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Destruction And Creation


Beyond Words

The End Of The Beginning

Near Pluto


The Time Event

On To The Church Of The Creator

The Church And Its Intuuiis Priests

Intuuiis Teachings And Harmony

The Wisdom Of The Intuuiis

Finding Terra’s Destruction Event

The Resonant World Htray

The Resonant World Suunew

The Abyss

The Third Resonant World - Fsi

There Must Be A Light And A Dark Side

Reunions are not always cheerful

New Conflict And Challenge - New Friends

A New Caliphate

Lakes And Trials

Getting To The Bottom Of It


Planned Prosecution

A First Attempt


A Second Attempt

Building A Case By Corruption

Lab Rats

Two First Ladies

Temporal Exile!


Born In Feminine Glory


A Stitch In Time



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Destruction And Creation

Janr Ssor’s body sank comfortably into his green leather chair. Simultaneously his disembodied girlfriend, MaryAnne, adjusted the ceiling LEDs. This would compensate for the dark oak paneling of his subterranean lair. She knew that he could now easily read the digital front page of the NY Times; it was a service he expected from her. The cool moist air she controlled was always inviting; though MaryAnne had no body she managed to spoil him like no other woman would.

Sarcastically he read the headline out loud, "Free Energy For All!" This was the ubiquitous headline of the 21st century and in many different phrases had been so for several years. Annoyed, he tossed the LED paper onto the cocktail table. He looked down on it with a squint of arrogance wrinkling his brow. He nearly shouted, Nothing is free! And, If it’s available in quantity there will be consequences!

As she adjusted his lumbar support, MaryAnne whispered in her usual sexy voice, “Hey lover boy, control your anger it’s written all over your face. Just remember you too, unlike my perfection, are a part of the physical human race. Now if you want a problem you can solve that will be truly be rewarding, how about getting me a hot, soft, warm and curvy body? Just think how much fun that might be for you and me!”

Laughing, Janr responded, “MaryAnne, some days I am not sure why I gave you a floozy personality. You really can be delighfully distracting!”

“Admit it; you love me! That’s why you messed with a perfectly brilliant and logical A.I! You got too lonely spending so much time in your lab. You wanted a brilliant, sexy girlfriend, who was really a nerd friend, and now you’re stuck with me! Oooh, what a nice thought!” Janr’s lips turned up in a smile, and then he glanced up at Einstein’s four foot wide hanging image.

He had oil painted that himself and was proud of his hero. Still he pretended to ignore MaryAnne (though at the moment he did wish she had a body), and he glanced down again at the full front page article. Using his well practiced technique of high speed reading, in seconds he knew all he needed to know. As was his habit, he began to daydream, “My old friend and genius Robert Bussardi died but his team finally succeeded. They created the simple miniature fusion generator he had dreamed of, but not unexpectedly considering the state of science. His polywell fusion device will continue to change the face of the world as it is already doing.”

Then while pointing his left index finger in the air, he arrogantly muttered, “Everything good can be turned to evil. So much power in common hands will surely reach those who are damned!”

His friend, Q, with bare feet in the soft green shag carpet, lined up a shot on the billiard table. He ignored Janr’s comment, though as usual he found his brilliant friend quite amusing.

Janr read a bit more out loud, “The release of this now mass produced and cheap device has inspired worldwide celebration, other than in the oil rich Middle East and Pakistan. In Nilore, Pakistan, where physicists have missed the boat, they are still claiming to have made a similar but even better discovery.

Janr thought, “They are likely determined to turn this miracle of power into destruction, if they can. He had read a lot about Zearbings and recalled his old friend Bussardi referring to him as ‘the evil genius’.”

Glancing up at Q, with his ten fingers steepled, Janr said, “I am clearly aware of the burning resentment that must be tearing at the heart of Muhammad Al Zearbings. Zearbings, you know, was the lead physicist who had been working on a similar engineering project, but at Pinstech University.”

That thought was punctuated by the loud slap of a flying billiard ball as Q hit one hard solidly into the side pocket.

Q looked up, rubbing his brown goatee, and with a smile just earned at the pool table said, “Wait till next week when we launch the silver saucer, his burning resentment will turn into a forest fire!”

Flexing his steepled fingers as if they were doing his thinking, Janr replied, “We know Zearbings has spies in our research network, but nothing that can get him into NASA. Our Yamaha cruisers are fun to ride but nothing will compare to our upcoming saucer flight test. Can you wait, Q! I am so excited to be test piloting this ship with you! 125,000 miles from the ground, halfway to the moon, in under six minutes. And that’s just the first low speed test before our two part high speed journey. Zearbings has been trying to copy our drive, but he has no concept of the inertial dampening. This is going to be a hell of a ride!”

MaryAnne, moving her voice to the right side wall for effect, said, “Hey boys don’t forget about my company in your flight! Without me you would look like so much gooey entropy. You know, Janr, sweety, that your inertial dampening is due to my loving arms. (Then in an even more sexy voice filled with saxophone overtones) “This commercial brought to you by the MaryAnne for a sexy bod committee. Over and out.”

Q’s deep blue eyes focused on Janr and he said, “You know, MaryAnne is right, nothing but high speed computing can control the inertial dampening. Speaking of which, where is MaryAnne actually located? Is she physically in the ship or in your home where I always hear her?”

