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“Plop, ponk, rat-a-tat tat, rattle,” rain drops made its sound hitting the aft, boom and bulwarks. As the shimmering sun rises, in the pale purple sky, which has the color of calm pacific thousands of miles from here, the little lark sings a solitary song; a delightful day has just begun.

On the deck, the members of the crew were singing their sea shanty while performing shipboard work. The leader, called the shanty man, with his lead voice sang by a man, the captain of the ship, who was the soloist, sang the shanty with his piquant language, lyrical wit, and strong voice, and while the rest chorused. They sang Mrs. McGraw.

"Oh, Mrs. McGraw", the captain said,

"Would you like to make a pirate out of your son, Ted?

With a scarlet cloak and a fine cocked hat,

Oh, Mrs. McGraw wouldn't you like that?"

With me too-rye-yaah


Too-rye, oh-rye, oh-rye-yaah

With me too-rye-yaah


Too-rye, oh-rye, oh-rye-yaah

Now Mrs. McGraw lived on the seashore,

for the space of seven long years or more,

When she spied a ship sailing into the bay,

"It's my son Teddy, would you clear the way."

With me too-rye-yaah


Too-rye, oh-rye, oh-rye-yaah

With me too-rye-yaah


Too-rye, oh-rye, oh-rye-yaah

Such a shanty was a source of an inspiration for a group of people on the sea who embarked on challenging and hectic task. They were working on the ship preservation; it’s a constant battle to keep the saltwater from damaging the ship. They made repairs in different areas on the ship; this is the way we keep track of which systems are being worked on in case there is a problem. Some were running around madly on deck, others trimming sails, few jibing and tacking and the rest helms-a-leeing

They sang the shanty, while singing the shanty, the captain left the crew.

He picked up the phone called somebody, “we are on,”Captain Thomas spoke quietly to the other person at the other line of the phone.

“Alright, stay with him,”said the voice at the other end.

“But he is weird,” captain Thomas uttered.

“I said stay with him, if he craws, you crawl after him, if he flies, you fly after him,”the voice at the other end barked at Captain Thomas.

“Aye,” Thomas denoted his agreement.

“Make sure that whatever thing that he does,”added this voice.

He cut the phone. He seemed to be puzzled from the countenance on his face.

He moved into the cabin.

“It was like the heavens had opened up and shined upon us”, and he spoke as he went inside, into the cabin.

“There could still be challenges in getting accurate detection, we could have false alarms!” Henry uttered, his head bent over the computer. He lifted up his head, lifted up his arms, entwined his fingers, and slipped both hands under the back of his head, on seeing Thomas entering into the cabin.

Henry West, a scientist with QRA, a maritime software development company that developed the software “first eye” for counting whales on oceans.the company was also into top level counter terrorism data analysis,cybersecurity, digital media and public access system,and securities.

Henry West, in his early 40’s a slim, tall middle aged man, though he was handsome, though, he was not having good set of teeth, he looked younger than his age.

“If the computer sees a blow, it predicts where and when that same whale will surface to blow again. That prediction algorithm, which is based on years of research into whale diving behavior, allows the computer to track individual whales,” Captain Thomas replied.

Captan Thomas was the ship captain, and at the same time he had educational trainings in information technology, most especially, softwares development, he had a sound knowledge in programming languages for developing softwares. Unlike Henry, Captain Thomas 35 years old, he was short, ugly, younger than Henry, but due to excessive drugs, alcohol and cigarette, he looked older than his age.

The two men have been together for years. Henry being a personality that took his time in taking decisions, but Thomas was a person that took his time in taking decisions easily. Those who are adept at handling their emotions tend to live an easier life than those who are not. Since people with better emotional intelligence are sensitive to emotions, they are considered better team players and are family-oriented, Henry represented such a personality.

“We could be fooled, what the farmer doesn't know, he doesn't eat” Henry stated.

Captain Thomas continued on his image analysis, his heart was a block of ice, while Henry was left alone in his thought, there was a thundering silence between the duo. Henry was like a kite, floating above the confusion around him.

“When they exhale, the air is much warmer than the background, and we can detect that difference very easily, both day and night,” Thomas said.

“Do we have to get off with a Jan van Leiden?”Henry said to Thomas.

”Ar, phew, the software automatically analyzes the video to detect when a whale blows. It distinguishes the blow of a whale from other signals that might confuse it, such as a bird diving into the water or a small boat passing by,” Thomas expressed his positive emotions, he was delighted.

These scientists combined infrared cameras with image recognition software to automatically detect and count migrating whales. They tested the softwares on the Pacific Ocean.

One was a spotter with high-powered binoculars and the other a record-keeper.

First eye, a thermal imaging camera developed by these scientists, captures the whale blow. But usually, scientists with binoculars count them as they funnel past a point on the seas, oceans, coasts. Scientists conducted surveys to keep track of their population. Human eyes is limited in counting whales, can only count whales using the daylight, but first eye can count whales, both during the day and at night.

Whale rises to above the surface of water to breathe; they will forcefully expel air, mucus and carbon dioxide from the animal's metabolism, which have been stored in the whale through the blowhole. The exhalation is released into the comparably lower-pressure, colder atmosphere, and any water vapor condenses.

Whales inhabit every ocean on earth. The only known enemy of any whale species, other than killer whales, is mankind. Whaling as a commercial industry began several hundred years ago, but it has only been in more modern times that hunting has caused a major impact on the population of many whale species. This is due to bigger and faster ships and enhanced hunting methods. Although commercial whale hunting is now banned worldwide, the extent to which some species were hunted caused devastating impacts to their populations, some nearly to the point of extinction.

“Dibble dibble dopp dopp,” the rain continued to fall, but its drops had changed to a different rhythm.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Henry and his crew ship, there was an approaching ship. The head of the terrorist group, Tahid held binoculars. He viewed the people on board of the Henry’s ship.

