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The Osirion Connection

Book One


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Deanu watched with a heavy heart, eyes brimming with tears as her beloved city slowly sank beneath the pulverising force of the brutal towering black waves. From the safety of their ships, the surviving Atlantean people mutely observed their homeland violently disappearing beneath the raging waters. There had been little time to prepare for the catastrophe; barely half of the Atlantean population had made it to the waiting ships. Thousands died when their homes came crashing down amongst them, more drowning while running for their lives to board the ships. Sixty large smooth cylindrical passenger ships hovered over the sinking landmass, each one carrying over twenty thousand Atlanteans and their families. Eighteen immense block shaped cargo ships had been hastily loaded with animals, equipment, food and other precious cargo needed for successfully colonising another continent. The cargo ships were ascending slowly with their precious payloads to join the waiting passenger ships.

The beautiful tropical landmass that was once the magnificent civilisation of Atlantis quickly froze from the sub-zero temperatures, the lush green mountains turning to white ice as the cobalt waves licked up their icy slopes. The air was cloudy with driving snow, hail, fog, and typhoon force winds. The ships hovered silently, their massive powerful space thrusters keeping the dreadnoughts steady in the raging icy blasts. The last of the delicate rainbow crystal towers disappeared beneath the hungry violent waves, small bursts of prismatic light bursting through the dark waves from the remaining Crystals that still powered the dying city. The land mass slowly rotated within the polar vortex, the earth’s spin dragging the dying freezing continent to the oblivion of the South Pole. One by one, the ships powered up their navigational lights, intense sky blue beams cutting through the buffeting screaming winds as the ships started moving northwards to a new home.


Fourteen years had passed since the sinking of Atlantis. Deanu could still perceive the image of destruction and death, forever burned into her mind. She would never forget the screams of terror as her people tried to save themselves and their loved ones while the land of crystal crashed down amongst them. The memories would stay with her for the rest of her long life. Sighing, she got up from her dishevelled bed following a restless night of broken sleep.

Touching a panel on the stone wall of her room, her crystal window became transparent, offering a beautiful lush view from above the shining white city of Azh’Laakia. Another touch to the panel and the crystal dissipated, allowing the cheery chirpings of birds, insects, and the distant murmuring of the city’s central waterway to reach her ears. It was early; the golden sun was just barely hovering over the tree line of the surrounding jungle, the air still cool with no hint of the steamy humidity and heat that would shortly follow. The skies were cloudless, tinged with pale burnished orange filaments of fog that lifted slowly from the forest canopy. Yawning, Deanu stretched her body, enjoying the fresh air as it washed throughout the cool stone room.

Deanu brushed her long dark auburn hair in the reflective crystal that shimmered on one wall of her room. Her tawny skin, darkened from the sun was in direct contrast to her sea green eyes as they flashed with an ancient intelligence. Her people had migrated from the Pleiadian system over three thousand years earlier before their sun went supernova. Their planet, Viraco, much smaller than this magnificent planet, orbited a dying red giant, the star Maya. The Pleiadian Mayas as they were once named, had been leaving their home planet for millennia, settling on many planets across the Milky Way Galaxy, Earth being one of many her people now called home. Deanu’s ancestors had constructed the maritime civilisation of Atlantis, their engineering skills bringing the crystalline cities of rainbows to life with their use and knowledge of the Power Crystals.

Deanu lightly brushed her hand down the airy softness of her flowing linen garment that shimmered with light as she moved, microscopic crystals embedded in the fibres allowed light to constantly flow across the expanse of cloth. Her arms and legs were free, her waist cinched with an ornate jade clasp given to her by the Totonac people who inhabited the surrounding jungles of her new home. They were bordered to the east and west by the vast oceans of the planet. This land had been scouted hundreds of years earlier by her people but never settled until now. Many indigenous clans of peoples already inhabited the jungles since the dawn of time, their ancestors having originated from the Sirian and Arcturian star systems. The Atlanteans were warmly welcomed by the native inhabitants of this beautiful land when they had first arrived following the destruction of their homeland.

“The morning meal is ready Deanu, will you be joining us soon?’’ The soft voice of her building’s caretaker, Li’ala, fluttered through her mind.

“I’m on my way down Li’ala, thank-you’’ Deanu thought back as she left her sleeping chamber, heading for the spiral stone staircase that led to the ground floor of her home, sweet scents of honey and ripe fruit permeating the cool air.

Moments later, she entered the large courtyard, walking silently across the polished white marble stones. Large crystal and white granite columns rose from the marble floor supporting a white marble lattice and crystal roof from which crawling vines and scented violet flowers hung. A multitude of birds sang, chirped, and whistled from the tops of the columns and roof while flowing water from the surrounding crystal fountains filled the air with a divine harmonics. Some people were seated at the small marble tables that were scattered randomly across the courtyard, enjoying their first meal of the new day. Large mature trees, flowering bushes, creeping vines and smaller fruit trees encompassed the perimeter of the courtyard on all sides, overflowing onto the marble floor stones.

Deanu made for her favourite spot beneath the avocado tree heavy with ripe green fruit. She seated herself on the carved wooden bench next to the small circular stone table on which Li’ala had placed her meal moments earlier. Hungrily she ate her meal of ripe mango, thick chunks of sweet pineapple, and tangy cubes of prickly pear cactus and ripe slices of cherimoya. A reed basket of fresh steaming thickly sliced dark bread accompanied her meal with small earthenware dishes of sweet and tangy fruit jellies tucked amongst the contents. She poured herself a cup of hot steaming honey laced vanilla tea from the black stoneware jug to her left. The rich heady aroma of vanilla assaulted her senses as she lifted the stone cup to her lips carefully.

“There you are!’’ a loud voice shouted behind her nearly causing her to burn her lips with the hot beverage.

“For the love of Maya, I’ve told you so many times not to go around shouting like that D’ryvr!’’ she scolded the younger man who scuttled himself next to her on the wooden bench. Grabbing a piece of dark bread, he stuffed it into his mouth without a second thought as his sister watched him with a look of disdain. “Really?’’