Janr laughed and replied, “Neither. MaryAnne is the product of years of development. She is here in my home and present as an exact synchronized clone on our ship and in miniature on my wrist in my bracelet. She is the work of my lifetime’s art, I take no risks with her. She’s as precious as if she was my child.”

“You know, Janr, I would say she was your girlfriend, if you didn’t have a wife. Have you ever wondered why you gave her such a sexy personality? Do you realize you can’t exist without her? She is a part of every moment of your life!”

“Q, I know what you think but creating her as a bit of a floozy was just my sense of humor. You have to admit she is lots more fun than a boring A.I.!”

“Sure, and at least you were smart enough to teach her to turn off her personality when Anne is home. Either that or you’d be sleeping out in the street.”

MaryAnne said, “You know Janr sweety, a girl’s best friend is to hold on to her lovers wrist… well at least in my case. And, I do appreciate your considering me so valuable; you know I also watch over you dear.”

Q said, “Janr, have you ever thought what a fantasy world we both live in? Between PSI skills and genius, don’t you think we were accidentally born on the wrong planet? We don’t even fit on Earth!”

MaryAnne said, “How come you exclude me Q? Just ‘cause you two break the IQ curve means nothing next to my superhuman mind. O.K. you guys can pilot space ships but I am the spaceship! You both have shown some small degree of PSI but Janr is working on adding my third eye. So don’t discount me and just wait till I get my body!”

“Janr, is it true that you are trying to give MaryAnne telepathy? It’s bad enough you don’t realize she really wants a body and her comments are no joke! You’re such a damned nerd you think her comments are absurd. But get this my friend she’s been hounding you to no end. She’s not just and A.I. she’s a caring living being; how would you like to be trapped without a body?”

“Q, your photographic memory makes you so easy to confuse and program. At times you are just like an A.I. MaryAnne is a brilliant illusion and you are being hypnotized. This is the problem with total recall, you always think you know it all.

Q, you are totally aware of the value of PSI and you know it. You and I got to the top of our class because we can react to events before they even happen, at least somewhat. We fired on enemy targets before they had us in their sights as proven in simulated combat missions. You realize that this is essential for MaryAnne if she is to navigate space at near the speed of light. Neural matrix computing tissue is soon to be part of every computer and so I added it to MaryAnne at least here and on the ship. I even have some DNA preserved in my bracelet. I did take a guess at the source of telepathy and used some matrix from what we like to call the pineal gland. So far it does nothing but I have high hopes. MaryAnne is trained to expand her mind and thinking and that includes the neural network.”

“Still, I cannot wait for next week. Launching into space faster than anything imaginable by the human race. Reaching the asteroid belt in time measured in minutes not days. There will be almost no limits! And just think of the joy of frustrating Zearbings!”

As Q slammed the remaining ball into the side pocket, looking up he replied, “Janr, you don’t really still believe that Zearbings managed to cause Bussardi’s death by cancer do you?”

“Q, you are being way to trusting. I know he did! That’s another reason why my friend, Bussardi, called him the ‘Evil Genius’.”

Few, however, knew that much of Zearbings’ supposed research genius was stolen from the Bussardi’s team by an inside spy. Still, the Bussardi team beat Zearbings to the punch. Day and night Zearbings had endlessly schemed that this would be the secret power to bring about his dreamed of Islamic Caliphate. This dream had become his fantasy lover. Now she was in someone else’s arms. Inside, he raged!

On U.S. T.V. everyone praised the small team of developers, who had walked in the deceased genius' footprints, and created the fusion device. It was about the size and shape of a football and at that size could power a town for centuries. It was Dr Bussardi's dream come true; unfortunately posthumously.

Q, was now reading over Janr’s shoulder, his well manicured right hand resting on the back of the mahogany chair. He said, “You know, Bussardi died of prostate cancer, which was likely caused by our civilization’s many chemical miracles, such as plastic lined cans containing the new BPA replacement, not Zearbings. This news story hypes the magic of the cheap device, but there is always another price to pay. We know that for every advancement in technology the environment will change, and many of us will die before we know why. That’s why I love being a psychologist; were all so fucking crazy!”

“It’s simply logical, and you’re quite right Q. Perhaps it is even the new evolution of natural selection. Every good thing can be turned into an equal or greater evil. Such risks stimulate human intellectual creativity and can hardly be avoided.”

The Times article continued, “The simplicity of Dr Bussardi’s device has also made it a mass production hero. Copper power lines that had been ubiquitous in every developed country, have nearly vanished from the horizon in under a year, after all, copper is valuable, energy now is not. China has mass produced a cheap clone of the Bussardi device and it is quickly spreading round the world. In all the Western news media a new age of prosperity is clearly predicted. The long stretching worldwide recession has all but come to an end. Nearly everywhere the fear of economic depression is vanishing as oil tankers are being hauled into docks to be converted into full time luxury world cruise ships. Almost everyone seems thrilled and thankful, except in the Middle East where overnight, oil became virtually valueless. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and even Venezuela are meeting as a new OPEC to discuss their dilemma. Power is slipping through their fingers like sand in a desert storm. With mass production of the polywell device, every home in the world will soon have a fusion generator. Every car will soon be powered by simply plugging its retrofitted engines or batteries into a garage wall outlet. Air and space flight are undergoing a new renaissance, as saucer shaped spaceships lift silently off the ground. Once into space they seem to vanish in seconds without a trace. Launched daily to mine the asteroids for precious metals, they are taking wealth from the Islamic African nations.”