“Release the animals, Tahid spoke softly. Tahid gave a stern look, as his subordinate left to release the animals into the ocean. The guy responded affirmatively and nodded his head.

The guy moved towards the bay of their ship, he released the creatures into the water.

The creatures, they were hybrids, half shark, half human. They had the head of humans, but the rest of their body parts were made from shark. The creatures weighed about 710kg, and 7 feet long.

These strange, but hybrid creatures jumped into the water one by one. “Swish, shuh, shuh, shuh”, they swam towards the direction of the ship in which henry and his crew boarded.

Henry left his position, walked on the deck and stood on the crow’s nest. He preferred making the observation with his naked eyes rather than using binoculars.

“The visual Recognition allows users of our software to understand the contents of the image or video frame,” Thomas said. While Thomas was talking, Henry kept his gaze fixed through the periscope.

“Does that mean that we can get off with a Jan van Leiden? How could you benefit from understanding and organizing those images based on their contents? Henry spoke, while at the same time, he was looking through the periscope.

“What is this image…?” Henry asked, he stared at an image that had the same resemblance to a whale.

“This does not look like a whale,”Henry concluded.

“What…. Eh, what is…?” Thomas answered; Thomas grabbed the binoculars from Henry’s hand. Thomas picked up the binoculars and viewed through. Thomas had no idea of the content of the image.

Thomas could see a strange object afar off,” i have no idea, look like a shark or something”, Thomas spoke, he had no idea of what the object was.

“But those are not sharks”, Henry confirmed.

Suddenly, the waters grew suddenly lighter and darker, and his spirits rose accordingly, “flash, flashhhh,” sudden rush of water. A moment later, emerged the sunlit water, and immediately he raised the periscope and looked about upon the strangest creature that he had ever seen.

The creatures jumped on Henry’s ship.

They were numerous in number. “Freh, freh, freh,”the creatures shook water off their tails. The creatures were blackish-silver in colour, with the belly being lighter in color, the creatures were hybrid of half shark half human.

On sighting them, Thomas looked for his rifle.

Quickly he grabbed his rifle, “dakka ratatatat,” he fired shots at these creatures, one of the creatures lounged forward wanted to bite Thomas at the leg. But, he was lucky, a crew member came to rescue, he strokes the creature with an anchor, the creature fell to the ground. Two creatures retaliated, they bit this crew member on his right hand, “clack,” he dropped his gun on the deck, and his gun fell down. He started bleeding; he withdrew his sword with his left hand.

He fought back with his left hand, striking the creatures one by one, “flick flack.”

The others one surging forward towards Thomas, he fired, but he missed, “tzing ,” the sound of a bullet hitting the ground, he refired “takka takka takk takkkka.”

Having heard the gun shot, Henry flung open the hatch, came through. He saw the strange animals onboard the ship. Henry withdrew his pistol; he fired at these creatures, “pht, poomb.”

“Bam, bang, bam”, a large sound was heard. As their ship was hit, they bent their knees and the buttocks sink toward the heels, the men of Captain Thomas bent and squatted on hearing this sound, they dodge behind cover, so that they don’t get hit., they staggered. They were under heavy attack.

Thomas moved quickly to the deck with binoculars in his hands. He glanced through, he observed that afar off there was a ship, which was likely, the source of the attack and the threat.

“Whaam, voomp,” sound of explosive impacting the ship, was thrown at them by the terrorists; they shivered and responded to this involuntary action made as result of the attack.

Thomas left searching for the quartermaster. He found the quartermaster, “Push to the limit, go all out, full speed,” Captain Thomas shouted on the top of his voice and gave the steering orders at the quartermaster, who stood behind Captain Thomas, the shout reverberated through the ship.

Some personnel climbed to the top of the mast, with the vast, with shimmering ocean spreaded out before them, but unfortunately, they were not on the windward side. Few got slammed against the ropes and left dangling like a worm on a hook, the ship was in motion; they got slammed against every hard surface around — doors, masts, deck boxes.

Henry moved briskly among the ship crew, the captain followed briskly behind him.

“A hunter told me that he once saw a fox pursued by hounds burst out on to Walden when the ice was covered with shallow puddles, run part way across, and then return to the same shore,”said Thomas. He summed up courage, obviously there was a danger, looming ahead.

They moved to very center, there's a tall tower packed with navigation and other equipment, the conning tower, it contained the ships controls.

“Why didn’t you notify me earlier,” Henry asked the captain.

The captain was trembling, he finally spoke, “we were occupied with the counting of whales, i just observed this threat,” before he could finish talking.

Henry moved near to the periscope, he looked through the periscope, and he was able to see the enemy’s ship surging forward towards their ship.

Henry sweating profusely, moved away from the periscope, “what is the position keeper reading, target course?” he asked the captain.

“150˚, Ship’s Course: 270˚ Target Range: 7000 yards Angle on the bow: 30˚,” the captain replied.

“How close is the enemy,” he asked the captain. The captain was still stuck to the periscope; he did not give an answer to Henry’s question.

Henry was moving away from the conning tower, then he spoke to the captain “prepare your target, the attack is inevitably.”

Henry moved into the inner hull of the ship where the crew gathered together.

Henry was moving across the inner hull, “boom,” he was startled by the sounds of an enemy attack on the ship. The crew screamed, running for cover.

Henry surged into the crew, trying to explain and talk to the crew, with a high pitch of his voice. “We are under attack; please maintain your calmness, while we try to bring the situation under control.” Before he finished talking another hit was made on the ship.

The chief mate looked through the periscope and froze in the direction of the approaching intruder.

“Our approach is failing, we need a good geometry to attack the terrorist’s ship,” he said. He used his hands to wipe off the sweat on his face.

“Determine the precise angle at which to fire the torpedo, otherwise, we would miss the target,” Thomas uttered to another man on the crew.

“Sir, this is rather difficult, they are not in stationary position,” the crew member told Thomas.

