Excerpt for Alien UFO Disclosure: Science Fiction Weekly Short Story #15: Short Reads Series by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

Alien UFO Disclosure

Science Fiction Weekly #15

Short Reads Series

By Neil A. Hogan

Published by Maldek House © 2018-2019

All Rights Reserved

SmashWords Edition

Names, characters, places, businesses, products, situations and events portrayed in this title are fictitious, and any similarities to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. No part of this release may be transmitted or reproduced in any form without the express permission of the author and publisher, except for fair use in relation to reviews.

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Alien UFO Disclosure

By Neil A. Hogan

The crash rocked her houseboat, and Kamryn leapt off her bed, running quickly up the tiny steps to the deck. Her lenses instantly connected to her app blog and began thought-spraying the scene unfolding before her. She turned at the sound of high-pitched whirring, and saw a large, black drone lasering the starboard side of her boat from the bow.

Kamryn could feel, from the rapidly sloping deck, that it was too late for her home. But there was still something she could do. She ran over to the emergency box, pulled open the water-proof lid, grabbed a flare gun, aimed and fired.

After a short pop and fizz, the flare collided with the drone and exploded. Kamryn ducked as shrapnel shot out in all directions, narrowly missing her.

With nothing more than the clothes she'd fallen asleep in, she ran down the tiny port decking next to the wheel house to where the ship was moored. In the early morning light, the severed rope was faintly visible, and the houseboat had already drifted a little from the jetty.

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