“I ate before dawn my lovely sister, I’m starving now!” He delicately took a remaining chunk of dark yellow mango off her plate. He was tall and slim, yet muscular, his smooth skin darkly bronzed from the sun. A shock of dark blond hair hung in curls about his handsome face. Sea green eyes watched her intently from beneath long dark golden eyelashes as he popped the fruit into his mouth, sucking the juice loudly from his fingers. He wore a sleeveless tunic and breeches, much like Deanu’s, shimmering cloth that reflected the rainbow as he moved.

“So what is the urgency about?’’ she asked, lifting one delicate arched eyebrow at her tousled younger sibling.

“Oh, yes, that. Our long-range sensors picked up an Osirion ship over the Atlantic ocean a few moments ago.’’

“Why are they heading here for?’’ her curiosity peaked at her brother’s statement. They shared the planet with the Osirion, a warlike humanoid race that originated from the Orion constellation many thousands of years before the arrival of the Pleiadians. They had kept out of each other’s ways over the millennia, courteous to each other, but never more than that. Even though the Alanteans disapproved of Osirion genetic manipulation of the native humanoid species inhabiting the earth and their constant destructive mining, they really could not do much about it. The Osirion had warned the Atlanteans to keep their distance or problems might ensue between the two civilisations. The Atlantean elders had chosen to keep a safe distance from their warlike neighbours by isolating themselves as far as possible from the Osirion. However, the true reality was that the Osirion had no power when it came to the crystal technology of their peaceful neighbours, the Atlanteans, who could easily send them off into another dimension without a second thought!

“Something about wanting to meet with the Guardian of the Crystals. That is all I overheard!’’

“You know you are not supposed to be eavesdropping little brother that is not well seen by the elders.’’ Deanu scolded lightly.

D’ryvr laughed, “Well?’’

“Well, what?’’

“Shouldn’t you be heading for the Complex?’’

“No. Not until the elders summon me. That would be too obvious what you were up to dear annoying brother.’’

“Deanu, your presence is required at the Complex’’ a gentle ancient, yet masculine voice whispered in her mind.

“I am on my way Elder So’thn.’’ She quickly replied throwing her brother a wink as she brushed minute crumbs from her tunic, quickly leaving the courtyard and her inquisitive brother.


Deanu briskly walked the white marble flagstones leading to the Complex several minutes away. The air was becoming humid, the bright golden-yellow sun shining strongly now as it filtered through the dense foliage that covered the city’s walkways. Tall spires of Rainbow Crystals atop white marble and granite stepped pyramids soared over the trees on either side of her as she approached the Complex. Nearing the building, she could sense the low humming vibration of the Power Crystals flowing through her body, exciting her blood, lifting her spirits. A break in the heavy dense trees gave way to a splendid site that she found enthralling every time she approached the sacred area.

The Complex was the largest of the white marble and granite stepped pyramids of the city, an immense building that overshot the tallest of the jungle trees by many lengths. The pale stone reflected the hot rays of the sun for distances as far as the massive oceans that surrounded the lushly forested lands. The lower half of the Complex was carved with beautiful limestone figures of peoples, animals and insects painted with rainbow crystalline powders that shimmered in the light creating an illusion of movement amongst the stone reliefs. The carved stairway that led to the top of the Complex was painted with more shimmering Crystals while fountains of clear water flowed down each side of the stairway from the summit. This was her sanctuary, where the powerful Pleiadian Maya Power Crystals that powered their civilisation were preciously guarded.

Deanu ascended the long stairway, her eyes admiring the beautiful engineering feats of the crystal spires atop the Complex that showered drops of rainbow luminescence all over the white stones. Nearing the top of the Complex, massive white granite blocks speckled with minuscule black shiny mica chips glinted in the hot sun. The granite was humming in harmony with the Power Crystals, transmitting energy all over the city. She lightly caressed the warm stone, feeling the raw power course throughout her body. Cresting the top of the stairway, she entered the triple sentry of white granite columns that stood majestically beneath the flat latticework of Crystals that comprised the roof of the pyramid. She could hear excited voices emanating from behind the columns ahead of her.

Once inside the coolness of the Complex, Deanu approached the two elders that were deep in conversation. The top level of the Complex had several large crystal panels rising from the stone floor, flashing with symbols, numbers and lights, the brain of the city. A team of engineers and technicians tended to the computers, adjusting the flow of energy over the power grid of the city and the surrounding lands. The Complex itself acted as a capacitor and resonator for the Power Crystals that were kept beneath the gleaming marble floors of the control room.

“Ah, Deanu!’’ exclaimed a wizened small man with intense blue eyes, adorned in a glimmering long pearly-white robe that touched the floor.

“Elder So’thn, to what honour do I owe your visit?’’ she smiled at the frail man with the wide smile.

“Come, come, my dear. We have an urgent matter this lovely day.’’ Elder So’thn motioned for her to join him and his companion, a middle-aged heavyset woman with long curly red hair and sensual dark brown eyes. Her white skin was flawless, creamy and without blemish. Her long flowing sleeveless dress shimmered with violet Crystals imbedded in the natural linen fibre.

“Elder V’leena, it is an honour to meet you,’’ Deanu said softly, bowing her head in respect to the red haired woman before her. V’leena’s family were highly regarded amongst the Pleiadians, noble healers that could tap the Power Crystals directly for the healing all life forms. They could easily channel the powerful energy into other entities without harm to themselves, therefore, establishing themselves as the overseers of health in the community.

“Always an honour to meet you too Deanu.’’ The woman replied, her voice soft as a flowing breeze. She smiled at the young woman, bowing her head to the Guardian of the Crystals.

“Deanu, we have an Osirion representative on his way over to meet with you. He will be here shortly.’’ So’thn replied his voice tinged with anxiety.

Deanu feigned surprise. “Really? Why?’’

“He only mentioned to us that he wanted to meet with the Guardian of the Crystals, that’s it.’’