The captain centered the periscope’s crosshairs on the middle of the target, looking for the position that he wanted the torpedo to hit, and calling out, “Bearing.”

The Approach Officer read the bearing off the bearing ring located on the periscope shaft. This bearing gave the relative angle from the ship to the target.

The Approach Officer announces the bearing as, “Bearing—zero-four-five.” “We are moving due north at 2 knots, the terrorists moving due west at 6 knots, and is currently located to the east of the ship’s track, at a range of four nautical miles,” the approach officer stated.

Once the target bearing was determined, it was entered into the Torpedo Data Computer (TDC). This is a highly sophisticated electro-mechanical analog computer, the TDC was an angle solver only, it gave the correct gyro setting for the torpedo based on the data entered at the time of the reading, based on the captain’s best guess of where the target would be. Keeping track of the target course.

TDC gave the ship course, the bearing and speed, having been updated from the master gyro compass and Pitometer log. The captain Thomas was not sure what the target was, so he looked through the recognition book, he found out that the ship, “the target is legitimate, the ship was in the list of enemy ships,” then he checked for masthead based on the figure in the stadimeter for the exact range.

At the moment he has the target exactly centered he then calls out, “Align the torpedo directly at the target and, as so long as it travels in a straight line, it will hit it, Mark! Fire,” Thomas shouted and ordered.

“Boooom bang,” the torpedo went,”tzing.” They missed the terrorist’s ship. But neither their ship nor that of the terrorist was stationary, both certainly were moving

Thomas saw that they missed, he did not relent. He moved towards this crew member, he said, “shoot at where the target will be when the torpedo reaches it.”

“Bam, bang, bash,” gunshots rang out from insurgent fire, the bowsprit of the ship fell into the waters, this time produces an enormous sound. The terrorists hit at Captain Thomas Ship.

The noise was now kept at a steady pitch; there was no break in the sound at all, the people heard the tremendous explosion, the sound of other units' officers blowing their whistles signaled the attack .The people screaming and crying running helter skelter.

On the deck, Henry was crawling away on his knees.

The vessel at sea tilt to one side to such an extent that it’s not able to upright or regain its original position, leading to tipping over of the vessel in water and making it unsafe for both crew and machinery onboard. The ship turned on its side.

The captain moved towards Henry, “you can be buoyant by taking deep breaths, lay on your stomach with your face in the water and spread your arms apart. When you need to breathe, push your arms through the water and raise your head just long enough to breathe,” the captain declared.

“Hamana-hamana,” Henry said. He was speechlessly embarrassment. He and Captain Thomas jumped into the sea.

The terrorists advanced towards Captain Thomas ship with high speed, trying and get close enough to the ship to persuade them into surrendering. Shots were fired continuosly. Their flag usually was flag that sent the basic message, “surrender or die.” They continue to advance towards the ship, this movement was accompanied with a warning shots.

Now, the terrorists were in range of their potential captives. They landed a few yards in front of the Captain Thomas’s ship. They went over across the top of the ship. They got access into the ship by using one of the hatches of the ship.

One of the terrorists fired his pistol, shattered the interior of the ship. “Who is control here?” he yelled. Again he fired sporadically into the walls of the ship, grabbed one the ship crew by the neck. “If you did not respond to my question, I will kill you all, one by one,”he cursed. He waved his weapon in the air, as he could.

What this did was to warn their target that if they don’t surrender, that force will be used, and that their guns were in range, and they could batter your ship into splinters. Another scare tactic would be to get the crew to all get up and start yelling their heads off, make noise, and sometimes firing off a pistol.

They searched for the Captain of the ship and Henry, but they were nowhere to be found.

The terrorists became angry. They killed all the crew on board.

The terrorists jumped back into their ship, they sailed off.

The ship was holed, it might capsize, lost its propulsion, and drifted into shallow water where she partially sank, resting on her side with most of her structure out of the water. Her bottom was only partly exposed; partially sinking.

From nowhere, another group of these strange creatures reappeared again, jumped on the Captain Thomas's ship, often accompanied with hissing and busking appeared threatened the crew.

A man had drowned after being attacked by these creatures, which knocked him out into the sea. One of the creature surge forward to attack one of the crew member, but he actively blocked the creature, smashed its head with his sword. The hybrid creatures bite one of the people on board; blood flowed out of his leg.

Storms blowing out to sea followed by strong offshore winds, the vessel caught fire, the ship finally capsized, the surviving people on board were later thrown into the sea With this explosion, one of the crew member grabbed on a floating raft help him keep afloat

Using the breaststroke, Henry swam, current was against him, losing his energy.

They had been swimming so long that Henry thought he might have drank the entire sea when they fell into it.



The midday sun shot arrows of light through the dappled water sunrise filled the island of Aryvana with a watery glow.

The island of Aryvana is close to Wake Island ,also known as Wake Atoll, which is a coral atoll located in the western Pacific Ocean in the northeastern area of the Micronesia sub region, 1,620 miles east of Guam, 2,400 miles west of Honolulu and 2,091 miles southeast of Tokyo.

The island is an unorganized, unincorporated territory . Aryvana Island is one of the most isolated islands in the world and the nearest island is Utirik Atoll in the Marshall Islands,

Henry lay on his back having survived the attack; the rising sun bathed the beach sands in shades of orange and green. He looked tired after having swum 400 nautical miles on the sea before getting to the island. Laid beside him was the captain of his ship.

He woke up, blinked his left eye, his right eye was partly covered with the beach sands, he brushed off the sands. He stretched his body, yawned, and looked sideways in the direction in which the captain was laying.

He jumped up and squatted on his knees. He looked around to his amazement, observing each and every detail on the island. The beach was quiet except for the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach.

The captain had already woken up, but he was only tired of getting up, he was as lazy as the tropical sun.

