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Your Nightly Programing

By Alan VanMeter

Copyright 2017 By Alan VanMeter

All rights reserved

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.”
-Aldous Huxley, Brave New World-

Her first recognition was hearing music, she dreamily recognized the song. It was ‘Love on the Brain’ by Rihanna. She immediately thought it was that damned Cochlear cell phone implant of her boyfriend, Denny.

‘Wait!’ she realized as her consciousness solidified more. ‘He had that damn thing removed three weeks ago. Oh crap, it’s the damned alarm! No! Not already.’

Jessica rolled over and wearily reached to slap the ‘sleep’ button.

‘Five more minutes… yes.’

It was too late though, as she felt Denny rolling out of bed.

“Time to get up Jess. Come on.” He half yawned.

“No…” She moaned.

“Yes. Time to make the damn doughnuts… again.”

Jess took a shower after he was finished in the bathroom, and when she got out and dressed was happy to see that Denny had made her breakfast again.

“Thanks again for breakfast, babe.”

He smiled and joined her at the small table.

“I know you’re still trying to make up for the cost to get that damn Cochlear cell phone removed.” She half teased, but the other half was serious.

“Hell no. I should be golden from the last three weeks of making you breakfast.”

“Oh, so you just got in the habit, or what?” Jess raised her brows.

“No, this is for something else.” He grinned.

That stopped her. He was an avid techie and was always interested in having all the latest gadgets and devices, and that could only mean that he found a new one he wanted.

“Crap babe, what is it this time? Don’t tell me you want one of those penile stimulator implants.” She gave him her challenging look.

Denny laughed. “You know I don’t need one of those, babe.”

“No, not yet anyhow.” She shook her head.

He turned on the TV to the main news feed. The lead story is of the President having nationalized another group of businesses that had opposed him in the final election. Now they will be under his own parent company, and the owners have been arrested for treason. Since this madman had declared himself the permanent president, and that elections will no longer be held, he has moved quickly to silence any and all opposition to him. This drove Jessica insane, and she always let Denny know just how she felt about the rotten situation.

“I told you that he would become a damn dictator! See!” She pointed at the screen.

“He’s just doing what needs to be done to unify us, babe. With Russia invading Estonia and all, we need to all come together and support him.”

“He gave Russia Estonia! Remember?”

He shook his head. “We had to pull out of NATO, we couldn’t afford it.”

“You are such a damn moron, Denny!”

“Yeah, well keep talking like that, and I’ll have to turn you in.” He laughed and raised his eyebrows at her.

This was the big divide between them, politics. Jessica had sincerely thought of leaving him when it became clear that he supported the monster, but then he was the main bread winner of the two of them, so she stayed. Now she honestly did fear that he might just do what he threatened. She bit her lip and continued eating.

Things were damn dangerous now, since the dissolution of the Congress and Senate. Even many of the previous supporters of the president in Congress were arrested, and presumably killed. The new media had all been subverted and now they all spoke of how necessary the unification process was, and they showed very little in the way of the resistance movement. On line there were still some videos of the protests being broken up by riot police, and of the mass arrests. There were also some very disturbing ones of renegade supporters performing executions of those they deemed to be non-supporters. All in all it was completely terrifying, and Jessica was frightened beyond belief. The morning news was bad enough, but the nightly news was a massive propaganda assault. She could hardly watch it, and often just went on-line instead, but Denny ate it up, becoming more brainwashed every damn day it seemed.

Thank goodness for the commercial break, which made everything seem like it was still normal, but she knew it wasn’t. Jessica hurriedly ate, before the news came back on and ruined her appetite. Then a particular commercial aired toting the latest in cell phone technology. It was for a system that was directly wired into a person’s brain.

“Oh my god!” She gasped. “Now that is damn sick!”

“No it isn’t.” Denny defended.

She looked at him with wide eyes. “You don’t mean… that is what you want to try next?”

“Hell yeah!” He smiled.

“But your last experience with that damn Cochlear cell phone was a disaster, babe!”

“This isn’t anything like that, Jess. I’ve read up on it, and there have been zero, absolutely zero malfunctions.”

“That is dangerous! It has to be! Don’t do it Denny, you don’t want other people having direct access to your mind. Heck, you’re already…” She bit her lip, knowing she’d said too much already.

“Already what?” He leaned towards her with a menacing grimace. “Already brainwashed? I know you think so, but I think you are the one who is still brainwashed from all that old crap! It’s all been proven to be lies, Jess.”

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