“Well, Okay, though I don’t understand why they want to meet with me for.”

“We will accompany you Deanu; it is part of the protocol. An elder must be present when dealing with any Osirion presence.’’ V’leena replied cautiously.

Deanu raised a delicate eyebrow at the elders. “That is fine, of course. I wouldn’t have a clue what to say to them anyways.”

“Deanu, we must be careful. The Crystal technology is something that we are responsible for, it could destroy a planet if used wrongly. You are the Guardian of the Crystals and responsible for the operation and handling of this powerful energy device. Be careful of what information you give to the Osirion. I know that they have always envied our symbiotic relationship with the Crystals since the time we first appeared on this planet.’’ So’thn said softly, his wrinkled hand gesturing to the Complex surrounding them.

“Of course Elder So’thn”“she nodded, her heart feeling a bit tight in her chest at that moment.


Deanu had left the two elders to descend the spiral stone stairs that led below the Complex top floor to the deep heart of the stone structure. Within moments, she entered the immense vibrating chamber that housed the precious Pleiadian Maya Power Crystals from their home world of Viraco. The Power Crystals resembled a large rough-hewn pyramid in the way that they grew. The Crystals were alive, pulsing in harmony, a multitude of colours emanating from their crystalline interiors. The mass spanned the height of three men with the width of seven men lying head to toe on the stone floor. Small, medium, and large Crystals protruded from the mother lode, all shimmering with intense power. The Crystals contained all the knowledge and history of the Pleiadian Maya since the beginning of time. The Crystals also contained the knowledge of the earth since its fiery birth by tapping into the crystalline structure of the planet itself. The knowledge of the universe was contained within its shimmering depths.

The chamber vibrated from the Power Crystals, the energy captured by the granite walls, transferred to the towering crystalline towers and outer stone casing of the Complex to be sent to all that needed the pure celestial energy for their daily needs in the city and surrounding lands. Deanu touched the crystal mass gently with both her hands. The Crystals’ energy pulsed through her body; her mind flowed with that of the Power Crystals.

“Welcome Guardian’’ the Crystals whispered in her mind, stroking her consciousness like the delicate wings of a butterfly.

“Welcome Crystals’’ she thought back as she gently pulled one hand from the shimmering mass, but still keeping contact with the other. “I am here to serve and guard you as always’’

“We thank you, Guardian.’’

Deanu pulled back her remaining hand just as the excited voice of her brother piped into her mind.

“An Osirion ship is approaching, get down here quickly!’’

“I’m on my way!’’

Deanu descended the stone stairs as quickly as she could, excitement filling her veins. She had never met an Osirion before! D’ryvr was waiting at the bottom of the Complex for her, equally excited as he motioned for her to hurry. Reaching the bottom, he grabbed her hand as they ran together down the marble flagstones to the landing platforms. A dull roaring shook the ground as they approached the eight immense flat-topped pyramids that served as landing platforms for their ships. The platforms were constructed of black basalt and topped with shiny sheets of glistening black mica to protect the structures from the intense heat of ships engines.

The roar grew in intensity as a medium-sized foreign warship approached over the gathering crowd of Atlanteans. The dusty, pockmarked Osirion ship slowed its descent to the landing platforms, the thrusters glowing hotly, sending waves of heat billowing out over the crowd of people gathered below. Deana found their engines so noisy compared to the Atlantean ships whose use of a different propulsion system created by the Power Crystals emanated no fumes or noise, only heat. The ship hovered over one of the many platforms, descending vertically until its heavy metallic landing gear touched the mica platform. The engines powered down until only the chirping of the birds and the hushed whispers of the gathered peoples filled the landing area.

The Osirion ship resembled a reptilian-like creature, that of the dragons that once roamed the inhabited planets of the Orion star system. Metallic spines stretched above the ship, large wings, spread from the fuselage and over the top of the landing platform like some deadly beast about to attack. Round eyes bulged from the “head’’ of the beast, the piloting and command centre of the ship. Massive guns pointed in all directions, bristling from the skin of the ship like needles on a thorn bush. Delicate flowing symbols decorated the sides of the ship, painted in pure gold leaf. Gold tiles shimmered across the top of the ship like the scales of a reptile. Obviously, the Osirion loved gold. It was everywhere!

The elders So’thn and V’leena ascended the short flight of stone steps to the top of the shimmering platform, Deanu following closely behind. Silently, they waited at the edge of the landing pad for the ship’s occupants to present themselves.


With a sharp loud hiss of compressed air, the forward belly of the ship split open, allowing a darkened metal stairway to slide down and hit the mica platform with a dull metallic thud. Six heavily armoured Osirion soldiers descended the stairs, spreading out from the ship in a protective stance. Deanu found the gesture quite amusing as she studied the tall heavily built Osirion warrior a few steps from her. They were much taller than the Atlanteans, by at least a head or more. They removed their helmets, tucking the heavy metal headgear beneath their muscular arms. The men were powerfully built with pale white skin and icy blue eyes, long curly dark beards and short-cropped blond hair. Their torsos were covered with intricate metal shielding that resembled dragon scales. The shiny metal appeared lightweight, yet strong and adorned with graven gold markings. The men sported heavy gold armbands and wrist cuffs of the same metal. Lethal plasma weapons were holstered on their thighs and at their waists.

Another Osirion descended the ship’s stairway, dressed in a simple black tunic and breeches adorned with the insignia of a rearing dragon weaved in gold thread across his chest. He was tall, muscular, and much more slender than the heavy-set warriors were. He sported a slim sword the length of his arm affixed to a leather and gold adorned belt that circled his lean waist. He wore comfortable soft leather black boots that made no sound as he walked over to the elders and Deanu. His well-developed upper arms were adorned with slim gold bands, but his wrists were bare. Short, shiny black hair framed his face; his skin darkly bronzed in stark contrast to the warriors and he was beardless. Intense golden hazel eyes beneath long black lashes gave him a sensual look much unlike the hard rocky stares of the warriors behind him.