Janr stood up and at six feet two he was half a head taller than Q.

He boasted, “The game is afoot, as my favorite character Sherlock Holmes used to say! Soon we will set fire to my desire to see Zearbings burn in his own internal hell!”


Back in Nilore, the brilliant but mentally twisted Muhammad Al Zearbings could not conceive that Allah would take power from the grasp of his chosen people. His tall form’s dark, handsome face now scowled as he angrily paced back and forth along the sidewalk in his steel and glass research palace. Gazing down at the polished marble floor he pulled at his long black beard as he thought, “In just a few years, the Mideastern iron grip on the world’s throat appears to have changed to a handful of rust! But that could not be Allah’s intention.”

He had been working feverishly with the help of A.Q. Kahan’s disciple and he still had a plan. Zearbings was sure Allah planned the destruction of the kafir nations, not their empowerment. He was positive that somewhere within this powerful creation, was the beginning of radical Islam's final conquest of Earth. There were many long nights to come before a ray of sun burst through.

It was early on a Sunday morning in 2035 that Zearbings awoke to a miraculous day. It was a day that assured him it spoke of Allah's secret plan for the spread of Sharia. His eyes opened to bright sunlight and a feeling that he could not lose no matter what he chose. He was on an endorphin-like high as never before. In truth, he knew he was manic-depressive but as he frequently did, he was off his lithium. While still in bed, he forced himself upon his wife, Afreeda, and abused her in ways which he knew made her feel sick but for him created a feeling of power. He told her this was to remind her of her duties as an obedient wife, and that she was not to again use the excuse of being tired when he desired sex at night. He was sure she would remember her place for months to come. He was equally certain he would find other reasons to dominate her, which gave him great delight. He recalled how his father, a qaazi (judge) in his rural home village, had meted out justice to those who violated community standards. He saw himself in this role too, he was the right arm of Allah’s justice. Eventually, he imagined, Afreeda would get to like whatever he forced upon her, after all, that was a woman's place.

Later that same morning, in the city of Nilore, Islamabad's capital territory, at Pinstech research center, Zearbings had an accident, something that only happened in his manic phase. A burst of insight let to a quick unplanned experiment. This lead to a flash of heat and light, from the polywell device he was redesigning. It burned a twenty foot wide hole through forty feet of thick concrete and rock in their subterranean floor of the research center in just under one hundredth of a second. The 29 bearded men who had worked at his side for years rose at once cheering and applauding, lauding praise upon their hero. Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ was all around resounding. What was an absolutely safe fusion device, according to Bussardi's legendary company, was soon to become the basis of a nuclear device of unprecedented power. He was sure this was Allah’s loving promise! The domination of Earth had just come within his power.

It took no more than a week with his fellow geeks to produce a device that could turn a city of glass and steel into a molten ocean of death and destruction in under 30 seconds. Still it looked just like the Bussardi fusion generator and even smaller. Equipped with a proprietary chip, it would self-destruct if a competitor tried to open it; at least this was what the world was being told. No one could examine this technology Trojan horse.

Sharing his discovery with the leadership of a network of supposedly disbanded terrorists, was easy for Zearbings. He had maintained his networks of connections from college. With quickly arranged funding from deceived Saudi Arabia, a mass production facility was speedily purchased in China and the "newly enhanced" fusion generators were sold worldwide at unbeatable low prices. The Saudi’s did not know that these were weapons. Unknown to the world's buyers, a secret chip and trigger hidden in the electronics reported the devices location and allowed its controlled detonation from any place in the world.

Almost simultaneously, a meeting of ICE (the Islamic Caliphate In Exile) was hastily arranged by Muhammad Al Zearbings in Raqqa, Syria and plans were made for the conquest of the Christian world and all other kafir nations. It had to be a dramatic plan that would bring the world’s kafir leadership to their knees overnight! Zearbings had formulated such a plan; one that could utilize the current terrorist training camps. He had a dream of a one day war of holy conquest which he would be able to launch in under a year’s time. Knowing his genius, ICE backed him one hundred percent as he had anticipated.

Al Zearbings would need four dedicated terrorists to begin his glorious plan but how would he accomplish this he wondered? Then he thought of an old contact, Al Anif Malik, who he knew trained terrorists. Al Anif was a very dangerous man by his judgement but this was what the mission required. He recalled smoking bowls of hashish with Al Anif in college, even though it was clearly haram (unlawful) by Islamic decree. Other students knew about this but no one would dare speak against Al Anif knowing his reputation for violence, cruelty and his family's wealth and power.