“ The sea peaceful yet so angry!. Tranquil and beautiful but death and drowning was the thoughts i got,” Henry said with sadness in his tone. He was as sad as the curtain of sorrow behind a shroud.

The captain rose up, and sat down, touched Henry at his shoulder, then he consoled Henry. He spoke, “very soon the sadness will fly away, it’s just a function of time,” said the captain.

While the duos were talking, a faint background beat could be heard in the background.

“I doubt if there would be another……..” said Henry.

The captain cut in.

“Hist,” Thomas signaled the desire for silence. He tapped Henry on his thigh, made a gesture for him to be silence; it seemed that he was hearing a faint beat from a long distance off.

He turned towards the direction, in which the beat was coming, paying more attention, strained his ear. As seconds ticked, the amplitude of the sound increased, moving with a speed of 120 miles in an hour. Henry as well was paying attention to the beat.

The drum beat was initially single beat, which was now replaced with a rhythmic and melodic, coupled with vocal incantations, sounded like one of the most revealing forms of expression of life and soul, or perhaps heralding the inevitable Unknown: Drums of Death.

“The drum beat, the ringing of the bell, the funeral procession driven by percussive rhythms are all mostly used, representing death, or rituals, maybe somebody is facing death, ” said Henry.

Without uttering more words, the duo got up on their feet, moving towards the direction of the beat. The path was tiny, and filled with thorny plants on each side of the tiny footpath to the center of the settlement. While moving, unknowing, Henry brushed his legs against one of the protruding thorny plants, he was wounded.

“Ouchhhh,” Henry cried. He bent over his knees to observe the wound. Blood was coming out of the wound on his leg. He covered the wounded part of his leg by tearing apart his jacket.

The captain moved in front of Henry. As they moved forward, the amplitude of the beat increased, followed and occasioned with sounds to the earth made dance steps. They moved slowly between the woods, and thick bushes, looking around to see if somebody was watching them, taking ever details of their surroundings, to see that they are unseen by nobody.

They walked for five minutes, after which they finally came close to the centre of the activity. They hid behind the bushes, using thick leaves and tall plants as coverings.

In the middle of the scenario, a man was tied to a stake; he was being surrounded by humans half naked. These humans were neither black nor white in complexion. They had a rather similar colour to the ancient Egyptians.

In the middle there was a shaman, having mohair wool hair ,buckskin, brass bells, cowries shells hanged down from his neck, feathers on his head, he was half naked, except for a piece of goat fur to cover his genitals. He was communicating to the spirit world, the shaman used incantation, gourds wrapped with beads, created trance.

He drove the trance, disappeared into the thin air , became invincible, he travelled to deep sacred realm , but he reappeared again after few minutes with emergence of a small body of water, which flows as he moves, dries when he stops moving.

Henry and his captain were scared; they were trembling like a leaf about to fall off a tree, blown by the wind coming from ten thousand clouds.

With his auricular muscles the shaman wiggled his ear, “wiggle, and wiggle.”Perhaps he was capturing nearby sounds within his vicinity or he was expressing his emotion.

Captain Thomas touched the tip of his nose, and covered his nose with his index finger. The captain could perceive a foul smell. Perhaps Henry was anosmic, unconscious or he did not mind his own poo poo smell. Unknowingly to Henry; henry has poo pooed in his pant, out of fear.

The shaman was making incantations, and at the same time jostling, his movement like that of an electrocuted human, jerked forward with his head, reversed, turned 180 degrees to his left, and stopped, but again continued his routine movement.

Henry and the captain were shocked on seeing this scenario, again Henry glided due to the swampy terrain, he had his leg bruised by another loosely branched thorny plant, and this resulted into an aggrieved wound. Henry wanted to cry, but the captain grabbed him, and pulled him close to his chest, covered Henry widened but opened mouth.

From the vantage position in which both Henry and the captain were hiding, the duo stood motionless, not uttering any word. They could observe the proceedings concerning the rituals being carried out by the shaman.

The wind howls, it blows hard and makes a lot of noise, only if the wind had a mouth to talk, or was there someone outside, or wass it just the wind howling in the trees?

Dance and music having drum accompaniment at this ritual sites, the people of the island of Aryvana believed in spirits and ghosts living in different areas, being active and having their importance and reason.

They built altars for their gods, where they presented to them with sacrifice gifts. Such shrines were equipped and maintained by priests, fortune tellers, media and other spiritually gifted people.

The drum was one of the instruments that cover an important aspect in this ritual. It was an accompaniment to such worship processes. A shrine ritual is never celebrated without drum accompaniment. A shaman was not able to perform such ceremonies without drum accompaniment. The drum presented a medium between the world of the visible and the world of the invisible.

During a worship process there were played all drum rhythms in order to call the ancestors or also the gods / deities and spirits; all are to come to this ritual site and participate in these appraisals. It is the drum, which seeks to establish a connection with the spiritual world in the course of such invocations and prayers.

The manner at which these people were dancing, they looked like somebody having emotional, psychological and mental disorders, or as if the songs and the drum, the rhymes are what are needed, that will invoke all the spirits and ancestors needed in the healing process.

The shaman danced three times around the man tied to the stake, while the other islanders at the ritual site were in ritual modes, on bended knees, their hands were raised with palms facing outward , hoping that their prayers will be answered .

“Omege a magagi, paribobo magaga,” incanted the shaman.

“Azazi azagaaaaaa,”responded the faithful islanders

Again the shaman repeated his incantations.

“Omege a magagi, paribobo magaga,” incanted the shaman.

“Azazi azagaaaaaa,”responded the faithful followers.

He repeated this the third time

Within a twinkle of an eye, the shaman lunged forward with a sudden, quick, and usually short movement he cut the right hand of this man with his sharp knife.

“Azagaaaaaaaaaaa,” the followers responded in a rather solemn tone, and they all bowed their heads down.

Silence ensured, the whole place was thrown into silence.