“Greetings fellow Atlanteans!’’ the young Osirion spoke in the soft Atlantean dialect his voice calmly reassuring. Elder So’thn appeared to relax upon hearing the stranger speak, a slow smile warmly welcoming the stranger.

“I am very sorry to have messaged you urgently in this manner, but I need to meet with your Guardian of the Crystals as soon as possible. I am Enkarath, from the land of Kemet, north of the Abzu. I am an energy systems engineer and I need your help and expertise on a massive project we have underway in Kemet.’’ He finished, watching the elders expectantly.

“Of course Enkarath, it will be a pleasure to aid you and your peoples. We are the elders of the Atlantean civilisation. I am So’thn and this is Elder V’leena.’’ The older man exclaimed, gesturing to the red-haired woman at his side. “And our Crystal Guardian, Deanu.’’

Elders So’thn and V’leena stepped aside, allowing Deanu to approach Enkarath. She had been hidden from his view since disembarking from the ship. The young man’s eyes widened slightly as he regarded the stunningly attractive auburn-haired woman with the intense sea green eyes approach him. He towered over her petite stature, unable to remove his eyes from her shimmering curvaceous form. The strange cloth that clung to her body and her sun-kissed smooth skin had definitely caught his attention beneath the hot sun.

“I am Deanu, Guardian of the Crystals. It is a pleasure to meet an Osirion such as you for the first time.’’ She replied, bowing her head in respect to the tall handsome man before her.

“I am honoured by your presence Guardian.’’ The young man replied, bowing his head in return.

Deanu felt an instant, yet strange thermal attraction to this young Osirion. He appeared to have Atlantean blood since his resemblance to the soldiers was not very convincing. No, it couldn’t be she thought to herself. Their peoples never mingled, or maybe it could have happened? She brushed the strange thoughts filling her head. He regarded her intensely with his golden hazel eyes, pupils slightly dilated. He smiled at her, revealing even, white teeth behind full lips. Did she detect a sense of him reading her thoughts? No, impossible. The Osirion could not communicate telepathically like the Atlanteans.

“Enkarath, please come with us. We shall have a proper meeting in the city. Your men can accompany you and keep cool in the gardens. We will have refreshments for them. It is too hot here and besides, there is no danger of anyone attacking us here. At least I hope not!’’ Elder V’leena exclaimed, winking at the young Osirion engineer.

“I will take you up on that Elder V’leena. My men need to unwind, and you are right, our problems lie within our own borders, not here. They are used to being on the defensive.’’ Enkarath turned about and uttered a few sentences in the harsh Osirion tongue, so much different from the soft Atlantean language. The warriors regrouped and followed Enkarath, the elders and Deanu down the landing platform and onto the city grounds.


The next few hours were spent discussing the properties and powers of the Crystals in a small meeting room adjoining the main entrance atop the Complex. The Osirion engineer presented his important project to the elders outlining what was needed from the Atlanteans in terms of energy manufacturing. The Elders grilled him with questions, which he replied to without hesitation. Deanu explained in detail how the Crystals were linked to her mind since she was a Guardian, chosen by the Crystals. The Crystals needed the Atlantean-Pleiadian mind to control and direct their raw power; it was a sacred union that the Pleiadian Mayas had been blessed with since the beginning of time on their home world of Viraco. She simply guided the powerful Crystal entities to aid their civilisation through the use of energy for their daily lives, ships, construction and manufacturing processes. Their energy was clean, pure without waste products or toxins and powerful enough to open stargate portals.

Enkarath listened attentively, amazed with the unknown power of the Crystals. He had never imagined that these live minerals were so powerful. His mind flowed with the possibilities for his people. The elders studied him closely; he noticed their gentle, yet intense study of his words and phrases. His eyes locked with the sultry turquoise gaze of Deanu.

“Would you like to see the Crystals?’’ she queried, a slight smile pulling at the corners of her mouth.

The young Osirion blinked twice, slightly taken aback by her question. “Of course, I would be honoured!’’ he exclaimed, his golden eyes flashing with excitement.

“Elders So’thn, V’leena, please excuse us while I show our visitor the Crystal room.” Deanu bowed her head to the elders, they bowed back in unison. Deanu guided Enkarath towards the spiral stone stairs that led down to the Crystals’ level of the Complex.

Entering the massive power generating chamber, Enkarath stood speechless, staring at the pyramid-shaped mass of glowing shimmering Crystals. Approaching the pulsing live minerals, he gingerly outstretched his fingers to touch a protruding crystal.

Deanu grabbed his arm, pulling him back forcibly.

“You can’t touch them, you would die from the energy pulse!’’ her voice had risen, fear filling her body for he could have died from a massive heart attack within seconds of touching the sacred Crystals.

“I’m sorry Deanu.” He said softly, looking at her from beneath his long dark lashes, concern flooding his handsome features.

“It’s okay, I never mentioned that fact. Only guardians have the genetic makeup to bond with the Crystals telepathic communication, most Atlanteans do not possess the gene. I am one of the few that do. It is a random gene, not even passed down from family members.”

Deanu sighed as she drew her hand away from his muscular arm. Nice, she thought to herself, strong hard arms!

“So anyone who is Atlantean, can possess this genetic marker?” Enkarath queried, a slight smile hovering at the corners of his mouth.

Deanu lifted one delicate arched eyebrow at the young engineer. Why did she get the feeling this stranger was reading her mind? No, impossible, she was too taken with this handsome man, her emotions were getting the best of her. “Exactly, any Atlantean can possess the gene, but very few of us do. It is extremely rare.”

“I see,” he murmured, smiling softly at her.

Deanu pulled her gaze away from his intoxicating regard. Usually, men did not impress her very much except for the brazen behaviour of her bratty brother who in her eyes was still a boy. She was too busy with her important and necessary Guardianship duties to spend time thinking about the male sex. Maybe because she had never encountered anyone who could capture her attention quite like this stranger could.

Deanu quickly placed her hands on the Crystals.

“Welcome back Guardian” the soft butterfly fingers caressed her mind.