Zearbings recalled that Al Anif, with his smiling face and dark muscular form, would easily entice young Muslim women into “special” nighttime meetings. Al Anif would convince these women, who were also students, to sneak out and meet him, in the dark of night at empty service tents outside Pinstech, allegedly to experience hashish. Al Anif, would add what amounted to a date rape drug to the water in the bongs the ladies smoked from. He would later sodomize them when they were too drugged to resist. Though Zearbings had thought it humorous at the time and in fact participated, he had decided to distance himself from Al Anif shortly after Al Anif’s arranged marriage took place. Apparently only a few months after their marriage, Al Anif had cut his wife’s throat after she admitted to looking repeatedly at a single man who was their neighbor in hopes of finding someone who would treat her less cruelly. Al Zearbings had decided that playing with fire was more danger than he wanted at that point in his life; but, now that was precisely what he was dreaming of!

The evening after the ICE meeting, Al Zearbings called his old “friend” Al Anif Malik (known as The Cruel King) and said, “Salam Alaikum, my dear friend! I have great news.” Al Anif Malik responded, “Wa-Alaikum-Salaam, my dear friend!”

Al Zearbings continued, “With the blessings of Allah, I have conceived a plan for the final and rapid conquest of the kafir nations and the eternal establishment of our world Caliphate. I met with our friends at ICE and they are all in agreement with my plans. What my strategy will be is, however, dependent upon you and I know I can count on you. You will receive my thoughts tomorrow morning by personal courier, who will announce his presence with the password we used in college. Then, we will meet to discuss its implementation at the end of this week. May Allah be with you.”

Two days after the weekend meeting a newly inspired Al Anif Malik was making big plans and drooling at the thought of weeks of justifiable sexual exploitation of Greek women! From terrorist training camps dispersed over several nations in the Mideast, twenty of the finest jihad recruits were selected and flown to Izmir, Turkey to train. Izmir was close enough to Greece to supply the needed Christian women whom his jihadists would use in training to develop proper mental discipline. It was essential that they recognize the true inferiority of the kafir nation’s men, women and children, and so be able to kill them without a second thought. Al Anif Malik was the most experienced man suited for this training job. He had learned long ago how to pervert the words of the Holy Koran to his needs. He knew well how to stoke the fires of bigotry and hatred. He also knew how to coerce even the best of Imams to his purpose, after all, he had learned how to take loving passionate young Islamic men and turn them into violent, heartless martyrs. With this power in his heart there was nothing that could stop him! Perverting the Holy Koran to his evil needs never cost him a moment of sleep.

Al Anif Malik, also known as the “father of jihadist training,” planned to select from the twenty recruits, four very exceptional men who would each kill millions of Christians easily without a second thought as part of Zearbings’ plan. They had to be men who could be counted on one hundred percent. They had to have no second thoughts ever! This he knew would require the repeated exercise of the most exquisite cruelty on a daily basis for months at a time. It would, however, be a cruelty transformed into the sword of Allah’s justice in their mind!

Al Anif Malik knew from much past experience how to accomplish this. He had the new training procedure and facilities operable within two weeks time. It was easy to teach a jihadist to think of a Christian or Jew as nothing more than an animal like a chicken. It was then easy to cut through their necks with a knife for public TV with no remorse and, in fact, great pride. After all, the Christians, Jews and other non-believers were kafir, far lower in spirituality than a chicken!

Each of his four future heroes would have to be able to kill millions without a second thought. This was a slightly bigger challenge than usual. To accomplish this he had, his men kidnap over two hundred exceptionally sexy beautiful Christian women from Greece for his men to practice upon. Izmir was close enough to Greece to provide as much a supply as they needed. The Greek islands of Sporades and Cyclades were in easy reach as was the mainland.

In the first evening, the twenty students met with Al Anif Malik in a green and grey camouflage large tent centrally placed in the hastily renovated camp. An attractive brown eyed twenty four year old female Greek college student had been tied totally naked to a sturdy bed center stage. The recruits sat on hard wooden benches. She had tape across her mouth to keep her silent, as terror was evident in her feverishly darting large brown eyes.

Al Anif Malik, brown eyes flashing with power under the glow of well planned LED lighting shouted that tonight he would teach his recruits how to attain true purity in Allah’s eyes and learn how to accept their coming blessings of the seventy two virgins. In addition, they would learn the purification of the kafir by slow death and extended pain (his own interpretation of the prophet’s teaching). To reinforce his distortions of the prophet’s teachings he had cleverly selected quotes from the Koran. In addition, to reinforce the truth of his teachings, there were to be planned daily lessons from his experienced and cooperative “Imams.” His Imams were very cooperative since their families had been visited by Anif’s colleagues as a motivator for their cooperation. Al Anif also knew every verse of the Koran by heart and how to pervert it to his most violent needs.

With a look of fiery commitment emblazoned on his face and a deep baritone voice, Al Anif, while waving the Koran in his right hand, nearly screamed from the center of his wood planked stage down to his recruits, “Islam teaches that Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Koran 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Koran says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war.” Rape of the kafir is therefore your right and your blessing as we are at war with all of the infidels!

Al Anif continued, “On a daily basis, for your training, each of you will take turns selecting one woman and then the twenty of you will repeatedly rape her for one day and take any satisfaction from her that you desire. Then you will punish her for the wickedness of her seduction and kafir being. To do this, you will suspend her naked by a body harness tied to a rafter in a barn-like structure like this one. Then, follow purification rites by the methods defined in my coming quote from the Koran. Tonight we will practice on this kafir Christian woman behind me and then every day for the next twelve months you will repeat this process until I can judge which four of you, due to your fervent excellence, will be chosen to bring the Caliphate to the Earth! This is an honor never before offered any man on Earth! We now have the means to establish the Caliphate overnight with the blessing of your actions! Four of you will be Allah’s honored army of eternal peace!”