Instead of blood, a golden or amber color liquid flowed out of this man hand, golden color liquid gradually flowed down this man right hand through his belly to his thigh, dripping with drops on to the soil.

A man could save himself from being sacrificed if he obtained a wing bone from a very large seabird said to have existed on Enen-kio. Small groups would brave traveling to the atoll in hopes of obtaining this bone, saving the life of the potential human sacrifice. Human bones were part of the items used in this sacrifice.

Henry experienced a twitch, a sudden slight uncontrolled movement of his body.

“Ew, huh,” what was that? Henry asked. He exhibited his disgust and disbelief, confusion, or surprise. “That is not blood; neither does it look like a normal human blood either,”Henry said.

“I just don’t have an idea either, the sight is horrible,” added the captain.

The shaman, sniffing like a dog , murmuring some few words .With the countenance on the shaman face, it seemed that he was disappointed and annoyed, he sensed and perceived something strange.

Captain Thomas spoke softly, “what is he saying?”

Henry replied,” I do not know either, couldn’t fathom either, the whole show seemed like being in the middle of nowhere and heard the howling of a lone dog, you know that it is terrifying, liberating and above all else”

Using his magical wands, the shaman with annoyance, pointed at the direction at which Henry and Captain were hiding, “Eyi n ma bata grindaaa Haole,” he shouted with an unblinking gaze like that of a tensed dog.

“Woo, woo-hoo, yee-haw,” They were excitement. Half of a dozen guards followed the direction at which the shaman pointed out, howling, jumping and running towards the direction at which Henry and the captain were hiding.

They were panting like dogs, their tongues were outside.

Henry and Captain Thomas were surprised. They have never seen before humans that pant like dogs with their tongues outside.

“We’ve been seen, we got to go,” said the captain. He turned around trying to escape, Henry was still doubting, if they have been seen or not. Henry wanted to stay behind and catch more of the show. But, Thomas grabbed Henry by Henry’s hand, he pulled his hand, they leapt.

It is a taboo in the land of Aryvana during their rituals to their god, foreigners’ presences were not allowed.

The duos were running, one of the guards hurled his spear, he later threw his spear, and he missed the target. But by virtue of the blowing wind, and the loose type of clothing that Henry was wearing, as Henry was running, he missed his footing.He fell on the rock.

He rose up to his feet, he ran. Another guard hurled his spear, this time, but only for the spear to hook one side of Henry loose cloth, but torn out, this pinned Henry to a nearby tree.

The captain who was running at faster pace ahead of Henry heard a sound behind him; he turned around, seeing that Henry had been hooked. The captain Thomas stopped running, contemplating either to continue running or go back and help Henry.


Being dragged on the hot soil of the island of Aryvana were Henry and the captain, the duo were being carried at each end of bamboo poles by the guards, tied and hanging from bamboo poles, as if they were bush meat being killed by hunters, , presumably to be eaten.

“Yoo-hoooooo. Hoopi -de-doo, iba ra ba.”

“Yoo-hooooo. Hoopi -de-doo, iba ra ba.”

The guards were howling, chatting, screaming, after walking a distance of 1kilometer, they finally arrived at the center of the island. The two men were lowered down by the guards. Ropes tied around their neck and arms.

A large crowd had gathered at the center of the island, near to the palace of the queen of the island. Murmuring and grumbling in language that no one understood.

The Aryvanas have mouths that were bigger than normal human beings in that time. They have wisdom teeth. They use these wisdom teeth as knives and also in cooking. They have smaller oval shaped heads with larger eyeballs.Their nose is projecting like those of humans rather than the open flat nose seen in apes.

They have few furs on their body. The arms and legs are slightly longer than those of humans.

Their chest protruded outside when walking or standing, the body was inclined backwards when they walk.

The have nictitating membrane, or third eyelid, which keeps their eye clean and moist and conceals the shiny iris from predators.

They have few sweat glands, such as the ones found with dogs. The Aryvanas accomplish similar temperature regulation results by panting, which evaporates water from the moist lining of the oral cavity and pharynx. They sweat from their feet and noses. They undergo vasodilation, the dilating of blood vessels which can cause a flushing appearance on the skin

Panting is their primary method, while vasodilation is likely the second most important. Vasodilation helps bring hot blood directly to the surface of the skin, allowing for the blood to cool before returning back to the heart

Panting isn't effective enough for these races of people. They have little fur that is why panting is effective for them to cool down. When the normal humans sweat, the sweat evaporates taking some of the excess heat with it.

So if the Aryvanas sweat, the sweat would get stuck in their fur and make them even warmer, so they pant so that they can cool themselves a little, they just can't do it for very long because of the resulting loss of carbon dioxide because of hyperventilation.

They were slim and taller race, 12 toes, thicker eyelids and superciliary arches, their skins resemble those of the ancient Egyptians.

They were small isolated group, in need of evolution if mutation exists among them. This will go and on and on in their lineage tree. Otherwise in a large group, with a variety of partners to mate with, mutation will act only as a little perturbation and get lost. Humans are exactly at that stage now. With increasing globalization, people reproducing with other people belonging to different cultures, races and countries, it is becoming extremely difficult for a mutated gene to get expressed as a dominant trait.

The Aryvanas use new cabbage trees and grasses to make fabrics. They also used birds’ feathers and skins, and the skins of seals to make their clothing. These garments were hand woven, using both plaiting and weft-twining techniques. While special cloaks which were made of finely woven flax fibre, and full-feathered cloaks, were worn only by chiefs. Rain capes which kept the wearer dry were worn by canoe paddlers.

They walked barefoot, but sometimes made sandals from flax, cabbage-tree leaves or mountain grass for crossing rocky ground.

Hairstyles could show someone’s status, or indicate when someone was in mourning. Men’s hair was twisted or knotted into many different kinds of topknots, while women that are about to sacrifice themselves, often dressed their hair.