“Welcome Crystals. How is the generating doing so far today?” She queried.

“Guardian, the generation is fine; however, we have a new growth that has fallen off the mother. Can you help please?” The butterfly fingers danced across her mind, bright rainbows flashing in her mind.

“Of course” Deanu walked around the mass until she came upon a new egg sized baby crystal that had grown and fallen off during an energetic spurt. Delicately, she picked up the baby crystal, feeling its unbridled power coursing unfettered throughout her body. The crystal was too young to communicate but flashed with intense amethyst light and strong feelings of gratitude. Gently she affixed the newborn to the mother crystal. The Osirion watched in amazement a few paces away.

“Thank-you Guardian.” The Crystals whispered. “Please ask your companion to place his hands upon us.”

“I am sorry Crystals that would be impossible. He would die from touching you. He is not of our people, much less a carrier of the Guardian gene.” Deanu communicated gently to the pulsing Crystals.

“He has the Guardian gene, Guardian. No harm will come to him. Please let him touch us.”

Deana was stunned, her jaw dropped! She lifted her hands from the crystal mass, looking up at the tall Osirion engineer at her side, bewilderment in her green eyes. “They want to you place your hands upon them. No harm will come to you.”

Enkarath stepped forward, gingerly touching the Power Crystals with both hands. Closing his eyes, he was in instant communication with the ancient entity for several moments before pulling away gently, tears in his eyes.

Deanu watch dumbfounded, not understanding what was happening. How could this be?

“Deanu, I’m sorry, I had no idea this would happen.” He said softly, touching her bare arm.

“Enkarath, you have Atlantean blood, but how?’’ she asked, her voice trembling.

“My mother hailed from Atlantis. She left on a fishing trip with her father many years ago upon their small fishing boat. Following a violent storm that threw them off course, they had been lost at sea for weeks until an Osirion patrol ship discovered them off the coast of the Abzu. They had no more power, having lost their Crystal during the storm. They were taken to Kemet and ended up living with the family of an Osirion doctor. The young woman ended up falling in love with the young son of the doctor and the eventually married and started a family. I was raised in both cultures and that is why my adopted people chose me for the Power Crystal project since I speak your language fluently and I possess the engineering knowledge to apply it to our civilisation.”

Deanu listened in amazement to the young Osirion’s revelations. No wonder he appeared to have the physical characteristics of her people.

“By the way Deanu, you are lovely too,” Enkarath whispered in her mind, winking at the startled young woman with the flashing sea green eyes.

“You’ve been reading my thoughts?” Deanu shouted at the bewildered young man before her.

Enkarath stepped back, his golden eyes widening at her reaction. “I’m sorry Deanu, but I couldn’t help it. I was so happy to be able to communicate like this and you had no barriers up against me. The Elders were shielded, but not you. Your emotions are very strong; they overpowered me like the heavenly scent of your exotic flowers that grow all over your city!”

“Oh come on Enkarath, you were being intrusive” she snapped back at him, feeling betrayed by this intoxicating handsome stranger. Her barriers were up now, strong, like a stone wall around her thoughts. It was disrespectful to read others’ private thoughts, an insult.

Enkarath felt her mind barrier go up, locking him out. Disappointed, he shrugged helplessly, embarrassed at what he had done to the attractive Atlantean. Pondering for a moment, he touched her forearm, trying to ease the tension that now flowed from her. “Deanu, I would love for you to visit Kemet and our installations. Our power project is nearly completed. I’ll be leaving shortly, I must return to Kemet as soon as possible. This will give time for your elders to make a decision that will surely benefit us all.” He pleaded with her, taking her slender hands in his own. “Please say yes!”

Deanu felt her resistance melt away from his sultry golden gaze as he regarded her from beneath his long ebony lashes. The man was so magnetic that her willpower melted away, his hands sending electric currents throughout her body, not unlike that of the Power Crystals. “All right, I will visit Kemet,” she said, “but no more mind reading without my permission! Are we clear?” She scowled at the young man, raising a delicately arched eyebrow at him.

“Amazing! Pack enough clothes for a few days. We shall be leaving shortly.


Deanu left the crystal chamber having advised the Power Crystals that she would be absent for a few days. The Crystals would be well taken care of in her absence by a young Guardian in training, a lanky teenage boy by the name of T’ptal who had been initiated by her several months earlier. He would be under the constant supervision of the technicians and energy engineers within the Complex.

After conversing with the elders and her beloved younger brother, Deanu ran to her room, packed some clothes and changed for the trip to Kemet. She hastily ran back to the landing platform, climbing the steep stairs to the awaiting Osirion ship. D’ryvr watched from below the landing platform, a large grin from ear to ear, as he watched his sister hastily climb up the stairs and rush into the belly of the warship. How great was that?

“See you in a few days, sis. Try and keep your hands off that Osirion engineer, even if he is half Atlantean!” He whispered telepathically to her.

“You nosy little brat. Take care, I love you and please don’t get into trouble!” She shot back before the deafening sound of the ship’s engines roared to life.

Deanu strapped herself securely into the hard, rigid seat. She felt a little uneasy being seated across from five of the large Osirion soldiers who appeared to be staring right through her. Their gazes were unwavering, yet cold. She shuddered, feeling chilly inside the air-conditioned cabin of the warship. The walls were bare, columns of metal rose from the floor to the ceiling creating the ribs of the flying dragon. The floor was constructed of movable grates of metal shielding that could be easily displaced to reach extra ammunition below. Everything felt cold and warlike.

Enkarath was seated to her left and the remaining warrior to her right. She felt a bit panicked by the presence of the towering Osirion soldier closest to her. She could feel the heat and intensity pouring off his armoured body onto hers. She shuddered mentally.

“Don’t worry, he won’t bite you. Whatever you do, do not look at me. The Osirion are unaware that I can communicate telepathically.” Enkarath said softly in her mind.

“They give me the creeps Enkarath, huge, big, angry, and cold.” She replied nervously.

