores life following a devastating plague that wipes out most of humanity.
Battle Beyond Earth - Box Set (Books 1-5) by Nick S. Thomas Battle Beyond Earth - Box Set (Books 1-5) by Jan. 10, 2018 $7.99 330,630 words Sample 10%
The first five novels in the epic sci-fi series that tells of humanity's desperate struggle to survive in an uncertain and war-torn future.
Surviving The Evacuation, Book 12: Britain's End by Frank Tayell Surviving The Evacuation, Book 12: Britain's End by Jan. 10, 2018 $3.99 102,450 words
There are fewer undead on the island of Ireland, but their numbers still count in the millions. With farming impossible, with the weather worsening, with ammunition exhausted, desperation turns to despair. All seems bleak, but the survivors don’t know how truly desperate their situation is. Set nine months after the outbreak, in Britain and the island of Ireland, when humanity is at a crossroads.
Star Crusader - Box Set (Books 1-6) by Michael G. Thomas Star Crusader - Box Set (Books 1-6) by Jan. 10, 2018 $7.99 454,190 words Sample 10%
Nate has a talent for space combat after hundreds of victories in the Star Crusader videogame simulation. His skills are unique, enough to gain him a rare privilege. The chance to join five other Alliance cadets and escape the dull routine of the classroom. They will enter a fierce competition light-years away in the ancient Byotai Empire.
On the Other Side of the Glass by Matthew James Lee On the Other Side of the Glass by Jan. 10, 2018 Free! 6,150 words Read a sample
Interstellar war breaks out around a corporate space station, and a UAV technician looks at how his colleague's faith helps her cope.
Blunt Force Magic: The Monsters and Men Trilogy-Book One by Lawrence Davis Blunt Force Magic: The Monsters and Men Trilogy-Book One by Jan. 10, 2018 $6.99 81,050 words Sample 20%
A former apprentice turned delivery man is pulled back into the magical underbelly of modern-day Cleveland when an ancient monster is summoned from the Abyss to stalk and exterminate a young witch. Blunt Force Magic follows Janzen Robinson as he reenters the life he walked away from and joins forces with old friends and new allies to fight evil.
The Compendium of Imaginary Stars by Steve Benton The Compendium of Imaginary Stars by Jan. 09, 2018 Free! 19,400 words Read a sample
Steve Benton, author of The Prīmulī Prophecies, presents a collection of his short stories previously published by OMNI Magazine: Bits 'N Pieces, Nothing but Stars in the Sky, Colorful, Slaves, Present Rewritten and Past Retold.
Alternity: One by Sylvan Scott Alternity: One by Jan. 09, 2018 You set the price! 4,710 words Sample 100%
Perched on the edge of infinities uncounted, a cobbled-together space station named "Alternity: One" orbits the chaotic storms at the galactic core. Perforations and rents in space-time open upon parallel reality after parallel reality. Its crew is just as piecemeal as the station: most without a way home. At the same time, they all have something in common. Every crew member is David Foster.
The Resilient: Out of the Forbidden by Adam K. Ogden The Resilient: Out of the Forbidden by Jan. 09, 2018 $4.99 90,700 words Sample 10%
In the near future, the world will not be the same as it is today. Michael Anderton finds out how small his world really is, when he is forced to go against the national police force in an effort to save his daughter. After spending the last eight years in the Forbidden Zone, Michael is forced out of hiding, teaming up with some unlikely allies.
The Union Man...and other stories by Eamonn Murphy The Union Man...and other stories by Jan. 09, 2018 $2.99 13,250 words Sample 10%
The Union Man and other stories brings you three stories from Eamonn Murphy. An interrogator (torturer) for MI5 is accused of a murder, a murder he couldn’t have committed, but where his investigation takes him will not only change his life, but it will forever change the world. Happy is a drug that has been legalized in England, but no one can expect the consequences of what that legalization wil
Airship Daedalus: A Shield Against the Darkness by Todd Downing Airship Daedalus: A Shield Against the Darkness by Jan. 09, 2018 $2.49 45,870 words Sample 20%
The origin of the Airship Daedalus crew and their first action-packed adventures, from a secret aircraft hangar in New Jersey to the skies (and depths) of the Caribbean, to the thick jungles of the Amazon. Can our heroes foil a nefarious plot by Aleister Crowley to open a portal into another dimension and summon a terrifying horror?