Because the head was considered the most sacred part of the body, the hair of a high-ranking person could only be dressed by someone of even higher status.

Decorative combs, red clay and oils extracted from plants and animals were used to dress hair. Decorative combs made of bone, stone or wood were traditionally worn only by men of high status.

Necklaces and pendants were made from stone and bone, ear pendants were sometimes made of bird tails, skin or feathers, pendants were perfumed with aromatic oils.

Equalities of life between the different social layers were amongst the most visible structure of aryvana; the island was largely an agricultural and fishing society, the rate of urbanization was very low, and people lived what can only be described as a servile existence. Personal advancement was unachievable.

The queen of Aryvana, Queen Ramia Rewi, she was a seventy years old woman, slim with a height of 5ft. She wore full-feathered mantle cloak, her crown were made from bird feathers. She had ear pendants made of bird skin. On her feet were sandals made from flax. She was born like a normal person with eyesight, now she was blind.

Though she was blind, like other natives of Aryvana who based their life style and belived in the applications of the olfactory sytem, she was no exception. She used her sense of smell, the olfactory system in carrying out her day to day activities, her monarchial role inclusive. She could smell a foreigner from the native people of Aryvana; she could smell a native masculine from a native feminine. She had a strong olfactory system.

Based on the type of food intake taken by different people in different parts of the world, we humans have different spiritual odour, we smell differently. Americans have the distinct smell different from the Europeans; the Europeans are different from the Asians.

This type of odour was not the body or physical odour, but a combination of both physical and spiritual odour.

Likewise, the Aryvanas could smell a foreigner from the natives, a teenage girl from an adult woman. To the Aryvanas a woman that has reached the age of menstruation have a distinct smell, even if at the moment, even if she was not brought out for examination and differentiation, she would be differentiated from a girl that does not undergo menstruation.

To the Aryvanas a woman that has reached the age of puberty, smells like a fish. They could smell a woman that has reached puberty age through the periodic odours related to puberty. They could also smell a girl that has not reached the age of puberty. To them, a girl that has not reached the age of puberty smells like a cow. This was the same potential that the shaman that was performing the rituals used in perceiving the presence of Henry and Thomas from a long distance, far off from where they were hiding.

She rose up from her seat, moved majestically 3 meters forward, and smelled the two men with disgust and hatred. Without seeing, Henry and Thomas, she perceived where the duo stood. She moved towards them.

She touched the chin of Captain Thomas.

“What is your name?” she was asking of the name of Captain Thomas, but her pronunciation and accent were not coherent for complete understanding of her question.

Captain Thomas hesitated twisted his head at one hundred and ten to his left, he spat, and he did not understand her question.

The queen was annoyed.

She moved to Henry, face-slapped his face to the right, to the left with a bamboo having jagged margins on it rear end tips. Henry face tore; blood came out, dripped down to his beard, and the queen moved backwards, though she could not see the blood. She smelled the liquid dripping out and dropping on the soil of the land.

“Ugh, aisos (Oh my god!),” she said and exclamed the disgust

“Bambucha baooz, wikiwik (carry the idiots, fast), “she shouted at the top of her voice. She ordered the guards to take both Henry and Thomas away to the prison.

They were severely flogged. The local island guards carried both Henry and Thomas.

They took the duo and put them into the prison.


The door of the prison flung opened.There appeared, like a black shadow emerging into the sunshine, the grim and grisly presence. The queen strolled into the prison room.

Bleeding and pain-wracked, Henry sat to a corner of damp floor, while Thomas squatted in the center of the prison room, with his back against as the wall. Rusty nails and dead cockroaches litter the floor of this prison room.

Rats were seen running and searching for food in the length and breath of the room. Probably, the rats had run out of their rations of food .Food was earlier thrown at them by Henry who had made fun of the rats earlier on in the cell before the Queen arrival.

“What brought you to Aryvana,” the Queen asked both Henry and the Captain Thomas.

They remained silent and made no answer.Having good intention is one thing, reality is quite another.

The duo did not reply. Instead, Thomas stared at the queen. He fixed his gaze to her abilities, physique and appearance. Though she was blind, but she moved about without any assistance. She had dark and abundant hair, so glossy that it threw off the sunshine with a gleam, and a face which, besides being beautiful from regularity of feature and richness of complexion, had the impressiveness belonging to a marked brow and deep black eyes.

Though, the queen could not see, she moved towards Henry.

She was angry, she wanted to yell, and she kept herself from yelling at them.

“Uh-uh,”.She sighed and took deep breath. She was hopping mad and she was bawling at the top of her lungs. She felt like tearing these people into pieces, if she were to be a lion.

She thought of an alternate plan to get what she wanted to from these people, both Henry and Thomas. She took a deep breathe.

But as she took a deep breathe, she perceived the smell. The smell seemed familiar. But, she was silence. She was was not sure. The smell reawakened her old memories and sad memories.which she had forgotten, but only to be reawakened at this moment. The smell transported back powerful and emotional memories from the past to her. More powerful than the voice of Henry and Thomas she had wanted to hear.

The world stopped, and an exquisite, transcendent pleasure, like the effect of love, filling her with joy, suffused her senses. Scents bring memories, and many memories bring nostalgic pleasure.She concentrated on the sensation, but at first nothing happened.

Again, she asked the same question. But neither Henry nor Thomas was ready to talk.

“I would deal with you by breaking your heads,” she spoke in a calm tone.

“Ugh, pshaw,” She exclaimed in disbelief, irriration and disgust.

She turned around, and walked out of the prison room.She slammed the door behind her.


“Dibble dibble dopp dopp,” made the rain drops that were falling down, hitting the soil of Aryvana with a high pitch.

The queen of Aryvana sat down on her bed in her room

In her room, though she was blind. Her face was pale. She had deep thought for imprisoning both the Henry and Thomas. Most especially, Henry. She could not understand, how, why and what brought the guilt sensation burning inside her. But right inside her, she had the element of guilt, coming from nowhere, and without its origin.

