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To this corner of the universe, Welcome. Come with me and experience the adventures of space travel. Let's experience together, the self-awareness of artificial intelligence. Travel with me to a distance place where we'll become residents of a bold new world.

These and other great sci fi stories of individuals like you and I who dared to go BEYOND IMAGINATION.

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In just the blink of an eye, I went from Philadelphia PA to Hawaii. It wasn’t by plane, nor did I take a boat. I simply sat down in an easy chair and was handed a complimentary 8 ounce of Coke while electrodes were attached to my cranium and blindfold was placed over my eyes. Those latex electrode gloves? One size fits all? Probably, if everyone in the world had baby sized hands.

Ocean waves and hula girls, and any still sight I could want to see. Even if they were just a 2-dimensional gif. And some of the hula girls were even topless. Now that was a site. Ha, yeah, if you like your titties pixilated. I even had a taste of guava cake through the tongue electrode. Oh, it was so, so, so metallic. Ugh.

Save money on airfare and still go anywhere in the world, they said! It's just like being there, they said! Okay. I'm convinced, I'll try it.

"Well, that was the most fun I've had in two minutes," I thought to myself, disappointedly. I paid 175 bucks for this!? I could have stayed home and stuck my smartphone up to my face with a set cheap plastic goggles!


In my anxieties, I was ready to see myself as a failure. Over the past 2 days, every way I've tried would not, did not give me the results I'd expected. It's Tuesday. The project was due on Wednesday. The science fair is Friday. And I have nothing to show for it. I could just as easily have done a baking soda volcano. But I'm pretty positive that at least a third of the school would be doing one of those. Boring! I could make a potato battery light up a light bulb. No, come on, really. The ones not making volcanos will be making those. I had something that if would put me over the top. That is if I could get the damn thing to work! Ugh! I worked on it practically the whole late afternoon and rewrote a third of its program. [199>{hello/master<>{sp/r0010/]. To right out the whole program to pretty much of an hour and a half.

My finger hovered over the enter button of the keyboard while my anxious mind played through all of the times it failed. I'm broke out in a sweat; my heart is racing in my chest. It's already 10pm. I was tired and frustrated. I was determined not to be held back again this year. This year I will graduate with my class. I finally dropped my finger down on the enter. For an entire moment, nothing. But then. Quickly, my eyes darted from the screen to the device. Chrisp and clear and almost real sounding, I heard it.

"Hello Master"

It's Friday morning. The school gymnasium is crowded. Students and Teachers and Parents. Everyone with their potato batteries and baking soda volcanoes and, eh, that, um. That sad looking thing.

"What is that thing?" I asked, the contraption.

"It's a toilet paper roll pistol, if you please"

"Eh, nice," I remarked, returning my attention to my own project.

The judges have approached me, curiously eyeing my project. The older one looked to me, then to his partner with a curious questioning look.

"Young man," the men asked, "Where is your project?"

I said nothing, but smiled and waved my hand before what appeared to them as a mere smart phone and Bluetooth speaker. The gentlemen looked at one another with questioning expressions. The younger gentleman opened his mouth to speak, but stopped as I raised a hand.

"Gentlemen, If you will, please," I said, reaching to wake up the device,

"This is not a smart phone, as you obviously supposed," I remarked.

L.I.A's screen lit up, revealing a numerical keypad with a button beside it. A notification appeared, 'please enter start up sequence code alpha.'.

"Please, if you will, Sir," I said to the older man, gesturing to the keypad, "091 alpha 01. Then tap the red key"

Reluctantly, the man entired the code.

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