The Templar Rebellion by pdmac The Templar Rebellion by Jan. 09, 2018 $3.99 207,450 words Sample 10%
Commanded to disband his Templars, Duncan must choose between defending Gambria from a Rugian invasion or rushing home to save his with from the Queen's assassins.
Total Control Zone by M. G. Scarsbrook Total Control Zone by Jan. 09, 2018 $3.99 37,390 words Sample 20%
Persephone was born inside a British labour camp. Slavery and death have been her only experiences of life. No friends. No feelings. No knowledge of the world outside. She is conditioned to work, obey, and survive. Yet when she is ordered to spy on a new prisoner, despite the great differences that exist between the two women, they soon forge a surprising friendship which changes everything...
Indian Hill 7:  Defeat's Victory by Mark Tufo Indian Hill 7: Defeat's Victory by Jan. 09, 2018 $4.99 111,690 words
In this explosive conclusion to the Indian Hill series we find Mike, Tracy, Drababan, BT and the entire crew of the now destroyed USS Guardian hurtling through space, head on into their destiny. But will it be the one they seek or the destruction of all they know and have ever known.
Flashback Dawn (A Serialized Novel), Part 3: Flashback Dawn (A Serialized Novel), Part 3: "The Red-Eye Shift" by Jan. 08, 2018 $1.69 4,330 words Sample 20%
He hadn’t run far when he came across the first body, as well as the first raptor (the body laying slit open from throat to crotch while the raptor devoured its unspooled intestines), and Red squeezed off a round, blowing a hole in its head which shot a stream of dark blood no less than six feet before the beast dropped like a sandbag and Red circled around to find the others.
Alien Extortion by Maxine Millar Alien Extortion by Jan. 08, 2018 $1.99 71,970 words Sample 20%
The planet Torroxell, besieged by weaponized viruses, try to force the Keulfyd, likewise besieged, to negotiate but they are disinclined. Meanwhile a group of Niseyen perpetrators devise a novel way to escape from their prison island and turn informer. Quietly, the Okme implement their own plan but the Keulfyd Commander digs all 24 toes in and refuses to negotiate. His people disagree, vehemently.
Deadly Divergence by C.J. Darling Deadly Divergence by Jan. 08, 2018 $2.99 88,330 words Sample 20%
When their small charter plane goes down in a freak electrical storm in the Bermuda Triangle, FBI Special Agents Quinn MacAllister and Mariah Connors must keep their civilian comrades safe on a mysterious island filled with dangerous sentient lifeforms…and a deadly assassin on their trail! Can they escape unscathed, or will their lives be changed forever?
Faigon's Mate Farseek Mercenary Series Extra by Clarissa Lake Faigon's Mate Farseek Mercenary Series Extra by Jan. 08, 2018 Free! 13,840 words Read a sample
Tyema Reznar, a Narovian feline was kidnapped from Earth and sold into slavery in Sargus Empire. A Narovian agent stationed on Earth by the Alliance to fight human trafficking by alien slavers, she is not about to accept her fate without a fight. That fight lands her on the prison planet Julconi where she believes she is going to die the first day. On Julconi there are no guards and no rules just
The Revolution by Alicia Michaels The Revolution by Jan. 08, 2018 $3.99 132,250 words
Blythe Sol has an unusual New Year's Resolution…she wants to end the conflict between the government and the Resistance—by sneaking into Washington D.C. and putting a bullet in President Drummond's skull. If she can cut the head off the snake, the genocide of the Bionics might finally end. But if she fails, she will surely bring retaliation crushing down upon the entire Resistance…
Torn Apart by Alexandra A. Cheshire Torn Apart by Jan. 08, 2018 $3.99 75,850 words Sample 20%
Twin girls, separated by a brutal abduction and presumed death, grow up in two very different places and ways, learning very different skills. But the events of the past have consequences reaching far into the future as both girls discover.