“You’ll get used to them soon enough. Most Osirion have never seen an Atlantean except for our elders who once communicated with your civilisation years before the Great Flood and the loss of Atlantis. Your people are physically smaller than us, more delicate-boned, empathic and telepathic. You do not possess our warring nature, which, unfortunately, is a part of our culture. While in Kemet, I will be your translator during our meeting with the Power Corporation whom I work for. You will stay with my family. My mother will be overjoyed to meet and speak to an Atlantean for the first time in so many years! He chuckled in her mind, tickling her senses with his happiness.

Deanu tried hard not to smile, keeping her head down so the warriors across her could not see her face.

“It will be an honour to stay with your family. Thank-you Enkarath.” She replied gently.

The ship shuddered slightly as it lifted from the platform vertically, slowly at first then with a sudden burst of speed. They ascended for a few moments until the ship levelled off and continued on a horizontal trajectory towards the eastern coast of the Mayach lands, which the Atlanteans now called that area of the world. Within moments, they were over the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, the warship speeding through the upper atmosphere at an alarming rate.

“How long will it take us to get to Kemet?’’ Deanu asked, noticing the sharp intense blue eyes of the facing warriors suddenly upon her as she spoke aloud.

“Not very long, this is a fast ship. We should be within Osirion airspace very shortly.’’ Enkarath replied watching the soldiers’ curiosity when he spoke the Atlantean language.

“Why do you hide your telepathy for?” She was curious to know his answer.

“The Osirion would not understand the way your people use this form of communication. They would certainly find a way to use it as a weapon to obtain information. Not ideal in a warring culture like ours. If anyone knew of this Deanu, I would have been taken as a child from my parents, my mother locked up and used in laboratory experiments. Our geneticists would have tried to find a way to duplicate the genetic coding that allows telepathy and integrate it into certain Osirion warriors. Not even my father is aware of our abilities. None of the Osirion is aware that your people are telepathic. This must remain so.” Enkarath replied, his thoughts stern and firm.

“Of course, I understand. Who exactly are you fighting with?” She queried, not really understanding whom they were at war with.

“Our own people Deanu, a rebel faction of the Osirion.’’

“Really, your own people?” She found it hard to wrap her mind around the concept.

“Later, I’ll explain the long story if you don’t mind. It will take a whole evening to talk about that.” He sighed mentally; preoccupied with all the information he had received from the Atlanteans that morning.

“Of course, when you’re up to it.”

A jumble of rough sounding words came through the intercom. The soldiers did not even flinch, their bearded faces expressionless.

“We are approaching Kemet,” Enkarath said softly. “Welcome to my land!”

“Too bad you don’t have any viewing panels. I would have loved to see your home from an aerial view.’ Deanu stated.

“Not very practical to have windows on a warship like this one. I promise I’ll take you for an aerial view in one of our small surveying ships.” He reassured her.

The warship was slowing, she could tell that much. Finally, the vessel came to a stationary hover as it began its vertical descent into the great city of Iunu.


Deanu followed Enkarath down the steep metallic stairway, the heavy footsteps of the soldiers close behind her, shaking the structure. She followed the young Osirion engineer onto the landing platform, the intense heat much like that of her own home, but drier. She had pinned her dark auburn locks atop her head with crystal clips that shimmered in the setting sun. She wore a dark amethyst robe that was long, reaching to her calves made of the same shimmering crystal embedded fibres like the robe she had worn earlier in the day.

There were no people to greet them at the landing platform. The ship was locked up as the pilot, a tall middle-aged man dressed in light armour, checked to make sure everything was secure. He left quietly with the soldiers, descending the platform onto the city walkways below. Deanu and Enkarath were alone atop the platform. The ship was crackling, its engines cooling from the trip abroad, waves of heat rising from its golden etched fuselage.

Deanu’s gaze swept across the beautiful glowing city. The sun now low in the sky, cast rich orange and crimson flames that danced across the cloudless skies. Rusty shadows danced across the spires of the pink, black and white granite buildings. Tall exotic palms, trees and vines saturated the walkways and spaces between the stone edifices. Tall stone spires rose above rounded domes of white marble and limestone decorated with millions of tiny gold tiles. The city shimmered like a jewel. The view was breathtaking! People milled about the courtyards and open markets below, putting an end to their daily business. A few ships flew low over the city, but it seemed that the population was winding down for the night. Deanu could see the dark green jungles that stretched in all directions away from the city limits. In the distance, she could see a mighty river glowing darkly in the sunset, crimson and orange flames dancing across its still waters. Boats travelled lazily in the distance, their white sails billowing softly in the gentle breeze.

“Your city is beautiful Enkarath!” She exclaimed breathlessly.

“Thank you Deanu. Yes, Iunu is striking.” He stretched his hand out to her, guiding her down the steps beneath the tall carved wooden posts that suddenly illuminated with pale blue light as twilight descended upon the city.

They walked for a small distance amongst the gardens and heavy flowering shrubs of the smooth white limestone path. It was darkening now. The scents of vegetables and cooking meats filled the air initiating Deanu’s mouth to water. She rarely ate any kind of animal flesh, but the aroma was heavenly. The few people they happened upon would do a double take, staring at the petite, attractive woman with the shimmering dress. Their eyes widened with surprise, but they kept to themselves, not saying a word.

Enkarath took her arm gently, guiding her off the main walkway and down a smaller flagstone path made of pink granite. They walked through a garden; high stone walls surrounded them on each side while the faint voices of people conversing wafted across the warm musky evening air. Elaborate carved wooden lampposts guided their way through the darkness until they came to a beautiful white marble wall with an ornate gate of forged metal and gold inlays. Enkarath waved his hand over the crystalline screen, which made an audible beep, releasing the locking mechanism of the gate. They entered a beautiful courtyard filled with exotic fruit trees that Deanu had never seen before, flowering shrubs and plants grew everywhere amongst the solar powered lamps that glowed with shimmering revolving rainbow plates of thin crystal. Several carved stone fountains of marble depicted images of dolphins, whales, and various sea creatures, flowed with the soothing sounds of trickling water. She suddenly felt homesick. This garden was straight out of Atlantis.