The smells triggered more detailed, arousing and unpleasant memories of painful experiences more than sounds of rain droplets were falling outside her room.

Like the prodigal son, the guilt feeling came back. A deep feeling of guilt. Not because she imprisoned Henry and Thomas. But due her actions and experiences in the past, which she had experienced by surviving some catastrophe incidences that took the lives of many others. Not in another man’s land, but in this same land of Aryvana.

She was indeed weighed down by guilt.

Suddenly, she shook off her body, her ego rose against instinctive impulses. She built defenses against this guilt. She projected the blame onto other people, apparently her late husband.in the hope that her deeds and the situation will be more favorably than her own conscience. Her actions were rationalized to be the fault of another person. She lacked empathy.

But, she had difficulty in dealing with these past feelings. It was difficult to understand how she could not stop these negative feelings and deal with these past actions.

Then she reasoned again, she evaluated the situations, and developed emotional bonds

She realizes that she has compromised her own standards of conduct and she bore significant responsibility for that violation.

Understanding the purpose of guilt. She felt guilty because she must have done or said something that caused harm to herself or somebody else. This type of guilt helps. She needed to understand when she was at fault for something, and the reason why why was at fault.

Now, she was determined whether to end this trauma. She needed to apologize for her actions. She reflected on her past actions in order to prevent a similar situation in the future.

Though the mistakes had been made, she was wondering, where and how would she start to correct the mistakes and the actions that she had took in the past.She needed to move past her past.

Then, she crossed her two arms and hands, and placed them on her chest.She forgave herself for the mistake that she had made.Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Finally, she summed up courage. She jumped up from her bed. Opened the door of her room and called one of the guards.

“Terei shuio ameghi rezi”(bring me the tall and slim man of those two men), she was referring to Henry.She meant that Henry should be brought to her.


With great force, the door of the prison was kicked opened by a stout guard.

This stout guard was the most dreadful looking fellow in Aryvana. He was armed to his teeth.

He came into the prison room and grabbed Henry by the hand. He pulled Henry up with great force to Henry’s feet. He was dragging Henry out of the prison room.

Henry and Captain Thomas were confused; they did not understand what was going on.

Cruelty could take different forms, from extreme violence and torture to minor acts of physical punishment, humiliation and neglect. The scenario was kind of a all topsy-turvy, or was this something of just so much smoke and mirrors.

Henry and captain Thomas stared at each other in disbelief, “what’s going on?,”asked the captain.

Henry shrugged, he was silence, and he had no idea of the situation.

Henry breathed through his mouth against the stink of sweat, blood, fear, and urine, emitting from this stout guard.The guy is a pig, looked rather dirty and unkempt.

Henry could not condone this odour, he spat on the prison floor. He was taken out of the prison to the Queen’s palace.


The guard knocked three times at the door to the room of the Queen of Aryvana.

“Uve,” (come in) the queen answered.

Henry moved inside the room.The queen had her back to the door of her room.

Again she perceived the odour. Her mind was right. She followed her instinct; her instinct was not deceiving her.She was uncomfortable with the odour coming out of Henry. The odour again brought to her mind what she knew that started the discomfort.

“Sit down,” she said to Henry.

Henry sat down on the bed in the room. The bed was made of bamboo logs.

She rocked back and fourth, tears coursing down her cheeks unchecked. She came to close to the bed. She clutched his hand as tears rolled down her cheeks. The proximity of the closeness between her and Henry, and of her olfactory bulb, processed the smells, and the amygdala and hippocampus brain regions controlled her emotions and memories.

Henry was wondering what made her to cry, and what was the reason why she sent for him was.

“The land of Aryvana was land blessed with mineral resources and precious metals.” She paused; she placed her two hands on her head.

“A particular clandestine organization had interest in the possession of this land. But the island had already being bought by somebody else.” That somebody else was your father. Your father initially owned and bought this island,” queen uttered.

“Ooh, you mean that I am your son,” Henry asked with interest and admiration.

“Yes,” the queen responded.

Tears well in her eyes and roll down her wrinkled cheeks as she talks about her ordeal.

Magically evokes the scene of the origins of all her past actions and misdeeds. Smell is the spiritual sign of vital, generative powers. Each aromatic moment bears witness to the presence of a different spiritual power, and space becomes a shifting field of generative odors: a garden for the blind.

“A year after your father and i moved into this land, the director of this clandestine organization approached your father. They wanted to obtain, a particular soil bacterium Desulfovibrio desulfuricans genome, which will be used to recover the precious metal palladium from industrial waste sources in Aryvana.This soil bacterium was found in Aryvana. It was able to reduce palladium in industrial wastes into metallic nanoparticles with biocatalytic activity.”

“Ooh….” Henry remarked.

“Palladium is one of the platinum group metals which are among the most precious resources on earth, used in many catalytic systems and are the active elements of autocatalytic converters that reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” the queen said.

“These metals are a finite resource with high market value, demand has outstripped supply and scientists make researches into alternative ways of recovering palladium from secondary sources,” she uttered.

While she was speaking, Henry paid attention to every piece of information that she spoke.

“The company believed that this bacterium has great potential to be used in synthesis different materials,” the Queen remarked.

“Are there these same bacteria in Aryvana?” Henry asked the queen

“No” the queen replied.

“Soil chemistry and mineralogy are combined together to create different types of soil to create a distinct soil profile. Soils can have different types of organic matter in them, which contain different proportion of waxes and substances that are chemically traced. Due to this scientific research, this also can change their environment,” she said.

“Soils have a unique DNA. There are methods that can be used to find target sequences of DNA. This provides a means to profile the soils biological signatures.” Henry added his opinion to the subject being a scientist.

“Their ultimate aim was to develop a one-step technology that allows for the conversion of metallic wastes into high value catalysts for green chemistry and clean energy generation.”