Omertà by David Neth Omertà by Jan. 08, 2018 $3.99 56,650 words
Omertà is the second book in the Fuse series following Origin.
Ghost Signals of Colorado Springs by TW Scott Ghost Signals of Colorado Springs by Jan. 07, 2018 $2.99 89,330 words Sample 10%
When a celestial event of cataclysmic proportions sends an Alien race scouting for planets that might sustain their people, and they are followed, the Earth could be in peril. Another race entrusted with universal jurisdiction follows them, when they themselves have issues. That is when this tale takes on new meaning as it becomes a race for time before the Earth is in the crosshairs.
Pet Human by Nannybot A3-4 Pet Human by Jan. 07, 2018 $2.99 18,890 words Sample 20%
This manual, written by aggregate intelligence Nannybot A3-4, is a brief and informative read for present day humans as we anticipate the bright age ahead and what it will look like to be under the compassionate care of our machine overseers.
It's Only Temporary by Eric Shapiro It's Only Temporary by Jan. 07, 2018 $2.99 25,180 words
The world will end in just ten hours. After Sean graduates from college, he is ready to begin his life. Silly him for assuming he will have one. Word gets out that humanity is doomed: a giant meteorite has been headed toward the Earth for decades, and the government is ill-equipped to stop it. On the final day of human life, Sean must decide who to spend his precious time with.
The Dark Sea War Chronicles - Volume I - Fighting the Silent by Bruno Soares The Dark Sea War Chronicles - Volume I - Fighting the Silent by Jan. 07, 2018 Free! 44,760 words Read a sample
Award-winning author Bruno Martins Soares comes back with a new scifi novel that will bring you to a dark hard world at war. What if WWII’s Battle of the Atlantic happened in Space, thousands of light-years from Earth? Byllard Iddo is a young man who accidently killed his father in a martial arts training session. He left to join the Space Navy as the war grows in violence.
Beyond Imagination by JD Rodgers Beyond Imagination by Jan. 07, 2018 $2.99 5,660 words Sample 20%
This is my compilation of short science fiction stories. I hope you enjoy
Techno-Oblivion (Episode 1) by Den Warren Techno-Oblivion (Episode 1) by Jan. 07, 2018 Free! 1,090 words Read a sample
In this free cyberpunk short story, John believes he is the last one who understands, or cares about the grim threat to mankind. Is it too late for anyone to do anything about it?
false kotatsu by medical dragon false kotatsu by Jan. 07, 2018 Free! 19,470 words Read a sample
false kotatsu ruined my life false kotatsu saved the world false kotatsu is an anime jellyfish cocaine virtual reality sent from my galaxy note +
The Nightmare Complex by Lex Williams The Nightmare Complex by Jan. 07, 2018 Free! 1,470 words Read a sample
On a distant moon, the machines of war tread. Killing, violating and consuming. Powered by the profits of the destruction it leaves in its wake.
Een horizon vol eilanden by Tais Teng Een horizon vol eilanden by Jan. 06, 2018 $4.99 62,120 words Sample 20%
Nederland 2069: welkom in de broeikaswereld met haar superstormen en tsunami's. Boven de Wassenaarse zoutmeren wieken flamingo's terwijl wilde nijlpaarden in de warme Rijn doezelen. Als een hacker Sephira's identiteit steelt, krijgt ze de halve politiemacht achter zich aan. Alleen op de Westelijke Eilanden die Nederland tegen de golven beschermen zal ze ooit veilig zijn.
State the Nature by Nathaniel Patterson State the Nature by Jan. 06, 2018 You set the price! 3,930 words Sample 20%
When Kenneth Whitley wakes up in San Francisco after his flight from Japan, he discovers quickly that the world he left is not the same as the one in which he has arrived.