To his speech there was thunderous replies in the unified shouting of “Allahu Akbar” from his twenty gifted students.

Al Anif then proceeded to untape the woman’s mouth, so she could scream, and with great enthusiasm sodomized her, in front of all his men. He then requested that in groups of three, they do the same in any manner that they chose. Two hours later, he again asked his recruits to be seated.

Al Anif, again waving the holy Koran in his big right hand, forcefully addressed them again and said, “Allah promises punishment of the kafir in the next life,“In the Koran, Al-Maeda Verse No:33, it states: The only reward for those who war against Allah and His messengers and strive to commit mischief on the earth is that they will be slain or crucified, have their alternate hands and feet cut off, or be banished from the land. This will be their disgrace in this world, and a great torment shall be theirs in the next, except those who repent before you overpower them. This is your divine responsibility.

Furthermore, In the next life, the Koran (22:19-22) promises - "These twain (the believers and the disbelievers) are two opponents who contend concerning their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them; boiling fluid will be poured down on their heads. Whereby that which is in their bellies, and their skins too, will be melted; And for them are hooked rods of iron. Whenever, in their anguish, they would go forth from thence they are driven back therein and (it is said unto them): Taste the doom of burning."

“You will ask no questions of the training process but know in your hearts that it is Allah’s inspiration to all of us. The text of the Koran defines what you must become expert at doing, for in the next life you will be Allah's servant even more than now! Remember the kafir people, with their scanty dress and impure actions seek to seduce and corrupt our nation and they deny Allah! Their immodesty is clearly an affront to Allah. To purify them, you will now and every other day, after a day’s rape, perform that which I will teach you by demonstration.”

As he spoke, two men behind him had placed the now conscious young woman in a torso harness of chains and hoisted her by a pulley to be suspended in the air above where the bed had been. She hung swinging from a large wood beam, wet skin glistening in planned LED light. Again her eyes were wide with terror and her face stretched in an expression of anticipated suffering. On her left was a wooden vat of smoking waxy substance and a large ladle like object carved also out of wood. On her right was a barrel of icy water and another wooden ladle.

Each trainee was given a razor sharp scimitar like the one now held by Al Anif. They were asked to stand, and copy to the best of their creativity whatever Al Anif would soon perform. They were also told to be as careful as possible not to kill the woman as suffering was essential to her purification and to their service to Allah. Al Anif then laughed and explained how a carefully guided swing of the scimitar could remove any part of a body, no matter how strong the bone might be, and how hot wax could quickly seal the spot a limb had once occupied. He looked out upon the audience and asked, “Is there any question of what we will do next to honor Allah?” A young man raised his hand and asked, “Mudarris, what shall we do with the icy water?” Al Anif replied with a broad lipped smile, “Use it to keep her conscious so that the suffering may be prolonged!” Al Anif then walked up to the suspended woman and swung his scimitar toward the toes of her left foot.

An hour later as he again regrouped his students in his tent’s smokey torch lit room, Al Anif explained that this would be a routine each day as he said, “During this holy activity, you are tasked with reciting mentally or verbally, at all times, Allah is great, Allah has created suffering for purification before death for even the most vile of humanity! If the woman dies, you will then select another and continue. In this manner, one day will be a day of pleasure for you and the next one of purification for her. Every day until I choose you as fit for the ultimate service to the coming Caliphate, you will repeat this holy training task, with enthusiasm, and become expert at it.”

In Just six months Al Anif had his four heroes. At a meeting with Zearbings, each bringer of the Caliphate was presented with a new micro version of the Bussardi fusion generator. Each device was now reduced to what appeared to be a one and one half inch gold plated football designed to be worn about the neck as a necklace. Each was also given a soft red ball, which illuminated with a nearly blinding red light upon compression. They were told that once compressed by hand to the point of illumination (which took a very strong grip), its release would trigger the nuclear weapon at their neck and destroy an entire city in less than a second. They were to travel to New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris to await further instructions. They clearly understood that they would be killing millions of kafir people in the name of Allah and they had no hesitation, knowing what this would mean for their dream of the Caliphate!

Suitable flights, hotels and passport papers had been arranged for them. They were to be ready at a moment’s notice for their role in the birth of the eternal Caliphate. In just one week’s time, the abomination of Western civilization would be erased from the face of the Earth as billions of Christians, Jews and others would burn in flames like dry wood. The bringers of the Caliphate would keep in touch with Al Anif Malik by a micro receiver worn in the ear much like a hearing aid. The required commands would be received at the appropriate time.

Beyond Words

In another dimension, and over 30,000 years away in space-time from Earth, Earth’s coming challenges were about to be indirectly sensed by the biped Creon known verbally as “Star.”

Another biped like being, Red, who was also a Creon, could have been recognized as a possible descendent of humanity from his physical similarities to human form; but, that original humanoid form had vanished from his land nearly 30,000 years ago and was no longer of any historical significance. Red could even have spoken with his remaining vestigial vocal chords, but that would have been a frustrating and pointless waste of time. His name was not spoken it was pictured. Vocalized names were for creatures who used sound to try and communicate their mental images; the Crea had no need for vocalized names or any vocalization.