Enkarath felt her emotional reaction for he was empathic like her. He did not have to read her mind to tell what she was feeling at that moment.

“There are no Osirion that I know of whom own gardens this elaborate. Our gardens are much barer, with more stone, metal and gold. Many of our family friends come to spend time in my mother’s garden just to relax and enjoy the peacefulness this place exudes. I felt the same familiarity in your city this morning and it made me homesick too.” He touched her bare forearm creating a slight emotional transfer.

They walked up to a large double door of rich black wood inlaid with gold, delicately carved with sea creatures. Before Enkarath could touch the forged metal handle, the doors flew open, warm light flooding their faces along with the heady aromatic wave of a slow cooked meal. Deanu’s eyes slowly adjusted to the intense change in illumination.

“My son, you are back!” A petite older woman exclaimed in Atlantean to the couple at her door. “Oh my, and you have brought a lovely companion with you!” She took Deanu by the hands, her grip firm, yet warm. “It has been such a long time since I have seen another Atlantean. I am so honoured! Please come into my humble home, the evening meal is ready and I have set an extra place!” She smiled coyly at her son.

“My mum knows everything about you. But, she’ll have to ask you all the questions anyways during the meal, just to make sure my father doesn’t suspect anything about our telepathy.” Enkarath softly whispered in her mind as they entered his home.


Deanu enjoyed a wonderful meal that evening in the company of Enkarath’s family. K’lra, his mother, was a lively soul. She was very petite, smaller in build than Deanu, with large, sparkling jade-green eyes framed by long black eyelashes like her son. Her hair was as sleek as ebony not unlike that of her son, with glimmering silver strands waving through the long locks that hung to her small waist. She wore a flowing robe of white linen with shimmering threads of gold woven through the fibres. Beautiful turquoise and gold jewellery adorned her slim neck; delicate dolphins carved in gold encircled her upper arms. Large thin gold hoops with tiny creamy pearls hung from her earlobes. She was a truly beautiful vision of an Atlantean beauty, her tawny skin golden from the sun much like that of her only child. Deanu bonded to her immediately as the warm loving emotions of the older woman encompassed her like a gentle breeze.

Enkarath’s father, Enaarth, was the complete opposite to his delicate Atlantean wife. He spoke their language, not as fluently as his son, but enough to converse easily with Deanu. He was a full head taller than his grown son. He was older than K’lra, by twenty years or so, Deanu thought to herself. He was powerfully built, but to a lesser degree than the Osirion soldiers, Deanu had met on the warship. His skin was pale, smooth and slightly freckled. Short cropped reddish hair with strands of silver at the temples gave him a softer appearance. He had no beard, but his face was lined with deep creases. He had the same intense blue eyes as the Osirion soldiers, but with none of the iciness. His face was more inviting; his eyes warm as he listened to his son and wife. Deanu could sense empathically that he had taken a liking to her.

Later that evening after the dishes had been removed and cleaned, the family sat out in the courtyard relaxing in the beautiful garden that K’lra had created over the years. They chatted until Enkarath started to nod off, nearly spilling his honeyed tea onto the stone patio.

“Enkarath, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.” K’lra piped up. “How about you head off to bed and I’ll keep your lovely companion a bit longer?”

“I’ll be all right, I’m not really tired, it’s late afternoon in my land, and so I’ll retire later” Deanu reassured Enkarath.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I will head off to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow morning then.” He stood, placed his empty earthenware cup on the stone table and left his parents and Deanu.

Not long after his son, Enaarth excused himself mumbling something about seeing patients early in the morning.

Deanu and K’lra continued their conversation well into the evening, laughing together like old friends. Much later that evening, K’lra brought Deanu to the guestroom wishing her good night.

“I’ll wake you tomorrow morning Deanu when breakfast is ready,” K’lra spoke to her telepathically as not to awaken her husband and son. I know you won’t have long to rest, but tomorrow evening you will be able to catch up on your sleep. My son is completely enthralled with you, you know!” She winked at the surprised young woman before, gently closing the bedroom door.

Deanu smiled to herself as she donned her thin nightdress following a refreshing cool shower in the travertine stone chamber off her room. She felt cool, all the sticky humidity gone from her skin. Enkarath was really growing on her. She liked him immensely; his magnetism was so alluring, his presence comforting and warm. Was she actually falling for this young man? Her emotions raced, warming her skin. She had been with other men, but more for fun, nothing serious in the past. The few that did come into contact with her never ended up being a fixture in her life except for one young man whom she had fallen for more than the others.

He was E’jah; a friend of her brother’s whom she had known for several years growing up. They had actually begun seeing each other for over a year ago. She grew apprehensive of where the relationship was heading and ended their relationship only a few months earlier. She explained to him that her work came first, which wasn’t really true, and that she had no time for him. Now, she was experiencing the same feelings that had manifested months later into her relationship with E’jah. What was it about Enkarath that raised the same emotions so quickly that once made her fearful? Yes, he was handsome, alluring, and even similar in physical appearance to E’jah. However, this was different; he pulled her like a strong ocean vortex would to an unsuspecting ship. With that, she drifted off to sleep, a smile on her lips.


Enkarath and Deanu walked at a brisk pace that morning for the landing platforms where a small passenger ship awaited them. Enkarath wore a similar black tunic with silky breeches like the day before, with the rearing golden embroidered dragon across his chest. This tunic had longer sleeves and he did not carry his ceremonial sword. They had eaten a wonderful meal earlier prepared lovingly by K’lra, comprised of fruit and sweet rolls laced with fragrant honey and herbal tea. Enkarath eyes had been fixed upon Deanu all morning and even now, he stole sideway glances at her as they approached the platform. He dropped a step behind her as they walked up the black granite steps to the small surveying ship above.