“Your father declined their offer, i persuaded him in accepting the offer, but he refused.”

“Why didn’t he accept the offer?,”Henry asked with curiousity.

“Secretly, I went to the Director of this company, I promised him that I was going to convince my husband, who was your father. I collected huge amount of money from this company.”

“Months passed by, the clandestine organization heard nothing from me”.

“They came to Aryvana. My husband said that he was unaware of involvement in this whole issue. He was unaware that I collected the money.”

“The organization gave us a time limit to put things into perspective, otherwise, they would storm aryavana and we would see the consequences of not fulfiling my own end of the bargain.”

“They invaded Aryvana; your father was not around when they came to Aryvana. So they forcefully took you away, when you were one year old. The guards fought back; as a result, i lost my eye. I became blind.”

“Then, the organization did not relent, they threatened to kill you, if we did not allow them to exploits these bacteria or i refund back their money.”

“Your father decided that they should take him instead of you.Your father went to them. They captured him. They killed your father eventually.”

“Still this organization was not satisfied, after killing my husband, who was your father, they eventually invaded Aryvana the second time.

“I fled to Honolulu, they carried out their research, as a result of their activities, they also carried out genetic mutations on the inhabitants, that is the reason the people pants like dogs, that is the reason why they have genetic features different from the normal human beings,” she said.

Henry upper lid was raised; his lower lip was raised, and is nose was wrinkled.The inner corners of her eyebrows were drawn in and then up, her skin below eyebrow triangulated, with inner corner up, the corner of her lips were drawn down, her jaw came up, she was sad.

“Mm-hmm, he who does good, will meet good,” Henry responded affirmatively by corroborating his response.

The queen extended her hand. Henry moved towards her, they embraced each other.


Henry stood beside the queen of Aryvana.

There was a huge crowd standing before them. The people of Aryvana gathered together.In the midst of the crowd was Captain Thomas. The queen had asked the island village crier to ring bell round the island.

Henry stared at the crowd.

Instead of saying anything, she felt his fingers trace up her palm and then laced into hers. She held his right hand.

With the Queen, he stood before the crowd. He ouches his body part to another, holding the back of his neck. Could be his way of comforting himself because he has doing something wrong?. What has he done?. He was nervous and fidgeting. But, he has a secret.

She felt like she could clasp him closely to her bosom; but this is not possible. Henry was already an adult, a matured man in his early 40’s. Her feelings were just by an impulse of motherly affection, as that she might thereby conceal a certain token, which was wrought or fastened into her dress. In a moment, however, wisely judging that one token of her shame would but poorly serve to hide another, she took him at his arm, and, with a burning blush, and yet a haughty smile.

Her local island people looked at her. Those who knew her and expected to see her diminished by her circumstance were startled to find that her beauty radiated like a halo to obscure the clouds of misfortune that surrounded her. Even so, the sensitive observer might have detected something exquisitely painful in the scene.

“Eki m bata maru (my people),” said the queen.

“Jare sazeighuo (today is my happiest day).”

“Zeghuio azaghi ga (something was lost in my life years ago)

“Deum mada seghui ri(the stars have been faithful to me).”

“Ai deso(I found it).”

“Hurrah, huzzah,” she exclaimed with triumph and happiness.

She raised the right hand of Henry up. The people of Aryvana cheered



The sky steps out of her daywear, the sun struck like an arrow.

Abdul, the terrorist leader was drinking a rum, and at the same time smoking marijuana, pondering, and at the same time putting out the butt of the marijuana with his finger. He sat on a plastic chair with his legs over the arm of the chair.

He was on the balcony of an empty building in Maryland, with keen interest; he fixed his gaze at a body suspended on a thin rope to lift the suspendee off the ground.

The suspended body suspended from a pivot made a random horizontal motion and random movement, swung freely. The body displaced itself sideways from its resting, oscillating about the equilibrium position, swinging back and forth. The bed like structure on which he laid creeks squeaks, the floor rattle tattles, the ceiling rumble tumbles

Using needle, the suspended body was pierced at his torso, his legs and face and his skin was hooked with anchor like hooks, he was suspended from a metallic frame, dangling horizontally in the air such a gory sight, but just a thin rope to lift the suspendee off the ground.

“This is the only way to test your body's pain threshold,” stated Abdul.

Huge sense of well-being, and the suspendee did not complain of discomfort once.

“Humph, for how long?” inquired the suspendee and indicated his displeasure and indignation.

“This is a spiritual experience, there is very little pain and you get an incredible sense of peace for a week afterwards,” declared Abdul.

He ground out his cigarette on the table edge. ... He nodded his thanks as he took out another cigarette.

He added, “for hours, this is a test, if you are fit to join our group,” said Abdul.

Abdul rose from the plastic chair on which he has been sitting. He kicked a can of beer on the floor.He turned to his right side, and descended a stairs to the main building.

He called out his assistant. “Jahti,” he shouted. He walked towards the direction of the kitchen.

Jahti was in the kitchen romancing and fondling the breast of his girlfriend. Jahti stopped his action, turned sideways and gave a glimpse at his boss.

“Argh, Bah,” Jahti was frustrated. He withdrew his hand from caressing his girlfriend.

“Any update?,” Jahti asked his boss.

“Um,” Abdul paused. He was skeptical.

“No, for the meantime,” Abdul said and grasped his breathe.

He continued,“I doubt that the efficacy of the venom which could result from the Whaleman bite, normally, they do not have really have poisonous venom or their bite are not that strong,” Abdul told Jahti.

“We are not giving up; we just have to continue with what we started. Come I will show something,” Abdul uttered. He beckoned at Jahti to follow him.

“Blah, phfft,” his girlfriend communicated boredom, disappointment and abrupt ending of the pleasure. The countenance on her face was unpleasant; she wanted more of the attention from her man. She flicked her hair, adjusted her night gown and jumped down from the kitchen table top where she was sitting.

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