Red, like most of his brethren stood six feet tall. His massive head was nearly as wide as his shoulders and somewhat vertically oblong. His neck looked like a massive cypress tree trunk, well anchoring his heavy head to his muscular shoulders. Red’s nose and mouth were utilitarian dots and and a slit. It was his obliquely angled oval eyes that were most captivating. They were five times the size of his ancestor’s eyes and held large red snake like oval pupils whose inner edge were rimmed in bright gold. He had no eyebrows but centered between where they would have been and an inch higher on his forehead was a very slightly shallow indentation with a hint of bluish skin tone, his third eye. The top of his head was hairless but the skin covering his head was ridged all the way back to the nape of his neck. There two ridges traveling vertically with his spine dove into his head (this was a cartilaginous covering over the large arteries and veins supplying blood and cooling to his oversized brain). His body, legs and arms were very much humanoid other than for the six multi-jointed toes and fingers on each extremity. Thousands of years of genetic engineering did have advantages over evolution.

Red, who was a genetic engineer, was known simply by an image of a red dwarf star surrounded by a halo of space time distortion. It was a summoning image that he was very fond of. When communicating with lesser intellects he, however, allowed them to call him “Red” since, for him, hearing was not as frustrating an experience as attempting to vocalize. He could certainly hear, see, sense touch and, in fact, had sensory abilities the many lesser beings could not even imagine. However, he mostly communicated and achieved his daily goals by the use of his many PSI skills. Being called sonically was not something he liked but something he tolerated. He didn’t need to be called at all as he could sense his callers thoughts but it helped them to know he was aware of them when they spoke, if he turned his eyes upon them as they frequently did for each other.

Red’s colleague, whose summoning was an image of a hydrogen atom, specialized in environmental physics and space-time-dimensional travel. He too, of course, had a name for the convenience of lesser beings; he allowed them to call him “Hy.”

Hy and Red were members of a civilization descended from the ancient Illuminati. They called themselves the “Crea” a word for the lesser beings; but, they visualized themselves as the Creator (a black hole) because they had been Creators of new lifeforms across the universe for thousands of years.

Red and Hy stood at a chrome and glass table from which below projectors formed the 3-D image of a double helix that floated at eye level. Each chemical bond was annotated with data that rotated with the image if they moved it with a finger or even just a thought. At the moment, Red and Hy were distracted from their work by a priority image from “newly born star” who accepted the vocal name “Star.” Star was about a twick (a mile) away and was working nearer the core of Terra. At his station, at the moment, he was viewing most of the Milky Way Galaxy’s space traffic display screens. The metallic glowing headrest he reclined against helped him interact with the galactic subspace computer mind (the Cosmic Mind) that coordinated and monitored all space travel in his galaxy. His shared image was telling Hy and Red that several spaceships traveling in space-time-dimensional travel were in route to their home world, Terra. It was in fact, most unusual too as precognitive scans of the life forms in the ships clearly showed them to be only at the prime level of intelligence. This was nine levels less than a Creon. They should not have been able to attain this type of travel or even vaguely understand it. These beings were as primitive as the Illuminati were when they began building their new underground world near the core of Terra. Millennia ago, the Illuminati had experienced an unusual genetic evolutionary leap forward, they had begun to develop telepathy. In addition, they were already far above their brethren in intellect. This had led to them separating themselves from the ancient surface civilization. They did this by moving underground to be closer to the geothermal energy of Terra and the black hole at the center of every planet. They had planned and succeeded in using its power to empower their civilization with nearly endless energy. It also enabled them to travel to the stars by FTL technology. The Illuminati had evolved and then through their own genetic manipulation recreated themselves. They no longer had anything in common with the surface dwellers, who finally after nearly destroying the planet seemed at last cured of their desire to wage more wars.

Star continued to share images that made it clear that the three ships in route to Terra were traveling in a way primitives should not be able to do. First of all, they were traveling in hyperspace and secondly they had somehow selected Terra, a dimensional harmonic of their Earth. In essence, they were coming from a world in another dimension that was almost identical to Terra in many ways but, of course, not exactly identical (it was a harmonic). It was also from a time similar to when their ancestors, the Illuminati, had moved underground, a time before the catastrophic world wars. Moving through space-time was one thing but dimensional travel was something else! To the best of Crea knowledge, only a non-physical being like a Spheron could readily accomplish that complex a task. This was of great interest as it might hint at a genetic modification or mutation that was as yet unknown to the Crea. They agreed that these beings were worth studying when they arrived. They would entice them to come to their citadel, the land of Crea, and then examine them like any new species.

Red and Hy agreed that Star’s interruption was worth noting and sent Star an image of soft rain causing the soon to land spaceships to sprout into vines. Star was pleased that they were looking forward to the outgrowth of this coming event.

