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Salvaging Outer Space” – Jeff Blair’s 1st Salvage Journal

Based on “Salvaging Outer Space” movie novelization by Author & Director, Kenny Carpenter. Look for it online! It is a full read!

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Jeffery Blair Ship’s Pilot Salvage Journal #1:

“Phew, finished packing and I am officially recording my first journal aboard a transport shuttle en-route to the Baby Blue to take the vacant pilot position left behind from the previously careless pilot. I can’t wait to find out what stupid mistake he made. The Salvage Safety program I just took is new, so I hope to be a bit more prepared, not to be cocky or nuthin. I hear I’ll be working on older navigation equipment, much of it standard touch surface, and I agree with Captain Laruge’s rule of no using implants. I have many implants embedded, already.

What he doesn’t know is that one of those implants was mandatory for my Pilot’s license, and has capability of interfacing with his ship’s navigation if I ever needed to activate it. Another thing he doesn’t know is that I have gone this entire Salvage career path to disconnect a bit from everything and everyone. There are way too many selfish people out there and off-world aliens too! It is ironic that many of these off-world civilizations have way better manners than humans do. It sounds lame to me to be thinking that way, but truth is that it seems society only had education to offer me, since Earth is still pulling itself together from the off-world attack that happened before my parents were even born.

I’ve studied the ship I’m about to pilot. She’s got energy fields for my seating, which means no backing, just an extending surface. I have always wanted to see if I could see steam on an energy field and what might happen when it retracts through the floor with something spilled on it. Hey, its’s the little things. The propulsion systems are pretty standard use, even though they are older. I’ve never actually piloted using a Particle Net, but the simulations were rigorous and I passed all the tests with flying colors.

Captain Laruge seems like he will be a pretty cool Captain to work for, especially starting out in this line of work. We will see, as I give my all and hope all goes well. Laruge and the Baby Blue only did a mission or two, from what I understand. Supposedly, the ship was tore up something fierce, along with that other pilot. I don’t know about other crew. I don’t know why I keep talking about that other pilot. I’ll have to remember to edit this journal. My family thinks I’m nuts to run around in space on a salvage vessel, but they are Hypocrites, living between Mars and IO. It is what it is. Anyways, I’m trained, certified, and won too many awards to keep track of. They can all pound silicon for all I care.

If all the annoyances I’m bound to come across get to me, even aboard a small ship like the Baby Blue, I will simply save all my shares for my own ship and implement that implant to remove unnecessary crew in my presence. Wow, the more I record here, the more I realize I’m a jerk. It’s gotta be my nerves. Yea, stated on my first journal ever, I have the nerves. I’m piloting my first job in less than a day, with little time aboard to get acclimated.

Oh wow, I can see a tiny bluish dot out the window here. We are coming in bit hot on her. Damn, I have to stop with that. The pilot of this shuttle is probably on a schedule and has done this a few thousand times. Well, she wasn’t nervous looking, takeoff was textbook, so this definitely isn’t her first run. Oh wow, she just turned the shuttle side-ways, mid-drift; a move I’ve never seen done anywhere before. Let’s see how she slows for docking. What the? We are like a kilometer from the airlock and she extended an energy walkway and wait….Oh wow, seems the energy walkway is acting like a cushion, shortening slowly while reducing the shuttle speed. I can’t wait to message one of my pilot buddies about this! The energy walkway guidance is actually correcting our final docking trajectory, lining us up perfectly and stopping us. I bet the mass of this shuttle versus that of Baby Blue barely budged her. Well, that maneuver just made my day, so far. Let’s hope it’s a good omen. Time to log off here. Jeff Blair out!”

This journal entry is a prequel backstory to the movie novelization of “Salvaging Outer Space”.

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