Deanu smiled to herself. She could feel Enkarath’s regard on her as she ascended the stone steps. Ever since she had appeared at breakfast, the young Osirion could not tear his gaze from her curvy, yet lithe form draped in a shimmering sea-green tunic that matched her eyes. The garment was nearly sheer enough to see through, but not quite. Her arms were bare except for a tiny carved jade armband with seahorses encircling her upper right arm. She was not one for jewellery, but this was a special day. Her long dark reddish hair hung in wavy rivulets to her mid back, with only a wide cloth headband shimmering with minute crystals to hold her thick mane back from her delicate face. Her garment was split up each thigh, revealing tawny smooth thighs. The tunic ended at her calves where her sandals laced up to the same area. Her waist was cinched with her favourite jade clasp, while the front of the garment plunged quite nicely revealing an ample bosom. K’lra had winked at her, noticing her son’s intense attention upon the young Atlantean woman when they had left the family residence that morning.

Enkarath guided her to the small vessel; there were no stairs as they entered the ship directly from the platform. His hand lightly brushed the small of her back, sending electrical pulses throughout her body much like the sensation when she touched the Power Crystals. How odd she thought to herself.

They strapped themselves in the comfortable seats as the pilot fired up the single engine craft, expertly guiding it above the city. Moments later, they were flying across a vast expanse of jungle south-west of Iunu. Large viewing panes of crystal graced the cabin of the small ship that overflowed with instruments and monitors for surveying from the air. They were alone with the pilot that morning. Deanu watched the sun as it rose gracefully above the horizon amongst cloudless azure skies. She could see the vast flowing river the Osirion named the Iteru; the lifeblood of Kemet, Enkarath had mentioned to her last night.

In the distance, she could now make out the tops of three large smooth-faced pyramids looming over the dense jungle. As they approached, the enormous pyramids grew in size, beautiful white gleaming structures of stone that reached for the heavens. The ship began to circle the area that was heavily under construction. The two smaller pyramids were fully encased in a highly reflective white mineral that reflected the intense burning rays of the sun. The third pyramid, the largest, was nearly completed in its phase of construction. Small ships hauled thick slabs of the same gleaming white mineralized stones into place, guided by workers who stood near the apex of the massive pyramid. The workers would lock the casing stones into place once the ships loosened their cables. There was over ten small craft, busily flitting to and from the pyramid loaded with casing stones for the awaiting construction teams. Deanu watched the busy scene in amazement as they lazily circled the complex in the surveying ship.

Enkarath leant over to her section of the viewing panel, his breath hot upon her neck as he watched the scene with her. “Amazing isn’t it?” He whispered in her ear, his lips almost touching her sensitive lobes. His hand came to rest on her lower back, sending electrical currents up her spine and into her heart.

Deanu gasped from the intense emotion that burst from her chest. Enkarath pulled away slightly, gazing at her from beneath his long black eyelashes, golden eyes slightly dilated as he felt her outburst wash over him. “Are you all right?” He queried, inches from her face, his eyes sultry, locked onto her own. A small crinkle of a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

Deanu was momentarily speechless. She could hear him breathing deeply next to her. His heady exotic scent filled her mind. He was keeping his emotions in check, she could sense that, but she was having a hard time to do the same and he was enjoying her outburst of sexual tension. Pulling away from him, she breathed deeply of his delicious musky scent. “So this is your new power generating centre, very impressive!” She stated coolly, keeping her emotions bridled this time.

“Yes. We have been working with an archaic energy system that does not suit our needs anymore. Nuclear fusion has been our main source of power since the arrival of our people upon this planet three-hundred thousand years ago. It is far from efficient, unclean and toxic to the environment. We have been disposing of our spent nuclear fuel into the sun now for thousands of years. We needed to find a safer, cleaner way of generating energy. That is why we are ready for your Crystal technology.” He kept his eyes on her, watching her smooth face closely. “I’ll be meeting with our energy corporation this morning to explain the crystal technology to them. Our network is ready; the pyramids house the necessary equipment to transfer the crystal energy above and below the ground. All we need to know is how to get the Crystals to transfer the energy of their own accord. We need that mind connection to the Crystals, the Guardian, like you. Each pyramid you see down there is connected to a specific part of the power grid of Kemet, the Abzu and the Eastern lands of Shinar. The whole Osirion civilisation will be tied to those three buildings for energy distribution.” He leant in on her once again, making her head swim with his intoxicating proximity. “See, in front of the largest pyramid, there is a trio of little pyramids?” He pointed below. “Those miniature pyramids are pumping stations to make sure the groundwater beneath each generating pyramid is closely monitored and kept at a sufficient level.”

“What does the water have to do with it?” She queried.

“We harness the ground water to conduct the energy through an immense network of highly conductive limestone tunnels that we have built beneath the plateau of this site. This way, the energy is conducted through the ground to our underground complexes across Kemet and down into our gold mining operations further south in the Abzu territories. The transmission of the energy will also be done through the air, like in Azh'Laakia, to the lands of Shinar and Kemet via granite obelisks erected for that purpose.”

Deanu gazed down at the gleaming white stone causeway of each pyramid that led to the edge of the bank of the sapphire waters of the Iteru river. Ships travelled slowly in the gentle morning breeze, sails sparkling white and gold in the rising sun. Deep green jungles surrounded the site on all sides except for where the river flowed. Below, she could see a large stone enclosure surrounding a statue of some sort near the end of the central pyramid’s causeway. It appeared to be much older than the complex itself, the ancient stone, a weathered sandy gold colour. In front of the stone monolith was another large white stone building that faced the river.

“That is our command centre for the whole complex. Our engineers and technicians will be controlling the everyday system monitoring from that building.”

“What about those three little pyramids on the side of the smallest of the generating pyramids? More pumping stations?” Deanu asked pointing with a slim finger.

“No, those small structures actually house shield generators to protect the three pyramids. Their power source is separate from that of the pyramids so that the Crystals are under protection at all times.

“From what?”

“Remember what I told you yesterday about the warring rebel faction?”

“Oh yes, you’ll have to explain that.” She nudged him gently.

“Tonight, as promised!” He whispered hotly in her ear, sending searing flashes up her chest and down her spine once again.

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