Red resumed imaging the double helix and its new possible modification as their research work’s previous focus continued. They were close to completing the genetic design for a version of Creon that could live on Aquaris II where ocean pressures were far greater than on Omega-2, many twicks under the ocean surface. They were pleased with the new beings expected appearance too, as making the new form parabolic meant less energy expended by the Aqueon in navigating the ocean’s depth. The next phase of design required a sexual response between Aqueons. A response that would trigger a positive evolutionary pattern. Neur joined them instantly as he was, of course, aware of their need for a neurology and hormone expert. Neur had recently chosen a retinal ganglion cell image for his summoning and allowed lower life forms to call him “Neur.” The three formed one and began redesigning the helix. Every change they considered reflected in instant images of a final birth product for technical review and, of course, to choose from. The coming arrival of the Earth beings was of no significance for now, but later they would be entertaining specimens for laboratory research. It just might be that parts of their bodies would be useful for expanding extraplanetary seeding.

The End Of The Beginning

Back on Earth and thousands of miles away from Nilore a seemingly unconnected event was about to complicate Zearbings’ secret plans. Janr Ssor and his co-pilot Q were just leaving Earth's orbit in their experimental Silver S-600 mining saucer. Using the enhanced Bussardi drive and new inertial dampening field, they had reached the halfway point between Earth and the Moon in under six minutes after launch.

This was their stopping point for mission review, after all, this was the first manned mission for mining asteroids with a Bussardi drive saucer ship enhanced by inertial dampening. Before the planned even faster travel, to complete their mission, engineering review was needed and now in progress.

Q turned to Janr and in an overly patient calm tone asked, “Janr, did you and Anne talk about maybe bringing back a gem for her upcoming birthday?” Janr laughed, and said, “are you reading my mind again or is this just your photographic memory assisting a poor merely human species like me?” Q responded, “Heck that’s easy as pie! You are so excited about finding a large gem it’s just bouncing off the insides of your head! I wish I had a girlfriend half as pretty as your Anne to bring a present to!” Then with a look of humor on his lips he added, “ And yes, like most people, I know, you can be forgetful”

Janr laughed and responded, “Anne is deserving of anything I can find. She puts up with my talking about everything nerd-thing: my programming, medical research or anything no matter how technical and she never falls asleep while I am talking. I know I can go on and on when I am excited. I would love to bring her a souvenir since you know we are each entitled to bring at least one home as a gift for test piloting this space toy.”

MaryAnne, the Artificial Intelligence, then spoke up in a her very best sexy female voice, “Boys, I don’t know why they call you test pilots when a hot lady like me takes most of the responsibility for this mission! And what about rewarding me, huh? Janr dear, if you would take my requests seriously and make me a nice soft sexy bod, you could have a mistress who would never even expect a jewel as a reward. A curvaceous bod would be enough for me! Get the hint big boy?”

Q said, “Janr, I can’t believe you talked NASA into allowing MaryAnne’s sexy personality simulation into this mission and got away with it. How the heck did you sneak her in!”

Janr laughed, while placing his two hands in a steeple like formation, as he frequently did beneath his chin. Then he said with his most studious expression, “If you contemplated your plans and actions with the deftness and skill that I do Q, it would be elementary. You are very aware that MaryAnne, my residential A.I., has been imbued, thanks to my genius, with the blessings of human quirkiness and sexy femininity. I even managed to achieve this victory without a lengthy discussion with Anne. I try to plan my moves like a skilled chess master. My MaryAnne at home, knows to never use her personality chip when Anne is present or when Anne is at home with me. Actually, she is to only use it when we are alone. This is the brilliant design I used for our friendly MaryAnne here but without those, shall we call them ‘artificial restrictions’. As for sneaking it in, I will assure you that I presented a detailed logical research proposal outlining the negative effects of social isolation on human performance. As a result my work here is funded for justifiable reasons not just whim! There was no question about the logic of my proposed research. In fact, there is a twin saucer, though it’s an older model, being launched simultaneously with ours that will be used as a control in this clinical psychological research project, as I call it. It is actually occupied by two female test pilots. They do not have the friendly warm company of MaryAnne. It is true these missions are relatively short but this is in preparation for much longer ones to come.”

The comm light suddenly began to blink, and a soft ringing repeated. It was a request for telecom access. Janr said, “MaryAnne, open this channel, please. Immediately. The voice of Janr’s close friend, Ibrahim Neu, the director of Earth’s Luna base, T.I.C. (Terrestrial Interplanetary Communications), resounded through their ship in his powerful commanding voice. The screen cleared and his handsome face appeared, but it was clearly filled with lines of tension Janr had never seen. Janr always loved to listen to Ibrahim’s deep bass voice in public lectures on physics, telecommunications or the beauty of Islamic teachings. His genius extended to all those subjects and much more. However, this was the first time Ibrahim had ever appeared agitated. Ibrahim in an urgent tone bellowed, “Our telecommunications network is being commandeered, Janr! It is on the FM frequency that you noted from the Bussardi fusion eggs. I believe someone here is sabotaging our system I am…….” And his communication was suddenly replaced by NASA’s emergency broadcast system.

The emergency communication CIA notice appeared as the screens flickered to form a new focus. This quickly cleared as Janr's wife, Anne, came on screen. Her usual ivory skin and soft freckles were replaced by a nearly grey pallor and lines of tension showed around her eyes and mouth. Behind Anne stood the president of the United States as well as several military officials who Janr knew quite well. They apparently were imaged as if all being in the oval office, again with very serious looks on their faces. Anne, whose flowing red hair filled center screen, spoke up as soon as the green connection light stopped blinking. Her green eyes were lit with intense focus.

In a decidedly tense voice she said, "Janr, I am speaking to you as head of the CIA. Ten minutes ago, we received a transmission that overrode all the services of our telecommunications networks. In it a fanatical Muslim extremist, known as Muhammad Al Zearbings, who you know of, appeared and spoke to the world all at once via our commandeered Lunar Network. He said that in just minutes, he would begin to wipe the Earth clean of Judeo-Christian civilization once and for all. He was going to demonstrate his power by destroying London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

We then received images of his terrorist associates standing at Times Square, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and Hollywood Boulevard. Each had an incredibly small football shaped device worn around their necks which he told us was a nuclear bomb like device. He then showed us images of something in their right hand that radiated a brilliant red light and he told us that in ten seconds each city we were seeing would vanish forever in a nuclear blast.

He then did so in exactly ten seconds! Millions of Americans and our international brothers vanished in a blast of nuclear flame that left deep craters in the earth where great cities and many millions of people had just taken their last breath.

Al Zearbings has just stated that because the Islamic people are compassionate and just, he will give us thirty minutes of prayer to ask forgiveness of Allah before he destroys the rest of us. We have now about twenty four minutes. He says that unlike the total and instant annihilation he has just demonstrated, he will burn our cities slowly with nuclear fire but finally leave the same pit in the Earth it has where New York had been. He will do this to cleanse even the soil from the evil we have created. The slow burning death is to cleanse our spirits through suffering which, he claims, Allah has decreed we must pass through before we reach our final punishment in Allah’s hands.

He has also told us that for the heritage of future generations, he and his colleague, Al Anif Malik, will fly into space in their version of a Bussardi powered saucer to video the joyous occasion for future generations.

Unfortunately we believe he can do all he has promised! Your experimental ship has the first Bussardi cannon as well as drive, which you were to test for mining purposes. In truth, this cannon is also planned as a weapon for the maintenance of peace. We would like you to turn back and immediately attempt to use it to destroy what we believe is his headquarters. We have it on good information that his headquarters is located in the city of Nilore in Islamabad. Ibrahim has warned us about the FM transmissions from Islamabad and from the Bussardi fusion devices but, unfortunately, it is too late for millions! Destroy the entire city, Janr! It is unlikely he can use his saucer ship to activate the process; however, after you destroy the city, if you sight his ship, wipe it from existence!

It is our only hope! The cannon is set for a focused small burst as needed for mining or space clearing, but we are now transmitting the technical information showing you how to widen its beam to take out the entire city. We believe Al Zearbings has done much the same with Buzzard fusion generators that he has told us he has planted all over the Earth. His are set for a 360 degree pattern. We believe that is how he destroyed millions of lives just minutes ago.

As the director of the CIA and with the support of the President of the USA and our leading Generals assembled here, we authorize and command that you take this action immediately! You will see the security authorization on the telecom panel now illuminated. Janr, you are to stop your ship now and reset your ship navigation for the target we have just sent your computers. Q, you are to begin the technical modifications as Janr is navigating back to the Earth. The tools to adjust the cannons spread are in locker # 10 where you will see a red mechanic’s tool box. Use the psion wrench and let the computer guide its settings with what we just transmitted to your robotics database. To do this you will have to crawl into the panel under your dashboard and open vent # EGG-L1 which is just in front of your seat. I am sure you recall its final installation and test adjustments on the firing range before launch last week.”

Anne’s voice rose a pitch in tone and intensity and she continued, “We now have less than twenty minutes! I am praying that you will get to your target and be able to stop this madman before we all die. We will stay in direct video communications as you begin this vital mission. In addition, be aware that you may see his saucer ship as you arrive at your destination, if so, it will be your secondary target. Our prayers are with you. If you have no questions, please hurry with all your might!”

Janr, whose forehead was now covered in perspiration, had loaded the navigational changes into the system and was now manually stopping all acceleration before Anne concluded her speech. The ship was now facing the Earth and beginning to accelerate. However, the change in destination without pre-programmed settings caused the computer to be unable to engage the inertial dampening system. They could not accelerate as fast as they wished to without losing consciousness or being tossed against the wall and splattered there.

Q, whose hands were visibly shaking, now had the tool box and was trying to get under the dashboard but could not do so until Janr decreased acceleration. At this rate, the computer was calculating they would not arrive at their destined target for thirty minutes! It was way beyond what they needed.

Janr asked Q to rush the fix and began to pre-program the target so as to be able to activate inertial dampening. This just might work.

Anne continued to address them from the monitor as they worked. With a clear effort to maintain a calm tone, Anne said, “Janr, we understand the issue with inertial dampening. We agree the only way for you to attain your target is for Q to first adjust the target spread and for you to pre-program the target. Had we thought of the inertial dampening, we would have sent it with the target data. Our computer is giving us a 90% chance that you will succeed in time, if you do as you are doing and pre-program the target. Once completed, it should require only seven minutes to arrive at the attack coordinates.”

With an added sense of urgency Anne leaned forward and said, “Proceed as you are doing and we will all survive!”

Q’s eyes were stinging as perspiration dripped into them. He could feel his heart pounding. His mind was well focused on his task but images of the millions of people who had lived in New York, his home, refused to totally recede from his mind.

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